The King of Jordan From Another view _ Part 2


In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

in the following analytical study of the signs of the appearance, we examine the ” Sufyani”

Among the signs of appearance, the “Sufyani riot ” has particular importance.

Because the Sufyani riot is inevitable. It does not happen Bedâ

It means, Allah Almighty will surely fulfill this sign. (1)

On the other hand, the Sufyani riot occurs in the year of appearance and about 6 months before the appearance of Imam Mahdi (2).

Therefore, the investigation of the Sufyani issue is very important and the slightest caution can cause irreparable damage to the Islamic community.

This sensitivity stems from the claim that Sufyani riot could be linked to the claim of the appearance of Imam Mahdi will lead to set the time for the outburst.

That is to say, if one claims that Sufiyani has definitely left, he has implicitly claimed that Imam Mahdi would certainly appear for a year after this event.

Because, as we said, the Sufyani riot is inevitable, and is about six months before the appearance of Imam al-Mahdi.

Therefore, we should beware of such claims, because if these claims are made without strong and reliable evidence and without regard to their prudence will lead to set the time for the outburst At first it makes Muslims, and especially Shiites, very happy, but with the passage of time and the absence of Imam al-Mahdi, the false happiness of Muslims will turn into a severe despair and it may even lead to frailty of their beliefs.

Thus, as we have said, talking about Sufyani is very important and should be cautious, because certainty in this regard can lead to dangerous consequences.

On the other hand, ignoring the events in the region and the world can also have negative consequences. Because if a real Sufyani in the Middle East takes power and neglecting to empower him and we do not get prepare for him, the casualties of Muslims and especially Shiites in the war against him may increase. Although the Shiites consider the martyrdom in this way a great favor and so is the truth, and on the other hand, the Muslims have been promised victory in the battle by God and the religious authorities against sufyani,but it does not mean that victory over Sufyani does not require Muslim readiness; rather, the narratives emphasize the readiness of Muslims, and especially the Shiites, for the appearance of Imam Mahdi. And also the establishment of a state that gives rise to the emergence to prepare the arrangements for the emergence of Imam Mahdi whether military, political, cultural, religious and … indicates that the emergence of Imam Mahdi depends on the alertness, readiness and strength of the Shiites and his companions, in addition to the occult relief and special favor of God.

Based on the above explanations, it seems that a moderate approach to the investigation of Sufyani is very important. Because excess and negligence in dealing with this signs of Imam Mahdi’s emergence can have undesirable consequences.  Thus, it seems important to examine the heads and leaders of countries present in region of al-Sham and to be alert about their movements. But this should not lead to definitive and fanatical comments and, on the other hand, should not cause harm to the relations of Muslims in different countries. For even if the leaders of the countries of region of al-Sham have characteristics similar to Sufyani, it does not mean that the people of these countries are all inappropriate people, so caution should be exercised in this regard.

Given the issues mentioned above, we decided to investigate this emerging sign. Since ” Sufyani ” is the most sensitive and controversial sign of emergence, the slightest neglect in this regard can have undesirable consequences. So, here, dear readers, please note that the material in this article is purely research material, of course, based on specific documentation that will serve your purpose, but in any case there are mistakes. As such, the contents of this article are not conclusively definitive and correct and the comparisons and analyzes of this article should not be taken for granted. Since this article is written by an ordinary man who is one of his attributes of error and sin, the contents of this article should simply be accepted as a research, nothing more or less. So if there are any dear readers who think that reading these articles may have a problem with their view of emergence and think that these adaptations may lead to set the time for the outburst, avoid reading the article seriously; rather, our goal is to flip through the minds of those who live ordinary lives and do not pay attention to what is happening around them locally and globally. In other words, the goal is to be alert to the surrounding events, but by no means, we don’t find these comparisons definitive. Since the material in this article, regardless of the subtleties surrounding the signs of emergence, may have detrimental results for dear readers, therefore, we strongly urge the readers of this article to first of all take note of the points mentioned above. Also, due to the sensitivity of the topic, we urge readers, before reading the rest of this article, to read the preface to the article “Sufyani uncles movement in the end time” on the old blog “True Islam” at (3) and if they have read this article before, remember the tips at the beginning of the article to avoid further problems. It should be noted that due to the sensitivity of the Sufyani issue, it is better not to make extensive publicity about this article and let people who are believers know about it as much as possible. Because some people who are profitable or hasty may be affected by the excitement and regardless of the fact that this article is purely a research, nothing more, they raise controversy and implicitly attempt to set the time for the outburst. But if the readers of this blog want to reproduce it, be sure to give this article to other audiences with an introduction and without tampering with it, thereby avoiding the harms of set the time for the outburst and controversy surrounding it. Obviously, failure to comply with this issue will lead to dissatisfaction with the author of this article. Of course, this lack of satisfaction is not due to selfishness, but due to the problems that may arise if you do not pay attention to the above point.

Note: The article before you was written long before it was posted to the blog; because the corrupt and hypocritical governments of the Middle East who have always pointed the sword at us in dealing with our Muslim homeland may have misused articles like this article. And to strike the drum of dissension and hatred and to make it a divide between the Muslims, but at the present time the cruelties of these governments have been revealed (especially the government which will be dealt with in this article), we decided to present some facts about the corrupt history of these governments and their possible relation to the Sufyani issue of traditions, which of course is not a definite issue but a research question and it is not certain.

After mentioning this lengthy introduction, we turn to the main article:

Sufyani in other look

Sufyani issue is one of the most important and controversial signs of emergence. Because the great crimes of Sufyani in the year of Imam Mahdi’s emergence (aj) are one of the greatest crimes that human beings can see. On the other hand, the closeness of Sufyani riot and the inevitability of his departure have made ” Sufyani riot ” the most important signs of emergence, as Sufyani riot promises the imminent nearness of the coming of Imam Mahdi’s emergence (aj). Therefore, understanding Sufyani is particularly important for Muslims, especially Shiites.

In the present era, according to many scholars is the age of emergence and many signs of the emergence have come true, recognition and review of Sufyani is of double importance. On the one hand, no period like the one we live in is the same as the one described in the narratives, and on the other hand, the critical conditions of the Middle East region at the present time have increased the probability of the emergence of Sufyani more than ever.

The importance of today’s look at the Sufyani issue stems from the fact that geographical boundaries, international law, and advanced technological tools have set the stage for our times, so one cannot expect Sufyani troops to be attacked by horses and swords in the area. Of course, the authentic narrations also do not emphasize such details, because Imam Mahdi’s emergence will take place according to specific time conditions. Reliable narratives have even indirectly referred to technological advances of this age. For example, the authority of the city of Qom in Islamic traditions and the completion of its authority over the people of the world in the years before its emergence have been best achieved with the invention of the Internet and satellites. Therefore, in the Sufyani narrations, the time conditions must also be taken into account.

In recent years, there have been few discussions about Sufyani. The most important of these words that most dear blog readers are familiar with are those of Sheikh Bohlool, who announced the presence of a Sufyani -like narrator in Syria. Of course, they raised this issue as a possibility, not a further one.

It is alleged that Sheikh Bohlool, during a trip to Syria and invited by former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, observed during the meeting that one of the senior commanders of the Syrian army arrived. At that time other commanders present in the Majlis said: ” Sufyani came”. The commander entered the meeting and sat down with the rest of the commanders. Sheikh Bohlool said that they considered the commander, Sufyani, to be very ambitious and greed of his face. For this reason, Sheikh Bohlool stated that the person may be the same Sufyani in the narration. Of course, contrary to what has been cited on various sites and blogs, the person of Sheikh Bohlool had no definitive opinion on this person and stated it as a possibility. (The last sentence was written by the author of this article from the language of one of Sheikh Bohlool disciples). So the myths that some sites and blogs do, and even the news of a long conversation between Sheikh Bohlool and the aforementioned, are by no means true, but Sheikh Bohlool expressed it as the probability.

Of course, the likelihood of an individual Syrian drone (from Syria) is also somewhat raised (though it will be slightly diminished in the following article).

But another possibility that this article emphasizes is that narratives may leave another country in region of al-Sham. Because Islamic narratives do not emphasize that Syria is the place where Sufyani riot; rather, narratives of Sufyani riot from the al Sham region, which according to geographical books include the five regions of Chalcis ad Belum, Damascus, Jordan, Palestine and Homs.

None of the narrations say that the Sufyani riot is from Damascus or Syria; rather, all the narrations state that the Sufyani riot is from the region of al-Sham. But there is no credible narrative that directly refers to the region of Damascus or Syria as the starting point for the expedition. For example, the following narrations refer to Sufyani riot and his involvement in the region of al-Sham:

Imam Baqir (as) said: “When the news of war and strife and disputes among the Shiites reaches you, you must flee from Sham because there will surely be sedition and killing.»

Another narration, adapted from Kitab Al-Irshad of Sheikh Mufid stated that:

“The first land to be destroyed is al Sham, the cause of Sham’s destruction is the gathering of three flags: Ashab, abgha and Sufyani forces.”

