Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 9


20- Introducing Qobat Al_Sakhra mosque in the media instead of al-Aqsa mosque for easier destruction of al-Aqsa mosque:

The sanctuary complex of Jerusalem is one of the most blessed and sacred places in the world and has a high rank among divine religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism). This collection is made up of several sections that help us understand the following:

  1. A) Al-Aqsa Mosque is the mosque of Mubarak, the first Qibla of Muslims. (350) The Mubarak mosque is of great value in the Islamic religion and many of the events of the apocalypse, including the case of the conquest of al-Quds at the time of the emergence of the Mahdi (AS), relates to this mosque. (351) The dome of this mosque is green.
  2. B) The mosque of Qobat Al_Sakhra is also of great importance in the Islamic religion, because the second phase of the journey of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) on the night of his ascension and ascension from heaven to earth has begun from this holy mosque. (352) Thus, the mosque is also sacred to Muslims. The dome of this mosque is golden in color.

Pictures of the two sacred monuments of al-Aqsa mosque and Qobat Al_Sakhra mosque can be seen below:

Al-Aqsa Mosque. (The dome of this mosque is golden in color.)

The Qobat Al_Sakhra mosque. (The dome of this Mubarak mosque is green.)

Of course, besides the two mosques of Mubarak, there are many sacred places in the holy shrine, but none of them, to the Muslims, are the same as the two mosques mentioned, and these two mosques are of much higher value.

In any case, the main mosque in the area of the holy shrine is the al-Aqsa mosque, which is the earliest Qibla of the Muslims and was released in the apocalypse by the Imam Mahdi (pbuh) and his companions.

From the Islamic point of view, the mosque was built by Prophet Adam. Then Prophet Abraham (as) and Prophet Solomon (AS) rebuilt this temple. (353) (In fact, the sacred monument built by Prophet Solomon in Jerusalem (Jerusalem) was the al-Aqsa mosque, not Solomon’s false temple)

After the conquest of Jerusalem by the Muslims, the al-Aqsa mosque was repeatedly rebuilt by the Muslims, and the holy mosque of Qobat Al-Sakhra was added to the collection of holy shrines. (354) Now in the complex of the holy shrine of the city of Jerusalem, two mosques of the Holy Sepulcher and the al-Aqsa Mosque are only a short distance away.

But the sanctuary complex, too, has not been spared the cultural aggression of Freemasonry and Zionism. One of the very dirty tricks of Freemasonry leaders for culturally attacking the Holy Shrine complex and fulfilling its apocalyptic goals is the introduction of the Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque instead of the al-Aqsa mosque. The mosque that today is known to all Muslims as the Al-Aqsa Mosque is actually the mosque of al-Sakhra, a mosque with a golden dome. Even all television networks have made the same mistake, showing the image of the Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque instead of the al-Aqsa mosque. Of course, radio and television in Islamic countries are largely faultless because the Zionist regime, which controls the holy city of Jerusalem, allows filmmakers and photographers to only photograph the mosque of al-Sakhra and to film and photograph The blocking of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is avoided, so few photos of the Al-Aqsa Mosque are available.

The main question now is, what is the real purpose of the Masons and Zionists in introducing the Qobat Al-Sakhra Mosque instead of the Al-Aqsa Mosque?

As mentioned above, the sacred monument built by Prophet Solomon in Jerusalem was the al-Aqsa mosque, not Solomon’s false temple. Prophet Solomon (as), according to the Qur’an, was a prophet of God, rebuilding a mosque built by former prophets (al-Aqsa mosque). This view of Muslims is exactly contrary to the view of Jews and Christians who believe that Prophet Solomon (AS) built the Temple of Solomon (not the Aqsa Mosque). (Surely the claim of the Jews and Christians who built the Temple of Solomon (AS) cannot be accepted, because the noble ancestors of the Prophet of God, Solomon (AS) including Prophet Adam and Prophet (PBUH) … How can one admit that Prophet Solomon built a temple unlike his ancestors? Of course, we do not intend here to distinguish between the terms of the mosque and the temple only, but of trying to differentiate between concepts. Let us differentiate between these names.)

