I, Pet Goat 2.99:The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020) (part 1 and 2)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

In this series of analysis, we begin with various important discussions about an animation called “I, Pet Goat 2”. This animation is very important in terms of symbolism and the analysis of apocalyptic studies.

I, Pet Goat 2.99

There is ample evidence that the creator of the animation has introduced himself as a teacher, a Masonic mystery teacher, and has attempted to convey messages in a subtle, subliminal way and broadcast them to Masonic audiences around the world.

The important point here is that much of the content in this animation has come true over the years, indicating that the animation is of great strategic importance in the world of Freemasons and Illuminati.

I, Pet Goat 2.99

There is a lot of evidence about the importance of this animation and its secrets, which we will explore in further sections of this animation’s analysis. However, we should mention some things first. The company behind the production of this animation is called HELiOPHANT. A look at the company’s website however, reveals a peculiar logo.

For instance, in this logo, the point on the letter “i” has been slightly diverted to the right and is approaching the letter O, which we shall further discuss in depth. Certainly, the designers of this logo did not design it this way just for no reason. Furthermore, HELiOPHANT has certain coded meanings. These will be discussed later as well.

The animation “I, Pet Goat 2” was released internationally around 2012 and received several international awards. Nevertheless, it was not broached as well as it should have been, over the years.

The first significant study of the animation, was done after the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral fire, in April 2019, which of course, this occurrence, after seven years is not without reason or purpose.

A number of individuals and institutions have done studies of symbols, decoding, and renderings of this animation.  However, many of these seemingly analytical films are either poorly made, or sometimes decoded by the secret societies themselves.

This is why a very superficial and deceptive decoding has taken place, which has deviated the audience away from the true story. While the main messages discussed in this animation, are those that are referred to as subliminal, and exist in multiple layers of context, many analyzes have not addressed these complex issues.

I, Pet Goat 2.99

Another very important point to note is that many of the analyzes that come with this animation are very closed and brief, giving the impression that analyzing the animation has taken only less than half an hour! In truth, it takes 4 to 5 hours, and even more to fully examine its various dimensions.

In addition, it is interesting that each symbol used in this animation has multiple layers. Therefore, as we analyze this animation, we will refer to all the layers of each symbol per scene. This is to say that an icon does not merely refer to a single message; rather an icon may have five or six encrypted layers.

On the other hand, the making of this seven-minute animation took 4 years. This shows that the process of creating this animation was a very clever one.  Indeed, taking such a long time to make an animation of about seven minutes is due to the maximization of the concentration of messages within these symbols.

The question whether the director of this animation, is a Freemason, a member of the Illuminati, or a Christian believer, may not be answered at the outset.  But in the end, we can well understand that the maker of this animation is most likely himself a high-profile Illuminati, or a Freemason, and introduces himself as a Masonic tutor, which we shall address further.

We shall continue to reveal that over the years and especially around 2019 and 2020, important messages have been transmitted to Freemasonry and Illuminati members worldwide through this animation.  Anyone who has been linked to this cult, has received the relevant messages by means of this animation beforehand, and have deciphered these codes, which is nothing new or strange.

Take Ajax Operation as an instance. The Operation took place in Iran during the coup of August 19th, 1953, and when Dr. Mossadegh’s government was in power.

His government collapsed in the aftermath of a successful coup, by American and British mercenaris in Iran. Interestingly enough, the coup’s operation was coded, via a simple radio message, announced by BBC Radio four nights in advance.  All those involved in the coup, the rioters, people acting in the streets, such as Shaaban Bi Mokh, or people like Gen. Fazlollah Zahedi, were made aware of when the coup was due to begin, by hearing just one sentence through BBC Radio, 96 hours ahead of the time. As a result, they knew that their duties had begun to advance the goals of the coup.

The coup’s code phrase was “It is now exactly midnight.” All those involved in the coup understood that it was the code of the coup’s operation.  Because Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the former king of Iran, had declared to foreign supporters of the coup, such as the United States and Britain, that he had no confidence in their support for the coup. Hence, if the coup was to take place, BBC Radio’s host should have read, “it is now exactly 12 at midnight” instead of “now it’s 12 at midnight” so that he can trust that the necessary coordination has been done. To confirm this, BBC Radio also added the word “exactly” that night, in contrast with how the host usually announced the time.

Thus, sending messages through codes is not something new, and this fact has been well documented. In most cases, the code is exchanged through very simple and intangible communication tools, such as an animation, a film, seemingly ordinary sentences in the news, and today with tweets, Instagram posts, etc. A very simple sentence, in itself, may have codes that we will deal with, of course.

For instance, Code 52, which was transmitted by Donald Trump before the military confrontation between Iran and the US in year 2020, to other members of the global Freemasonry and Illuminati. We shall address this code in due course. Nevertheless, it was essential to mention these facts regarding the animation before the main part of the analysis began.

Analysis of the main parts of the animation

First and foremost, the name of the company that created the animation should be scrutinized more precisely.  The name of the animation company is HELiOPHANT.

But what does HELiOPHANT mean? HELiOPHANT is a Greek-Roman phrase, consisting of two parts, HELIO meaning the sun, and FANT meaning the word, which combined mean “the word of the sun”. Now what the expression “the word of the sun” means may not be understandable at the outset and thus, we will refer to it at the end of our analysis.

However, in general, the term “sun” refers to Ra, the sun god in ancient Egypt, which is also a favorite of Freemasons and the Illuminati and quite relevant to the city of Jerusalem.

What this relationship is about, will be well understood at the end of the animation analysis.  In addition to HELiOPHANT’s first layer of meaning, which is “the word of the sun”, the word HELiOPFANT has another meaning as well. The other concept relates to the grand tarot cards, known as Major Arcana or the Grand Tarot. Tarot cards are a series of cards used for astrology, entertainment, or the use in mysterious and cryptic rituals by secret societies.

The use of certain types of tarot cards, notably the Thoth Tarot, based on the famous satanist Aleister Crowley’s book “The Book of Thoth”, and the Raider-Waite Tarot, is well known among the secret groups, masonic societies and Illuminati.

Tarot cards are classified into two types: Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. Major Arcana cards consist of a series of cards, called “trump” cards, which have a name similar to Donald Trump’s last name.

It is amazing to know, these cards have been called triumph or trump cards since the 15th century, and they do not even belong to the current century. Surely, the connections between Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and other Illumianti members, with characters of the Grand Tarot, or tarot trump cards, will be discussed in detail in the final sections of the animation analysis.

Considering the discussion on the tarot cards, a very important notion regarding the name of the animation company is the existence of a card called Hierophant.  Although Hierophant is not exactly 100 percent phonetically similar to the word HELiOPHANT (the name of the animation company), there is a strong phonetic similarity between the two terms. Furthermore, the word HELiOPHANT is well known among people familiar with masonic and Illuminati symbols, reminiscent of the Hierophant tarot card. This style of encryption and decryption has been done before. In other words, Hierophant and HELiOPHANT are phonetically similar, and each brings the other to mind. Hence, in the second layer of decoding the term HELiOPHANT, similar to the Hierophant card, we arrive at the Major Arcana, and we must discover its secret meanings based on this kind of connection.

