I, Pet Goat 2.99:The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020) (part 11 and 12)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

In the next scene, we are faced again with the blue child or L’enfant Bleu who is described as the “Keeper of the Flame” on the animation developer’s website. In this scene, we see the blue child dancing next to the fire and each time he turns, his mask changes as well. The masks he wears in this scene include Native American, shaman, and finally a beak-like plague mask.

We also see an image resembling a shining star on the middle of the blue child’s chest. At times, there are also some faded waves beneath his feet as he dances.In the last moments of his dance, the beak-like mask comes off and we see his real face, which is painted.

Suddenly a light shine through the dome-like ceiling of the room in which he is dancing. His face becomes jubilant and he stops his dance as the scene ends.

This scene is quite complicated and requires comprehensive explanations in numerous layers, which we shall tackle. In the first layer of this scene’s analysis, we should first analyze the expression blue child or “L’enfant Bleu”.

Who is the blue child? As we research and examine the French expression “L’enfant Bleu”, we come across a novel written in French. The accurate reading of this novel provides us with very important information regarding the symbology concerning the blue child or “L’enfant Bleu” in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2”.

For this reason, we should first shortly review the book “L’enfant Bleu” in this layer of the animation’s analysis. L’enfant Bleu is a novel that narrates the story of the members of a tribe in the ice age. The story’s hero is Amma, a young girl belonging to the tribe.

This tribe is living under some harsh conditions and despite many hardships and the members’ insistence on migration to other lands, the leader of the tribe who is the wisest of them all, opposes immigration. The tribe seeks refuge from the snow and cold of the ice age in a cave and makes a large fire in order to protect itself from wild creatures.

To preserve the fire, one of the members stands guard over it every night. One night, it is Amma’s turn.

Amma, who is a young and childless girl, sees a shining blue light in the sky within the hours between midnight and dawn. While shining dazzlingly, the light moves with a high speed towards the ground from within the clouds.

 The lightning like blue light brightens the whole valley and just as quickly, returns back to the sky after reaching the ground. Amma, who was watching these scenes, falls into a state between wakefulness and sleep and neglects the tribe’s fire. She jumps up from hearing the angry voices of the tribe members who have been woken up after the fire went out. The tribe members scare Amma away as they throw snowballs and stones at her with furious faces.

In this instance, a frightened Amma moves towards the place where the blue light shone on the ground that night.

There, she sees a hairless child with blue skin and round pink eyes sitting in the center of a circle of melted snow with hands and feet that have two fingers and toes instead of five. The child is shivering from the cold.

Amma, who has no children, runs towards the child and wraps him around the worn skin she is wearing as her clothes and relocates him.

In this moment, tribe members and in particular the tribe’s leader Arok reach Amma in a state of anger and fury to complain about the extinguished fire.

Then the blue child who spoke in a strange language, suddenly lights a fire with his eyes! The tribe members and its leader become happy and say that this child can perform miracles and is blessed. For this reason, they let the young girl Amma and the blue child back into the tribe with open arms.

They ask the child who his parents are, and where he came from? Using gestures and unintelligible noises, the child lets them know that he lived in the stars and landed from the sky on earth. He also tells them that his parents are in the sky as well and that he misses them.

After this event, the blue child also becomes a tribe member and teaches them many practical things. For instance, he teaches them the properties of herbs such as chamomile and how to use them.

The spring that year is also pleasantly warm and the year is a prosperous and fruitful one for the tribe. Due to the blue child’s colour, he becomes known as “Rourk”, which means blue. They are so happy about him and recognize him as a blessed being.

However, the blue child always misses his parents and gazes at the sky. One night, the blue child returns to where he had first landed and sits in the snow.

In the same night, one of the tribe members who is guarding the fire, mistakes him for an animal and hits him with a spear.

The tribe members find the weak blue child as he has lost a lot of blood. Amma and others’ efforts for healing him are futile.

The tribe’s chief, who is the wisest of them all, tells them to make a small shed for the blue child and leave him where he had landed on earth so that his parents may return him to the sky. They do so and Amma, who misses and worries for him, watches the blue child from afar.

However, she gradually falls sleep. At dawn, she wakes up but cannot find the blue child.

Amma runs towards the tribe’s chief and lets him know that the blue child is no more.The tribe’s chief tells Amma that the blue child has returned to the sky as he instructs the tribe to prepare for migration.

He then points towards the sky and Amma sees a shining blue star in the sky. The tribe’s chief says that with the blue child’s guidance, who has now become a star in the sky, they shall find their way south towards warmer and more bountiful lands filled with plants and animals that the tribe requires. At the end of the story, Amma asks the tribe’s chief to change her name to “Blue star” as well, since she took care of the blue child as a mother and it is her right to change her name to “Blue star” in memory of the “Blue Child”.

After deliberations regarding what has been mentioned in the book “L’enfant Bleu”, we understand the blue child character is the devil or Lucifer himself.Various factors help confirm this theory. First, the blue color of the skin is a common feature among many jinns and demons.

