Yoga: Devil Worship


In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Yoga: Devil Worship

In the articles “Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse” and “The World Under the Antichrist: Iran, the Island of Hope”, we briefly discussed “Yoga” and many theosophical sports, and emerging mystics with “Evil Freemasonry” or ” The possible antichrist of the apocalypse was mentioned. This article attempts to summarize, in a very brief and concise way, some evidence of the relationship between “yoga” and “world Freemasonry” and on the role of “evil Freemasonry” in the dissemination of theosophical sports such as Yoga. Emphasizes around the world.

It is unfortunate to say that this seemingly obscene and inappropriate mystical sport has become increasingly popular in recent years in Iran and many books have been written about the benefits and benefits of yoga, while our religious and Islamic books In our country are scarce and scarce!

But what is Yoga?

If asked by Yoga fans, they will say that the greatness of Yoga does not fit into the rhetoric!!! Of course, if we exclude these exaggerations and magnifications, we should say that according to the proponents of yoga, “yoga” is a set of “physical” and “mental” meditations, exercises, and exercises that are used to elevate the body and soul. These teachings include the seven elements of “Asana” (stretching), “Bands: Bandha”, “Chakra” (hidden psycho-energetic centers), “Mantra” (sound or Vibrations), “Mudra”, “Nadi”, “Prana” (vital energy), these teachings are rooted in atheistic ancient schools.

What has been emphasized today in yoga among different societies, especially in the western countries, is mostly in the areas of “asana: stretching exercises”, “mudra: energetic states”, “chakra: psycho-energetic centers”. The “hidden object” and “mantra: sound or vibrations of energy” are these components of yoga, more than any other component of the world, and have been widely publicized around them.

Of course, in addition to the aforementioned components, through the establishment of yoga classes, other yoga components are taught to the eager to learn this theosophical exercise, and even yoga and philosophy of Hindu and Buddhist mysticism are taught to learners.

Yoga has gained worldwide fame today, and has gained countless fans around the world. Unfortunately, our country is no exception, and in recent years, we have seen a growing number of yoga classes across the country, with the thumbs up that at least a few hundred thousand people across the country can learn and then use them. They have practiced yoga teachings.

During these classes, as well as practicing yoga exercises (asana), other yoga-related teachings, including Hindu and Buddhist mysticism, will also be taught to learners, so that they can enhance their spirit and body by referring to the mentioned mystics.

The prevalence of many Yoga teachings in Iran and elsewhere in the world

In this article, we do not intend to scrutinize the philosophy of non-divine and material mystics such as Buddhist and Hindu mystics, as well as theosophical sports such as Yoga, and thus question the non-divine mysticism, as there is so much to date. Many scholars have commented on this.

In the present article, we attempt to document the relationship of Yoga with Satanism with the help of the evidence of the possible “Antichrist of the Apocalypse”, the “Global Freemasonry” in the international dissemination and promotion of these “devious and evil teachings”. Apparently mystical, let’s unveil.

But what does yoga have to do with worshiping Satan?

According to Yoga fans, Shiva is the goddess of yoga, and for this reason the Hindu goddess Shiva is mainly portrayed during yoga meditation:

Shiva is the goddess of the teachings of Yoga.

Shiva is the goddess of the teachings of Yoga.

Interestingly, many of the written sources of Yoga have described the philosophy of “Yoga Teachings” as “worship of Shiva”:

Yoga is the “worship of Shiva”, the ancient Hindu god.

As mentioned, unfortunately, Yoga is a Shiva worship ritual of the ancient Hindu gods organized in the form of orders, sacrifices, special physical conditions, special exercises and forums.

But it is disturbing to know that “Shiva” is the symbol of “Satan” in Hinduism! A look at the Satanic Reference book, The Satanic Bible: The Satanic Bible can help to substantiate this claim. In this book, Anton Szandor Lavey, author of the book and former leader of the world Satanist, discusses “Infernal Names: The Infernal Names”, the name “Shiva”, the Hindu goddess and “Kali: Kali” the daughter of Shiva. And he mentions another Hindu goddess along with other names such as “Satan”, “Lilith”, “Ishtar”, “Seth” and other evil names:

Shiva and her daughter Kali, two Indian goddesses, are among the devilish names in the book The Satanic Bible: The Satanic Bible.