In Major Arcana, and in a card called Hierophant, there is a figure sitting on a preaching pulpit. The meaning of the word Hierophant is master and mentor.

Hierophants, or saints, were or are those who would enter ritual meetings, and interpreting the sacraments to individuals. These people, the Hierophants, were the ones who, as the religious leader of the secret rituals, were responsible for holding the secret rituals. Surprisingly, the Hierophants were allowed to reveal their views or confidential secrets to those who were deemed purified, or alternatively to remove those who they considered untrustworthy from their circle. Hierophants, then, have long been famous, and have played their role as teachers in secret and cryptic rituals.

Given this explanation, in addition to calling itself the “the word of sun,” it seems that the animation company is introducing itself as a Masonic leader, an Illuminati master, and a cryptic mystery teacher. It must divulge Masonic secrets to those who know the order, and keep it away from those who are not trustworthy. That is why the company is named HELiOPHANT, in correspondence with Hierophant.  This is precisely what the director of the animation has done; placing burnt, banal, and pre-empted information in the first layers, for ordinary people, to prevent them from reaching the deeper layers.  In the deeper layers, he has taught the core information to Freemasonry and Illuminati members around the world, providing them with Masonic plans in the form of codes.

Nonetheless, in the third layer, there is another important point in the logo of the animation company! As you can see, in the logo of the animation company, and in the word HELiOPHANT, all the English letters are capital letters. In spite of this, the letter “i” is dotted. Furthermore, the point on the letter “i” is also peculiar, and it is angled between letters i and O. This kind of seemingly incorrect, or unexpected, use of letters and numbers is a common way of recognizing where to decrypt the coded information, in decoding of the alphabetical codes!  In fact, this kind of writing reminds the target audience of the director of animation that this unusual alphabet contains an important password, and the audience must decode accordingly. Here, too, the presence of the point on the letter i next to O, in the HELiOPHANT expression, which is written in all capital letters, while i is unexpectedly dotted, points to a very important code.

This point on the letter “i”, which is deviated over to O, is the symbol of the “Regulus” star, which is frequently mentioned in this animation, and will be decoded in later sections of the animation analysis. But in this section, it is important to note that many of the apocalyptic timetables, orientations, political, economic, and cultural activities of the Illuminati-dominated countries that we refer to, are tied up to the “Regulus” star or “Alpha Leonis”.

Specifically, the Regulus star is known as the lucky and glory star of the kings of Persia for thousands of years. In comparison, the Regulus star is also a very important astronomical sign for the global Freemasonry and Illuminati. They look at the events of the Apocalypse, and seek to eliminate Iran as their greatest enemy, and establish the great Masonic and Illuminati Empire in the “New World Order” in Jerusalem! This issue will be discussed in detail in the next sections of the animation analysis, and we urge the esteemed audience to be patient in this regard.

Before starting the scene-by-scene analysis of the animation, we should note that the animation I, Pet Goat 2, is by no means a prophecy. That is to say that the director is not aware of future events because of a prophecy. Rather, the director himself is a senior member of the Illuminati and Freemasonry, and has attempted to encode and publish a plan that Freemasons and Illuminati members have made for the future, all over the world.

Incidentally, one of the interesting features of this animation is that it takes seven minutes to complete, from its beginning to its end, the moment when the word HELiOPHANT fades and disappears. This notion is related to the fact that, it took exactly seven years from the year 2012, when the animation I, Pet Goat 2 was released and then mysteriously disappeared from public debate, until the year 2019, when the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire and the animation I, Pet Got 2, became mainstream again.

In other words, even the seven-minute animation, from its beginning to its end and fading of the HELiOPHANT logo, is encrypted within itself. Meaning that while the animation is expressing the events of its pre and post war years, its original message will be transmitted seven years after its creation, through a process that alerts the exact timing to Freemasonry followers. It can also be seen that the content of this animation is full of mystery, and its decoding has to be done in several layers, using different methods and information.

In this section, we will analyze the main part of the animation.

 Animation I, Pet Goat 2 begins with a dark, snowy scene.  What is noticeable is an enclosed space in a snow-covered land in a frozen climate. This sequence points to the deadly atmosphere in the apocalypse. A space that is fraught with despair, enclosed in limitations.

At the beginning of the scene, the scenery is dark, but suddenly a light shines on a perforated wooden box. This light is in the sense of an evil light of the satanic Illuminati, and Freemasonry.

The word Illuminati, is derived from the word Illumination.  Illumination means to shine light and to glitter. That is why, wherever you see the light in the animation, it means that whatever is happening under the light, is happening under guidance of Illuminati. Therefore, when the light shines on each item in this animation, it means that it happened under the complete guidance of the Illuminati. Thus, the light’s meaning here is twisted as well.

At the bottom of the box hole is also a childish drawing, in which a hunter man is holding a dog back by force, and the dog is close to getting away from the hunter and attach forward!

At first, it may seem a bit vague. Who is this character? Moreover, why was he drawn on the box at all? This person resembles a hunter, who is holding the dog’s leash by force, while the dog barks, trying to escape. This image may seem a bit trivial, but we will note later that it is in fact quite meaningful, referring to two constellations; one is the Canis Major (or the Great Dog) constellation, and the other is Orion (or the Hunter) constellation.

We will address this in the following scenes, as to what the two relevant images, the constellations of Canis Major and Orion, have to do with apocalyptic events.  In general, these images show that everything is ready for the dog’s escape and release.Because it is barking, and the hunter is holding it back by force. This is a sign, and it secretly states that in later scenes, we will probably see this dog being released. Nevertheless, the questions regarding the constellations of the Great Dog, and the Orion or the Hunter, will be fully explored in the next scenes.

As the scene unfolds, it is suddenly seen that a goat pulls its head out of the box hole.

This goat is well known, and is part of the previously leaked information. In fact, this goat shows us the symbol of Baphomet, or the goat-headed god, which is also an image of Satan.

As soon as the goat pulls its head out, a barcode is noticed on its forehead.

The barcode represents the number 666, both in barcode and numeric form, and as we know, this number is known as the mark of the beast, or the mark of the Antichrist in the Christian world. Therefore, this picture also symbolically shows that under the Illuminati light, processes are being formed that are associated with the Antichrist movements in the apocalypse.

In these images, it is observed that as soon as the Baphomet pulls its head out, it rotates it, giving its eyes a hypnotic state.

This move refers to how hypnosis and deception of public opinion would be done by the social media during the Antichrist’s order. This previously leaked information, led by the director to cover himself. He tries to show that he is disclosing such low-level information in the form of a benevolent person. However, these points are detectable and the director’s unclean intentions are not concealed, and will be well understood in future sections of the animation’s analysis.