Another version quotes from the book Bihar Al-anwar: “Let the people of Sham obey him, except for a group of righteous men whom God will protect from evil.”

As you have noted, our narratives refer to Sufyani riot from Sham, with no indication of his rot from Damascus or Syria. Of course, in some narrations, the name Damascus is mentioned; but in these narrations, Damascus is not the place of Sfydian riot; rather, it is mentioned in some of them that comes from Damascus direction, not Damascus itself.

As we know, the lands of Hejaz and Iraq and Iran are located in the eastern and southeastern parts of al Sham; the innocent reference to Sufyani riot from Damascus means that Sufyani riot from al Sham.

Sufyani riot from Damascus direction, not Damascus itself in some narrations. (These narrations are Weak Hadith.)

The following is one of the most important narrations in which the name of Damascus is mentioned in it: Ibn Hamad’s manuscript quotes Muhammad ibn Ja’far ibn Ali as saying: “Sufyani is the son of Khalid son of Yazid son of  Abu Sufian. A man with a large, small-pox face is a white spot in his eyes. He riots from Damascus direction, called the Wadi Yabis (dry valley), with seven people, one of whom has a flap ready for flutter.

In the remainder of the article, we will address the issue that this narrative is not a valid and reliable one, as it is extremely distorted from the point of view of the document. But even if we go beyond that. It is clear from the narrative that this narrative does not refer to Sufyani riot as Damascus, but rather to his “Wadi Yabis”, located on the side of Damascus. As we know, Wadi Yabus and Damascus are not geographically similar, and we will talk about that in the following article.

Thus the word Damascus in the above narrations is by no means the place of Sufyani riot.

In another number of narrations the word Damascus has been used and it is stated that Sufyani is placed on the pulpit of Damascus. in this kinds of narrations Damascus is not the place to Sufyani riot. Rather, the city of Damascus is one of the first Sufyani occupiers to declare Sufyani after its conquest, and will proudly be a powerful ruler.

The following narration is an example of these narrations:

Amir Al-Momenin (as) said:

“… and then the son of the Liverpool Indian revolts from the Wadi Yabus (the waterless valley) until it is placed on the Damascus pulpit; waiting for the uprising of the Mahdi (AS) when it happens .. “

As you have noted, according to this narrative, Sufyani riot a place called Wadi Yabus in Sham and later, during his first voyage, seizes Damascus and announces its existence in the city, claiming to form a new empire in the Middle East. According to the above narration, Damascus is not one of the first places of Sufyani riot, but one of the first places it captures.

As you can see, Sufyani riot from the region of Sham is decisive, but his riot from Damascus and Syria is unclear, and there are even accounts that indicate that Sufyani is unlikely to rise from the Syrian capital. Rather, his resurrection will take place elsewhere, but Damascus will continue to be in his possession.

According to the author of this article, Sufyani riot place is Jordan, and Sufyani is one of the leaders of the Jordanian royal family. This is, of course, based on the evidence, but we reiterate that this is by no means certain and that our intention is not to set the time for the outburst.

Before comparing Sufyani features with members of the Jordanian royal family, and in particular its current king, King Abdullah II, it is best to make some introductions to Jordan and the royal family:

Jordan: Jordan is a dry, waterless, grassy land that is mostly inhabited by Arabs. It is located in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia and western Iraq, southern Syria and occupied eastern Palestine. Jordan has the longest land border in common with the occupied Palestine and the Zionist regime and as a belt of much of Israel’s eastern borders.

Map of Jordan.

This country is not rich in agriculture and oil resources and its political and economic life seems a bit strange. Because while the country is depleted of economic infrastructure, Jordan is in relatively good economic position among the countries in the region, which is surprising and raises the possibility of strengthening its economic foundations by Western countries. Of course, the tourism industry may have a stake in Jordan, as it is on the edge of the world’s lowest and saltest lake, which is the Dead Sea. The lake has been welcomed by Western tourists because of its abundance of mineral salts and this property in which no swimmer drowned. Of course, the Zionist regime, which is located on the other side of Dead Sea, has overtaken Jordan as well, creating the most luxurious resorts, attracting the majority of tourists and leaving less share for Jordan.

Luxury hotels on the outskirts of Dead sea.

Jordanian dynasty: The Jordanian dynasty is one of the oldest in the Middle East. This royal dynasty, which has called itself the Hashemite Kingdom and even renamed it Jordan, has its roots in the land of Hijaz. The great ancestor of the clan, named Sharif Hussein, who was a prominent member of the noble family in Mecca, at the time of the decline of the Ottoman government and when the Ottoman government had lost control of the Arab lands, with the help of British forces it was able to expropriate much of the Arab lands from the Ottomans. He ruled these lands for a while, but shortly afterwards he handed over Jordan to his son Abdullah, Iraq and Syria to his son Faisal, and Saudi Arabia to his son Ali. Eventually, however, al-Saud, who came to power in Saudi Arabia, defeated Sharif Hussein and then his son Ali and expelled him from the Arabian Peninsula, forcing him to spend the rest of his life in Jordan. After a while, Syria and Iraq also fell out of the hands of the noble sons of Hussein, and their rule was transferred to the revolutionary governments. But the Jordanian government has remained in the hands of the honorable sons of Hussein until today, and they called it Jordan Hashemi.


Sharif Hussein, founder of the Hashemi Kingdom of Jordan.

After Sharif Hussein and Abdullah I, the rule came to King Talal, King Hussein, and finally King Abdullah II, and now the rule is in the hands of King Abdullah II.

The interesting thing about Jordan and the royal family is that all the Arab lands that were once under the power of the Sharif Hussein dynasty have been out of the grasp of the British over time; but the Jordanian government, which protects Israel’s eastern boundary as a belt, remains in the hands of the clan and is even backed by the United Kingdom and the United States, so that no revolution has taken place in the region.

This long-term stability in Jordan is doubtful and raises the possibility that the goal of stabilizing Jordan under the dictatorial and despotic rule of the Hashemi family may be nothing but support for the Israeli government. Because, as we have said, Jordan, like a dam, supports Israel from the east and if the dam is to be broken one day and Jordan falls into the hands of the faithful, jihadists Muslims and enemies of Israel, the destruction of Israel is inevitable; it is also easy for jihadists throughout the occupied territories, and Israel will be extremely vulnerable.

In this case, even if the entire occupied territories were not conquered by the Muslims, the city of Jerusalem would be easily accessible to Muslims and could be conquered. Because this sacred city is only 25 kilometers from the coast of Bahrain and less than 50 kilometers from the Jordanian borders, so even if Jihadist forces cannot conquer the entire occupied territories, the liberation of Quds Sharif after Jordan’s possession of the faithful Muslims will not be out of reach.

Because of the importance of this issue, the United Kingdom and the United States have always supported the Hashemi royal government of Jordan, a dictatorial and reconciled dictatorial state with Israel, lest the country, dubbed the Quds Gate, by the Muslims Fall into jihad, doctrine and the enemy of Israel.

Jordan: A country that protects Israel like a belt and can be considered an Israeli gateway.

Another important fact about the Hashemi royal family of Jordan, and unfortunately not much information about it, is that it does not fit in well with the term “Hashemi family”, as it is claimed by its members. Reigning as a Hashemite and a descendant of the Prophet (PBUH), this clan is by no means attributed to the Prophet (PBUH) and their worship are almost fake.

There is also evidence for this:

  1. According to a genealogy posted on the site of the royal family of Jordan, the family has been referred to Imam Hassan (AS), which was also assigned by one of the descendants of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) named Abdullah bin Hassan Mottani. Abdullah bin Hassan Mattani is one of the Sadat who unjustly claimed Mahdism for one of his children, naming him as “Mohammad bin Abdullah” and “the Promised Mahdi” and led many astray. Therefore, the assignment of the book to the one whose actions were not approved by the Imams is also not credible.

Official website of the Kingdom of Jordan.

King Abdullah II’s alleged genealogy of his assignment to the Prophet’s family.

  1. An American scholar who is a historian and professor at the American University of Massachusetts, in his book, “King Abdullah, Britain and Making of Jordan,” made important remarks about King Abdullah and Jordan.

“King Abdullah, Britain and the Making of Jordan” Book

The author of the book, Mary Christina Wilson, refutes the assignment of King Abdullah and his family to the the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon him), using information leaked from the British Ministry of the Interior and Commonwealth Affairs.

At the beginning of the book, Ms. Wilson states that in Mecca, genealogy and anthropology are of paramount importance, and because the great Mecca clans have remained largely untouched, traces of their ancestry and descent have been traced in Mecca. It is easy to sanctify and the falsity of the fake scrolls is easily revealed.

Experts and historians on the fake pedigree of King Abdullah II.

