I, Pet Goat 2.99:The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020) (part 7 and 8)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

In the next scene, we observe a robot-like African child with a heart symbol on his head and an AK47 type rifle in his hand. Next to this child, there is an adult black man who has a symbol of skull and bones on his right arm and an inverted cross has been painted on his chest. In this instance, the robot-like child is activated and moves his head. Simultaneously the adult man slowly loosens the purple colored ribbon or garter, which is tied to the child’s left thigh. This scene again has many hidden concepts that should be investigated in layers.

In the first-layer analysis, we should look at the symbols used on the bodies of these two characters. The skull and bones symbol, which is very similar to the favorite symbol among Illuminati groups such as the Skull and Bones, is painted on the man’s right arm.  This symbol means death and destruction and is in particular the slogan of the Skull and Bones secret society, which is the order of death.

On the other hand, we see the image of an inverted cross on the man’s chest which again emphasizes the point that this adult man has anti-religious beliefs.

We can also see the picture of a heart on the child’s forehead, which although resembles the Holy Heart of the Christians, is in fact the heart of the anti-Christ. As we had mentioned before, considering the initial scene in the classroom in which it was cryptically communicated that the hearts used by the director in this animation are intended to be anomalous and unnatural, we conclude that the hearts used in this animation are meant for a totally different concept.

In the second layer, the robot-like face and movements of the child mean that this character is void of independent thought and is just following the orders issued and programmed by his masters like a robot.

In the third layer of the analysis, we see that there is a weapon in the child’s left hand, which is in the sense of widespread war and bloodshed in the continent of Africa, in which most of the people engaged are children and teenagers.

At the fourth layer of this scene, we observe that concurrent with the robot-like movements of the child’s body and head, the adult man loosens the purple ribbon tied to the child’s left thigh. But what is the meaning of this ribbon?

This ribbon is a Garter. It is the ribbon that is tied to the left thigh of ladies in wedding ceremonies and indicates their virginity, chastity, and celibacy.

For instance, in the mixed track titled “Like a Virgin/Hollywood” that was performed collaboratively by Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera in 2003, Madonna symbolically removes the garter from Christina Aguilera’s leg and removes her virginity.

In accordance with these explanations, in this scene of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation, loosening the ribbon from the African child’s thigh by the adult man and the fact that the child’s eyes darken afterwards, mean that African children’s innocence, virtue, and simplicity have been pillaged by the anti-religious politicians governing the continent of Africa. These children are instead engaged in sin, killing, and corruption.

In the fifth layer, the purple garter has two imports. One is the obedience of the Masonic politicians of the continent of Africa in executing Illuminati Leaders’ plans, especially the ones related to the Regulus star.

Second, it emblematically demonstrates child abuse. Hence, this scene is depicting the various ways the Masonic politicians of Africa are taking advantage of its children.

In summary, this scene is indicating that Masonic politicians of Africa are using the strength of its children for the advancement of Freemasonry. Although they do not believe in Christianity or other divine religions, they are using the symbols of these religions as a means for the deception of people.

Next, we reach a very complex scene, which needs multiple layers of analysis. In this scene, there is a stream of slimy green water under the Illuminati light and the Lotus flower is floating through it until in falls into a well.

Afterwards the well is being filled with slime and a man holding a sickle and a hammer is drowning inside it as the Illuminati light keeps shining.

This scene is very complicated and has deep cryptic concepts embedded within various layers by the animation’s director for the followers of Freemasonry and Illuminati. In the first layer analysis of this scene of the animation, considering the symbol of sickle and hammer as the most important socialist and communist symbols, it seems that the apparent destination of this scene is the destruction of communism and socialism across the world, specially in Latin America;

Since the drowning man is not blond or white; he is a man of Latin American descent. From another perspective, on the animation company’s website, the title of this character is mentioned as the Latin name Juan (Pepito), which means that Latin America and not Eastern Europe or Russia, will be the last location of communism in the final years leading to Antichrist’s inauguration. Soon Latin America will collapse and vanish by the hands of the Freemasonry and Illuminati.

Certainly, as we had mentioned in other parts of this article, communism is an apple that does not fall far from the tree of Freemasonry. However, Freemasons no longer need tools such as communism and hence, will destroy it for good.

As for the second layer of our analysis for this part of the animation, the director has shrewdly and maliciously implied Josef (blessings upon him), the prophet and son of the prophet Jacob (blessings upon him) and depicted him as a man being drowned and destroyed by Freemasonry and Illuminati!

In order to analyze this complex encrypted message, we should first head to the animation company’s website. On the website, the drowning man is named Juan or Pepito.  Furthermore, it is mentioned in his description that after years of economic exploitation and environmental degradation, Juan (Pepito) has a sinking feeling. In addition, in this scene Juan (Pepito) is depicted as a man sinking in a well.

We should first find the root of the name Pepito. The name Pepito is the short form of the name Pepe, which itself is the short for the name Josepe. Josepe is the same as Jospeh in English or Yusof in Arabic and Hebrew. Then Pepito’s exact meaning is Little Joseph!

As we know, the tale of Joseph has been mentioned in both Quran and old testament of Bible and is very famous. Joseph (blessings upon him) was his father’s favorite since his childhood due to his outstanding attributes. The conversations between Jacob and Joseph in Quran show Jacob’s kindness towards Joseph as he addresses him.

For instance, with the Holy Quran’s verses, when Jacob (blessings upon him) calls Joseph (blessings upon him), he uses the expression “my little son”.