In the same scene, we can see that two large pillars, symbolizing the WTC’s twin towers, are burning, referring to the suspicious events of September 11, 2001, in New York, USA.

Also, at the same time, a phrase, I, Pet Goat, is displayed in the form of a few cubes, followed by a number 2 in Roman numerals.

Thus, if we count the number of letters, their total is nine, and the two numbers that are written in Roman form, actually resemble 11. Finally, in this part, we see the nine-eleven symbolism, which is related to September 11, 2001. This relates to images of the burning towers in the context of the scene, and again another aspect of the symbolism of 9/11.

In addition, I, Pet Goat 2 has an important notion concerning 9/11.  On September 11, George W. Bush was sitting in a classroom reading a book alongside students and teachers. The name of the book was The Pet Goat.

In one of the videos of George Bush in that class, at the very first moment when students and teachers attempt to read The Pet Goat and open the book, it appears that news of the 9/11 attacks is given to George Bush.

Of course, high-ranking Freemasons, like George W. Bush, knew well in advance, what was going to happen and that was why the whole scene was fabricated. The important point, however, is that the phrase The Pet Goat, refers to the event of George Bush attending a school and listening to the book The Pet Goat being read to him, at the same time the news of 9/11 attacks was relayed to him.  In fact, the phrase “The Pet Goat” is an encrypted code that was transmitted from George W. Bush from the mentioned classroom to the members of the global Freemasonry and the Illuminati, to announce the beginning of the international Masonry movements to begin the Antichrist’s world rule.

Therefore, the name of this animation, I Pet Goat 2, refers to the same book The Pet Goat, related to the 9/11 event. There are, of course, differences. The phrase, I, Pet Goat states, “I am a goat and a domestic pet!” This phrase is the secret acknowledgment of the director, its sponsors, and their affiliates, devoted to the devil. In fact, the creators of this animation have dedicated it to the devil, and have introduced themselves, the devil’s pets.

However, the number 2 mentioned in the name of the animation, released in 2012, indicates that the “The Pet Goat” process has already taken place and that the purpose of this animation is not to replicate the past. It tells of a great event in the future, which they named as Pet Goat 2. In fact, we know that this animation has no prequel at all, and this is the only animation made with this title. Thus, the number 2 in the name of this animation is for the only animation made in this series to demonstrate future events that are as important as the events of 9/11.  It is imperative that we analyze the events depicted in these series.

In the next scene, we see further emphasis on nine-eleven indications. The blank or white cubes are faded away, and the colored cubes and the Roman numeral 2 remain, forming a total of the nine-eleven symbols.

Within the next scene, we see two hands, coming out of darkness, bearing two symbols.

One is the symbol S, which is golden, possibly made of gold, and appears as a ring in the left hand. This golden S refers to Satan in the first layer, because the first letter of the word Satan is S.

In the second layer, the golden S is a dollar in the sense of a trade in which a line is crossed. Both layers in this symbol indicate that all the events that Illuminati, and Freemasonry, follow in the apocalypse, all come under the influence of Satan, with the injecting of enormous resources of money, and the wealth that the Satanic institutions have accumulated.

In the character’s right hand, we see a bloodstained heart symbol, which may seem strange now, but let us analyze it further. The symbol, which ironically refers to the Sacred Heart, or the sacred heart of Christ, in Christianity, is actually the heart of the Antichrist.

In fact, this heart is not a sacred heart, and in the next scenes, we will understand why it is not and why it belongs to the Antichrist.

Another important point to note is that the character we see in the dark controlling the puppet is Lucifer or the devil. Especially since his skin is scaly, and looks like a reptile.

As we know, the subject of Reptilians is related to demons, and this is addressed in the discussion of Demonology. Therefore, the skin color seen here as dark and scaly, indicates that the character to whom these hands belong is one of the Reptilians, beasts, or demons. We know that Satan or the devil himself was of the Jinn tribe.

Next, we see the movements that this evil hand, with long nails, and bloody fingers makes, shaking a lifeless doll.

When this lifeless doll is shaking, we see the familiar face of George W. Bush, who in the first few shakes, is motionless, but gradually resembles a living creature.

So far, we have seen the scene in darkness. But now we see Illuminati’s light shining on George Bush’s face in the form of a five-pointed inverted star, or pentagram. This light is the Illuminati light and this person is George Bush himself. No longer do we see the strings attached to George Bush as these illuminating lights shine.

That is, with the help of the Illuminati magic, we do not realize at all that the tyranny of the Freemasons in the world is in the hands of the devil. Moreover, it is very important to note from this scene that the Illuminati made sure that we think people like George W. Bush, Trump, or Obama, are powerful and independent, while they are all controlled by the devil. With the endeavors of satanic organizations like Freemasonry and Illuminati, we forget such connections and assignments.

In the following scene, you can observe George Bush performing exotic movements and short dances on a checkered floor.

This checkered floor, in black and white, represents two parallel worlds, the human world in white and the world of jinns in black. This checkered floor is also found in many Masonic lodges. This image shows that the countries in which international politicians work are completely Masonic and Masonic-backed places.

In the following scene, it is noticeable that the whole room is gradually illuminated by the Illuminati light, and we here see George W. Bush sitting on a purple chair at the foot of the blackboard.

When George W. Bush is seated on the chair, new elements appear in George W. Bush himself and his surroundings. One of these elements is the English letter D, which appears on the hat on George Bush’s head.

This letter D is very important and can be interpreted in several layers.  In the first layer, the letter D refers to the word Dubya, which is related to George Bush himself. Because Dubya is the nickname for George W. Bush the son, to distinguish him form George W. Bush the father. In other words, since we have two George Bushes, George Bush the father and George Bush the son, these terms and phrases are used to distinguish between the two. The word W in some southern states is referred to as dublia, dabia, or dubia.   So, in the first layer, the letter D refers to George Bush’s nickname, Dubya.

In the second layer, the letter D on George Bush’s hat refers to the D-Day or Doomsday, which means the Day of Judgment, or the day of the great event.

As we know, the term D-Day or Doomsday is a well-known expression, and in many cases, it is used to refer to important and historic events, such as the Allied attack on Normandy in World War II.

So here, the letter D is in the sense of D-Day, Doomsday, Decision Day, or the Day of Judgment and Apocalypse as well. We know what happened in the 9/11 attacks was a D-Day or Doomsday event, or the Day of Masonic Resurrection, after which various events were launched around the world, including the invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq and the subsequent massive US presence in the Middle East. Thus, this symbol is quite unambiguous.

Another point is that George W. Bush’s hat resembles a birthday hat, indicating that George W. Bush’s character is lively and villainous, and alludes to the culture called Bushism which was popular in the United States during George W. Bush’s presidency. At the time, all kinds of literature disgrace, wierd moral issues, and so on were known as Bushism. Hence, this type of baby hat also points to the character of George W. Bush.