As we have mentioned, contrary to the Muslim view of Prophet Solomon, the Jews and Freemasons who blasphemed Solomon and regard him as a sorcerer and idolater, claim that he is in Jerusalem he built a temple. For this reason, in the apocalyptic view of the Masons and the Jews and Evangelicals, the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the construction of the Solomon Temple is a key element. (355)

Regarding the Masons’ view of the Temple of Solomon, their viewpoint is easily predictable. From their point of view, Solomon was a magician and idolater and the great Mason (356) and built the Temple of Jerusalem for the idols. Those who believe in Satanism and Paganism are trying to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque as a base of worship, and to establish Solomon’s magnificent temple as a universal symbol of atheism and infidelity and to celebrate the death of religions in their naïve thoughts.

But the Jewish and Evangelical leaders’ view of the Temple of Solomon is an insidious one; they claim that before the return of Christ (AS), the Aqsa Mosque should be demolished, and the Temple of Solomon built. (357) According to them, Solomon’s false temple is very sacred to God, but this is no more than a claim, because the Jews themselves and their ardent supporters (the Evangelicals) accuse Prophet Solomon of blasphemy and atheism. And he is considered a magician and an idolater. This is confirmed by the material in the distorted Torah about Prophet Solomon.

In the distorted Torah about Prophet Solomon, it is mentioned in the infallible words that you can see in the following passage: (358)

However, how can those who regard Prophet Solomon as a sorcerer and an idol worshiper consider sacred as a temple built by an idolater? How can a building constructed by an infidel (of course, from their point of view) provide the basis for the appearance of the apostle’s savior?

This shows that the claim of the Jewish and Evangelical leaders to build the Temple of Solomon to expedite the return of Jesus Christ was no more than a claim to the evil and atheist temple-built centuries ago by priests and Jewish aristocrats. Prophet Solomon (as) attributed, rebuild. In fact, their purpose is similar to that of the Masons, and they strive to replace the atheism with divine religions.

As you noted, Freemasons, Jewish leaders, and evangelical leaders are working to demolish the Al-Aqsa mosque as quickly as possible, and to rebuild Solomon’s false temple in order to celebrate the fulfillment of their evil intentions.

In order to expedite the demolition of the Aqsa Mosque and the construction of the Solomon Temple, they have tried to divert the attention of the world, and especially the Muslims, from the Aqsa Mosque and to do their evil deeds away from the eyes of the world, which, unfortunately, have been very successful.

The introduction of the Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque instead of the al-Aqsa mosque has been done so that the young Muslim generation cannot properly understand the al-Aqsa mosque and the Masons and Zionists can destroy the al-Aqsa mosque without any disturbance.

An important example in this regard is the recent Zionist excavations in the area of the holy shrine: (359)

Beginning in 2007, Freemasons and Zionists who found themselves nearing the fulfillment of their apocalyptic goals began to destroy Bab al-Moqarabi by demolishing this part of the sacred sanctuary, adjacent to the al-Aqsa mosque, which, unfortunately, they did. It is still going on. Introducing Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque instead of al-Aqsa mosque has greatly helped the Zionists achieve their evil goals, in a way that has made some Muslim youths unaware of the implications of the Bab al-Moqarabi manipulation of the al-Aqsa mosque.

For a better look at this problem, consider the following satellite image produced by the program (Google Earth) from the sanctuary range:

Location of al-Aqsa mosque, Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque, and Bab al-Muqarabi mosque in the holy shrine area of Jerusalem.

If you look at the picture above, you will notice that the al-Aqsa mosque is precisely adjacent to Bab al-Muqarabi, and even connected to, the al-Aqsa mosque, but the Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque is more or less distant.

But Muslim youths, who always see the image of the Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque instead of the Al-Aqsa mosque in the mass media, are likely to be mistaken. Thus, the Muslim youth may think that manipulating Bab al-Moqarabi does not have any effect on the al-Aqsa mosque because they believe that the mosque in the middle of the picture is a mosque al-Aqsa and is very far from Bab al-Muqarabi! However, because of the Zionist deceit, these youths mistakenly consider the Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque instead of the al-Aqsa mosque.

