Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 8

الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

A very important point to note is that the authentic hadiths of many of the infallibles have been quoted during which these nobles have foretold the events of the apocalypse, many of which have come true very accurately; However, many Muslim brothers continue to make false predictions of Nostradamus instead of taking advantage of the traditions of the infallibles (AS) to examine apocalyptic events.

In order to examine the accuracy of the traditions of the infallibles (AS) in relation to the events of the apocalypse, we cite an example of these hadiths:

(Surprisingly, in this hadith, the situation in the cities of Qom and Kufa in the apocalypse is carefully stated.)

In this hadith, Imam Sadiq (as) depicts a corner of the apocalypse:

And with many documents from Imam Sadiq (AS) quoted Kufa and said:

Soon the city of Kufa would be emptied of believers, and as the snake sinks into its place, science will remove it from Kufa as well; then it will be revealed by a city called Qom, and that mine will become a bounty of knowledge and knowledge. In such a way that no one in the land is subject to intellectual dissatisfaction, even the kind of rubbish in its own hijab, and these claims occur near our vertical appearance. Allah subdues Qum and his people to deliver the message of Islam as the deputy of the Prophet. If this is not the case, the land will swallow its own people and there will be no sustenance, the knowledge will be spread from this city to the east and west of the world, so the authority will be completed on the people and one will not be left to religion and knowledge. It is not reached; then the upright will come forth and his coming will cause the wrath of Allah to be on the servants; Then the Mahdi (AS) will appear and his appearance will cause the wrath of God to be on the servants, for Allah will not avenge his servants until they deny the sacred existence of Imam Mahdi.(320), (321)

As you have mentioned, Imam Sadiq (as) has made miraculous predictions of apocalyptic events in the above hadith which are very accurate despite the 1300-year gap. In this hadith, Imam Sadiq (AS) said that in the apocalypse, science (religious sciences) departs from Kufa and Kufa is expelled from believers (religious scholars) and at the same time religious science enters a city called Qom) is so keen on the publication of religious sciences that it makes it possible to access religious sciences from all over the world, which this is the blessing to all people in the world. According to Imam Sadiq (AS), all these events took place near the advent of Imam Mahdi (AS).

By carefully comparing this hadith and comparing it with the conditions of today’s world, we will discover the greatness of divine knowledge that has been with the infallibles. Here’s the details of the prophecy above:

1) In this hadith, it is predicted that in the apocalypse, the religious sciences will depart from Kufa. But what does this mean?

Kufa is a very ancient city that existed from the early AH centuries. The city is made up of various sections, the most important of which is Najaf. In the case of Najaf, it should be noted that Najaf is not a city separate from Kufa. (322) Indeed, in many cases they are called the Najaf region (Najaf Kufa). Because the Najaf region is located in the high Kufa region and (Najaf Kufa) means (Kufa high region). So, as we mentioned, the Najaf area is part of Kufa.

There is a hadith from Imam Hussein (AS) which confirms the above about the Najaf area:

Imam Hussein (AS) said about Imam Mahdi (AS):

“I see Ghaem and his companions gathering in Najaf Kufa and flying birds over them. Their luggage is diminished and their clothes are outdated and their prostrate badges are emblazoned on their foreheads. They are the lions of the day and the ascetics of the night. Their hearts are like fragments of iron (strong and firm), each capable of forty men. No one shall be killed except by the infidels or the hypocrites. Allah Almighty has referred to them as wise men, where He says: “There are signs in this for those who are wise”(323), (324)

Thus, as you have noted, Imam Hussein (as) also considered Najaf a part of Kufa.

The following satellite image, adapted from the program (Google Earth), shows that Najaf is part of Kufa:

The position of Kufa and Najaf Ashraf. As you can see, Najaf is part of Kufa. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as (Najaf Kufa).