There are many elements around George Bush. One of the elements is a map of the USA on the wall, four points of which are pinned by tacks, pointing to four important actions that Illuminati has done.

What are these four important actions? These four important actions include the Oklahoma blast in Oklahoma City, The Hurricane Katrina in the southeastern United States districts (like New Orleans), The disaster of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the site of the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) twin towers in New York City.

In all of these instances, there were enormous casualties of humans, animals, and plants, and they were practically a great sacrifice in front of the devil in secret rituals. These events have occurred in less than 30 years, and many researchers have reported the Illuminati’s tracks in these events.In the first layer of this symbology, we find that these four regions are four locations in which Illuminati and Freemasonry have caused human and environmental catastrophes. For example, in the case of Hurricane Katrina, a big question mark was raised over the delay in providing timely assistance to those affected by the hurricane. Then the issue of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill surfaces.

These events may not have been bombings like Oklahoma or 9/11, but many aquatic animals and birds as well as people were killed in either instance.

In principle, human sacrifice and the sacrifice of animals and living things has been one of the rituals repeatedly performed by Illuminati to please the devil.

For instance, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs exploded in 1945 and hundreds of people, animals, and plants were sacrificed to the Satan so that Freemasons could enter a new era.

Where the center of power was transferred from the former superpowers, such as England and France, to the United States.

It goes without saying that this happened 169 years after the declaration of American independence in 1776. It is fascinating that 169 is the result of multiplying 13 by 13, which is the sacred Masonic number.

In addition to the above, which were discussed as the first layer of information in the above elements, further important points are observed in the next layers. Thus,if we look at the orientation of the tacks on the map, we come across a pattern similar to the 4-star pattern of Canis Major constellation. The most important star in this constellation is the famous Sirius star.

That is where the September 11, 2001, Masonic resurrection began, exactly where the Sirius star’s position in Canis Major, matches with the pattern in the map above!

Another important point about the Sirius star is that it also has an important connection to the constellation of Orion.

The most important connection between Sirius and Orion is that the Orion belt containing three stars of power or three stars of kingdom is specially aligned with Sirius, Canis Major’s most luminous star, in the month of September.

Two important points are driven from this: The global Freemasonry and the Illuminati deliberately set up the September 11, 2001 terrorist incident as the secret code for the start of the Antichrist’s return operation in the Apocalypse, precisely in September!

Secondly, the animation I, Pet Goat 2 also uses the same theme, since the location of the tacks on the class map in this animation corresponds to the four main stars of the Canis Major constellation and the location of the September 11, 2001 event on the map. The tack located in sync with the Sirius Star, is intended to convey, in secret, to Freemasons and Illuminati members around the world, the message of September 11, 2001 as the initiator of Freemasonry apocalyptic events. This is all done with symbols related to the Sirius star.

In the same scene, on the wall of the classroom, we see an owl, which is a symbol of the secret and Masonic groups, such as the Bohemian Grove and the like.

The symbol is seen in films released by groups such as the Bohemian Grove in which members of this group are worshiping an ancient owl-like god in the Bohemian bush. This, indicates that the owl is very valuable in Masonic symbolism.

Another important point is that the owl also symbolizes Lilith, who is a demonic figure among the ancient nations, known by various names such as Lilith, Lilitho, etc., which we will refer to in other parts of the animation.

As for Lilith, it is said to be the mother of snakes and dragons, and this description is also used in the Game of Thrones TV Series, which we will mention in due course.

In many texts, Lilith is also referred to as the queen of owls. That being so, in this animation, the image of an owl also refers to the evil goddess Lilith.

In this book, you see the image of Lilith described as the dragon – queen.

“Lilith was officially known in royal genealogies as the Beautiful Dragon queen of the Anunnaki. Queens of the Dragon Court, the Owl queens, were likened to lilies, lotus flowers, which spawned names such as Lilith, Lily, Lulawa, and Lillet …”

However, there is another interesting factor about the owl image in the classroom. The owl is portrayed in a way that if you look at the picture attentively, you see the face of a wolf or a dog. In fact, the director of the animation has not even painted a clear mouth and beak for the owl, for it to remain vague and resemble an owl while at the same time resembling the head of a dog or a wolf.

This image looks like a dog and a wolf, again in the second layer of this analysis, indirectly referring to the constellation Canis Major, and to the famous star of this constellation, Sirius. Thus, it is again cryptically referring to the events of September 11, 2001, which occurred at the same time as the astronomical event of special alignment of the star Sirius with the Orion Constellation Belt!!!

Among the other elements seen alongside George W. Bush is the image of snowflakes on a classroom wall, displayed as a hexagonal star or hexagram.

This points to the fact that the Ice Age of the Apocalypse, depicted in the previous and subsequent scenes, were and will all be handled by the global Freemasonry, the Illuminati and Zionist-related groups symbolizing hexagram and hexagonal crystal shapes.

Because the hexagram symbol is one of the most important symbols of the mentioned groups and it is also depicted in the form of snow crystal hexagram shapes.

Therefore, this is another emphasis on the fact that the tense and inflammatory situation of the apocalyptic era has been shaped by Freemasonry and the Illuminati, but at the end of the animation, the director says that the termination of the Masonic Ice Age is also to be determined by the Illuminati and Freemasonry, simultaneous with the coronation of the Antichrist.

In the same scene, behind George W. Bush, we see a picture of a shark next to a burning house.

This shark refers to the discussion of loan sharks, and to the banking, monetary, and financial systems of the West Bank and the East Bank. A system in the hands of Freemasons associated with the Wall Street mafia and other major economic institutions in the world.

The loan shark refers to a financial, banking, and borrowing environment where most people become poorer and poorer, and sharks or heads of economic mafia become richer and richer.

Therefore, the loan shark refers to the banking system that is burning and ruining people’s lives and homes. This information, of course, is a well-known fact that almost every person in the public is aware of, and the director has attempted to divert non-Masons’ minds away from the original deeper layers of information by letting out some trivial ones.

Another embodiment of this scene is the clock showing 12 o’clock on the classroom wall, which gives the meaning of Doomsday in concordance with D letter on George Bush’s hat;

The 12 o’clock means apocalypse or the end of time, or the Zero Hour. The hour that is the hour of resurrection and the hour of great events. In addition, this time represents the hour of apocalypse as well, pointing out the beginning of a new world age and the origin of a new Masonic history in the third millennia following the 9/11 events.

The other point is that above George Bush’s head, the evolutionary sequence of man is shown in a frame to refer to the evolution theorem where we see fish and monkeys gradually evolving, and then becoming an anthropoid, and finally become human.

It is interesting that, unlike the conventional evolutionary patterns that are drawn, here the evolutionary pattern’s final stage is not human, but a line after human, and ultimately, a particular human. He is depicted with a halo of light around his head.