Unfortunately, the Zionists’ trickery has been somewhat successful and they have been able to divert the attention of Muslims from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and in 2007 attempted to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the pretext of archaeological discoveries in the area of Bab al-Muqarebi. (360) God willing, with the desire of the free Muslims, may God cut off their hands from this mosque of Mubarak

Therefore, as you have noted, the introduction of the Qobat Al-Sakhra mosque instead of the al-Aqsa mosque was a conspiracy of Masons and Zionists, who have used this trick to break down the al-Aqsa mosque more easily and to fulfill their evil ends in the apocalypse. So, it is our job to inform and leave their dirty plans unfinished.

21- Production of Red Heifer calf.

The Zionists, who are the brothers and constant companions of the Freemasons, have made efforts to provide temple building tools and supplies, along with the latest efforts to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the Solomon Temple. In this regard, moves have been made to produce and nurture one of the most important requirements of temple construction, namely the Red Heifer calf.

According to the superstitious belief of the Jews and Zionist Christians, before the construction of the Third Temple of Solomon, the sacrifice of the Red Heifer calf must be performed with special ceremonies followed by the construction of the Third Temple of Solomon. To get acquainted with the event, consider the following:

“Before the construction of the temple begins, a cleansing process must be performed and the calf of the red-haired female must be sacrificed.

According to Jewish teachings, this calf should be red-haired and without any defects, such that there are no more than 3 strands of white or black hair in its hair; never a yoke is wrapped around it. The calf at the time of sacrifice must be 3 years old

On the day of the ceremony, the calf must be sacrificed in a place outside the rabbis’ camp in the temple grounds. After that, some of his blood is removed and sprayed in front of the tent.

The calf is then thrown into the fire with its skin, flesh, leather, droppings and blood all together with cedar, Egyptian hyssop (velvet), and kept on fire until the calf is ashed. The place of sacrifice and the burning of the calf is next to the Mount of Olives. After the calf is burned, a clean person (who has not killed the calf or touched blood) should collect the ashes and climb up the Mount of Olives. Thereafter, the large ash mass is mixed with the residual water and the water is purified

The Jews believe that before the construction of the Temple of Solomon began, the whole temple site, which according to some traditions, comprises the whole of Jerusalem, should be cleansed with water.” (361)

Of course, in addition to the above, a number of extreme Zionists have mentioned other conditions for the red-haired calf, including the one that must first be born in Israel and secondly there should be no even 1 black or white hair. (362)

Zionist groups claiming to have prepared the conditions for the return of the Israelite savior after the formation of the Masonic and usurper state of Israel have in recent years made great efforts to provide the equipment and necessities of the sacrifice of the Red-Haired Calf. Results have also been achieved.

For example, over the past few decades, Jews around the world have used genetics to breed cattle to produce red calves, with numerous reports from Sweden, Switzerland, Texas, Mississippi and Israel. It has been published, but most of these efforts have failed. (363)

However, in recent years, news that the calf in question has been raised has been received by the Zionist media, most notably:

1-The first news of this is in 1997, on June 14 of this year, by Clyde Lott of the state, The US Mississippi announced that it had grown a pure calf of red hair. (364) This news has received widespread coverage in the Zionist media, but it was not welcomed, however, because the radical Zionists believed that the red-haired calf should be born in Israel.

2- Shortly after the first news, on April 15, 1997, Zionist media reported that a pure-bred red calf was born in a religious-affiliated farm in the Jewish town of Haifa. The calf, which was born by artificial insemination, was widely hailed for being born in Israel, but it was announced in 1998 that the calf could no longer be used because of a small white spot on its body. The calf was also rejected for sacrifice. (365)

3)In 2002, Zionist media reported that a purebred calf was born in Israel. On April 5 of that year, two rabbis, Menachem McVever and Chaim Richman, members of the Temple Institute, went to see the calf and, after much examination, they did confirm their eligibility for sacrifice. (366) The calf was heavily supported by Zionist groups, and there was widespread propaganda around it, but three years later, in 2005, construction of the temple did not begin. Because of the Muslim defenses of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Zionists failed to provide the conditions for the destruction of this mosque and the construction of Solomon’s false temple.

