Which one of the global Freemasonary`s members would be in the power of America?



In the name of God

Despite style of previous articles of the blog that mostly were related to the evidences of the Rise, we are going to mention important points concerning the US presidential elections and its current controversies. It is required to mention that this article has close relationship with the article “the Freemasonary: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse”, therefore, if there is problem somewhere in perception of this article, you can refer the article “the Freemasonary: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse” in order to have better understanding (1).

By ending the presidential period of George W. Bush, which was actually the political leader of the global freemasonary during his presidency, and achieved great successfulness in pushing the global Freemasonary, it seems that the Freemasonary, misleadingly, wants to deceit the world under democracy`s cover to dictate its dictatorial power to the US and the world.

Unfortunately, the media of the Islamic countries and also our Islamic country are deceived by the western media to show the US elections as free democratic elections full of competition and rivalry.

While it is not true, and most probably, the next president of the US has been selected by the global Freemasonary, and American media only show the atmosphere of the US elections full of free competition and rivalry just in order to deceive people and the elites.

In other word, the victory of any of candidates would be a victory for the Freemasonary since there are evidences of relationship of the three raised presidential candidates of the US with the Freemasonary`s secret organization.

In order to Transparent the subject, relationships of the three candidates with The Freemasonary`s secret organization are described as below:

1- Hillary Clinton: Although Mrs. Hillary Clinton is not a member of Freemasonary due to her gender (the Freemasonary does not have female members) (2). She is a member of other secret groups like “Illuminati” and “Secret Society” (3).


To prove the claim, there are mentionable evidences that they use the Freemasons` symbols on their cloths and other indications of their life. For Example, she uses a phoenix brooch resembles shape of the Masonic sign in some of her speeches. The following photo shows one of them (4):

The photo of phoenix on the chest of Secretary Hillary Clinton when she speeches at the UN.

Be aware that the phoenix in the western societies is a secret Masonic symbol. In the other hand, using a rough phoenix brooch as an ornament by a woman is strange.

In the other hand, do not forget that she is the spouse of president Bill Clinton, a reputable Freemason that his membership as a Mason in the Freemasonary was argued and debated within the article “the Freemasonary: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse” (5).

Through the following letter written to the leaders of three countries on behalf of a Masonic organization it is considerable that Bill Clinton and Isaq Robin and Hussein the King of Jordan were mentioned as the Masons of peace. The following picture shows this letter (6):

Text of the letter that has been sent to Isaq Robin, the former prime Minister of Israel on behalf of an Israeli Masonic organization, they were appreciated, and also they, Bill Clinton, Isaq Robin and Hussein the king of Jordan have been titled as the Masons of peace.

Therefore, Mrs. Hillary Clinton who is supported greatly by her Masonic spouse in the elections, has close relationships with Masonic and secret groups. These groups backed her. If she wins the elections as the president of the US, the actual winner is the global Masonic organization.

To mention a critical point: when writing this article, we discovered that the Democrat candid Hillary Clinton which is nominated for the presidential elections of the US, moreover having relationship with “Illuminati groups”, she has a strong tie with “Bilderberg” (7). It is clear for most of researchers that “Bilderberg” is a secret Masonic group, even in this regards, a group of Turkish researchers, in details, argued and debated documentarily. It is a secret strong Masonic group (8). This group has control of a large quantity of economic and media activities in the world, and some of reputable people of economy and politicians like Nelson Rackefeller, David Rackefeller, Henry Kissinger are its critical members (9).

Bilderberg and its strong relationship with the Masonary

Of course this group has no title of Masonary, therefore, all of its members are not male, but this group like the Masonic group “Skull & Bones” and the group “Blavatsky” and other secret groups has a small quantity of female members (10). Hillary Clinton has a strong close relationship with “Bilderberg”, and even, she has been presented at some of their summit since 2006 (11).

The last summit she has presented at was in June/2008 accompanied with Obama (12).

The presence of Obama and Hillary Clinton jointly at the meeting of the Masonic Bilderberg Group in 2008

The presence of Obama and Hillary Clinton jointly at the meeting of the Masonic Bilderberg Group in 2008

It is interesting that Obama`s campaign confirms their attending at the above mentioned session, which proves validity of the news in this regards (13).

Confirmation of the above mentioned news concerning attendance of Obama and Hillary Clinton at the “Bilderberg`s Summit” in 2008

So, as considered, Hillary Clinton has strong ties with “the secret Masonic Bilderberg Group” that proves the Masonic Groups support of her.