The distinctive human being, who bears an aura of light formed around his head, is a human who has reached a stage of spiritual evolution under the influence of the Illuminati! Of course, this is a Freemasonry and Illuminati claim, and not ours! Rather, these evil teachings are contrary to what the divine religions have instructed. Nevertheless, Freemasonry states that physical evolution is not the sole criterion! Rather, individuals must become “illuminated creatures” in order to reach the ultimate evolution. Freemasonry and Illuminati, give additional names to this particular creature in their teachings.Adam Kadmon is among the names that Illuminati refers to as a transcendent and evolved person!

That is, according to Kabbalistic teachings, it is claimed that before Adam there was a person named Adam Kadmon, and that the symbols associated with him draw very interesting conclusions.

For instance, we see Adam Kadmon in an image called Anatomy Occultus, the anatomy of secret societies.  In this image we come across a strange type of character with a crown on his head; an illuminating crown.

This is just another look at Adam Kadmon, who reaches the highest stage in the illumination or the lighting phase.

Thus, the image in the animation indicates that in addition to the physical evolution in the Illuminati and Freemasonry views, there is a need for a special evolution. It is called the Illuminati evolution and individuals must go through it under special guides such as the Kabbalah teachings to become a transcendent being. The most important icon of this transcendent man in history is Adam Kadmon or Adam Elyon in Hebrew.

Since Illuminati claims that Adam Kadmon was created before prophet Adam (blessings upon him), known as the first human or man in divine religions, Adam Kadmon seems to be a symbol of Iblis, Lucifer, or Satan. Furthermore, Kabbalah claims that Adam Kadmon had a higher level of understanding than the Adam did.

From such descriptions, it appears by referring to Adam Kadmon, Illuminati meant to refer to the devil or Lucifer himself. Because divine religions have also said that Iblis existed before the creation of Adam, and at that time, Iblis or Satan was part of the divine system. However, because of his pride, arrogance, and infidelity to God, he was exiled from paradise and sentenced to existence in hell.

On the other hand, some Masonic and Kabbalistic sources point out that Adam Kadmon was Androgynous and possessed both masculine and feminine characteristics, again keeping with Lucifer or Iblis’s description, and his symbol Baphomet, who is depicted as bisexual.

Thus, the classroom image depicted in the animation suggests that the followers of Illuminati and Freemasonry could become a greater person than prophet Adam (blessings upon him) was, and reach the level of Adam Kadmon by following the Masonic and Kabbalistic teachings. Thus, this picture has a special meaning.

Of course, more documentary content are available at www.alwadossadegh.com website, which indicate that Darwin’s theory of evolution and Neo-Darwinist theories, are also a product of Freemasons and Illuminati’s efforts, which can be referred to for further information in this regard.www.alwadossadegh.com

Another highlight in this sequence is the depiction of the penis on the classroom blackboard, which illustrates the sexual promiscuity promoted by the Illuminati and its media. This element, of course, is also part of the director’s deception operation; displaying trivial and previously known information to keep deeper layers away from ordinary audiences’ perception.

As the scene continues, we see that George Bush utters the words: “fool me once, … shame on you …”. But his sentence remains incomplete.

What does this phrase mean? These phrases primarily refer to a famous speech by George W. Bush the core of which was: “There’s an old saying in Tennessee … I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee … that says, fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me … you can’t get fooled again.”

As you can see, George Bush mentioned an incomplete proverb that made the audience laugh! At the end of this section, we will make that proverb more complete. The saying goes like this: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Why does this proverb convey that if you fool me twice, shame on me? Because everyone has to learn from being deceived the first time and not to commit the same error again. Otherwise, they themselves will be to blame.Of course, George Bush forgot the saying at the end of the speech, but in the end, he said its meaning.

This proverb may not make much sense to us, but it should. It has some very important notions behind it in the second layer. The Masonic director and Illuminati member delivers an ultimatum to the audience on the pretext of Satan in the second layer. He says if you were deceived once, it is I who should be ashamed and blamed. However, if you were deceived many times, you will be blamed for it and the blame will be on you.

It is interesting that such treatment of his followers by Satan was also foretold in verses of the Holy Quran! In verse 16 of surah Al Hashr of the Holy Quran, it is said:    “[The hypocrites are] like the example of Satan when he says to man, “Disbelieve.” But when he disbelieves, he says, “Indeed, I am disassociated from you. Indeed, I fear Allah, Lord of the worlds.” Therefore, through an English proverb used in an internationally acclaimed animation, the same implication is being presented to the audience.

Therefore, in this part as well, the crafty director of the animation, warns people on behalf of his own master Satan: If you were fooled once, you can blame Satan! But if you have been deceived several times, you are to blame. So here again, as the Holy Quran has pointed out, Satan does not accept the responsibility of deceiving his followers.

In this scene of course, symbols of little value, and other trivial information, such as the horned hand or George Bush’s Mano Cornuto are shown which are associated with Freemasonry, Illuminati, Satanism.

In addition to what has been said, there is another important element in this scene, the purple chair on which George W. Bush sits. The important thing about this chair is that a year after the 9/11 attacks, a purple ribbon was put up on the chair that George Bush was sitting on in the classroom at the time of the 9/11 attacks, to act as a reminder of the attacks. Therefore, the purple color of this chair is not without reason in the animation “I Pet Goat 2”.

In addition, the writing on George Bush’s hat is also purple, and we see the emphasis on the purple in other images and other sections of the animation.

We’ll note in the following lines that the animation’s repeated emphasis on purple is also linked to the symbolism of the Regulus star and part of the mystery surrounding the relationship between the Freemasonry and Illuminati apocalyptic events to the Regulus star.

The scene culminates to George W. Bush rotating his head twice, and suddenly turning to Obama.

This also indicates two very important subliminal points. In the first layer, George W. Bush’s double head rotation means his re-election as the president of the United States. It means that George W. Bush has completely won his two terms in the US presidential election race.

In the second layer, again the sentence previously mentioned by George Bush finds another semantic connection. But what is this connection? As we have noted before, George Bush had incompletely referred to this saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” The meaning of this saying in politics is this: The people who were once deceived, and were once again deceived and re-elected me, shame on them! Therefore, it is not the responsibility of the Masonic chiefs that the people were fooled or influenced by George Bush and committed the same mistake for the second time.

Therefore, following in the footsteps of their demon lord, George Bush and the Masonic chiefs justify their actions and say to the people: We do not accept any responsibility. You have been deceived once, you must not have been deceived for the second time. Thus, this repeated error will make you guilty.

In this part, it is seen that George Bush’s face has become Barack Obama’s after two full rotations. In these images, Barack Obama is shown wearing an academic hat and white gloves, symbolically indicating in an over the top way that unlike George W. Bush who looked like a villain, the new president elected after Bush’s two terms is apparently academic and a gentleman.

