I, Pet Goat 2.99:The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020) (part 3 and 4)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

But another topic we will discuss in this sequence is the puzzle of words most of which are written and a few letters left blank. From the appearance of the word puzzle, it’s easy to see that the answer is the word evolution.

In the first layer of this symbol, it should be pointed out that the Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian evolution hypothesis was originated from Illuminati and Freemasonry associated scientists, and Freemasonry has always been a supporter of evolution.

It is interesting to know that the founders and originators of this hypothesis were all either Freemasons and members of secret societies or were raised in completely Masonic families. For example, Erasmus Darwin, was the grandfather of Charles Robert Darwin and the author of the famous book Zonomia, in which he wrote important points about the basic concepts of theory of evolution, and the inventor of this theory, his grandson Charles Robert Darwin, also owes himself to his grandfather.

The important thing about Erasmus Darwin is that he was a member of Masonic secret societies such as Edinburgh Cannongate Kilwinning Lodge of Scotland and the Lunar Society of Birmengham.

On the other hand, the mathernal grandfather of Charles Robert Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood, was a prominent figure in the British pottery industry, and a member of a secret cult, called the Lunar Society in Birmingham.

Both Darwin’s grandfathers, Erasmus Darwin and Josiah Wedgwood were also members of the great Illuminati movement of the time, The British Enlightenment.

 Also, Charles Darwin’s father, Dr. Robert Darwin, and all of his brothers were members of Freemasonry Lodges.

Although, there is no precise information on the membership of Charles Robert Darwin as the originator of the theory of evolution in the Masonic Lodges, but it isn’t unexpectable. It is obvious that such information should be concealed in order to hide the great conspiracy behind the spreading of this theory. Charles Darwin, however, has explicitly declared himself agnostic.

Alfred Wallace, another famous figure in the evolution hypothesis, is also said to have been involved in secret societies such as Necromancy groups.

Of course, despite the serious scientific flaws that have been raised, the hypothesis of evolution is fully supported by global Freemasonry, and for this reason, despite the many ambiguities and questions surrounding it, it continues to thrive in the media arena.

However, in a number of articles on the www.alwadossadegh.com website, these drawbacks and ambiguities have been addressed in greater detail that respected audiences can refer to it.

But in second layer of this words puzzle analysis, we find that letters “i, o & u” are missed in the puzzle.

Are these missed letters mention any point? Yes. “i, o & u” point to a special book called “IOU: Welcome to Illuminati University” which refers to a university under supervision of Illuminati, and there are lots of masonic symbols on book cover.

This book is published by Steve Jackson Games publication and Warehouse23.com website and as seen at Steve Jackson Games publication and Warehouse23 logo, symbols of masonic pyramid and The All Seeing Eye are obvious.

Also, the number 23 in website name (Warehouse23) points to 23rd Psalm of David of old testament. Key expressions of “Valley of the shadow of death” and “Dwelling in house of the Lord” or “dwelling in Jerusalem” for ever, are used in 23rd Psalm of David, and Freemasonry, Illuminati, and World Zionism provided great conspiracies for abusing the 23rd Psalm of David during the presidency of Donald Trump which will be discussed later.

In the third layer of analysis, we point that “IOU” is read in English as “I owe you” and this point is another code that confirms dedication of freemason director and devilish sponsors of this animation to Lucifer in direction of satisfying the Damned Devil.

But in the layer 4, the whole phrase of Evolution relates to the Kabbalah tree or the tree of life.  It has already been suggested that the different ways of moving through different parts of the Sefirot of Kabbalah tree are possible in various forms, but the most important of them, are Ascencion, Descencion and Integration paths.A very important point hidden in the layer 4 of this symbolism is that the ascencion path of the Kabbalah tree is also called Evolution. So, the term of Evolution, in addition to referring to the theory of evolution in biology, also refers to the ascencion path of the Kabbalah tree.

On the other hand, in our discussion of the symbolism of lightning, we also note that the symbol of lightning, brain and serpent also point to the descencion path of the Kabbalah tree or Lightning Flash of Creation.

The descencion path of the Kabbalah tree, also called the involution path.

Therefore, with the simultaneous ascencion or evolution path on the classroom’s blackboard and the descencion path of the Kabbalah tree in the form of a lightning-brain-serpent poster on the class wall in one sequence, the latent message of integrating both the ascencion and descencion paths of the Kabbalah tree is transmitted and finally, the integration path is obtained in the Kabbalah tree.

Thus, practically in one sequence, all three main paths of the Kabbalah tree’s wisdom, namely, the Evolution, the Involution, and the Integration, are presented to Freemasons and Illuminati members of the audience of this animation.

In this sequence, there is another important element on the classroom blackboard. On the blackboard, it is observed that a man is hanged. But what is meant by this hanged man next to the word “evolution”?

In the first layer of analysis, we notice that the manner in which he is hanged is similar to the English letter R. So, one of the meanings of this symbol is the phrase of Revolution, and we see that this man’s eyes is shown like dead people.

The meaning of the first layer of this symbol is that Freemasonry and the Illuminati will destroy any revolution that is formed against itself. So, all other revolutions that seem to have the concept of revolution and are supported by Freemasonry are actually not against Freemasonry; And unfortunately, most of the world’s revolutions are supported by Freemasonry. For example, the Great French Revolution or the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, or the Velvet Revolutions supported by Freemasonry, were not really revolutions and were an obvious magic for the transfer of power to the Global Freemasonry’s agents.

It is interesting that at present, the only revolution in the world against all the Masonic countries, such as England, US, etc., is the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and this international hostility of the Masonic countries against the Iranian Revolution, has continued for more than 40 years.

It shows that Freemasonry will not have good relationship with any revolution that is against it, and therefore the international struggle and hostility of the Masonic countries against Iran has been going on for more than 40 years, which the evidence for this is cited in the article of “The World Under the Domination of Antichrist, Iran as Island of Hope”.

