I, Pet Goat 2.99:The Antichrist’s Plan Decoded (2020) (part 13 and 14)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

In the fourth layer of the analysis of this scene, we should point toward the fact that the whole story behind the burning of Notre-Dame Cathedral is cunningly linked with the famous novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” by Victor Hugo and this connection has also been cleverly scrutinized in the I, Pet Goat 2 animation as well.

“Victor Hugo”, the famous French writer who has written prominent works like “Les Misérables” and “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”, lived in the 19th century. There is various evidence regarding his close relations with Freemasonry lodges and his probable membership in occult and Masonic societies. This notion has even been indicated in official Freemasonry websites, although Hugo himself has never officially confirmed it.

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame novel has an apparent emotional, romantic, and rich novel with many takeaways. Its four main characters include a hideous but kind hunchbacked man named Quasimodo, a gypsy girl who is a beautiful witch called Esmeralda

 an officer serving in the French king’s army named Phoebus and a priest who is the archdeacon of Notre-Dame called Don Claude Frollo.

The book narrates the complicated romantic relations between people and various events form around this issue. However, in summary all the three male characters of the story have fallen in love with Esmeralda, the beautiful gypsy girl. Among them, Quasimodo’s love for Esmeralda is depicted as true and transcendental, while Phoebus’ love for Esmeralda is depicted as a failure with high emotional strain but surrounded by side considerations and ultimately betrayal. The priest Frollo’s fondness of Esmeralda is also noted as insane and lustful.

In contrast, Esmeralda’s fondness toward the hunchbacked Quasimodo is a deep one but with sympathy rather than love. Esmeralda’s love for Phoebus is fiery but frustrating while her relationship with Frollo is drenched in hatred and rancor.

Only the emotional relationship between the hunchbacked Quasimodo and Esmeralda is known as true, which is epitomized even further at the moment of their deaths as they are buried next to each other.

However, this interesting story with many twists and turns is deeply evil inside and needs to be meticulously explored. The first point regarding the story is that the hunchbacked Quasimodo, who has a hideous and ugly face, has only his left eye as his right eye is damaged and almost completely hidden by a grotesque wart!

Furthermore, he has been described as having very amicable relations with the evil statues within the cathedral’s architecture. Except for Esmeralda, these evil angels were the only beings who had a friendly relationship with and supported him.

Regarding Quasimodo’s name we should state that the word Quasimodo means the 8 days related to Easter called Octave of Easter.

Don Claude Frollo finds this hunchbacked infant in the orphaned children’s section of the cathedral in the days of Quasimodo. After seeing him, the priest takes the infant in as his stepchild and names him Quasimodo, which is the reason for the naming of this character in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Considering what has been mentioned concerning Quasimodo, we should note that Victor Hugo has cryptically identified Quasimodo as the Antichrist’s symbol. Factors such as his hideousness, having only one eye, his amicable relations with the evil statues and sinister symbols of the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s architecture, his deep-seated hatred of priests and in particular Frollo, and setting Notre-Dame Cathedral’s ceiling on fire are all evidence that confirm the mysterious and hidden connection between Quasimodo and the Antichrist.

Another important point is that Esmeralda, who is a beautiful young woman with emerald green eyes or emerald green amulet, is cryptically a symbol of Lilith or the feminine aspect of the devil!

The word Esmeralda is Latin and means emerald, which is why this youthful fair girl is named as such.

However, many elements create a link between Esmeralda and Lilith. Esmeralda’s engagement in dancing and witchcraft, her close friendship with a goat who is her trained pet and also a symbol of the goat-headed god Baphomet, her derelict demeanor and debauchery, her deep and emotional relationship with the hunchbacked and one-eyed Quasimodo who is the symbol of the Antichrist, and her good relationship with evil angels and sinister statues of Notre-Dame Cathedral are all proof of Esmeralda’s link to the feminine side of the devil or Lilith.

Among all others, the Phoebus character entails cryptic messages of his own. Although Phoebus is a grey character with both good and bad traits, he has a positive role in most parts of the story.


His name is adapted from an ancient Greek deity called Phoebus who is the god of the sun, the Greek version of Ra, the sun god of ancient Egypt.

Considering this fact, it seems that the romantic relationship between Esmeralda, as Lilith the feminine side of the devil, and Phoebus, as the sun god or Ra, is significant in terms of Masonic mysteries and has been referenced in countless parts of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation as well.

In contrast with the three mentioned characters, there is the detested character of Don Claude Frollo, who is a symbol of Christianity and has taken all the possible negative characteristics in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame book. Unfortunately, the Mason Victor Hugo has depicted the Freemasonry and Illuminati’s animosity towards divine religions such as Christianity, in the form of the priest character Frollo. Thus, he has secretly and cryptically presented his anti-religious views within the story in this way.

However, what is the connection between Notre-Dame Cathedral’s destruction at the end of all time and the content within the I, Pet Goat 2? In The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’s introduction, we realize that we are facing much more than a simple story. The preface reads:

“A few years ago, while visiting or, rather, rummaging about Notre-Dame, the author of this book found, in an obscure nook of one of the towers, the following word, engraved by hand upon the wall: ἈΝÁΓΚΗ. (Ananke) These Greek capitals, black with age, and quite deeply graven in the stone … The man who wrote that word upon the wall disappeared from the midst of the generations of man many centuries ago; the word, in its turn, has been effaced from the wall of the church; the church will, perhaps, itself soon disappear from the face of the earth. It is upon this word that this book is founded.”.

