The King of Jordan From Another view _ Part 1


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful



As mentioned in the preface to the article “The King of Jordan From Another view”, the article was completed two years ago by the author. During these two years, and after the completion of the original article, additional information was obtained by the author of the article, an important part of which is offered to the readers of the “Alvadossadegh” website:

1.As was speculated and mentioned in the original article about two years ago, King Abdullah ousted his brother Prince Hamzah from the Crown Prince and appointed Prince Hussein to his crown prince, thus making the future Shah king.therefore the future King of Jordan will also have a Jordanian-English cross breed.


                        Prince Hussein the new Crown Prince of Jordan.

In fact, it is likely that the Jordanian-English hybrid race will be preserved in the future kings and will continue to safeguard the interests of global Freemasonry in the region. Of course, it is possible that if the current Jordanian king is not Sufyani, but it guarantees Sufyany will riot among the future Jordanian kings.

  1. According to a news release on the United States Central Command website, Admiral William. J. US Navy Commander Falun made strange remarks before the Senate Armed Services Committee, citing the vicious plans of the US and its allies to dominate the Middle East through Jordan’s leadership in the region. Some of the remarks are as follows: (2)

» Hashemi’s reign in Jordan remains a key and valuable ally in the fight against violent extremists and contributes significantly to regional stability. It has led many counterterrorism efforts because of the threats of domestic terrorist activities……. Jordan is a regional leader in security and counterterrorism education and host of initiatives to develop security capabilities…… Jordan’s strategic position, vision of modernization and advanced security, give it a regional role and increase its influence. Our military plans and economic assistance are vital to the continued modernization of Jordan and leadership in the region.

Admiral William’s remarks. J. US Naval Commander Falun at the Senate Armed Services Committee on Jordan’s Role in Future Leadership!

As you noted, the remarks of the US Navy Commander on Jordan show that Us in its ominous plans for the Middle East and the future plan of the new Middle East,it consider the key role for Jordan and it is trying to nominate it as the region’s leader. This is an alarm to our dear people and respected officials in our country; for the sake of implementing the new Middle East plan, Jordan may want to attack US-opposed countries in the region, including Syria and the Shiite government of Iraq and Iran, and change the face of the Middle East by expanding its borders.

This may also reflect the similarity of Jordan’s “Malik Abdullah II” to Sufyani in narrations.Because according to narrations Sufyani is also attacking a large number of countries in the region and trying to change the face of the region to its advantage.

About two years ago, Israeli Army Chief of Staff Ya’eza Nawa made a statement that Mallik Abdullah may be the last Jordanian king which prompting various reactions in politics. His speech which it was among a group of about 50 foreign diplomats and reporters at a Kardashian study center, it surprised the experts in the field of politics. According to this report, the Jordanian politicians reacted to this issue subsequently, the Israeli Foreign Minister contacted his Jordanian counterpart and resolved the matter (4).

Israeli army commander’s words that Malik Abdullah II of Jordan is the last king of this country! (And probably the first king of the new Middle East empire)

Although many experts, who assess the developments in the region as superficial, regard the news as Israel’s threat to Jordan, but a close look at the history of the countries in the region and a careful look at previous movements of the corrupt countries in the Middle East indicate that the headquarters of the Israeli army by saying it,mean that likely in the future, a country called Jordan will have no presence for Malik Abdullah to be King of it! Rather, in the sinister global Freemasonry plans for the region, many of the countries in the region will be dominated by Malik Abdullah and Malik Abdullah will be the last king of Jordan and the first king of this new empire!

In fact, who does not know that Jordan’s Malik Abdullah II is the most devoted and mercenary politician in the Middle East? It is unlikely that after 50 years of great efforts by Britain and its allied colonists in the Middle East to give birth and then an English-Jordanian king coming to the rule in the region and educating him in Western style, and finally stabilizing the kingdom’s inheritance in the English-Jordanian generation of the Jordanian dynasty through the crowning of “Prince Hussein” the son of Malek Abdullah II,  then western colonial states and Israeli permanent helper wreck 50 years of their efforts to oust King Jordan. In other words, in the view of the colonists, if a country is to be destroyed or occupied in the region, the priority is with Syria, Iran and other centers of resistance in the region  not with Jordan. Of course, the long-term stability of Jordan and the absence of internal revolutions also confirm the West’s continued support for its rulers.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, Admiral William. J. US Naval Commander Falun has also named Jordan as the future leader of the Middle East region in his speech in recent years. So Western countries have drawn up a lot of plans to seize power in their devastated country, Jordan  and, of course, the words of the commander of the Israeli headquarters must be analyzed and consider in some way that it comply with the said plan.

