Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ preface

الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

Initial questions of the discussion:
1-How can events in today’s world be justified?
2-Why is the Aqsa Mosque is in the focus of divine religions today?
3-What is the reason behind the recent attempts to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque?
4-With the advanced economies of the world (such as China and Russia), why is Iran a major enemy of the Western world?
5-Why do countries like America and Israel that have religious beliefs commit the most crimes to human, but a Communist state like China does less than those countries?
6-Why today the West knows Muslims as the biggest threat?
7-What is the purpose of the West, and especially of America, to be present in the Middle East?
8-Why is Israel occupied in occupied Palestine despite oil-rich countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia?
9-Why Iraq is occupied?
10-Why do Baha’is consider Baha’u’llah’s tomb in Israel the most sacred place?
11- Why is it the duty of all Muslims in the world to fight Israel?
12- What is Armageddon and why is it considered today?
13- Why does George Bush consider his mission in the war on terror a divine mission?
14- Why does America fully support Israel?
15-Is US a toy of Israel or vice versa?
16- What is the reason for the hostility of the West and Israel to Iran and Hezbollah?
17- Why has the apocalypse clock been delayed 2 minutes recently and only 5 minutes left to the end?
God willing, we are trying to answer the above questions in this discussion. Of course, our answer to these questions will not be direct; but we’re trying, you dear readers, yourself reach the true answer using this article information.

What is Freemasonry?
It can be said that many people are not able to answer or do not have accurate information. While these organizations and their members have played an important role in history, it is essential for us Muslims to understand them.
The word mason means Architect, Freemason means free Architect. Masonry is a world-class organization that has dominated the pillars of world governments and most of the political, economic, and cultural aspects of societies and operates very freely. The person who is a member of Freemasonry is called Mason or Freemason. The building that is the center of Masonic activity is called the Lodge. One of the great goals of the Masonic groups is to prepare the ground for one of the Masons among them to rule known as the Antichrist, or as some Masonic groups call the New Pharaoh. Freemasonry is a secret population that no one can easily penetrate and if he penetrates, he’s obligated to keep the secrets; however, some could penetrate and reached important documents and succeeded to discover and reveal their secrets. All of these people are unanimous that: ” The issue is a conspiracy that began in the late eighteenth century and continues today with complete success, with the ultimate goal of creating a “Satanic” world government and waging a widespread and they have done so unequivocal struggle to enforce it throughout the world.”(1)
Dr. John-Coleman’s book, the 300th World Conspiracy Committee, says so:” What is the reason behind the existence of secret systems such as the Jerusalem Knights, St. John’s and the Round Table Men and the Milner Group and other Masonic communities? They form part of a broad chain of global domination that runs from the Club of Rome, NATO, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to the 300th Committee Conspirators. These people and groups need these secret and secretive communities, because their actions are evil and must be kept out of the sight of the world.”(2)

An explanation: There are various secret and secretive groups in the western world, some with seductive names such as (Illuminati = enlightened, enlightened) and…. Most of the aforementioned groups are conspiratorial and evil-minded groups, and this issue became obvious to many researchers. Most of these groups share the same ideas and goals despite their differences the names that refer to these groups are: Theosophical Society (a name that is inappropriate), Occult, Secret Society, Illuminati, The Committee of 300, Masonry and Freemasonry. From now on when we speak of Masons or Freemasons, in addition to members of Freemasonry and Masonry in particular, we mean members of other groups in general, Because, these groups all have common beliefs and goals.

4-The “Hexagon Star” is a controversial symbol of Freemasons.(6)

This symbol is known in public opinion as the symbol of the “Jews” and is also referred to as the “Star of David” or the “Seal of Solomon”, but in fact it is also a symbol of atheism built on ancient Egyptian thought. And symbolizes the balance of nature between man and woman, the hot and cold nature, the gods of the moon and the sun…. The term is also used in other atheistic schools, such as Hinduism and other Eastern schools. There is also a concept of balance in Islam, but in the Islamic view, this balance is the creation of God. But in the aforementioned idolatrous schools, this equilibrium has been brought together by different gods.(7) In ancient Egyptian thought, for example, the mingling of the gods Isis and Osiris created a balance in the creation world.(8)

The strange thing is that Satanists also see the sign as their strongest sign and use it in their evil ritual. The book “Web of Darkness: The Net of Darkness” by Sean Sellars:

Origin of Freemasonry

Global Freemasonry received its teachings from the ruthless and evil rulers of ancient Egypt, though a few teachings were learned from the rest of the atheist states. In any case, the traces of the ruthless rule of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt can be found throughout Masonic teachings. The evidence supporting this claim is as follows:

1-Pyramid motifs, sphinx sculptures as well as hieroglyphic writings are found throughout Masonic lodges and publications.(3)

2-The prayers of the Freemasons are full of Egyptian phrases used during the pharaohs. For example: (Ma’at Neb Men A, Ma’at Ba A = Great is the Freemason Master, Great is the Freemasonry Spirit)(4)

3- One of the most widely used symbols in Freemasonry is the “All seeing eye” symbol that appears as a pyramid and eye on

  It’s the end. This symbol is related to one of the gods of ancient Egypt.(5)

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