In the second layer of analysis of this symbol, you should refer to the tarot cards again. As mentioned earlier, tarot cards, and especially their special variants, such as Thoth tarot cards, are of great value in secret and Masonic communities. Meanwhile, the 22 important cards in Tarot, called Grand Tarot or Major Arcana or Trump Cards, matter more than any other cards.

One of the cards of the Grand Tarot or trump cards is a card called Hanged Man, which you can see in the images.

Of course, the image of the man hanged on the blackboard of the animation classroom has two major differences with the Tarot Hanged Man card. The first difference is that on the Hanged Man card of the Major Arcana, hanged man is in upsidedown manner, while in the classroom blackboard, the hanged man is hanged normally. The second point is that in the Hanged Man card of Major Arcana, the rope is tied to the hanged man’s foot while in the classroom blackboard, the rope is tied to the hanged man neck.

In Tarot cards reading, Upsidedown cards are read either as opposites, inversely or negatively.

Also, attaching the rope to the hanged man neck, instead of attaching to the foot, again causes the card to be negative or contradictory or inverted. Mathematically, negative multiplied by negative gives positive answer! That is, in the end, the meaning of the hanged man element in the animation’s classroom is quite equivalent to the Hanged Man card in Grand Tarot.

The meaning of the Hanged Man card in Grand Tarot is personal development and work with confidence.

Thus the mysterious message of the man hanged on the classroom’s blackboard, is the powerful and determined move of Freemasonry and the Illuminati towards the ultimate goal of setting the final stages for the start of a new world order in the Jerusalem as the capital of this order and the beginning of the Antichrist era in the world. These secret messages has been transmitted to all Freemasonry proponents around the world by the mentioned codes.

In the following, we come across a completely different sequence from the previous sequences. In the new image, 12 homunculus with depressing and fade faces, numbering the number of months of the year, the number of constellations and the number of tribes of the Israelites, are seen surrounded by barbed wire, which is another manifestation of despair and hopelessness in the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the classroom, we see a pretty blond girl holding a red apple in her hand and a green-brown circle around this girl, just a short distance from the mentioned circle, a small green-brown dot on the ground, is also observed.

Looking back at the images we talked about earlier, we can see that the green-brown circle around the blond girl and the dot close to it. resembles the mole on Obama’s cheek and the circular patch near it. This mentioned circle and dot is also very similar to the English capital letter O and the small letter i adjacent to it, in the word HELiOPHANT of the animation making company’s logo.

So, the circle and its adjacent spot in all three mentioned parts, ie: Obama’s face circular patch and mole image, the circle and dot around the long-haired blond girl and the letters O and i in the word HELiOPHANT of animation maker’s logo, all point to one important point and single theme. In a comprehensive review of Masonic symbolism, we find that the circle and dot in the above elements all refer to a star called the Regulus star which is very important in the Freemasonry and Illuminati apocalyptic discussions, and it had been briefly talked about before.

Regulus star is primarily seen as an ecliptic star, and is very important in eclipses because of its very close proximity to the sun.

This is an image of one of the eclipses in 2017. And, as you can see, the Regulus star’s location relative to the sun is exactly the same as the images seen on Obama’s mole, the HELiOPHANT logo, and the circle and dot around the blond girl.

The important thing about the Regulus star is that from the ground observer’s point of view, the star’s location is almost constant with respect to the sun, which is why it is well seen in eclipses.  What is the reason for the frequent reference of the director of animation I, Pet Goat 2 to Regulus, in this animation? What is the mention cause of I, Pet Goat 2 animation director frequently in all over of this animation? Before answering the question correctly, the symbols used in this animation sequence must first be discussed in detail. In this sequence, it is noticed that before the image is fixed on the young blond girl, at the corner of the image, and on the wall, there is a yellow flower called Lily in English.

Of course, the Lily flower has many varieties, and the lily genus is a very large genus of flowers, in which all kinds of species are found.

While there is another flower called Water Lily that is very similar to Lotus, but in essence, Water Lily and Lotus are two different species.

On the other hand, the website of the animation making company, HELiOPHANT, also mentions the name of the beautiful young blond girl as Lily, which is also the name of some flowers.

But most importantly, the word of Lily is an abbreviation for Lilith, and Lilith was an evil goddess. As for Lilith, it is said that Lilith or Lily or Lilitu were described as the beautiful evil women, the beautiful queen of Anunaki, the mother of serpents, and the queen of owls, and were related to lily genus flower and lotus flowers.

Lilith is known as a beautiful woman, the queen of serpents and the queen of owls, and her symbol is a moon attached to the cross. This beautiful woman, in the legends of the ancient nations, and atheist myths, especially in Mesopotamia, was known as the fertility god, and the queen of serpents.

Another thing about Lilith is that in some legends, she is referred to as Adam’s first wife. However, this is not the case in any of the divine books, including the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran.

These kinds of blasphemous claims are distortions that have been introduced into some Hebrew books by the Kabbalistic-Zionist apparatus of some of the Jewish people, including these false and blasphemous books is Alphabet of Ben Sira.

It is mentioned in this book that the first wife of Prophet Adam was the Lilith, and after Lilith had disobeyed against Adam, and also rebelled against God, she has been expelled from paradise.

According to this claim, as Lilith was the queen of the serpents, she transformed herself into a serpentine snake, and then entered Paradise and incited Adam and Eve- whom God had replaced Lilith- and has been encouraged them to eat the forbidden apples which according to distorted beliefs, this apple was apples of knowledge and awareness. According to this claim, after Lilith had deceived Adam and Eve and encourage them to eat the forbidden apples, they all became those upon whom was the anger of God and God expelled Adam, Eve, and Lilith from paradise.

The important point is that the Satan or Baphomet has always been androgynous.  In a way, Baphomet has both male genitalia and some feminine features, such as large breasts. So, the Satan has both male and female aspects simultaneusly.