However, the facial and hand changes are the only changes between the two presidents and all other body parts and attire remain the same. It all means that George W. Bush and Barack Obama are not different at all; they are both Illuminati and Freemasonry dolls led by Satan. This analysis is confirmed in this scene of the animation as Obama first winks and then immediately afterwards laughs out loud, indicating that behind this process of changing US presidents, there is a great deal of deception. That nothing has changed. Therefore, behind this laughter and winking, it is apparent that this deception is real and that the world’s Masonic politicians have deceived the people. In fact, these Masonic politicians are virtually no different and only their appearance changes.

Even Obama’s hat, while seemingly academic, has a tassel that is purple like the letter D on George Bush’s baby hat, which shows that they are no different in terms of direction and planning.

Another very important notion in this sequence is that Barack Obama has a mole on his left cheek in this animation.

However, in the real world, Obama does not have such a spot on his face and such a mark is not observed in actual photos of Obama.

Now let us scrutinize Obama’s face in this animation. On the animated Obama’s cheeks, there are two circular skin patches with a bright halo around each, which we do not see in the real world. But more interestingly, the mole is positioned next to Obama’s left circular skin patch in a position exactly similar to where the Regulus star is positioned at the time of the solar eclipse.

As mentioned earlier, in the animation company HELiOPHANT’s logo, the point on the letter “i” is deviated strangely to O at exactly the same angle, which looks exactly like the star of Regulus next to the ecliptic sun.

In the following scenes, of course, we will again touch on the symbol of Regulus, discussing it in detail and examining its importance and value to Freemasons and Illuminati in apocalyptic incidents.

At the same time, we can see that Obama is suddenly laughing out loud, while a stand can be seen next to him bearing an image that can be read in two ways. On the one hand, this image is read as lol, which in English stands for laughing out loud. On the other hand, this image is written in a way that can be read as 101.  Because it is consisted of a double line and a circle, these lines can be read in both lowercase letter I as well as the number 1. While this picture may sound simple, it does have a few layers of hidden messages within.

In the first layer, as it turns out, lol is the equivalent of laughing in English and visually synonymous with Obama’s laughter.

The second layer, the number 101, cryptically alludes to a very important book called “101 Amazing Barack Obama Facts”, in which fact number 101 about Obama mentions: Barack Obama has admitted to having used marijuana and cocaine at a young age.

 Thus, in the second layer, it symbolizes the use of psychotropic substances by Barack Obama as a young man.

However, the information in this section does not end here. Within the third layer, this image points to notions that are more important. In this context, if we look at the properties of psychotropic stimulants such as marijuana and cocaine, we find that both drugs initially have symptoms of euphoria, happiness, and increased energy.  But within hours, in the later phase and afterwards they can cause symptoms such as anxiety, irregular heartbeat, perspiration, blood pressure fluctuations, and more!

Interestingly, in accordance with these properties of marijuana and cocaine, we see in this part that Obama’s beginning is happy, euphoric, and with laughter.  However, at the end and especially towards the end of his career, Obama will have anxiety, distress, perspiration, and more, which will happen later in the scene!  This situation, at the beginning and end of Barack Obama’s term, is exactly equal to the pharmacological and toxicological properties of marijuana and cocaine, and the animation’s director has made such a clever connection in the third layer of this scene.

In the fourth layer of this scene, the message that the era of Barack Obama was, in effect, an era of international ecstasy and euphoria, and the seemingly short-lived atmosphere of international relations is cryptically conveyed.  Much like the properties of marijuana and cocaine mentioned in the preceding layers, the first 4 years of the Obama era are concurrent with happiness and euphoria, while the second 4 years will occur with more frustration and chaos.

All the same, in the fifth layer of this scene there is a secret reference to the differences between the first and second terms of the Obama presidency. The first term which was accompanied by international calm and euphoria, and the second term, especially towards its end. Obama’s second term was the beginning of widespread panic in the United States and around the world, parallel with the astrological events of the Regulus star and the beginning of the Trump era, in which America would crumble and the power will be transferred from Washington to Jerusalem, as the center of the new global governance.

These horrific events of the Trump era would happen in accordance with Psalm 23 in the Bible and the phrase “valley of the shadow of death”. These will all be further explored in the upcoming animation sections.

In the next scene, we will again see another view of classroom, revealing important symbols and elements under the blackboard.  One of these symbols is an equation in the form “F = -F”, which seems to refer to Newton’s third law.

Newton’s third law states that every action has a reaction equal to and in the opposite direction of the original force.

This equation expresses the appearance of a classical law of physics, and its presence in the classroom is apparently nothing strange. Because the scene apparently corresponds to the class attended by George W. Bush on September 11, 2001, and even its teacher, similar to the 9/11 class teacher, is a black lady in purple.

So, the appearance of this scientific equivalent of classical physics in a classroom is not so strange, but to mention this equation in the animation itself has some sinister implications.In fact, the equation itself creates no issues, and is not originally evil. However, the concept that the director followed in this discussion is an atheistic concept. This equation in this animation is another expression of a series of Satanist and Masonic beliefs that the equilibrium of creation is created by the equilibrium of two opposing poles without the need for divine intervention.  That is, F = -F has exactly the same meaning as hexagons, which in fact are the result of the combination of two bidirectional blue and red triangles.

Furthermore, Yin-yang, which is widely used in Chinese Pagan symbols, has exactly the same meaning. Because Yin-Yang is two black and white semicircles with opposite directions that practically resemble the equation F = -F and represents the equilibrium of creation based on atheistic and non-divine views. As such, Newton’s Third Law is no problem, but the director’s intent is conspiratorial and expresses the Freemasonry and Illuminati’s atheistic concepts in the hidden layers.

Nevertheless, another symbol seen in this sequence and again needing to be explained is the image of a heart displayed under the blackboard.  Apparently, this heart is not a strange thing, and it may be thought that it is showing the anatomy of a dissected heart as part of a biology lesson in school.

However, the significance of this picture is that the heart displayed in this class is not anatomically and physiologically normal.  It is a heart that has a specific anomaly. For example, when we say that a child has a cardiac anomaly, it means that his heart may be malfunctioning, causing the oxygenated blood not to pump properly and cause serious problems.

Within the heart depicted in the classroom, it is also seen that the inputs and outputs of the systemic and pulmonary arteries and veins are incorrectly drawn.

The pulmonary artery, which is normally two-branched, carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to lungs, is shown in blue in medical books. However, the pulmonary artery depicted in the poster of the classroom in this animation is red and contains oxygenated blood!

But why did the animator portray the pulmonary artery in such a seemingly wrong way? Although this may seem like a simple mistake, as we have seen in the previous sections, these seemingly inadvertent errors contain very important Masonic codes and cryptic messages for Freemasons and Illuminati members around the world in deeper layers. Here, too, the director is secretly sending the message to his Freemason brethren, using the subtle code in this cardiac anomaly. The code is that: In this animation, just as an abnormal heart is depicted instead of the normal human heart, in other parts of the animation, the symbols of the heart have completely opposite meanings to their usual meanings.  Therefore, the many hearts that are illustrated in this animation seem to resemble the sacred heart of Christ (blessings upon him), indeed have completely opposite meanings, and mean the heart of evil or the Antichrist!!!

