I, Pet Goat 2.99:The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020) (part 9 and 10)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

In the next scene, we see a building with a shameful facade, like a man lying on his back with erected genitalia within the darkness.

Suddenly the sky opens spirally and a hand comes out of it towards the building. From the crack next to the hand, the light of Illuminati shines on the scene.

In the highest part of the aforementioned building, we see a small window resembling the window of a prison next to which we see a red blinking light in the shape of a heart.

There is a cross on top of the prison and behind its window, we see a naked, old, and senile woman.

Then the light of the Illuminati first shines on the window then on the walls of the prison, frightening the old woman who escapes backwards with her walking stick.

At the end of the scene, the prison wall begins to collapse and we see many tally marks drawn on it meaning that the old woman has been imprisoned here for a long time. Suddenly the old woman comes out of her menopause and begins to bleed due to having period.

This scene is one of the most complex scenes of the animation and needs to be analyzed in layers as well. In the first layer of the analysis we realize that this scene is pointing towards the sexual debauchery issue. The form of the building, which resembles a man’s genitalia, and the nakedness of the old woman confirm this notion.

In the second layer, the blinking heart-shaped light plays an important role.

The red blinking heart next to the prison window is pointing towards the heart of the Antichrist. Because as we had mentioned, the heart pictured in the scene of the classroom is anomalous and unnatural. Hence, in this scene as well, the red heart is the opposite of the holy heart and is in the sense of an evil and Antichrist’s heart.

On the other hand, the red blinking color is the symbol of brothels in many European and American cities, where whores are active and is called the Red-Light District. One of the well-known areas in this regard is the “Red Light District” in Amsterdam, Netherlands in which there are various brothels next to one another. In this scene of the animation, the red blinking light next to the prison window, means that the person inside is a prostitute.

For the third-layer analysis of this scene, we should point towards the tally marks on the prison wall.

These tally marks show that the promiscuous old woman has been in this prison for many years and the walking stick in her hand and her old senile face point to this fact as well.

In the fourth layer analysis of this scene of the animation, we should indicate that this part is pointing towards the tale of the “Whore of Babylon” in the Book of Revelations.

In chapter 17 of the Book of Revelations, it is said that: “One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters. With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.” Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. The name written on her forehead was a mystery: Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes, and of the abominations of the earth. I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. When I saw her, I was greatly astonished. Then the angel said to me: “Why are you astonished? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the seven heads and ten horns. The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and yet will come up out of the Abyss and go to its destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because it once was, now is not, and yet will come”.

Within many Christian denominations, it is believed that the whore of Babylon shall be freed once more at the time of the apocalypse and continue her corruption and prostitution. It seems that in this scene of the animation, the old woman who is the symbol of lust and debauchery is in the sense of the liberation of “The Whore of Babylon” at the end of time with the aid of the Illuminati. This is because when the light of the Illuminati shines on the walls of the prison, it causes their collapse. Furthermore, the old woman having her period at the time of her menopause means her rejuvenation and reactivation of her youth. Hence, various elements within this scene confirm its link with the Whore of Babylon and her rejuvenation and reactivation at the end of all time by the hands of the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

In the fifth layer analysis of this scene of the animation, they have tried to cryptically draw the attention of their Freemason and Illuminati audience towards the embodiment of the Whore of Babylon in the third millennia.The true embodiment of the Whore of Babylon in this age is none other than the corrupt, deviated, and Kabbalist American singer, Madonna! In truth, she is the personification of the Whore of Babylon in the third millennium era.

This female singer has crossed various red lines in corruption and debauchery and even today at the age of 61, she continues her illegitimate relations outside the circle of marriage. She even showed her pride towards such actions when they were uttered in television programs and still insisted on committing such shameful acts.

Madonna is also a Kabbalist and has vast relations with Zionist politicians around the world. In addition to her nefarious behavior, she has attempted to spread evil concepts as well.

Hence, Madonna is the most obvious manifestation of the Whore of Babylon in the time of Apocalypse who spreads corruption and destruction. In addition to her improper behavior and illegitimate sexual relations, she uses media tools to spread evil messages and behavioral corruption among youngsters and encourages them towards debauchery and depravity.

In the sixth layer of the analysis of this scene, we face an issue that strengthens the link between Madonna and the Whore of Babylon. In the animation developer’s website, the name of the old woman is “Madam Q” and in her description it is said that Madam Q’s problem is sex, which have been along with shameful affairs.

Although the expression “Madam Q” looks like a common one and in general refers to prostitutes, it gets fascinating when we know that Madonna herself released a music album titled Madam X in 2019, which has acquired a high rating in the famous music magazine called Q or Magazine Q. This high score of Madam X album in the Q magazine is very famous and has been cited on many websites.

Hence, it seems that the expression Madam Q, which is used for the character of the old woman in this animation is cryptically the short form of Madam X + Q. Via both the animation “I, Pet Goat 2” and music album “Madam X” in the Q magazine, this cryptic code is transmitting this message to all members of the Freemasons and Illuminati worldwide that they should pay more attention to Madonna’s works as a resource for other Masonic mysteries and codes, which we shall analyze in the next layer of this scene.