The footprints of this blue skin color can be observed in many pictures of evil goddesses and demons left by ancient infidel nations and Satanists. Kali and Shiva’s skin color, the infernal deities of ancient India, Jinn’s blue skin color in Aladdin, and so on are all related to their Jinn descent.

Furthermore, having two fingers instead of five, which is completely like animal hoofs, has been used in description of demons and Jinns as well.

On the other hand, it has been said about the blue child that he was the fallen star that had landed on earth between midnight and morning.

These descriptions completely match the descriptions of the devil or Lucifer in prophet Isaiah’s chapter in the bible.

In chapter 14 of the book of Isaiah, verses 12 to 15 it is written that: “How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how are you cut down to the ground, who did weaken the nations! For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the farthest sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet you shall be brought down to sheol, to the sides of the pit.”

Thus, the expressions “son of the morning” and “fallen star” that have been used for the devil or Lucifer, completely match the attributes of the blue child in the “L’enfant Bleu” book as well as the character in the animation. Particularly on the blue child’s chest in the animation I, Pet Goat 2, there is a brightly shining star.

On the other hand, the blue child’s special abilities, especially the ability to light a fire, again refers to his connection with the devil.

Hence, in the first layer analysis of this scene of the animation we find that L’enfant Bleu is in fact personifying the devil or Lucifer himself.

In the second-layer analysis, considering what was mentioned regarding a barren mother and a blue child as well as the images within the book “L’enfant Bleu”, we find a strange resemblance between the picture in which Amma, the young girl from the tribe, is hugging the blue child and the images of a woman and evil child demonstrated in the movie “The Passion of the Christ”.

This semblance is not accidental and both these evil mother and blue child characters refer to one aspect of the devil’s contrasting attributes. Especially considering that the blue child in the Passion of the Christ is indeed an adult evil man with a small body size wearing primal human clothes. In the story L’enfant Bleu, the blue child’s abilities and characteristics are like those of adult men. Hence, both these stories are referring to the same issue and that is the bi-gender aspect of Satan, meaning he is both male and female at the same time. Of course, his male side is depicted as the blue child.

The important point is that in the official trailer for Avatar 2 movie, which is supposed to be released in 2021, we repeatedly see images of a blue child that is the result of the marriage between Avatar’s main characters, Jake Sully and Neytiri.

Hence, repeatedly indicating the blue child, especially when he is non-human, is a malicious reference to the devil or Lucifer himself using a symbol called the blue child, which has been mentioned in the animation I, Pet Goat 2, the movie the Passion of the Christ, and other written or illustrated works.

In the third layer of the analysis of this scene and according to what has been written in the book “L’enfant Bleu”, we realize that there is a link made between the blue child and a shining blue star in the sky.

Furthermore, in the book “L’enfant Bleu”, it is mentioned that the bright blue star is in fact the blue child who has returned to the sky and is helping Amma’s tribe in finding their way south.

While examining the science of astronomy, we can find out that the bright blue star in question is in fact Rigel, which is a star in the Orion or the Hunter constellation.

This star is used in the northern hemisphere of Earth as a means for navigating one’s way south.

The other important notion that creates a connection between the blue child and the Rigel star, is a cartoon character called Rigel in other animations in which he is depicted as a teenage boy with long ears, two horns, blue clothes, and with the symbol of a star or “All Seeing Eye” on his forehead. Every one of these facts correspond with all of our analyses regarding the blue child.

It is very fascinating that within the Native American tribes of Lakota in North America, there is a legend regarding the Rigel star and the lower half of the Orion or the Hunter constellations, which corresponds with some of the contents in the book L’enfant Bleu and confirms our previously mentioned analyses as well. This legend of the Lakota Native Americans says that due to his vanity and self-righteousness and following the instructions of the gods, the members of the Thunder tribe cut the hand of Lakota tribe’s chieftain. The Lakota tribe’s chief’s daughter announced that she would marry whoever brought her father’s hand to her. “The Fallen Star” who was a young powerful half-blood warrior, with a father from the stars and a mother of human race, returned the tribe’s chief’s hand and married his daughter. Lakota Native Americans see this legend as the coordination and rapprochement between men and the gods with the aid of the young generation. They know this event as a blessed one and recall it by reminiscing the Constellation of the Hand within the sky.

The important notion is that Lakota’s Constellation of the Hand is not a real constellation; it is the lower part of the Orion or the Hunter constellation in which Rigel resides as well. However, it is called the Constellation of the Hand. Hence, the Fallen Star in Lakota’s hand legend, the Rigel cartoon character, the blue child in the book L’enfant Bleu, and the blue child in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2” are all indicating the devil himself.

In the fourth layer analysis of this scene of the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation, we realize that both the animation and the book have emphasized on the chamomile flower. In a way that, in the scene related to the Chinese girl “Sun-Sue” and Skullduggery in this animation as well as a part of the L’enfant Bleu book, where gathering herbs for the ill members of the tribe is mentioned, chamomile has been indicated as well.