Red Heifer Calf. Zionist Jews and Christians consider the sacrifice of this calf and its ashes by the ashes one of the prerequisites for the construction of Solomon’s Temple and the appearance of the Savior.

With the breeding of several red-haired calves by the Zionists, it seems that they are seriously pursuing their sinister goals. Although the Zionists failed to establish the Solomon Temple in 2005, despite the calf mentioned above, they are seriously pursuing a project of raising red-haired calves to sacrifice one at a time and to begin to build the Solomon Temple.

The Zionists have made great efforts to provide other sacrifice supplies in addition to raising the red calf. For example, since the massacre is near the Mount of Olives and is currently within the Palestinian Authority’s territory, Zionist groups have made extensive efforts to expel Arab and non-Jewish residents of the area. These groups have been so shameless that they claim to be impure due to the presence of the Arabs near the Mount of Olives, and this place must be cleansed before the victim can be cleansed! (367) The Zionists are looking for the remains of the red-haired calf ash that was sacrificed for the last time in Jerusalem centuries ago, and has set up special groups for this search. Interestingly, some of these groups have also claimed to have found the ashes! (368)

According to the above, it seems that the Zionists are making every effort to attain their apocalyptic goal of destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque and building the Temple of Solomon. This shows that their conspiracy to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque is approaching dangerous stages day by day, which in itself indicates the need for more and more Muslims to be prepared.

Finally, it should be noted that Freemasons and their friends and subordinates, including Zionists, Evangelical and Jewish extremist leaders, have made every effort to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the Solomon Temple in a timely manner by any existing tool.

The corrupt Freemasons and leaders of the aforementioned sects have used distorted Torah to provide justification for their actions and to document their activities and have provided similar tools and tools as described in this book. It should be noted that the Freemasons and Zionists and most of the extremist Jewish and Evangelical leaders themselves are aware of the anti-religious nature of Solomon’s false temple, but in order to accompany the evangelical and Jewish public followers, a religious gesture is taken and a calf-like arrangement is made. And … they are also intended to deceive the ordinary Jewish and Evangelical people and use them to fulfill their apocalyptic goals with the motto of being the savior. (It should be noted, however, that there is a slight difference between the Zionist Jews and the Zionist Christians regarding the coming of the Savior. Thus, the Zionist Christians believe in the return of Jesus after the construction of the Temple of Solomon, but the Jews of Jesus They are liars and believe that the real Christ is the one who appears in the apocalypse and after the construction of Solomon’s temple And the Masons and Zionist leaders are also largely use the same perspective to deceive Zionist evangelicals and Jews.)

So, we Muslims must be vigilant, and in addition to informing other Muslim brothers and other free men, we need to prepare ourselves to confront the sinister plan that Freemasons, Zionists, and their companions have prepared.

22- Trying to present a material picture of the future of the world and denying the existence of a heavenly savior

As you have noted in the previous sections, Freemasons resort to different approaches to achieve their apocalyptic goals, applying different policies to different nations.

The Freemasons, for example, have deceived them into abusing the power of Christians (the most populous followers of the heavenly religions in the world), claiming their support for Christ’s return, and largely executing their apocalyptic plans. This has led ordinary Americans (especially evangelicals) to support the US government and the Israeli government and work hard for Israel’s survival. In fact, trying to claim Christ’s return is a trick the Masons use to gain the support of the people of their country.

But Freemasons have a different plan for the rest of the world. Thus, by supporting theories such as Fukuyama’s “end of history” theory, Alvin Toffler’s “Third Wave” theory and so on, he considered the perfect conditions for the Third World countries to be the current conditions of Western countries and the liberal-democratic system of Western countries today and the scientific and information wave of these countries is seen as the savior of the Third World. (370)

Promoting that the present system of Western countries is the savior of the Third World and the savior of the whole world, they are trying to eradicate the belief in the divine savior in the followers of divine religions and to entice them into false earthly sinners.