On the other hand, the following words are observed within parts of the book:

 “All eyes were raised to the top of the church. They beheld there an extraordinary sight. On the crest of the highest gallery, higher than the central rose window, there was a great flame rising between the two towers with whirlwinds of sparks, a vast, disordered, and furious flame, a tongue of which was borne into the smoke by the wind, from time to time. Below that fire, below the gloomy balustrade with its trefoils showing darkly against its glare, two spouts with monster throats were vomiting forth unceasingly that burning rain, whose silvery stream stood out against the shadows of the lower façade. As they approached the earth, these two jets of liquid lead spread out in sheaves, like water springing from the thousand holes of a watering-pot. Above the flame, the enormous towers, two sides of each of which were visible in sharp outline, the one wholly black, the other wholly red, seemed still more vast with all the immensity of the shadow which they cast even to the sky. Their innumerable sculptures of demons and dragons assumed a lugubrious aspect. The restless light of the flame made them move to the eye.”

Besides, in other parts of the novel it is written:

“After all, he turned his face towards men only with reluctance; his cathedral was sufficient for him. It was peopled with marble figures; kings, saints, bishops, who at least did not burst out laughing in his face, and who gazed upon him only with tranquillity and kindliness. The other statues, those of the monsters and demons, cherished no hatred for him, Quasimodo. He resembled them too much for that.”

By conducting a small deliberation over what has been mentioned so far and the symbols present in the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame as well as the symbols present in Notre-Dame Cathedral, we can infer that there are concepts and hidden mysteries beyond the beautiful and bewitching penmanship of Victor Hugo and the enchanting and stunning gothic style architecture of the mentioned cathedral, which have a precise and staggering affinity to the deviated Freemasonry and Illuminati beliefs.

The existence of various statues of monsters, demons, and angels in Notre-Dame Cathedral, which have been indicated in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, is above mere chance, accident, negligence, and naivety. It demonstrates the deep conspiracy behind the renovation of the cathedral in the 19th century and within the text of Victor Hugo’s book. The presence of the evil statues in the architecture of Notre-Dame cathedral also makes a connection with the previous and current scenes of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation. The connection illustrates that the squatting devil statue above the cave’s opening in the previous scene, indicates the statues of the devils and demons within the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s architecture as well as the Cornhill Devils present in the building next to the St. Peter Upon Cornhill church in London.

On the other hand, the mysterious word ἈΝÁΓΚΗ is used in the introduction of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo. To quote Hugo, the entirety of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’s story has been written around this mystery, which narrates an evil, infidel, and pagan idea regarding the mentioned engraved mystery in Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The mysterious ἈΝÁΓΚΗ word indicates a great female goddess in ancient Greek beliefs who could transfigure into a snake. In infidel ancient Greek beliefs, ἈΝÁΓΚΗ is the goddess of fate and destiny and spouse to Chronus, the god of Time. Both of these deities have been depicted in snake forms as well as semi-human bodies.

According to Greek mythology, ἈΝÁΓΚΗ and Chronus, were the first gods of the world and other gods, goddesses, and material beings were created with their union. In ancient Greek myths, it is mentioned that the first cosmic egg was conceded from the intercourse of the two snake world creators, the goddess ἈΝÁΓΚΗ and god Chronus.

According to what has been mentioned, we realize that the word ἈΝÁΓΚΗ in the introduction of the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and the inscription in Notre-Dame Cathedral is a code word and alludes to the world creator goddess, or ἈΝÁΓΚΗ, in the infidel and heathenish beliefs of ancient Greece!

Another code is discovered following this code! The expression “Notre dame” means “our lady” in French.

Although it has been claimed that the “lady” intended in the name of Notre-Dame Cathedral is Virgin Mary,


 it should be noted the emphasis and indication of Victor Hugo as well as the old inscription in Notre-Dame Cathedral on the code word ἈΝÁΓΚΗ, both infer a sinister meaning. Alas, it shows that not only the expression “our lady” does not indicate the Virgin Mary but it is pointing toward the evil and pagan goddess of the heathenish ancient Greece, meaning ἈΝÁΓΚΗ and her equivalent figures like Lilith, Isis and etc.! This fact is also consistent with pagan beliefs of deviated Freemasons such as Eugène Viollet-le-Duc who acted as the senior architect in the renovation Notre-Dame Cathedral.


It is noteworthy that the existence of many statues of monsters, demons, devils, and the hybrid creatures known as chimeras in Notre-Dame Cathedral’s architecture reveals that the focus of the modern architects of this monument in the 19th century was on evil goddesses such as ἈΝÁΓΚΗ rather than Virgin Mary.Hence, “our lady” or Notre dame in the name of the cathedral is mostly indicating the beautiful goddesses of ancient nations such as ἈΝÁΓΚΗ, Lilith, Ishtar, Isis, and so on.

The boundless beauty of the witch Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame is also cryptically alluding to these beautiful ancient goddesses.

However, the codes and mysterious within The Hunchback of Notre-Dame do not end here! The very important point regarding The Hunchback of Notre-Dame book is the fact that the destruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in the future has been mentioned in its preface. In another part of the book, a fire erupts atop the cathedral between the two towers, which has been precisely mentioned to be focused above the “central rose” window in Notre-Dame Cathedral.