After examining the geographical location of Kufa and Najaf, we examine the religious position of Najaf throughout history:

As we know, the Najaf Ashraf seminary, which has been around for several hundred years, has always been regarded as the most important hub of religious science, especially Shiite science, and has always played an important role throughout history. (325) But with the rise of Saddam Hussein in the late 50s (70s), the Najaf seminary was gradually abandoned by religious scholars. Thus, in 1979, Saddam, who was the president of the Iraqi Revolutionary Council, ordered the expulsion of Imam Khomeini. (326) Imam Khomeini, who had been exiled by the Pahlavi regime and was present in Najaf at the time, was forced to travel to France. After that, they were pressured by Saddam, the Shiites, and especially Shiite scholars of Iraq, by the Iraqi presidency. The result of these pressures was the martyring of Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Baqir Sadr and his sister in 1359 AH (327), the martyring of several other Shiite scholars of Najaf, and the imprisonment of the only living great Iraqi authority, Ayatollah Sistani, in his home (328). Meanwhile, a large number of Najaf scholars, including the martyr Seyed Mohammad Baqir Hakim, as well as a large number of Iraqi Shiite believers were forced to migrate to other countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran. (329) Thus, the religious sciences in Najaf gradually declined due to the activities of the accursed Saddam. This was going on throughout Saddam’s cruel rule.

After the western occupation of Iraq, despite the release of Ayatollah Sistani from house arrest and the return of Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Baqir Hakim to Iraq, the situation in Iraq, especially in the Najaf seminary, did not improve much. Because the martyring of a number of Islamic scholars, including the martyred Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Hakim by Western nations on the one hand, and the repeated disruptions of the occupiers on the other, have made the Najaf seminary still unable to enjoy the privileged position it achieved over the centuries. (330) In fact, it can be said that Kufa and Najaf are omitted by the scholars and this is what Imam Sadiq (AS) referred to

2) In the hadith of Imam Sadiq (AS) it is mentioned that science (religious sciences) is transferred to a city called Qom and people of Qom work in a way to spread religious sciences so that no human being in the world cannot survive achieving religious sciences. This prediction of Imam Sadiq (as) is also true. The Qom seminary, which was established about 80 years ago, has undergone remarkable developments since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. (331) So that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, this area has been in the shadow of the Islamic state and has received much support. Also, due to the oppressive climate in Iraq by the Ba’athist regime, many Najaf scholars and scholars have migrated to Iran and studied and taught in the Qom seminary, which has contributed greatly to the development of the Qom seminary. The progress of the Qom seminary has been so far that it has become the most important Shia base in the world today. So, as you have noted, Imam Sadiq’s (AS) prophecy about the city of Qom has come true.

3-Another important point that Imam Sadiq (AS) has pointed out is that the people of Qom complete the blessing on the people of the world and work in a way to spread the religious sciences so that no human being in the world can survive the religious sciences. To achieve. This prophecy of Imam Sadiq (AS) is also true because many books and journals are published in the Qom seminary and other religious centers of Qom today and many of these books are available for free or for a very small price to the thirstier of truth, All over the world. In addition, with the advent of the Internet and the creation of numerous websites by the seminary and other religious centers of Qom, the religious sciences have been easily accessible to all people in different languages. For example, a person living in Argentina can also access the religious sites of Qom and access all religious science resources by sitting at a computer and Internet connection. Even so, this expansion has gone so far that the honorable book “Bihar Al-Anwar” is now available online to fans.

Therefore, as you have noted, today all the people of Qom have completed the blessing over all the people of the world, and the prophecy of Imam Sadiq (AS) has come true. Another point is that Imam Sadiq (AS) stated the time of this prophecy near the advent of the Imam Zaman (PBUH) and this gives us hope that God willing, the present age is the age of emergence and we can help with our efforts. Spreading Islam and following the orders of this divine religion, let us soon see the advent of Imam Zaman. (God willing).

4-Another important point that is surprising in the hadith of Imam Sadiq (AS) is the successive fulfillment of Imam Sadiq’s (AS) prophecies regarding Kufa and Qom. Because in the above-mentioned hadith, after the phrase (soon the city of Kufa is emptied of the believers and as the snake sinks into its place, science also closes it like that of Kufa), the Imam (pbuh) then They used it and said: (Then it comes from a city called Qom). The fact that Imam Sadiq (AS) used the word (Thoma: Then) in the sequence of the above events is also another aspect of his miracle prophecy. Because the word Thoma) in Arabic means (immediately after) and the imam (s) has used this word to say that there is a short distance between the two events (the cloaking of science from Kufa and its emergence in Qom). There is. As you mentioned earlier, there was a very short gap between the decline of the Najaf seminary (Kufa) and the Qom seminary, and the incidents have been ongoing in the present era. Thus, as you have noted, here the prophecy of Imam Sadiq (as) has come true quite accurately.

