Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 10


25- Claiming to Discover Christ’s Tomb and His Family?!
After the 2006 film release of “Da Vinci Code”, the seemingly documentary film “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” shocked the world of Christianity in 2007; a film by a well-known director and Freemason (James Cameron) Introduced to the world of cinema. (383)

James Cameron, who won an Oscar for his tainted film Titanic and made a worldwide fame, made a seemingly documentary film in 2007 about finding the tomb of Christ and his wife and child. (384) The question of what drives a director of an immoral film such as Titanic to make a film about religion is certainly a question. And that could well illustrate the evil intentions of the makers of such a film.
The controversial film “The lost tomb of Jesus” is co-produced by a Freemason director (James Cameron), and a Zionist Jewish archaeologist and filmmaker (Simcha Jacobovici). (385) Evidence of the Freemasonry of James Cameron and Simsa Jakobovic is shown in the following pictures: (386):

Evidence of membership of the celebrated director, James Cameron in Freemasonry.

Evidence of being Jewish and Zionist (Simcha Jacobovici), a famous archaeologist and filmmaker.

As you have noted, a Freemason and a Jewish Zionist have made the film “The Lost Tomb of Christ”. The presence of these two at the top of the film’s producers certainly calls into question the film’s credibility.
After introducing the creators of this film, we now turn to the film itself:
The movie “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, which features the title of the documentary, was introduced to the world cinema industry in 2007. In the film, the film’s director and a group of predominantly Jewish archaeologists have claimed to have discovered the tomb of Christ and his family, including the tomb of his spouse and son. (387) According to this claim, the family tomb was discovered in 1980, following construction operations around Jerusalem. (388)

Family tombs discovered in Jerusalem that Zionist archaeologists and Freemason filmmakers have identified as the family tomb of Jesus and claim that Jesus’ wife and son were also buried with him there.

According to the producers of the film, there are 10 graves in the family tomb, of which 6 are out of 10, identified by Aramaic inscriptions. The owners of these 6 tombs are: (389)
1- (Yeshua bar Yehosef) or Jesus son of Joseph.
2-(Mary) or Mary (Mother of Jesus).
3-(Yose) or Joseph (brother of Jesus) (differs from Joseph in the first. 4- (Yehuda bar Yeshua) or Judas the son of Jesus.
5- (Mariamene e Mara) or Mary Magdalene.
6-(Matya) or Matthew (one of Mary’s relatives of Jesus’ mother).

According to the filmmakers, they have two main reasons that they consider the tomb to belong to the family of Jesus (as): (390)
1-Statistical calculations: Filmmakers say that with the help of statistics experts have calculated that the probability that another family other than the family of Jesus (AS) would have such names is 1/600. So, most likely this tomb is the family tomb of Christ (391)!
2-DNA Testing: Filmmakers say they have analyzed the DNA of the remains of the tombs of (Yeshua bar Yehosef) or (Jesus the son of Joseph) and (Mariamene e Mara) or (Maryam Magdalene) with the help of engineering experts and obtained the following results:
In the experiment performed to determine maternal inheritance on (mt DNA) or mitochondrial DNA, the researchers found that (Jesus the son of Joseph), (Mariamene e Mara) or (Mary Magdalene) did not have the same mother; The film’s creators have concluded that the two bodies are not brothers and sisters, and since only family members can be buried in family tombs, Mariamene e Mara must be the wife (Yeshua bar Yehosef) who, despite lacking the common gene, It has been able to fit into the family tomb. (392)

As you have noted, the Freemason and Zionist filmmakers of The Lost Tomb of Jesus have injected their poisoned thoughts with seemingly scientific claims. But behind this deceptive appearance of science lies obvious lies that easily disprove the validity of the film and its content.
To clarify, here are some questions that question the credibility of the film:
1-Making a film by a Jewish Freemason-Zionist group is increasingly calling into question the credibility of the film because its members have a clear antagonism to the divine religions that we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

2-Given the prominent background of Jewish Freemason-Zionist groups in their hostility to divine religions as well as their background in forging historical documents, there is a strong likelihood of any distortion in the making of this film.

3-Given the filmmaker’s claim that this family tomb was discovered in 1980, the question arises how the documentary film of this controversial discovery would be made 25 years later and released to everyone?! However, even less important scientific news is presented to the public on the same day of discovery
Of course, it may be answered here that 25 years ago, DNA testing technology was not as readily available as it is today, but in response:
1) First, the statistical evidence that the filmmakers also cited was available at that time.
2) Genetic studies have been feasible since the 1990s when PCR technology and DNA reading were readily available, and the family tomb study group could have benefited from doing so

In view of the above, the long delay of the members of the group in question in presenting the results of their research is quite suspicious

4-Family tombs were for the wealthy Israeli families, while Jesus was not a rich man. (394) It is also unlikely that this temple was built with the help and money of others, because the Jews were hostile to them and certainly not made for this tomb; the Christians certainly did not help build this tomb, for even Christians who believe that Jesus was crucified believe in the ascension of Jesus after death; They would give up and certainly not build a family tomb for them.