In the seventh layer of this scene of the animation, the messages sent by the Whore of Babylon through mass media has been indicated. One of the most important of these messages has been Madonna’s dance and performance in Super Bowl 2012’s half time in the United States of America.

This show in Super Bowl’s half time in the US is a very famous one and has been played back in a wide range of media and is performed by a famous American celebrity each year.

In 2012, Super Bowl’s half time dance and music show was performed by Madonna as the main singer alongside some alternative singers such as Nicki Minaj. Various Masonic messages were transmitted to Freemasonry and Illuminati followers worldwide during this ceremony.

In the first degree of importance, the dance and music ceremony of Super Bowl in the US in 2012 held a large significance, because in 2012 the Regulus star moved from the Leo or Lion constellation to the Virgo or Lady constellation after 2167 years. This event is very important in Masonic symbology and is in the sense of the beginning of the new Freemasonry age and large changes in Illuminati’s plans. Hence, assigning the task of performing this show in the US in that year to Madonna shows her high rank in the eyes of the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

In the next level of importance, we see that various symbols regarding the Whore of Babylon have been used in Madonna’s dress in this ceremony. At the beginning of the show, while a number of soldiers wearing ancient nations’ uniforms enter the scene, they carry a chariot in which Madonna is sitting wearing a horned crown.

There are treasures and glamorous items around her as she sits on the kingly golden seat to enter the scene and then starts performing. These scenes epitomize the Book of Revelations’ descriptions regarding the Whore of Babylon.

Furthermore, as the show continues, we see some dancing men wearing clothes resembling various old nations’ attires, start dancing around Madonna. These men are the symbols of kings in the Book of Revelations and this image demonstrates the level of infatuation with which the kings of various ancient nations had relations with the Whore of Babylon, as per the Book of Revelations.

In addition, in some parts of the ceremony we see the trio of Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A performing the show, which symbolizes the three goddesses, ladies, witches, weird sisters, or the Triquetra in pagan and infidel Illuminati beliefs.

Of course, the symbology regarding the Super Bowl 2012 and other years’ half time show in the USA is more extensive than what has been mentioned so far. For instance, in 2015, Katy Perry performed the Super Bowl half time show in which she entered the scene riding a large golden lion statue while holding its rein and singing. This notion symbolically shows the Virgo or Lady constellation’s triumph over the Leo or Lion constellation after 2012.

Certainly, the explanation of satanic and Masonic symbols in United States’ Super Bowl half time shows is beyond the scope of this discussion. In any case, it would generally seem that the Super Bowl half time show in 2012, which was performed by Madonna featuring Nicky Minaj and M.I.A, is a symbolic emphasis on Madonna’s role as the Whore of Babylon in the third millennia. She has been freed in the new age and has begun her wrongful deeds and spread of depravation while celebrating the world’s entry into the new Masonic age simultaneous with the passing of the Regulus star from the Leo constellation to the Virgo constellation.

Considering Madonna’s special role as the Whore of Babylon in the advancement of Freemasonry and Illuminati’s goals in the third millennia, some important cryptic messages have been transmitted to specific audiences through her music albums. In other words, although in the eyes of many people in the world Madonna is just a singer and dancer, her music albums contain hidden messages for members of the Freemasonry and Illuminati, which are transmitted to their specific audiences.For instance, in one of her music videos titled “Frozen”, various hidden messages are presented to the Masonic audience. The music video that was made in 1998 had various encrypted Masonic elements.

In this music video, Madonna is doing a dancing ritual with a black dress, which shifts to a black dog or a flock of crows.

This shape shifting is one of the most important elements associated with demons.

Furthermore, in many parts of this music video, there are three Madonna’s singing and dancing next to each other which is reminiscence of the three women, witches, ladies or the Triquetra in the painting “Three Women and Three Owls” by Juanita Guccione and also the play “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, all of which are pagan and infidel symbols.

Furthermore, the flight of crows through the sky is also a type of Masonic journey towards the satanic light of Illuminati, which was also depicted in Juanita Guccione’s painting.

The other important notion in this music video is the “Om” sign, which is the symbol of the seventh Chakra in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. This symbol is also linked with the Crown sefirot of the Kabbalah and the color purple. Hence, this sign being demonstrated by the Kabbalist Madonna is another indication that within her lyrics, she is asking for the Antichrist’s aid and wants him to reach the Kabballah tree’s Crown sefirot and crown himself in Jerusalem.

The other noteworthy point in the “Frozen” music video is that while all horizons are bright, the atmosphere gets dark or semi-dark in some parts and then lights up again.

This music video is shrewdly pointing towards the fluctuating light of the sun in the dark or semi-dark sky, which considering the bright horizon implies that an eclipse is happening.

Therefore, the music video is cryptically indicating the eclipse and its star, the Regulus star. This notion is in line with the symbols used in Juanita Guccione’s paintings as well as other content used in previous scenes of the animation.

But the most important cryptic symbology used in this music video is the reference to the Orion constellation, the Orion belt and most significantly the Sirius star as the most important star of the Canis Major constellation.Because this cryptic code is related to the events of September 11th 2001. In some part of the Frozen music video performed by Madonna we see that in the expanse of the sky, the Orion (or the Hunter) constellation is visible and the Sirius star from the Canis Major constellation is placed in line with Orion’s belt!