 According to the above, Israeli Army Chief of Staff Ya’eza Nawa’s intention to say that  probably Malek Abdullah of Jordan is the last King of Jordan, is that Malik Abdullah of Jordan is the last King of Jordan and he will be the first king of the new empire in the Middle East. And from now on, instead of the small country of Jordan, we will see a great empire with reigning by the current King Malik Abdullah II of Jordan!

  1. Jordanian television’s bizarre reaction after a 1-0 defeat by Jordan in the 2011 Asian Cup qualifier against Iran ,expresses the enmity and jealousy of the Jordanian king and his government towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this weird move, when the Jordanian national team kicked the ball into the Iranian goal, TV announcer said Allah Akbar loudly. Immediately after the game, images of the Iranian missile maneuver! It was shown on the first Jordanian television network and during that time, the question was raised whether Iran is only launching missile maneuvers for the sake of peaceful nuclear purposes. (5)

The Jordanians’ spite following the victory of the Jordan national football team over the Iranian national football team indicates the grudges and deep jealousy of the Jordan officials towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Jordanians’ spite following the victory of the Jordan national football team over the Iranian national football team indicates the grudges and deep jealousy of the Jordan officials towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This reaction expresses the enmity and jealousy of the Jordanian king and his government towards Shiites, especially Shiites in Iran; This hatred is so deep  that they used their victory in football as a pretext to express their hatred of Iran !!! This is another issue that reinforces the similarity of Malek Abdullah II of Jordan with the Sufyani of narrations. Because Sufyani in narrations also have a deep hatred for the Shiites of Khorasan (or Shiites in Iran).

  1. Last year, a former Jordanian official,insulted the Iranian leader. Following the remarks of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei among the Hajj Executive and Cultural Forum in 2009 about the necessity of preserving Islamic unity in the Hajj and ask Saudi officials refrain from insulting Shiites and their saints during the political- worship ceremony, former Jordanian Information Minister Saleh Khalab insulted Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

He said recent statements by Iran’s leader illustrate its plan and plot to disrupt this year’s Hajj. These statements are seductive,he claimed: We have information indicating that Iran plans to disrupt this year’s ceremony by sending Basij and Revolutionary Guards to the Hajj and make it a place to give a slogan against world arrogance. Iranians plan to make trouble this year’s Hajj!

Former Jordanian information minister that probably has no knowledge of Saudi Wahhabis insulting the Shiites In his stupid analysis, he said: While this year’s pilgrimage of Hajj is not begin,the Iranian leader ,in his recent speech, predicted that Saudi Arabia would insult Iranian pilgrims and other Shiites in this year. This prediction shows a plan for a plot! (6)

These insulting words and other offensive remarks by Jordanian leaders toward Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other officials in our country shows the severe hatred of the Jordanian authorities toward the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

6.Following the intensification of the battle between Houthi Resistance Forces in Yemen and government forces the king of Jordan dispatches some of his trained commandos to northern Yemen; by doing so, the Jordanian commandos along with the Saudi army and the Yemeni government forces fight against the Houthis. (7)


Due to the distance between Jordan and northern Yemen sending Jordanian Special Commando Forces to Yemen, illustrates the plot of the King of Jordan and his sinister plans for supremacy in the Middle East. In fact, it seems that the King of Jordan, imagine Al’Houthi Shiite uprising of Yemen Imagine as a promised Yemeni uprising and endeavored to prevent the taking of the power of Yemeni; Otherwise, there would be no other reason to trouble Jordan and bring it into the Yemeni conflict.

Of course, the author does not consider the Shiite Houthis to be the promised Yemenis,but he believes many countries in the region think the Houthi uprising is the promised Yemeni uprising and they have entered the war and Jordan, in particular, has gone to destroy the Houthis by dispatching its specialized commandos to northern Yemen.

7 – While studying the history of the Islamic Revolution, the author of this article has get an interesting point. The point is that during the time of Imam Khomeini’s presence in Nofel Lushato and near the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran ,Jordanian King Malik Hussein arrives at Paris airport demanding meeting with Imam Khomeini. The news came to Imam Khomeini and his companions announced it, but Imam rejected the request of the former King of Jordan and the King of Jordan was forced to return to his country disappointedly(8).

Imam Khomeini’s rejection of the former King of Jordan’s “Malik Hussein”.