According to Ms. Wilson in this book, the noble family of the old Mecca clans clearly have a fake genealogy and are falsely attributed to the Prophet’s family. (Of course, in addition to Ms. Wilson, many Western scholars agree.) You will find excerpts from King Abdullah’s book, The British and the Making of Jordan, which examined the forgery of the genealogy by the Sharif Hussein family:

Expressing the falsity of the Jordanian dynasty and the false claims of the Jordanian dynasty based on the evidence in King Abdullah of Britain and the Making of Jordan.

  1. Another evidence that shows that the Hashemi royal family is fake is that the Jordanian royal family has declared their Sunni religion and claims that their ancestors have converted from Shiite to Sunni. It is certainly questionable that the Sadat (who are themselves from the family of the Prophet (pbuh)) abandoned the religion of the Prophet (PBUH) who is Shiite and chose the Sunni religion).

Sunni royal family of Jordan.

Following the introductory remarks about Jordan and the royal family, we will mention the following about King Abdullah, the current King of Jordan:

Biography of King Abdullah II

King Abdullah was born on January 30, 1962. Abdullah II is the son of King Hussein of Jordan and Antonite April Gardner. King Abdullah’s mother, whose name is Antonite Gardner, is known in Jordan as a nickname for Princess Mona al-Hussein.

Mrs Gardner was the daughter of an English officer who met King Hussein during the filming of the film Lawrence of Saudi Arabia, part of which led to her marriage to King Hussein.

The birth of Abdullah and his mother being an English woman have always been one of the controversial issues about his kingdom, as it seems to some scholars and even ordinary people that King Abdullah is the keeper of the Arab-English race the interests of Britain and other Western governments are in the region.  After completing elementary school in Jordan, Abdullah II went to England to study in the United States, after which he completed his secondary education in the United States and eventually completed his studies at Oxford’s Pembroke School. He entered the College in 1980 as a student at the Royal Hurst Officers University; Abdullah then served as a Second Lieutenant in the British Royal Cavalry and subsequently upgraded his military ranks to the British Army; He was eventually promoted to colonel and deputy commander of the British Royal Cavalry, an armored regiment. He also studied political education at the Edmund School of International Relations. Walsh graduated from George Town University in England and graduated with a Master Degree.

Abdullah Barani Eliassin Born in Kuwait, a Jordanian-born Palestinian citizen and now called Queen Rani Abdullah, he is married and has four children.

The way Abdullah came to power has also been interesting and controversial. Because in the last years of King Hussein’s ex-Jordanian life and when King Hussein spent the last days of his life struggling with cancer, he surprised the Arab world. This was the case: Prince Hussein’s brother, Prince Hussein, who held the post of Crown Prince of Jordan for many years, was removed on January 24, 1999, and Prince Abdullah bin Hussein (Abdullah II) was succeeded. Strangely, two weeks later King Hussein died and Abdullah ascended the throne.

This sudden change in the political scene in Jordan did not please the Jordanians. Because this political restructuring in Jordan clearly indicated the secret plots of Britain and the US in bringing Abdullah II to power. Because Abdullah had an English mother and came to power in Jordan, they viewed him as representing the British government in the region. This is, of course, true for the Jordanian people, and King Abdullah has actually become the West’s most serious ally in the Arab lands. Concerning the successor to King Abdullah, he had appointed his half-brother, Prince Hamza, before 2004, but since then Jordan has been without a crown prince, which many scholars believe Abdullah intends to make her son Prince Hussein in the near future.

Abdullah is currently the closest ally of the Western countries in the region and the most consistent Arab government facing Israel. The disgust of his actions is that even many Arabs living in other countries recognize him as an agent of Britain and the United States and do not value him.

Sufyani descriptions and similarities with King Abdullah II of Jordan

After first mentioning King Abdullah of Jordan and the historical conditions of this country, we will describe the Sufyani features in the narratives and compare them with the characteristics of King Abdullah II so that his similarity with the Sufyani mentioned in the narratives becomes more apparent. :

  1. Sufyani face: There are various narrations describing Sufyani face. But most of these narrations are weak in the document and their attributes are not true. The following narration is one of the few narrations that has a valid and reliable document:

“It is quoted from Ali ibn Ibrahim from his father Ibn Amir from Hamad ibn Uthman from Omar ibn Yazid that Imam Sadiq (AS) said to me:

If you look at Sufyani, he is the most evil of people; he is blue and red. He says: (Lord! Revenge first then Hellfire; Lord, Lord, Lord; then for fire). His wickedness is so great that he buries one of his wives, who has a child with him, for fear of revealing the secret.

The above narrative is one of the few documents that is strong in the document and expresses important points about Sufyani. The point in the above narrative about Sufyani’s face is that it is blue and red and has a somewhat European-like appearance and is different from most Arabs.

The interesting thing about King Abdullah is that his face differs from that of the Arabs and even has little resemblance to his father, King Hussein. This different face of King Abdullah is because his mother is an English woman, and therefore her face is blond and blue-red, similar to the descriptions narrated of Sufyani.

For a better look at this issue, consider the following image depicting King Abdullah in youth:

King Abdullah II of Jordan in his youth. Notice the blond, blue-red, and green eyes.

Of course, in the narration mentioned by Imam Sadiq (as), he made another point. The point is that Sufyani is secretive to one of his spouses who secretly related to him and had a child with him, for fear of revealing the secret. Dear readers, note that according to Imam Sadiq (as), this may have been a hidden affair, and others may have little knowledge of the story other than Sufyani himself, so it is not possible to use for identifying Sufyani.

According to the hadith scholars, the rest of the attributes mentioned in the narrations about Sufyani are poorly documented; for example, those narrations that say Sufyani is a man with a square-shouldered has a face like a beast are not true; His face is described as blind, saying that his name is Othman and his father’s name is Anbase, they are incorrect and have no valid document.

Among the traits that are found in non-authentic hadiths, small pox is one of the points that besides the weakness of the document is also scientifically unlikely, since smallpox was eradicated worldwide in 1979 and since then afterwards, no one with smallpox was identified. Although it may have been born before this date, it is not possible to find a person with smallpox from that date. Because if we find such a person, before all the World Health Organization to identify and quarantine, after completing the course of infection, he will study on him. Thus, given the constraints created, this person is unlikely to be able to carry out specific political activity. Smallpox people who have been affected before this date are also very few and generally old and disabled. So, being a smallpox, in addition to the weakness of the document, seems a little unlikely.

  1. Sufyani’s Name: Probably the first word that comes to Sufyani’s name comes from respected readers of the blog, that his name is ‘Uthman bin Anbes’. But the important point here is that none of the narrations that are spoken about the name Sufyani are considered to be strong and these narratives are all weak, so contrary to the myth, the narrations that are spoken about the name Sfyani and named him Osman bin are incorrect. Of course, if we exclude the narration of the weakness of the narrations, in addition to Uthman bin Anbes, in some narrations the Sufyani name Abdullah is mentioned, if the argument is to be excluded from the document of narrations, this name corresponds to the King of Jordan. There is, of course, another narration in which the innocent (AS) refrained from mentioning Sufyani. The narrative, which is also poorly documented, is as follows:

“In Kamaluddin with a weak document, Kufi was quoted by Abdullah bin Mansour, who said:

I asked Aba Abdullah (AS) about the name of Sufyani; they said: What do you do with his name? When the treasures of the five regions of Damascus (Damascus, Homs, Palestine, Jordan and Ginserina) are found, then wait for the emergence of Imam Mahdi.

I asked if he would reign for 9 months? He said: No, 8 months rule, not one day more.

Thus, as you have noted, it is not possible to obtain proper information on the Sufyani name according to the existing narrations. Of course, in some narrations, his name is Abdullah and in others Uthman bin Anbes; however, none of them are significant due to the weakness of the document.

  1. Sufyani ancestry: According to Islamic narrations, it is a descendant of the Abu Sufyan family of the Bani Umayyad family. In fact, the Sufyani nickname also referred to as this Sufi man was also given to him because of his attribution to Abu Sufyan. The assignment of Sufyani to Abu Sufyan is accepted by all Islamic scholars. There are several narrations in this regard, one of which is the following:

Imam Mohammad Baqir (AS) said:

“Sufyani is the son of Khalid son of Yazid son of Abu Sufyan.”

The following narrative has a similar theme:

“It is narrated from Imam Sadiq (as) who said:

We and the Abu Sufyan are two families who are our enemies over God. We said God was right and they said God was lying. Abu Sufyan rose up in the war of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Mu’awiyah’s son went to war with Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) and Yazid son of Mu’awiyah fought with Hussein bin Ali (AS) and rose up in battle with Qaem ” aj”.

But what does this have to do with Jordan’s King Abdullah?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, contrary to the claim of the Jordanian royal family that they call their country Jordan Hashemi and attribute themselves to the Prophet’s family, there is a lot of evidence that these claims are false and their genealogy is fake; many historians and political scientists believe that this family is fake and that the kings of this dynasty use this fake line to legitimize their actions. The book “King Abdullah, Britain and the Making of Jordan” by Mary Christina Wilson, professor at the University of Massachusetts, is the best book ever written and authored using important sources such as disclosed documents of the British Ministry and the British Colonies, the fake lineage has revealed the Jordanian kingdom.