Also, concerning the seduction of the people of Sodom by the Satan, to commit the heinous act of sodomy, it is mentioned that the Satan went to the men of Sodom as a handsome young man, and encouraged them into sodomy.  And then she turned into a beautiful woman and went to the women of Sodom and persuaded them to involve in lesbian affairs. Therefore, this also confirms the possibility of the incarnation of the Satan as both male and female.

According to the foregoing, it appears that what has been referred to in the distorted beliefs of some Hebrew books and legends of the ancient heretic nations about Lilith refers to the Satan’s female form, which in this form deceived Adam and Eve and told them to eat the forbidden fruit, and thus, to have them expelled from paradise. According to these legends, however, Lilith herself marries a male demonic creature, and many dickens and demons are the result of this marriage. However, in spite of the different beliefs of ancient nations about Lilith, no divine religion has mentioned that the creature named Lilith was the first wife of Adam and these lie contents are distortions that the Satan have put into Hebrew texts like the Book of Alphabet of Ben Sira, and that is unacceptable.

So, in the first layer of the analysis of this part of the animation, we find that the pretty girl sitting in the middle of the circle is Lilith or Lily, and the red apple in her hand reinforces this hypothesis. In other words, the beauty of Lilith and the famous seductive red apple are all manifested in the characters of Lily in I, Pet Goat 2 Animation.

 In the second layer of analysis of this element, we find that white dress, blond hair and beautiful face, besides other things attributed to Lilith like the mother of the serpents or the queen of the serpents, makes a strong connection between the character of Lily in the animation, the evil character of Lilith in ancient myths, and the famous character of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen.

Another point attributed in some references to Lilith is the destructive characteristic of Lilith, which again establishes a strong connection between Lilith and Daenerys Targaryen.

Especially since the meaning of the word of Daenerys is also associated with destruction, and the name of Daenerys means God will judge my destruction.

As you can see, Daenerys is a beautiful young woman like Lilith. According to legend, Lilith was a widow after her first marriage and Daenerys was also a widow. Lilith is also known as the Mother of the Serpent, and Daenerys is also known by that name. Ultimately, both characters are associated with destruction.

Interestingly, in some of the most famous sequences to the Game of Thrones, Daenerys is depicted in a very elegant, white dress with blond hair, like the character of Lily or Lilith in the I, Pet Goat 2 animation. So, the resemblance and relationship of these characters to each other is more than chance.

However, the worldwide popularity of the character of Daenerys Targaryen in The Game of Thrones is not without reason, it is quite clear that the worldwide Masonic-Zionist media empire, headed by Hollywood, is very much acted precisely and consistently, and it introduces many negative and unpopular characters of divine religions as positive and loving ones.

In the third layer, the character of Lily in I, Pet Goat 2 animation, relates to the character of Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” book, written by Lewis Carroll.

Another thing that links Lily’s character to Alice’s is the image of a rabbit in the background and on the wall,

And as we know, the rabbit is one of the key characters in “Alice in Wonderland” story, and it is the rabbit that drives Alice into the rabbit hole, and from there, brings her into a strange underground world with odd rules and regulations.

In addition, Lewis Carroll’s other book, Alice Through the Looking Glass is the sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”. In “Alice Through the Looking Glass” story, Alice is the main character.

In this story two characters called White King and White Queen own a girl named Lily and in a part of the story, Alice roleplays on the chessboard instead of Lily! Thus, although Alice is not Lily herself, but in various ways, is associated with Lily and associated with the symbolism of Lily and Lilith.

Of course, Lewis Carroll, the author of “Alice in Wonderland” and other related stories had a suspicious personality, and was a member of secret societies

and many scholars associate the various strange symbols in “Alice in Wonderland” story with Illuminati and Masonic symbols, Tarot mystery cards’ symbols, etc., which their detailed description does not fit into this discussion.

But what is agreed upon is that Alice, as the Masonic secrets seeker, enters the strange underground world with the guidance of her Masonic master and teacher, the rabbit, where she encounters a mysterious world, which rules differ from the ordinary world,

and Alice, with the help of her Masonic teachers and guides, like the rabbit, reaches a higher level of understanding compared to other human beings, approaching the masonic supremacy, and even at a certain moment, stands on Lily’s or Lilith’s position, as the female aspect of the Satan.

Of course, the mention to Alice in Wonderland and the Wonderful Underground World of Masonic Mysteries has been implicitly mentioned in many other films and serials, including the Resident Evil film series

whose main character, Alice played by Milla Jovovich, enters the underground world of Hive of Umbrella Company, where she gains a variety of secrets, and reaches the meta-awareness. Although, investigation of Resident Evil’s film series and decoding it requires other documentary articles and movies.

Overall, as mentioned, in the third layer of this episode of I, Pet Goat 2 Animation, special attention is paid to Alice’s story in Wonderland and its Masonic mysteries.

In the same sequence, the image of a deer jumping upwards is seen, with husks spread around it and on the ground.

This image symbolizes the flying deer or Furfur in Latin.

Also, in Latin, bran and husk are also called furfur!

So, both the character of the jumping deer and the husks around it refer to the word Furfur.

But what is the importance of Furfur?

In demonology, Furfur is a deer-like satanic ruler, and a mystery instructor or teacher who was from elf species. In the case of Furfur, it is also said that he is a knight of hell who rules over a number of demons and evil spirits, and is known as a light bearer character among the Illuminati members and secret groups, and teaches occult teachings to his followers.

Thus, both the deer and rabbit elements on the wall refer to one subject in practice and both point to the Masonic and occult teachers.

 It is noteworthy that a number of secret societies, demonic groups, and others today use rabbit and deer symbols along with other Masonic and Illuminati-related symbols.

As you can see, this animation has thousands of important Masonic symbols and each symbol has several layers of meaning in its heart, which is why it took more than 4 years to make this 7 min animation.

