A man from Qom (Ruhollah)


In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

After the analytical review of some signs of the reappearance, now we will review another sign of reappearance that has most probably been materialized.

 Before reading this article, we seriously recommend you to read the introduction which is in the beginning of the article “The activities of Sufyani’s uncles in the end time” and pay special attention to its mentioned points.

Attention: in case you have not read the article ” The activities of Sufyani’s uncles in the end time” so far, seriously please read the introduction in the beginning of the article as far as possible; because the introduction contains very important points regarding to our presented collations. Consider the point that because of the sensitivity of under discussion subjects, reading the foregoing introduction is very important; so that failure to read the introduction will be accompanied by dissatisfaction with the author. The dissatisfaction is not because of selfishness, but it is because of the consequences that may afflict dear readers for failure to read the introduction.

After mentioning this important introduction, we will proceed to the main article:

A man from Qom (Ruhollah)


Among the Islamic traditions we can see some traditions which have described the situations and events of the age of reappearance. One of this events is the rise of a man from Qom who invites people to the right in the age of reappearance, and by people’s assistance and seeking help of transcendent God, he set up a glorious movement which no enemies can be able to destroy it(1).

Herein it is quoted that imam Reza (as) said:

“A man from Qom ( a citizen of Qom? ) will invite people to the right, some people will gather around him whose hearts are as strong as iron, the people who won’t be lapse by the incidents that will be like strong winds, the people who won’t be tired and scared of war, they will trust in God and eventually the righteous people will succeed.”(2)

As you perceived, imam Musa al_Kadhim has presaged the rise of a man from Qom who will invite people to the right, and the hearts of people gathering around him, are so strong and firm like iron, as they won’t be tired and scared of adversity and hardships through the insurrection; and according to this tradition, the trust of those honorable people in God will make their insurrection become accomplished and victorious.

 As history has proved, the honorable man from Qom is imam Khomeini (ra) and no one deserves this description but him; because he had been studying and teaching in Qom for years, and after observing the great betrayals of the accursed Mohammad Reza Shah, he invited people to the right and truth, and mustered them to repel the cruelty of Yazid of the time.

The beginning of this great insurrection was in 1963 when imam Khomeini (ra) was apprehended on June 5 because he had delivered some intensive sentences against the Shah during that year. This matter underlay the bloody June 1963 uprising. (15th of Khordad in Iranian calendar)(3)

The Muslim people of Iran who had been suffering from the trannies of monarchies, accepted imam Khomeini’s invitation to the right and set up the first Islamic and popular uprising in the history of Iran.

Although the uprising on June 5 was mortal and it didn’t seem to be successful, this uprising yielded achievements after 15 years and presented the government of Islamic Republic of Iran to the world(4). The government that according to the traditions will be one of the important bases of imam Mahdi [‘s reappearance], (God willing).

An important point of the mentioned tradition is that the hearts of the companions of this honorable man, are strong and firm, and they don’t scare and tire of the difficult incidents of time. They trust in God and finally they will succeed.

 It’s strange that this descriptions completely correspond with the characteristics of imam Khomeini’s companions; because were also as strong as iron and they didn’t scare of being killed and martyred. So they stood bravely against the tyrannical imperial regime for 15 years.

According to the mentioned tradition, the result of the insurrection of companions of a man from Qom is being victorious over the movement. It is a wonder that imam Khomeini’s companions could also be victorious over the movement under his leadership and they established the government of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Question: Imam Khomeini (ra) was born in Khomein(5), so how can we relate the tradition of a man from Qom to him?

This question may spring to lots of the dear readers’ minds, but it should be said as an answer that the citizens of a city are not neccessarily born in that city but it is possible that some people be born and pass their early life in a city, but they pass the main part of their lives in another city.

For instance the people who are in Tehran and they are known as Tehran citizens are not necessarily born in Tehran, perhaps lots of them were born in Shiraz, Mashhad, Natanz, Birjand, etc; but they have immigrated to Tehran in their early life and have dwelt there. Obviously these people are also called Tehran citizens.