Therefore, the word Pepito or “Little Joseph” is completely compatible with divine books’ accounts regarding Joseph (blessings upon him).

On the other hand, the image of the well filled with rising slime and water and drowning Pepito indicates the story of Joseph and the fact that his brothers threw him into a well.

Besides, the expressions used on the animation’s website regarding economic exploitation and environmental degradation, again point to the Egypt’s situation at Joseph’s time as chancellor during which occurred a period of bountiful rain as well as 7 years of famine and environmental unsuitability with no rain.

Therefore, the elements of “Little Joseph”, “the Well”, “economic exploitation”, and “climate and environmental degradation”, all create a link between this scene and Joseph’s tale. However, the other point, which some of the social science researches have wrongly attributed to Joseph (blessings upon him) is recognizing him as one of the oldest socialist leaders of the world.

This is because in their view, Joseph (blessings upon him) accumulated the wealth of the people (rich or poor) in years with plenty of rain and distributed it among people of various levels in the famine years. This in effect removed the vast differences between various social classes present at that time in the Egyptian society.Considering such distorted interpretations regarding Joseph (blessings upon him), the animation’s director has attributed this subject to Joseph the prophet and linked socialism to him as well.

In the third layer, it seems that after lining Joseph (blessings upon him) and Pepito, the director has tried to scorn prophet Joseph and take the revenge of ancient Egypt’s infidel beliefs from him. Because at his time as chancellor and minister, Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him) had forbidden worship of the many statues and goddesses in ancient Egypt, making monotheism the official religion of Egypt.

For this reason, the director of the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation and his masters who are members of the Freemasonry and Illuminati that have special devotion to the symbols and goddesses of the ancient Egypt, have tried to insult Joseph (blessings upon him) and exact revenge upon him as well for uprooting the infidel order of the ancient Egypt.

The Pepito character, which cryptically indicates Joseph (blessings upon him), has an ugly face. His skin tone, hair color, and messy teeth add to his unattractiveness.

While Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him) was famed for his beauty and his unique attractiveness, which has been quoted in many historical and religious texts as well as poems and works of literature.

On the other hand, Pepito who has fallen deep into the well is being drowned in the slimes that are moving the Lotus.

These images are sarcastically pointing out the fact that contraryto historical facts mentioned about the predominance of monotheism in the time of Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him), infidel Illuminati and Masonic beliefs shall drown him deep within the well at the time of Apocalypse! And this time in the Apocalypse, the little Joseph who is a favorite of Jacob the prophet (blessings upon him), will not be able to climb out of the well and shall be defeated by the power of the Freemasonry and Illuminati who shall become the heirs to ancient Egypt’s pharaohs and infidel beliefs

In conclusion within the third layer, we recognize that the animation has secretly and cryptically mocked Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him), considering the fact that it presents him with an ugly face while he is drowning in a well being filled with slime under the flower of the pharaohs, meaning lotus. In this instance, we should note that thousands of other symbols could have been used to show the end of communism. However, drowning in a well had certainly been purposeful and done with specific ends in mind. Considering the encryption done, we can realize that Pepito was deliberately likened to Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him).

Now the fourth layer of the animation is somehow similar to the previous layers. In this layer we should first indicate the tattoo on Juan (Pepito)’s hand. As you can see, the name “Juanita” has been tattooed within a heart on Pepito’s arm. This means that Pepito has a love interest called Juanita and is in love with her.

After researching the literature of Latin cultures, it is revealed that there are many oral legends regarding Pepito and Juanita, which are sometimes linked with cryptic concepts. But after more precise examination, we realized that there is a book titled Boys of the Light Brigade, which was published in 1905 and recounts the events of the Peninsular War at the time of Napoleon in the form of a story. In this book, characters such as Pepito and Juanita have been pointed out.

The primary point that attracts attention is the book’s title as well as its strange and mysterious cover.

The book’s title is referring to the “Light Brigade” or the “Army of Light” which is a common expression in Illuminati symbology. Expressions such as Light, Enlightenment, etc. were quite common in Illuminati books and publications at that time, through which they attracted their specific audience towards the Lucifer’s light and presented them with the required information through cryptic expressions.

Furthermore, this book has a red cover on which a Spanish general holding a sword in one hand is depicted who has three hands in place of his other hand! Although this image seems peculiar, but closely resembles the images and pictures made of “Kali”, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction in ancient India and Hindu beliefs.

It is noteworthy that in the Satanic Bible by the famous devil worshipper Anton Szandor LaVey, Kali has been named as a hell dwelling character and goddess and is introduced as “the goddess of destruction”. The red cover of the book Boys of the Light Brigade and the picture of the fourhanded general wielding a sword and bringing destruction around him, is a reference to the Hindu goddess of destruction as well. This is the first element related to the Illuminati in this book.

On the other hand, the story of the book, while recounting some points regarding the Peninsular War, tells the story of Pepito who is an unattractive slave serving his master. His master, Jack, is in love with a young and beautiful girl called Juanita. However, Pepito himself is in love with Juanita. Juanita herself also shows an interest mixed with kindness towards Pepito, which is mostly observed in the final pages of the book.

In this book, we also see various symbols associated with the Freemasonry and Illuminati. For instance, elements such as the “tall one-eyed man”, the twelve-step ladder with which one climbs up and down a well, and also the name and cover of the book refer to Masonic symbols along with more hidden elements.