In addition to the above, a Calla lily flower, is illustrated on one of the walls, which is also one of the flowers of the Lily family.

The director of the animation, therefore, seems to have tried, in various ways, to tell his Masonic audience that they must pay attention to the symbols of Lily and Lilith in order to understand the secrets and mysteries of this sequence.

Nevertheless, one might question the fact that all these symbols such as the rabbit, the egg, etc… are linked to the Christian Easter. However, we should point out that many of these symbols are not related to the original and true Christianity and the holy presence of Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) is void of such symbols. The mentioned symbols are the elements that have originated from pagan beliefs, which have penetrated Christian festivals and faiths. By distorting these original beliefs, they have tried to replace the true and divine Christianity.

There are books and articles written by members of the Freemasonry cult in this regard in which the Masonic symbols in Easter celebrations have been indicated and the hidden and mysterious meanings of some of these symbols has been analyzed.

But in the meantime, a very important question comes to mind. What is the relationship between Lily or Lilith with surrounding circle and the dot next to it? First, if we look at the color of this circle drawn around Lily, we will find that the color of this circle is a mixture of green and brown.

By examining the symbology of colors and their relation to zodiac and constellations, we find that green-brown are assigned to Virgo constellation. So, this color is secretly associated with Lily.

It should be noted that the literal meaning of Virgo is virgin girl, but in all ancient nations, female characters and beautiful young women have been associated with the Virgo constellation.

For example, although Isis, as the most famous goddess of ancient Egypt, was married and widowed, Virgo’s constellation was associated with her.

Likewise, other female characters such as Lilith and Ishtar, who were beautiful young women, were associated with the Virgo constellation.

On the other hand, next to the green-brown circle, there is a dot of the same color. As it was mentioned earlier, this circle and dot is similar to Obama’s face mole and patch, as well as the capital letter O and the small letter i in HELiOPHANT, the logo of the animation making company, and they all point to the Regulus star, known as the permanent star of the eclipses.

Also the frequent use of purple color in the key symbols of this animation is another mention to the Regulus star. Because among the four key stars of kings in the beliefs of the ancient nations, the symbol of the Regulus star was purple color and this fact is also mentioned in the book of Moral and Dogma written by the famous Freemason, Albert Pike.

But what is the reason for the repeated demonstration of symbols and colors related to the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis in this animation? Why does this star hold such a high significance in the Masonic symbology? There is an important notion regarding the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis and it is the fact that after 2167 years, it left the Leo constellation and entered the Virgo constellation in late 2011 and early 2012.

Freemasonry, Illuminati, and pagan groups consider this astronomical change holy.

This notion is due to the fact that according to the pagan beliefs of these groups, such astronomical change after 2167 years, brings an end to the global predominance of Islam and Christianity. Freemasons, Illuminati, and other pagan and atheist groups claim that 2000 years after the birth of prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) and subsequently holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which brought about the predominance of divine religions to the world,

All of which took place during the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis’ presence in the Leo constellation, the Regulus star enters a new region of the Virgo constellation in the new millennia, triggering the fall of divine religions and rise of the age of paganism and blaphemy in the world.

However, such a claim with regards to constellations has not been made by any of the divine religions, including Islam and Christianity. In principle, divine religions do not concur with the certain impact of stars on living beings and hold the effects of spiritual factors, prayers, and invocations of God, higher than any natural factors.

The evil beliefs of Freemasons and Illuminati have roots in infidel convictions of the ancient Egypt, pagan religions of Mesopotamia, and other points of the world and hence, are inherited from pagan groups and ancient infidel nations.

In many Masonry circles, they believe that with the beginning of the new age of the Regulus star in 2012, the world has gone under fascinating changes and current disciplines governing various points of the world have fallen apart, leading to anarchy, chaos, contention, plunging economic indices, alterations in social systems, fall of various governments, etc.. These events will lead to the collapse of old orders governing the world and would create the birth conditions for a new world order and beginning of a sole international governance centered in Jerusalem or Bayt al-Maqdis, leading by the Antichrist.

On the other hand, Masonry, Illuminati, pagan, and feminist groups believe that the arrival of Regulus in the Virgo region in 2012, spells the end of the age of patriarchy and the beginning of the age of feminism and matriarchy. In this age, Lilith, the satan’s female manifestation who owns the Virgo constellation, finds dominion over the whole universe.

The important point is that simultaneously, from the end of 2011 and start of 2012, an evil force was born in Middle East with the name of ISIL, which secretly sent a signal to all Masonic governments, summoning them to use the conflicts in Syria for the advancement of their Masonic goals.

As we know, ISIL stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”. However, this terrorist group has been known as ISIS within the international media, which stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. While it is known that the Levant region encompasses not only Syria, but parts of Jordon, Lebanon, and Palestine as well; that is the reason this terrorist group is called ISIL, not ISIS!  However, why has the wrong abbreviation of ISIS been famously touted in the international media over ISIL,

 so that everywhere in the world, people come to know them as ISIS? Was it just a verbal mistake?

Previous experiences show that one should not look for chance, coincidence, or errors in these instances; Rather there is a large conspiracy behind these apparent mistakes. But what is this great conspiracy? In response, it should be said that it is obvious that the establishment, equipment and support of ISIL has been done by Eastern and Western Masonic governments in order to send the word ISIS as a code name for the events of the year 2012 and later, so that the Masonic leaders of the world, use it to emphasize on the approaching to the new world order under the Antichrist’s rule in Jerusalem.

Nevertheless, what does this code word consist of? As we know, for a long time, leaders from the “Al-Asad” family have held the governance of Syria.

While examining the name of this family, we find that Al-Asad, is the synonym of Lion in English and Leo in Latin.

