The activities of Sufyani’s uncles in the end time


In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Dear respectable readers of True Islam weblog

After a while being away from blogging, we continue the analytic review of the sign’s of reappearance by God’s name and remembrance.

From now on, before reviewing any signs of reappearance, we will write an introduction about them which are very important. So we ask you if you would like to publish these articles, be sure to mention their introductions in the beginning of the articles.

The signs of the reappearance which we are reviewing from now on, are the signs that most probably have become true or they are about to happen. Our purpose by saying and reviewing these signs is not just writing interesting and readable articles but we are trying the respectable readers realize the importance of the historical period in which we are living by observing these signs and events, and we all be overcome by the indolence and laxation that has dominated us.

Actually it should be said that all of the political and social events that are happening around us, are amazingly corresponded with the infallible imams’ predictions about the end time. So that the events of our country, the condition of the region and the general situation of the world surprisingly are exactly corresponded with the infallible imams’ predictions. Nevertheless it seems that the cognition of the changes of changes in the region and the world and reviewing them from the perspective of the Islamic traditions is very important; because in one hand the correspondence of international events with the infallible imams’ predictions makes us be on alert and realize the responsibility that we have for preparing the basis of imam Mahdi’s reappearance, and in other hand it helps us in dealing with hard events of the end time and the time close to the reappearance of the Majesty. Also in case we could use the traditions correctly, we can derive the way of dealing with dangerous events of the end time from the traditions and use the infallible imams’ advices in order to deal with the end time enemies. In any case it seems essential to say that the issues that we are discussing about from now on and the correspondings are completely our personal opinion and these opinions are not necessarily a hundred percent true but there is the possibility of an error. So seriously please in case of reading and using these articles, consider that the contents of this article are not a hundred percent definitive, so the presented correspondence should not be accepted certainly and unalterably. So if there are some people among dear readers who think their viewpoint from reappearance may be troubled by reading these articles and think that these presented correspondence may cause setting a time for reappearance, seriously please avoid reading the article; because our purpose by presenting these articles is not setting a time for reappearance of the Majesty (aj) at all, but our purpose is to prod the people who are busy with the ordinary life and don’t pay attention to the events around them or in the region and the world. In other words the purpose is to be ready and alert to the events of around, but not to consider these correspondence definitive at all.

It is worth saying that the signs that we are reviewing from now on, have a major difference with the dessertation of “Dajjal and Freemosonry”. The difference is that Freemosonry is not a human whose life ends early and his death comes early. So the correspondence of Freemosonry with Dajjal that was mentioned in previous articles, doesn’t cause much problems, because Freemosonry is an international organization and movement, not a human who has a short life.

So the concern that exists about the other correspondence and is said that the wrong correspondence will cause people to despair over time, is not true about Freemosonry, because Freemosonry and Kabbalah have been living for thousands of years and, God willing, their generation will be disappear from the world forever with the reappearance of imam Mahdi (aj).

But the issues that are going to be discussed from now on, in many cases are related to the persons and events that are limited to the time, so if our correspondence be wrong and some of the dear readers set their hearts on this correspondence and ignore our caveat in this introduction, they may stray from the way and be despair over time by setting time for reappearance.

 So we warn again in the end that the correspondence that are presenting from now on, are just for warning, consciousness and for our alerting to the events around. Nothing more, nothing less.

 It is worth saying that from now on two dear persons with the pseudonyms “Khadimah al_Zahra (sa)” and “Khadim al_Rasoul (swt)” will help us in writing and typing of the articles. Many thanks to them.

After saying this long and important introduction, we will proceed to the main article:

The activities of Sufyani’s uncles in the end time

About the end time incidents we see some traditions among the other traditions that are said about a tribe called “BennyKalb” that important events have been attributed to this tribe. The tribe of “BennyKalb” that its members are called as “Sufyani’s uncles”, “BennyKalb”, “Kalb”, etc in traditions play an important role in the end time and the time near to reappearance events.