Simultaneously the love story of a “noble woman” meaning “Juanita” and a “slave” meaning Pepito, whose hideous appearance is sarcastically emphasized, is a hidden insult and revenge towards Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him). The “Pepito” or “Little Joseph” character mentioned in the animation “I, Pet Goat II” as well as the book “Boys of the Light Brigade” are the result of Freemasonry and Illuminati’s vengeful insight towards the divine beauty and ethics of prophet of God Joseph (blessings upon him).

They have tried so hard to exact revenge upon Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him) by making such a shameless insight due to his fight against the infidel teachings of the ancient Egypt as well as the glorious elimination of the old Egypt’s oppressive pharaohs beliefs.  Therefore, in the forth layer of analysis, we see a strange and shameless conspiracy that shrewdly addresses the followers of Illuminati who are its audience with selective signals.

In the fifth layer analysis of this scene of the animation, the keyword “Juanita” tattooed on Pepito’s arm plays an important role. By investigating the relation between Juanita and Illuminati, we realize that there is a key figure called Juanita Guccione who was an active painter in the middle and towards the end of the 20th century. A large portion of her work includes concepts and messages desired by the Illuminati, in a way that 80 percent of her works are related to Illunminati’s secrets and mysteries.

The important notion that creates a link between the name “Juanita”, which is painted on Juan or Pepito’s arm, and the famous painter “Juanita Guccione” in the I, Pet Goat 2 animation is the fact that the name of Juanita Guccione’s spouse is “Dominick John Guccione”. John in English is a perfect equivalent for Juan in Latin! Hence, the romantic relationship between Juan and Juanita in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2” is in truth established between “Dominick John” and “Juanita” as well, and using this encryption, the animation makers have directed their audience to acquaint themselves with “Juanita Guccione”!

For this reason, it would seem that the reason for mentioning two names for the Pepito character in the animation is the double application of his character for encoding various elements! In other words, the deepest layer in this scene is that the director has nudged his specific audience who are members of the Illuminati, towards the works of Juanita Guccione in order to present them with many important codes embedded within the paintings of this artist.

The notion regarding Juanita Guccione’s works is that she had a keen interest in the eclipse. Eclipse has been demonstrated in most of her paintings.

Furthermore, we can repeatedly observe the role of the joker mask in her works as well, which is odd.

In one of her mysterious paintings titled Three Women and Three Owls, we see elements that closely resemble the points mentioned regarding the animation “I, Pet Goat 2”.

In this painting the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis can be seen where eclipse is taking place with its special usual angle around the sun.

In the center of the painting we can see three women as three goddesses, three peculiar sisters, or three witches, which are called the “Maiden, Mother, and Crone” that are very famous in Masonry, Illuminati, and pagan symbology.

This symbol is seen in various other works with hidden and Masonry concepts. For instance, the three peculiar sisters or the three witches have been indicated in the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

In addition, in some of the contemporary works such as the last installment in the Resident Evil movie franchise called “The Final Chapter”, we see three allied women of the same root “Alicia, Alice, and Red Queen” which are the symbol for “Maiden, Mother, and Crone”. Therefore, these three goddesses in Juanita Guccione’s paintings are significantly important infidel, Masonic, and evil symbols.

In the painting Three Women and Three Owls, there are as many owls as the women, which shows that these three goddesses are also linked with the evil Lilith character, since Lilith has also been the goddess of the owls.

Furthermore, there are three fish laying on the ground, which complement the number three figures of goddesses and owls. This is known in the infidel and pagan symbology as the pagan trinity, which is called Triquetra.

On the other hand, we see a light shining from within the dark side of the sky opposite where the eclipse has taken place. The light is shining on the ground focused on the youngest goddess. Three crows are also following the path of the light towards sky, which are the symbol of disciples and followers of the Masonry and secret paths.

The other important elements depicted in this painting are the standing gesture of the youngest goddess or the Virgo, the angle of which and the way her joints and body are formed, resemble the Orion (or the Hunter) constellation. Her belt is positioned like the Orion constellation’s belt and the vertical line crossing her belt indicates the owl in the center of the image.

In addition, three other important elements such as the key, the cut hand and the belt are seen on the three goddesses.

It is noteworthy that in the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the same elements of the hand and the key, three owls and the eclipse have been indicated along with the three weird sisters or witches, which shows that the Freemasonry and Illuminati’s plans have been commonly communicated among their followers in codes and only the concept and mode of their transmission has differed. The content has been being communicated to its specific audience at the time or in the future, sometimes through paintings, sometimes plays, sometimes films, and so on.

In addition to Three Women and Three Owls, Juanita Guccione has published another important painting titled “Memories of an Elephant” in which many apocalyptic elements have been depicted. In this painting, the dark scene of another eclipse has been depicted in which an elephant, the Earth, various flags, many ladders, a green hand, the joker’s mask, the accessories used to decorate the elephant, and many other elements are observed.

 The top important points about the painting are the concepts and notions related to the elephant’s symbology.

Elephant is the symbol of a few gods in Hindu beliefs and represents wisdom, and the balance between to opposite forces of the nature. On the other hand, Hindus believe that the Earth’s rotation is done by the elephants who are also in charge of creating earthquakes.

These definitions place the elephant as an equivalent of other infidel symbols such as the “Hexagram” or the “Ying-yang” on one hand, and link it to the images of the elephant and the Earth in Juanita Guccione’s painting on the other hand.