 That’s why the IRIB TV5 (Local Tehran Channel), knows its audiences as Tehranians or the Tehran citizens; because most of these audiences have been dwelling in Tehran for the main part of their lives and obviously are counted as Tehran citizens whereas if the purpose by Tehranians is just the people who were born in Tehran, it won’t be happened.

Another question that may come to dear readers’ mind is that how can we be sure that the man from Qom is imam Khomeini (ra) and the purpose is not any one else instead of him?

It can be said as the answer that although we can not answer this question 100% definitive, we should mention that there wasn’t been a great and clergy person in the history like imam Khomeini (ra) who arises from this city and disciplines such rigid and strong companions who resisted against the hard incidents of time and eventually by grace of God, their insurrection succeeded. Truely we can not see a person through the history who could creat such an insurrection and no more expectation after him; because now that the government of Islamic Republic of Iran has been formed as the government of the reappearance basis, there is no basis of such insurrection from Qom anymore. For the reason that the clergies and great maraji* are not disagree with the government of Iran.

But the mentioned traditions about imam Khomeini (ra) are not limited to the above traditions . There is a wonderful tradition about imam Khomeini (ra) in Islamic including Shia and Sunni traditions, that even there is mentioned his name (Ruhollah). Pay attention to the first tradition which is extracted from the Shia book, Bihar al_Anwar:(6)

“…” (7)

Translation: “From Ahmad bin Salim, from Muhammad bin Yahya bin Zurais, from Muhammad bin Jafar, from Nasr bin Muzahim and ibn Abi Himad, from Abi Dawud, from Abdullah bin Sharik, from Abi Jafar (as) who said: AbuBakr, Umar, Zubayr and Abd al _Rahman ibn ‘Awf went to visit the Messenger of God (swt) and sat down. Then the prophet (swt) came in and sat beside them. His shoes broke and he nudged imam Ali (as) with his shoes; then he said: Indeed from the right side of honorable and glorious God_ or from the right side of the empyrean_ a nation from us will rise who will be on pulpits of light and their faces and clothes will be luminous and their faces will affect the others’ eyes.

AbuBakr asked: O the prophet of God, who are they?

Then he was silent.

Zubayr asked: O the prophet of God, who are they?

Then he was silent.

Abd al_Rahman ibn ‘Awf asked: O the prophet of God, who are they?

He remained silent.

Then imam Ali (as) asked: O the prophet of God, who are they?


*Maraji: they are the supreme legal authority for Twelver Shia Muslims.

Then he said: they are a nation who will adore each other by Ruhollah (their hearts will approach together) whereas there is no kinship or common properties between them, they are your Shias and you are their imam O Ali.”

As you perceived in the above tradition, the prophet (swt) announced imam Ali (as) that the hearts of the nation of his Shias will approach together by Ruhollah and they will unite, whereas their alliance is not because of common properties and kinships. The people of this nation will have such a status that their luminous faces will overshadow the others’ even the other Muslims’ faces.

But what is the purpose by Ruhollah and the nation?

According to the mentioned tradition and historical events، it can be easily comprehended that the purpose by Ruhollah is imam Khomeini (ra) and the purpose by the mentioned nation, is the Shias of Iran and the other Shias of imam Khomeini (ra); because the name of imam Khomeini was Ruhollah.

Pay attention to the picture which is extracted from imam Khomeini’s identity card to get acquainted with this issue:(8)

But it is probable that a question springs to some of the respectable readers that maybe the purpose of Ruhollah is Jesus (as) or the divine soul* which God has blown into all of his servants, not imam Khomeini.

It should be said as the answer that the aforesaid words are not authentic; because there is some evidence in the mentioned tradition that shows the purpose by the word Ruhollah is not Jesus (as) or the divine soul.

