I, Pet Goat 2.99:The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020) (part 5 and 6)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

We can see in the next scene that while Obama is still looking distressfully at the Lotus flower, the camera gradually exits the classroom, leading into the cold, dark, and icy space outside.

Eventually the camera shows the space outside the classroom, the schoolyard, the continent of America, and then the whole world in a symbolic way.

In this scene, the first detail that grabs our attention is the scriptures on the wall next to the classroom and the school’s wall; scriptures that are written in a fancy and vague form, yet are legible. These writings contain some very important information that are combined in complex layers and should be decrypted step by step. As a whole, the writings on the school wall inform about the near future of the world and America in the era post Obama, and reveal Illuminati’s complex plans to its followers across the world using codes and secrets.

Please note that the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation was produced and released in 2012 in the middle of Obama’s 8-year reign! However, the information we are about to discuss, are related to what took place after 2016. Surely, this information is not a prophecy. Rather it is a plan that Illuminati and Freemasons transmit to their followers around the globe so that they are ready for the events to come and to properly play their part in each step.

Nonetheless, what are the hidden codes and mysteries within the images on the school wall in the animation? We should investigate the codes and mysteries within these images in layers.

In the first layer, these images point towards psalm 23 of David, one of the parts of old testament of Bible.

Psalm 23 of David holds a large significance in the devious and blasphemous beliefs of Freemasons and Illuminati. We should first scrutinize the expressions used in psalm 23 of David:

“1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me! your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

The original scripture of this psalm is very beautiful and gratifying. However, the devious beliefs of Freemasons, Illuminati, and Zionists, have unfortunately provided an evil concept within psalm 23 of David.

Two key expressions of “through the valley of the shadow of death” and “dwell in the house of the Lord (Jerusalem) forever” exist within this psalm. The global Freemasory has attributed “through the valley of the shadow of death” to Donald Trump. In a way that even T-shirts bearing the words “Trump: Prepare to walk through valley of the shadow of Death” are being sold in the USA. This clearly shows that Donald trump is known as a person linked to psalm 23 of David among his critics and followers.

His critics have even published a webpage online in jest that reads “Psalm 23 (King Trump Version)”.

Therefore, in the first layer, these writings are pointing towards psalm 23 and the distressful and frightening age of the world during Trump’s era.

In the same layer, the sentence “dwell in the house of the Lord (meaning Jerusalem) forever” also indicates Freemasons’ conspiracies after Obama’s term and at the beginning of Trump’s era, to facilitate the emergence of the Antichrist in Jerusalem or Bayt-Al-Maqdis. As we know, Donald Trump moved the American embassy in occupied Palestine (or Israel in Illuminati’s perception), from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and many Masonic countries who kneel before the US, followed his will.

Furthermore, by unveiling his evil plan called the “deal of the century”, Donald Trump has tried to wipe away Islam and Abrahamic religions from Qods. By abusing the Evangelical Christians’ beliefs, and in the name of Christ’s resurrection, Trump is in fact laying the foundation for the establishment of the Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem and starting the inauguration of the Antichrist.

Therefore, the second part of the important sentences in psalm 23 also indicates Freemasonry and Illuminati’s endeavors towards building a global government of Antichrist in Jerusalem in the Trump era.

In the second layer of our analysis, if we split the drawing on the school wall in half, we can see that the name Donald, written in the upper section of the scriptures. This means that the name Donald, the first name of Donald Trump has been hidden in the heart of the psalm 23 word. Thus, the ordinary audience will not be able to realize this encryption. Accordingly, within the aforementioned scriptures, another code has been placed that heralds the arrival of Donald Trump to Freemasons.

On the other hand, in the same image, there is a yellow zigzag line coming through the word PSALM23.

This yellow zigzag line indicates Trump’s blond hair, which is known as one of Donald Trump’s important symbols.

In addition, this line indicates Trump’s zigzag signature, which he constantly exposes to cameras.

Finally, this lightning like zigzag, points to the fact that the Trump era, is the age in which the “Lightning Flash of Creation” in the Kabbalah tree flashes again, and with it, the processes from psalm 23 of David start to prepare the inauguration of the Antichrist in Jerusalem.

As for the third layer analysis of this section, an unusual line is visible at the beginning of the P in PSALM23’s image, which is quite strange. Because the director who created this animation with such care would not leave out such a line unintentionally. Looking at the director’s previous record and his intelligence in the previous and future scenes, we conclude that this was done intentionally.

This extra line on P changes it to R!

Even so, what does R mean in this image? In this scene, on the one hand, the letter R reveals the political party of the president (who owns PSALM23) as the Republican party, which is demonstrated with the letter R.

Of course, as it was mentioned in other articles in www.alwadossadegh.com the political parties’ squabbles in the US are for demonstration purposes and are not true.

Both parties are directed by Freemasonry and Illuminati and have an accurate and well-calculated plan to divide the work among themselves in advancing the plans of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

However, it seems that the task of executing Freemason’s objectives with regards to psalm 23 of David, has been entrusted to the president from the Republican party, whose symbol is R. Certainly the fear, tension, and horror mentioned in psalm 23 of David, are in line with the way Republicans and in particular Donald Trump operate.

On the other hand, the letter R, indicates the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis. As mentioned before, Alpha Leonis or the Regulus star is Donald Trump’s lucky star.

This star is also considered as the glory, fortune, and victory star of ancient Iranian kings.

Hence, due to the hostility towards Iran and for advancement of Freemasonry’s evil plans regarding psalm 23, Freemasonry have intentionally selected Trump to vanquish Iran using his lucky star, which is very popular in Illuminati beliefs.

God willing, such event shall never come to pass and the global Freemasonry and Illuminati’s everlasting destruction is close.

Now for the fourth layer of the analysis, it should be mentioned that school wall images’ indication towards psalm 23 of David, is again referring to the Kabbalah tree of life, the Grand Tarot, and Trump’s role in this tree.

Because as we have mentioned, in accordance with Masonry beliefs, Donald Trump is the equivalent of “The Fool” card in trump cards. “The Fool” can be numbered from 0 or 22, which makes it the most important grand tarot card or Major Arcana, holding a special place among the trump cards as well as within the Kabbalah tree.