By comparing these descriptions with what occurred in 2019 in Notre-Dame Cathedral fire, we realize that the fire has a lot in common with what has been mentioned in Victor Hugo’s book.

However, the fire mentioned in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame did not lead to the destruction of the cathedral’s façade. However, Victor Hugo specifically mentions in the introduction section of the novel that the cathedral shall be destroyed in the future.

Such an indication of a fire in the future and its consistency with the actual fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral is not Victor Hugo’s prediction. It is, however, Freemasonry and Illuminati’s planning, which has been cryptically manifested inside the book The Hunchback of Notre-Dame so that they would be ready for duty at the beginning of the third millennia.

From another perspective, the name and appearance of the hunchbacked character of the story, Quasimodo, entails important coded mysteries that are connected with the fire on April 15th, 2019 in Notre-Dame Cathedral. As it was mentioned, the word Quasimodo is used for the 8 days around the Easter.

The very important point in this regard that we can observe in the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s fire on April 15th, 2019 is that the fire has occurred in April and shortly before Easter!!! The fact that the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s fire, as well as explosions in some churches in Sri Lanka and other regions, occurred near Easter was quite significant and led to many Christians’ sorrow and grief around the world. The reflection of the fire and its proximity to Easter were in the media’s headlines for a long time.

Hence, even the character name Quasimodo, which indicates the days close to Easter is secretly a code name based on which Freemasons and Illuminati had timed and planned the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s fire as well as the burning of churches in Sri Lanka and Al-Aqsa mosque near Easter!

Furthermore, Quasimodo’s hideous face, his hatred and retribution of the church authorities, and having only one eye that is his left one are all symbolic references to the Antichrist. The same descriptions such as having only one eye have been mentioned in Islamic narrations regarding the Antichrist.

The quintessential point that seems necessary to note here is that Easter is a celebration for the resurrection of Jesus Christ (blessings upon him). However, the devil’s soldiers, meaning Freemasons and Illuminati, made some anti-Christian movements in the days leading to this important Christian festival to create the final resurrection of the Antichrist in the advent of the third millennia. Unfortunately, they are persisting in their evil plans.

In addition to Quasimodo, The Phoebus character within The Hunchback of Notre-Dame who shares the same name with Phoebus or Apollo, the god of the sun in ancient Greece indicates another reference to the Illumination symbology, like Ra the sun god of ancient Egypt, and other gods of the sun in infidel schools of past centuries. These are all respected entities in Freemasonry and Illuminati views.

Indeed, mentioning the other encoded messages within Victor Hugo’s books does not fit the current article in size and needs comprehensive analysis. Nevertheless, we should mention that there has been another emphasis on some of the secrets and codes in the various film and animation adaptations of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, which at times has added new codes to the original book by making deliberate alterations in some parts of the story. For instance, in the animation adaptations made by Walt Disney, there is particular emphasis on showing the monsters, evil angels, giants, and chimeras present within the cathedral’s building. By animating these elements in various scenes, the audience’s attention is drawn towards them, which is a fact strongly connected with the previous scene of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation.

Also, in a part of the animation adaptation by Walt Disney, we see that the scene of Esmeralda’s execution in the book and film adaptations is replaced with Esmeralda’s burning in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral, which ends in failure.

However, placing the scene of Esmeralda’s burning, who is sentenced by the Archdeacon of Notre-Dame Don Claude Frollo, is secretly and cunningly indicating the burning of the last grand master of Knight Templars, Jacques de Molay in front of the same cathedral. The scene is sending an important message to the members of Freemasons and Illuminati around the world to be prepared for the revenge on Notre-Dame Cathedral and avenge Jacques de Molay’s spilled blood.

In summary, we can infer that special attention has been paid to the book The Hunchback of Notre-Dame as well as the Masonic architecture used in the cathedral and its transitional history in the fourth layer of this scene of the animation.When pondered together with the previous scene, which depicted the squatting hunchbacked devil statue, we decode the mysterious messages regarding the burning and demolition of Notre-Dame Cathedral in 2019. Also, the important role of this event in insulting Easter and the beginning of laying the foundations for the final resurrection of the Antichrist and his coronation in Jerusalem has been emphasized. This plan shall God willing fail soon.

In the fifth layer of the analysis, we should mention that the cathedral is being destroyed at the mouth of the cave through which the Antichrist exited. Hence, the way back is completely blocked after the collapse and demolition of the cathedral.

On the other hand, we could see in previous scenes that the cave’s ceiling was collapsing as a result of the Illuminati light.

The destruction of the cathedral and the collapse of the cave’s ceiling both infer that the Antichrist cannot return to the cave and his way has been shut. This means that in the eyes of the Freemasonry and Illuminati, the Antichrist’s awakening and subsequent inauguration in Jerusalem is a one-way event from which there is no return. The Antichrist shall never again return to the secret underworld. In other words, the Freemasonry and Illuminati consider any event, which has taken place after the year 2019, as irreversible and the path shall only lead to the deal of the century and the coronation of the Antichrist in Jerusalem.

In the sixth-layer analysis of this scene, we should point towards the fact that the cave’s opening has been depicted in a peculiar shape and form; in a way that it infers different subjects in a symbolic way. Firstly, the shape of the cave’s opening resembles the end parts of female genitalia, which is a symbol of giving birth that in this scene means the birth of the New World Order or the modern Masonic age led by the Antichrist.