For instance, on the chest of an animated character that we will deal with in later scenes, who will find out later to be the Antichrist, is a heart that resembles the sacred heart of Christians. But in fact, and according to the director’s secret explanation for the heart displayed in the classroom, it actually has the opposite implication, meaning the Antichrist’s heart.

Thus, in this passage, we find that in the earlier scene, that bloodstained heart, which was like a ring in the hand of the devil, was the antichrist’s heart.  The heart appeared in a ring on the hands of the devil, by which he was guiding the leaders of the Christian countries around the world. Those leaders are unfortunately mostly members of the Illuminati and Freemasonry. In other words, the earlier animation scenes state that Satan manages Masonic politicians, who act as the Devil’s arms with the help of false Christianity on the one hand, and money, wealth, gold, and dollars on the other.

But one of the most complex elements in the classroom sequence is the existence of two fissured brain hemispheres by a lightning bolt or zigzag rod, along with an image of a serpent.

What is this serpent or snake? In the first place, there may be nothing in mind, and only the serpent is considered a Chinese symbol, but the important point is that in the Hebrew texts that were also heavily used by Freemasons, the serpent is respected and loved by the Jews.

For example, the wooden rod of Prophet Moses, called the Holy Rod or Holy Staff or Staff of Moses, was a rod which, by the permission of God, produced various miracles.  One of the most famous was the conversion of the rod of Prophet Moses into a serpent. Of course, in divine teachings, these miracles were issued by God, but in the Masonic-Zionist texts, these rod properties are regarded as magical properties.

However, the connection of the wooden rod of the Prophet Moses with the serpent is a well-known relationship. For this reason, in various Jewish, Zionist and Masonic symbols, serpent have been used frequently. For example, in the drawing of the tree of life, Masonic-Zionist wisdom of Kabbalah (Cabbalah), around the middle pillar of the tree of life, there is a torch snake.

On the other hand, the Serpent is a symbol of Wisdom in the Masonic-Zionist teachings of Kabbalah.  In view of the above, it became clear that the serpent was of great importance in the Masonic-Zionist wisdom of Kabbalah, and some Jewish sects, and it is linked in matters such as wisdom, reason, knowledge, magic, and so on.

With this in mind, we can more accurately decode the Serpent symbol in the animation of I, Pet Goat II. The symbol or serpent in the animation is encoded in several layers, which we will explore in a step-by-step manner: In the first layer, and in the first level analysis, the serpent symbol is depicted below the blackboard next to two separated brain hemispheres and delivers the message to the target that the process of mind control, the transfer of knowledge and the channeling of human wisdom in the age of the apocalypse have come under the full control of the Masonic-Zionist wisdom of the Kabbalah. And Kabbalah and its offsprings, Global Freemasonry and Illuminati, control and govern the minds of the apocalypse people.

 In the second layer, the issue is a little more complicated, and first it needs more explanation! As we know, Holy Rod or Holy Staff or Staff of Prophet Moses, which in divine teachings is one of the divine miracles and in Masonic-Zionist-Kabbalistic sources, is considered as the source of the magic, was made of wood!

If we use the equivalent of Holy Rod, we get the term of Holy Wood, which is phonetically very similar to the world’s largest Masonic-Zionist film and entertainment industry icon called Hollywood!!!

This phonetic resemblance significance would be discussed later in other decrypted codes. For example, Marilyn Manson, a famous American satanist singer and songwriter, has called one of his most famous albums as Holy Wood – In the Shadow of the Valley of Death.

Marilyn Manson, cites some of the comments about naming his album. He says that the Holy Wood or sacred wood in his opinion is related to items like the symbol of Hollywood entertainment industry, wood of tree of Knowledge which produced the apple that Adam and Eve ate, the wood upon which Christ was crucified, Wood of Oswald gun, the murderer of John F. Kennedy, former US President, wood of coffins, etc.

From the above explanations we can see that one of the methods of encryption and decryption is the use of both phonetic resemblance and similarity of the words, like the mentioned example. Let’s go back to the second layer of animation encryption.  In this layer, by considering the Serpent in the image below the blackboard of the animation, we notice that this Serpent is a symbol of the Jewish and Kabbalistic Holy Wood, which refers to the kabbalah tree of Wisdom and Knowledge.  And given the phonetic similarity of Holy Wood with Hollywood ie: The Greatest entertainment industry, this serpent in the second layer is related to Hollywood as well.

 In other words, in this layer of analysis, the image of the Serpent below the classroom blackboard, which extends its tongue into two seperated brain hemispheres, implies that Masonic-Zionist entertainment industry Hollywood, and other entities and institutions, such as Bollywood and etc., are important tools of mind control throughout the world.

But in the third layer, a very important and shrewd issue is raised. As we said, one of the most famous albums by Marilyn Manson, famous American satanist singer and songwriter is the Holy Wood – In the Shadow of the Valley of Death.  In terms of cryptography, this is one of the most complex satanic music albums ever made in history.  As such, this episode of I, Pet Goat II animation, image of a serpent that affects people’s minds, tries to convey a hidden message in the third layer and guide the audience to the famous music album of Holy Wood-In the Shadow of the Valley of Death by Marilyn Manson.

Although there were some explanations for this music album in the previous part of the article, but the new theme that matters in this section is the refocusing on the album’s name. The second part of this title, In the Shadow of the Valley of Death, refers to a very important part of the Torah, Psalm 23 of David.

It should be noted, however, that Marilyn Manson’s album name is Holy Wood – In the Shadow of the Valley of Death. Despite the much similarity with the text of Psalm 23 of David, the two words being inverted! That is, instead of the phrase of the Valley of the Shadow of Death in Psalm 23 of David, the phrase of the Shadow of the valley of Death is used in Marilyn Manson’s album Which by the way was intentional and because of his satanism, he has named it that way, to insult the Bible.

Therefore, in the third layer of the serpent symbol, this symbol refers to Psalm 23 of David in the old testament. Of course, in the upcoming sequences, this section of the Torah is repeatedly mentioned, and this part of the Psalms of David forms the main context of many of the future symbolisms of animation, which we will discuss later. However, the reference to this Psalm, along with the lightning or spiral rod that separates the two hemispheres of the brain, contains important messages that will be addressed in subsequent sequences.