From another perspective, a small elephant is linked with a “one-eyed” creature called “Cyclops” in ancient Greek beliefs.

Hence, in this painting, the elephant is the symbol of the one-eyed Antichrist who will tumble the earth. Because, the Earth symbolically demonstrates the world, while the broken chains and cut ropes illustrate the Antichrist’s riot and and the global chaos ensued by him.

Surprisingly, the “elephant” is also a symbol of the Republican Party in the United States. Therefore, it is possible that the presence of the “elephant” element in this painting is a secret code which implies that the great global changes that will lead to the riot of the Antichrist and global anarchy, will occur in the era of American presidents from the “Republican” party and will be intensified by these presidents.

 We can also see an interesting fact regarding the accessories on the elephant’s forehead. The way the 4 precious stones are placed resembles the formation of the stars form the Canis Major constellation. The largest gem on the elephant’s forehead is where Sirius is placed in Canis Major.

 As we had mentioned before, the Sirius star is completely connected to the events of September 11th 2001, while all the events in this painting are happening under the eclipse and its famous star, Regulus.

 Hence, it would seem that the goal of the painter from indication of these two elements is to cryptically point towards the fact that the events regarding the revolution of the world during the time of the Antichrist, will happen in the common era of the Sirius and Regulus stars, which is in the third millennia.

The other important element in this painting is an image in lower right section of the frame, which depicts a flag quite similar to Syria’s flag today. Existence of two stars and the colors on the flag share the mixed features of Syria’s Government flag as well as the flag of the rebellion terrorists of Syria called Free Syrian Army. This is implicitly showing a Syria filled with skirmishes and torn between various groups at the end of all time when Antichrist exits his prison.

On the other hand, there is an important flag on the upper left side of the paining, which has a strange resemblance to the Jordan country flag. The pole holding this flag is attached to the nose of a joker. Furthermore, immediately above the previous flag, we see a red flag, which is exclusive to the royal family of the country.

In relation with these two flags, we see that the flag of Jordan is connected to a joker’s mask while the red flag is being held by a green creature.

But before looking at these flags, it’s important to note that the clown or joker mask refers to the role of the joker or its equivalent on the tarot card,” The Fool” character in apocalyptic events.

In other words, this part of the picture points out, on the one hand, the actions of “the Fool” characters as leaders of powerful governments at apocalypse such as Trump and Johnson, and on the other hand the role of anarchists with joker masks in society, and causing the events which will lead to political and military movements of Jordan in Middle East, and it is expected that, Jordan’s kingdom would play a specific role in this way.

Especially since the Green Tara or Green Tara holds the flag of the Jordanian royal family.

it is necessary to mention that the Green Tara in Buddhist legends is known as the custodian of Enlightenment, which is in line with the Illuminati’s definition of the Lucifer’s light.This means that the apocalyptic movements of Jordan, will be done with the support and leadership of the Illuminati. While Green Tara is probably a code word at the time of the apocalypse and shall trigger some events related to the Illuminati’s movements.

It is fascinating to know that the leader of Buddhists, “Tenzin Gyatso” or the “Dalai Lama” is also a member of the Masonry group “Order of Malta” and has ordered his followers to use and seek aid from the “Tara Mantra” and especially “Green Tara Mantra” in the fight against the Corona virus!

Considering the explanations made, the spread of Corona virus all over the world is a part of the international conspiracies and many Illuminati codes are linked to this event, which we shall deal with in the analysis of the following parts of the animation.

Thus, this part of the painting “Memories of an Elephant” by Juanita Guccione indicates the fact that according to the Illuminati’s plan at the time of Antichrist’s rise, the code word “Green Mantra” shall be issued concurrent with skirmishes and invasions in Syria at the end of time and dominance of foolish politicians’ actions at the top of Masonry powers, which shall lead to movements of the Jordan kingdom in Middle East.

The end of all these movements from the Illuminati’s perspective is symbolically depicted as intertwined flags with a dancing character wearing white garment on top of the elephant’s head with ladders soaring through the sky. This is in essence the establishment of the global village led by the Antichrist in Jerusalem, and the elimination of the independent governments at the beginning of the Masonic and Kabbalistic age, which has been shown as the ladders soaring through the sky!

Of course, such false dreams shall God willing never come true and the rule of the evil Antichrist in Jerusalem will never come to pass.

The point regarding this layer of the animation’s analysis is the encoded messages that Donald Trump sent during his strange and mysterious speech in 2020. While ridiculing the fact that the Academy award for best film has been awarded to “Parasite” the South Korean movie, he has said that he wishes the films such as “Gone with the Wind” would return!  This peculiar and seemingly foolish opinion, which was given at the time of the Corona virus pandemic all over the world, has various coded secrets Thus, one of these hidden codes within this speech is the indication of the movie “Gone with the Wind”.

There is a special region, mentioned in this film called “Tara”, which is Scarlet’s paternal inheritance, the main role of the film.

Tara, which is one of the most important locations in which claimed that, the Ark of the Covenant has been hidden and excavated, is indicating the code name “Tara” along with Dalai Lama.

This simultaneous indication of Tara and Green Tara and the significantly important evidence within Juanita Guccione’s painting, show a very large conspiracy supported by centuries of planning at the advent of the third millennia, which shall be comprehensively discussed in the following parts.

However, it is interesting to note that Juanita Guccione died in 1999 and her paintings were done years before the beginning of the third millennia to convey the code words and secrets of the Antichrist’s movements at the time of the Apocalypse to the Illuminati’s followers. This fact shows the necessity of paying more attention to these codes.