The Kabbalah and Illuminati followers’ spiritual journey begins much like the Lightning Flash of Creation. It begins at the place from which the Lightning Flash of Creation is emitted in the Kabbalah tree, then passes through the Crown sefirot and moves to the Wisdom sefirot.

The end of this spiritual journey and the return of the Lightning Flash of Creation is also from the same path, called path 11 or Aleph in Hebrew.

The tarot trump card associated with path 11 is “The Fool”, the equivalent of which in normal cards is the Joker card.

It is also fascinating that path Aleph in the Kabbalah tree shares the same name of the letter Aleph in Hebrew and Alpha in Greek.

Once again, it brings Alpha-Leonis or the Regulus star to mind, which is Donald Trump’s lucky star and yet again links his character with “The Fool” trump card.

The other important notion is that “The Fool” trump card has been called not a real fool, but the master of all masters in the Kabbalist meditation guidebooks.  This shows that beyond the apparent foolish appearance of “The Fool”, and the “Fool” character in these cards, “The Fool” holds the highest Kabbalist rank of “master”.

In these Kabbalist guidebooks, the fool is called a paradox and expressions such as “all or nothing” or “the beginning and the end” or similar expressions have been used to describe “The Fool” tarot card. This again corresponds with Donald Trump, because he is both “foolish” and “intelligent”.

While he is famous for being stupid, he is also one of the most famous and intelligent entrepreneurs in the world and this paradox has led the global Freemasonry and Illuminati to regard him as “The Fool” and entrust the important mission to him.

It is said that the journey of Kabbalah begins and ends with “The Fool” character in the tarot trump cards.

Hence, the end of the old Freemasonry age and beginning of its new age led by the Antichrist in Jerusalem should be consigned to a person that has alot in common with “The Fool” card in Major Arcana. This person is no other but Donald Trump and of course his British version, Boris Johnson.

Alternatively, within various Kabbalist guidebooks written, the expression “The Fool’s Journey” has been used.

Some other Kabbalist books have used the term “The Fool’s Pilgrimage”.

It seems these two expressions allude to the “journey through the valley of the shadow of death” for “pilgrimage and dwelling in Jerusalem”, both of which have been mentioned in psalm 23 of David.

In commentaries within Kabbalist books about “The Fool” character, they have in particular noted that he is not afraid of any hazard and pays no mind to the limitations and dangers in his journey’s path. He shall reach his Kabbalist journey’s destination.

Certainly, the destination, which has been noted with the word pilgrimage, is the same Solomon Temple that is admired by Freemasons, Kabbalah, and Illuminati and is located in Jerusalem.

It has been written in infidel Kabbalist teachings that “The Fool” will realize at last that the beginning and the end are the same. Meaning he is nothing and everything at the same time. The Fool is the beginning and the end. There is no truth but himself!


This shows that Kabbalah and Illuminati do not believe in God at all. They use the same materialistic devil worshiping descriptions for these beliefs!  They believe in humanism!

This means that the beginning and the end of Kabbalah’s journey, the beginning and end of the journey to Jerusalem, the beginning and the end of passing through the valley of the shadow of death and indefinite residence of Illuminati in Jerusalem, reaches to this conclusion that there is no metaphysical God and everything is matter. Indeed, the devil who is the Freemasonry’s leader and mentor is matter himself! We shall investigate this Masonic materialistic view later.

Eventually it will be revealed that within several layers of this scene of the animation, the conception of the psalm 23 of David project in Trump’s era, the end of the old Freemason’s age and beginning of their modern era and new world order in Jerusalem has been heralded. The “I, Pet Goat 2” director who is a great Masonic teacher and master, has in advance recounted Donald trump’s features as the executioner of Freemasonry instructions and evil teachings of the Illuminati in psalm 23 of David. He has called him Donald, shown him as the owner of the yellow line and zigzag handwriting. Counted him as a member of the Republican Party and assigned Regulus or Alpha Leonis as his lucky star.

So that with the rise of Trump to power, all Freemasonry lodges and other hidden circles around the world realize the cryptic messages of this animation and prepare themselves for the difficult psalm 23 of David era and the return to Jerusalem.

It is noteworthy that some other Illuminati soldiers, followers of the Satan, and devil worshippers, have indicated the happening of psalm 23 of David in advance to their followers.  For instance, the Illuminati publication called Steve Jackson Games and its website www.Warehouse23.com , have pointed to number 23 which is a cryptic nod towards psalm 23 of David.

On the other hand, Marilyn Manson, the most famous satanist singer of the current age, has also released an album called “Holy Wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death” in which he sarcastically and discourteously points to psalm 23 of David in old testament of Bible and recounts its most important expression in a false and as an object of ridicule. Indeed, such action is a confirmation that Illuminati, Freemasonry, and devil worshippers do not hold a true belief in psalm 23 and in practice, they abuse it while simultaneously ridiculing its content.

The strange point regarding Merlyn Manson’s music album titled “Holy Wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death”, is the track called “King Kill 33” which has some strange and astonishing lyrics.

The expression “King Kill 33” was previously assigned to John F. Kennedy, the former US president who was opposed to Freemasonry and was subsequently assassinated in the city of Dallas in 33 degrees.

However, paying attention to the track “King Kill 33” in the album “Holy Wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death”, and Merlyn Manson’s peculiar and cryptic actions during its live performance, it would seem that in addition to John F. Kennedy, this slogan is linked with another important assassination, which is the terrorist operation of the Masonic US Armed Forces against martyr general Qassem Soleimani!

However, what is the reason behind this claim? The “King Kill 33” track was first released in 2000 in the advent of the third millennia, within the “Holy Wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death” music album and was performed numerous times in various ceremonies and events.

Accordingly, King Kill 33 was performed live in 2013 alongside a performance called “Antichrist Superstar”.

In this performance, Merlyn Manson came on wearing a military general’s outfit with stripes and began singing the absured lyrics of this track live.

On this performance’s video, there are several images of lightening present on the set and most of the performance is done under blue lights.

Furthermore, the sentence “The blue and the withered seeds you will reap” stands out in the lyrics of the track.  That being the case, there is only one hint towards colors in the entirety of the lyrics and that color is “blue”.