Shiva and her daughter Kali, two Indian goddesses, are among the devilish names in the book The Satanic Bible: The Satanic Bible.

Yes, dear! You guessed right! What is promoted and promoted by the name of Yoga as an exhilarating and spiritual exercise is nothing but the exhortations, the doctrines, the modalities and the prayers that are being performed to worship the evil god of the ancient Hindu Shiva. Yoga learners teach in their classes the vital energy of their particular bodybuilding! To seek the evil goddess Shiva.

However, most yoga learners are unaware of the issues behind this theosophical sport and have a big hat on their head and do not know that what they are doing to seek peace is nothing more than devil worship (with its Indian flavor!)!

This is not the end. Rather, there is compelling evidence that most yoga leaders have grown up in temples of evil gods or have been members of the “World Freemasonry” evil organization without a doubt. In this section of the article, we will mention three of these famous leaders:


Rama Krishna is one of the most famous figures in modern Hinduism and one of the most influential and famous leaders of Yoga in the modern age. He is a well-known figure in Hinduism, and in addition to practicing yoga, he trained prominent disciples such as Narendranath Dutta or Swami Vivacananda who spread the teachings of yoga outside India and gave it a global face.

Rama Krishna is one of the most popular yoga leaders and has been very popular in India. Born in 1836 in West Bengal, India, he passed away in 1886 and spent 50 years of his life working to revitalize Hinduism and promote yoga. Rama Krishna’s 50-year life has been boisterous and there have been many incidents in his life, but we avoid touching on these trivial details in order to avoid being surrounded by words.

What is at stake in this article, however, is that Rama Krishna has had a significant impact on reviving Hinduism and promoting its components such as yoga and, on the other hand, by empowering prominent disciples such as Swami Vivacananda. The worldwide release of Yoga has come in recent centuries:


Pictures of Rama Krishna, a famous leader in Hinduism and Yoga teachings in recent centuries. (It should be noted that the author of the article seems to have seen the “horned hand” sign in the middle image of “Rama Krishna”; however, the meaning of this sign and the purpose of Rama Krishna cannot be commented on.


Rama Krishnaone of the famous leaders of Hinduism and Yoga teachings in recent centuries.

But it is interesting to know that Rama Krishna was raised in the Hindu goddess Kali’s temple and was highly devoted to Kali, to the extent that some scholars have called her “son of Kali”:

Rama Krishna’s great interest and belief in the Hindu goddess Kali.

“Kali’s Child” – a nickname given by some scholars to Rama Krishna. This nickname was given to him by Ramakrishna’s great interest in Kali.

Dear readers, they are probably familiar with the name “Kali”, yes dear ones! Kali, which in some Hindu legends as Shiva’s daughter and in others as Shiva’s wife, is another embodiment of Satan in Hinduism! Interestingly, Anton Szandor Lavey, author of “The Satanic Bible: Satan’s Gospel” and a former leader of the world Satanist, in his book “The Infernal Names” in his book “Shiva: Shiva” by the Hindu Goddess and Kali mentions Shiva’s daughter Shiva and other Hindu goddesses along with other names such as “Satan”, “Lilith”, “Ishtar”, “Seth” and other evil names:

Shiva and her daughter Kali, two Indian goddesses, are among the devilish names in the book The Satanic Bible: The Satanic Bible.

Shiva and her daughter Kali, two Indian goddesses, are among the devilish names in the book The Satanic Bible: The Satanic Bible.

“Kali” the Devil’s Hindu Goddess and the “Devil” Incarnation in Hinduism.