Sirius’ alignment with the three stars on the Orion belt mostly happens every year in September and we had alluded to it in the previous sections of our analysis of the animation I, Pet Goat 2, in which the director had cryptically pointed towards the link between the Canis Major and the Sirius star to the events of September 11th 2001.

Furthermore, the existence of a big dog in the Frozen music video is another cryptic reference to the Canis Major (or the Greater Dog) constellation and its famous star, Sirius.

It is fascinating that the color of this dog is black and corresponds with Harry Potter’s stories in which there is a character called Sirius black!

Thus, we can realize that the Frozen music video performed by Madonna, while corresponding with the Harry Potter stories, and the initial parts of this animation all share the same source and origin, and all of them transmit the same message to their members by the Illuminati.The aforementioned message is that the events on September 11th 2001, were done by Freemasonry and Illuminati in order to begin their apocalyptic operations for the inauguration of the Antichrist in the advent of the third millennia.

It is fascinating that the Frozen music video was made and published in 1998 meaning three years before the beginning of Illuminati’s movements in September 11th 2001. In truth the necessary codes for preparations of this event was sent to the members of the Illuminati via works such as the Frozen music video, Harry Potter stories, and so on.

Of course, in addition to visual symbols, the words used in Madonna’s Frozen music video again indicate the cryptic symbols used in this work. For instance, the name of this music video is in accord with the cold and frozen atmosphere at the end of all time. Furthermore, expressions that are seemingly addressing the love are in truth addressing the Illuminati and Freemasonry or in a better interpretation, addressing the Antichrist himself. These are all confirmations on the cryptic nature of all elements and pillars of the Frozen music video.

Thus, we realize that despite the fact that the director of the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation himself is a Freemason and member of the Illuminati, and he has hidden various secrets and codes within various information layers of this animation, he has also indicated other key Kabbalist characters in order to further develop the codes, create a more complex web of cryptic information, and send very important messages to his audience.

In this instance, Madonna is a Kabbalist on the one hand and has confessed to this notion various times by making large donations to Kabbalistic organizations. On the other hand, she is the embodiment of the Whore of Babylon and in addition to deep debauchery and depravity, she has had very good relations with the corrupt leaders of the world such as Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu and thus, has gained the attention of this animation’s director with a special scene devoted to her.

Of course, it seems that soon with the destruction of Freemasonsry and Illuminati’s plans, the remnants of depravity and corruption of followers of Satan shall fade from earth and evil and corrupt singers such as Madonna and her imitators shall burn deep within fires of Hell.

In the next scene, we see the Antichrist exiting the mouth of the cave and entering an area filled with the Illuminati light. Meanwhile, the cave’s ceiling is collapsing.This means that in the view of the Freemasons and other followers of the devil, the Illuminati light melts the ice and destroys the frozen state of the end of all time.

The other important point in this scene is that there are two pillars of ice in the cave’s entry, which have spiraled up to its ceiling. These two pillars resemble the helical DNA and symbolically indicate that the time of the Antichrist’s rise and rebirth is close after his awakening from his thousand years of slumber.

In the next part of the animation, there are two sequential scenes that although may seem different, they have a very close connection in terms of the meaning they convey. For this reason, we shall analyze them in conjunction.

In the beginning of these two sequential scenes, we see the blue child or “L’enfant Bleu” character about whom we shall speak more in the next scenes, is still dancing around the fire while wearing a mask, which resembles the ancient Indian goddess Kali.

In the next scene, we face a different atmosphere. In this space there are many neat and smartly dressed men wearing suits and holding a briefcase in their hands as they are standing in various orderly rows. In this instance, suddenly the Antichrist rises above the group of men standing in rows while yawning, and with a flick of his hands destroys them all.

Since these aforementioned sequential scenes are related to each other, we shall discuss their elements and parts in order and sequence as well.

First, we will discuss the first scene. Since in this scene, the “Kali” character has a very significant role, we need to explain this character and its importance in Masonic and Illuminati symbology in more depth. Although speaking about ancient India’s goddesses is difficult because they may have a different place in alternative Hindu sects’ beliefs and dogma, we can present some general information about many famous Indian goddesses.

“Kali” is a goddess in Hindu beliefs who is a symbol of the feminine side of the world’s creation and is considered as the great mother goddess. Kali is known as the goddess of time, change, transformation, creation and destruction.

On the other hand, taking into account its relation with the word Kalaka, which means “dark blue”, she is depicted as a blue colored goddess with a third eye in the center of her forehead.

Kali is also known as the owner of fire and in many images, a halo of fire has been illustrated around her.

Furthermore, in Hindu beliefs, the Kali goddess is known as the spouse of the deity “Shiva”.

In truth, Kali and Shiva complement one another. In a way that in Hindu myths, the unbalance or Kali’s excessive power brought the world to the brink of destruction. However, with Shiva’s intervention, she regretted her choice and changed her mind.

Considering the close relation between Shiva and his spouse, Kali in Hindu beliefs and the link between this point and the rest of our discussion, we shall further speak about the deity Shiva.

