Warning to Resistance in the Region


In the name of God

Warning to Resistance in the Region: Probability of Greater Intrigue

During the last days of 2009, the leaders of the Middle East resistance in Syria gathered to discuss ways and areas of cooperation with each other on regional and international issues. The meeting, hosted by Syria and President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar Assad, Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, and Khaled Mashal, head of the Palestinian Islamic Movement’s Political Bureau (Hamas) spread widely in mass media of the region and all over the world. (1)

The summit, on the one hand, met with praise from countries favoring the process of resistance, such as the Islamist Turkish state and the states submitting to the process of resistance, such as the Lebanese national unity government, and on the other, aroused fears of arrogant governments and their supporters in the Middle East.

The meeting, while reviving the region’s weakened nations hopes of liberation from the grip of arrogance and further consolidating and strengthening the region’s position of resistance, but the Middle East’s position at a turning point.

Given the global economic downturn around the world and the Western colonial countries being affected by these economic problems, (2) in political and military terms, these governments have also been weakened, and certainly cannot, as in recent decades, invade Iraq and Afghanistan start costly wars. On the other hand, despite the international recession, the Middle East’s independent and anti-secularist countries have been hit by the recession, but the problems caused by the recession have not been as severe as those in the West due to prolonged boycotts and rich energy resources. And raw materials, on the other hand, have adapted to economic problems better than the West. Because these countries have survived years of economic sanctions and have learned various ways to adapt to harsh conditions.

In these conditions, the West has been subjected to economic pressures, political and military weaknesses, and fears that the spread of Islamic resistance in the Middle East will cut off their rich regional resources and exacerbate their economic problems.

So, the West will try to change the situation in the region in any way possible and prevent its economic, political and military collapse. But in the meantime, Western nations, like five or ten years ago, have no military power and are unable to wage a war and finance a large-scale battle in the Middle East. Given this fact, they will try to take advantage of their puppies and forces in the region instead of using their own resources and forces, on the one hand maintaining their country’s diminished capital and on the other, not to be faced with an increasing wave of public hatred in the Middle East for Western public opinion, they will no longer destroy their image in front of the world’s people.

Indeed, it can be said that the reinforcement of resistance, while increasingly weakening the arrogance, will make the arrogance attempt to make its last efforts to prevent its definitive death, even if It will lead to a major regional war and a game of death and life.

Another issue that reinforces the likelihood of a conflict by the West or its puppets in the region is the Masonic calendar. As we know, World Freemasonry, or the Antichrist of the Apocalypse, has taken over the rule of many countries around the world and is trying to establish its evil world government in Jerusalem. (3) In the Masonic calendar, the time of its formation was at the beginning of the 21st century. (4) Considering the following Masonic calendar can highlight important issues: (5)

Masonic Calendar: According to the Masons, 2001 to 2155 is their golden time

Masonic Calendar: According to the Mayan and Gregory periods, the present age is a key time for the evil Masonic world government.

On the other hand, according to the 13-year Masonic calendar, since the founding of the American Masonic government in 1776, and the strongest international arm of global Freemasonry, Mason’s plans to form an evil world government have been planned for the 13-year period (13 are sacred to Masons and Jews). One of the milestones of this program was 1945, which is 169 years since the founding of the United States in 1776. (169 = 13 × 13). (6) 1945 marked the end of World War II and the beginning of Masonic states’ domination of international relations. This year may be called the year of minor Masonic despotism, because shortly thereafter, in 1947, the illegitimate Israeli government was born (7) in the heart of the Middle East and in Jerusalem (Jerusalem), the founding of the Great Tyranny and to create The world government was created by Mason in the early 21st century.

From 1945, the 13-year period continues until its fifth term ends in 2010 and its sixth term begins this year (65 = 13*5) and (2010-1945= 65). For this reason, some scholars have called this year the year of the establishment of the Temple of Solomon and the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. While not all researchers support this view, what stands out is the existence of a milestone in 2010 and the beginning of a new era this year.

Although there is little difference between the scholars regarding the exact year of the establishment of the Solomon Temple, they all agree that the present period is a special period for the Masons. In fact, the present era is in many ways the golden age of the Masons, and according to their calendars, the evil Masonic world government must be formed in Jerusalem.

This plan was going to be realized as planned, but thanks to God and with the formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and then Hezbollah, Lebanon faced serious obstacles, and in recent years this obstacle has become stronger met with the Islamic Palestine (Hamas), Syria and the backing of Turkey’s Islamist government.