Considering the above, we find that Rama Krishna, the popular leader of many yoga practitioners known for their austerity and asceticism, worshiped the Hindu incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali, calling herself a “child”. Callie, or better known as “the child of the devil,” was proud of her nickname!

Swami Vivkananda (Narendranath Dutta)

Swami Vyokanda has been one of the leaders of the Indian Independence Movement. Of course, his fame is not limited to this. Rather, he is one of the famous figures and pioneers of “Vedanta” and “Yoga” in recent centuries! He was a disciple of Rama Krishna, who gave Yoga a worldwide fame, bringing the mysterious and theosophical sport to Europe and America and introducing it to the people of these lands. It may be bold to say that no one, like Swami Vivacananda, has played a role in the worldwide release of Yoga, and if he had not, the Yoga Rite would have been confined to Hindu temples and would not have reached Europe, America, and the rest of the world. For this reason, he has a great right over Yoga, and the universal acceptance of Yoga in the present century is owed to his lectures, travels, and endeavors:

Swami Vivkananda (Narendranath Dutta), a pioneer of yoga in recent centuries, and a leader of the so-called Indian independence movement.

But it is interesting to know that this prominent disciple of Rama Krishna, Swami Vywakanda, one of the leaders of the Indian Revolution and a pioneer of Yoga in the new ages, was a famous Freemason and there is no doubt about his membership in the Masonic Legions!!! There is no doubt about Swami Vivacananda’s membership in the evil Freemasonry group, and numerous sources have cited his membership in this atheist group:

Evidence of the membership of Swami Vywakanda (Narendranath Dutta), a pioneer of Yoga, and the so-called revolutionary figure of the “Indian Independence Movement” in the evil Freemasonry.

Evidence of the membership of Swami Vywakanda (Narendranath Dutta), a pioneer of Yoga, and the so-called revolutionary figure of the “Indian Independence Movement” in the evil Freemasonry.

An important point to be drawn from the above information is that it is important that emerging mystics and theosophical sports such as Yoga, which are internationally renowned and promoted by evil Masonic devices, have a very important and serious connection with Freemasonry. They have a world, and the leaders of these movements are mainly members of the evil Freemasonry.

Bhagwan Shri Rajnesh (Osho)

Bahagwan Shri Rajnish (Oshu) has been one of the most famous figures in emerging Indian mysticism and has attracted many fans around the world. During his 59 years of life, he traveled to various regions and gained countless fans in India and elsewhere. Osho’s supporters recognize him as a free mystic and philosopher who has given freedom to his followers and saved them from captivity.


Oshu is one of the famous faces of the emerging mystics.

Another important point to note is that Osho is proficient in yoga and has even written a book titled “Secrets of Yoga” and is therefore one of the leaders in the teachings of Yoga.

The book “Yoga Secrets” by Osho

But this famous and popular figure of Yoga and this so-called mystical leader of India, in the midst of his evil teachings, has invoked humiliation, looseness and corruption in a way that his emphasis was on sexual freedom and humility. He has been nicknamed the “priest and sex leader”:

Described by the title of “priest and sex leader” to Osho, the so-called Indian mystic philosopher and prominent figure of Yoga.

Described by the title of “priest and sex leader” to Osho, the so-called Indian mystic philosopher and prominent figure of Yoga.

Osho’s followers, of course, were not just interested in his books and teachings, and began to establish places called Osho Park, where boys and girls of Osho, without any supervision or restraint, came into contact with each other and They follow the devious teachings of ‘Osho’ sex rituals.

As you have noted, some of the most popular and popular figures of Yoga, such as Oshu, were corrupt and corrupt individuals who promoted rape and illicit sexual relations.

According to the foregoing, we find that not only the teachings of Yoga are evil teachings, and the practitioners of it, willingly or unwillingly, worship the devil incarnate in Hinduism (Shiva), but also the leaders and celebrities of this The teachings were either devilish (as were Rama Krishna’s followers of Cali), or were Freemasons (such as Swami Vivacananda), or were corrupt and corrupt (such as Osho).