Carefully, in the above hadith, which states about the situation of the cities of Kufa and Qom in the apocalypse, it is easy to see that the prophecies of the infallibles (AS) are very accurate. It is so precise that it is very cautious even in the choice of individual words. Therefore, relying on the traditions of the infallibles (AS) can be fully informed of the situation of the apocalypse, and in view of these hadiths, one can deal well with the difficult events of the apocalypse.

The above-mentioned hadith, of course, is an example of the hundreds of authentic hadiths mentioned by the infallibles (AS) regarding the events of the Apocalypse, and we refrain from mentioning the rest of these hadiths in order to evade the word.

It should be noted that the purpose of mentioning this hadith of Imam Sadiq (AS) is to remind us that we Muslims in order to gain legitimacy of our Islamic Revolution and also to address the signs of the emergence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), have no need to make false predictions. And we have no Kabbalists like Nostradamus, but the best thing in this regard is to refer to the traditions of the Prophet and the Imams, because these nobles, the accurate predictions about the World Revolution of Imam Mahdi and the Islamic Revolution of Iran That by referring to their hadiths, we can see from the never-ending sea of divine knowledge with these nobles Has been.

5-A few of Nostradamus’s prophecies are also partly true, or better yet, can’t be rejected.

Some of Nostradamus’ prophecies appear to be correct. These prophecies fall into two main categories:

  1. A) Some of these prophecies are about the events of France, especially the Great French Revolution

one of the most important reasons that made Nostradamus’ prophecies about the French Revolution so close to reality is that these prophecies were not predictions in principle; Rather, Nostradamus has mentioned in his prophecies plans to be carried out by the French Kabbalah and Masonic organizations Thus, the European Kabbalists in the time of Nostradamus were gradually preparing themselves to form a more coherent organization and engage in political activity because of the decline of the religious beliefs of the European people at that time. Of course, this dream of the Kabbalists came true over the next two or two centuries, and Freemasons, who were successors to the Kabbalists, were able to establish powerful Freemasonry rather than Kabbalistic groups. The powerful French Freemasonry launched the Great French Revolution and, with the slogan (freedom-equality-fraternity!), Deceived the public and founded a seemingly democratic government (332); But in practice, it was only in the pursuit of their own sinister goals.

In any case, the French Freemasonry could never, as in the United States and Israel, have widespread influence over the government, but it was, nevertheless, the strongest group that created the great French revolution. At present the French Freemasonry also has a great influence on the structure of French government, (333) but this influence is not like that of the Freemasons in American and Israeli rule. So, as we have seen, the Freemasons, who were the heirs of the Kabbalists, founded and led the French Revolution.

It is said that Nostradamus also stated part of his plans to take over the French government in pursuit of the goals of the French Kabbalah organization, so that the future French people would be able to cope with the French Great Revolution much easier. And accept this revolution as the tangible reality that a famous prophet predicted. With this trick and grounding by Nostradamus, the Freemasons (who were the heirs of the backward Kabbalists), were able to bring the ordinary people with them by relying on these prophecies, thereby fulfilling the wish of Nostradamus, the Kabbalists and Freemasons. So, it is better to say that the French Freemasons implemented the plans of the Kabbalah-Masonic organization that Nostradamus Kabbalist also included in his prophecies, rather than Nostradamus guessing their work.

  1. B) Another part of Nostradamus’ correct prediction about the situation of the Islamic lands in the apocalypse and the global movement of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Of course, the reason these prophecies are true is that they are not originally prophecies; That is, he used these hadiths and wrote parts of his centurions and falsely called them prophecies.

There are many books in Arabic, about the future events of the Islamic world and the events of the apocalypse, the most notable of which are the books by al-Ghayib al-Naumani, al-Mulhallam and al-bapt, etc., most likely used by Nostradamus. Because many of Nostradamus’s prophecies are so similar to the narratives in the books that they appear to have been copied. To illustrate, here’s an example:

It is quoted from Abdullah bin Masoud who said:

“We arrived at the presence of the Prophet (PBUH); the Prophet (pbuh) met us with an open and happy face. They responded to what we asked of the Prophet; if we were silent, the Prophet would begin to speak, until a group of Bani Hashim youths passed by and Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein (AS) were in their midst; The Prophet fell upon them, followed them, and his two eyes were filled with tears … We said: O Prophet of God, I always see something in your faces that makes us sad