This link is not coincidental.Because although chamomile has medical properties, in Egypt’s myths and also Masonic symbology, chamomile is the symbol of Ra the son god of ancient Egypt who is well-respected within the infidel people of the ancient Egypt as well as members of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

Hence, there is even a conspiracy behind the use of chamomile in these Masonic works and a cryptic message has been sent to the specific audience of this animation.

In the fifth-layer analysis of this scene of the animation, we further examine a sentence within the book L’enfant Bleu: “Suddenly, she saw a light from within the clouds, a large illuminous blue light, which was coming down towards the earth. The light slowly went down; while it was still luminous and dark blue …”

Doesn’t this part of the book remind you of something? Yes, the expression reminds us of the “Lightning” that is bright and comes down from the clouds. A lightning in blue, which can be called “Blue Lightning”!

Isn’t this name familiar? That is correct! It is familiar! Because the most important terrorist operation of the world in 2020, which was conducted by the United States of America’s terrorist armed forces was named the “Blue Lightning” in which the great general of Islamic Iran, Martyr General Qassem Soleimani and his companions including Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were martyred.

In truth, the military code name Blue Lightning completely matches the content mentioned in the book L’enfant Bleu regarding the blue child or the devil’s descent.This fact confirms that in the same way the desscent of the Fallen Star or the blue child or in a better interpretation decent of the devil from the sky to earth, saved the tribesmen from the ice age and its dark cold atmosphere,

Freemasonry and Illuminati, who are the followers of the devil, presented the martyrdom of the great brave general of Islam as a sacrifice to Satan with the code name “Blue Lightening”  which is in fact equal to “the Devil’s Descent”, so that in their own minds they can end the Masonic ice age.  It is noteworthy that the terror operation leading to General Soleimani’s martyrdom near Baghdad airport was also carried out in latitude 33 degrees in the hours between midnight and dawn.

The same time was mentioned about the occurrence of the “Blue Lightning” or “the Devil’s Descent” in the book L’enfant Bleu, which shows that Freemasonry and Illuminati consider their terrorist drone strike as a kind of devil’s descent and have thusly, presented it to Lucifer, their great Masonic teacher.

In addition, the corrupt and mischievous American singer Marilyn Manson appeared in a music video titled “King Kill 33”, in an environment that was frequently decorated with the symbol of lightning, in the military uniform of the generals and under the blue light. He recited evil poems in the form of music, in which the only color mentioned was blue, which was mentioned in the previous sections of these analysis.

Hence, it seems that what is written in the book “L’enfant Bleu”, the symbols used in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2”, the music track “King Kill 33”, and the code name used for the terrorist operation that led to the martyrdom of General Soleimani were all issued from within Freemasons’ thinking room using the code word Blue Lightning.

In the sixth-layer analysis of this scene of the animation, we should mention the ice age. As it was indicated in the book “L’enfant Bleu”, the story involves a tribe in the ice age who are saved from its hardships by the help and guidance of the blue child or the Fallen Star, who is the Satan himself.

The atmosphere in the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation in the apocalypse is also depicted like the ice age, which illustrates its many challenges and hardships.

However, in the deviated Masonic and Illuminati beliefs, the end of the ice age is concurrent with the devil’s descent from sky, and beginning of his representative or the Antichrist’s rule in Jerusalem.

In the seventh-layer analysis of this scene, we should refer to the expression “Keeper of the Flame”, which is used on the animation maker’s website to describe the character Blue Child.

In addition to the apparent meaning of this expression, which is depicted as a child dancing around a fire to keep it alive while wearing a mask,

in the story of “L’enfant Bleu” as well, the blue child or the devil rekindles the extinguished fire of the tribe in the ice age!

This means that the task of lighting the evil Masonic light is on the devil himself and the task of its protection falls on the shoulders of the followers of Freemasonry and Illuminati until the day that the Antichrist’s rule is established in Jerusalem.

It is essential to note that the Masonic “Holy Fire” is a famous expression and there is a book titled “the Initiates of the Flame” written by a Masonic author in which, he cryptically points to this notion.

In the eighth layer of the analysis of this scene, as we more accurately examine the expression “Keeper of the Flame”, we realize that there is a music video with the same title published by the composer and singer Martin Page in 1995.

Martin Page has seemingly stated some expressions of love within the lyrics of the related song. However, in an important part of this music video, there is a child who is dancing and is wearing various masks. The masks switch as he is dancing! Martin repeatedly sings the expression “Keeper of the Flame” concurrent with the moment of the dance when the masks are switching.

This dance and the switching of the masks on the child’s face within the “Keeper of the Flame” music video is completely similar to the dance and mask switching seen in the scene of the animation “I, Pet Goat 2” involving the blue child or L’enfant Bleu.  The similarities between these scenes confirms the analysis that according to the Freemasons and Illuminati’s views, children and youngsters are the protectors of the Masonic Holy Fire until the time of Antichrist’s coronation in Jerusalem as well as the following periods.

The complementary point regarding Martin Page himself is that he had mentioned that prior to the production of the “In the House of Light and Stone” album, which includes the track “Keeper of the Flame”, he had wandered with the Native American tribes of North America for a while and had learned various things from the tribe shamans. This journey had been an inspiration in the making of the Keeper of the Flame music video.