If we put the important symbols of this performance next to each other, meaning the military general outfit, lightening, and color blue, what would they mean? What is the connection between these words and the slogan “King Kill 33”? Prior to the martyrdom of Islam’s popular and valiant general, martyred General Soleimani and his companions, it was difficult to comprehend the meanings behind these symbols. However, today we can understand that the meaning behind the performance of King Kill 33 by the infidel and astray followers of the evil teachings Illuminati and Freemasonry, was the assassination and martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani!

Even so, what is the link between these symbols, the related track, and the album as well as the slogan King Kill 33, with general Soleimani’s martyrdom? The answer is that the martyrdom of general Soleimani and his companions in a savage terrorist operation by the hands of the Masonic US armed forces, took place next to Baghdad airport, on 33 degrees latitude, and he was a military general. Furthermore, the name of this operation was “Blue Lightening”! This means that all the elements including the military general uniform, latitude 33 degrees, lightening, and the blue lights were used in martyr Soleimani’s assassination by the devilish members of the Illuminati.

In addition, Freemasonry and Illuminati hunted martyr Soleimani down as a kingly hunt for three reasons. First, martyred General Soleimani had become the symbol of international resistance for the righteous all of the world, who stood against the Masonry USA, Israel, and their allied countries.

His martyrdom was considered a big hunt for the Illuminati, taking into account the fact that they chose the name “Blue Lightening” for this operation, which was carried out to satisfy the devil. The expression “Blue Lightening” is related to Satan and we shall point it out during the rest of the analysis.

Secondly, martyr Soleimani’s family name is derived from the name Soleiman, which is Solomon in Hebrew. Considering the fact that Jews, Freemasons, Illuminati, and Zionists call Prophet Soleiman as King Solomon, in truth martyr Soleimani resembled the name of a great and famous king, King Solomon. Hence, he was considered a kingly hunt for the Illuminati and the followers of the devil in this regard as well.

Third, martyred General Soleimani was counted as the commander of the anti-Masonry operations in the region. But the global freemasonry were chasing goals such as the transfer of power from the “Asad” family (or Leo) to the ISIS terrorist group on top of their common military objectives, so that in their plans it might resemble the transfer of the power star, Regulus, from Leo to the Virgo constellation.

Consequently, assassination and martyrdom of the greatest anti-Masonry commander of the region, who had left the Illuminati’s evil plans unsuccessful, was counted as a great kingly hunt for the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

Considering all that has been discussed, we can conclude that the Illuminati’s plans regarding psalm 23 of David, were made long ago and in addition to the animation “I, Pet Goat 2”, other servants of Satan had also cryptically indicated Illuminati’s future psalm 23 plans. For instance, Merlyn Manson, the devil worshipping singer, did so within his album “Holy wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death”.

 Furthermore, it was noted in Merlyn Manson’s “Holy wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death” album that a kingly hunt or “King Kill 33” must be conducted when executing psalm 23 of David. By decrypting the codes, it was revealed that they had linked the martyred General Soleimani to this symbology and assassinated him in longitude 33 degrees next to Baghdad airport. They shall present him as the great sacrifice for the gratification of the damned Satan so that they can continue with the execution of the other parts of psalm 23 of David and Antichrist’s inauguration in Jerusalem touted as the “deal of the century”.

On the other hand, the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation names the attributes of the American leader during the execution of psalm 23 of David. Using multiple layered and complex symbology, he is introduced as Donald Trump. Therefore, we can find out about the many secrets and concealed plans of Illuminati the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation, and the music album “Holy wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death”.regarding psalm 23 as well as their other plans by using a combination of the symbology used in

However, before we move on with the analysis of other scenes, we need to mention that after the martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani at the hands of criminals such as Donald Trump, the first phrase that was posted on Islamic Revolution of Iran’s great leader, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei’s Tweeter account was “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful”, which is a holy expression and the first verse of the holy Quran used before initiating any important work.

It would seem that concurrent to the apocalyptic actions of Kabbalists, Freemasons and Illuminati enemies in initiating their journey through path Aleph of the Kabbalah tree,

the intelligent and divine leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has used the expression “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful”, which is a divine word of God, so as to signal the beginning of the divine side’s actions, which begins by the defenders of divine religions in Iran.

Therefore, this matter gives hope to all the righteous believers of the divine religions across the world that the good side has also started its activities for the destruction of the armies of evil Freemasonry and Illuminati in apocalypse. This fact will soon deliver positive results and God willing shall spell the destruction of the global empire of Illuminati and Freemasons to commence the global divine government led by the savior of divine religions, the promised Imam Mahdi (may God brings forth his rise earlier) and Jesus Christ (blessings upon him).

After the scene including the psalm 23 images on the school wall, we see in the next scene that the American flag has been torn, the town’s great clock has frozen at 12 o’clock, or in other words, the end of time.

This scene shows that the Trump era’s America, will collapse and tumble in the atmosphere of apocalypse. This destruction, and breakdown is part of the consequences from psalm 23 of David’s execution and of the expression “the valley of the shadow of death”.

In other words, the destruction of the USA, England, European Union and any other order in the world are the necessities for creating the new world order led by the Antichrist in Jerusalem or Bayt-Al-Maqdis. That is to say, there is no alternative but the destruction of all other orders before the rise of the new Freemasonry and Illuminati age in Jerusalem.

In this section and in adherence with these images, we should point out some important points regarding the Regulus star and its relation with Donald Trump and events in the Trump era.

As we had discussed, the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis is known as the glory and fortune star of the ancient Iranian kings and in Freemason’s views, those who are linked with this star, shall rapidly gain much power, glory, and authority. However, Regulus’ biggest enemy is revenge. Meaning that if the owner of the Regulus star intents to exact revenge upon others, he will soon collapse and perish.

As we had discussed earlier, Illuminati and Freemasonry have a plan in hand through which USA and other big Masonic countries must be destroyed so that the new world order can be established in Jerusalem led by the Antichrist. Accordingly, when the shining political and military period of the famous Illuminati member and Regulus owner, meaning Donald Trump has passed, the requisites for overthrowing him will gradually present themselves. They have prepared the foundation for America’s collapse during Trump’s era in people’s minds, with various seemingly logical methods such as the impeachment, economic collapse, post-Covid-19 Difficulties etc …

Nevertheless, the important notion is that after Trump’s apparent acquittal from the impeachment proceedings, various news sources reported that Trump intends to take revenge on those who brought about his impeachment and incriminated him.