The fact that Imam Khomeini (RH) despite accepting people like Bani Sadr, Yasser Arafat and… And giving them opportunities.he refused to accept the “Malik Hussein” of Jordan, Indicates that Imam saw profound malignancy in King Malik Hussein of Jordan.And Imam did not consider him worthy of a visit. Imam Khomeini’s deep and divine vision, of course, came to light 2 years later when “Saddam Hussein” the dictator of Iraq and the corrupt king of Jordan “Malik Hussein” together, they fired the first bullet of the imposed war ball on Iran! (9)

This shows that Imam Khomeini (s) had feel a deep sense of malignancy in Malik Hussein that even meeting him was inbearable. Now dear readers, consider the son of this evil creature who was also born of an English mother, how dangerous and criminal he can be and he will probably commit major crimes in the near future.

8.The interesting thing about Malik Abdullah is that his mother was an English and Christian woman and in this respect, it has a striking resemblance to Yazid bin Mu’awiyah. Nevertheless, just as Mu’awiyah married a woman from the tribe of Banu Kalb and the result of this marriage was Yazid (10), Malik Hussein of Jordan also married a daughter of Nasrani and English, and the result was Malik Abdullah (11).

By considering to this similarity and if Malik Abdullah is reconciled with the narrations and by considering the narrations it may be possible that the meaning of narratives by saying “Sufyani’s uncles” or “ Banu Kalb” help him out when Sufyani rises, refers to the British army accompanying the King of Jordan. In fact, besides the “Druze” tribes of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Israel Which are the same tribes of the former “Banu Kalb” (12), The British army may also come to his aid and accompany him if Malik Abdullah rises. If so, According to the narrations help of ” Druze ” and the “British” to Jordanian King Malik Abdullah would be coincident with supporting of “banu Kalb” or “Sufyani’s uncles”  to Sufyani. Because both “Druze” and “English” will be “Sufyani’s uncles”!

In fact, the “Druze” or former “Banu Kalb” both are regarded as “ Sufyani’s uncles” because of Yazid’s mother, or the possible ancestor of Malik Abdullah who is of this tribe and also British because mother of Malik Abdullah is Britisher and they may support him if he riots and invades the region.

Interestingly, as we mentioned in Part I of this article, in addition to the Kingdom of Jordan, Malik Abdullah also holds the position of Colonel and Commander of the Royal English Cavalry. (13) And if Jordan enters a regional war, it is unlikely that British forces in the region will rush to the aid of the British Royal Cavalry!

It is therefore important to consider the issue of possible UK support for King Abdullah if he attacks other countries, both legally and strategically.

9.While reading the internet, we come across some interesting images that may be interesting for respected website readers. These images show Malik Abdullah performing military training in the British Army:

Jordan’s King Malik Abdullah II during a military exercise in England.

Jordan’s King Malik Abdullah II during a military exercise in England.

Looking at the pictures above, you can see the depth of devotion of the Arab leaders in the Middle East!

10.As mentioned in the preceding section of the article, according to the narrations, He comes with a cross on his neck from Rome side: (14)

In the book “The Absence of Sheikh Tusi” by Hussein ibn Ghaleb,he narrates: (15):

Sufyani comes while being a Christian, with a cross on his neck, from Rome side. He is the head of the group.

We mentioned in the previous section of the article that most likely, “cross on the neck” means Western teaching. [16] But the author has reached to very surprising material from the Internet hat may also prove narrations which say Sufyani would come with a”cross on his neck”.

In the pictures below, respected readers of the website can see the accursed “Malik Fahd”, the former King of Saudi Arabia, nicknamed himself the servant of al-Harem al-Sharif! while he necked the Masonic cross: (17)

Masonic cross on the neck of “Malik Fahd” nicknamed as the servant of al-Harmin al-Sharifin!

Masonic cross on the neck of “Malik Fahd” nicknamed as the servant of al-Harmin al-Sharifin!

Given that Malik Fahd has a Masonic cross on his neck,it is unlikely that Jordan’s King  Malik Abdullah neck Masonic cross in case of attacking on other countries.if so, his resemblance to Sufyani of narratives will be greater than ever. Interestingly, Malik Abdullah’s father, Malik Hussein, and his ancestor, Sharif Hussein, were both members of the Order of the Bath Masonic group (18). And this Masonic group also has a special cross, pictured below: (19)

the Masonic Cross of the Order of the Bath group, which Malik Abdullah’ father “Malik Hussein” and his grandfather, “Sharif Hussein” were both members of it.

According to the material, although the evidence available on the Internet is insufficient to confirm that Jordan’s King “Malik Abdullah” is a member of any Masonic groups, but according to the history of the presence of most members of the Jordanian royal family in Masonic groups and  living for a long time in Western country it is unlikely that he would not be a member of these groups and if he attack other countries, neck the Masonic Cross of the Order of the Bath! he will be more like to Sufyani of narrations more than ever.