This fact is in line with our previously mentioned analyses. Because the blue child character in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2” also wears different masks one of which is the mask of Native American tribe shamans.  Thus, it would seem that the director has used Martin Page’s Keeper of the Flame music video in various aspects of this scene as inspiration.

Of course, the numerous Masonic and Kabbalistic symbols in Martin Page’s “Keeper of the Flame” music video are far more than mentioned. For example, even the design of the music video scene is closely related to the Kabbalistic elements.

In the design of this scene, a two storey apartment of four units is depicted, where the color of the wallpaper and the lighting of the units are paralleled to the color symbols of the four Kabbalistic worlds, namely “Atziluth”, “Bri’ah”, “Yetzirah”, and “Assiah”.

In a way that the place where the masked child is dancing is illuminated in red, which is equivalent to the Kabbalistic world of “Atziluth” and the element of fire,

 and in the first floor, where Martin Page is, has been illuminated by the color blue, symbolizing the Kabbalistic world of “Bri’ah” and the element of water.

On the opposite side, it can be seen that on the upper floor, where the drummer is, has been illuminated in yellow, which symbolizes the Kabbalistic world of “Yetzirah” and the element of air or wind,

 and the lower floor, where a young girl is present, has been illuminated in pale green, which is equivalent to the Kabbalistic world of “Assiah” and the element of soil or earth.

All in all, the decoding of Martin Page’s “Keeper of the Flame” music video requires detailed investigation, which is beyond the scope of this discussion, accordingly, it can also be seen that the clever reference by the director of the animation “I, Pet Goat 2” to Martin Page’s “Keeper of the Flame” music video was made in order to provide some cryptic messages for Masonic audiences in the form of this music video, parts of which were discussed.

It is noteworthy that Miranda Lambert who is an American singer, also performed a song called the “Keeper of the Flame” in 2016, which has a connection with what has been discussed before. Hence, we shall not explain it further.

In the ninth layer of the analysis, we take a closer look at the expression “Keepers of the Flame”. We realize that there is a pagan Masonic group with the same name that has its specific followers in countries around the world. The Keepers of the Flame Masonic group, who uses a Maltese cross and purple background color within its elements, is a group that relates its establishment to Comte de Saint Germain.

He was an infidel, a heathen, and a high rank member of secret circles who died in 1784. However, his followers believe that he is not dead and is instead travelling through time.

Numerous people from the leaders of the Keepers of Flame Masonic group as well as other hidden groups claim they have met with this infidel man in different time spans.

 The members of the Keepers of the Flame group, whose purple symbol color is similar to the symbolic color of the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis, regard themselves as the heirs to Freemasons and believe that the modern Masonic age belongs to them.

One of the leaders of this cult has stated the following regarding this group: “Today the Keepers of the Flame occupy the same position in the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness that the Masons occupied two centuries ago.” Stating such expression by the leaders of the Keepers of the Flame fraternity not only indicates their important role in the political and social changes in recent centuries as well as the times ahead, but also demonstrates this group’s respect to Freemasonry and Illuminati. The members of this group know themselves as the heirs to Freemasons in changing the thoughts of people in current and future eras.

Hence, attribution of the expression “Keepers of the Flame” to the blue child in this scene of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation is secretly and cryptically indicating that the child and teenage generations, have been trained in Masonic and Illuminati media, to practically become the protectors and keepers of the flames of the evil Illuminati Fire within the current and future centuries and eras.

In the tenth-layer analysis of this scene of the animation, we should indicate that, flames have been demonstrated in various parts of it. We had seen these flames in Bin Laden’s beard, the Antichrist’s body and legs, and in his beard as well. It would seem that the origin of all these flames is the same, and they are all the evil fire, which is supposed to be protected for the future by the Freemasonry and Illuminati trained child and teenage generations so that in the age of the Antichrist’s global government in Jerusalem, it can last forever. Such wish shall God willing never come true.

In the eleventh layer of the analysis of this scene, we should pay special attention to the strange shoes worn by the blue child character in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2”.

 As you can see, the shoes are made of raccoon skin, which were quite common among Native Americans and hunters in North America.

In this scene of the animation, the raccoon skin shoes are not only indirectly pointing towards the North American Natives’ legends about the “Fallen Star” and “Blue Spirits”, which are similar to the “L’enfant Bleu” story, but also cryptically conveying messages regarding the symbology of the raccoon.

In raccoon symbology, it is mentioned that raccoons are the symbols of changing faces, shape shifting, secrecy, wearing masks, courage, curiosity, and audacity.

All the descriptions mentioned in the raccoon symbology are in line with the “blue child” character as well. Because he is constantly changing location, face, and masks. Furthermore, since he is a child, he can be considered curious, courageous, and fearless. Hence, the raccoon shoes are also in line with other elements within this scene of the animation such as wearing different masks and face changing.

In the twelfth layer of the analysis of this scene of the animation, we deal with the masks worn by the blue child. The first mask we see in this scene is a mask of tribe shamans on the blue child’s face.