It seems that the keyword “Revenge” or taking revenge on the people involved with the impeachment, used by American news media, is meant as a code for the start of the USA’s collapse! Since this destruction must happen before the start of the “deal of the century” and the establishment of the new world order in Jerusalem.Hence, soon processes regarding USA’s demise may kick-start and quicken the plunge of economic indices, political breakdown, and military weakening of the US.

Interestingly, such collapse that is related to Regulus star was also cryptically mentioned in “Harry Potter” stories.

In Harry Potter’s tale, there are two brothers named Sirius Black and Regulus Black.

Sirius is also Harry Potter’s godfather. However, Sirius’ younger brother, Regulus Black, is a very powerful wizard who is seemingly in his brother’s opposition side and a member of the group called the Death Eaters.

It is fascinating that the name of the Death Eaters is linked with the “the valley of the shadow of death” in psalm 23 of David. It means that again the Regulus in Harry Potter’s tale is linked with psalm 23.


The important point regarding Regulus and Sirius is that Sirius is the namesake of a star in the Canis Major or Greater Dog constellation.

As it was indicated before, the Sirius star is positioned next to the Orion or the Hunter constellation’s belt every September. The 9/11 incident in 2011, which was the beginning of Freemasonry and Illuminati activities during the end of time, was directly linked with astronomical events of the Sirius star in September. Hence, “The Pet Goat”, which is the first episode of Illuminati’s apocalyptic project in the third millennia was linked with the Sirius star,

and events of the second episode, “I, Pet Goat 2” or psalm 23’s execution by Donald Trump, are related to the Regulus star.

Be that as it may, the age of Sirius began in 2001 and now the age of Regulus has begun from 2012 with the changes related to the Regulus star’s transfer from Leo to Virgo constellations based on one viewpoint, or from 2016 and with Donald Trump’s rise to power from another viewpoint.

It was previously mentioned that although Alpha Leonis or Regulus is the star related to glory, greatness, and power, its life could be short due to some reasons.

It is very interesting that in Harry Potter’s story also, Regulus’ life was only 18 years, but his brother lived for almost 36 years. Therefore, Regulus lived only half of Sirius’ lifetime.

Considering these points, and Freemasory and Illuminati’s endeavor to get the job done during Trump’s reign, we expect Donald Trump’s term to be shorter than other governments.

In a way that according to the origin of the calculations, Trump’s government will be overthrown and break down before 4 to 6 years into his reign so that the global power can be transferred to Jerusalem or Bayt-Al-Maqdis.

The important point in Harry Potter’s story is that Regulus is killed in a sacrificial suicidal act but ends up saving the world.

Trump has the same feature in Freemasonry and Illuminati’s views and will act as a semi-hero for them. Within his apparent insanity, he shall destroy his own reign, but this suicidal act is essential for the birth of the Antichrist’s government in Jerusalem and Freemasons’ global predominance.

The story of Sirius and Regulus, which are two important stars for Freemasonry and Illuminati, is very famous among Freemasons. Illuminati’s apocalyptic plans have been organized based on these two stars.

During the rest of the scene, the camera quickly zooms out and moves towards right, where we can see the twin towers burn and collapse under the Illuminati light, in a frozen apocalyptic world full of darkness and despair.

These towers are the symbols of the World Trade Center that was destroyed in September 11th 2001.

The collapse of these twin towers beneath the Illuminati light is secretly transmitting the message that their destruction was done at the hands of the Illuminati. Surely, the collapse of these towers is related to what is written on “The Tower” card in Major Arcana. This fact further reveals the hands of Illuminati in intentionally orchestrating the events on September 11th 2001.

As the scene continues, we see a hopeless child who throws himself off a cliff into the sea. We shall get to know this child further, later in the animation and we shall know him as the blue child or L’enfant bleu.

This blue child is introduced as L’enfant bleu in the animation’s website and in his descriptions, it is noted that he is the “Keeper of the Flame”.

Surely, you can observe that there is no fire next to L’enfant bleu in this scene. However, as we can see later on in the animation, L’enfant bleu is linked to the fire.

These images and the despairing fall of the blue kid into the sea transmit this message that when there is no fire, L’enfant bleu will fade and collapse in the corruption, darkness, and despair of the end of all time.

Images continue up to the section that suddenly new and completely different pictures replace them and in the new scene, a boat can be seen drifting within mist and darkness.

Anubis, the ancient egyptian god of the dead, afterlife and underground world who has a jackal or a dog’s head can be distinguished with little effort.

A man is riding through the fog on Anubis’ boat.

What does this scene mean? This scene starts immediately after the fall of the twin towers in 2001, when the man riding Anubis’ boat, gradually makes his journey from the underworld, the place where Anubis reigns and resides, through darkness and mist.

Who is this man? He is the Antichrist and we shall analyze him in later parts of the animation. After the events of September 11th 2001, he began his journey through death and nothingness of the underworld so that he can reach the conception of his life and inauguration in Jerusalem.

Next, a scene regarding the events of 2001 is shown, which of course is part of the already exposed or useless information that the director has presented to deceive the ordinary audience and gain their trust. In this section, we see Bin Laden’s image under the light of the Red Moon, while soldiers resembling black and white mountains holding weapons, have lined up behind him. They are in the midst of conducting an evil ritual under the light of the Red Moon. An image of flame is painted on Bin Laden’s beard and CIA’s logo can be seen on his garment.

There are two dark wings on his back, symbolizing him as the devil or demon since Satan and his demon followers are also called the Dark or Fallen Angels. In any case, these dark wings indicate Bin Laden’s evil-doings.

In this scene, which is full of already leaked, useless, and futile information for the audience, Bin Laden’s actions and terrorist attacks of the Al-Qaeda, are considered as sacrificial rituals dedicated to the devil. Much like the sacrificial rituals done by the worshippers of Satan, these rituals are done under the light of the Red Moon as well. These first-tier facts are presented so that the director is presumed to be a believing Christian who reveals Masonic conspiracies. However, the truth is far from this notion.

In the second tier of this scene, Islam has been shrewdly insulted. The Red Moon introduces Islam as the root cause of various wars and bloods spilt, which is a sarcastic jibe against Islamic countries as well as the “Red Crescent” (or the Red Moon) which is an international Islamic medical organization.