Shiva is considered a great deity in Hindu beliefs. He is the god of divine energy, meditation, dance, time, change and revolution, creation, and destruction. As you can see, many of Shiva’s attributes are common with his spouse Kali in Hindu beliefs. These two deities are the complementing male and female poles and share many characteristics.

Among Shiva’s characteristics, it has been mentioned that he has a third eye in his forehead and is depicted in blue color in many paintings.

Shiva is the god of yoga and yoga is considered as a part of worshipping him.

However, the important notion regarding Shiva and his spouse Kali is both of them are known as a symbol of Satan in devil worshipping beliefs. To an extent that in the famous devil-worshipping book titled “The Satanic Bible”, Shiva and Kali are considered as infernal names and are deities of destruction on the same level as Satan or Lucifer.

Though in the Satanic Bible’s text, Kali is mentioned as Shiva’s daughter, which is a wrong claim, and in Indian legends, Kali is Shiva’s spouse.

Considering the presented explanations, we can now conduct a layer-by-layer analysis of the aforementioned scenes. In the first layer analysis of the first scene, we can point to the fact that there is a link established between the evil Indian goddess Kali and the fire flame, which is in line with infidel Hindu beliefs.

On the other hand, the blue child or L’enfant Bleu has a connection with the Hindu goddess Kali and her blue body color in Indian myths.With regards to, the blue child in particular, it is mentioned on the animation maker’s website that he is the “Keeper of the Flame”. This notion adds another link between the blue child and Kali.

In the second layer analysis of this scene while considering the next scene, we realize that Kali is the goddess of destruction. Her indication in this part of the animation is in line with the Antichrist’s destructive characteristics in Apocalypse. In a way that in the next scene, the Antichrist’s presence causes the destruction of the current world order and establishment of the new world order.

In the third layer of this scene, one of the important beliefs of Freemasons regarding the world and the order governing it has been indicated. Demonstration of Kali as she is dancing is in fact pointing towards the dance of Shiva, her opposite pole as well.

Both these deities symbolically indicate a part of Freemason’s beliefs regarding the world order and management, based on classic and modern physics.

Considering the fact that this discussion requires a very high attention to details, in this section, we will primarily explain some seemingly unrelated topics, which are in fact quite related to our discussion. Hence, we begin with some laws of physics:

According to the law of Conservation of Mass-Energy, “total amount of matter and energy in the world is stable. Matter and energy convert into one another, but do not diminish.”

Furthermore, according to the principle of Mass-Energy Equivalence, energy equals mass times the speed of light squared or E=mc2.

But what is the relation between knowing these laws of physics and the beliefs of Freemasons and Illuminati?

In order to answer this question, first it is better to look at the content written in Masonry publications regarding Masonic beliefs:

“It has been proven that the god who created and could destroy everything and surrounds the universe is in fact energy” (A.G.E. P. 54)

“Freemasons have described the concept of the great architect of the universe based on contemporary science and superior perfection as follows: all creatures of the world that are consisted of definite particles and atoms, are parts of the total absolute energy. Considering the principle of Conservation of Mass-Energy, it is proven that nothing perishes due to interaction between materials and the changes caused by movement of atoms, are superficial in nature. Freemasonry has accepted this principle and foundation as a doctrine, thesis, belief, and faith.” (Mason Publication, No. 82.5, 1971, P. 20)

“The emergence of thoughts regarding the endurance of souls is as old and worn as the belief on the existence of god”. (Mimar Sinan Publication, No. 24, P. 32)

As you observed, Freemason groups also claim to believe in a supreme being similar to divine religions so as to lessen the sensitivity of religious groups towards themselves. They call this superior being the “Great Architect of the Universe” or the “Supreme Being”.

Contrary to the alluring veneer of the above expressions, none of them are related to the magnificent God. The Supreme Being or the Great Architect of the Universe, is the same as the “balance within the world of creation” or the “energy creating the balance in the world of creation” in deviated Masonic views. This thought is quite similar to views governing infidel schools of thought such as ancient Egypt’s school of thought.

What is the relation between the law of Conservation of Mass-Energy, and similar laws of physics, to Freemasonry beliefs? Is their belief in the Great Architect of the Universe, which is shown with the letter G in Masonic symbols, in the sense of their belief in metaphysical beings?

Then what becomes of Masonic materialism? Doesn’t Masonic materialism oppose beliefs in metaphysical beings?

How come that Freemasons have alluded to lack of beliefs in angels and the God, but there are various hints regarding their belief in Lucifer or Satan as well as the goddesses of ancient nations?

The answers to these questions are attainable through the use of the aforementioned publication and Freemasons’ abuse of the law of Conservation of Mass-Energy. The answer is that Freemasons believe in Satan or Lucifer, jinns, and demons.Because they count Lucifer and jinns as material.

Furthermore, deities of ancient nations that have usually been depicted in blue color in remaining paintings, calligraphies, and statues from old ages, are all symbols of jinns and demons that appeared among ancient nations’ priests and brought them to corruption and ruin.