A very significant and dubious point that exists regarding Juanita Guccione is the fact that some of the images depicted in her paintings might probably have been the outcome of evil revelations. For instance, it has been stated on the official website of the Weinstein Gallery that Juanita Guccione’s response to a customer who had bought one of her works and had praised her work in a letter to Guccione and had found Guccione’s ideas amazing was odd! and she stated that: her paintings were not the outcome of her imagination! These paintings were the outcome of her observations!

This matter is ever more significant due to the fact that many of the images and symbols used in Juanita Guccione’s paintings are not things that could be observed directly and with the bare eyes! Therefore, it is assumed that many of the elements found in this painter’s paintings are the outcome of her devilish revelations; and that Juanita Guccione has observed these scenes in her devilish contemplations.

In conclusion, it seems that the scene of Juan (Pepito)’s drowning in the animation I, Pet Goat 2 is one of the heaviest and most complicated scenes in this mysterious animation, which points to the evil Freemasonry and Illuminati’s movements at the end times through five layers, each consisted of various internal layers. In the most superficial layer, it begins with the future of communism and socialism and continues with insulting Joseph the prophet (blessings upon him).Then it is analyzed with the elements from the book “Boys of the Light Brigade” and at the end, the most important and hidden codes have been presented to its specific audience by pointing towards the works of Juanita Guccione, the famous Illuminati painter.

In the new scene, we see that the light of Illuminati is initially shining on the ground in the form of Yin-Yang, which is a famous symbol in infidel schools of thought in ancient China. The light gradually turns into a circle.

Underneath the light, we then see a column of dark tanks approaching directly down the valley.

The Illuminati’s « All Seeing Eye » is visible in front of each tank with the pictures of a mouth and set of teeth opening and closing.

In this instance, a girl who has the image of a tiger on the back of her clothes, runs towards the tanks with anger in her face while moving a white flag in order to stop the advancement of the tanks. However, the tanks do not stop and carry on forward.

 In this moment, a skeleton with a hand wearing a ring with a diamond gemstone hits the girl on the back. The girl turns around furiously and looks at the skeleton.

The skeleton is wearing a red cloak around its shoulders and a hat, on which a chamomile flower is attached. Purple fireworks go on and off in the dark night sky behind the skeleton. After seeing the skeleton, the girl becomes more relaxed and retreats from her actions.

This scene is one of the complicated scenes of the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation and should be examined in various layers.

In the first layer of this scene, it seems that an important portion of the messages and codes being transmitted is related to China at the end times. Many elements point towards this notion. For example, in the beginning of the scene, the light of the Illuminati shines in the form of Yin-yang and then fades.

In addition, the movement of the girl in front of the column of tanks is similar to a real event in China called the protest of the “Tank Man” in the “Tian-an-men” region, which we shall discuss in the following paragraphs.

On the other hand, the aforementioned girl’s name is Sun-Sue, which is a Chinese name.

Furthermore, the picture of the tiger on the girl’s clothes is again one of the well-known Chinese symbols in their pictures and paintings.

Hence, we realize after this layer of analysis that this scene is about China at time of the Apocalypse.

In the second layer, we should point towards the overall atmosphere of this scene. We see the movements of the tanks on the one hand and the fact that the mountains around them resemble a skeleton’s ribs.

This scene’s layout reminds us of the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” in psalm 23 of David in old testament of the Bible.

Furthermore, at the end of this scene we see the purple fireworks in the sky behind the skeleton, which is cryptically indicating that some important events related to China, shall happen around the New Year.

This could be linked with the pandemic of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020 around the Christian New Year and the Chinese New Year (End of January and beginning of February), which started from China, which we shall discuss in more depth later on.

In the third-layer analysis, it seems that the Chinese girl’s movement towards the column of tanks is primarily reminiscing the event of the “Tank Man” in the “Tiananmen” square in 1989, when a protester of Chinese government’s policies came to the square during the military parade of the tanks and obstructed their advance. This scene was later turned into the symbol of protesting and objection.

This scene’s hint to the “Tiananmen” square incident, means expressing protest, and the “Sue” phrase in the girl’s name “Sun-Sue” means “protest” and “complaint” in both Chinese and English languages.

On the other hand, the tiger painted on Sun-Sue’s cloth has various meanings in Chinese semiotics, and it is indicated in various references that five tigers with yellow, blue, red, black and white colors are responsible for keeping the world balanced and preventing it from collapse and “Chaos” and the “yellow tiger” painted on Sun-Sue’s cloth commands the other four tigers!

So in this part of the animation, the “yellow tiger” is the symbol of China’s initial disagreement with global “Chaos” or the Freemasonry and Illuminati’s “Ordo Ab Chao,” and even the “yellow tiger” symbol on Sun-Sue’s cloth is compatible with the current protesting scene. Because also, in this scene, the Chinese girl, who is the symbol of current China, is protesting against the policies of the massive Freemasonry and Illuminati army in causing the global “Chaos,” which is compatible with the 33rd-degree masonic motto, “Ordo Ab Chao.”

Nevertheless, as we can see in the images, the flag in the hands of this Chinese girl is white, which means peace and avoiding war. Hence, it is a non-military objection.

This notion is originated from the fact that China is a communist country and has its roots in socialism.

As we had mentioned before, communism and socialism also derive from the great trunk of infidel Masonic views and share some basic beliefs.