According to the traditions, “BennyKalb” are a group of end time hooligans who help Sufyani (one of the great enemies of imam Mahdi (aj) ) in the battle with al_Qaim (aj).(1) There are many traditions that report about the avowal and cooperation of many members of the “BennyKalb” tribe with the cursed Sufyani. There is some of the traditions mentioned below:

“…” (2)

“The great prophet (swt) said: Sufyani will rebel with 360 cavalry and will arrive to Damascus and also 20000 persons from BennyKalb will avow to him in Ramadan”(3)


“There is quoted from imam Ali (as) in the meanwhile of a long tradition: and that has some signs and symptoms and Sufyani’s emersion is with red flags and its commander is a man from the BennyKalb tribe.”(5)


“Asbaq bin Nobateh narrated from imam Ali (as) who said: and Sufyani’s rebel, a red flag, its commander is a man from Kalb tribe and 12000 people of his army will march through Mecca and Medina that their commander is a man from Benny Umayyad who is called to Khuzaima and his left eye is blind and a thick whiteness has covered his pupil. He liken himself to men. He won’t return his flag until he resides in the home of a person named Abu al_Hassan Umavi; and he sends a battalion for a man from the prophet’s clan that Shias have gathered around him. The army march through Mecca under the command of a man from Ghatafan. In the middle of the way when they arrive in a white desert, will be swallowed by the ground and no one will survive except two persons who should be a sign [ and example ] for the others, and God has returned their faces to the back.”(7)

As you perceived, many of the traditions related to the end time, have mentioned to “BennyKalb” and have said their destructive role in the end time.

But indeed who are “BennyKalb“?

“BennyKalb” were a tribe who were Christian in the age of Muawiyah and then converted to one of the sects of Islam apparently. Muawiyah married a woman from this tribe that the birth of Yazid (curse upon him) was the result of this marriage. This clan converted to the sect of “Druze” centuries after the marriage of Muawiyah and Yazid’s mother.(8)

Although this sect claims that it is one of the Islamic sects, it has completely devious beliefs. The members of this sect are following a person called Darzi and they have identified their tariqa* as Muwahhideen* and the base of their belief is on Reincarnation (the issue that is completely rejected by Islam).(9) This clan were following the Fatimid caliphate of Egypt for a while untill they joined the Isma’ilism at the invitation of “Nestekin Druzi” at the time of the sixth Fatimid caliphate. “Druzians” have stopped in their belief to “Al_Hakim bi_Amr Allah” (who has been killed in the other’s opinion) and they say he is absent and he has gone up to sky and he will return to people again.(10)

 The majority of Druze clans who are mostly germane to “BennyKalb” tribe have taken up residence of Ramla (the eastern desert of Palestine), the western desert of Jordan, southwest of Syria, and some parts of Lebanon.(11) Actually many of the Druzians have immigrated to European countries, the United States and Australia. It is totally estimated that about 1 million Druze live around the world.(12) But the main core of this clan is in the borderlands between 4 countries; Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Occupied Palestine. The approximate range of the regions that the Druzians are living in, is shown in the picture below:

It is worth saying that the number of Druzians in Syria and Lebanon is more than the other regions.

According to the mentioned issues, briefly it can be said that the people who are known as “Druzians” nowadays, are the same people that are called “BennyKalb” in the traditions.

So the traditions which are said about the activities of “BennyKalb” or “Sufyani’s uncles” in the end time, are related to the condition of “Druze”, because this clan is the same clan as “BennyKalb”. The other point is that the cause of the attribution of the phrase “Sufyani’s uncles” to BennyKalb is that Muawiyah had married a woman from this clan. According to the traditions, since the cursed Sufyani belongs to the generation of Yazid bin Muawiyah, “BennyKalb” or “the current Druzians” are the Sufyani’s uncles implicitly, because the Sufyani’s ancestress was from the “BennyKalb” tribe.(13)