Which tribes belong to the Quraysh, given that the Jordanian dynasty is not of the Bani Hashim family?

The assignment of the Hashemi royal family to the Quraish tribe is largely confirmed. Because Sharif Hussain the ancestor of King Abdullah and the founder of this royal family belonged to the Sharif family of Hejaz and the Sharif family is one of the old families in Mecca and since many of the old Mecca residents belong to the Quraish family, the Sharif clan is also likely to belong to the Quraish tribe.

Given that the nobility of the noble and Jordanian dynasties is largely rejected, it is likely that the Jordanian dynasty belongs to another tribe of the Quraish.

But the strange thing about Sharif Hussain and the Jordanian dynasty, is that the red has been chosen as the symbol of the Sharif Hussain and the Jordanian dynasty, and even according to the Islamica Dictionary, the red flag on the Jordanian flag. And many of the Arab states in the region are the red flag of the Sharif Hussain dynasty, which for the first time managed to separate the Arab territories from the Ottomans.

Red flag, the emblem of the Sharif dynasties of Hejaz and Sharif Hussain’s flag the ancestor of Malik Abdullah Jordan’s king.

Red flag, the emblem of the Sharif dynasties of Hejaz and Sharif Hussain’s flag the ancestor of Malik Abdullah Jordan’s king.

Red flag, the emblem of the Sharif dynasties of Hejaz and Sharif Hussain’s flag the ancestor of Malik Abdullah Jordan’s king.


The flag of the Sharif Hussain dynasty is red and on the other hand this tribe belongs to the Quraysh tribe, this probable that the Sharif Hussain dynasty may have roots from Bani Umayyah, it is reinforced more than ever. Interestingly, the Jordanian king’s dynasty, which calls itself Jordan Hashmi, instead of choosing the green flag that symbolizes the Ahl al-Bayt, as themselves symbol, they chose the red flag that symbolized the Bani Umayya and that’s a point we can’t easily pass. Although this assumption is not conclusive, there is strong documentation on what has been said. There should be some serious research on this subject given that.

The flag of Umayya dynasty was red.


Unfortunately, the flag of many Arab countries in the region has also been chosen by the colors that Sharif Hussain has chosen for his rule, which can be found even on the Palestinian flag, the Emirates, and so on. Wish these countries were more careful in this regard.

mention a very important point: The red color and other colors used on the Jordanian flag and many Arab countries also may be used on the flags of other countries and even European governments, but these countries have not chosen the color of their flag with the philosophy behind the Jordanian flag, and so they can’t be considered influenced by the Jordanian flag; But the Jordanian flag and its red color were chosen precisely because the Sharif Hussain families use the red color. And this is what is also stated in the Islamica Dictionary. It is important to note that in many countries red is the symbol of revolution, testimony and desire of mojahedat (struggle for religion); But the Sharif Hussain’s dynasty have had a red flag before they even launched the Arab revolution; Therefore, the probability that the red color of the Sharif Hussain flag is due to revolution or uprising, it seems unlikely; because before this revolution, their flag has been the same color.

4- Sufyani grudge and hatred of the Prophet’s dynasty and Ahl al-Bayt: According to Islamic narrations, Sufyani has hatred and deep hostile for the Prophet’s family, Ahl al-Bayt, and Shiites. In the meantime, Sufyani hatred is greater to the Shiites of Iran, whose narrations call them inhabitant of Khorasan. The narrations that have been stated in this regard are:

“It is quoted from Imam Sadiq who said: it is as if I see a Sufyani or his buddy residing in your lush lands in Kufa, and his herald calls him: Everyone Bring one head from the Shiites Ali, a thousand dirhams is his reward. At this point, the neighbor attacks the neighbor and says: this person is a Shiite, so behead their neck and he receives a thousand dirhams’ reward. Know in that day your reign will be in the hands of the bastards … “.

In Another narration is quoted: “The Sufyani riders come to Khorasan and kill the Prophet’s Shiites in Kufa; Then the people of Khorasan come out in search of Imam Mahdi. »

As mentioned in the above narrations, Sufyani has very hateful from the Shiites and has a huge grudge against Iran Shiites.

Malik Abdullah of Jordan is also very hatred with the Shiites and most of all he hates Iranians. We don’t forget the first person that threw the phrase “Shiite crescent” over the tongues and spoke of the danger of the “Shiite crescent”, was Malik Abdullah II Jordan’s king.

Malik Abdullah II Jordan’s king: The first person who used the term of “Shiite crescent”.

Malik Abdullah king of Jordan has expressed concern that the Shiite government is been creating in Iraq and he is knowing it to form a crescent of Shiite lands including Iran, much of Iraq, parts of Syria, Lebanon and the oil-rich areas of Saudi Arabia. Malik Abdullah’s remarks shows his hatred for the Shiites while many Shiites are being martyred by Takfiri groups in Iraq and elsewhere every day, his speech is an attempt to do more harm to the Shiites.

After the expression the phrase “Shiite crescent” by Malik Abdullah king of Jordan, many leaders in the region also welcomed his remarks and more and more increasingly accuse the Shiites. The scope of these remarks has go even beyond the region and this phrase was well-liked by Americans and Europeans and they use this as a tool to persecute the Shiites.

Unfortunately, the media in our country forgot the main speaker of this speech and today Jordan is still in news silent; while, this country is the center of many region seditions. Assassination of the “martyr Mughniyeh” also that form in cooperation with Intelligence agents of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Mossad and the CIA, the reports the evil acts of Jordanian officials against the Shiites. Jordan has also, from time to time, acted as an intermediary country for sending Hezbollah opposition groups to Israel. And it probably plays a mediating role between Israel, and Hezbollah opposition groups.

Jordan has long time ago been openly enemy with our beloved country of Iran. Our dear compatriots do not forget that Malik Abdullah’s father, King Hussain, in the early days of Iraq’s imposed war on Iran, hand in hand with the accursed Saddam, they were fired the bullet at our country. At that time, Jordan was the first Arab country to represent the other Arabs and supported the killing of the oppressed and defenseless people of our country announced by the Ba’ath Army.

Ever since Malik Abdullah came to power, there have been occasional reports of this king’s conspiracy against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Abdullah II’s support the hypocrites (The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran), Sheltering and support the Saddam’s family, the use of the term “Shiite crescent” and accusing Iran of using this crescent for power-seeking are among the most important steps Abdullah II has taken against dear Iran.


Full support of Malik Abdullah king of Jordan from The hypocrites.


Fortunately, because of the hostile and evil policies of the Jordanian government, the political relations between Iran and Jordan are not very friendly and that is why Iran has not suffered much damage; But in any case, the Jordanian government’s dangerous behavior should be more carefully monitored.

Thus as you observed, Abdullah II Like Sufyani narratives, has a deep hatred for Shiites, and especially Iranians (from Khorasan).

5 – Sufyani flag color: According to the narrations quoted by the infallibles, The Sufyani flag is red color. The following narratives is:

“It is narrated from the Amir al-Mu’minin who said: There are signs for it …Sufyani riot with red flag, that his commander is a man of the “Bani Kaleb” tribe.

Given that in the present age, the flag of most countries is multi-colored and monochrome flags are rarely found, Probably the narration’s intention about the red flag for Sufyani is not merely the flag of his country; it may be a symbol of his movement, or of his dynasty.

Also Malik Abdullah of Jordan, who is from the Sharif Hussain dynasty, definitely symbolizes of the Sharif’s dynasty of Hejaz, which is same red flag, is construing as an important symbol for itself and cherish it. Currently in the Jordanian flag, the red triangle, a key element of this country’s flag, is derived from the red flag of the Sharifs dynasty of Hejaz, as this issue stated in the Dictionary of Islamica and we have covered it in detail in the chapter of Sufyani parentage.

Red flag, the emblem of the Sharif dynasties of Hejaz and Sharif Hussain’s flag the ancestor of Malik Abdullah Jordan’s king.

Red flag, the emblem of the Sharif dynasties of Hejaz and Sharif Hussain’s flag the ancestor of Malik Abdullah Jordan’s king.

Red flag, the emblem of the Sharif dynasties of Hejaz and Sharif Hussain’s flag the ancestor of Malik Abdullah Jordan’s king.


As regard to this that the red color, is the official color of the Jordanian royal dynasty, the red flag can be considered as the key flag of Malik Abdullah.

Key role of red color in the flag of Jordan.


But the weird point is that the Jordanian army flag is red and this is the official color of the Jordanian army flag. Interestingly, there are also images of Malik Abdullah II in the Jordanian Army Magazine, which depicts him next to the army’s red flag and it brings to mind description narrations of Sufyani.

For example, consider the following images:

Red Flag; Official Jordanian Army Flag.