In truth, the global Freemasonry respects the ancient nations’ infidel symbols that relate to the devil, in line with keeping connection with Lucifer or Satan in the current age. Because, they believe that the jinns, demons, and in particular the Satan himself are in fact the goddesses of the ancient infidel nations that introduced themselves as the Creator and God among infidel and idolator nations of ancient Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, Northern and Southern America as well as in the presence of the priests. They did so by using their power of teleportation and covering thousands of kilometers within minutes.

But do the Freemasons and Illuminati believe in God, angles, metaphysical affairs? In one word, no! In principle, the horizon of Masonic and Illuminati beliefs is matter. Meaning that Freemasons accept jinns, demons, and the Satan or Lucifer himself as material beings. However, they have no belief in the God, angles, and incorporeal beings. Because in their views these issues and topics are fantasies and are not explainable within the mass and energy framework.

But what is the reason for counting jinns, demons, and in particular the Satan himself as material in Masonic views? How does the Masonic materialism that sees everything as matter through the “All Seeing Eye”, accept the devil and his fellow demons as material beings?

In the eyes of some Illuminati and Freemasonry groups as well as some divine Christian denominations, Satan, Lucifer or the devil is sometimes considered as a separate being from demons or Satanic Jinns and at other times, he is considered at the same level as demons.

However, the point that holds value in Freemasonry and Illuminati beliefs is that Satan is known as the Illuminati “Light Bearer”. In any case, Freemasons and Illuminati have taken advantage of laws of particle physics and its equations in order to justify their belief in Satan and Demons.

In this regard, one of the fields that has repeatedly drawn Freemasonry and Illuminati’s attention is the “Pair Production-Pair Annihilation” theorem in particle physics.

Fundamentally speaking this subject involves the field of “matter” and “antimatter”. For example, electron is a matter particle that is shown with e- while positron is an antimatter particle that is shown with e+ sign.

Pair annihilation is described as when the collision and combination of an electron e- and positron e+ results in the creation of two gamma ray type photons under specific physical conditions.

In reverse, pair production is described as the production of an electron (e-) and a positron (e+) as a result of the collision of two gamma rays under certain physical circumstances.

However, pair production and pair annihilation are not limited to electrons and positrons. Other elementary or fundamental particles such as protons have a relative antimatter as well and pair production and pair annihilation are applicable to them as well.

But what is the importance of pair production and pair annihilation in Masonry and Illuminati beliefs as well as the materialistic Satanism?

This theorem is important for Freemasonry and Illuminati from some perspectives. First, by citing this theorem in particle physics, they believe that similar to the way matter can turn into energy and energy can turn into matter according to these equations, accepting jinns and the Satan is compatible with Masonic materialism. Because if we consider Lucifer as the luciferian light, he can turn into both matter and antimatter and hence can be considered as a material being like demons, jinns and humans in Freemasonry views. In other words, in the eyes of Freemasons, humans and jinns are the equivalents of matter and antimatter and their combination creates the luciferian light!!!

It is essential to note that antimatter is very similar to matter. It has mass, electric charge, magnetic properties, and so on. Its difference with its corresponding matter is in electric charge and magnetic properties! Hence, believing in antimatter is a materialistic belief.

Considering the above content, we can say that jinns and demons are antimatter and are considered as another form of matter in Freemasonry and Illuminati’s views, which means they have no contradiction with Masonic materialism. However, the magnificent God, angles, Heaven and Hell are not considered as energy that can be turned into matter or antimatter in Masonic convictions, and for this reason they are not accepted by Freemasonry and Illuminati.

The second point regarding the “pair annihilation and pair production” theorem is that as a result of the collision between matter and antimatter particles, two illuminated particles, meaning gamma-ray photons are created. In Freemasonry views, the two initial particles (matter and antimatter) are the equivalent of the worlds of humans and jinns or demons, respectively.

Correspondingly, as a result of the union of humans and jinns, which are considered the equivalents of matter and antimatter, two photons or gamma-ray particles are discharged that are considered the luciferian light!

However, this light is made of matter, or in other words, it is a light that can return to matter or antimatter form

and differs from the light that is mentioned in divine books regarding the God, His empyrean, the angels, and so on!

The important point that needs to be noted here is that this type of light particle, which is a result of the collision between the electron and the positron or matter and antimatter, is made of gamma rays (g).

The word “” in Greek is the equivalent of the letter “G” in Masonic symbology which stands for the “Great Architect of the Universe” in English!!!

In other words, there is an exact and tight connection between the (g) rays, the famous letter G in Masonic logos and lodges, and the cryptic Masonic expression “Great Architect of the Universe” concerning the creator of the world. Of course, this does not mean that all the activities of Freemasons have been based on science and physics since centuries ago. With the passage of time, pagans, Satanists and Freemasons have abused various subjects by linking their infidel symbols to them. This is true in particular considering the fact that they had a shrewd and evil teacher such as Lucifer who has endeavored to deviate and deceive Freemasonry leaders and infidel ancient nations’ priests by teaching and revealing various mysteries to his followers in different times and places.