Shamans were people who practiced witchcraft and treated illnesses within many tribes around the world. For instance, the shamans in Mongol tribes and Middle Asia, African tribes, and Native Americans had a significant position within their tribes. Considering the many scriptures within books and articles, many of the religious or healing rituals of the shamans were done using the spirits or jinns.

In the next parts of the scene, we see the shaman mask is replaced by a bear-like mask on the blue child’s face.

We should note about the bear-like mask that it is quite popular among Natives of North America and in particular Lakota in which bear masks and bear symbology is very common. In addition, Lakota Native Americans conducted a healing ritual using bear masks, which they called the “Bear Medicine”.

The last mask appearing on the blue child’s face is a beak-like mask which resembles a crow.

This mask has two points of significance. One is that the beak-like mask is also known as the “Plague Mask”, which was used by the medieval European physicians. Hence, the plague mask must have played an important role in fighting the disease in the eyes of the people at the time.

On the other hand, as we had mentioned before, crow is in the sense of people on their Masonic journey and moving towards the Illuminati light.

This subject was further discussed in previous scenes of the animation, the Frozen music video by Madonna, and the painting “Three Women and Three Owls” by Juanita Guccione.

At the end of this scene, the beak-like plague mask also comes off the blue child’s face and the light of Illuminati shines upon him, which is connected with the flight of crows towards the Illuminati light.

In the thirteenth layer analysis of this scene, we should point out that among the masks worn by tribe witches and pagan infidel cults, the masks indicated in this scene are mostly the ones that are known as “healing masks” or “anti-disease masks” in various tribes and nations. For instance, the “bear mask” was used in a healing ritual called “Bear Medicine” among Lakota Native Americans in North America. The beak-like mask or the “plague mask” is also famous and was used by medieval physicians at the time of the plague or contagious diseases in order to avoid plague infection.

The role of wearing these healing masks by the blue child is to cryptically indicate the spread of a global disease all over the world in which all people will have to deal with a pandemic. Only children are almost immune to this disease and would not perish! Because according to this scene of the animation, the blue child is the symbol of the young generation favored by the Freemasonry and Illuminati as the “Keepers of the Flame”. Freemasons intend to preserve their evil Holy Fire in their temples, until the era of the Antichrist’s coronation, using the young generation. Hence, they should be immune to this plague-like disease at the end of all time! In other words, the young generation is trainable like a blank tablet or sheet of paper and needs to be preserved so that in the modern Masonic age, they can be trained by the evil teachings of Freemasonry and Illuminati to execute the devil and his representative’s (i.e. the Antichrist’s) orders!

Thus, the Illuminati has planned for a contagious and fatal disease, which spares the children from severe morbidity and mortality and mostly kills adult, middle-aged, and elderly people who cannot be trained for Illuminati purposes. Therefore, in this scene of the animation as well, wearing the “healing masks” by the “blue child” is in the sense of the children’s survival and preservation in the face of the fatal contagious and infectious disease, which Freemasons intend to spread as an act of bio terrorism in different societies, within months before the execution of the “deal of the century” and coronation of the Antichrist in Jerusalem. It is very strange that after revealing the deal of the century regarding Palestine and Jerusalem, the infectious Corona virus or COVID-19 disease began to spread in all countries of the world and in particular in Iran.

One of the strange properties of this disease is that the fatality statistics of children under 9 has almost been zero for weeks!!! It means that COVID-19 is in principle a disease that mostly infects adults and its fatality and severe morbidity are extremely low to children!

On the other hand, with further deliberation over the Kabballah tree, we realize that the highest rank among the sefirot belongs to “The Crown”, which is called Kether in Hebrew and Corona in Latin! In addition to this fact, we observe that the closest trump tarot card to The Crown or Corona sefiror is The Fool card, which is the symbol of Donald Trump. Hence, the proximity of The Crown or Corona to The Fool, who is seemingly a “foolish” politician, is linked with the spread of the disease caused by Corona.

Furthermore, as we observed, Donald Trump’s term is related with psalm 23 of David and the key expression “The Valley of the Shadow of Death”. The COVID-19 disease is in fact part of the valley of the shadow of death, which has been prepared for the people of the world by the global Freemasonry!

The significant point is that in this scene of the animation, the last mask worn by the blue child is the plague mask after which, the Illuminati light shines on his face and he gladly stops his dance.

These images infer that according to Freemasonry and Illuminati’s plans, the global infectious pandemic has been probably planned for the last months before the coronation of the Antichrist and leads to the damage to the health, economy, and politics of all countries all over the world. This can be categorized as the final blow of the global Freemasonry in the execution of the “Ordo Ab Chao” slogan, which means order from chaos.Due to this plan, considering the despair, anxiety, and sadness of the people from all over the world caused by recent tragic events, the Antichrist is supposed to appear and play the role of the false savior in place of the “real Christ” and end the people’s suffering as the fake Christ. The people should then fall in love with him and follow him as their savior.

In the forteenth layer of the analysis, we should point out that at the time the masks on the blue child’s face change, a few sea waves appear underneath his feet quite unexpectedly and then disappear.