Malik Abdullah II’s presence in the Jordanian military, Notice the red flag of the Jordanian army.


Thus, as you have seen, in this respect, Malik Abdullah is similar to Sufyani.

6 – Sufyani political and cultural policy: According to the narrations and interpretations of the commentators, Sufyani seems to have western culture and education and it might have grown up there. In the book “The Absence of Sheikh Tusi” by Bashar bin Ghaleb, narrated by Mursal that said:

“A Sufyani comes from the land of Rome while he is Nasrani, (Christians) a cross on his neck. He is the head of the group.

Perhaps the above quotes from Sheikh Korani’s book the Age of Reappearance / Asre Zohor/, pages 116 and 117, before anyone else fit to the Jordanian King Abdullah II in the Middle East, since Abdullah II, after studying elementary school in Jordan, Abdullah II traveled to Western countries, including England and the United States, and he studied there.

Strangely enough, he even served in the British Army and was promoted to colonel, returning to Jordan after completing his education and finishing military training in the West, and shortly afterwards, he has reached the kingdom. So It is easy to see that he has been fully trained by the West to serve the interests of Western countries in the region.

The way he came to the kingdom is also strange and it is the story of colonial conspiracies in changing the situation in Jordan and trying to bring about change at the regional level. Of course, we have mentioned this at the beginning of the article, and respected readers of the article can refer to it.

Of course, it seems to be necessary to point out that the words “cross on the neck”; it is stated in the above narrative about Sufyani, it does not necessarily mean hanging an outer cross on the neck, of course, Sheikh Korani has also explored the meaning of this narrative in its original meaning. In fact, the term cross on the neck of Sfiani means that he is completely influenced by the West and Western culture and this effect will be visible in his behavior and performance. Even though Malik Abdullah does not have a cross on his neck at present, but he has practically become the most dependent leader in the Middle East, and even the people of Jordan’s allies are aware of this fact.

Thus the above-mentioned attributes of Sufyani are also in full accordance with Malik Abdullah II king of Jordan.

7 – Hypocrisy of Sufyani: According to some narrations, Sufyani before leaving and commencing his main uprising against the Shiites, Although the influence of Western culture on him is quite evident, occasionally he performs hypocritical and mercenary movements to accompany the people of his country and other Takfiri groups as stated in some narrations:

“Sufyani in effect of worship seems yellow.”

The yellow phrase in the above narrative is a metaphor of deceit and austerity deceitful and it doesn’t necessarily mean the outer color of Sufyani’s skin. Because, as mentioned in the preceding sections of this article, according to numerous and authentic narrations, the color of Sufyani’s skin is red and white.

Of course, different people of different races and colors, black and white, and so on, when they are tired and austere, turn yellow. Thus, the yellow color of the above narrative, does not interfere with the color of Sufyani appearance skin which is expressed in authentic narrations as red – white or red – blue.

It should be noted that the above explanations in the narration are limited to the early period of the Sufyani Government; because then with his insurrection and riot, his horrific crimes reveal his evil intentions.

King Malik Abdullah II of Jordan, too, has no secret of his British-American education and behavior and his Western policy is not hidden from anyone, once in a while, for the sake of deceiving the Muslims, published pictures of the Quran reading or praying through the media.

Pictures of Malik Abdullah II King of Jordan’s deception people.


Interesting thing about YouTube site and other video sharing sites featuring videos of Malik Abdullah and shows up him during prayer or reading the Quran, movie viewers have had some interesting comments about him and many Arab-language viewers have also described many of his acts as hypocritical and a factor in colonialism. Here are some videos of Abdullah II’s hypocrisy: (To view and download the videos, see the following URLs, or the videos on the CD).    (video   CD1)  2 video)    CD)    (video 3 CD)

As such, this attribute of Abdullah II is very much in line with the description of Sufyani narrations.

8 – Sufyani place of riot: The point that seems to be definite among the narrations about the place of Sufyani riot, it seems certain, that his riot is from the Levant /Sham/ region. Unfortunately, many of the materials listed in some books, blogs, and websites that mention the Sufyani riot in Syria and Damascus are incorrect.

What is mentioned in the narratives about the Sufyani riot, his riot from the Levant is not Syria or Damascus. The reason many researchers are wrong, in this regard is that these dear ones, since Damascus is the most important region of the Levant, they think that the narration of Sufyani riot from the Levant is his riot from Damascus; While these dear ones do not pay attention to what is said in the geographical books and Islamic traditions, the Sham consists of 5 regions, including: Ganser, Damascus, Jordan, Palestine and Homs. So the Sufyani riot from the Levant can be equivalent to the riot from any of the five areas. Thus Malik Abdullah, who is the king of Jordan, if he leaving or uprising, his riot or uprising is considered to be a departure from the Levant region, and this is corresponds to the place of Sufyani riot from the Levant.

In this section, it is necessary to recall again the point mentioned at the beginning of this article. As such, the narratives emphasize Sufyani riot from the Levant and most of the narrations in this regard do not refer to as Sufyani riot from Syria or Damascus. In the few narrations, also mentioned the name of Damascus or Syria, or it is mentioned that Sufyani comes from the side of Damascus, not Damascus itself; Or it is mentioned that a Sufyani occupies Damascus and is placed on the pulpit of Damascus. Note that the region of Jordan, Syria, and the Levant in general is located to the west and northwest, To the land of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran, where the Infallibles ( Ma’ṣūmūn) lived, So it is natural that the Infallibles speak of the Levant as from the side of Damascus which is the most important city in that region.

It should be noted, the narrative that considers Sufyani riot from Damascus It is weak in terms of documentation and the document is tamper, that we discussed in detail at the beginning of this article. So even if we put aside the issue (from the side of Damascus) and (Damascus itself), Again, the weak issue document of the narrative, itself was impedes confidence in such a narrative.

 Sufyani’s riot from the side of Damascus, not Damascus itself, in some narrations. (These narrations are weak in document.)


In some of the narrations where the word Damascus is used, they stated that Sufyani was placed on the Damascus pulpit. In this category of narrations, also the city of Damascus is not the place of Sufyani riot; Rather, the city of Damascus is one of the first Sufyani occupiers, Sufyani after its occupy will declare its existence, and he will proudly show himself a powerful ruler. The following narrative is an example of these narrations:

“… And then the son of Hend Jegarkhar rebels from the Wadi Yabis (the waterless valley) until it is placed on the Damascus pulpit, when it does, wait for the Mahdi uprising …”

As you observed, according to this narrative, Sufyani riot from the Wadi Yabis it located at the Levant and then, during its first moves, seizes Damascus and announces its existence and contender himself as Formation of a new empire in the Middle East posed. According to the above narrative, Damascus is not the place of Sufyani’s riot; Rather, it is one of the first places that Sufyani seizes. Of course, this narrative does not have a strong document and is not very reliable.

So as you observed, according to the narratives, the place of Sufyani riot is in the area of the Levant. So if Abdullah II of Jordan starts a military campaign, His riot is also considered as riot from the Levant and corresponds to the narration, about the place of Sufyani riot; cause that Jordan is one of the five regions of the Levant.

Of course, among the narratives that referred to the place of Sufyani riot, we find some narratives which the place where his riot as known the Wadi Yabis.The following narrative is as follows:

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib said: … “… And then the son of Hend Jegarkhar rebels from the Wadi Yabis (the waterless valley) until it is placed on the Damascus pulpit, when it does, wait for the Mahdi uprising …”

But where is Wadi Yabis? Does it contradict what we said about Jordan and person King Malik Abdullah II?

Most likely, the Wadi Yabis area (the waterless and grassless valley) is the Hauran area. Hauran is a region in parts of northern Jordan and part of it in southern Syria. In fact, it is a border region between Jordan and Syria.

Geographically, the area of “Hauran” is very dry, waterless and grassless and the words “Wadi Yabis” and “Hauran” which both mean dry land, they really deserve this area. The most important cities in this area in Jordan are Gharibah, Irbid and Azzarqa in northern Jordan and Daraa in southern Syria.

The land of “Hauran” on the border between Syria and Jordan. This area is probably the “Wadi Yabis” of Islamic narratives.

“Hauran” – a land in northern Jordan.

“Hauran” – a dry land in southern Syria and northern Jordan. Even in the Hebrew language, “hauran” means “wadi yabis” or “dry land”.


The adaptation of the “Wadi Yabis” or “Hauran” region on the border between Jordan and Syria is very important and amazing; Because, in today’s world, geographic boundaries defined, separates countries and like in ancient times, borders are not approximate; Thus, in the present age, riot or uprisings are meaningful if they occur at geographical boundaries.

At present, given that the area of “Hauran” is a border region, if Jordan attacks Syria, likely the attack will take place from this area. In the event of this incident, this attack corresponds to the riot from “Wadi Yabis.