On the other hand, since the establishment and operation of ISIL by Freemasons and Illuminati in Syria, which for some unknown reason is mistakenly called ISIS in English, ISIS has been cryptically linked to Virgo. In Masonry symbology, Isis is a goddess of the ancient Egypt who is related to the Virgo constellation.

Hence, by fanning the flames of civil war from the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 in Syria, coinciding with the famous astronomical change of this time, meaning the transfer of the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis from Leo (or Lion) to Virgo (or Lady) constellation, Freemasons and Illuminati tried to transfer the power from Asad Family, or Leo family, to ISIS or Virgo!

Therefore, beneath the bloody wars of Syria, major parts of which have been imposed by ISIS on people of Middle East, lies the evil motives of global Freemasonry to signal the arrival of the new Masonic age. The transfer of power from Leo to Virgo was also in progress beginned from 2012, which has been left unsuccessful to this day with the endeavors and sacrifices of the region’s Shia and Sunni resistance forces, led by the great commander, martyred Qasem Soleimani and his brothers-in-arms.

Though Freemasons and Illuminati are persistent in their evil plans and have initiated several other actions in order to begin the Antichrist’s empire in Jerusalem under the name of “the deal of the century”, which we shall discuss in due course.

In addition to the events in Syria, with the special astronomical changes in 2012 led by the Regulus star or alpha Leonis’ positional change from Leo to Virgo constellations, and the end of Regulus’ 2000-year presence in the Leo constellation, other important political changes and plans were also made for the future. The year 2012, was the beginning of the second term of Obama’s presidency in the United States and was concurrent with foreign policy changes.

Militarism was further expanded in the Middle East and John Kerry, who like George Bush was a member of the Skull & Bones secret society and a fan of the socirty’s “Order of Death” slogan in contrast to his democratic pretense, was chosen as the United States’ Secretary of State. He then placed the secret support of ISIL and other armed elements opposed to the “Asad” family on his agenda, in parallel with his democratic actions.

Furthermore, global Freemasonry gradually commenced its planning for the selection of the next US president, who would be related to the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis. This is important because, apart from the issue of transferring Regulus from Leo to Virgo in 2012, in Masonic circles, the Regulus star has been linked with the destiny of Iran in the apocalypse! Because this star was known as Iranian Kings’ glory and power star.  Freemasons have intended to eliminate Iran, before the full execution of “the deal of the century” by choosing a special president in the United States of America to pave the wave for the absolute rule of Freemasons in the world and commence the kingdom of the Antichrist in Jerusalem.

Donald Trump, the current president of the United States of America, was chosen because in many ways, he is seen as the best option for governing the United States as its last leader before US’ collapse and transfer of power to Jerusalem. Donald Trump has been the best option for the presidency of the United States of America in what is the most sensitive period of the Freemasons’ history; The reasons for which will be comprehensively analyzed moving forward.

However, one of the important reasons for selecting Donald Trump as the President of the US in this period, is the close relation between his astrology sign and the Regulus star, which has been pointed out in various sources.  Regulus star has been known as Donald Trump’s lucky star and the destiny of his leadership has been linked with the destiny of the Regulus star.

It is said about Regulus, that people whose sign is entangled with this star, gain power in a short amount of time and can command vast dominance in a vast territory. However, Regulus’ biggest enemy is the avenging of its owner from others, as if the mentioned powerful person decides to take revenge from others, his power and rule will be destroyed.

Of course, the fact that Trump intends to revenge upon those responsible for his impeachment, which has been pointed out by Western news networks, signals the hidden message that soon the time of Trump’s fall will begin which would be followed by US’ collapse and transfer of power to Jerusalem and rise of the evil global rule.

Considering Trump’s link to the Regulus star and what was explained in this regard, we find that as the owner of the Regulus star in his like-minded Freemason companions’ view, Trump has been tasked to use his relationship with the Regulus star to destroy the 4000-year old great and powerful civilization of Iran and its independence on one hand, and simultaneously facilitate the destruction of the American empire and transfer of the global power to Jerusalem on the other,  to begin the evil age of Lilith or the devil, led by the Antichrist. This all coincides with Regulus’ passing from the Leo (Lion) constellation to the Virgo (Lady) constellation.

 In other words, the link between Regulus and Trump has allowed the global Freemasonry and Illuminati, to take maximum advantage from this attribute of Trump in concurrent destruction of Iran’s great civilization and other divine religions such as Christianity and Islam. They will of course fail in this path, as we will point out the failure of these plans at the end of our analysis.

Nevertheless, it is interesting that the followers of the devil, Freemasons and Illuminati, have found a link between Iran and divine religions and have provoked a common enemy for both purposes. This fact importantly points out the importance of Iran’s role in guarding divine religions and not just Islamic Shia thought in front of Illuminati’s evil plans.

Of course, the selection of Donald Trump for American Presidency and Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister of England had other reasons as well.

One of the most important reasons of support for Trump in the US, and Boris Johnson in England, is adhering to the tree of life Kabbalah and Thoth Tarot symbology. The point is that every section of the Kabbalah tree of life, is related to one of the grand Tarot’s cards, or Trump cards.

As we had noted before, 22 grand tarot cards exist that are named trump cards as well.  In Kabballah’s tree of life, a special place has been attributed to each of the grand tarot cards.

When we look at the position of each trump card on the tree of life, we find a fascinating point.  As can be seen in the images, a trump card named “The Fool” exists that is numbered 0 or 22 and in some games and layouts holds the highest power among the grand Tarot cards.

This Grand tarot card has occupied a special position in the tree of life. In a way that it is the closest trump card to the Crown sefirot.

If we pay attention to where the Lightening Flash of Creation passes through the Kabbalah tree, we can observe that this lightening, which is emitted from the crown sefirot, the highest level of the tree, goes instantly towards “The Fool” trump card and then towards the other sefirotes until exiting via the Malkut or the kingdom sefirot.