As we mentioned, there are many betrayals in the traditions attributed to the “BennyKalb” tribe. It is strange that the current Druzains are doing devilhood and vicious movements in the region developments. Although some of them are not evil and they live in peace with the otherMuslims, many of them are openly hostile to the other Muslims especially the Shias. Interestingly the traditions also mention the accompaniment of a large number of them but they never mention that all of the members of the clan of “BennyKalb” accompany Sufyani. This issue is another confirmation for the correspondence of “Druze” with the clan of “BennyKalb”, because nowadays most of the Druzians are openly hostile to the Muslims and Shias, but few of them live a peaceful life with the other Muslims and Shias. As it can be perceived in the tradition below, the majority of the clan of “BennyKalb” members (not all of them), accompany Sufyani:

The great prophet (swt) said about this:

“Sufyani will rebel with 360 cavalry and will arrive to Damascus and also 20000 persons from BennyKalb will avow to him in Ramadan.”(14)

So as mentioned the Druzians play a key role in the evils of the end time except few of them.

It is strange that nowadays that is the age of the end time (based on the opinion of many of experts and according to the occurrence of many infallible imams’ predictions) the trace of the Druze are seen in many seditions in the Middle East.

Although Sufyani has not emerged yet, and naturally the greatest sedition of “BennyKalb” (the Druzians) has not occured yet, it seems that nowadays the political and military movements of the Druzians are going on in a way that in case of Sufyani’s emersion and the start of his anti_Shia movement, accompaniment and avowal of the Druzians with him is not unexpected. More strange point is that the place where the Druzians live, is very close to the place of Sufyani’s emersion (Yabs Valley or Levant) that this issue also reduplicates the correspondence of “BennyKalb” with the Druzians and the probability of sedition from them.

Now according to the mentioned issues, we review the political_military movements of the Druzians, “BennyKalb” in recent time.

The Druzians in Syria:

Nowadays the population of the Druzians in Syria is 800000, and they play an important role in Syria’s political_military equation, in the way that many of the Druzian officers are serving in the Ba’ath military of Syria. Most of the Druzian residence of Syria are living in the region of “Jabal al_Druze” and in the southwest of Syria.(15)

The Druzian clans of Syria

The Druzians in Jordan

There are 20000 Druzians who are living in Jordan that these people are mainly living in “Hauran” and the northwest of Jordan “bordered by Syria, Lebanon and the Occupied Palestine” (16)

These clan doesn’t have any significant political and military weight at present, but most brobably they will play an important role in events and seditions of the end time; because the mentioned “Yabs Valley : dry valley” in the traditions is the same as “Hauran” valley(17) and the origin of the word “Hauran” means the dry land(18) (we will say about this land and its exact correspondence with the traditions related to “Yabs Valley” in articles related to Sufyani in near future)

The Druzians in Lebanon

The Druzians of Lebanon have an important role in the internal political and military balance of this country and unfortunately their traces are seen in many of the villainies and seditions of this country.

There are two main clans in Lebanon who lead the Druzians as follows:

  1. The clan of Jumblatt
  2. The clan of Arslan

The population of Druzians in Lebanon is about 300000 and the majority of these clans are living in “Chouf” in “Mount Lebanon”(19). This region is located near the border of Syria.

In present, Walid Jumblatt is the main leader of the Druzians. He is originally from the Kurdish race and he is the leader of Arab Druzians of Lebanon.(20) He is one of the fierce enemies of Lebanese Shias and the Shia Amal Movements and Hezbollah and also Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Characteristically he wavers seriously and sickly and even he had recently (in 2007) insulted the great leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.(21) Enough about his wavery that it is said that he waged a war inwhich dozens of people were wounded and killed just because the picture of Nebih Berri (the leader of the Amal Movement) featured on Lebanese television a few seconds longer than him. The armed forces who are under his command and are known as phalanges, committed countless war crimes during the Lebanon internal wars, against Shias and Maronite Christians. The other point is that he is one of the main defendants in economic cases in Lebanon inwhich he has embezzled billions of dollars by abusing the foreign donations. His spouse was counted as a display of beauty queen in Lebanon before and now she is in charge of the corrupt ceremony of corrupt festival of dance and music in the Druze district region of Beirut in “Beit ed_Dine”(22).