On the other hand, the icicles, or in a more accurate term the stalactites, hanging from the top of the cave’s opening are similar to the mouth of a serpent or a dragon.

One of the expressions related to the discussions of Apocalypse is “In the Belly of the Beast”. Of course, such expression also alludes to some prophets like Jonas (blessings upon him) who was imprisoned within the belly of a whale.

However, the expression has also been linked to the Antichrist in the apocalyptic concepts about which many books have been written. It would seem that the existence of the two stalactites in the cave’s opening is referring to the “Belly of the Beast” notion.

Though, with a closer look at the cave and its surroundings, we see that parts of its opening are referring to the “Gotthard Base Tunnel”.

This is the same tunnel that was opened in 2016 in a peculiar opening ceremony. A ceremony in which tens of high rank western officials were present and various evil and pagan elements and items were demonstrated for seemingly no reason.

The Gotthard Base Tunnels opening ceremony was conducted in two parts, indoor and outdoor. It was odd to the extent that led to complaints from groups of people and provoked some protesting reactions on social media, which obliged national TV channels and famous publications to also report on it. However, they just tried to point out the peculiarity of the ceremony and nothing more.


It was so even though in this ceremony, evil pagan elements such as the Baphomet, heathenish gods of ancient nations, the Masonic Eye of the Providence or the “All Seeing Eye”, illicit homosexual shows, insults and humiliation of Christian and church-related symbols were repeatedly demonstrated.

In response to this evil ceremony, some Christian activists believe that the aim of creating this tunnel, which is the deepest and longest tunnel made by humankind, is to release the devil from the infernal abyss and to make him rule the world.

Although this notion may be correct in a symbolic way and this tunnel may be a symbolic notion of creating a hole to the underworld and the infernal abyss, in practice the truth is something else. Satan or Lucifer is a foul creature of Jinn descent and has been permitted by God to wander the earth until the promised day when the savior returns. Hence, the devil’s presence on earth is not bound to the digging of a tunnel so that he can exit the abyss. Satan and demons under his command have been alluring and deceiving humans for thousands of years.

Hence, the notion of the Gotthard Base Tunnel’s opening in Switzerland and its evil opening ceremony are merely symbols that cryptically issue messages for the Freemasons and Illuminati as well as the devil himself so as to demonstrate their loyalty to the aspirations of the malicious Satan. In reality, Satan has been revolting and corrupting on earth for centuries and has not been waiting for the opening of this tunnel to do so.

On the other hand, the Gotthard region of Switzerland holds significance in other regards as well. One of the subjects, which has been covered up for years, is the special link between the Freemasons’ ancestors, meaning Knight Templars and the land of Switzerland and in particular the Gotthard region.

After of the destruction the Knight Templars’ power in Middle Ages, the remaining knights escaped to various other places and hid their heathenish and infidel creed while keeping their great wealth out of the hands of the pope and the European kings.

Different locations have been cited in various sources as the potential places for the settlement of Knight Templars. The land of Scotland is the most famous of these locations for the Knight Templars’ escape and hiding. The Scottish Rite Freemasonry Lodges have been identified as the heirs to the Knight Templars’ creed.

One of the other locations cited as the new settlement of the Knight Templars and their hidden lives in the region, is the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland!

It has been mentioned in history books that the Gotthard Pass used to be inhabited by farmers. When the king of Austria intended to add the Gotthard region to his conquered lands, he conceded an unexpected defeat at the hands of the Gotthard Pass’ inhabitants and had to retreat in total disbelief. The result of the battle was surprising since the inhabitants of the Gotthard region were all peasants and farmers and there were officially no disciplined armies present in the region.

Despite this fact, the mentioned reports chronicling that battle, have stated that the “knights in white” rushed to the aid of the local populace and with their support, the people of Gotthard were able to defeat the well-armed and experienced soldiers of Leopold I, the king of Austria and made him leave the region!

Alternatively, it was mentioned that the Knight Templars owned the most modern banking system of their time in all Europe. They developed this banking system at the time of their hidden presence in Switzerland. The world-renowned professional banking system of contemporary Switzerland is the heritage of the same professional banking system by Knight Templars and owns the same attributes such as secrecy and confidentiality on different levels.

It is also mentioned that the flag of Switzerland, which is a cross on a red background, is a special and secret adaptation of the flag of the Knight Templars. Thus, by switching the background color with the color of the cross and vice versa, this flag is considered as another evidence for the establishment of contemporary Switzerland and in particular the strategic Gotthard Pass at the hands of Knight Templars.

In any case, there is numerous evidence on the presence of the Knight Templars in contemporary Switzerland. This notion has driven many researches to designate the Gotthard Pass as one of the places in which the Knight Templars’ “great treasure” has been buried. A portion of this treasure may be in gold, jewelry, coins, or other valuable material items, while the other part may be spiritual wealth. The material portion of this treasure is the financial support for the professional Swiss banks in the past and current timesو whereas the spiritual portion of the treasure may have remained a secret among the Occult and Masonic societies.

Considering this fact, we may be able to infer the level of importance, that the great opening of the “Gotthard Base Tunnel” project held, for the Freemasons and Illuminati’s leaders as the heirs to Knight Templars. Yes! It would seem that another target was involved in the construction projects of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in addition to the previously mentioned goals. In other words, one of the mentioned goals was the excavation of the ground in the Gotthard Pass region to reach the Knight Templars’ spiritual and material treasure within the region once again. A treasure that while holding a great and innumerable material aspect, probably contains cryptic evil and Masonic messages, which are of great importance to the leaders of Freemasonry and Illuminati around the world.