In spite of all this, unfortunately in recent decades, the popularity of Yoga has spread and these teachings have gained popularity throughout the world, including in Iran. Unfortunately, due to the ignorance of the cultural authorities and the hostile insults, “Yoga Teachings” has been published in Iran and has attracted many people’s attention. It’s not just limited to yoga classes, and so far, there is even a monthly magazine called “Knowledge of Yoga.” But unfortunately, the magazine does not only refer to the teaching of yoga, physical posture, and yoga, but also to the “yoga myths” such as Shiva, which is the “embodiment of Satan in Hinduism,” as well. The teachings of corrupt and perverse people such as Oshu as mystical teachings are given to readers. For example, some of the headlines in the magazine’s articles include “Dance of Shiva Manifestation of Mysticism”, “Siri in the Life of Rama Krishna!”, “Osho Breathing and Awareness of Yoga!” And “Lessons from Osho!”

Of course, the magazine’s articles seem to suggest that the magazine’s editors may not be aware of the pervasiveness of the worldwide publication of Yoga and the corruption and perversion of the Yoga elders, but the problem is self-evident.

Needless to say, the flood of propaganda around Yoga is not limited to the above example, but today’s bookstores are full of books that praise Yoga and the mystical Hindu and Buddhist mysticism of Hindu and Buddhist myths. Introducing readers to the twists and turns while leading the Islamic world in drama, at the most popular bookstores and book markets in Iran, including Islamic Revolutionary Square Bookstores in Tehran, Tehran International Book Fair, and more. Mahdism and Islamic teachings are ignored!

Unfortunately, the work has gone so far that even in the nation’s most widely circulated newspapers, books written about yoga are being promoted, and, unfortunately, the book “Conquer the Inner Nature” written by Freemason Swami Vivacananda Also praised:

Praise and Appreciation of the Book of Conquering the Inner Nature on Yoga Written by Swami Vivacananda, the author of the Indian Freemason by one of the nation’s most widely circulated newspapers. (Unfortunately, the author of the above article has not even bothered to do a little research on Swami Vivacananda to know that Vivacananda has a male, not a female sex! In fact, the author of the above story was fooled by the appearance of the name Swami Vivacananda and she thinks she’s a lady!)

According to the material mentioned in this article, we find that the promotion and dissemination of Yoga, Indian, Oriental, and other mystics in recent years in Iran and around the world have been the result of a delicate and calculated conspiracy by the evil Freemasonry organizations. And the companions of the devil, so that they can impart evil evidences in the form of mysticism, spirituality, and retreat to various societies, thereby preventing the spread of divine and Islamic spirituality, and on the other, worshiping the devil (Shiva; May the Hindu God promote yoga and Satan’s incarnation in Hinduism in the form of teachings such as yoga and so on. Unfortunately, many people around the world are unaware of the evil nature of Yoga and other emerging mysticism and teachings, and they inadvertently follow the same evil desires and demonic companions.

Of course, the author of this article is not opposed to sports, stretching and stretching movements, but he believes that while these exercises can be performed without resorting to the evil doctrines of Shiva worship in Hinduism, why should these movements be performed with the devotees? And emphasized the specific physical condition of Yoga. However, we know that there are gymnastics similar to the above mentioned exercises.

Unfortunately, in the present age of apocalypse, many deviant groups in the world are working to gradually divert people away from divine teachings, such as “yoga” and “emerging, eastern and western mystics” and to obey people. And worship the devil. At this critical juncture of history as the world prepares itself momentarily for its divine savior, one must first watch the movements of the devil’s companions and the potential antichrist of the apocalypse rather than in various cultural, political, Social and … These devil’s companions want to take root in the roots of the Islamic countries, and especially the emerging country, Islamic Iran. This calls for the special attention of our country’s authorities and the wisdom of the discerning people of Iran and the rest of the Muslim world in order to resist these widespread and pervasive attacks of the enemy.

May God lead us through salvation.

By: the servant of Imam October 2010



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