Jumblatt has been one of  the allies and supporters of the corrupt Lebanese ruling party and the March 14 Alliance and his orientations against the Lebanese Shias have always been serious and clear, so that during the 2006 Israel_Hezbollah (the 33_day war) and the national strikes after the war which was formed against the Lebanese ruling party, Jumblatt and the Druzians which were under his command, opposed Hezbollah and supported the ruling party(23), contrary to the national will of most Lebanese including Shia, Sunni and Maronite Christians. Walid Jumblatt who is the president of the Progressive Socialist Party of Lebanon, has a close relation with “Foad Siniora”, the hateful prime minister of current Lebanon. He has also established a friendly relation with the government of Jordan and Israel.

Walid Jumblatt, the seditious leader of Lebanese Druze and the president of the Progressive Socialist Party.

 In March 2008 (Esfand 1386 Solar Hijri Calender). Walid Jumblatt sent his representative “Rami al_Rayes” to Israel through Jordan (one of the Arab countries that is an ally of Israel) quasi_secretive in order to negotiate with Zionist officials. Curiously “al_Rayes” was warmly welcomed by “Ehud Olmert”, the prime minister of Israel, so that Olmert held a dinner in honor of him at “Ella ola” restaurant in Tel Aviv.(24)

Rami al_Rayes, the representative who was sent to Israel by Jumblatt

The act of Jumblatt and the Lebanese Druze, proves some points:

  1. According to the turmoil in Lebanon’s internal situation and the need to maintain unity in the country, the seditious act of Jumblatt and his Druzian followers, and their act of sending a representative to Israel, shows their effort to serve Israel and betray Lebanon.
  1. According to the closure of the Lebanese_Israeli border, sending Jumblatt’s representative through the border of Jordan to Israel shows the entente of Jumblatt and the Lebanese Druze with the sanguinary and traitor government of Jordan.
  1. Olmert’s welcome to Jumblatt’s representative at the time that most of the Lebanese groups including Shia, Sunni and Christian have declared their support for Hezbollah and their hostility to Israel, shows that Jumblatt and the Lebanese Druze are one of the few groups that have close relation with the regime which has occupied Qods. This issue is the most important document of the evil of Jumblatt and the Druzians which are under his command.

In present, Jumblatt has not been content with political seditions, but he has repeatedly threatened to engage in military conflict with Hezbollah and the other dissenters of the illegitimate government of Lebanon if necessary. To the extent that Jumblatt made a stupid claim that he would take the missiles of Hezbollah. (The same missiles that Israel could not obtain during 33 days of war)(25)

Thus as you perceived, the Lebanese Druze with the leadership of Jumblatt, have many important roles in commotions Lebanon and the region, and they are one of the most serious obstacles to internal peace in the country.

The Druzians in Israel

There are about 120000 “Druzians” living in “Israel” (26) that the majority of them are resident of Ramla (the northeast desert of the Occupied Palestine)(27) and they play an important role in political_military equations of this country.

An Israeli Druzian man

Although the Druzians are known as Arabian Druze in most regions, the Israeli Druze have seprated themselves from Muslim Arabs and introduce themselves as an independant group.(28)

The Israeli Druze play an important role in both political and military arena, so that in the military arena, the Druzians are the only Arabs who can serve in Israel military and even they can take the position of senior commander. Strange to say that even in the wars of 1948 of the Occupied Palestine that led to the expulsion of the Palestinian Muslim Arabs from their land, the Druzians were the ally of Israelis and they were fighting against the Palestinians.(29)

Between 1948 and 1956, the service of Druzian Arabs in Israel was optional, but since then, the service of the Druzians has been obligatory.(30) The position of the Druzian soldiers is similar with the Israeli Jewish soldiers(31) This issue shows the very strong relation between the Druzians and the corrupt and occupier government of Israel. The Israeli Druze’s betrayal to Muslims and especially to Shias is to the extent that the Israeli Druze consider an honor for matyring 20 soldiers of Hezbollah during the 33_day war in 2006 and they claim that they had no casualties in this war.(32) This issue shows the hostility and hatred of Israeli Druze to the Lebanese Shias. The other point is that in 1996, Ozam Ozam, an Israeli Druze businessman was arrested for espionage for Israel in Egypt and he was sentenced to 8 years in prison.(33) This point is another evidence for the relation of Israeli Druze with the corrupt government of this country. In exchange for the services!!! Of the Druzians to the government of Israel, this government had constructed a memorial monument in “Daliyat al_Karmel” to tribute to the 355 Druze killed in Israel army, that this issue shows that the Isrealis always refer to the Druzians as their permanent ally.(34)

Daliyat al_Karmel, the place which has built to tribute to the 355 Druze killed for serving to Israel and betraying to Muslims. The constructor of this monument is the corrupt government of Israel.