Hence, the opening ceremony of this great and historic Masonic project was intermingled with various heathenish, pagan, and evil symbols to honor the unearthing of the Knight Templars’ great secret in the Gotthard region by the Illuminati leaders and their mercenaries all over the world. Considering what has been mentioned, the similarities in the cave’s opening through which the Antichrist exits the cave in the I, Pet Goat 2 animation, contains a very important message for the specific Masonic and Illuminati-member audiences.

Nevertheless, the interesting point is that the I, Pet Goat 2 animation was released in 2012 while the Gotthard Base Tunnel was opened in 2016 and the evil opening ceremony was also held in 2016.

Hence, the indication of the Gotthard Base Tunnels’ opening in the animation, four years before its official opening and its evil ceremony, shows that the making of the I, Pet Goat 2 animation, the construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, and the tunnel’s opening ceremony are all directed by the unified Freemasonry and Illuminati’s command center. Therefore, these evil unions are responsible for the occurrence of the same evil phenomenon.

In the seventh layer of the analysis of this scene, we see that after the Antichrist’s forward movement and exiting the scene, the camera pauses for a few moments and then slowly moves towards the left side of the picture were some oddly shaped cliffs appear.

Considering the fact that every second and item in this animation has embedded cryptic messages within, certainly this seemingly unneeded pause and the camera’s movement towards left are not without reason.By paying more attention to these cliffs, we see that they are indicating the Australia and Oceania continents.

In a way that the cliffs closer to the camera resemble the Sydney Opera House while the farther cliffs are similar to the prism shaped “Dolerite” cliffs in a region called “Totem Pole” in islands of Tasmania.

Considering the important link between the recent scenes, these two regions have also been connected to a form of fire. ecause in the last scene, the Cornhill Devils, the Saint Peter upon Cornhill church, and the great London fire in 1666 were indicated as well as the fire and demolition of Notre-Dame in Paris. Naturally, these two new items, the Sydney Opera House and the Totem Pole cliffs in Tasmania should also be connected to a fire.

The very important point is that in 2019 and after the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire, we face the large fires in Australia and Tasmania, which is a confirmation of this theory.

It is noteworthy though that the fires in plains and forests of Australia and Tasmania have been a common occurrence in warm seasons in previous decades.

However, the great wildfire of 2019, which continued well into 2020, was a massive and unprecedented fire, the likes of which was not recorded in history.

In 2019, a great unprecedented wildfire ravaged various regions of Australia and Tasmania, the effects of which even reached the Earth’s stratosphere layer and made a full turn around the Earth.

Millions of square meters of pastures, bushes, and jungles of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand were engaged in this fire and millions of plants and animals were perished, which created some very painful and disturbing scenes. The greatest damage to wildlife was made in the New South Wales state the capital of which is Sydney.

At the same time, some people were arrested for having a hand in creating intentional fires in Australia, which is significant on its own.

Considering these notions, we realize that this fire was intentional much like the Notre-Dame and other churches’ fires around Easter celebration 2019 as well as the great London fire in 1666. The Australian 2019 bushfires were intentionally made by the Masonic Holy Fire, which has been preserved through the years by members of the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

But what is the relation between this historically unprecedented wildfire and the Australia and Oceania continents as well as Sydney and New South Wales?

As we had mentioned, New South Wales, the capital of which is Sydney, is a state that was most impacted by the Australian wildfire in 2019 compared to other regions of the continent.

However, from a geographical perspective, New South Wales is located at the intersection between two strategic locations. Its location, 147 degrees east and 33 degrees south, is a special one that is completely in line with Masonic symbology.

Because this region is 33 degrees away from the line that separates the night and day and 33 degrees farther from the equator, which is the reason for it being in the center of large amounts of fire within the Australian bushfires in 2019.


Thus, after a long time of Freemasonry and Illuminati conspiracies in the regions situated on the northern 33 degrees’ latitude, another large crime and scheme has taken place. The aforementioned regions include Babylon or Baghdad, Charleston, Dallas, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and many more.

For this reason, this time, they chose the intersecting locations linked to 33, 33 degrees from equator and 33 degrees from the line dividing night and day, for the execution of another one of their evil operations and creating the largest fire of recorded history in it. Hence, the sequence and order of neighboring symbols of Sydney Opera House and the needle prism-like cliffs of Totem Pole region in Tasmania in this scene of the animation, are emphasizing the news of a large fire in Australia and Oceania the center of which would be the New South Wales state.

No doubt, it seems essential to mention that the issue of symbolic lighting of the Masonic Holy Fire by Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and their mercenaries in various parts of the world is not limited to the mentioned cases, and in recent years, frequent and suspicious fires in different places of the world have been reported. In 2020, for example, huge and terrible fires broke out in various parts of the United States, especially in the states of California and Oregon, which caused the evacuation of residents and resulted in death and disappearance of many people in the region and damaged the wildlife in these areas.

Surprisingly, in the mysterious music video, “All the good girls go to hell!” by “Billie Eilish”, a young and famous American singer, which was published in 2019, contained all kinds of evil and blasphemous symbols and phrases, which also referred to “California Hills Fire”.