Indeed, the crescent does not have a natural precise connection to Islam. The crescent is the symbol of Istanbul or Constantinople and was used in Ottoman flags and drawings after their conquest of Istanbul. Many other countries adapted this logo for their own after seeing it.

In the third tier of this scene’s analysis, we can see an army of mountain-like soldiers in black and white, lined up behind Bin Laden. This is the symbol of ISIL. Because black and white are the colors of ISIL’s flag.

Furthermore, the fact that soon ISIL will replace Al-Qaeda in Islamic Radicalism using the same symbol and flag colors to execute Freemasons’ plans is cryptically communicated to the followers of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

The fourth layer involves Bin Laden’s beard. The flame on his beard indicates the holy flame of the Freemasonry and Illuminati, which has an evil concept. We shall further confer about this point later on in our discussions.

In the next scene, images of oil wells are observed, being drilled for the extraction of oil. A drop of oil then falls on the dry snow and drifts into the water, causing its pollution.

This scene indicates that the war of the Apocalypse will also involve the oil domain and that the skirmishes will be a consequence of the dominance over fossil fuels such as oil.

This scene also expresses the polluting effects of oil and its products on the environment and the damages it has caused. The stories regarding the Mexican Gulf oil spill pollution also confirm this point. Of course, the information in this scene is nothing new and is already leaked and useless.

We can definitely witness subjects related to energy and oil as well as the debate over the pollution they have caused in the environment throughout the year. Hence, this information is futile and shows us nothing special.

In the next scene, the Illuminati light shines on the Statue of Liberty, which is the Masonic symbol of New York City or even the United States of America. Up to the point that the light shines on the aforementioned statue, it is whole.

However, suddenly a light in the shape if the hexagram is shining on the statue. As soon as the Illuminati light stops shining, the Statue of Liberty begins to collapse.

This scene bears the same meaning as the scene, which showed the torn American flag. It is saying that as soon as Israel is ready to accept the global Freemasonry and Illuminati’s plans, Freemasonry and Illuminati’s support for the US will be seized and the US shall fall. Hence, the power center of the Illuminati will be transferred from the US to Israel and the inauguration of the Antichrist shall begin in Jerusalem.

In the next scene, we see an image, which is named, as “The Prey” within the animation’s website.

We see a snake in this scene whose head is like a monitor display bearing an eye and his tail is coiled around an egg.

The verses one to six of The Revelation 12, have provided some explanations regarding the nature of this serpent and the seventh trumpet as per the following: “Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon (serpent) having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne. Then the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days”.

There are some disagreements with regards to the meaning of this chapter of the Book of Revelation between various Christian groups and even among Muslims. In any case and according to the beliefs of a large portion of Christians, this part of the Revelations has cryptically alluded to the birth of Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) and entrusting the rule of the world to him by the great God in the apocalypse. Of course, Muslims believe that this rule will be led by the promised Imam Mahdi (may God bring his rise closer) and Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) shall be his minister in chief. God willing this governance shall be established in the near future.

Nevertheless, in the scriptures within this chapter of the Revelations, a dragon is mentioned lurking above a pregnant woman. In this animation as well, a serpent or dragon is seen with a head like a monitor screen and a large eye, coiling around an egg bearing a human fetus.

This serpent or dragon is named Draco on the animation’s website.

By contemplating on this part of the Book of Revelations, we realize that this dragon is related to the stars. In a way that the Book of Revelations states: “a great, fiery red dragon…His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth”.

 It is fascinating that there is a Draco (or the Dragon) constellation in the sky in accordance with the Revelation 12 descriptions, which is linked with the devil as stated in legends and beliefs of the ancient nations.  As you can observe in this scene of the animation, Draco or the dragon has coiled around an egg containing a human fetus. Considering what was mentioned with regards to the Book of Revelations, this part of the scene is cryptically referring to the birth of Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) and the devil’s greed for dominion over him. However, within the second layer, this scene is indicating the devil’s greed for dominion over all Christian children and teenagers around the world.

As the scene continues, we can see the words AB CHAO written beneath Draco’s or the dragon’s eye.

AB CHAO is not a complete expression. In fact, it is part of the expression “Ordo Ab Chao”, which means “Order from Chaos” and is a 33rd degree Freemason slogan. There is normally an image of a phoenix next to this 33rd degree freemasonry slogan within the logos and symbols related to various Freemasonry lodges.

The phoenix image in these logos has a semantic affinity with “Ordo Ab Chao”. Since it has been mentioned in the legends of the ancient nations that the phoenix catches on fire and dies when it gets old. However, a new phoenix shall rise from the heart of the ashes of the old phoenix. The young phoenix replaces the previous one through this cycle.

Thus, both the slogan “Ordo Ab Chao” and the image of the 33rd degree Masonry phoenix point towards the fact that before the start of the new world order under the leadership of the Antichrist, the old traditions and orders governing the world must fall. Conception of a new order led by the Antichrist in Jerusalem is not possible without the destruction of the old order. This factor indicates that we may witness a large array of wars, riots, diseases, chaos and anarchism in the world prior to the execution of the “deal of the century”, all of which are led and guided by Freemasonry and Illuminati so that important world orders in political, economic, cultural, and social arenas would collapse to make way for the beginning of the new world order.

God willing, this clever plan will only lead to the divine modern world order led by the promised Imam Mahdi (may God bring his rise closer) and his companion, Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) as opposed to the Freemasonry and Illuminati’s scheme.

Ergo, observing the expression “Ordo Ab Chao” or “Order from Chaos” underneath the dragon’s or Draco’s eye in this animation can be a great aid in comprehending the tragic events of the current days all over the world.

The Notre-Dame de Paris fire, the Sri Lanka fire and similar events as well as mosque attacks, unprecedented wildfires in Australia,

commotions in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Honk Kong, and other nations along with Syria civil wars, seemingly widespread conflicts in the US, England, and the European Union

 all the while with economic fallouts in China, Europe, and other nations, the spread of contagious diseases suspected to be bioterrorism, and bankrupt businesses

all over the world are all part of the 33rd degree Masonry plan “Ordo Ab Chao”.