The presence of these seemingly meaningless waves has suspicious codes and mysteries embedded within. These waves become important since they did not exist in the previous scenes related to the blue child. However, they appear under the blue child’s feet in the current scene when he is wearing protective medical masks such as the “bear mask” and “the beak-like plague” mask! After a more thorough investigation, we can realize that the famous brewery company called Corona, has been present in global surfing tournaments since 1980 and also became their official sponsor since 2015!

Furthermore, many of the elements related to waves and surfing, such as the ocean preservation campaign, which has been advertised as the plastic wave, have been being executed with the support of the Corona Company.

Hence it would seem that the appearance of roaring waves beneath the feet of the blue child as he is dancing, is cryptically sending this message to the Masonic audience of the animation that the disease is supposed to create a worldwide pandemic, would be the result of “Corona Virus” family!!!

Of course, these images do not mean that Corona Brewery Company is responsible for this worldwide pandemic. However, the waves alongside the name of this company, which is a sponsor of the surfing tournaments, are coded in a way that can convey such secret messages to the Illuminati audience.

In the fifteenth layer of the analysis, we should remind you that the blue child character was depicted wearing the mask of tragedy and despair in previous scenes.

For instance, the scene in which the twin towers collapse in September 11th 2001, the blue child who was dancing, stopped his dance despairingly and threw himself off the edge of the cliff, into the sea.

Furthermore, in another scene he is drawn back towards the fire from the edge in an unaware state as he is wearing the same tragedy mask.

In contrast, in the next scenes he is seen with various masks including the mask of Kali the Indian deity, then the Shaman mask, the bear mask, and finally the beak-like plague mask as he is dancing around the Masonic fire with great energy and is seen jubilant and happy in the last moment when the Illuminati light shines upon his face.

This sequence of states regarding the blue child character indicates that despite the fact that the followers and devotees of Freemasonry and Illuminati seem to be in a difficult and despairing state at the advent of the third millennia, with the efforts of the Freemasonry and Illuminati followers in preserving the evil Masonic Holy Fire, by the coronration of the Antichrist, and the shining of the Illuminati light, the concerns of Freemasonry followers and trained youngsters of this cult, shall change to hope and euphoria, and the modern Masonic age will usher the era of relief for the Freemasonry devotees.

Of course as we had mentioned, such claims and fantasies that Freemasons and the Illuminati have dreamed for the time of the Apocalypse, shall God willing never come to pass.

In the next scene, as an open bright space is shown, we see a hunkering statue of the devil.

At the same instance, we see the opening to a cave beneath the statue through which the Antichrist suddenly exits. Within the dark background, we see its ceiling collapsing and falling down.

The Antichrist passes the distance between the cave’s opening and the open sea with quite the speed, approaching the rising sun. As the boat moves, several Lotus flowers bloom in the water and start floating in and around the path in which the boat is moving through the water.

This scene is very complex and needs explanations in various layers. In the first layer of the analysis of this scene, we should first point to the devilish statue that we observed in its initial moments.

This statue is referring to an architectural work called the “Cornhill Devils” in the vicinity of the St. Peter church in London. Saint Peter upon Cornhill is a church in the Cornhill district of London near river Thames.

Some strange and peculiar evil symbols have been used in the building next to this church, the most important of which are the three statues of the devil known as the Cornhill Devils. The Cornhill Devils and especially the largest of the three statues have been depicted in a squatting position and largely resemble the hunkering devil statue in the animation “I, Pet Goat 2”.

The purpose for which these statues were build has been noted as the quarrel between the church’s deputy and the architect of the neighboring building among common folk, some websites, and some books. However, this claim is so naive and demagogic.

In order to better understand this issue, we shall recount a brief history of the Saint Peter upon Cornhill church’s building. St. Peter upon Cornhill is a very old church and its construction is attributed to the fifth or sixth century.  However, the church was completely burnt and ruined in a fire in 1666 in London. It was then renovated by the famous English Freemason architect, Sir Christopher Wren in 1667.

The building next to the church was built in 1893 by another famous architect, Ernest Agustus Runtz who was also a Freemason. Hence, the Cornhill devils were made not because of a foolish quarrel between two people, but because of a plan made by the Freemasonry and Illuminati.

In the second-layer analysis of this scene of the animation, we should infer that the fire in 1666 in London, was not just a simple fire.

Many researches label this incident as an intentional fire, which took place in the Freemasons and Satanists’ magical year when the three sixes in the year number, created the number 666 that is favored by Satanists.

The significant notion is that following this large fire in London, many other churches and Christian cultural centers also caught on fire. After the fires were extinguished, Freemasons, most of whom were architects as well, requested to play key roles in the renovation of the churches. Considering what was discussed, many researchers know the year 1666 as the key golden year of the Freemasons and the year in which they openly and officially started their activities within the society. Hence, this year is counted as a historical turning point in the Freemasons’ history.

One of the key Freemasonry figures of that era was Sir Christopher Wren who undertook the construction of 52 churches, one of which was the Saint Peter upon Cornhill church.

Of course, other Freemasons completed Sir Christopher Wren’s work at the time or later by using various Masonic symbols in the renovated buildings in London.