Considering what has been said, we can fully understand the meaning of hereunder expressions regarding Freemasons’ views on the creator of the world:

“It has been proven that the god who created and could destroy everything and surrounds the universe is in fact energy” (A.G.E. P. 54)

“Freemasons have described the concept of the great architect of the universe based on contemporary science and superior perfection as follows: all creatures of the world that are consisted of definite particles and atoms, are parts of the total absolute energy. Considering the principle of Conservation of Mass-Energy, it is proven that nothing perishes due to interaction between materials and the changes caused by the movement of atoms, are superficial in nature. Freemasonry has accepted this principle and foundation as a doctrine, thesis, belief, and faith.” (Mason Publication, No. 82.5, 1971, P. 20)

Yes, friends! Freemasons accept a form of energy as the creator that itself has the potential to turn into matter! In other words, Freemasonry’s belief in creation and existence of humans and jinns is heathenish and accompanied by the denial of incorporeal concepts, like God, and angels. This fact is attainable with decryption of Masonic scriptures.

It is important to note however, that Freemasons’ such seemingly scientific justifications regarding their beliefs will not make much headway and the creation of the world cannot be explained solely based on the aforementioned formula. Because there are many important and inexplicable factors left in this field. For instance, according to the mentioned formulae, the amount of matter and antimatter in the world should be equal. However, there is still no evidence regarding this notion in physics and it has only been mentioned as an unsolved problem titled the “Baryon Asymmetry”. In practice, no proven answer has been found to various current ambiguities.

Thus, it seems that Freemasons’ citation of the law of “Conservation of Mass-Energy” and the Pair Production-Pair Annihilation theorem in particle physics is solely a pretext for the justification of heathenish and materialistic claims of Freemasons and modern Satanism. Furthermore, the attribution of humans and jinns to matter and antimatter is just a symbolism and in reality, there are many questions, ambiguities, and contradictions in this regard. Particularly we see no evidence on creation of gamma rays as a result of contact between humans and angels (jinns). This fact is not observable in people possessed by demons neither. In addition, Freemasons’ use of symbols such as the letter G, the expression Great Architect of Universe and the explanations attributed to them are not facts but fabrications and justifications made based on the teachings and inspirations of the cursed Satan.

However, is there further proof of Masonic thoughts’ intervention in scientific institutions and organizations involved in particle physics?

Yes, there are various factors indicating the presence of infidel and pagan symbols in scientific institutes that are active in fundamental particle physics, some of which can be specified below:

1- In the book and movie titled “Angels and Demons”, written by the famous author Dan Brown who has ties with Freemasonry, the antimatter is stolen from the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN in order to explode and demolish the Vatican. This act has no significant or convincing reason.

There was no need for such complexities in the narrative or scenario of this film. Such explosion could have been created using TNT, handmade bombs, or for greater effect with nuclear or hydrogen bombs.

In particular, such amount of antimatter as accounted by the book and the movie has neither ever been stored in reality nor is transportable. Therefore, this mysterious complexity in the scenario primarily seems very odd.

However, in truth the application of the word “antimatter” in the movie “Angels and Demons” is a “code word”, which was issued for audiences who are the followers of Freemasonry and Illuminati while cryptically indicating the role of CERN in aiding the postulation of Masonic beliefs.

2- There is an official music video called “Symmetry”, which is a trailer for a short film with the same name in 2015 and was published by the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN in Switzerland. In this video, the scientists, workers, and other people are in the midst of a peculiar dance.

In one of the scenes, a white male scientist in white clothes is dancing in a disheveled state within a circle.

A black female person in black clothes is seen walking around.

The film itself has hidden Masonic elements within that are beyond the scope of this discussion. However, the way the scientists dance, is similar to the way Indian deities Shiva and Kali dance of destruction.

Furthermore, the aforementioned white male scientist, dancing within the circle is the symbol of matter and the black female person, who has all the opposing features of the scientist, is the symbol of antimatter.

In truth the male scientist is the electron, the female person in black is the positron, and if they touch, gamma rays or the luciferian light shall be created.

On the other hand, the location of the female black person, relative to the scientist’s position within the circle, is very similar to the state of the Regulus star relative to the sun, which was observed in previous symbols. Hence, it seems that within the symbolic images of electron and positron as they are preparing to collide, the Regulus star symbology has been used as well.

From another perspective, there is a serious question, which states that logically speaking, what is the relation between the most advanced fundamental particles research institution and such peculiar scenes such as the dance of destruction and hidden Masonic symbols used in this video clip and corresponding images?! The answer to this question can clearly explain the relation between the Illuminati and Freemasonry with the CERN research institute.

3- The other important point in confirmation of the previous ones is that in the main square of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in the heart of Europe, there is a statue of the evil Indian god Shiva in a dancing pose!

Truly, what is the relation and connection between CERN and the Indian deity Shiva, whose name in the Satanic Bible has been used as an infernal god equal to Satan?

What is the infidel and pagan symbol of ancient India doing in the heart of Europe and one of the top research institutes of the world? Yes! It seems that male Shiva who is the Indian deity and god of destruction, has been used in CERN to complement his spouse Kali who is the Indian female deity and goddess of destruction!

The presence of the infidel Shiva statue in CERN’s central square is itself a conformation of the fact that aside from the scientific and practical dimensions of CERN, this institute is serving the evil and heathenish goals of Illuminati and theorization of the deviated beliefs of this order.