In all probability we may soon find further evidence such as the collapse of the US, Britain, and the European Union as well as the weakening of China and Russia along with new movements in the Middle East, which according to this slogan will not be too far away from the initiation of the “deal of the century” and the inauguration of the Antichrist in Jerusalem.

However, this plan shall God willing turn to hope and aspiration in the time of the most severe horrors and create a great opening and amelioration for all the pious people in the world who are under suppression.

As the scene progresses, we see the boat bearing the mark of Anubis, the jackal or dog headed god of the ancient Egypt, emerge from the mist.

A man is standing on the boat bearing the picture of a flaming heart on his chest and an All Seeing Eye picture on his forehead.

Louis Lefebvre, the director of the animation, stated that this man is Jesus Christ in an interview with the famous host Alex Jones! But in truth, such claim is a big lie and a shameless deception by the director of the animation. Because this character is the Antichrist himself and there is a lot of evidence supporting that.

As we analyze this scene, we can observe some important points. In this scene, the flaming heart on the chest of the man riding the boat, has a meaning contrary to the “Holy Heart” of the Christians and is actually the “Heart of the Antichrist”. Because on the one hand, a halo of fire has surrounded it.On the other hand, as we observed in the previous scenes in the classroom, the intended heart in the director’s view is an anomalous heart meaning what he has envisaged is in contrast with the normal heart. Hence, considering the meaning of the “Holy Heart” in Christianity, the heart meant by the director has a contrasting and anti-Christian concept.

Two other important elements in this scene are the “All-Seeing Eyes” seen in two parts. One All-Seeing Eye is seen on the forehead of the man riding the boat or the Antichrist.

The other Eye is seen as the statue of Anubis’ left eye in front of the boat.

The importance of the All-Seeing Eye can be examined in various layers. In the first layer, the All-Seeing Eye is Freemasonry and Illuminati’s most recognized symbol in the world. Therefore, the man riding the boat has tight connections with the Freemasonry and Illuminati.

In the second layer, the All-Seeing Eye is linked to the Antichrist based on various Islamic and Shia accounts. For instance, the revered prophet of Islam, Muhammad (blessings of God upon him and his Kin), stated the following with regards to the Antichrist: “Every prophet has avoided him. But I shall tell you something that no prophet has said to his people before, did you know that he is one-eyed?!…”. Furthermore, the successor to the prophet of Islam and the first Imam of the Shia Muslims, responded to a question from one of his companions: “The Antichrist does not have a right eye and his other eye is in his forehead, shining like a morning star…”

As you can see, having only one eye is one of Antichrist’s important features that has been repeatedly mentioned in Islam.Hence, the religious leaders have forewarned the presence of the one-eyed Antichrist in the time of the Apocalypse from centuries ago.

The fascinating point in Imam Ali’s (blessings upon him) account is that not only the Antichrist has been known to be one-eyed, but also his only eye is his left eye! In a way that the Antichrist does not have a right eye and his “only eye” is the “left” one. This factor is seen in this part of the animation as well. The Anubis statue in front of the boat has only one left eye and the eye painted on the forehead of the man is also a left eye. The fact that it is a left eye can be easily proved by the way the eyelids are positioned as well as other anatomic features of the eye.

In the next part of the scene, we see Draco coming out of the Antichrist’s All Seeing Eye, which is painted on the Antichrist’s forehead.

In the following scene, we see Draco as a dragon or serpent with a head resembling a TV display bearing an evil face whose tail is attached to the brain of another character.

Here, the evil face of Draco or the dragon is more clearly visible and we can observe that he does not have a right eye and only has a “left eye”.

Furthermore, the famous 33rd degree Masonry slogan, “Ordo Ab Chao”, is written underneath Draco’s left eye. In addition, his beard on his chin demonstrates an outline of the famous Masonic pyramid.

The scaly skin on his face indicates his evil nature that resembles a reptile or viper.

In the same scene, there is another character called “Ludovic” whose head is like an egg and he is lying on the ground.

Draco’s tale has penetrated Ludovic’s egg-like skull and when Draco speaks, Ludovic speaks as well.

 In addition, there are some pills, capsules, and syringes spread on the ground next to him.

Before we discuss the meaning behind this scene, we should first examine the content posted on the animation’s website regarding Ludovic’s character from a linguistic perspective.

Within the first layer, we should pay attention to the fact that the name Ludovic is consisted of two parts.Ludo meaning performance or play and Ovic, originated from the word “Ovis” or “Ovum”, meaning seed, egg, race or origin.

We can see in this animation that Ludovic is depicted as a young person with an egg-like head. Therefore, in the first layer this depiction is pointing out that Ludovic is a young or naive person who has been played and guided by others since birth. The fact that Draco’s tail has penetrated Ludovic’s skull certainly confirms this analysis.

Based on the content provided on the animation’s website, in the second-layer analysis we should consider that Ovis also has another meaning. Ovis means “lamb” in Greek.

This point gets interesting when we learn that Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) is titled “The Lamb of God” in the Bible! Hence, in the second layer, Ludovic is linked to the Christ and Christians.

On the third layer, it is important to note that the name Ludovic as a whole and without spaces is a German word meaning “illustrious warrior”. Therefore, in this layer it is inferred that Ludovic’s youth and warrior capabilities are being used for Illuminati’s purposes and interests.

Considering what has been discussed, we can conclude that the meaning behind this scene is that Draco or the devil, has considered the Western Christian children as his prey since their birth. Afterwards, he has influenced them via the media and use of psychedelic drugs in order to take advantage of their youth and fighting power for the advancement of his own purpose.

 In other words, Draco’s face inside the TV screen is inferring the media’s alluring deception while the pills and syringes observed next to Ludovic mean the drugging, tricking and entertaining the young using psychedelic drugs. The two mentioned points are known as Freemasonry and Illuminati’s most important tools in misleading the youth in religious societies for their own evil interests. That is to say that the body and mind of the young Christians who should act as determined soldiers for the resurrection of Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) have been poisoned by the devil and have turned into determined warriors for the Antichrist or Satan.

For instance, Masonic leaders have deceptively claimed that the purpose of sending American armies to the Middle East is to make way for the resurrection of the Christ (blessings upon him). Using this trick, they have gulled the religious Christians to follow them.

In contrast, these armies including armed forces of the USA, Israel, and other western countries are in practice serving the Antichrist, instead of laying the foundation for Jesus Christ’s return.