As you perceived, in recent age that is the end time, the Druzians which are living in different countries, have achieved important political and military positions and most of the time, they have used their power in sedition and hostility to Muslims and especially Shias. So although Sufyani has not emerged yet, paying attentions to the orientations of Druzians (who are the same as “BennyKalb” which is mentioned in the traditions), it seems that in case of the cursed Sufyani’s emersion, Druzians will be one of the important allies of Sufyani, because Druzians (“BennyKalb” in traditions) like Sufyani are thirsty to Shia’s blood. They have a close relation with Jewish (Israel). As we mentioned above, Druzians especially Israeli and Lebanese Druze are counted as the main allies of government of Israel. Stranger to say that according to the Islamic traditions, Jewish will also support Sufyani.(35) The joint alliance of Sufyani and Druzians (BennyKalb) with Jewish is another point that relates them to each other. The relativity of Sufyani and Druzians (BennyKalb) because of the marriage of the cursed Muawiyah and one of the “BennyKalb” women in one hand and the common enmity of Druzians (BennyKalb) and Sufyani with Shias in another hand, are the issues that relate Sufyani to Druzians.

The other point is that according to some traditions, the commander of Sufyani’s army in many of wars, is a person from “BennyKalb” or the same today Druzians.(36) Strange to say that in recent age, many of Druzians have important military positions in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and especially Israel, and many of them have taken the position of senior commander. So it is not unlikely that in case of Sufyani’s emersion from Levant (not just Syria) these Druzian commanders want to join the Sufyani’s army and help him in the war against Shias.

Especially it is possible that the government of Israel (the rule of Jewish) that according to the traditions is one of the important allies of Sufyani(37) want to send some of his armies that are organized of Druzian soldiers and commanders; especially that the language of Druzians is Arabic and certainly they can interact and communicate to Sufyani’s army (that are mostly Arabs) better than the Israeli Jewish soldiers.

Thus according to the mentioned issues, it seems that the correspondence of “BennyKalb” with the Druzians, as mentioned in some books, is an accurate correspondence; because the trace of this seditious sect has been seen in the commotions of the Middle East and it seems that they are exactly stepping in the way that in case of Sufyani’s emersion, they become one of his important allies.

So we appeal to the honorable Muslim brothers to pay attention to the incidents which are occuring in the Middle East and be aware of the issues in the region; because many of these incidents are correspondent with the predictions of infallible imams (as) about the issues of the end time. Paying attention to this predictions and corresponding them with the incidents of the region and the world with caution (not definitive correspondence), can be effective for Muslims in being on alert and prepare for the reappearance of the Savior (aj). Even in some cases this correspondence can help us in an accurate military and political orientations of our country and also the other Shias against the end time villains; so that for example the relation with the Druzians can be restricted and coutious according to the mentioned traditions and facts. In any case humans are not innocent of mistakes and we are not exceptions. Thus it is probable that the mentioned correspondence and analyses be inaccurate so it would be our fault not the traditions’;

however, we have tried to use credible sources and refrences for our correspondence and analyses to minimize the error rate.

In the end we ask transcendent God to bestow insight and awareness and help us getting the right insight and obeying the commands of the infallible imams (as)

Hoping for reappearance of the Promised Savior, imam Mahdi, Sahib al_Zaman (aj)

By Khadim al_Imam

With the assistance of Khadimah al_Zahra (sa)

And khadim al_Rasoul (swt)

*Tariqa: a school or order of Sufism

*Muwahhideen: unitarians



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