One of the other subjects that confirms Freemasonry and Illuminati’s misusage of fundamental physics research in institutes such as CERN, is an evil mock up sacrifice ritual that was done in a dark night in front of the statue of deity Shiva in the central square of CERN. In this ritual, a number of students wore clothes like those of pagan and Satanist cults in the dark of the night and symbolically sacrificed one of their fellow female classmates.

Although this sacrifice was symbolic and no harm came to the girl and CERN officially denied its support of the ritual,the question remains that why should such an ancient infidel ritual be done in the main square of CERN, such a famous research institute?

Aren’t there any CCTV security cameras controlling people’s commute within the premises of such a famous and strategic institute at a world class level? How could these students conduct the ritual for ten to fifteen minutes without any attempts for interruptions being made by CERN’s security team?

Hence, it would seem that CERN’s official denial of supporting this ritual/ changes nothing. Because if there were any intentions of stopping this ritual, the security team could have stopped the ritual in less than five minutes.

These and many other ambiguities in this regard, create serious suspicions in the hidden goals and intentions of a research institute such as CERN.

The aforementioned facts clearly demonstrate that events taking place within CERN and similar institutes are beyond the scope of official tests and this institute serves the postulation of deviated heathenish beliefs of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

After mentioning such details with regards to Freemasons’ beliefs in the field of physics and its symbolic connection with goddess Kali and deity Shiva, we shall now return to the analysis of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation’s scenes.

As we had touched upon before, goddess Kali and deity Shiva, which are known in Indian myths and also within the Satanic Bible as the deities of creation and destruction, have a symbolic connection with the Pair Production-Pair Annihilation theorem.

In a way that the dance of these two deities is called the “Dance of Destruction”, which is the reason why the statue of Shiva in the central square of CERN is assuming a dancing pose.

In current scenes of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation as well, the blue child wearing the mask of goddess Kali, is doing a dance of destruction. Because Kali’s dance of destruction complements Shiva’s dance of destruction and with the connection of these two rituals, the process of destruction begins!

Furthermore, according to Indian myths and Masonic beliefs, considering that both deities are gods of creation as well, a new creation shall begin by these deities after the destruction is complete.

These concepts are another way of stating Ordo Ab Chao. Because Ordo Ab Chao also means order from chaos. In addition, it means creation from within destruction.

Hence, the dance of the blue child wearing Kali’s mask is another emphasis on the slogan Ordo Ab Chao. Immediately in the next scene, we see neat rows of smartly dressed people being suddenly destroyed by the Antichrist’s yawn.

There is a point regarding the scene in which the Antichrist’s yawn destroys the well-organized rows of people and that is the concept of gradual awaking before becoming fully awake. This scene is in the sense that close to the Antichrist’s full awakening, the current world order will tremble and destroy.

On the other hand, the well-organized rows of smartly dressed people are completely similar to how Chinese soldiers have lined up in the famous ancient monument the Terracotta Army. The Terracotta Army is a famous ancient Chinese funerary art in which thousands of clay sculptures of soldiers were made to protect the mausoleum of the Emperor.

The similarities in the way the smartly dressed people stand with the way the sculptures of soldiers in the Terracotta Army are lined up, is symbolically in the sense that the stablished current economic world order, which was gradually being created by China shall be destroyed by the hands of the Antichrist and China’s economy and policies that were gradually dictating its dominance to the world shall suddenly be demolished.

Considering that this scene occurs concurrently with Antichrist’s yawn, it would seem that there is not much space in the time between the collapse of the world economic order led by China and the Antichrist’s inauguration in Jerusalem. The global Freemasonry shall destroy the stablished world economic order led by China shortly before executing the “deal of the century” and Antichrist’s inauguration in Jerusalem in order to establish the new world order from within this chaos, centered in Jerusalem.

There is some evidence which shows that the global freemasonry’s decision to cause a vast global Chaos during 2019, 2020, and 2021 serious, and the “Ordo Ab Chao” process is being pursed exceptionally seriously. Causing disorder, Chaos, and anarchy all around the world, such as contentions and anarchies in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, the United States, Germany, France, Belarus, and other regions is a part of the “organized collapse and disorder plan” of the Current World Order to cause fluctuation all over the planet and establish the New World Order in Jerusalem or Beit al-Maqdis.

Surprisingly, a new music video from “Marilyn Manson” -the American Satanist singer and composer- was published in 2020, which is aligned with this vast program and is called “We are Chaos”! Also, a global disappointment due to the “Coronavirus” outbreak is mentioned in the lyrics, which Marilyn Manson encourages his audience to cause Chaos.

One of the most significant points in this music video is the complex and complicated encryptions that coordinate with the “I Pet Goat 2” animation. As an example, in addition to the name of this music video, “We are Chaos,” which is coordinated with the famous 33rd masonic motto “Ordo Ab Chao,” incredible coordination is seen in several scenes of the music video and several scenes of the animation.

For example, Marilyn Manson’s exit from the cavernous mouth to a bloody sea is similar to the “antichrist’s exit” from a cave opening in the “I Pet Goat 2” animation, which is discussed in the next scenes.