Therefore, “The Fool” trump card holds the most sensitive spot in the tree of life where the emitted lightening is initiated. Ergo the beginning and the ending order of each Kabbalah period is linked with “The Fool” trump card.

On the other hand, it can be observed in the political world that the traditional arms of global Freemasonry and Illuminati, meaning the US and England in the current age, are being led by two seemingly foolish (The Fool) characters.

Although these two characters are successful figures in politics and economy, they have conducted audacious activities with their foolish appearance that no other Freemason has dared to conduct. Donald Trump’s bold and seemingly stupid actions such as tearing the JCPA nuclear deal, trade war with China, negotiations with North Korea, etc.  As well as Boris Johnson’s endeavors for England’s exit from the European Union, all seem foolish.

Naturally, Freemasonry and Illuminati are actively trying to present these actions as such. Because soon, Illuminati intends to collapse all traditional western and eastern economic powers including China and Russia and on top of all the European Union, England, and the USA. Afterwards, when the traditional power system governing the world has fallen, they will establish a new world order in Jerusalem or Bayt-al-Maqdis. The immediate collapse of England and the US is not plausible without the necessary context and excuses, since ordinary people will suspect the matter and postulate large conspiracies. However, with the existence of two seemingly foolish people such as Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, destruction of the USA, England, and the rest of the powers would seem ordinary and these politicians will shoulder the blame. Thereafter the possibility for the rise of the new power in Bayt-Al-Maqdis or Jerusalem will come to fruition.

Hence, two seemingly stupid international politicians such as Trump and Johnson in this age, are completely aligned with “The Fool” trump card and its special role in the Kabbalah tree of life. They are counted as a predetermined plan for a large conspiracy, to act from the position of “The Fool” trump card in the Kabbalah tree in ending the old age and ushering the new one.

However, the astonishing truth about “The Fool” trump card is that it is equal to the “Joker” card in a normal deck of cards. This notion has also been pointed out by various sources.

However, by hearing the name of the joker, the audience’s minds would probably notice an important factor. Yes, in our current time (early 2020) we have all heard the name of the Joker! There are talks of the Joker everywhere these days.

The film Joker is advertised by the media and wins various international awards.

News of the suicide of the Joker’s actor makes another independent news stream in the media.

A variety of people wearing Joker’s masks in unrests and riots around the world, for instance in Iraq, heralds the presence of the Joker in the media again as well as the streets.

Numerous short clips from the Joker movie is played back on media alongside various other items, which lie outside the scope of this discussion.

Considering these explanations, it is clear that the Joker’s fame towards the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, is not without reason. Just as much as the apparently foolish Masonic politicians are present and aligned at top of the power pyramid with “The Fool” trump card, ordinary deceived people are active in the streets with the codename “The Joker”, alongside the global Freemasonry infantry. This policy of “pressure from below” and “negotiation and action from above” is being carried out from two sides by the Jokers and the Fools Each group, hand in hand, is moving towards creating commotion, unrest, economic destruction, anarchism, and the collapse of the old orders governing the world in a bid to crown the modern global evil order in Jerusalem or Bayt-Al-Maqdis. How naive are the commoners; those that are deceived by the powerful and intelligent leaders of Freemasonry without seeing the hands holding the strings behind the curtain.

In spite of this intelligence, the divine view and awareness of the eminent leader of the Islamic Revolution, the great Ayatollah Khamenei, towards the Freemason politicians of the world is extraordinary.

During the Friday mass prayers on January 17th 2020, he called the American politicians and above all Donald Trump as “Jokers”, which is another notion towards the relation between “The Fool”, meaning Trump, with the “Joker”. This clearly illustrates the divine confirmations as well as his complete grasp on international matters.

However, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, since a long time ago, with unparalleled intelligence, warned about state of being  “fake”, “forgery” and “fraud” of some “fake madness type role-plays” and “seemingly stupid actions” of Donald Trump, and stated that even these “artificial stupidity” would not go unanswered, and that the Islamic Republic of Iran would respond appropriately and justly, even to the seemingly foolish actions of Donald Trump and the US government.

It should now be noted that all hints towards future events, were made in an animation, the production of which began in 2008 and was subsequently released in 2012!

These hints are not a type of prophecy. This animation and other secret and encrypted information tools, broadcast the evil plans of the Illuminati to the members of Freemasonry and Illuminati around the globe so that any member of this extensive network can realize their exact role in the designated period.

In other words, this animation solely sends its message to Freemasons and Illuminati members in various layers and only now after extensive research and deliberation, only parts of it have been decrypted with regards to Illuminati’s plans during the months past.  Hence, numerous parts of this content have not been recovered yet. However, notions regarding the Trump-age of America are not limited to what has been mentioned and we shall point them out later in other sections in future analysis.

After the above comprehensive explanations, we should now recapitulate this scene in more details. At the beginning of the scene, we see Lily or Lilith sitting at the center of a green-brown circle. It means that, at the beginning of the scene, Lilith is sitting in her main position, which is the Virgo constellation in zodiac colored as green-brown.

The Regulus star or Alpha Leonis can be observed at the side of the circle with its specific angle.

In this position, Lilith holds the famous red apple in her hands. Naturally, in the deviated views of the ancient infidel nations as well as Hebrew Zionist books, the red apple is deceptively named as the apple of science and knowledge.

Up until now, the whole room is bright and the light touches all its corners.

Suddenly, the room darkens and the light shines on only some specific points: The first point is where Lilith is sitting at the center of the circle. The second point is the face of a rabbit drawn on the wall. The third point is the face of a flying deer, painted on the other part of wall. The fourth point is the word “Exit”, which is written on the classroom’s door.

In this instance, Lilith’s face takes a depressed and sad form. She lets the apple go. The apple rolls on the classroom’s chessboard-like ground while the Illuminati light, which was shining on her face, now follows the apple around the room. The apple continues to role until it reaches Obama’s feet next to an abbreviation resembling C7, but with some alterations.It then stops moving and after a short while divides into two halves and two blossoms grow from within each half. In the end, a fully-grown Lotus flower blooms underneath the Illuminati light.