However, the arrogant and Masonic states, for centuries prior to 2001 to 2020, had a special plan in place to celebrate the formation of their evil world government. But God used their plan against them and with the help of His Holiness, the Islamic Republic of Iran along with other regional resistance forces prevented this from happening. The recession of recent years has also added to the cause and set the stage for the Antichrist of Apocalypse to execute his sinister plan. These issues will likely cause the global Freemasonry (possibly the Antichrist of the apocalypse) to seek greater impetus and impetus soon to complete its task before things become more complex. This is a danger that is felt more than ever, but as mentioned, Western Masonic governments are now too weak to want a war with Iraq or with the widespread hatred of the world because of economic weakness and fears of rising public opinion. They will expand beyond that, so they will try to take the first steps in this regard, with the help of their regional patrons and puppeteers in the Middle East.

The Masonic and colonial governments of the West and the East, of course, are well aware that the region’s resistance forces have become more powerful than ever before and that these resisting states cannot simply be defeated. For this reason, they have not fallen into disrepair and in recent years have engaged in numerous conspiracies.

One of the most important of these plots has been the rumor of fraud in the three Middle East elections. In this conspiracy, Western countries tried to make the elections in Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq unhealthy. (8) Of course, with the exception of Iran, which has been for 31 years of independence and has an independent and powerful state, two other countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, held elections under the occupation of the Masonic governments, (claiming fraud in the election) Is neither defendable nor refutable. What is the point in less than a year that rumors of fraud in three elections have been raised? This shows the existence of a great conspiracy that the Masonic governments have come to use their occupied their own countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan for this issue.

The purpose of spreading rumors of fraud in the Middle East elections can be summarized in a number of issues, most notably:

1- destabilizing the Middle East: One of the West’s major goals in spreading rumors of fraud in Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq is to destabilize these countries. Because the United States is well aware of a powerful Iran that is also the greatest enemy of arrogance, it cannot be easily countered, so the best way to counter Islamic Iran is to destabilize it by promoting rumors of fraud. Iraq is also slowly recovering its former authority and pushing the occupiers back slowly. For this reason, one of the tricks that can destabilize Iraq again is the issue of election fraud, even if the Shiite parties seem to benefit more from the annulment of the election!!! Afghanistan, as an important and low-risk US base in the region, must remain unstable so that Americans can have an excuse to stay, so what better way than to call into question the Afghan election and its people and rulers to the west. Affiliate! Otherwise, who does not know that Hamed Karzai is the backbone of the West and has come to America with no record of serious fighting inside Afghanistan? (9)

But instability in Iraq and Iran is very much in the interest of the US and its Masonic allies. Because, on the one hand, Iraq’s instability and allegations of fraud in its elections could give an excuse to the Masonic governments and their puppets in the region to invade Iraq again by claiming fraud and illegitimate government and to seize control of colonial rule. On the other hand, in the mind of colonialism, rumors of fraud in the Iranian elections, could weaken the powerful state of this dignified country and pave the way for a final blow by the foreign governments of Iran’s enemy during a heavy battle that, thanks to God Almighty, plot in the case of Iran was neutralized.

2- Excuses for attacking some of these countries: After the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the lies of the US and its allies, the public opinion of the world is not very receptive to the military campaign against Iran, Syria, Lebanon and so on. One of the aims of the colonists to spread the rumor of fraud in the Iranian and Iraqi elections is to lay the groundwork for their future attacks on Iran and its allies and the continued occupation of Iraq. In fact, by making the governments of Iran and Iraq illegitimate, they are trying to justify their future actions against these countries and to expose their future attacks in the name of rights of the people of these two countries and to accompany the public opinion around the world.

One important point to note: It is important to note that in the case of Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah of Lebanon, there has been little need to cheat the election rumor. Because of the fabricated tribunal of Rafiq Hariri’s assassination and internal affairs in Lebanon, Syria and Hezbollah have been indicted and there is already an excuse to attack the two countries. Hamas has also long been described by the arrogant media as a terrorist entity in the heart of the occupied territories, and there is good reason to attack it.

From the foregoing, one can see that behind the rumors of fraud in the last three Middle East elections, above all, is the destabilization of the current Middle East and the region’s favor for the birth of the new Masonic Middle East.

Now that we have found that World Freemasonry is likely to soon provide a major insurrection with the help of regional puppets, the question arises as to which countries are the best candidates to take the first steps in implementing Freemasonry plans in the region and to launch a regional war?

As we know, at present, the three countries of Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are the most important allies of the arrogant states in the Middle East (11) and have always betrayed the region’s resistance forces. In the meantime, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, due to the age of their rulers and the crisis of succession of their rulers in the near future, do not have much mobility and risk not to risk waging a regional war.