Now if we look again at the events of reappearance, we will see that according to the narratives, after the capture of Damascus, Sufyani moved to northern Syria and southern Turkey and after the clash with the Asahab and Abqa forces then the Turkish forces in kerkisia, diverted your way to the southeast and it is campaign towards Iraq.

After the possession of Iraq, Sufyani appoints two divisions for capture Hejaz and Khorasan that these two division failed from helpers of Seyed Khorasani and Imam Mahdi and after that, the Sufyani army are gain successive defeat and this will continue until Sufyani is killed.

The Sufyani campaign according to the narratives is shown in the following picture: The route of the campaign, movements and crimes of the Sufyani in the apocalypse, and shortly before the appearance of Imam Mahdi. (According to Islamic narratives)

Now, given the route in the narratives of the campaigns in the apocalyptic, if we accept Sufyani leaving Syria and attacking Jordan, although in this case also the riot from the Wadi Yabis region on the Jordanian-Syrian border takes place, but the route of the campaign in this case would be from the side of Syria in north to the side of Jordan in south and would be in the opposite direction of narratives. but if the Jordanian country invades Syria and Sufyani riot from Jordan, in that case, too, the riot is doing from Wadi Yabis region, but in this case, the Jordanian campaign, exactly corresponds to the Sufyani campaign based on the narratives. So if the Jordanian army and Malik Abdullah want to attack Syria, this campaign done in the region of “Hauran” and the location of the Hauran also corresponds to the Wadi Yabis region. Thus, Malik Abdullah’s campaign to Syria, in case of occurrence, it is according to the description of narratives around Sufyani riot. Of course, such events haven’t happened yet, but if that happens, it will be like describing the narrations.

The route of the campaign, movements and crimes of the Sufyani in the apocalypse, and shortly before the appearance of Imam Mahdi according to Islamic narratives. For see a larger image, see the previous image.

Riot from the Wadi Yabis, if Sufyani be a person from Syria and wants to attack Jordan from Syria and therefore start theirself uprising. If we compare the direction of the flash in this picture with the flash in previous picture, which describes the narratives of the Sufyani riot, we see that this picture differs from the previous one and describing this way of riot is not in adjustment with the narratives description.

Riot from the Wadi Yabis, if Sufyani be a person from jordan and wants to attack Syria from jordan and therefore start theirself uprising. If we compare the direction of the flash in this picture with the flash in previous picture, which describes the narratives of the Sufyani riot, we can see that this picture is similar to the first one and describing this way of riot is fully accordance with the narratives description.

The interesting thing about the region of “Hauran” or the same as “Wadi Yabis” it is available in the narrations is that This area is where that the Druze tribes live and as we explained in the article “The movements of the Sufyani uncles in the Apocalypse”, Most likely, the Druze folk are the same “Bani Kalb” in Islamic narrations which in some narrations, they are referred to as “Sufyani uncles”.

Hauran is the location of lives “Druze” or “Bani Kalb” tribes in the Islamic possibility narrations.


According to narrations, the Sufyani uncles or Bani Kalb are Sufyani’s best allies and strangely enough, “Hauran” is the place of residence of “Druze” or the same “Bani Kalb” in narrations also. It is not unlikely that in the Sufyani riot who we consider to be Malik Abdullah II of Jordan, Jordanian and Syrian Druze tribes that residing in the Hauran region, has done allegiance and companionship with him and to support him by help of “Druzes” in Lebanon and Israel. Of course, this is not public to all “Druzes” and some of them are not seditionists; But in any case, a number of “Druzes” in the four countries of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Israel are being sedition and hostile against Shiites. These are people who probably correspond to the Bani Kalb narrations, may be accompany with Sufyani in his riot at the Wadi Yabis region and may join his army. The narrations about the Bani Kalb (or today’s Druze tribes) also say:

“There is a narration from Amir al-Momenin that he said: there are a signs for him …Sufyani riot with a red flag which its commander is a man from the Bani Kalb tribe. »

Of course, for more on Bani Kalb and their movements in the apocalypse, see the article entitled “The Movements of the Sufyani uncles in Apocalypse.”

So as you observed, narrations that say Sufyani riot is from the Wadi Yabis region they can also coincide well with Malik Abdullah and his military movements on the Syrian border and possibly his attack on Syria as a result of provocations by Western governments. Of course, this has not happened yet, but if it does, it conforms well with the narration of the Sufyani riot.

But the important thing about Sufyani riot from Wadi Yabis is that there is a lot of narrations about Sufyani riot from Wadi Yabis, but none of the above narratives have a strong and proper document and therefore cannot be relied upon. However,if consider Sufyani riot from the Lavent or if consider Sufyani riot to be correct from the Wadi Yabis, Both region correspond to Jordan and reinforce the probability that King Malik Abdullah II of Jordan or another king of Jordan be the same Sufyani, in narrations.

important point to note: As we mentioned earlier, according to Islamic narrations, Sufyani will be dominates the five regions of the Levant: Qinnasrin, Damascus, Jordan, Palestine and Homs. The Qinnarsin, Homs and Damascus areas are located in Syria and Jordan, which is the current Jordan country. But what is the matter of Sufyani domination over Palestine?

As we know, Jordan is one of Israel’s closest allies. Even this connection has gone so far that the maintenance of the Al-Aqsa Mosque has been entrusted to Jordan, and even the sign of the 7 pointed-star king of the Jordanian dynasty can be seen in the new minaret of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Thus the Sufyani who is closely associated with the Jew, it is likely that it will be able to dominate the eastern part of Quds without war and bloodshed and play the current role of the Jordanian government in this region.

Of course, if King Malik Abdullah II of Jordan be the same Sufyani, in narrations, he currently has control on Jordan and has under his control the eastern part of Quds implicitly with Israelis favor. So if Malik Abdullah II occupies Syria, it will actually take over the five regions mentioned in the narratives, will have under control.

9 – Jewish support from Sufyani and Sufyani’s relationship with the Jews: According to Islamic narrations, Sufyani has closely associated with the Jews. However, this relationship is indirectly deduced from the narratives.

 In that way which, Sufyani after successive failures, for the last time he brings together his troops in Ramla (a region in occupied Palestine) And for the last time, he ranks in front of Imam Mahdi, who ultimately leads to the death of accursed Sufyani. Since the according to other narrations, Palestine is also the place where the Dajjal and the Jews under his command will killed, it is understood that Sufyani is associated with both the Jews and the Dajjal and from them is the interference agent in the Middle East situations.

As mentioned, in the article freemasonry: The Dajjal of the Apocalypse, global Freemasonry is very much in line with the Dajjal of the Apocalypse. Israel is also the last freemasonry arm till fulfill the most important ideal of Masonic, which is the destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque and the construction of Solomon’s evil and falsity temple. In fact, global freemasonry by lie Prophet Solomon, who were originally the rebuilders of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, they introduce him as the creator of the evil temple that they call it with the lie Solomon’s temple. The global freemasonry Organizations that is probably the Dajjal of the Apocalypse, with all the power in occupied Palestine is involved in crimes to his raw imagination, Destroy divine religions. God willing, with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, the global Freemasonry, or the probably Dajjal of the apocalypse will be destroyed in occupied Palestine; because the narratives tell about to be killed of the Dajjal in occupied Palestine and it seems freemasonry has a lot correspond to the Dajjal and its great sedition is going on in Palestine, in this land it will disappear forever. (God willing) For further reading in this regard You can refer to the article “Freemasonry: The Dajjal of the Apocalypse”.

So as you observed, the place of the Dajjal intrigue that system Is related to the Jews, it is in occupied Palestine. Since that the last battle of Imam Mahdi with Sufyani also will occur in occupied Palestine, most likely, Sufyani is also related to the Jews and the Dajjal.

Due to the subjects that mentioned above, Indirectly, From the narrations it turns out that Sufyani is related to the Jews and the Antichrist; this issue, is Another point that Malik Abdullah II king of Jordan conforming with the Sufyani narratives. Because Malik Hussein, the father of Malik Abdullah and himself Malik Abdullah II the former and present kings of Jordan, have had the closest relations with Israel in the region.

Jordan, a country that has friendly relations with Israel.


On the other hand, Malik Hussein father of King Abdullah is the member of freemasonry and a prominent member of this evil organization. Just likewise that, it is mentioned in detail in the article Freemasonry: The Dajjal of the Apocalypse, the evil freemasonry organizations, their entity borrowed from the Israelites and the atheistic teachings of Kabbalah, and the folk of the Israelites and the Jews, were compiled the atheistic teachings of ancient Egypt in the form of the atheistic teachings of Kabbalah and named after the Jewish mysticism! According to many researchers, evil teachings freemasonry has inherited most of their teachings from Kabbalah. So membership in freemasonry, it means obedience to the devious Jewish and Israelites teachings and Malik Hussein membership former Jordanian king in Freemasonry has no meaning other than his serving the Israelites and the Jews.