In the next part of the scene, we see that following Draco’s inductions within the young Ludovic’s mind, expressions such as “Markets Plunge” and fall of economic indices like S&P 500 and NASDAQ as well as devaluation of USD appear in Ludovic’s eyes.

 Immediately afterwards, the expression “War Coverage” also appears in his eyes.

This scene is indicating that a sharp decline of global economic indices, collapse of international stock markets, and devaluation of international currencies shall be witnessed along with the future movements of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

Simultaneously we shall witness the horror and famine caused by the collapse of the global economy accompanied by a far-reaching war in various points of the world.

Certainly, the presence of pills, ampoules and capsules beside Ludovic at the same time that the drop in the global economic indicators are presented may also refer to the COVID-19 issue and its economic consequences in the year 2020 and later. These matters will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

In accordance with the last part of the previous scene, we see three bomber aircrafts, which have an uncanny resemblance to the American B2 bombers that are similar to the Masonic square and compass, bomb Islamic lands and demolish the dome of a mosque that has a traditional facade.

In the same scene and concurrent to the demolishing of the mosque, some black crows fly towards the sky.

This scene indicates that the apocalyptic wars will be focused on Islamic lands and shall destroy the religious and doctrinal centers as well as spiritual beliefs of the residents in these lands. All these events will take place under the instructions of the Freemasonry and the devil’s supervision.

Furthermore, since crow is the symbol of the followers of cryptic creeds according to Masonic symbology and secret cult beliefs,

this scene means that following the destruction of religious centers and spiritual beliefs of Muslims, a large number of people in these lands shall find a propensity towards evil creeds and become followers of the Masonic cults. Of course, we shall discuss the symbology regarding the Masonic crows in further detail later on.

Concerning the symbology of the crow in this scene, we should note that in Masonic symbology, animals, birds, and in particular, crows signify people who are in the midst of the Freemasonry and Kabbalah spiritual journey. For instance, the current painting, which was painted by Juanita Guccione in 1948 is filled with Masonic and Illuminati symbols such as the ecliptic sun, the Regulus star, the three goddesses, Virgo, the owl, and some other important elements. One can see various important subjects regarding the Freemasonry, Illuminati, and their symbols.

In these images, the crows are soaring through the sky towards a light, which is the evil Illuminati light that has shone on the scene. It is essential to note that all creatures are considered as the creations of God in Islam. Hence, no animal is evil by nature. However, based on the infidel teachings of the ancient nations, Freemasons have placed the crow as a symbol of the evil journey towards the Illuminati light.

In the next scene, we can see the Antichrist continuing his movement through the mist aboard the boat of Anubis. In this instance, a butterfly approaches the Antichrist and is immediately captured by him. The butterfly is then engulfed in flames and destroyed. But what is the hidden meaning behind this scene?

Christian beliefs, it is known to be the symbol of resurrection in the afterlife and it has also been connected to subjects such as hope.

The butterfly is approaching the man on the boat in order to join him, but is then caught and burnt in flames. Considering this fact, in the first layer this scene is indicating that the man aboard the boat is the Antichrist. However, many of the Christians who have been deceived by the Illuminati and Freemasonry recognize him as Christ and join him as a result, they will get hurt and wallow in despair.

In the second layer, the burning of the Butterfly when it is touched by the Antichrist shows that the Antichrist and his followers are materialistic and do not believe in the soul and resurrection. Hence, they strongly oppose any beliefs regarding resurrection and the afterlife and annihilate them.

In the next scene, which is quite short, a child in blue clothing who wears a mask is seen as he is drawn towards the flame.

The name of this child according to the website’s animation is L’enfant bleu and is known as the “Keeper of the Flame”. We shall discuss him in depth in the subsequent parts of the animation.

We face a completely different scene next. We see a woman wearing a black veil and there is a red halo around her head. She is holding the mummified body of a dead child on her lap while showing a lamenting face. She is also holding a bottle containing a purple colored liquid. In the background, we see an atomic bomb has exploded, which is a type of weakened tactical atomic bomb.

Then an Egyptian scarab known as “Khepri” walks on the murdered child’s face and his bruised eyes.

While this scene seems so simple, indeed it is quite complex and has been coded in various layers, which we shall now tackle. When faced with the first-tier analysis, we should first head to the website of the animation’s creator. On the website, this scene has been titled as Pieta.

Pieta is the name of a famous sculpture by Michelangelo, the famous Italian sculptor, which in public’s opinion is known as an image of Saint Mary mourning for Jesus Christ (blessings upon him). But the important notion here is that this work of art is most probably an evil work by Michelangelo in which he has cryptically left his own pagan and infidel beliefs as a memento.In this sculpture, several suspicious evidence can be observed regarding the penetration of pagan and infidel beliefs.

At the first look, we can see that the face associated with St. Mary is quite young like the face of an 18 to 20-year-old girl. While Jesus Christ’s face has been depicted as the face of a man aged between 30 to 35! Whereas it is expected that Jesus Christ’s mother to be older than him.

 On the other hand, we can see a Cupid, a half-naked boy holding a bow and arrow, in this work.

These two elements indicate Michelangelo’s pagan beliefs.  Because from one side, Cupid is related to infidel beliefs and has nothing to do with divine and Christian beliefs. On the other side, St. Mary’s excessively young face, especially next to Jesus Christ’s face is not acceptable.

Although Michelangelo’s response to the smart people who had suspected him at the time was that St. Mary’s excessively young face is due to her chastity and abstinence, the question remains as to why then Jesus Christ’s face, who was also virtuous, righteous, and free from sin, is depicted older than St. Mary’s. Indeed, Michelangelo’s lie is implausible and the truth of the matter is that in place of St. Mary and Jesus Christ (blessings upon him), he has depicted Eos, the ancient Greek’s young goddess! In other words, Pieta is not an image of St. Mary and Jesus Christ (blessings upon him); but an image of Eos and Memnon which links it to infidel beliefs of the ancient Greece considering the presence of pagan elements such as the Cupid. Hence, Pieta is the trick that Michelangelo has played with Vatican, which has been continuing even today.

 In the first-tier analysis of this scene of the animation, we see that it is pointing towards Pieta as a work of Michelangelo and thus, we should keep searching around this notion for the next layer of analysis.