In addition, theories such as Fukuyama’s “End of History” theory, Alvin Toffler’s “Third Wave” theory, etc., which consider the present conditions of the Western world to be the ideal of humanity and perfection, reject the existence of any promising future and reject humanity’s dynamics and Moves to great moral and social aspirations are forbidden.

As noted above, we find that if the Masons succeed on the map above, they will be able to halt the hopeful and salvific movements of the divine followers and introduce their Non-divine system as the Savior of the Third World.

Unfortunately, many Muslim countries today are influenced by this view and are only trying to reach the material conditions of the Western world, avoiding any kind of liberationist movement, and are suspended in deadly stagnation and silence. Unfortunately, many Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia, etc. are in this situation.

So, it seems that we Muslims have a duty to expose this filthy map of the Western world and to use all legitimate means to counter this ominous phenomenon. God willing, this effort can, in addition to awakening and motivating other Muslim brothers, prepare the ground for the awakening of followers of other divine religions in Third World countries.

23-Trying to introduce Masonic America as the savior of the world nations in Hollywood films.

Freemasons and Zionists who deceive evangelical Christians and Jews by claiming the return of Christ (AS) and the appearance of a savior, completely and subtly deny the existence of any heavenly savior and declare themselves as saviors of humanity by this film and it does so well by affecting the subconscious of humans.

Many Hollywood films have been produced so far, which speak of the great danger to human civilization. These films generally state that dangers such as deadly viruses, unknown wild creatures, lab-altered humans, space creatures, dinosaurs, celestial meteors, atomic wars, and so on, always threaten the lives of all humans. The most important films in this area are the films (Resident Evil), (Reign of Fire), (War of the worlds), (Armageddon) and …. (371)

But the common point of all the above films is that in all of them the Masonic government or the American hero protects the people of the world from the danger that threatens them, and the rest of the nation’s applaud the American hero.

Interestingly, in these films, there is no mention of the heavenly savior, and the world, while mired in misery, is in danger of being without a divine savior. In fact, the American heroes or the American government in these films play a role as a heavenly savior instead of a heavenly savior.

For example, even in the film (Armageddon), which is adapted from the book of Revelation, there is no report of a conflict between the two good and evil armies, and the savior of the film is not Jesus, but the main danger in the film are asteroids , and the film’s savior is a science group that prevents meteors from colliding with the earth! (372) This film shows that Masonic governments attempt to interpret concepts such as the more or less fictitious event of Armageddon as a natural accident. And introduce themselves as its savior.

This move of Hollywood films is certainly not unreasonable and pursues a specific purpose. The main purpose of making these films is to deny the existence of any heavenly savior and to introduce powerful Masonic states as earthly savior. In fact, just as the Masonic powers are trying to accept themselves as a savior to the academic and educated strata, Fukuyama’s “end-of-history” theory, Alvin Toffler’s “third wave” theory, and so on, Hollywood films are trying to persevere. In the eyes of the common people, Masonic governments should be described as the earthly savior.

According to the foregoing, we find that contrary to the claims of the Masonic governments to seek the return of Christ, these nations, which are essentially formed on the basis of atheistic doctrines, are practically declaring themselves to be the savior of the world and the sweet promises of divine religions. They deny the appearance of a divine savior. So, it is our duty as Muslims to counter the propaganda, film, and conspiracy theories of the Masonic governments and expose their evil moves. Of course, if we go down this path, because of the widespread propaganda of Freemasons, the young generation of Muslims in the future will regard the Masonic governments (including the US) as their saviors and their desires. This points to the necessity for Muslims to act as soon as possible to counter the Masonic conspiracies.