The following letter sent by an Israeli Masonic group to Bill Clinton, Malik Hussein and Isaac Rabin and was published in the Israeli magazine “The Jerusalem Post” in the November 1994, clearly these three person are named as Peaceable Masons. Interestingly, this letter not only shows Malik Hussein’s membership in freemasonry, but also referring his vicious and complicity with the Israeli government. Because this letter obtained after an agreement between Jordan and Israel and Jordan’s compromise with this country. The picture below is showing the mentioned letter:

A letter that mentions the former king of Jordan, Malik Hussein, is a Mason, and has been praised by an Israeli Masonic organization.


The strange thing is that Being mason, the kings of this dynasty, it doesn’t just end with Malik Hussain; rather the first king of this dynasty Sharif Hussein was the ruler of Hejaz, he has also been Mason. This surprising issue has been clearly expressed on numerous websites that’s including can referring to the Wikipedia online dictionary. Sharif Hussain was the founder of the Hashemite royal family and the ancestor of Malik Abdullah II King of Jordan, a member of a Masonic group called the “Order of the Bath”. And in this group has The position of “GCB”; Although it may seem strange to believe that to find an Arab man from Hejaz in Arabic uniforms is a bit difficult in Masonic groups, it is unfortunately true.

Sharif Hussain the ancestor of Malik Abdullah II king of Jordan who has the position of GCB in a Masonic group known as the “Order of the Bath”.

GCB position in Masonic group “Order of the Bath”.


Branch of the “Order of the Bath” Masonic Group in America.

position GCB (Knights Grand Cross) Sharif Hussain, founder of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in masonic group “the Order of the Bath”. Interestingly, Sharif Hussein’s grandson, namely, King Hussein, the former king of Jordan and the father of King Abdullah II, the current king of Jordan, was also a member of the same Masonic group.


In the case of Malik Abdullah II, although there is no direct evidence of his presence in Masonic groups, but his long-term presence in the West and his influence from their culture, as well as his peaceful relations and compromise with the corrupt and Israeli masonic government, Somewhat Possibility bring up him to be Mason. Of course, another point that shows the relationship between Jordan and its kings with Israel, is the geographical location of this country and the map shape of this land; Because Jordan protects most of the lands occupied by the Israeli government as a belt. Jordan has the largest land border with the corrupt country of Israel and it could be called the Israeli Gate; Because if Jordan’s control is in the hands of the Mujahedeen Muslims (Muslim Warriors), the fall of Israel will be certain. Given that Jordan has been heavily supported by the US, Britain and other Masonic governments since its inception, it is not unlikely that these protections were due to Jordan’s role in the creation of Israel’s protective belt. Jordan’s stability is probably due to the fact that the Masonic countries and, above all, the United States and Britain will cannot see any change in this country. Because these changes are considered a major threat to Israeli security.

Jordan: A country that protects Israel like a belt and can be considered an Israeli gate.

Another point that may indicate the relationship of the Jordanian royal family with the Jews is the particular symbol of this family that is a 7-pointed star in the red background, which is also visible on the country’s flag.

The symbol of 7_pointed star that symbolizes of this dynasty is very suspicious; Because there are many Jewish and Masonic symbols that are in the form of luminous objects with 7 _branches or radius, such as mentions the Jewish 7 _branches candlesticks and the Masonic 7_ branches candles. Also the Statue of Liberty in New York City, which was a Masonic statue and its creator was a Mason, has a sun-shaped crown with 7_ rays of light on its head. The 7_ pointed star in the Jordan royal dynasty, is also a luminous object that has 7 _luminous radii and brings to mind Jewish and Masonic signs. Since the many members of this family are Freemasons and have had good relations with Jews and Zionists, and it is not unlikely that the symbol of the 7-pointed star this family would indicate their inextricable connection with Freemasons and Jews.


Two famous Jewish and Masonic symbols: 7-branch candlestick, and the Statue of Liberty in the form of a widow (Isis symbol: Mason’s revered goddess) which has a radiant crown with 7 rays of light.

seven-pointed star in a red chevron in the flag of Jordan.


So as you observed, the kings of Jordan and Malik Abdullah himself, has a very friendly relationship with Israel and during that time had supported by Israel, American and English friends, And, on the other hand, they protecting Israel by creating a buffer belt for Israel. Nevertheless, Malik Abdullah, who is backed by the so-called Jewish State, Israel, it has a lot of correspondence with Sufyani in the narratives Because Sufyani in Islamic narrations also have a good relationship with the Jews.

10 – Sufyani military skill and his army and his interest in military affairs: According to what is said in Islamic narrations, Sufyani is militarily powerful and he probably has a special proficiency in military affairs as well. Successive victories in less than a year and defeat different forces Including Damascus, Asahab, Abqa, Turkish forces, Iraq Army and advancing in northern Saudi Arabia, it shows the superiority of the Sufyani troops Of course, all of this corps was broken by the troops of Khorasan (Iran) and the companions of Imam Mahdi and the powerful Sufyani army would eventually be destroyed.

 There are Interesting thing about Malik Abdullah and fits him with the description of Sufyani narratives, is that Malik Abdullah among the Arab countries leaders in region, has the highest military rank. So that in addition Commander-in-chief The government of the Kingdom of Jordan, Colonel of the Royal English Cavalry Which is an armored regiment. In fact, he has passed high military degrees both in Jordan and the British Army. On the other hand, Malik Abdullah in the media, publications and websites, as a person who is known for collecting military equipment and his entertaining activities include collecting weapons and empowering the Jordanian army. There are many images of him on the internet, that personally testing military equipment purchased from Western governments.

The acquisition of high military qualifications by Malik Abdullah II king of Jordan, In the Jordanian and British armies.

The acquisition of high military qualifications by Malik Abdullah II king of Jordan, in the United Kingdom.

Jordan’s King Malik Abdullah II is in testing weapons purchased for the army of this country.

Jordanian Army soldiers in military exercise.

The Jordanian army in parade.


This greed of Malik Abdullah II king of Jordan when that Jordan is in stability relative and is not endangered on behalf of Israel, will seems strange, and that’s it the issue which should be sounded the alarm to our respected authorities and other regional governments; Because Jordan’s slow and calm movements in collecting weapons and equipping his army, even when For now does not threaten the great danger of this country, looks very suspicious and there may be news of a big storm in the future.

So as you observed, the greed of Malik Abdullah II Jordan’s king in collecting weapons, and his high rank among the leaders of regional countries, another point that shows his similarity to the Sufyani’s narrations.

11 – Special Conditions and specific for Malik Abdullah and Jordan country: in this part, Although We don’t talk about to discuss the narrative between Malik Abdullah’s resemblance to the Sufyani’s narratives, but let’s make a point that Abdullah may be instrumental in creating a massive and dangerous move in the Middle East and lead him to launch massive campaigns to other countries in the region and to make him look like Sufyani. First of all, the special situation of Jordan attracts attention. This country was formed with the special support and supervision of the Western and Masonic countries and, above all, England; in that way even a prominent author, such as Mary Christina Wilson, has named her book “Malik Abdullah, Britain and the Making of Jordan.” Interestingly, over the last hundred years, Jordan is one of the few countries in the Middle East Which was relatively stable and the government there, is in the hands of Sharif Hussain dynasty who call themselves Hashmi; In fact, unlike other Arab countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria, the United Kingdom and Western countries did not allow the political structure of Jordan to change and even transform its rule from a monarchy to a republic. Of course, this stability is not so strange for Israel, given the protective status and the belt of Jordan. And it seems Masonic governments who have cultivated Israel as the last Freemasonry arm in the Middle East, put Jordan as Israel’s shield and put Israel behind this dam, In the face of possible attacks by the Shiites and other Mujahedeen Muslims Protected mainly in the occupied eastern Palestinian territories.

According to mentioned situation and Western support for Jordan, The kings of this country have always played a key role in the mischief and sedition of the Middle East, including long-term compromise with Israel, hostility to Shiites, support for Saddam’s war against the oppressed Iranian people, shelter the hypocrites(The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) , conspiracy against Hezbollah in The 2006 Lebanon War ( the 2006 Israel–Hezbollah War or 33-day war, or the July War) and after that, He pointed out that he was involved in the assassination of the resistance commanders, such as the martyr of  Imad Mughniyeh. So you can expect that the kings of Jordan, including Malik Abdullah, will do everything in their power to secure the interests of colonialism and the corrupt state of Israel. Even if this is a campaign in some neighboring countries.

Furthermore, The specific situation of Jordan in terms of fundamental economic resources, It may cause leaders of this country, including Malik Abdullah, greed to neighboring lands And if the huge financial resources are found in neighboring countries (Like what the narratives say about the finding of treasure (or oil) in the region of Qarqisiya in northern Syria),, the greed of King Abdullah or other Jordanian leaders may cause these kings to Seize the aforementioned resources, and campaign to neighboring countries.

