A man from Qom (Ruhollah)

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Zandaqa’s emersion from Qazvin

Among the predictions and signs of the end time and the time near reappearance, we find some traditions which tell about the seditions of the end time.

Imam Mahdi’s Longevity and youth: A science-based reality, not a myth.

Given the slander of the enemies of Islam to Islam, and the enemies of the Shiites, to Shiites, the need for a serious, rational, comprehensive and effective defense of the Shiite Muslims against their tricks is increasingly felt.

The activities of Sufyani’s uncles in the end time

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The King of Jordan From Another view _ Part 1

As mentioned in the preface to the article "The King of Jordan From Another view", the article was completed two years ago by the author. During these two years, and after the completion of the original article, additional information was obtained by the author of the article, an important part of which is offered to the readers of the "Alvadossadegh" website: