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Hypothesis of Evolution- Forbidden Area!!!- 1



Science and knowledge is one of the brightest points in human life history, because one of the superiority of man over other living things is science and knowledge. Science with all its complexities and subtleties, whenever being innocent in collusion and deviation, as compass (showing the Kibla), shows the great creator of being; but whenever the greeds of lustful, the bullying, and the secularists have tarnished and manipulated the innocenceof science, it is in opposition to religion.

In previous papers on the alvadossadegh website and in titles such as al-Hadid and the Miracle of Iron, the Lifetime and Youth of Prophet al-Mahdi, a Science-Based Reality, not a Myth!, The Surah of Noor and the Miracle in Epidemiology, The Surah of Nisa and the Miracle in Pathology, The Surahs of Baqarah and Luqman and the Miracle of the Breast Milk. And in the final part of the paper of Freemasonry of the Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (Surah of Rome Survey and Miracle of the Lowest Land of the Universe), the dear audience of the website have become acquainted with some of the great miracles of the Holy Quran and have observed that whenever science have reached to the proper results and conclusions, and they are immune from misstatement and distortion, it expresses the the unmatched creator of boundless greatness and knowledge.

In the meantime, one of the cases that has been used as a propaganda against religion is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, as a scientific theory with the involvement, abuse, and secrecy of the ostentatious and the seemingly scientist. Of course, the phrase of of hypothesis of evolution more appropriate.

The alvadossadegh website has started a scientific study of this issue about three years ago, and has always been an opportunity to explore, critique, point out weaknesses and flaws in the hypothesis of evolution, but a serious effort to begin this discussion was created in April and May of 2011. Unfortunately, due to the internal problems among the active Mahdavi groups, the first of which was the issue of The Emerging Publishers and then The Deviation of Abdullah Hashim and finally film made by the radepaclip brothers, this issue was delayed until February 2011. For the past 10 months, the compilation of compulsory papers such as Mahdviyon and Great Exams!, The Deviation of Abdullah Hashim, a Muslim filmmaker! And Double-lost game! investigating the problems between Mahdavi’s like-minded associate and groups, these delayed the time to address the hypothesis of evolution for website administrator, delying the opening a new scientific front by February of this year. However, after a few months of delay, thanks to God Almighty, from this date on, we will criticize the hypothesis of evolution.

It is worth noting that over the last few years, numerous attempts have been made to criticize the hypothesis of evolution and various scholars have criticized this hypothesis. People like, honorable and prominent Turkish scholar Adnan Oktar (1) and Jewish author, Ben Stein (2) abroad, and Iranian scholar, Hassan Abbasi and some domestic blogs, have dealt with this issue sporadically.

Regrettably, the documentary film of Expelled (3) made by Nathan Frankowski and written and directed by Ben Stein (4) is a highly suspicious and dangerous film. It is in the interests of the Jews and Freemasons that this issue will be briefly mentioned.

The content of Mr. Hassan Abbasi’s speeches has been mainly aimed at expressing the aims behind the publication of theory of evolution and Darwinism and the weaknesses of this hypothesis and the serious questions and ambiguities surrounding it have not been addressed (In many cases, the phrase of evolution and Darwinism hypothesis are used interchangeably, although the hypothesis of evolution often deals with the science aspect of this hypothesis, and Darwinism mainly refers to the religious, political, and social aspects and consequences and cultural acceptance of this hypothesis).

In the meantime, Adnan Oktar has been far more effective and coherent than the rest of the scholars, and considering the collaboration of a scientific team with him and the publication of related books, papers and films, he has largely explored and addressed various aspects of the problem of the hypothesis of evolution. In some cases, the appropriate scientific suspicions have been put into the hypothesis of evolution by the scientific research team working with Aaron Yahya. However, many of the scientific weaknesses of this hypothesis appear to have been overlooked, and the necessity of scientifically examining the weaknesses of this hypothesis is strongly felt.

With the help of God Almighty, this paper aims to take a new step in the scientific study of the hypothesis of evolution and to analyze the less discussed points of this hypothesis. Of course, instead of the term of paper, it is better to use the term paper series; because the material in question is very detailed and long, and if you submit each piece of paper for two or three weeks once again, it seems that submission of all parts of the paper will take at least 2 years!

Of course, we will try to raise this series of papers as relevant papers, but relatively independent, so that dear website audiences can read the rest of the series without major problems if they have not read the previous sections (Especially given the different time conditions, we are likely to state other compilation papers with different topics different among the parts of this series of papers). We will also try to use the simplest terms and the most intelligible scientific terms in order to make the public use of this series of papers.

It should be noted that the purpose of this paper is not to completely reject the hypothesis of evolution and its related views, but rather to attempt to return this hypothesis to the position it deserves. Because the author of this paper argues that the hypothesis of evolution is not as a robust, solid, and perfect theory, but as a conventional, complex and ambiguous scientific hypothesis in the biological sciences.

In other words, this series of papers does not attempt to launch the famous Creationism vs. Evolutionism claim, as the author of this paper believes that the rags to riches of the hypothesis of evolution and returning it the hypothesis of evolution to its true position as a biological sciences problematic hypothesis is an important step in shaping public opinion. So, with the realization of this problem, scholars and the general audience, instead of assuming this hypothesis as a solid, untranslatable theory, and measuring other issues (including beliefs) as evolution hypotheses, imagine the hypothesis of evolution as a problematic hypothesis in their minds and give it weight and importance to a scientific hypothesis.

On the other hand, some respected website audiences may ask why the Darwin’s hypothesis of evolution ambiguities, questions and drawbacks are being publicly addressed on the alvadossadegh website? Why is this hypothesis being put forward as a scientific hypothesis on a cultural-religious website active in the field of enemy recognition?

The answer to this question is very clear! As we know, this seemingly scientific hypothesis, despite being vital and impractical in human daily life, transcends academic boundaries and has spread across societies. However, the most fundamental and vital issues in the life sciences and medicine, which are widely used in everyday life in all societies, have not yet been published in public; for example, many people do not yet know that what is proper nutrition and or what are the benefits of insulin in treating diabetic patients? (5). Still many people mistakenly think that they may get insulin addiction and so on?!!! (6) But the general audience has at least heard the popular saying related to the Darwinian hypothesis of evolution that man is of the ape generation!!! (7), and more interestingly, this has no practical effect and no benefit to people’s lives.

This is not surprising, of course, and it illustrates the meticulous program and powerful media movements of the evil organization of World Freemasonry and its practicality that, despite the useless discussion of the Darwin Hypothesis at the society level, broadens the hypothesis as a strong, robust, unchanging and solid hypothesis on the surface of societies and engraved in public memory, thereby undermining beliefs and promoting atheism. For this reason, it seems that in addition to discussing the drawbacks and weaknesses of the Darwin’s hypothesis of evolution at the academic and scientific level, at the society level, it should also address vague and weak points in a language that is comprehensible to the public. So that the general audience is also familiar with the weaknesses and disadvantages of the hypothesis of evolution and do not regard it as a strong and solid theory and do not weigh their beliefs with it because of its many flaws and ambiguities, it does not stand as a benchmark for beliefs.

It should be reminded of the beloved companions that unfortunately the hypothesis of evolution has a Masonic and anti-religious origin, and on the other hand, with specific interpretations of the Masonic societies used as a propaganda against divine religions! For this reason, and given this bilateral relationship between the hypothesis of evolution and the Masonic and secret societies, this hypothesis has been strongly protected by the world’s scientific, cultural, political and economic institutions and thinkers and scientists are not allowed to criticize effectively and publicly!! In fact, just as the Holocaust is being protected as a historic forbidden area, and scholars who cast doubts on the Holocaust, it is heavily insulted, humiliated, boycotted and even imprisoned (Such as Roger Garaudy and Robert Forison) (8) papers that express doubts, inconsistencies, and weaknesses in the hypothesis of evolution have become scientifically boycotted and are not likely to be widely published (9).

In this regard, over 100 years, numerous papers and books have been published in support of the hypothesis of evolution, and the supporters of hypothesis of evolution have become rich and numerous, during which time, critical theories have little scope for publication. With the help of God Almighty, God willing, the alvadossadegh website will attempt to launch a series of critical papers containing serious questions against the hypothesis of evolution, and in this way, from all Muslim scholars and other freedom scientists of the world calls for cooperation; in the meantime, the role of scientists and researchers in the biological and medical sciences will be more prominent.

Of course, it is important to remind the dear audience of the website and the potential critics of this paper that the author of this paper has high academic degree and academic qualifications at the highest academic levels and in the fields related to the scientific topics discussed in this paper, and in related fields, it also has academic and research achievements at the academic level. Therefore, potential critics of this paper are advised to refrain phrases such as give it to the professionals! or what do you do with these topics?! Critical dears can express their critical opinions in a respectful, scientific manner, but of course in a simple and understandable language to the general audience. It should also be noted that by reading this series of papers by the general audience, we will strive to express the content in a simple and understandable language, and the simple expression of the content in these papers does not mean that their concepts are not academic but because of the respect of the majority of the audience.

Another point to note is that a number of Muslim scholars and sientists, such as the late professor and martyr teacher, Morteza Motahhari, had already examined the hypothesis of evolution (10). While respecting the authority of Professor Morteza Motahhari (most of today’s scholars are their direct and indirect students), it should be noted that although many of his statements on the above were true, even if the hypothesis were true, Darwin hypothesis does not negate the argument of order in theology (11). However, the weaknesses and drawbacks of this hypothesis are that even the acceptance of the hypothesis of evolution must be reconsidered and fully implicitly acceptance rejected. Another drawback, of course, is Professor Motahhari talk about Darwin’s religiousness (12), which the esisting evidence does not confirm this problem.

Unfortunately, the hypothesis of evolution inside the country, despite its doubts and weaknesses, has received the attention of the authors of high school and pre-university biology textbooks and the respected authors of the book Pre-university Biology by copying a number of Western books, introduced and promoted the hypothesis of evolution and devoted half of the book of Pre-University Biology to this hypothesis (13).

Regrettably, it should be noted that the hypothesis of evolution did not have a positive and beneficial effect on enhancing learners’ knowledge in the fields of medical science and life sciences and occupying half of the book of Pre-university Biology by poor, low use (to say useless), and non-usable topics of Darwin’shypothesis of evolution discourage learners from learning more useful content. However, around the years 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002, the book of Pre-university Biology at that time was mainly adapted from the useful and powerful book of Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al. minimized on the question of evolution and addressed the most precise and applied biological issues in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and molecular and molecular medicine!

However, it is to be hoped that as the scientific sections of the series of papers on the hypothesis of evolution, forbidden area progress! The polite and benevolent criticism of the website author and loved ones of biology textbooks of high school and pre-university can have a positive impact on the scientific and structural reform of these books (Of course, the web site’s dear audience is urged to criticize the content of this series of papers in an appropriate and linguistic manner and refuse to accuse the respected authors of these books! if you accept the content of this series of papers and criticize the high school and pre-university compailing books!).

Another issue to note for the loved ones of the website is that according to time consuming to compail the present papers and possibly the numerous scientific sections of this series of papers and to attempt to explore most aspects of the hypothesis of evolution in this paper, the study of these papers, requires a great deal of patience and patience in this series of papers. According to this, we urge all loved ones to study this series of papers with patience to accompany us to the end of this long way, and to refrain from making hasty comments.

Following the introduction above, we will discuss the main sections of the papers. This series of papers will attempt to address the historical, cultural and institutional origins and contexts of the hypothesis of evolution, and then raise serious questions, ambiguities, and drawbacks to this hypothesis. It is hoped that this series of papers can play an effective role in promoting the knowledge and insights of the Mahdavi society of the country.


Suspicious Roots

As discussed at the begining of this paper, this paper seeks to emphasize, above all, the scientific ambiguities and technical drawbacks of thehypothesis of evolution, but in order to better understand the emphasis reason of the evil organization of World Freemasonry and the Universe arrogance on the hypothesis of evolution as a solid theory and its protection in various ways, we briefly examining the organizational roots and origins of the hypothesis of evolution.

Undoubtedly, the most prominent and most famous scientific figure in the hypothesis of evolution was Charles Robert Darwin, a famous British biologist and naturalist of the 19th century (19). Darwin was born in the famous Darwin family, or better yet the Darwin-Wedgwood large family (16). The Darwin-Wedgwood large family came from the unity of the two powerful Darwin and Wedgwood families, and the inter-family marriages of the two families have helped to unite the two families (17).

Charles Robert Darwin, a prominent person in the hypothesis of evolution at the ages of young, middle-aged, and old.


Although some papers have pointed to the religiousness of the Darwin and Darwin- Wedgwood families, this claim does not seem to be true! The Darwin- Wedgwood families are and are believed to be Unitarism and the Unitary Church (18). The Unitarians appear to believe in monotheism (19), which at least appears to be more rational than the beliefs of many other Christian groups; but according to many papers, the beliefs of the Unitarians are more similar to the Jewish beliefs (20).