Of course for now according to presenting the new Middle East plan by the US and the ongoing accusations against the current Syria and Iraq, Malik Abdullah will certainly not have much trouble fighting with these two countries and if they do so will be supported by the US, Britain and other Masonic countries. So Malik Abdullah will have no difficult task to seize neighboring countries’ finances.

As we mentioned, Jordan has been the focus of support from western countries until now and even with the weak economic infrastructure and the lack of suitable conditions for agriculture, this country is in relative prosperity This is due to the continued support and investment of western countries, and at the head of them is the US and UK.

In addition to economic investment, it seems that Western governments plan to capture the Jordanian pulse, it has also invested in the country’s sovereignty; So we see England representing other Masonic countries, During the last 100 years, it has invested heavily in the Jordanian rulers, Since the formation of the Hashemite royal family, The United Kingdom has provided comprehensive support to this dynasty and has given favor to Sharif Hussein and his children. On the other hand, by membership of the Hashemite dynasty kings such as Sharif Hussain and Malik Hussein in freemasonry, has more control over Jordan; But England’s special focus on Malik Abdullah’s birth and his kingdom is amazing in its kind. In this way that, they were laid the groundwork for the birth of an English Jordanian prince, after Mrs. Antoinette Gardiner placed on the path of Malik Hussein and arranged for her marriage with Malik Hussein.

Then, by training this prince namely, Malik Abdullah II in English and American schools and universities and even his training in the British Army up to the Cavalry colonel’s high degrees. They were fully trained him to accomplish their goals in the region and also institutionalized Western temperament as Western souvenirs in him and eventually, in a strange and completely suspicious way, A few days before the death of Malik Hussain, Malik Hussain’s brother prince Hassan was ousted from the crown prince and Malik Abdullah II the son of Malik Hussain, who was a half-breed race and was raise in western culture, succeeded Malik Hussain. Since then, Malik Abdullah II has procurement Western interests in the region and carried out many evil acts. The phrase “Shiite crescent” and its slander against Iran, friendly relations with Israel, conspiracy against Hezbollah in The 2006 Lebanon War and afterwards, shelter the hypocrites and assassination of martyr Mughniyeh, is One of this English-Jordanian king’s crimes and it shows that the West’s efforts, and especially England’s, in training him have been somewhat successful. So it’s not unlikely that America and Britain, in the not too distant future with Malik Abdullah II form the new Middle East and were persuade him to campaign to other countries. Of course this is not done right now, but it is likely to do so in the future; Because by demolition America’s image among the people of the Middle East and even in other countries of the world, the possibility of direct movements of the US, British and other Masonic countries in the region has decreased;

But it’s not unlikely that these two countries from now on to supply benefit of themselves in the region, taking advantage of their puppet forces and to encourage them to campaign with other countries. This is exactly the same as their abuse of Saddam Hussein to attack Islamic Iran in the early years after the anti-American revolution of our country people. So Americans and Britons who have a history of using their puppet are not unlikely that also to use these forces in the future.

So as you behold, the situation and conditions of Jordan and this area kings, Malik Abdullah II in particular is such that can expect the military action of the kings of this country for to supply the benefit of the colonialism. If that happens, this move may be similar to the Sufyani movements of Islamic narrations.

According to the above issue that mentioned, Jordan’s King Malik Abdullah II seems to have much similarity with Sufyani described in Islamic narratives. In addition to the similarities, the particular situation of Jordan and Malik Abdullah II in the Levant region reinforces this possibility. This half-breed prince of English – Jordanian, the most important Arab ruler in the region is that to supply the interests of the US, Britain and other Masonic states in the region. This king’s seduction in this region is famous and his hostile stance against the Shiites, it always been cause a hassle.

Given the similarities between Malik Abdullah and the Sufyani in Islamic traditions, the authorities in our beloved country must pay close attention to this monarch and monitor his actions and movements so that in case of military action by him, be our country’s defense readiness more than ever. Malik Abdullah’s resemblance to Sufyani and the special conditions of Jordan increases the need to pay much more attention to the king’s machinates; because if he is really Sufyani, he will have the greatest Middle East sedition in history. Fortunately, the political relations between Iran and Jordan are not so close, due to the conspiracies and seditions of Malik Abdullah II; But anyway, Follow-up and precision in the situation in Jordan, can be very helpful and will increased the possibility of timely response of our country’s officials When there is danger from the Jordanian government.

Unfortunately, the Jordanian country is partially in the news silent condition, while its army is being equipped and prepared. Although the intentions of Jordanian leaders, and in particular Malik Abdullah himself, are not clear the extremist arming of the Jordanian army (while not threatening this country with great danger), But certainly, this equipping of the Jordanian military equipment will be to our detriment and to the benefit of Israel; Because the Jordanian kings, especially Malik Abdullah II, has always proves his loyalty to Israel, and his hostility to the Shiites and the Iranian people. God forbid, if one day this army will be given to the Sufyani, then the dimensions of the Sufyani crimes will be very catastrophic. So in that respect too Malik Abdullah must be watched, cause that he has resemble with the Sufyani narrations.

But what could be the basis for Malik Abdullah II’s invasion of Syria and then Iraq at a time when the US has occupied Iraq?

Given the catastrophic defeat of the US in occupying Iraq, it is unlikely that they will pull their troops out of Iraq; But the rulers of this country will by no means be willing to lose Iraq after all the heavy war’s cost; Thus Maintain their image and claim that they have respected the Iraqi people’s desire to leave the occupiers and withdraw US and British forces from Iraq and pull their troops out.

But in a shrewd move as American troops leave, or shortly after their exit, their mercenaries Stimulate unrest or occupation in the area of Iraq and with claims like oppression to Sunni in Iraq, the formation of the Shiite crescent and the fight against extremism, overthrow the Iraqi people’s government from inside or outside, and indirectly, once again maintaining its international image, will re-occupy Iraq. That way maybe America’s apparent withdrawal from Iraq, will lead to Malik Abdullah II’s campaign in Syria and Iraq and in this manner, the US will again occupy Syria and Iraq and also maintain its international image.

The important thing to note at the end of the article is that all the similarities and comparisons spoken between Malik Abdullah II king of Jordan and Sufyani narratives are just one possibility and not definitive. So It should not be Emphasized too much about Malik Abdullah’s conformity with Sufyani and used it for setting the time for the outburst. As mentioned, this article was purely a research work and it is written using documentation and the writer has no intended to make schism between the Muslim brothers of the various countries; Rather, their aims are to warn of suspicious movements of Western-related forces in the Middle East, and to investigate them in accordance with apocalyptic narratives. It is obvious that this article, like other research articles, is not conclusive and may not be correct, but it will be clear over time. So we ask the respected blog readers that Just look at this article as an investigative work, and not to make hasty judgments and actions and do not consider the concordances stated in the article definitive. And most importantly, do not set the time for the reappearance. Because on one hand It is not clear yet whether Malik Abdullah II is really the Sufyani in the narratives; on the other hand, if he is a Sufyani, it is unclear when he will riot. In fact, Malik Abdullah II is in late of youth and in the early of middle aged and still has a lot of time to do movements in the region; Even if he is a Sufyani, it is unclear that how many other years he will do military actions it will take; So the discussion of the emergence of Imam Mahdi and the extent to which the issue of emergence is related to what said in this article cannot be judged.

Thus, Again, we sincerely request that dear readers of the blog that, we want to notice the warnings and recommendations the author has cited and Given to the extraordinary sensitivity of the Sufyani’s problem, avoid the hasty comments and judgments surrounding this article. And in the context of this article, just look at them as a research and avoid to make a tumult surrounding it; Because the corrupt and hypocritical leaders of the Arab countries in the region, they complain to what is written about them and endeavor to do something with this issue, use it as a tool to create more schism. So please avoid any tumult and remember that Fighting with the Sufyani ego and the devil inside, before face with Sufyani Appearance should be done and even this battle is more important than the second battle. This article is meant only to flip through the people minds who that have drowned in their daily lives and are not attentive to the storm of events that takes everyone with yourself and the events that make the world more and more ready for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi.

The message this article tells its readers is that the conspiracy, seditions and actions of the corrupt governments in the Middle East must be take into consideration more than ever, and should be pay special attention to Jordan and Malik Abdullah II king of this country. Until the Sufyani riot from this country or other countries in the region, be gained less casualties and injuries to the Shiites. As the narrations have also promised that except that some Iraqi Shiites will suffer, many Shiites will be saved from the injury of Sufyani.

It is important to note that humans are not free from error and wrong, and we are no exception. As such, the concordance and analysis mentioned may not be correct, given the shortcomings it is from us, not the narratives. However, we have made every effort to use credible sources for our own adaptations and analyzes, thereby minimizing the possibility of error.

In the end, we ask God Almighty to give us insight and help us to gain the correct insight and practice of the commandments of The Fourteen Infallibles and will protect us from the calamities of the apocalypse.

Hoping to reappearance Savior Promised, Imam Mahdi Sahib al-Zaman

Work by: Khadem Al Imam

With the help of: Khademat Al-Zahra



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