For instance, it was mentioned in a Masonic publication titled “Turkish Mason” that:“We should be supportive and on the side of the left-wing youngsters who have accepted the scientific and practical methods of Russia’s lodge and seek liberty, equality, honorable and blissful lives, the number of which are fortunately increasing every day. They are our Masons without Aprons.They pursue and follow the indoor discussions of our temples, outside the temple. They are our right arm, we will help them at any time, in any place, and in any situation.”

Considering this notion, the Chinese girl’s protest with the white flag in front of the Masonic tanks in this scene, means that the conflicts between China and global Freemasonry are not in principles and fundamentals,but there are differences within details in politics and economic fields.

As for the fourth layer of the animation’s analysis, the name of the Chinese girl finds incredible significance. In the animation producer’s website, it is declared that the girl’s name is “Sun-Sue.” Although it seems a Chinese name at first, it is made up of two different parts, which conceals important codes in itself. Although the phrases “Sun” and “Sue” are meaningful in Chinese, they were intentionally chosen to be meaningful in English as well.

Also, “Sun” implies the Sun -the shining star in our galaxy-, and has a very accurate relation with the yellow tiger on the back of Sun-Sue’s cloth, Because the “yellow tiger” is the sympol of “the Sun” in Chinese semiotics. Therefore, Sun-Sue’s character has a strong relation and serious devotion to the Sun for two significant reasons;

But it is surprising that besides suing and complaint, the phrase “Sue” also implies “Lily” flower in English! Thus the hidden code that catches the eye in Sun-Sue’s name interprets as “Lily” or “Lilith” who is sincere and passionate to the Sun.

In other words, there are also significant connections between the Chinese girl and the female devilish character “Lilith” in this scene, which confirms that the foundation of communist China is also based on infidel thoughts of which Freemasonry and Illuminati are also founded.

Probably the compatibility of “Sue” and “Lily” or “Lilith” is another concept that explains the reason for the white flag of the Chinese girl.

 Also, the Yin & Yang symbol seen at the beginning of this scene is an ancient Chinese infidel symbol meaning two equal and opposite poles and from a symbolic point of view, equals the masonic hexagon star or hexagram.

Meanwhile, the girl’s name “Sun-Sue” is equivalent to “Yin & Yang.” Because drawing the two “Yin & Yang” semicircles, the white semicircle or “Yang” is the symbol of the Sun, and the black semicircle is the symbol of the Moon.

Also, in Sun-Sue’s name, character and cloth, “Sun” means the Sun, and the yellow tiger on the back of her cloth is the symbol of the Sun and is equivalent to “Yang,” which is a male phrase.

On the other hand, the phrase “Sue,” which means the “Lily” flower is equivalent to “Lilith,” a female infidel demon character, and also her symbol is the Moon.

So on Sun-Sue’s name, cloth and character, there is such infidel and pagan balance in “Yin & Yang,” “the Moon & the Sun,” “male & female,” “light & dark,” and these infidel thoughts, which are cognate to other masonic and pagan groups’ infidel thoughts have been emphasized.

Considering the facts above, we can realize that the communist Chinese government does not have a serious problem with Illuminati in essence. Their views only diverge in political and economic issues.

In the fifth-layer analysis of this scene, we tackle the elements in the Chinese girl, Sun-Sue’s face. As you can see, there are marks and tattoos on Sun-Sue’s face. These marks and tattoos each have a specific meaning. For instance, the circle containing “purple-yellow” colors indicates China’s challenges in the age of Regulus star’s entrance (in purple color) to the Virgo constellation and the consequences of this astronomical event in Trump’s era (Yellow color) on the transformation of the USA and China’s relationship.

Additionally, the red heart on Sun-Sue’s left cheek is indicating the heart of the Antichrist as per previous scenes.

On macro dimensions, this shows that China’s government does not have any issues with global Freemasonry plans for the return of the Antichrist to Jerusalem. However, in smaller dimensions, political and economic issues surrounding this event and other topics like “the deal of the century”, shall severely affect China’s stability.

There are other marks on Sunt-Sue’s face that are related to China’s contentions with other Masonic governments; for instance, the dispute over the islands in the South China Sea as well as Syria can be pointed out. These marks and tattoos on Sun-Sue’s face point towards China government’s conflicts and differences with other Masonic governments at the Apocalypse. However, as we mentioned before, China’s differences with other Masonic countries are not fundamental and they are united in general principles; a fact that is confirmed by elements such as the white flag as well as others.

In the sixth layer, we look at the “skeleton” character. The name of this skeleton is mentioned as “Skullduggery” on the animation maker’s website.

Skullduggery means an unscrupulous behavior along with debauchery, treachery, and treason.

In the beginning of the third millennia, many journalists and politicians consider the USA government in Trump era, as the complete embodiment of the word “skullduggery”.

Hence, in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2”, whenever we come across the Skullduggery character, its meaning is Donald Trump himself and the Trump era USA.

 In this scene as well, we see that when the Chinese girl, Sun-Sue, turns around and sees Skullduggery’s face, her anger subsides and then assumes an obedient and relaxed state. This means that in the Donald Trump era, China has out of compulsion also assumed an obedient, docile, and tame state in front of the global Freemasonry and Illuminati society’s policies.

In the seventh layer analysis of this scene, we deal with the symbology involving the diamond ring in Skullduggery’s hand. Diamond has various meanings from a symbology point of view. Diamond may mean authority, which completely corresponds with the red cloak worn by Skullduggery and also means authority and dominance.