It becomes even more interesting when we know that Unitarians and Freemasons are very closely related to each other, so that according to many Masonic texts, many Unitarians have become Freemasons. And the Freemason’s Unitarians have been among the most fanatical and two most fiery Freemasons of their time (21).

Evidence of the relation of Unitarism with the evil organization of World Freemasonry.


Thus, as noted, Unitarism, which the Darwin-Wedgwood families believed, had a strong and serious link with the Freemasonry, and is likely to imply a monotheistic belief in Unitaryism is a belief similar to the Freemasons’ belief in the Great Architect of the Universe, a seemingly positive but inwardly negative and inappropriate belief with evil implications. Of course, in this series of papers there is no space for a closer examination of Freemasonry’s belief in the Great Architect of the Universe and its materialistic concepts, but god willing it will be mentioned in future papers on the website.

Given the explanations given, it should be said that issues such as the religiousness of the Darwin family and even the presence of Charles Robert Darwin in the church, in spite of his positive and deceptive appearance, does not represent the rigid conviction of him and his family because the Darwinian family’s faith was a Unitarism religion, which even according to Masonic texts is a religion close to secret associated Freemasons (23).

Of course, the relationship between the Darwin-Wedgwood families and the Masonic associations is not limited to the above, and further evidence will be mentioned in the remainder of the paper

Charles Robert Darwin is the grandson of two prominent persons in the Darwin-Wedgwood families. Darwin’s paternal grandfather was named Erasmus Darwin, a well-known doctor and biologist (24). Evidence of Erasmus Darwin’s membership in the evil organization of Freemasonry is very strong, with numerous Masonic sources referring to Erasmus Darwin’s membership of the Master Mason, lodge of Cannongate Kilwinning in Edinburgh, Scotland. One of which is the British Columbia Grand Lodge website (25):

Membership of Charles Robert Darwin’s paternal grandfather, titled Dr. Erasmus Darwin, at the Masonic Lodge of Cannongate Kilwinning in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Of course, some other sources hs also mentioned the membership of Erasmus Darwin in the Masonic Lodge of St. David, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the French Jacobin Club and other Illuminati affiliates (26).

Erasmus Darwin is also an active member and serious supporter of the Masonic and Illuminati affiliate of the the Lunar Society in Birmingham and a prominent member of the Masonic-Illuminati movement, the British Enlightenment (27) (Interestingly, The Lunar Society in Birmingham has been the link of many of the leading Freemasons around the world; so that Benjamin Franklin, a well-known American politician and Freemason, Erasmus Darwin, a prominent British doctor and biologist, and James Watt, British inventor of steam machines, were members of the organization. And, on the other hand, through the American politician Benjamin Franklin, very strong links were established between The Lunar Society in Birmingham and the French Masonic associations that came to power after the French Revolution) (28).

Membership of Erasmus Darwin and Benjamin Franklin in the Masonic group of The Lunar Society in Birmingham.


It should also be noted that Erasmus Darwin, the paternal grandfather of Charles Robert Darwin, wrote famous books entitled Zoonomia and The Temple of Nature (29), about 50 years before his grandson Charles Robert Darwin, along with some other biologists such as Lamarck, laid the foundations for thehypothesis of evolution (30) until 50 years later, his grandson Charles Robert Darwin relying on the book Zoonomia and the opinions of other biologists have suggested the hypothesis of evolution as a seemingly scientific theory to the world (31).

But the important point to note is that most of Erasmus Darwin’s children, Charles Robert Darwin’s father and uncles, continued on their father’s path and became members of the Freemasonry Lodge (32). The father of Charles Robert Darwin, Dr. Robert Darwin was introduced to Freemasonry lodge by his father, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, and became a member of Freemasonry (33). Other childrens of Erasmus Darwin (the uncles of the famous Charles Robert Darwin) and even his grandchildren also became Freemasons (34). For example, Sir Francis Sacheverel Darwin, son of Erasmus Darwin and Reginald Darwin, son of Sir Francis and grandson of Erasmus Darwin, were members of the Tyrian Masonic Lodge in the Derby area of England (35). Masonic sources such as the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry have noted that although the name of Charles Darwin, other uncle of famous Charles Robert Darwin, and creator of hypothesis of evolution in the petition by Tyrian was not left, but his membership in the aforementioned lodge is highly probable (36).

From the maternal side, Charles Robert Darwin has not been left with the assignment of Freemasonry and Illuminati. Darwin’s maternal grandfather, Josiah Wedgwood, a prominent person in the British pottery industry, a member of the Masonic and Illuminati affiliate of The Lunar Society in Birmingham and a prominent member of the Masonic-Illuminati movement of The British Enlightenment (37).