Also, the expression “Maybe I’m just a mystery … I could end up your misery” and “Maybe I’m just a mystery … I could be your misery” both mention antichrist’s mutual interaction with his advocates and enemies who plays the role of a friend to one side and enemy to another side.

On the other hand, showing a child in blue cloth points to the “blue child” or “L’Enfant Bleu” issue, which will be discussed in the topics regarding this character and his secret connection with Satan itself.

Overall, the “Ordo Ab Chao” plan is officially initiated and Satan’s followers throughout the world are constructing to advance this motto so that this global Chaos will facilitate the “deal of the century” (Trump peace plan) and the establishment of the global government (global state) with Jerusalem as the capital.

Following the mentioned complicated sequences, in the next scene we see the Draco character which is the serpentine dragon and a representation of the devil, quickly escapes from Ludovic’s side and hides.

Ludovic then stands up, stares at the horizon, and starts moving with determined eyes.

Ludovic’s blue eyes indicate that he is a western youngster. His name symbology, as was indicated in previous scenes, refers to his connection with Christianity. This scene means that these young western Christians whose minds have been brainwashed after being deceived and allured for so long by Draco (the devil), shall determinedly line up in the armies of the false Christ (the Antichrist) under the illusion that they are facilitating the resurrection of the Christ (blessings upon him).

Unfortunately, such events have been taking place for decades, and many Evangelical Christians who are eager for the return of Christ, are serving the evil Masonic armies such as the US army and NATO who are supporters of the Antichrist. Hence, they are unknowingly losing their lives for supporting the Antichrist, instead of serving the Christ (blessings upon him).

In the next scene, we see the Skullduggery character holding a pair of wooden sticks in his hands, moving them like an orchestra conductor in tune with the soundtrack of the animation.

We then see the innocent dead face of Aali wearing the clothes of Turkish Bektashi Sufi Order while unconsciously whirling around himself. As he is rotating similar to the Sufi Whirling, he ascends the broken ceiling of Hagia Sophia mosque and soars through the sky.

In this instance, the camera turns and shows a larger view of the surroundings. In this view, we see other symbols representing various Islamic lands in addition to Aali’s dance over the Hagia Sophia mosque.

This scene contains various elements that we shall examine in layers. In the first layer, we need to remind you that Skullduggery is in the sense of fraud, trickery, and deceit in politics, economics, and culture. According to the opinions of experts, his significant embodiment in the beginning of the third millennia is Donald Trump, the president of the USA himself.

It seems that in this scene, it is inferred that Freemasons also intend to turn the Islamic resistance into a futile submissive and secular Islam, much like the Islam supported in Turkey, using the Trump era America’s movements and endeavors.

In other words, the Aali character is the symbol of the oppressed people of Yemen and other groups of the Islamic resistance, which has been depicted in a dead form. This means that America is trying to end the Islamic resistance in the Trump era and replace it with a semi-Turkish submissive secular one all over the world of Islam.

In the second layer analysis of this scene of the animation, we see a number of buildings in concentric circles, forming a bright and illuminous ring around an empty area. In the center of the surrounded area, a Masonic Obelisk is exhibited.

This foul demonstration is shrewdly alluding to the revered Mecca and Holy Kaaba, the Muslim’s Qibla, and its surrounding buildings, which are seen encompassing in concentric circles, in the darkness of night and in distant aerial image.

However, the director’s foul act is that in place of the cubic sacred house of Kaaba, he has depicted an obelisk.

Furthermore, we see that the Holy Mosque or Masjdalharam’s court is empty! This insulting image indicates that Freemasonry and Illuminati are trying to replace Kaaba, the Muslim’s holy Qibla, with heathenish and infidel symbols and rituals and to demonstrate a deviated version of Islam to Muslims worldwide while abandoning holy Islamic rituals.

In the third layer analysis of this scene of the animation, we see symbols of other Islamic lands besides Hagia Sophia and the Holy Mosque or Masjidalharam.

For instance, we see images of the ziggurat of Babylon that is a symbol of Baghdad, the tall skyscrapers that are symbols of United Arab Emirates, or the gate-shaped buildings that are a symbol of Bahrain.

Furthermore, we see strings of the Masonic light shining from Hagia Sophia’s door in Istanbul on all these countries and lands.

This image means that the submissive and secular Turkish Islam is supposed to be established across all Islamic lands.

Now the fourth layer of the analysis for this scene is the most complicated and peculiar one. As the camera is turning, we see the apparent schematic of Islamic lands in this scene resembles a phoenix whose wings are on fire and the tips of the flames have been spread around. In truth, the concentric position of the buildings that are a sign of Mecca and Kaaba, looks like the phoenix’ eye, beak and crown, Hagia Sophia is its heart, and other pieces of land spread around water resemble the phoenix’s wings that have caught on fire!

It seems this layer of the scene is indicating that much like the way that phoenix catches on fire to create a new phoenix,

Islamic lands will also collapse and burn so that out of their ashes a new phoenix shall rise in the form of a modern Middle East.

The result of this resurrected Middle East is the death of Islamic resistance and establishment of the secular and futile Islam. All of the aforementioned are Freemasonry and Illuminati’s illusions that God willing shall never see the light of day, which we shall further describe later on.



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