The Prophet said:

We are a family that God has given us the world over, and soon after me, the people of my family will be scattered and displaced in cities and territories, until the black clouds from the Orient can scoff at righteousness. But they do not give up their rights; they do not give up, but they do not comply; they ask again, they are ignored; in this case, they fight and achieve victory. Whenever any of you or any of your descendants understand it, it must join the leadership of my family; though it is difficult to climb on snow; they are the guiding flags that are delivered by a man of my family, His name is like my name, and his father’s name is my father’s; he owns the land and fills it with justice as it is filled with oppression.” (334), (335)

Of course, the above hadith, which is mainly mentioned in the Sunni sources, mentions the incorrect name of the father of Imam Mahdi, which is found in many other hadiths of the infallibles (as). Thus, in the above hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) called the name of Imam Mahdi’s father the same as his father’s name (Abdullah); and the son of the eleventh Imam (Imam Hassan Askari) and are known as the descendants of the Prophet. (336) For this reason, it should be said that the name of the father of Imam Mahdi in the above hadith is certainly wrong, which may be due to the narrator’s mistake. But in any case, this famous Sunni hadith seems to have been copied by Nostradamus. To check this out, consider the following snippet of Nostradamus Centurion: (337)

As you can see, in this passage from Nostradamus’ prophecies, he made a detailed copy of the Sunnis mentioned above. It has been so far that Nostradamus derived exactly the words east, snow and flags from the said hadith, thus making a movement starting from the east (Iran) Has described a dangerous move for Europe. A move that the Mujahideen are not afraid of, snow and ice. The move is so sacred that no one should hesitate to go, even if it is at the expense of walking on snow and ice, as it will eventually lead to the appearance of the Promised Mahdi.

The accursed Nostradamus also copied the descriptions quoted in the above hadith and included it in 29:2, and has attempted to persuade the European and Mobilize America and help them confront future Islam.

In another example of Nostradamus’ copying, he uses the Sunni hadiths deliberately and, like them, identifies the savior of the Muslims as being born in the apocalypse. (338) See also Nostradamus’s prophecy in the following passage: (339)

As you have noted, in Nostradamus’s 55:5, the Messiah saves the person who was born in the apocalypse. This is similar to the Sunnis’ view of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), while we know that according to the explicit traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Imams of the infallible, Imam Mahdi (PBUH), he is the son of Imam Hassan Askari (AS). He was born at the age of 5 and had been absent from the age of 74 and had been absent from the age of 74 and had been absent from that time until his appearance. It should be noted that the Shiites also hold this view about Imam Mahdi (PBUH). (340)

Therefore, the Shiite brothers who support Nostradamus ‘prophecies must know that Nostradamus’ view of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH) was wrong and that he believed that his birth would be in the apocalypse. In fact, this is also due to his blind adherence to some Sunni narratives that have deceptively incorporated them into his prophecies.

The above examples are parts of dozens of examples in which Nostradamus used Islamic narratives, stealing the prophecies contained in these narratives and presenting them in his own prophecies in his own name. Woe to him!

As mentioned, there are many examples of Nostradamus prophecies that used the prophecy of the infallibles (AS), but due to the volume of material, we refrain from mentioning them.

Concerning the events of the apocalypse in Islamic lands, it seems that Nostradamus also used the secret books of the Jewish rulers in addition to the traditions of the infallibles.

Among the Jewish rulers there are many secret books in which the events of the apocalypse are accurately predicted. These secret books are the final completion of the Lord’s authority to the Jewish people, during which God charts a part of the future landscape of the world, thereby announcing to them the Jewish disobedience. But instead of realizing this, the Jewish leaders, while barring ordinary people from reading them, have used the prophecies in their correct prophecies and have used their raw imagination to think of a solution to the promised events and with the will of God Almighty to fight.