In this moment, a gold coin is seen underneath Obama’s shoes who is perspiring profusely while looking at the Lotus’ blooming with utmost concern.

According to Freemasonry beliefs, the beautiful girl sitting in the center of the circle is the same Lilith or Lily who is the female manifestation of the devil.  She owns the fruit of science and knowledge. The Freemasons and Kabbalists believe that the product of this science and knowledge is humankind’s awareness of nature’s scientific laws, denying incorporeal beings, angles, and the God.

However, in accordance with Illuminati beliefs, the devil or Lilith, has not had sufficient time to use the apple’s science and knowledge to transcend herself and guide Adam and Eve in shunning religious beliefs! For this reason, despite her own desire, the devil or Lilith lets the red apple of science and awareness fall on the ground so that it can evolve and develop among humans and jinns with the passing of ages and centuries.

In the same way, it is noted on the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation’s website that Lily, looks at the apple and says: “This apple does not belong to me”, and then lets it fall to the ground. This matter is a confirmation of the provided analysis regarding the fact that due to the distorted beliefs of Illuminati, Lilith or the devil has not seen the science and awareness at the beginning of creation as sufficient as to use it for the advancement of her important plans. Therefore, she lets it fall to the ground so that it evolves among humans and jinns with the passing of ages and centuries.

The sudden darkening of the classroom in this scene, simultaneously with the dropping of the apple from Lilith’s hands, means that since the conception of Lilith or the devil’s plans, Illuminati’s light has been shining over the world.

However, after the tales of Adam and Eve, Illuminati’s light has weakened and has only been focused on the forbidden fruit, or the apple of knowledge as interpreted by Illuminati and Freemasonry. Furthermore, as the Illuminati light weakened, the devil or Lilith was banished from heaven, which is depicted by lightening the word “Exit”, when the whole room has darkened.

On the other hand, the lightening of the rabbit and deer’s faces on the wall, both of which are the symbols of teacher and mentor in Masonry teachings, shows that in the age of weakened Illuminati light and predominance of divine religions, Illuminati’s teachings have entered secretive unions and circles such as devil worshipping temples, within mazelike vaults of temple priests, and hidden Masonry lodges. Freemason Masters and teachers then embarked on teaching these blasphemous beliefs to their followers. It is noteworthy that, the rabbit symbol in this animation is connected to this age of secrecy and underground Masonry.

It corresponds with the rabbit hole in “Alice in Wonderland” through which Alice finds herself within the mysterious world of the underground Freemasonry and Illuminati!

In addition, in Freemasons and Illuminati views, with the start of pervasiveness of Christianity and subsequently Islam all over the world, infidel teachings of Illuminati were further weakened, and Lilith and her followers were in practice barred. Further to these explanations, the existence of the green-brown circle around Lilith as well as her sad and depressed face, along with 12 dummies barred in a fence, all point to this restriction.

In any case, positioning Lilith within the green-brown circle, which is the symbol of Virgo, or the Lady, and a dot next to the aforementioned circle, which is the symbol of Alpha Leonis or Regulus, shows that while she has been imprisoned and restricted for more than 2000 years, Lilith is still eagerly waiting so that her 2,167 years of restriction are over. As soon as the transfer of Regulus star from Leo or Lion constellation to Virgo or Lady constellation is completed, she will be free from her prison and can restart the modern age of Illuminati and vanquish the divine religions. This is the important detail concealed within the circle and the dot surrounding Lilith in this scene of the animation.

Moving forward you can see that the Illuminati light will follow the movement of the apple fallen from Lilith’s hands. The apple keeps rolling on a checkered board. This scene, in Freemason’s view, shows the movement of the apple of science and knowledge towards its evolution and betterment through centuries and ages in the world of humans and jinns, which has been depicted by a checkered black and white ground.

The apple’s movement and rolling underneath the Illuminati light continues to dark parts of the room until it reaches and stops at Obama’s shoes next to an abbreviation resembling C7, but with some alterations. After a short while, the apple divides into two halves and two blossoms grow from within each half. In the end, a fully-grown Lotus flower blooms underneath the Illuminati light and starts growing further.

In this moment, a gold coin is observed underneath Obama’s shoe, who is perspiring profusely while looking at the Lotus’ blooming with utmost concern.

When analyzing this part of the animation’s scene, we should say that it points towards the fact that according to Freemasonry and Illuminati’s views, the evolution of science and knowledge continues through centuries, until with the change in position of the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis from Leo to Virgo constellation at the advent of the third millennia and during Obama’s presidency, the evolution of masonic knowledge reaches its perfected state desired by the devil and Illuminati.

Hence, it is in this moment that the red apple of Masonic science and knowledge stops, blossoms under the evil luciferian light of Illuminati, and the famous Lotus flower appears to bloom, which is the favorite flower of pharaohs and gods of the infidel beliefs of ancient Egypt.

Regarding this part of the animation, it is important to note some crucial information in two tiers of analysis. In the first tier of analyzing this scene, it should be noted that the abbreviation C7 has a secret and cryptic meaning.

First, C7 points to the seven crimes or sins, which are the tools one uses to get closer to the devil.

Second, C7 is the production code for a mysterious horror series called “Terror of Vervoids” which was broadcast by BBC One from November 1st through November 22nd 1986. In this series, some human-plant hybrids called “Vervoids” are depicted that have strong seeds, which could passively endure for thousands of years in the darkness. However, as soon as they are exposed to light, Vervoids would take root and grow. The result of Vervoids’ growth is their rebirth and subsequently attacking and feeding on humans.