Complementary and very important note: As mentioned, The Lunar Society in Birmingham is a British Masonic secret society whose members are among the most prominent Freemasons of the lodges of the world. The common point of this Masonic organization was the setting up of meetings of this masonic society on the nights when the moon shone as a full moon in the sky (38).

The meetings of The Lunar Society in Birmingham were held full moon at the Bedar Nights (full moon) every month in a place called Soho House in Birmingham, England (39).

Soho House in Birmingham, England; holding place of The Lunar Society in Birmingham meetings.


But the interesting thing is that the hoding The Lunar Society in Birmingham meetings in full monn nights is a Masonic traditional that many Masonic organizations in the world still adhere to it. This is what many Freemasonry websites and publications also admit (40):


Holding important meetings of Freemasons at full moon nights, according to Masonic sources.

Holding important meetings of Freemasons at full moon nights, according to Masonic sources.

Holding important meetings of Freemasons at full moon nights, according to Masonic sources.

Holding important meetings of Freemasons at full moon nights, according to Masonic sources.


Of course, a number of Masonic websites have related this as having to do with the darkness of ancient times and the use of ancient Masons to use moonlight to travel in the dark for backtrack! However, many of the lodges are in the inner city and the lighting of the houses and torches provide sufficient lighting! Other Masonic sources have, of course, also referred to the symbolic meanings of the full moon in Freemasonry (41). But it will be even more interesting to know

that many of the witchcraft and Satanism groups are also holding the evil ritual in the full moon (42).

Holding important and evil meetings of Satanist groups in full moon nights.

Holding important and evil meetings of Satanist groups in full moon nights. (Adopted from Book of The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection)


In view of the above descriptions, it seems that The Lunar Society in Birmingham is a powerful, full-fledged Masonic society and has all the characteristics of its similar organization.

As you have noted, most of the members of the large Darwin-Wedgwood families were members of the Masonic and secret organization. According to the descriptions, although it is not formally named Charles Robert Darwin in English Masonic lodges, many enemy recognition scholars believed the connection between Charles Robert Darwin with Freemasonry and other secret Illuminati associations. To the extent that some scholars, such as Juri Lina in his book of Architects of Deception, regard the publication of the theory of evolution as a conspiracy by the Masonic Foundation of The Lunar Society in Birmingham (43):

Of course, such a conclusion is not far from the mind; on the one hand, both Charles Robert Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, and Josiah Wedgwood, a member of the Freemasonry lodge and Masonic groups of The Lunar Society in Birmingham and The British Enlightenment and his father and uncles were also members of the Masonic lodges. And, of course, his membership in these associations was not out of the expection, and on the other hand, in recent writings by Charles Robert Darwin, there is evidence of Darwin’s belief weakness in God Almighty! In a recent written paper by Charles Robert Darwin, written in the last year of his life, in response to a person named James Fordyce, he said of his beliefs (44):

What my own (religious views may be is a question of no consequence to any one but myself. But, as you asked, 1 may state that my judgment often fluctuates. … In my most extreme fluctuations I have never been an Atheist in the sense of denying the existence of a God. I think that generally (and more and more as I grow older), but not always, that an Agnostic would be the more correct description of my state of mind, that unknowingly is the more accurate definition of my mental state (45).

Of course, in the books and manuscripts of Charles Robert Darwin, there is much to be said, and his writings are full of doubt, and questioning the existence of God.

As you have noted above, Darwin has expressed his belief in agnosticism which means not knowing existence or non-existence of God (46). Agnosticism is one of skepticism (47). And sometimes it is taken by individuals for lack of conclusions about God’s existence or non-existence, and sometimes by some unbelievers as backtrack and conservatively adopted against the popular religious beliefs of the people.

About the kind of Darwin agnosticism, no definitive opinion can be provided, but given the large membership of the Darwin-Wedgwood families in Freemasonry, it is unlikely that Charles Robert Darwin’s agnosticism was due to the conservative atheist approach.

There is no reliable information on other people involved in the development of the hypothesis of evolution such as the French Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and Alfred Russel Wallace of Wales, UK, and their practice and beliefs; However, a number of sources have also cited Jean-Baptiste Lamarck as agnosticism (like Darwin) (50). The various sources has also been quoted the different beliefs and words about Alfred Russel Wallace and have reported the belief status from one person to some extent to a agnosticism and member of a secret society associated Spiritism (Necromancy) (51) that, in the meantime, the majority of sources have referred to his membership in the Spiritism (Necromancy) secret associations (52) (Of course, the members of these groups appear to be related to goblins, not spirits).