In the meantime, Jordan is in a different situation. The king of this country is young and powerful, having spent a high degree in the military in England, even earning the rank of Colonel of the British Royal Cavalry! (13) On the other hand, King Abdullah II of Jordan recently had his young son, he has also appointed Prince Hussein as crown prince (14) and there is no succession crisis in the country. Of course, the English-Jordanian race of Abdullah II and his successors and his Western upbringing can further confirm Abdullah’s suitability to carry out Masonic government programs.

Another point is that the Jordanian royal family’s claim of being a Hashemi and their assignment to the Prophet (PBUH) may bring with it a large number of deceived Muslims in the event of a new war in the Middle East. On the other hand, the long-term stability of Jordan and the silence of Jordan in recent years have been increasingly worrying and could be indicative of the interactions that have taken place in recent years, and perhaps in the light of this silence, the military of this country is being equipped. As evidence says, as well.

Therefore, it seems likely that the Jordanian government would be the best candidate if a puppet government were to wage war in the Middle East. For this reason, the leaders of the Middle East resistance must pay particular attention to this country, as Jordan may be the initiator of major seditions in the not too distant future.

There is, however, some evidence that the Jordanian monarch is slowly emerging from the silence of the news and trying to present itself as a powerful nut in the Middle East equations. The evidence is:

1- The recent speech of the King of Jordan at the conclusion of the Summit of Arab States: (17) In this speech, the King of Jordan presented his ideas for the improvement of the situation in the Arab countries of the region and the issue of Quds. The point is that in his racist statements, he relied mostly on Arab identity, not Islamic identity! In doing so, Iran’s hand as the most powerful supporter of the occupied Palestine will be relegated to the Quds issue. His remarks were so outrageous that the United States was considered a close country to the secrets of the Arabs, but no word was spoken about other Muslim countries, including Iran. (18)

The full text of the King of Jordan’s remarks can be found at:


2- Trying to Make Jordan’s King Abdullah II the savior of the Muslims in the Apocalypse! (19)

In recent years, there have been many attempts in the Arab countries to introduce Abdullah as the savior of the Arabs and Muslims in the apocalypse, and this king has been introduced as an Arab ally and the founder of the great Islamic state! During these shameless claims, the Arabs were advised to distance themselves from the Safavids, the Iranians, and, in peace with the Europeans and Americans, come together under the banner of Abdullah Jordan to fight against the Jews and the Safavids (Iranians) in order to form the great Islamic state. Some of the links noted are listed below: (20)






As you have seen, the Middle East is at a turning point and more than ever there is a possibility of a major war in the Middle East. Given the economic problems facing the West, it seems that World Freemasonry has commissioned its trained Jordanian king, King Abdullah II, to realize the new Masonic Middle East.

The Jordanian monarch has recently been silenced and has made a lot of effort to play an effective role in the Middle East equations. Intervention in Yemeni conflicts by dispatching experienced and trained Jordanian commandos, (21) emphasizing Shiite and Sunni unity with Jordanian orientation and reclaiming the Shiite crescent term first coined internationally, (22) and pioneering claims, In defense of Quds Sharif, (23) are examples of the King of Jordan’s recent move to play a leadership role in the Middle East.

But more important than the political analysis of these developments in the study of Middle Eastern currents is the reference to the apocalyptic narratives narrated by the infallible (AS) who give a wider view of the events in the region and the world to Muslims. Looking at the apocalyptic narratives, we find that the present situation of the Middle East region is more than any other time in the history of the world, similar to the situation described in the narratives surrounding the apocalypse. Curiously, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, who has recently attempted to portray him as the savior of the apocalypse, is more like to Sufyani of narrations than any other figure in history! This issue highlights the need for special attention to the countries of the region, and in particular Jordan, to the Shiites of the world and the officials of our beloved homeland of Iran. Thanks to God and in the next few days, the likeness of the King of Jordan will be documented in a narrative voyage to further investigate the King’s danger to the region’s peace and security. This danger has intensified, especially after the rumors of fraud in the Iraqi elections, as this rumor provides a good excuse for Jordan to invade Iraq in the near future.

In the next few days, God willing, we will examine the likeness of the King of Jordan with the Sufyani of the narrations, though this is not a definite match and should not lead to speculation.

Hoping for the coming of promised Savior, Imam Mahdi Sahib al-Zaman.

Khadim al-Imam _ April 2010

Wade Sadiq



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