Although “Billie Eilish” claims that the music video only refers to the issue of environmental pollution and climate change,

the blasphemous expressions and repeated insults to God Almighty, St. Peter or Simon Cephas, the precious apostle of Jesus Christ, and the guardian of Heaven in Christian beliefs, and the worship of Satan, are among debates that cannot be overlooked with such simple justifications.

Therefore, evil and blasphemous allusions, along with the hidden Masonic and satanic elements and symbols, such as the white color of the devil’s wings at the beginning of the music video, turning into bat wings at the end, indicate various codings in this music video, which is beyond the scope of discussion.

However, the reference to the “California Hills Fire” in this music video in 2019 and its occurence in 2020, in continuation of other large suspicious fires around the world, acclaims coordinated plans and orders issued by the single command room to create and organize these fires, which originated from the deviant beliefs of Satanists and Freemasons in order to celebrate the sacred fire of Masonry while sending signals related to this belief in the form of movies, animations, music videos, etc. to direct the targeted minds of the Masonic audience.

In the eighth layer of the analysis of this scene, we see a wisp of clouds that is similar to a standing purple colored rabbit. This symbol of the rabbit within the purple clouds, is presenting various important messages to its audience.

In a way that, the rabbit is connected to Australia and Oceania from other aspects.  One of the most famous links between the rabbit and Australia, is a famous biological and ecological crisis. After some British immigrants brought several rabbits with themselves to the newly discovered continent of Oceania, suddenly the new immigrant rabbit species that were considered predators and were unmatched in Australia, started to breed heavily. This went on to an extent that the large population of rabbits in Australia turned into a huge environmental threat for the continent. This issue is still at large as a great environmental and agricultural challenge for Australia. Various methods such as legalizing rabbit hunting, establishing two large barrier fences, and infecting the rabbit population with some viruses to increase their deaths have been adopted to control the rabbit population. However, these actions have not yielded complete and absolute results. Considering what has been discussed so far, it is clear that there is a strong connection between the rabbit and Australia. The expression “Rabbits in Australia” is very well known in ecological, biological, agricultural, and other fields. Thus, after the symbols related to Sydney and Tasmania, the rabbit is the third symbol connected to the continent of Australia, which emphasizes the important events of the region in 2019.

In the ninth layer of the analysis of this scene, the purple themed rabbit is of great importance again. After careful examination, we find out that a dance, music, and life in the jungle festival has taken place every year in Byron Bay Australia within the current decade, which is called “Rabbits Eat Lettuce”! In this festival, young boys and girls spend a few days in the jungle dancing to music, drinking, and conducting other peculiar ceremonies.

While examining the photos and videos left of this festival on its website and official Instagram page, various types of pagan and evil banners, pictures, and elements can be observed.

For instance, in one of the paintings, we see the image of a lion and a young woman with the sign of Lilith on her arms. There is a star between them and the star is held in the hands of Lilith.

This image is in the sense of the transfer of the Regulus star from the area of Leo or The Lion constellation to the area of Virgo or The Virgin constellation, which is an important symbol in Freemasonry and Illuminati beliefs and is an indicator of the beginning of Lilith, the female devil’s dominion over the world after 2000 years of divine religions’ predominance.

In general, it would seem that this dance, music, and living in nature ritual is a form of returning to the pagan and infidel tribal life, which has been corrupted by various sins and perversions.

However, considering the fact that other parts of this scene are indicating the year 2019, we should specifically look for an event in 2019 that is connected to the Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival. After deliberation over this matter, we realize that in April 2019, for the first time in the history of this festival, two young people passed away due to over dosage of narcotics according to the official announcement of the people in charge of the festival. According to the official statement of the local authorities, a young boy named Dassarn Tarbutt and a young girl called Ebony Greening passed away due to excessive use of drugs.

However, there are significant ambiguities regarding this event, which brings the question to mind whether it was intentional. It is very strange that exactly in April 2019 and in the same week that Notre-Dame cathedral was caught on fire, a young man and woman died for the first time in this festival! Considering what has been mentioned, it would seem that the deceased young people were in truth Masonic and Illuminati sacrifices, which were made for the advancement of the events in 2019 and 2020 in line with the execution of Freemasonry goals. In particular, the selection of a young man and a young woman is symbolically connected to pagan and evil sacrifices.

On the other hand, by reviewing the social network pages of one of the victims of this event called Ebony Greening, we see that she had some suspicious beliefs, and there were hints of her fondness towards Masonic mysteries and secrets. To the extent that in her Twitter page she had selected her location as “Down the Rabbit Hole”, which indicates the Alice in Wonderland story and the curiosity of this young girl in knowing the Masonic mysteries and secrets. Therefore, it seems that the Freemasons and Illuminati have attentively chosen their favored sacrifices in this pagan infidel festival and have taken those to slaughter that were excessively curious about the hidden Masonic secrets and mysteries.

In the tenth layer of the analysis of this scene of the animation, we should point towards the rabbit shaped clouds again and the fact that the presence of the rabbit figure in this scene next to the cave’s opening, through which the Antichrist exits, is referring to the story of Alice in Wonderland. In this story, a guiding rabbit facilitated Alice’s entrance to the Wonderland.

It is noteworthy that within the symbology of the Alice in Wonderland’s mysterious story, rabbit is the symbol of “teacher of hidden secrets” or “Masonic mentor” who guides Alice from this world to the Masonic underworld.

