Which one of the global Freemasonary`s members would be in the power of America?

By ending the presidential period of George W. Bush, which was actually the political leader of the global freemasonary during his presidency, and achieved great successfulness in pushing the global Freemasonary, it seems that the Freemasonary, misleadingly, wants to deceit the world under democracy`s cover to dictate its dictatorial power to the US and the world.

Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 7

Michel Nostradamus was a French and Jewish Jew who lived in the 16th century. (277) Nostradamus was also a master of magic and sorcery and was a Kabbalist without a doubt. Many of Nostradamus's prophecies, however, are false or ambiguous in themselves and are easily dismissed. But it is surprising why some Muslim brothers in any way link Nostradamus prophecies to the events of the Muslim world and even justify Nostradamus' mistakes!
الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 8

The above quotes are a small sample of the hundreds of divine prophecies in the Torah. Unfortunately, because of the distortion of the Torah and its manipulation, many of the sayings on the right of the Almighty have been removed from the existing Torah; But, nevertheless, the Great God has protected part of the Torah from misrepresentation in order to discover the legitimacy of the divine prophets, especially the beloved Prophet of Islam.

The King of Jordan From Another view _ Part 1

As mentioned in the preface to the article "The King of Jordan From Another view", the article was completed two years ago by the author. During these two years, and after the completion of the original article, additional information was obtained by the author of the article, an important part of which is offered to the readers of the "Alvadossadegh" website:
الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 2

The official US seal was made about two centuries ago. The presence of the hexagonal mark on the official seal of the United States of America (which is a Christian nation) more than 200 years before Israel was founded indicates that the plan to create Israel was centuries old and the Holocaust is nothing more than an excuse and a myth.
الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 6

It should be noted, of course, that the heavenly religions, and especially Islam, place great value on science and education (228) and encourage human beings to learn it, but in any case, They do not know science is the god of man and his only means to achieve salvation, and encourage human beings to achieve perfection in all fields.
الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 3

It is clear from the structure of the "High Court of Israel" that the state structure of the State of Israel (apparently formed by religious claims) practically and publicly displays atheistic, evil and Masonic characteristics. The fact is that the Israelites who claim the law of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and must be repulsive to Pharaoh clearly use Masonic signs of Egyptian origin in their government buildings. Including: Pyramid and Eye of the World Between, Obelisk and…

I, Pet Goat 2.99: The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful     I, Pet Goat 2.99: Decoding the Antichrist's Plan (2020) Introduction Praise and appreciation belongs to God,...

The King of Jordan From Another view _ Part 2

Thus, as we have said, talking about Sufyani is very important and should be cautious, because certainty in this regard can lead to dangerous consequences.

Yoga: Devil Worship

Yoga: Devil WorshipIn the articles "Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse" and "The World Under the Antichrist: Iran, the Island of Hope", we briefly discussed "Yoga" and many theosophical sports, and emerging mystics with "Evil Freemasonry" or " The possible antichrist of the apocalypse was mentioned. This article attempts to summarize, in a very brief and concise way, some evidence of the relationship between "yoga" and "world Freemasonry" and on the role of "evil Freemasonry" in the dissemination of theosophical sports such as Yoga. Emphasizes around the world.It is unfortunate to say that this seemingly obscene and inappropriate mystical sport has become increasingly popular in recent years in Iran and many books have been written about the benefits and benefits of yoga, while our religious and Islamic books In our country are scarce and scarce!