The relation between the Vervoid series with this part of the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation is the fact that after enduring thousands of years of passivity and being set aside, the Vervoids would blossom again, grow rapidly, and become active when they are exposed to intense light. In this scene, the seeds within the Masonry apple of science and knowledge suddenly grow after passivity and long storage, to turn into Egyptian pharaohs’ favorite flower, i.e. Lotus.

As for the second layer of this scene, it should be noted that in the myths and infidel beliefs of the ancient Egypt, which were inherited by Freemasons and Illuminati, “Ra” or “the sun god” was the greatest god of ancient Egyptians.He, who was born from the heart of the Lotus flower, either held this title alone or at times shared it (Amun-Ra) in people’s beliefs!

Hence, in this scene it has been secretly alluded to that in the advent of the third millennia, during Barack Obama’s reign and concurrently with astronomical changes of the Regulus Star around 2012, with the opening of the Masonry apple of science and knowledge underneath the Illuminati’s light, the age of parading infidel ancient Egypt’s beliefs shall begin, and Ra, the sun god, shall blossom from within the freshly bloomed Lotus and be reborn again!!!

Therefore, the sequence of this important scene is telling us that thousands of years ago, when evil and infidel beliefs where widespread, Lilith or the devil’s female manifestation had conquered the world.

But with the dissemination of divine religions such as Christianity and Islam, Lilith and the beliefs attributed to her were imprisoned in darkness, and only Kabbalists, Freemasons, and members of Illuminati were aware of these secrets and embarked on teaching them in secret and hiding to their followers in a bid to further develop the Masonry science.

However, 2,167 years or better yet, after 2000 years of divine religions such as Christianity and Islam’s circulation, the underground Masonry science has evolved and its followers increased to an extent that with the start of the new millennia, and in parallel with astronomical changes in position of the Regulus star from Leo to Virgo constellations, Ra’s rebirth and pervasiveness of ancient Egypt’s infidel beliefs has begun.

Lilith has also broken free from her prison and the new global order centered in Jerusalem, based on the evil teachings of the Lucifer or his female manifestation Lilith, and led by the Antichrist is nearing its establishment.

Nevertheless, as it was repeatedly pointed out, these evil plans and blasphemous beliefs are related to Freemasons, Illuminati, Kabballah, and Zionism, and divine religions do not hold such deceiving and distorted claims as truth. Rather as we will note at the end of our discussions, soon the evil beliefs shall be vanquished with the hands of the righteous and God believing people, and a global divine government will be established.

In this part, we should point towards another important notion. In previously observed scenes, we saw that right after Obama’s election following the end of George Bush’s presidency, Obama was cheerful and happy and the expression “lol” was written next to him. However, in current scene, Obama is perturbed and anxious, perspiring with widened eyes out of fear and distress, while looking at the Masonry red apple of science and the Lotus flower within it. What is the meaning in such severe changes in Obama’s demeanor?

In response to this question, we should analyze these changes in Obama’s demeanor in multiple layers: On the first layer, as it was previously noted, such changes are related to the number 101, which significantly resembles “lol”. As per fact number 101 in the book “101 Amazing Barack Obama Facts”, it is related to Obama’s use of marijuana and cocaine in his youth.

Because both marijuana and cocaine create symptoms such as happiness, cheerfulness, laughter and rise in energy. But later on, those symptoms would change to stress, sweating, concerns, and rising heartbeat. Hence, changes in Obama’s demeanor in the sequential scenes of this animation are related to this secret fact.

In the second layer of this analysis, it should be noted that Obama’s first term as president, from 2008 to 2012, occurred in the old Masonry age, meaning before the astronomical changes of the famous Regulus star.

But Obama’s second term from 2012 and afterwards (till 2016) took place in the period of astonishing astronomical changes, i.e. the age of Regulus’ transfer from Leo to Virgo. This new age of Freemasonry is full of turmoil and collapse of the previous order governing the world and naturally holds many staggering differences with the period before 2012.

Such turbulence and alterations, cause distress, fear, and change in Obama and that is why we see that despite his cheerfulness in previous scenes, in current scene, Obama’s distress and fraught in his second term, which involves significant social, political, military, and cultural changes in the world, are depicted.

In the third layer, this fear and distress is to some extent related to the golden coin beneath Obama’s shoe.  This golden coin is strangely underneath Obama’s feet, in a way that half of it is not visible.

The image of this coin observed from afar, or when zoomed in, and when rotated 180 degrees brings various figures and numbers to mind. Indeed, if the director had intended to, he could have depicted the coin’s image clearly and avoid creating such confusion. Therefore, this confusion is intentionally done by the director and its purpose is to transmit multiple messages to his audience. Drawings on the coin resemble number 68. When zoomed in, half the face of a skull is visible and when rotated 180 degrees, half a crown with a cross on top of it can be seen.

All three perceptions of this coin are connected to important events at the end of Obama’s presidency and start of the next president, Donald Trump’s reign. As we know, gold is the symbol of wealth and affluence. Observing number 68 on the coin shows us that we will be dealing with a person who is linked with number 68, wealth, and gold. The closest person to these symbols is Donald Trump.

Because he is very wealthy, owns a 68-floor tower (Trump Tower) in New York and has lots of properties and hotels all over the world.

On the other hand, the skull symbol points towards the militaristic approach and hostile warmongering policies, which are again largely related to Donald Trump.

Furthermore, the symbol of crown on the coin means the inauguration and conception of the global kingdom, which has according to Kabbalist and Masonry plans been entrusted to Trump so that he can lay the foundations for the establishment of the global government of Antichrist in Jerusalem.

The collection of these three symbols comprise the important elements of the third layer of this scene. Obama is distressed and concerned looking at the age of Trump at the end of his own reign. In the next scene in particular, we will see that trump is related to pslam 23 of old tastament, and is destined to entangle the world in an age of destruction, freight and horror in the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”, while organizing the new kingdom in Jerusalem which belongs to Antichrist.



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