24-Making a film “Da Vinci Code”

From the Freemasons’ point of view, this world has no God, but the elements of creation have created this world at random. According to the theory, man is also an animal and has the right to do whatever he likes according to his essence. Masonic atheist groups deem the prophet’s liars and traitors because they believe that the prophets have hindered the enjoyment of human beings and prevented them from returning to their animal origin! (373)

In their new scenario, the Freemason and Zionist groups have tried to destroy the image of the Divine Prophets. For example, they have been trying to destroy the image of the great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) for many years by publishing books and distributing numerous films which are obvious to anyone. Among the measures taken in recent years include the publication of obscene caricatures by the beloved Prophet of Islam in Danish and other European and American newspapers. (374)

The Freemasons, who, through the slogans of the Return of Christ and the propaganda of the Armageddon war through the 20th and 21st centuries, succeeded in bringing together evangelical Christians and a large number of Jews, deceiving them, establishing the supposedly Jewish and backward Masonic state of Israel. Now that they see the construction of the Temple of Solomon and the formation of the Devil’s world government, they no longer see the need to use the slogan of the return of Christ and have abandoned it. These atheist groups, which are purely anti-religion, are now, in their final steps to form an evil world government, trying to slowly remove their religious and savior masks and show their true and anti-religion face. Because the principle of thinking of these groups is nothing but confrontation with the divine religions, and in the end, they intend to root the religions in their imagination. For this reason, in recent years, they have begun to destroy the image of Jesus (pbuh) in order to transform the hope of Christians into vain.

One of the films made in recent years in accordance with Freemasonry’s purpose to destroy the image of Jesus is the Da Vinci Code. The film “The Da Vinci Code” is an adaptation of a book of the same name, released in 2003 and made in 2006. (375)

In the movie “Da Vinci Code” the subject of the story is about the famous painting ” The Last Supper”. (376) This painting is a mysterious and insidious painting depicted by the famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci. This famous Italian painter, who was widely believed to have been influenced by the ideas of secret and pseudo-Kabbalah groups, (377) has exhibited his perverse ideas in this painting. To better examine this, let’s first take a look at the painting above: (378)

The main painting of “The last supper” by the famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci.

A painting drawn from the original painting of “The Last Supper” is more vivid.

Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” is one of the most beautiful paintings of all time, but it is a beautiful painting, with hidden and blasphemous points hidden inside it. For a better understanding of this problem, consider the following explanations:

If you look closely at the painting of “The Last Supper”, you will definitely notice that the person sitting to the right of Jesus is a woman. (Of course, we see the picture to the left, but in the painting, she sits to the right.)

Contrary to the belief of some Christians that this person is considered to be Saint John (one of the apostles of Christ), this person is certainly a woman. If we take a closer look at this person’s image, the issue will be clearer:

 On the right side of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, there is a picture of a woman on the right.

According to Da Vinci, this woman was “Mary Magdalene” and “The Last Supper” is a dinner feast that announces the marriage of Mary Magdalene to the apostles! (379)

(Contemporary Mary Magdalene lived and was a prominent figure in Christianity. Various sources have described her. Some sources consider her a member of a royal family at the time of Jesus. Some Christian sources It is said that she was a wicked woman who was saved from stoning by Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and then believed and adhered to by her followers. (380) But the sources have stated this without strong evidence and therefore the chance that this is not a very true story is high, but there is a Mary Magdalene Bible that is said to be very similar. It has a lot to do with what the Quran has said about Jesus. (381) It seems to the author that Mary Magdalene’s misrepresentation in Christian sources, and other insults to Mary Magdalene (such as the many naked paintings from her), all because of the similarity of the Gospel with the Quran regarding Jesus, because the Vatican system censored any material that would substantiate Islam’s legitimacy. Thus, it seems that the Vatican was trying to discredit him because of some similarities in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene with those of the Quran.)

Among the evidences that Da Vinci has attempted to portray in his “The Last Supper” his devious thinking is, that in this painting the apostles are portrayed with completely puzzled and angry faces. There is even a knife in the hands of one of the apostles, Saint Peter, who is attacked by a knife. In addition, it is seen that St. Peter’s hand was threatened in front of Mary Magdalene’s neck, thereby threatening her with death. In doing so, it seems that Da Vinci was trying to persuade his audience that not only did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene, but that the apostles also considered the marriage a Treacherous act and blamed him.