2- Barack Obama: This candidate of the presidential elections of the US as considered as one of the winning Aces of the global Freemasonary organization is going to achieve remarkable successes for His Masonic Allies. The reason that causes this article writer to claim that Obama is the Masonic Winning Ace of the elections is that he has deceived Americans and the people of the world, even Muslims shockingly.

The story is that the global Freemasonary organization has raised its precious member under the slogans of antiracism and removing importance of the skin color and peacemaking.

Unfortunately, in Islamic countries some experts made wrong debates. In fact, the atmosphere of these countries is such that because of being black skin of Obama, the oppression of black people in the US, being democrat and because of being Muslim father of his (14) and ………, the victory of Obama is people`s wish (15).

Unfortunately, in our country the media have also been involved in such debates, and sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, they support such debates and reasons indirectly (16).

But, the truth is opposite experts` opinions because Obama is one of the key parts of the global Fressmasonary organization so that there are some evidences that he is a Mason. However, such information need to be more processed and more investigations.

In the other hand, the most important supporters of Obama are the Masons and the Masonic Groups. As through Obama`s campaign, the Masons have formed a particular group to support him, and even, by advertisements through internet, they call other Masons to support him since they consider that Obama`s performance meets their Masonic goals and interests. The following picture taken in one of Obams` campaigns shows that how much the Masons wish Obama`s victory (17).

Serious support of the Masons for Obama in the 2008 election campaign in the US.

Therefore, if Obama wins the election the actual victory would be for the global Freemasonary since by electing Obama they are able to appoint a Mason president for America, moreover deceiving Public opinions under eliminating racism.

It is necessary to mention a point about fans of Obama in Islamic countries. Muslim brothers have forgotten that black-skin of Obama is not a reason to prove his oppression merely, because black-skin Condoleezza Rice which is the foreign secretary of the US is very cruel, savage and bloodthirsty.

Therefore, being black-skin Obama and/or being Muslim the father of his in Islamic countries as an appropriate factor is not acceptable since if he believes in Islam he must not change his religion, and must not become a Mason.

When writing this article, and by surfing web pages, there was found an interesting thing about Obama. The point is that Obama and Hillary Clinton attended at the Summit of Masonic group of “Bilderberg” in June/2008 (18). The news of presence of Obama distributed in internet promptly, but Obama`s elections campaign did not deny his presence at the “Bilderberg Summit” which is interesting in its kind (19).

There is no news concerning debates and negotiations within the summit, and the attendees refused to answer the press reporters.

There is some news in this regards as follow (20):

Presence of Obama and Hillary Clinton together in the Masonic Summit of Bilderberg group in 2008

Not denied presence of Obama and Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Bilderberg Summit by Obama`s office.

Because of that presence, it is simply understandable that Obama is also a member of the Secret Organization of Masonary, and his relationship with “Bilderberg” before The presidential election indicates his deep ties with this strong Masonic group. However, Obama`s membership in the Freemasonary is reasonable since despite made announcement in foreign media, and even in Iranian media, Obama announced his Zionist stances during his speech in the Masonic – Zionist of Ipac, and he explained the foreign policy of the US in supporting Israel against Iran (21).

3- John McCain:

John McCain is the only candidate of the Republicans in the presidential election in 2008.

Although John McCain has been faced many difficulties for winning the elections because of Iraq and Afghanistan wars, he has been raised as one of the Masonary`s parts under cover of the Republicans on behalf of the global Freemasonary organization to deceive Americans, and to claim democracy in the US in order to include other Americans` will.

John McCain is introduced as a hard religious and a radical Christian (22) while originally, he is different.

Although John McCain introduces himself as a fan of Rod Parsley and Jerry Fallwel (the two Evanjelical leaders) (23), and apparently, he calls to support Bush`s war campaign for the preparation of Christ Return. Originally, he is not a faithful Christian. Since Evangelicalism is a false religion it is a Masonic way to influence Christians religion. We have discussed this subject in details by presenting witnesses and documents within the article “the Freemasonary: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse-2” (24).

John McCain beside Jerry Fallwel (a reputable Evangelical leader)

In the following Pictures, John McCain because of his garment is seen like a Zionist in Jerusalem (25).

John McCain in the monument of “Yad Yashem” in Jerusalem. Esrael state has built this monument to commemorate the massacre of Holocaust.