However, in the current scene is demonstrating that the Masonic teachings shall exit the underworld, with the aid of the rabbit who is the mentor for secret sciences, and shall not need to hide anymore by showing the Antichrist exiting the cave on a path with no return. In other words, this scene is in contrast with the initial scenes of this animation within the Masonic classroom in which after the reduction of the Illuminati light and Lilith’s exile from the heaven, she entered the hidden Masonic underworld with the aid of the rabbit, so that she could preserve the evil teachings in the hidden world!

The current scene, quite the opposite of the aforementioned scene, is indicating the fact that at the time of the Apocalypse, the Antichrist shall be aided by the rabbit to return to the surface of the earth from the underworld as the heir to Masonic teachings and secrets and make his activities public.

In the eleventh layer of the analysis, the time of events’ occurrence in 2019 becomes very important again. The current scene of the “I, Pet Goat 2” animations is a different and special one. Because according to these images, from now on the Antichrist has woken up and exited the netherworld’s cave. Also, the demolition of the cathedral in the cave’s opening, shows that from this stage forth, the Freemasonry and Illuminati have reached a one-way non-returnable level.

Thus, observing the sequence of events occurring in this scene finds significant value. Now, if we take a look at the 2019 news, we come across some amazing facts. Investigating the information for 2019, we find out that on April 13th 2019, the star Regulus becomes very important. On some websites, Regulus has been introduced as the chosen star for April 2019.

Many other astronomical websites have reported on the Regulus star and the Moon passing from its proximity around April 14th and 15th in 2019.

As we had mentioned before, the Regulus star plays a very important role in the apocalyptic beliefs of Freemasons and Illuminati. It is considered as the herald of the beginning of the new Masonic age, and Donald Trump’s fortune has been tied to this star as well.

After such specific indication of the Regulus star in April 2019 and the Moon passing through its proximity around April 14th and 15th, suddenly the shocking news of fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral was transmitted to the whole world on April 15th.

Within the same week, other news of fire and explosions in other churches around the world were heard. On April 22nd, Donald Trump celebrated the Easter next to a very large rabbit while wearing a purple tie, which is the symbolic color of the Regulus star.

On the same day in April 22nd 2019, news of the death of a young woman and man in the pagan infidel music festival, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, made the rounds, and the week of Christian Easter celebrations, which is related to the resurrection of the Christ (blessings upon him), ended on a sour note with lamentable events.

Considering that Easter is a time known for the “festivities for the resurrection of Christ (blessings upon him)” in Christian beliefs, it would seem that the evil movements of the global Freemasonry and Illuminati in Aril 2019 have in truth been actions taken for the resurrection of the Antichrist. The Notre-Dame fire, demolition of churches in Sri Lanka, and the suspicious deaths of two young people in the pagan infidel Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival are all indeed evil actions for awakening the Antichrist from his thousand years of slumber. The simultaneous nature of these events with the Christian Easter is in fact considered a sneer and insult towards Christ (blessings upon him).

It is noteworthy that in this scene of the animation we see that the Antichrist’s awakening takes place at the time of the church’s burning. This notion is symbolically showing that the suspicious Notre-Dame cathedral’s fire in Paris has been the beginning of the Antichrist’s resurrection and we shall witness the Freemasonry and Illuminati’s last efforts from 2019 onward to get the result of thousands of years’ efforts by the devil and his followers.

In the next scene, which is the final scene of the “I, Pet Goat 2” animation, we see the Antichrist riding the Anubis boat in a state of full awareness and wakefulness, moving towards the rising sun. At this moment, we see the image of the rising sun located between two groups of clouds. The clouds in the right resemble a human hand and the clouds on the left are scorpion shaped. In the last part of this scene, we see the rising sun throw fire flames at the trio of the pyramids, which destroys them.

This scene ends as pyramids are being destroyed by the fireballs thrown from the sun and immediately afterwards the logo of the animation company, Heliophant is displayed. In a strange move, the dot on the small letter “i” deviates towards the capital letter O and then the animation fully ends.

There are various important elements within the final scene of the animation that should be examined in different layers. In the first layer of this scene of the animation, we should point towards the fact that the rising sun is symbolically in the sense of the power and greatness of Ra, the sun god of the ancient Egypt.

This analysis is confirmed with the blooming of Lotus flowers concurrent with the rising of the sun in the previous scenes.

Because according to the ancient Egypt’s legends, the sun god Ra was born out of the Lotus.

There is no doubt that these legends are empty hallucinations and deviated beliefs and that the materialistic minds of the Freemasons and Illuminati do not truly worship a god named Ra. However, Ra is the symbol of the rebellion and revolt of the infidel idolater ancient nations in front of the magnificent God and for this reason it is symbolically respected by the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Furthermore, considering the Illuminati’s concept of the Lucifer or devil’s light, Ra is considered another symbol for the shining of the Lucifer’s light.

Hence, it would seem that the Antichrist’s movement towards the rising sun in this scene, is in the sense of his movement towards the new Masonic age or the New World Order centered on infidel symbols such as Ra, the sun god of ancient Egypt.

In the second layer of the analysis, we should point out that the “sun” refers to the city of “Jerusalem” or “Bayt-Al-Maqdis”. In a way that in the age of roman dominance in Jerusalem or Bayt-al-Maqdis, the other name of this city was “Aelia Capitolina”, which means “the Origin of the Sun”.

In truth, the Roman expression “Aelia Capitolina” is consisted of two important parts. The first part “Aelia” is derived from the Greek word “Helios”, which means the sun.