It should be said about Jesus (as) that he will come back to the people at the time of reappearance and when he comes back, imam Mahdi (aj) will be available as the greatest guide of human being(9). So how can we accept that at the time of the reappearance of Jesus (as) and imam Mahdi (aj), a group of Shias just imitate Jesus (as) instead of imam Mahdi (aj); and meanwhile this Shias have more privileged position than the other Shias and Muslims. In the other hand if the purpose by the word Ruhollah, was Jesus (as) it could be said more expressly and it would be said the word Jesus (as) directly.

In the mentioned traditions the purpose by Ruhollah is definitely not the divine soul which God has put it in his servants, because this divine soul is not specifically for Shias, but it exists in everyone’s entities included heathen or devout(10). So it can not be specifically for Shias (and a group of Shias) that exclusively could achieve a potend and distinctive alliance by its help.

*Ruhollah means a soul from God

*Ummat: followers of prophet Muhammad (swt)There is some important evidence in the mentioned traditions which indicates that the purpose by Ruhollah is imam Khomeini (ra). That is the mentioned tradition states that a nation of Shias or Muslims will achieve a privileged position by bond with Ruhollah, not Muslims (a nation from us who are on pulpits of light.) We can conclude from this issue that the point of bond to Ruhollah will occur in a group of Shias and will make them privileged between the followings of the Messenger of God (swt).

In the other hand we know that the word nation means the people of a land, otherwise the mentioned tradition would use the word ummat*. As mentioned above, we comprehend that the mentioned tradition introduces a nation or people of a land of Shias who boned with Ruhollah and their hearts approach together by him and will profited an elevated position bu God.

According to the mentioned tradition, the Shias who bond with imam Khomeini (ra) and unite together without paying attention to kinships and material revenues and established Islamic Republic of Iran, are the nation that the prophet admires them and introduces their faces as luminous ones.

This Shias and lovers of Ruhollah have a lofty and high position among the other Shias and Muslims, as the prophet (swt) sifts them out from his other follower (a nation from us who are on pulpits of light) If only we Shias of Iran appreciated this blessing and didn’t miss it easily.

It is worth mentioning that there are other traditions among Sunnis inwhich there is mentioned the word Ruhollah. Indeed Sunni’s traditions are different with Shia’s traditions in detail but the main content is the same. You can perceive Sunni’s traditions which are told about Ruhollah below:(11)


*Ummat: followers of prophet Muhammad (swt)

As you perceived, imam Khomeini (ra) was one of the bases of imam Mahdi’s reappearance who established the government of Islamic Republic of Iran with his divine insurrection and made this government as the basis of imam Mahdi’s reappearane. Although after the victory of Islamic Revolution the government of Islamic Republic have had some ups and downs and occasionally some problems and shortcomings in some details of it, the young seedling of this revolution has grown into a sturdy tree by passin of time and tact of imam Khomeini (ra) and his legitimate successor the great supreme leader of the revolution, the great Ayatollah Khamenei.

God willing, with God’s help and the effort of all Shias of the world and the other free Muslims, this revolution is going to pave the way of imam Mahdi’s reappearance more than ever and it will take effective steps towards this way.

In the end of this article we point out again that we are not innocent of mistakes, and some of the presented analyses may be flawed. So if the mentioned adaptations and analyses were not accurate, it would be our negligence not the traditons’; However, we have endeavord to use credible sources and refrences for our analyses in order to minimize the mistakes.

It is worth saying in the end  of the article that our special thank to the Lebanese brothers who introduced imam Khomeini (ra) on the «Multaqi al_Junub al_Muqavim» site and in an article with the title «Fatih Asr al_Mumhidin» and they pursued this issue in a completely documented way. Some of our traditions which are used in our article are provided by the guidance of the mentioned article.(12)

In the end we ask transcendent God to bestow faith, tact and hearts strong as steal upon the Muslims and to bring honor of seeing the Savior of the world of human beings (aj)

Hoping for reappearance of the Promised Savior, imam Mahdi Sahib al_Zaman (aj).

By Khadim al imam (aj)

With the assistance of Khadimah al_Zahra (sa)



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