In the second-tier analysis, we see a red halo around the head of the black-veiled woman.

The important point about the red halo is that it is the equivalent of fire in symbology. It means that as we had mentioned in the previous layer, this woman is not a divine or pious character, but she is evil and the red halo is an indicator of the flame buried within her. The same flame that you repeatedly observed in images of the Antichrist and shall witness in the next scenes as well.

As for the third-tier analysis of this scene, we can see the woman’s tears that extend to her mouth, particularly in her left eye, resemble the letter “m”, the end of which is not visible.This symbol, which resembles “m”, indicates the sign of the Virgo or the Lady constellation.

Therefore, this symbol along with the red halo and what was discussed regarding Pieta, indicate that the woman in black within this scene is an equivalent for the Virgo constellation and the legendary infidel nations’ goddesses such as Eos in ancient Greece, Isis in ancient Egypt, Lilith in Mesopotamia, and so on.

In the fourth-tier analysis of this scene, we should point to the purple-colored liquid in the hands of the woman, which conveys a specific meaning.

Since we know this woman is evil and a symbol for Eos, the goddess of the infidel ancient Greece beliefs and a synonym for Virgo in Masonic symbology, it is fully comprehensible that the purple liquid is in the color of the eclipse star, meaning Regulus. The liquid is in fact in the sense of a fabricated medicine and salve, which Masonic countries are distributing in lands engaged with war and disease.

Thus, the deceptive cries of this black-veiled woman and the purple colored medicine in her hand are synonymous with crocodile tears and in line with the false philanthropic and human rights defender gestures of the global Freemasonry and Illuminati. In practice, Freemasonry and Illuminati are the agents of death and extinction.

In the sixth layer, the color of the woman’s veil confirms that many Islamic countries are seemingly defenders of the world of Islam. But in truth, they are dependents of the Masonic countries and take their rations from them, which is shown as the purple medicine in the color of the Regulus star.

The seventh-tier analysis involves the explosion behind the black-veiled woman. The color, shape, and volume of this explosion as well as the wave surrounding it resemble weakened tactical nuclear bombs to a great extent, which were repeatedly used in Yemen war, against the resistance forces, women, and children of this land, which was covered by the media. This image shows that the current scene is more than anything pointing towards the events in Yemen and the global Freemasonry and Illuminati’s plan for the destruction of Islamic and Shia resistance in this country.

For the eighth-tier analysis, we should first refer to the content posted on the animation maker’s website about this martyred and mummified child. On this website, it is mentioned that the name of the child is Aali and he is the symbol of the whirling heart of Islam, which has awakened towards the true god and shall be free of all controls and restrictions!

Of course, we shall talk more about this character in the following scenes. However, we should note about this child that Aali is the symbol of the innocence of the Islamic resistance in Yemen and in particular, its great martyr Seyed Hussein al-Houthi. There are various reasons for this claim. First, this scene is indicating wars in Islamic lands and in particular Yemen. Thus, the image of the weakened tactical nuclear bomb explosion in the background is a confirmation for this claim.

Second point is concerning the image of the child or Aali’s character, who is said to be the whirling heart of Islam. The land of Yemen has been engaged in Shia Islamic resistance battles against its enemies for decades until now.

Third, the child or Aali’s face symbolically resembles the face of martyr Seyed Hussein al-Houthi!

Because on the one side, martyr Hussein al-Houthi’s face after his martyrdom has been depicted as a tortured face, which is broken in his eyeball bony region with bruising. Here, the Aali character has the same appearance in his face and eyes.

There is other evidence indicating that Aali has been depicted as a child but in fact he is an adult. The first case that shows this child is in fact a grownup is that his hair growth pattern does not resemble a child’s and is more similar to grown men with receding lines on both sides of the forehead.

Second point indicating the adulthood of this child in hidden layers is the statue of Pieta by Michelangelo in which the murdered man is an adult. Hence, here again we should consider the age equivalence to Michelangelo’s work Pieta and consider this child as an adult with a childish face, which was done to hide its secrets and mysteries.

Of course, this child is also the symbol of innocence and oppression and Yemen’s oppression has been depicted as the character of a child, which however, has elements of adult men within. Hence, in the eighth layer we found out that, the child is the symbol of Islamic resistance in Yemen and in particular, the eminent martyr Seyed Hussein al-Houthi. Even the broken eyeball bones in Aali’s face and his hairline completely resemble Seyed Hussein al-Houthi’s hairline.

In the ninth layer, we examine the mummification of Aali. As we know, mummification is done to keep the dead bodies in good conditions, which used to be an infidel Egyptian tradition.

However, the Aali character in this animation is a Muslim.

The symbol is cryptically mentioning the Illuminati’s endeavors to keep the skin of Islam fresh after the destruction of the Islamic resistance in Yemen and in other parts of the Islamic world, in order to turn Islam to a futile and ineffective religion. Of course, this issue will be discussed in more depth in the following scenes.

In the tenth layer of this scene, we see an Egyptian scarab, which is called Khepri, walking over Aali’s face. It is said that this scarab or Khepri is the symbol of the god of the rising sun in ancient Egypt. In truth, Khepri was considered a part of the great sun-god Ra in ancient Egypt.

On the other hand, as we had mentioned, the woman in black is not the true mother of the child but a pagan goddess called Eos and a symbol of Virgo in ancient Greece. On the account of Eos, it is said that this goddess facilitated the path for the rise of the sun. Hence, in the tenth layer of this scene’s analysis, we find an important link between Khepri as the symbol of the sun-god and Eos as the facilitator of the sun’s rise.

In summary, we find in this layer that the evil establishments of Freemasonry and Illuminati   are trying to destroy the Shia and Islamic resistance at the end of all time with the help of traitorous Arabic governments.

They would then transform Islam into a superficial and futile religion and bring the world of Islam under the rule and leadership of infidel and pagan Illuminati beliefs, which are rooted in ancient Egypt. In the end, they would try to replace the Islamic resistance with pagan and infidel beliefs and symbols of ancient Egypt such as Khepri and Ra.

Of course, some philanthropic gestures and deceptive cries along with seemingly benevolent international contributions are being spent for Yemen and Islam. However, these are useless Masonic benefactions and in practice do not contribute to the continuity of the Islamic resistance.



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