The fourth layer of this animation comes again from the heart of the connection between the serpent with the Holy Wood and is related to the explanations of Marilyn Manson about her music album called Holy Wood – In the Shadow of the Valley of Death.  This connection is as follows:

A) Marilyn Manson’s album explanation states that Holy Wood is the wood that came from the forbidden tree of Apple of Knowledge, and Adam and Eve ate it and were thrown out of Paradise! With this explanation in the animation images, the holy wood or the same Serpent shakes the brains of Adam and Eve (two shaky hemispheres in the animation) and transforms them into the Illuminati! Of course, as already mentioned, the symbol of the serpent in the Masonic-Zionist teachings of Kabbalah is homologus to Holy Wood, and represents wisdom, knowledge and reasoning!  Which is consistent with the above-mentioned explanations.

B) The explanation of Marilyn Manson’s album states that Holy Wood is the wood on which Jesus Christ was crucified! Therefore, from the point of view of Satanists, like Marilyn Manson, this holy wood removed Jesus Christ from the Jewish people and saved the people from the mistake of conversion to Christianity and led them to the illuminati! So the mentioned serpent in animation, in the view of the satanist Marilyn Manson, is the sacred wood of the cross that has shaken the minds of the Jews (the two hemispheres of the shaken brain) and saved Jews from converting to Jesus Christ (pbuh) and kept them wise and sapient!!!!

C) The explanation of Marilyn Manson’s album states that Holy Wood is the same wood as the Lee Harvey Oswald gun, the murderer of John F Kennedy, former US President, was made of it, With this gun, he targeted and destroyed Kennedy’s anti-Freemason and Catholic brain in the city of Dallas in the “33rd degree latitude”! Thus, according to Marilyn Manson, the symbol of the Serpent, which is aimed at the two hemispheres of the brain and shakes them, is also synonymous with Holy Wood or sacred wood of the gun which shooted to John. F. Kennetdy’s Brain.

In summary, it can be said that in different layers of this symbol of animation, the synonymy of serpent with the Holy Wood, Holy Rod and Kabbalistic-Masonic Wisdom plays an important role.  However, the director has very subtly put this in a mass of hidden layers so that the ordinary audience can not easily find it and only the specific audiences already in the director’s reach can receive these signals.

But in layer 5, completely different meanings can also be recovered and decoded from the heart of this symbol. When we look again at this element, we see a lightning-like spiral rod passing through the brain, which separates two hemispheres of the brain apart, and a serpent is located beside it. Are they related? This is one of the most complex symbols of this animation that needs a long explanation.

In Kabbalistic and Masonic concepts, the word of lightning has numerous and apparently different but convergent uses. On the one hand, in the Kabbalah tree, there is a concept called the Lightning of Creation that is fully known by the Kabbalists.

The Kabbalah tree is made up of 10 components called Sefirot, which in the Kabbalistic and Masonic view is claimed that the path of creation passes through them. This path is expressed in the form of either Lightning of Creation or Lightning flash of Creation, drawing from Sefirot of the Crown or Corona to the Sefirot of the Kingdom or Malkuth from top to bottom.

 This type of movement in the Kabbalah Tree’s Sefirot from the top to the bottomis also known as the Descencion or Involution.

There is also another type of movement in the Kabbalah Tree’s Sefirot, called Ascencion, or Evolution.

Finally, there is another model of movement in the Kabbalah Tree Sefirot, called Integration model, which is a combination of Descencion and Ascencion.

Thus, in the Kabbalah Tree’s Sefirot, there are various paths to travel among the Sefirot, the most important of which is the Descencion, also known as the pass of Lightning flash of Creation.

In the layer 5 of lightning-brain-serpent symbol analysis, it is subliminally mentioned that, the Kabbalah tree of life which is known as the conduit of wisdom and knowledge of the Zionists and Freemasons and is also closely related to the symbol of the Serpent, passes through the path of the Kabbalah tree’s Crown sefirot to the lowest point of it, the kingdom sefirot, in line with the Lightning flash of Creation and injects wisdom and awareness from the highest levelss of Kabbalah tree to the mind and body of human beings!

Another interpretation of the Illuminati and Freemasonry claim is that in line with the Lightning flash of Creation, wisdom and awareness is injected from the crown of Adam Kadmon or perfect human into the lowest existential degrees of creation!!!

Interestingly, the lightning direction in the animation is rightward, and it is precisely in line with the Lightning flash of Creation of the Kabbalah tree, which further confirms this hypothesis.

In summary, it should be noted that in the layer 5 of the analysis of this symbol, the Illuminati and Freemasonry, attempt to transform human brains (the symbol of the brain) through the satanic and Masonic teachings of Kabbalah (the symbol of lightning and the serpent), and guide them to the highest level of Masonic and Satanic teachings of Kabbalah!!! And, of course, this is being done through international media under the control of Freemasonry and massive Masonic-Zionist media industeries like Hollywood.

But this symbol also has a layer 6! In the sixth layer, it refers to an event in which, with the code names Lightning, Serpent and Brain, codes and signals are to be issued to Freemasons around the world!!!  Unfortunately, the time of sending this code was in 2020, during the events related to the martyrdom of General Soleimani, the commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Quds Forces, and subsequent events!

This will, of course, be discussed in more detail at the end of the animation as we discuss the events of 2019 and 2020, as well as after decoding an important element such as the Le’enfant Bleu which will be discussed in more detail, later. But in summary, the serpent, Draco, Le’enfant Bleu, Lucifer and Satan, are all textually different but similar in meaning, and the word lightning is related to the Lightning flash of Creation of Kabbalah, the Satan’s descent from the sky, etc.

And the frequent tweets and consecutive speeches by US Freemasons and Illuminati officials following the Iranian retaliation for the US military base at Ayn al-Asad, where US officials are strangely and unexpectedly emphasized on brain injury of US soldiers.

They are all secret codes issued by the leaders of the Illuminati ruling the US, to other Masonic leaders around the world to assure them that the martyrdom of dear General Ghassem Suleimani following the Blue Lightning terroristic military operation, and the subsequent events, were performed by the evil American government, to advance the ultimate Masonic and Illuminati project to establish the Antichrist world government in Jerusalem.

On the other hand, the symbols of lightning, the term blue lightning, the martyrdom of General Ghassem Suleimani near Baghdad airport in 33 degrees lattitude, as well as the Masonic slogan King Kill 33! The name of one of the songs composed by the satanist singer Marilyn Manson also refers to a global conspiracy in the martyrdom of General Soleimani and his comrades.

In the continuation of the analysis of animation, and especially in its final sections, we will refer in more detail to the Masonic conspiracies about Jerusalem, and the events related to the martyrdom of General Soleimani, in more detail. But so far it has been revealed that the director of the animation who is a member of Illuminati, who also implicitly calls himself the teacher and mentor of Masonic secrets, sends messages in the form of complex and nested layers in this animation. He has sent many codes to all Freemasons around the world, gradually guiding them towards the ultimate goals of Freemasonry and the Illuminati in establishing the satanic rule of the Antichrist in Jerusalem. God willing, the satanic plans of these devils will be unexpectedly nullified and destroyed.



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