The existence of the diamond ring in Skullduggery’s hand concurrent with the red cloak worn by him means that the Trump era USA would deal with China in an authoritative way, resulting in China’s complete obedience.

On the other hand, it has been claimed in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine, that diamond rings have a tranquilizing and relaxing effect. That is why Sun-Sue gets less anxious after being touched by Skullduggery’s diamond wearing hand, which convinced her to stop her resistance in front of the Illuminati’s movements.

The other important point involving diamond’s symbology is that in ancient Roman beliefs, they presumed diamonds as the symbol of the “Fallen Stars”.

The significant point is that “Fallen Star” is an expression used for the devil or Lucifer as well, which in both the Bible and devil worshipers’ books may refer to the Satanic and also his submissive angles. Hence, the application of diamond in this scene has an evil concept and indicates the fact that the Trump era USA has attained international authority using the aid and guidance of Lucifer or the devil.

The other point regarding the symbology of diamond is that it is the symbol of the seventh Chakra in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs as well. The seventh Chakra is the highest Chakra and is known as the Crown Chakra.

In Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, it is named as Om Chakra or Sanasrara.

and its corresponding place within the Kabballah tree is upon the highest sefirot, which is the Crown or Kether or Corona sefirot.

The corresponding position of diamond with the seventh Chakra or the Crown sefirot in Kabballah has a significance as well. Because in the Kabballah tree, the closest tarot card to the Crown sefirot is “The Fool” trump card!

In addition, the seventh Chakra is purple and is compatible with the color of the Regulus star, which is Donald Trump’s lucky star and plays an important role in the apocalyptic events of Freemasonry.

Hence, in very deep layers these symbols repeatedly connect diamond, seventh Chakra, and the Crown sefirot that is the symbol of power and dominance, with Skullduggery, The Fool tarot card, and the Regulus star, which are the symbols of the USA in Trump era. The Freemasonry and Illuminati have tried to use this link to transmit these codes and mysteries.

Considering the aforementioned, it seems that the animation director’s smart use of the diamond symbol in this scene is in the sense that the global Freemasonry and Illuninati led by the Trump era USA are using the highest symbol of power, which is the seventh Chakra or the same Crown or Kether sefirot in the Kabballah tree, in order to facilitate Antichrist’s inauguration in Jerusalem in the time of the Apocalypse.They are also using this symbol so that all Masonic powers as well as other infidel states such as China and other submissive nations are united in executing Illuminati’s main goal which is “the deal of the century” and Antichrist’s inauguration in Jerusalem.

In the eighth layer of this scene’s analysis, we will review Chamomile symbology.

From a symbolic point of view, Chamomile means “Sun God” which has a significant and accurate relation with ancient Egyptian “Sun God” or “Ra” that is Illuminati and Freemasonry’s favorite deity.

It is also equivalent to the yellow-tiger picture on Sun-Sue’s cloth, which is a symbol of “the Sun” in semiotics.

There are numerous properties enumerated for Chamomile in the traditional medicine of various ancient nations, such as sedation and decreasing tension and anxiety.

Considering this point, we realize that one of the reasons for Sun-Sue’s calm and relaxation in this scene of the animation is seeing the chamomile flower.

Because on the one hand, the name of this Chinese girl is “Sun-Sue”, which means a Lily or Lilith who is under command and dependent on the sun or the sun god Ra of the ancient Egypt. On the other hand, the soothing effects of chamomile reduce Sun-Sue’s anxiety and calm her. Hence, chamomile next to diamond complement each other’s relaxing and anti-stress attributes. These two elements carried by Skullduggery, end her anger and soothe her.

This part of the scene also confirms the analysis that in addition to Trump era America’s authority and dominance, the companionship of Illuminati related elements with the USA, and Illuminati’s global plan for starting a global government in Jerusalem, shall pressure the Chinese government into obedience and accompaniment as well.

Within the ninth-layer analysis of this scene, observing the purple colored fireworks in the sky behind Skullduggery and also his use of the Blow Tickler, we can conclude that this scene is probably transmitting this cryptic message that the time in which China will finally bow its head in obedience and submissiveness to the USA is related to a national celebration.

Considering the fact that the New Year celebrations are done at the end of December and beginning of January and China’s New Year occurs a little while afterwards at the end of January and beginning of February as well as the fact that both celebrations include fireworks and national festivities, the time of China’s surrendering to Freemason dignitaries led by the Trump era America is around the Christian and Chinese New Years (between December and February).

Also taking into account the fact that the highly contagious, fatal, and dangerous COVID-19 was originated from China about the time of December through February, the time in which China surrenders to Trump era America’s dominance as the leader of Freemasonry and Illuminati proceedings is possibly related to the period in which Coronavirus was spread from Wuhan and caused the largest number of fatalities and challenges for China for weeks. However, we shall further examine the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2019 and deliver further evidence regarding the fact that it may have been intentional and an act of bioterrorism.

Considering the presented analyses concerning different layers of this scene, we can summarize that the concept of this scene is China’s complete surrender to global Freemasonry and Illuminati’s military, political, and economic powers led by the Trump era America. However, this fact is not so farfetched and impossible bearing in mind that the Masonic and infidel roots of communist China and its lack of divergence with Freemasons in principles and fundamentals. The final blow and pressure on China will be made during the Christian and Chinese New Years, meaning about December to February, which may be related to the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020.