In the picture below, you can see the puzzled faces of the apostles:

Surprised and furious figures of the apostles in the “Last Supper” painting by Leonardo da Vinci. In doing so, Da Vinci seems to have intended to persuade his audience that not only did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene, but that the apostles also considered Jesus’ marriage a Treacherous act and blamed him!


The following picture shows a knife in St Peter’s (one of the apostles), as well as Mary Magdalene’s threat:

Evidence shows that, according to Da Vinci, the apostles are furious about Mary Magdalene’s marriage with Jesus.

 Knife in the hand of St. Pete. St Peter’s threatening hand in front of Mary Magdalene’s neck

As you have noted, Leonardo da Vinci has completely encoded his Kabbalah devious ideas in the “Last Supper” signboard, thereby trying to convey his atheistic beliefs to future generations out of church’s knowledge. At a time when the Knights Templar and other members of the secret society were easily executed, Da Vinci paintings could have been the best means of conveying atheistic concepts and Kabbalah that Da Vinci seemed to have done so well. (The marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was first reported by the Knights Templar; the group claimed to have found evidence of the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the ruins of a temple called Solomon’s Temple. (382) The Temple Knights failed to publish their claim because they were rejected by the people and the church for their blasphemy, given that it is likely that Da Vinci observing this situation was attempting to express the story in secret and through painting.)

But the Da Vinci Code book and movie were released for a very specific purpose at a time sensitive to book markets and movie theaters. The publication of The Da Vinci Code in 2003 and its release in 2006 illustrate the existence of an organized conspiracy to promote deviant beliefs about Jesus.

Regardless of the appearance of the story in the Da Vinci Code book and film, the important point in this film is to secretly promote the poisonous and evil thinking that the Freemasons and Zionists promote. In this thought, Prophet Jesus (as) married Mary Magdalene and had a child and died after several years of secret life! This poisoned thought was first introduced to Europe by temple knights, and they tried to document their evil thinking by presenting fake documents. This thought was prevalent for many years between the secret and the Kabbalah groups in Europe until Freemasonry accepted the thought as an important heir to Kabbalah and the teachings of the Temple Knights.

Freemasons, who are the heirs of Kabbalah’s blasphemous teachings, have exploited the famous painting of “The Last Supper” and attempted to inject and distort the thoughts of Da Vinci’s Kabbalah in the title of a fiction book and film. For Christians, celibacy is a characteristic of Christian saints. In this way, the dissemination that the Prophet (peace be upon him) married, will make them believe to doubt in the Prophet (peace be upon him). On the other hand, the promotion of the idea that the apostles are angry at the marriage of Jesus (pbuh) makes Christians more skeptical of this noble prophet.

It should be noted, however, that in the Islamic perspective, although there is no mention of the marriage of Prophet Jesus (pbuh), accepting their marriage does not undermine the personality of this great prophet, since marriage is of divine favorable traditions. But the reference to the marriage of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) on the “Last Supper” sign was intended to destroy this prophet of God, not to confirm his intention. As the apocalyptic rage on the Last Supper signifies, moreover, it reveals more of Da Vinci’s evil intentions.

The important point is that the film “Da Vinci Code” is important when we know that this film, in addition to directly embodying the perverse notions about the life of Jesus Christ, also indirectly paves the way for the dangerous and seemingly documentary film “The Lost Tomb” Jesus (AS). The recent film has very similar concepts to “Da Vinci Code” and was released to cinema audiences in 2007, which we will discuss later.

Thus, as you have noted, Freemasons, who over the last centuries, have been able to bring with them some Christians and Jews, with the slogan of the return of Christ (AS) and the propaganda of the Armageddon war, have deceived the supposedly Jewish and backward Masonic government of Israel and founded apparently Jew Government but inherently Masonic. now that they find themselves on the verge of forming an evil world government, they no longer feel the need to use the slogan of Christ’s return. Thus, in recent years, they have begun to destroy the image of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) in order to transform the hope of Christians into a savior, thus celebrating the destruction of divine religions.

It is therefore the duty of all free Muslims and Christians in the world to confront the conspiracy and to explain the hidden aims of this sinister movement to the world.


First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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