McCain in Jerusalem next to the Nodbeh Wall

As we mentioned, Evangelicals and their leaders have close relations with Masons so that moreover their weird rules like freedom of homosexuality of priests (26), which is in conflict with all Divine religions, there are more witnesses of the relationship between this group and the Freemasonary.

For example, Jerry Fallwel has stated the following speeches about the Masons, and has praised them, and even, he has described their behavior as Jesus-like (27).

Mentioned speeches are seen as below (28):

The Jerry Fallwel`s speeches, one of the Evangelism Leaders, in praising the Masonary

It is necessary to mention that the leaders of this group are mostly in relation with the Freemasonary closely, but it seems that ordinary people, and even children who are the follower of Evangelism are deceived. People think that they are preparing for Jesus Return while they do not know that their leaders use their potentials for Freemasonarys` goals misleadingly for building Soleiman Mosque (instead of Aghsa Mosque) (29).

But the important point that shoots the bullet to John McCain, and proves his relationship with the Freemasonary is his membership in one of the Masonic groups under the name “Bilderberg Friends”. This group is one of the major allies of the secret Masonic group of “Bilderberg” (30). The following pictures show the witnesses (31).

The witnesses of John McCain`s membership in the Masonic Bilderberg group.

The witnesses of John McCain`s membership in the Masonic Bilderberg group.

Therefore, there is no doubt that because of John McCain membership in the group “Bilderbergs`Friends” he is a Mason.

As you considered, the three Candidates of the US elections in 2008 have strong relationship with the Freemasonary, so that they have relationship with a reputable Masonic group “Bilderberg”, which are supported by the Group. This is interesting because not only they are tied with the Freemasonary but all of them are linked with “Bilderberg” strongly.

In 2004, a same event has taken place since George Bush and John Carry despite apparent conflicts during the elections, in fact, they were allied to each other, and both of them were members of the secret Masonic group “Skull & Bones”, and they were the same as each other (32). To have more witnesses, refer the article “the Freemasonary: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse-2” and its sources.

Therefore, as considered, unlike competitive and conflicting appearance of the US elections the three candidates are allied, and are closely linked to the Secret Masonic Group “Bilderberg”.

Thus, electing each one of the three candidates as the president of the US is counted as victory of the global organization of Freemasonary.

Unfortunately, the global organization of Freemasonary which is probably “The Antichrist of the Apocalypse”, influences Americans and other people in the world deceitfully. People believe that the elections in the US are competitive. The People hope that a better president is elected in the future while the three candidates are the same as each other, and all of them are the parts of the global Freemasonary.

Unfortunately, our media in Iran also are involved in this process, and are influenced by the Masonic Media. They think that the elections in the US is hot and competitive. Even, our media`s opinions are interested in Obama situation while there are no differences among the three candidates, and victory of Obama is for the Freemasonary.

But mentioning a question is very important that what is the reason of their connection to “Bilderberg”?

Despite the previous elections (in 2004), that both of the candidates were from the Masonic group “Skull & Bones”, and their war-making policy was assigned to control oil resources to reach their Apocalyptic goals (33), currently it seems that the global organization of Freemasonary has appointed the group “Bilderberg” as its representative to control the US government due to the strength of the group “Bilderberg” which is very strong, and also due to its media and economic capability (34). It has strong and plutocratic people like David Rockefeller, Nelson Rackefeller and Henry Kissinger (35) who will try to save dying the economy of the US (36).

Thus, the global organization of Freemasonary has decided to improve the economy of the strongest Masonic country in the world by its economics power. By the help of God, this trick of “The Antichrist of the Apocalypse” would be defeated God willingly.

Finally, we ask dear blog readers, kindly, to study about the relationships of the candidates of the presidential elections of the US with the Masonic groups, and be aware of the claims of the western media.

Since the elections of the US has not been run yet, we kindly ask you dears to distribute this article, and announce deception of the global Freemasonary to all Muslims in the world, and defeat the trick of “the Antichrist of the Apocalypse”.

At the end, we ask God Almighty to grant the Muslims dignity and to remove the evil of the Antichrist of the apocalypse in supplication. God willing

Hoping for the Rise of Messenger, Imam Mahdi Sahebol-Zaman.

Prepared by: The servant of Imam Mahdi (God Hurry)

With assistance of: The female servant of Alzahra (Peace be upon her)



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