The important point is that even in the book of the main Torah revealed by God the Almighty, many prophecies about the events after Prophet Moses (pbuh) and especially the events of the apocalypse were made. Of course, the original Torah does not mean the Torah in the hands of most Jews, since the Torah in the hands of the Jewish people has been distorted and even quotes from the time after Prophet Moses (341) ( This is while the Book of the Torah was revealed to Prophet Moses (PBUH) and should not contain any material after them!) The main Torah is the Torah that was revealed directly from God to Prophet Moses (PBUH). It is true, and its contents are absolutely correct, for God’s word will never be wrong. The original Torah is not currently in the hands of the Jewish public, but may be in the hands of Jewish leaders. (Of course, with the uprising of Imam Mahdi, they bring the original Torah out of the cave in Antioch and argue with the Jews on that basis.) (342)

As mentioned, the book of the original Torah is not available to Jewish populations, but parts of the original Torah may be owned by secret and powerful Jewish organizations (including the Kabbalah and Masonic groups). Certainly, in the main Torah, there is much to be said about future events in the world, especially apocalyptic events, which most likely, these secret Jewish groups (including the Kabbalah and Masonic groups), used these prophecies and drew their plans accordingly. To fight against the will of God Almighty in their raw imagination. As for Nostradamus, a Kabbalist Jew, he may have access to the original Torah and have adapted part of his prophecy about the universal movement of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH) from the original Torah.

What is interesting is that even parts of the current distorted Torah remain free from corruption and distortion at God’s will, where parts of God’s true prophecies regarding Islam can be seen. In fact, it can be said that with all the deceit of the Jews and their efforts to conceal God’s true prophecies about Islam, the Almighty God has invalidated them and kept parts of the current Torah from being manipulated. To illustrate, let’s take an example:

One of the prophecies of God Almighty in the Torah on Islam is that the land of Mecca is the place where the last divine religion was revealed. Notice the prophecy that is derived from the Torah: (343)

As you saw in the prophecy above, the Torah mentions three sacred mountains from which God Almighty has appeared:

 1-The first holy mountain is Mount Sinai, where God spoke to Prophet Moses (pbuh) for the first time and chose him to prophesy

2-The second holy mountain is Mount Sair (Sa’ir), where Prophet Jesus (PBUH) spoke to God in this mountain and received divine revelation.

3-The third holy mountain is Mount Faran or Paran (Mount Hara), where God Almighty spoke to Prophet Muhammad for the first time in this mountain and chose him as a prophet

According to the above, we find that in these verses of the present Torah, God mentions in the language of Prophet Moses (PBUH), the place of worship of the next prophets (Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad) and this the prophecies have come true in the following years as well. Of course, this portion of the verses of the Torah is one of the few that has been deflected and distorted by the will of God, as a proof of the righteousness of the prophets after Prophet Moses (pbuh).

But the important point is that Mount Faran or Paran is the holy mountain of Hara. There are numerous documents to this claim, some of which are as follows:

  1. A) The first document is that the Torah refers to the land of Mecca, the land of Faran or Paran. For example, about the presence of Hajar (pbuh) and Ishmael(pbuh) in the land of Mecca, the Torah states: (344)

As you can see, the Torah also considers the whereabouts of Ishmael (AS) and his mother, Hajar, to be in the wilderness of Paran. On the other hand, all Jewish and Islamic historians and scriptures also consider the place of Prophet Ishmael (AS) to be the desert of Mecca. (345) (The Prophet (peace be upon him) and other people of the Quraysh who lived in Mecca are all descendants of Prophet Ishmael.) It follows that the desert of Paran is the desert of Mecca.

It is thus clear that the Holy Mountain of Faran in the Torah means the Holy Mountain of Hara in the land of Mecca (Faran or Paran).

  1. B) The second proof is that in the prayer of Samat, the infallibles (PBUH) is also known as the place of worship of the Prophet (PBUH), Jebel Farran (Mount Farran) and in this blessed prayer, Mount Farran is called Mount Hara. In Samat’s prayer, the following is stated: (346)

Therefore, as you have seen, from the viewpoint of the infallible (AS), the mountain of Faran is the holy mountain of Hara.

The above quotes are a small sample of the hundreds of divine prophecies in the Torah. Unfortunately, because of the distortion of the Torah and its manipulation, many of the sayings on the right of the Almighty have been removed from the existing Torah; But, nevertheless, the Great God has protected part of the Torah from misrepresentation in order to discover the legitimacy of the divine prophets, especially the beloved Prophet of Islam.