Ernest Agustus Runtz was one of these architects who left his mark on the building next to the church as the Cornhill Devils statues.

Thus, indicating the Devils in this scene of the animation, is a cryptic reference to important Freemasonry historic events and in particular the great fire in London, which is a Holy fire in the eyes of the Freemasons and has been supported by its protectors called the Keepers of the Flame.

In other words, this scene is demonstrating the role of the Masonic Holy Fire in creating political, cultural, and social revolutions all over the world. In subsequent scenes, we shall further comprehend other aspects of the Masonic Fire’s importance.

In the third layer of the analysis of this scene, by cryptically pointing towards the Cornhill Devils, the reopening of the Saint Peter upon Cornhill church, and the great London fire in 1666, this scene is secretly indicating that the destruction of 52 religious and doctrinal centers in the Holy Freemasonry Fire is an important code word for the beginning of the modern Masonic age.

It is fascinating to see that Donald Trump sent a controversial tweet that used the same code word and alluded to targeting 52 sensitive Iranian locations most of which were religious and cultural sites. The tweet, which was sent in the middle of the military tensions between Iran and the US in 2020, in particular emphasized the destruction of religious cultural sites that ensued some responses and reactions.

However, aside from the tweet’s apparent meaning that was a kind of threat, it was intended as a secret message to all Freemasons and Illuminati members around the world that Donald Trump is ready to announce the start of the modern Masonic age by destroying 52 cultural and religious targets in Iran, much like the great London fire in 1666. Of course, such event will not take place and in the future, the global Freemasonry shall be destroyed forever. Hence, as you observed, important cryptic messages have been sent to members of the global Freemasonry in various layers of this scene of the animation using the Cornhill Devils symbology.

In the fourth layer of the analysis, we should pay attention to the fact that in addition to the Cornhill Devils, there are numerous statues used in the architecture of the Notre-Dame cathedral, which include hunchbacked devils, monsters, demons, and hybrid animals known as chimeras. These have been indicated in the novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” by Victor Hugo as well as its film and animation adaptations.

Furthermore, similar to the previous discussions regarding the Cornhill Devils, we should point out the fact that in April 2019, the Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris was caught on a suspicious fire, which turned into the most important news piece within the media at the time, bearing in mind the proximity of its timing to the Easter celebrations. Considering that a large portion of the next scene deals with the burning of churches in April 2019 and in particular the Notre-Dame cathedral and also the decryption of hidden and Masonic elements within the novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”, we withdraw from further explanations in this part and shall comprehensively specify these in the next scene’s analysis.

In the fifth-tier analysis of this scene, we should mention that the blossoming of several Lotus flowers as the boat moves towards the rising sun is again indicating Ra, the sun god of the ancient Egypt who was born from within the Lotus flower in Egyptian mythology. Thus, both the rising sun and the blooming of the Lotuses are in the sense of the rebirth of Ra, the sun god of the ancient Egypt.

In the next scene, we see the Antichrist suddenly waking up and looking at the rising sun with eyes filled with flames of fire.

Then suddenly the barbed wire on his head disappears as he smiles delicately and cunningly. As soon as the barbed wire is removed, we see an ice cathedral collapsing and demolishing in front of the cave’s opening.

The Antichrist then continues his motion on water as the camera makes a strange pause and leads the screen towards the left of where the church is being demolished. We then see some ice cliffs with peculiar shapes and a wisp of cloud resembling a purple-themed rabbit.

The scene is one of the heaviest and most complex scenes of the animation, which requires extensive attention and focus. Hence, we shall attentively reveal the hidden mysteries of this scene of the animation in various layers. In the first layer of the analysis of this scene, we should first mention that the Antichrist’s awakening is in the sense of his full preparedness for coronation in his capital, which is Jerusalem. Furthermore, the existence of fire in his eyes and the flames in his beard and other body parts, indicate the fact that the Antichrist is the heir to the evil Fire in Freemasons, Illuminati, and Satanists’ eyes, who have been protecting it for years.

In the second layer analysis of this scene, we must point out that a very important concept is embedded within the removal of the barbed wire from the Antichrist’s head as he awakens.Since many of the religious Christian works of art such as paintings and sculptures depict Jesus Christ (blessings upon him) with a crown of thorns on his head. The crown of thorns is a symbol of the hardships endured by Christ (blessings upon him) according to Christian beliefs.

Considering this fact, the removal of the barbed wire from the Antichrist’s head a short while after his awakening indicates that until the very last moments in which his military, political, and cultural actions and movements concerning his coronation in Jerusalem are completed, he shall introduce himself as Christ (blessings upon him). By deceiving the western Christians, especially Evangelicals, with the claims of the resurrection of Christ (blessings upon him), he shall use their capabilities in the execution of his evil plans and shall show his evil anti-religious face to the people of the world after he reaches his evil goals.

In the third layer of the analysis of this scene, we should indicate the immediate collapse of the frozen church behind the Antichrist, after the barbed wires are removed from his head.