11.In the original article presented to readers of the website, mentioned that the Jordanian army flag,the colour of the flag is “Red” and this is another point that matches Jordan’s King “Malik Abdullah” with Sufyani. Following more researches, we found that besides the red flag of the country’s “army”, the flag of the country’s Armed Forces General Staff, which includes the Navy, Air Force, Special Forces and Civil Defense, is also red (20):

Jordanian Army Red Flag.

Red flag of the Joint Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Jordanian Army Red Flag.

Also the promotional video below, while showing a part of the increasing military capabilities and readiness of the Jordanian Army, it also depicts the “red” flag of the army:

So as you considered, the red flag of the Jordanian army is another factor that makes Malik Abdullah King of Jordan more similar to Sufyani of narratives.

  1. In recent months, a number of website readers have been suspicious of the relationship between Jordanian King Malik Abdullah and Sufyani. They point out that which is not right to address it, and the author of this article, though he awares of it, but because of its uncertainty he prefers not to proceed it.

In fact, the issue is that the birth of Jordan’s king  “Malik Abdullah” is suspected by some scholars.Indeed, in addition to the role of Western colonialists, and especially the British Masonic government, in the birth king of the Jordanian-English King Malik Abdullah II is clearly seen, but her mother’s gestational age at birth is even more meraveluos. According to official sources, Malik Abdullah II’s father, Malik Hussein, and his mother, Antonite April Gardner, who was the daughter of an English officer, meet eachother in 1962 following Malik Hussein’s visit of the location of the movie “Lawrence of Saudi Arabia” . This meeting led to their marriage within a short distance (21).

But the interesting thing is that Jordan’s King Malik Hussein’s marriage to Antonite April Gardner took place on May 25, 1961, (22) but their son, Malik Abdullah, was born on January 30, 1962. 23. Considering the distance between the marriage of Malik Hussein and the Antonite April Gardner to Malik Abdullah’s birth on January 30, 1962, we will see that this distance is about 245 days or 8 months. This sounds a bit weird! Because this can only happen in the following three cases:

  • Malik Abdullah is born premature or 8 months old: In this case, he may have been premature or weak. However, many children at this age are also quite normal.
  • ……………!!!!!! You’ve probably guessed the second chance! In this case, maybe “Malik Abdullah” was in his mother’s womb before his parents’ marriage? !!! If this is true, his birth is similar to the accursed Yazid’s birth. Because Yazid’s father, Mu’awiyah, and his mother, who belonged to the Nasrani tribe of Bani Kalb, were related before marriage and their inaccurate relationship led to the illegitimate criminal and corrupt child named Yazid (24). Some other online sources, however, have a similar view on Jordan’s King Malik Abdullah II. For example, Persian Wikipedia has already mentioned this issue, although it has now removed it.
  • It is possible that the marriage contract between Malek Hussein and Antonyte April Gardner may have been concluded shortly before marriage. However, at least at the time because of the April Antony Gardner Christianity, this seems a little unlikely. By considering many possibilities that exist in this regard, it cannot be overemphasized and be sure of that. So we ask our dear readers that do not speak much about this from now on.
  1. At the beginning of Jordan’s King Malik Abdullah’s reigning, he cited Iran as the only source of instability in the region. This issue was met with a good response from the Iranian authorities. And following to that respond and Referring to the close relationship between King Malik Hussein and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, our dear officials of country announced that the Shah and his friends have returned to politics (25).

The remarks made by Malik Abdullah at the beginning of the monarchy indicate the extrem hatred of the Jordanian dynasty toward the Iranians.

According to the above lines,you get that Since writing the original article ” The King of Jordan From Another view”, numerous events have taken place that increasingly show the resemblance of King Jordan to Sufyani of narrations. But as mentioned, these similarities are not definitive and they should not be taken for granted. And set a time for the appearance of the twelfth Imam. Because it is not yet clear whether the analyzes that performed are correct and Jordan’s King “Malik Abdullah” is really Sufyani. If he is Sufyani and given his middle age, it is unclear when he will riot. Therefore, we urge the respected readers of the website to avoid any excesses in this regard because this may have serious consequences. The purpose of this article, rather than introducing Sufyani, is to warn dear officials and people of Islamic Iran and other Shiites around the world to strengthen their strategic vision about the countries of the region. And in this way take advantage of the apocalyptic narratives in the Shiite books and thus prevent further damage at the time of the cursed Sufyani’s riots.

In the end, we ask God Almighty to grant the Muslims health, patience, expecting and insight.

Hoping for the coming Messenger, Mehdi Sahib al-Zaman (AS).

By: Khadem Ol-Imam



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