According to what has been said, it seems that Nostradamus the Kabbalist and the Jew may have used the Torah prophecies and presented the Torah in his own name about the future of Islam. It is even possible to have access to the original Torah because of his membership in the secret Kabbalah. For, as we have mentioned, parts of the original Torah may be available to the heads of Jewish secret groups. If Nostradamus had access to parts of the original Torah, he could have used these prophecies and thus recorded these prophecies, which were mainly about the future of the Muslim world, in his own books.

It should be noted, however, that the Torah is not the only Jewish book that has been foretold about Islam, but there are also other secret books and series that were kept in the hands of Jewish secret groups and have become kept out of the reach of the general public. One of these books is Hilde’s Prophecy: A Child’s Revelation.

The book is one of the Jewish secret books that, by the will of God Almighty, has been unveiled to Muslims. The way Muslims have accessed this book has been that the light of God has come to the heart of one of the great Jewish scholars, and this great Jewish has converted to Islam after many years. With the conversion of this great Jewish of the world, he was able to remove one of the Jewish secret books, which was forbidden and not available to the general public, from the secret boxes of Jewish secret groups, and make this valuable book available to Muslims. This book, called “Nevuat Hayeled” or “Hilde: A Child’s Revelation”, is a very valuable book that has now been translated into Persian and is titled “The Jewish Secret Book: Hildeus Hypnosis” and by the honorable brother of Mr. “Seyed Ali Mousavi Motlaq” is available for those interested. (347)

Hilde’s Prophecy, a collection of Jewish childhood speeches born about 70 years before the birth of the beloved Prophet of Islam, was born into the family of a pious Israelite. (348)

Immediately after birth, the child prostrated and uttered cryptic words; he was then reprimanded and silenced. The child has again spoken to God at the age of 12 and has expressed astonishing things about the future of the world that these words have flowed from the lips of God to this child. (349) These prophetic remarks were so accurate that even in the name of the Prophet (PBUH), the event of Ashura with all its details, the world revolution of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and so on. For further reading and to benefit from this book, we suggest that you read this book in The Jewish Secret Book: Hilde’s Prophecy.

The book is a small sample of the numerous books that the secret Jewish scholars have hidden from the public eye. There may have been much more accurate predictions than Hilde’s prophecy in other Jewish secret books that spoke of the events of the apocalypse and the world revolution of the Prophet (PBUH). In fact, God has repeatedly completed the revelation to the children of Israel through divine revelation to the prophets and His chosen servants (such as the child), but the Israelite scholars have used revelations and prophecies instead of returning to God and in their raw imagination. They have tried to plan against them! Damn them!

But as for Nostradamus, it is likely that the Kabbalist Nostradamus also had access to these secret books. Because he was a prominent member of the Kabbalistic groups of his time and associated with many of the great Jewish scholars of his time. It is possible, therefore, that he used the correct prophecies of these precious books in relation to the sacred movement of the Prophet (PBUH), and published them in his own name.

As for Nostradamus’ prophecies in general, most of his prophecies were either vague, false, or false. A few of Nostradamus’ prophecies are also partly true regarding the Great French Revolution and the World Revolution of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Of course, these were not (quite) correct prophecies; rather, the prophecies of the Great French Revolution were, in fact, plans to be implemented by French Kabbalistic organizations, but were eventually fulfilled by their descendants (the Masons). In the case of the world revolution of Imam Mahdi, Nostradamus also used the prophecies of the infallibles (AS), the Book of the Torah, and the hidden Jewish books in his poems. The copying was so awkward that sometimes the words of Nostradamus’ poems were also removed from the books. (For example, you can refer to the above line and see the exact copy of Nostradamus the Prophet’s hadith.)

Finally, it should be noted that Nostradamus’ prophecies are part of an evil plot organized by the Kabbalah and Freemasonry groups, so that today Western countries cite these prophecies and present the Muslims and Iranians as violent and bloodthirsty in order to reach their evil goals. Unfortunately, in Islamic countries, misinterpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies have been made and promoted. Although the aim of the Muslim Brothers is good and they are trying to paint a bright future for the Muslim world, it has gone wrong, because promoting Nostradamus’ false and purposeful prophecies has legitimized the evil plan of the Western countries and help them to achieve their goals.

Therefore, it is better for us Muslims, instead of reading Nostradamus’ prophecies, to refer to the precious traditions of the infallibles (AS), instead of citing the lies of this great liar of history, and to do more to promote the noble words of these nobles.

First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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