This part of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation has become very popular within the international media. In particular, the collapse of the mentioned church in this scene has been attributed to the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris in 2019 within the mass media. It has been stated that the director of this animation predicted the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris in 2012.

Such a claim in the middle of the year 2019 created a lot of noise, although it was more or less a media signals to Freemasons and members of Illuminati worldwide rather than an apocalyptic prediction. In truth, the Notre-Dame fire in 2019 led to the I, Pet Goat 2 animation, which was first released in 2012, to resurface from the archives and receive media attention.

In other words, this 7-minute long animation became the focus of attention exactly 7 years after its initial release to remind the ready-for-action Freemasons that now is the time for the execution of many codes and secrets for the final stage of the Antichrist’s return while deceiving the public as a prophetic animation.

For this reason, a large wall should be built between what has been said with regards to this animation among people and public media and what message the Masonic and Illuminati groups have received through it. Considering this notion, we now analyze the operational implications of this scene for the Masonic societies without paying attention to what has been publicly stated about it in mass media, news networks, YouTube channels, Instagram pages, and other forms of media.

The destruction of the church in this scene is indicating the Freemasonry and Illuminati’s plans for burning down the world’s churches as a symbolic act for the beginning of the new Masonic age rather than an indication towards Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The church that has been indicated in this animation mostly resembles Dom Cathedral in Cologne Germany rather than Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Nevertheless, in general due to various evidence such as the presence of demonic and evil statues in the previous scene of the animation as well as Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, this church creates a precise and meticulous link with Notre-Dame Cathedral.

These simultaneous similarities and differences are in general indicating the destruction of churches by fire. In particular, the great London fire in 1666 in which many churches burned was referenced previously by showing the Cornhill Devils. Subsequently 52 of those churches were renovated by Sir Christopher Wren, the famous Freemason. Considering the sequence of these two scenes in the animation, it seems that this scene is indicating the burning of many churches in the world concurrent with the awakening of the Antichrist and his preparation for his impending coronation in Jerusalem.

Such Masonic planning is completely linked with the events that occurred in April 2019. On April 15th, 2019, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris suspiciously caught on fire,

and on April 21st explosions occurred in three churches in Sri Lanka, which were imputed to fanatic Islamic groups.

Hence, this scene of the animation is pointing toward the burning of churches at the end of all time in the year 2019, which is a signal for finishing the negotiations and actions required for the official recognizing the deal of the century.

In the following parts, we shall mention why the code name of the Illuminati’s apocalyptic operation in 2019 was Notre-Dame Cathedral and why the I, Pet Goat 2 animation was rereleased with the keyword Notre-Dame in 2019, seven years after its initial release!

Furthermore, there is another very important point regarding the selection of Notre-Dame Cathedral to be burnt and destroyed for the Antichrist’s final resurrection. The point is found by closely observing the history of the “Knight Templars” evil creed’s eradication as the ancestors to the modern Freemasonry and the events surrounding it.

In short, it has been mentioned that at the time of Philip IV of France, Knight Templars were marked as heretics by Pope Clement V for various reasons such as heathenism, homosexuality, apostasy, and the worship of the goat-headed god called Baphomet.

The grand master of Knight Templars, Jacques de Molay who is known as the last grand master of this creed, was sentenced to death along with a large number of other Knight Templars. It is mentioned in different books and articles that to execute Jacques de Molay’s sentence, he was transferred to a region in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and he was thrown into the fire in front of the cathedral!

Jacques de Molay, the grand master who was sentenced to death was quoted as he was being thrown into the fire and facing Notre-Dame Cathedral: “God knows who is mistaken and has sinned. Soon a tragedy shall befall those who have sentenced us to death”.

Although common people and some historians recognize the death of Pope Clement V and King Philip IV, the ones responsible for Jacques de Molay’s demise, shortly after burning him as a direct result of de Molay’s curse, it would seem that their suspicious deaths were caused by conspiracies conducted by the remnants of Knight Templars and there are other factors at play behind the natural causes of death mentioned in history books.

Besides, the meaning behind using the word “god” by Jacques de Molay has been no one but the goat-headed god Baphomet who is a portrait of the devil. In particular, one of the accusations made toward Knight Templars was the worship of Baphomet, which has also been indicated in the books written in the age after the Knight Templars’ prominence.

However, the important point that is related to our current discussion and the present scene is that the last grand master of Knight Templars, Jacques de Molay, was thrown into the fire and burnt in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral. With his burning came the end of the Knight Templars. Their heirs continued their existence in secret and hiding for many years.

However, Jacques de Molay’s intended revenge was exacted on April 15th, 2019, precisely when the same Notre-Dame Cathedral that witnessed his burning, was being burnt.The fire would spell the final resurrection of Freemasonry and Illuminati and their exit from hiding and underground concurrent with Jacques de Molay’s promised revenge. This revenge from Notre-Dame Cathedral and setting it on fire is in the sense of a celebration for the Freemason’s resurrection and their return to Jerusalem for the Antichrist’s coronation at the beginning of the third millennia. Unfortunately, it seems this intelligent enterprise and villainous revenge is being pursued by Freemasons and Illuminati with utmost care and attention.



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