The second part “Capitolina” is originated from the words “Capito” and “Caput” that mean “head”, “origin”, and “beginning”.

The name was later changed to Iliya in the age of Jerusalem’ conquest by Muslims. However, the spelling of the word Aelia, which means Jerusalem, is different from the Latin Word Ilia, which is a name. However, they are similar in terms of pronunciation in Arabic.

In any case, considering what was discussed and the fact that the other name of Jerusalem is “Aelia Capitolina”, which means “the Origin of the Sun”, the Antichrist’s movement towards the rising sun is in the sense of his movement towards Jerusalem or Bayt-al-Maqdis for his coronation and the beginning of his evil global rule. The Illuminati and Freemasonry have been dreaming of this notion for thousands of years. However, God willing and with mercy of the great God, such event shall not come to pass and we shall elaborate on the details of this issue later in our discussions.

In the third layer of the analysis, we point towards this notion that throwing of fireballs from the sun to the Egyptian pyramids does not have an anti-Masonic meaning. In fact, it means the end of the old Masonic age or the age of old pharaohs, and the beginning of the New World Order led by the new pharaoh, the Antichrist.

In the fourth-tier analysis of this scene, we should indicate the shapes of the clouds around the rising sun. On the left side of the image, the shape of the clouds resembles a scorpion with a bended sting, which is completely recognizable.

On the right side of the image, the clouds resemble a human hand and its fingers.

But the most important notion linked with the clouds is the constellations. The Scorpiusn is a well-known constellation in the northern hemisphere.

However, there is no “Hand” constellation in a separate form. But a part of the Orion or The Hunter constellation is known as the Lakota’s “Hand” in the North America region. Hence, “The Hand” constellation is indirectly referring to the Orion constellation.

Certainly it is understandable why the director has alluded to the “Hand” constellation in place of The Hunter constellation. The reason is that depicting the complex Orion or The Hunter constellation in a cloud shape is a difficult task. For this reason and the simplicity of its drawing, The Hand constellation has been depicted in place of The Hunter. But the very important point is, why these two constellations have been indicated in this scene?


It would seem that this part of the final scene, is indicating the approximate planned timing of the Antichrist’s corontion. If we pay close attention to the sun’s movement in relation with constellations, we realize that the sun is close to Orion or The Hunter constellation in the summer, and is closer to Scorpius constellation in the winter.

Thus, the Orion constellation and its equivalent, the Hand of Lakota constellation, is present in the day sky and disappears at night in the summer. In reverse, the Scorpius constellation is present in the day sky and disappears at night in the winter.

In this scene of the animation and using the clouds imagery, it is shown that the sun is rising between the two constellations in a way that the Hand constellation, which is in fact the Orion constellation, is rising in the day sky and in parallel the Scorpius constellation is setting and disappearing from the sky.

Astrological calculations show that the time indicated in this scene is a time between the winter and the summer. Because the sun is in a position that the Scorpius constellation is disappearing from the sky while the Hand or Orion constellation is appearing.


Considering what we have discussed, it seems that the Freemasonry and Illuminati have made their evil plans for the celebration of the Antichrist’s coronation in Jerusalem for spring and beginning of the summer. This analysis conforms to the melting of snow and blooming of Lotus flowers in recent scenes of the animation and they all point to the Antichrist’s plan for beginning of his evil kingdom in spring or beginning of the summer.

Whether spring or summer is favored by the Freemasonry and Illuminati is not entirely clear. However, taking into account the indication towards the resurrection of the Antichrist in April 2019 and the long events that ensued, it seems the world shall undergo new developments that are connected with the final efforts of the Freemasonry and Illuminati for the beginning of the New World Order in Jerusalem and finalizing the deal of the century’s content.

Although the many efforts of Freemasonry and Illuminati for realizing this evil plan are all out and round-the-clock, soon and forever Freemasonry and Illuminati shall be passed away and with the rise of the divine savior, the world will bask in joy and prosperity, concerning which we shall speak further in our discussion.

After seeing the final scene, the animation developer’s logo suddenly appears. Oddly the dot above the small letter” i” deviates towards the capital letter “O”.

This peculiar event is not accidental. In the last part of the film, meaning in the seventh minute of the animation, the developers are alluding to the Regulus star or Alpha Leonis’ symbol. This star is the favorite Freemasonry and Illuminati’s symbol, and key to entering the new Masonic age.

In other words, the deviated dot of the letter “i” next to the capital letter “O” is symbolically referring to the ecliptic sun and the eclipse star, the Regulus or Alpha Leonis, which was comprehensively discussed in previous sections of the animation. The presence of this symbol within the last minute of this animation is an indication of its high importance for the Freemasonry and Illuminati.

It is necessary to clarify that the discussions presented in these analytical films and the relevant articles don’t amount to a definitive prediction. Rather, they are merely a plan and program portrayed as a diabolical animation under the name of “I, Pet Goat 2”, designed by global freemasonry, illuminati and their mercenaries, and presented secretly to their infantries. Therefore, the possibility of making changes to this plan and program by freemasonry and illuminati cannot be ruled out. As a result, the analyses of these films focused on revealing the driving forces behind these satanic contents as well as the purposes they served, without endorsing or confirming them. Hopefully, in accordance with the divine teachings, the world will turn into a peaceful, benevolent and magnificent place dominated by the divine religions. In the next sections, this topic will be described in more detail.



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