The consequence of China’s secret and sneaky surrender and obedience will be its companionship with other Masonic governments in executing the “deal of the century”, beginning of Antichrist’s inauguration in Jerusalem, and establishment of the new world order by the single government in Jerusalem or Bayt-Al-Maqdis. However, as we will mention, this wishful thinking shall not come to pass and the Antichrist shall be destroyed before his global rule has even begun.

In the next scene, we see Antichrist riding Anubis’ boat through the mist. He is still sleeping however; His body moves like drunk people. This scene means that the Antichrist marches on free from the entire clamor around him.

In the new scene, we see the serpentine dragon named Draco or the devil is still brainwashing and mind controlling Ludovic. As we had mentioned before, Ludovic is a young Christian of western societies who has been brainwashed by Draco or the devil.

His blue eyes indicate that he is of European or American descent. In addition, most of the people resembling Ludovic in the western countries create the major body of the global Christianity.

This shows that unfortunately the minds of these youngsters have been indoctrinated by evil media outlets via a vigorously conducted process called Mind Control.

In the next scene, we see the Antichrist riding on Anubis’ boat through a galactic atmosphere through four square frames.  These four square-frames are the four Kabbalistic worlds  called “Atziluth”, “Beri’ah”, “Yetzirah”, and “Assiah”.

The scene, while indicating derived Kabbalistic beliefs, shows that the Antichrist shall pass these four worlds before awakening.

The important point that needs attention in this scene is the start of the Antichrist’s movement through the midst of a Nebula.

The aforementioned Nebula indicates the Xibalba region in Mayan Native American beliefs. In the infidel beliefs of the Mayans, Xibalba is where the gods of the underworld reside!  In any case, Mayans believed that the Milky Way galaxy in the sky is also a road towards Xibalba!

The otherimportant point that we can allude to is that, in the famous movie “The Fountain”, which was made by Darren Aronofsky who is a famous Jewish Kabbalist director,  the Orion Nebula is introduced as the location of Xibalba!!!

Considering what was mentioned, it would seem that this scene as well is indicating that the Antichrist’s movement through the center of a Nebula is in fact the start of his movement from Xibalba or the place of Mayan gods in the underworld!

Of course, the belief that the start of the Antichrist’s movement has been from the place of the Mayan gods of the underworld is related to other images within the animation that show the Antichrist starting his movement through mist and darkness on Anubis’ boat.

Because as Xibalba indicates the underworld in Mayan beliefs, Anubis also indicates the underground cities of the dead in ancient Egyptian beliefs both of which are equivalent!

It is clear that the there are many contradictions within these false deviated evil beliefs and the connection between a constellation in the sky and underground, is an illogical and irrational one! However, unfortunately in the dogged deviated infidel beliefs of Freemasons and Illuminati, who connect these beliefs to the infidel ancient nations, such superstitions for denying divine beliefs and teachings of the prophets are abundant!

In the next scene, we see the Antichrist lighting an egg-like sphere with his fiery breath, and then entering a lit up cavernous place.

In symbology discussions, an egg means production and birth. Hence, the sphere being lit up by the Antichrist, indicates that the time of his rise is coming closer.

There is an important point here and that is the border between the previous caves. The new cavernous area in this scene resembles the end of the human throat. Furthermore, where this egg-like sphere is hanging resembles the Uvula.

This image is reminiscence of the apocalyptic beliefs in some Christian denominations, which state that the Antichrist is living in the Belly of the Beast and shall exit at the end of all time. Therefore, this scene is reflecting the Antichrist’s awakening as he exits the belly of the beast through its mouth.

In the next scene, we see the blue child or L’enfant Bleu is wearing a mask of Kali the Hindu goddess as he is preparing to dance around a flame. Kali’s mask has an important characteristic and after some moments, Kali’s tongue comes out of her mouth, which we shall discuss in more depth in subsequent scenes.

As it was mentioned before, in blue child’s description on the animation’s website it is said that he is the “Keeper of the Flame”. We shall speak more about this character as well as Kali in later scenes.

In the new scene, we see again that the Antichrist is riding on Anubis’ boat. As he moves forward, a group of fish suddenly rise from the depth of the water and insanely jump out to throw themselves at the Antichrist’s feet. This scene requires further analysis.

In the first layer analysis of this scene we should pay attention that the fish jumping from the water at Antichrist’s feet in an act of sacrifice are called “Angelfish”.

In symbology, the angelfish is the symbol of unconditional love and unquestioning acceptance. Therefore, this fact has been cryptically indicated that at the beginning of Antichrist’s activities, many of his followers shall become fond of him and follow his orders unreservedly.

In the second layer analysis of this scene, we should pay attention to the angelfish family, which is a great one consisting of a variety of fish in different shapes and colors.

In this scene, we see that the aforementioned angelfish is of a black and white color type called Zebra Angelfish.

In addition to indicating the two opposing and equal natural forces in infidel beliefs, the black and white colors seen in this fish point towards two parallel worlds in black and white, which are the worlds of the jinns and humans.

Similar to this type of symbology, we mentioned that the black and white checkered floor of the classroom showed the combination of black and white in the sense of the worlds of the jinns and humans.

The existence of black and white colors in these angelfish that unconditionally and insanely jump out of the water and sacrifice themselves at the Antichrist’s feet on Anubis’ boat,  means that the Antichrist has devotees among both humans and jinns that unreservedly serve him and sacrifice themselves to aid the establishment of the devil government in Jerusalem.



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