As you have observed, Charles Robert Darwin, Erasmus Darwin, and even a subsidiary of the hypothesis of evolution such as Lamarck and Wallace, have had serious ideological deviations and belief problems and membership of many of them to the secret and Masonic groups were definite, so the validity of this hypothesis and its pioneers and followers must be doubted.

Of course, the connection between the hypothesis of evolution and Freemasonry is not a one-way connection; rather it is a mutual and intimate connection. In other words, not only secret associations such as the Freemasons’ Lodge of England and Scotland, The Lunar Society in Birmingham, and the British Enlightenment were the cradle of development ofhypothesis of evolution and its pioneers, but also they have played a role in the hypothesis of evolution as a fundamental thesis and foundation of thought for the new Freemasonry, and have been repeatedly praised by leaders and publications of Freemasonry today. And on the basis of this hypothesis, the evil organization of World Freemasonry has engaged in open warfare with concepts such as religion, God, the hereafter, resurrection, and so on (53).

One of the main human and Masonic tasks is to adopt the philosophy of evolution, the only philosophy that is compatible with advanced science, reason and perfection. All brothers have a limitless responsibility in promoting this belief among the people, to raise their scientific standard (Mason Turk Publications, Nos. 25 and 26, p. 59) (54).

The basic law of the life existence and facts of evolution; in contrast, Lamarck and Darwin, relying on geological, paleontological, embryological and anatomical evidence, all proved that creatures starting from a single cell, over a period of at least 100 million years, are affected by evolutionary steps by genetic factors and their adaptation to the environment (in Lamarck’s opinion), or under the Influence of factors and conditions such as the struggle for survival, the abolition of physiological (biological), and morphological factors (in Darwin’s opinion), they passed one by one from a format to another, and came to be the creatures of today. (Mimar Sinan Publication, No. 5, page 26, 1968) (55).

Today, from advanced countries to many backward countries, the only philosophy accepted by societies is Darwin’s theory, and the theories of his/her followers. But this did not work in the church. In other religions as well, as the religious teachings, the myth of Adam and Eve is still taught in the Bible. (Mimar Sinan Publication, No. 38, p. 18) (56).

Darwin’s theory showed that many events in the universe are not God’s work. (Mason Publication, Nos. 25 and 26, p. 14) (57).

Darwin’s theory of evolution hit hard on the body of naturalistic idealistic ideas and laid the foundation for the theory of materialism. (Philosophical Court of Materialism, p. 149) (58).

In view of the foregoing, we find that the hypothesis of evolution and the evil organization of world Freemasonry are intimately connected, in fact, more than the hypothesis of evolution has its roots in scientific organizations, it is rooted in the evil Organization world Freemasonry and has not only been nurtured by these organizations, but Masonic associations over the last hundred years by seemingly scientific and media controversy movements, have fully supported this hypothesis.

Interestingly, despite the great and proven advances in biology and medical sciences and in spite of widespread changes in biological and medical books even within the 3 to 5 year reprint limits of this book, the hypothesis of evolution in its 120-year life span is preserved to its fullest, except for some minor changes to its details (to cover up some ambiguities, and to justify some of its weaker dimensions of this hypotheses), with much media fuss and the efforts of corrupt Freemason scientists and the erroneous and inaccurate work of a number of Western and Eastern trained scientists, as well as the mistrust of religious and Muslim scholars in the scientific critique of this hypothesis, the hypothesis of evolution has continued to rattle in the media and scientific journals.

God willing, this series of papers with the help of God goes on for taking firm steps in the scientific critique of the evolutionary hypothesis. In this way, in addition to the scientific tips that will first appear on the Website for audiences, the scientific experiences of other biological scientists (both Christian and Muslim) will also be used. However, because of this fledgling front and the multi-year efforts of evil Freemasonry organizations to consolidate the hypothesis of evolution, continuing this path (which will probably take at least 3 years) needs support and assistance of the faithful and committed scholars and students of Islamic Iran and other parts of the world so that God willing and with the help of God can effectively address the weaknesses and drawbacks of this hypothesis.

Hoping for the coming saviour messenger, al-Mahdi


End of Part 1

Writted by: Servant of al-Mahdi– February 2011




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