5-The Aramaic lines by which the names of the corpses are written on the coffins of this family tomb are very clumsy and childlike and are like the line’s children draw on the wood! The family tombs of the Israelites, however, belonged to wealthy families, and such families were certainly wealthy enough to engrave casket names. But as we mentioned, the lines on the coffins were very awkward. This suggests that the names written on the coffins may have been fake and invented by the fraudsters (probably filmmakers).

For a better overview, check out the following pictures: (396)

The coffin that scholars and filmmakers claim belongs to Jesus.

Aramaic inscription found on one of the coffins of the family tomb discovered, which calls it “Yeshua bar Yehosef” or “Jesus the Son of Joseph.” Notice the awkwardness of the writing on the casket. (The probability of the article being fake is very high.)

Parts of two Aramaic tablets. Pay attention to the order of the letters and how they fit together. (Compare this image with images extracted from Aramaic inscriptions on family tombs attributed to the family of Jesus.)

As you have noted, the smooth lines of the family tomb coffins are chaotic. This reinforces the hypothesis of the fake writing on coffins because the wealthy family that built a family tomb certainly has the ability to pay for the coffins, and does not need to write the names of the bodies in an irregular handwriting!
6-Another point that refutes the claim of the filmmakers is that it is mentioned on the coffin attributed to Jesus, Yeshua bar Yehosef or Jesus son of Joseph, (397) but the phrase is in no way It could not be true because the phrase was considered an insult to Jesus and no group has addressed Jesus as such.

In his family, Jesus was referred to as Jesus the Prophet of God and Jesus the Son of Mary, because members of the family recognized him as a man who was born without the Father and the will of God Almighty. Therefore, in the family of Prophet Jesus (PBUH), no one called them Jesus, son of Joseph.
Among Christians and their followers at the time of his prophecy, the phrase Jesus the Prophet of God or Jesus the Son of Mary was common. Of course, after the ascension of Jesus to the present day, many Christians have used the derogatory phrase of Jesus the Son of God (PBUH) (398), which is largely due to the distortion of the Gospels, but in any case, no Christian group Jesus does not know the son of Joseph. Among the Muslims, they have always been known as Jesus the Prophet of God and Jesus the son of Mary, and no Muslim calls him Jesus the Son of Joseph.
The only people who might offend him and call this great divine prophet Jesus the son of Joseph are the Jews who disagree with him, but certainly the Jews who hated Jesus did not in any way raise their money to build an expensive family tomb for their enemy (Jesus) was not wasted. (Unless we accept that the Jews have completely fabricated a false tomb and attributed it to Jesus.) Therefore, the expensive family tombs were not built by the Jews, so we cannot expect them to have made a real tomb and thus have their enemy’s name engraved on the coffin.
As you have seen, the phrase Jesus the Son of Joseph was never used by the followers of Jesus, and the presence of it on the coffin is another proof of the lies in “The Lost Tomb of Christ”.

7-Another issue that questions the filmmakers’ claim is that one neutral archaeologist who visited the coffins believes that the word written on the coffin attributed to Jesus is more like the word Hanun. And has little resemblance to the word (Yeshua) or Jesus! (399) This shows that even if the light lines written on the coffins are not fake, the interpretation of the filmmakers is misleading and they only deal with Interpretation for their purposes.
8-One of the important reasons cited by the filmmaker is statistical analysis. According to them, the likelihood of another family being present in Jerusalem and its members having similar names to the family found in the family tomb is 1/600. They have concluded that given the low probability calculated, the discovered family must be the family of Jesus, not another.
Despite the deceptive appearance of this claim, there are obvious flaws in this hypothesis. One of the disadvantages is that although it is less likely to be 1/600, it is not a small number over many years in ancient Jerusalem.
For example, if ancient Jerusalem had a population of 36,000, and 6,000 households, and considering a 100-year timeframe for this city, we would see that each year (6,000 * 1/600 = 10) or 10 families by name There will be similar ones in Jerusalem. So, in the 100 years since 3 successive generations are born in Jerusalem, even if we consider the population constant and do not consider population growth, we will see in Jerusalem (30 = 3 x 10) or 30 households in Within 100 years there will be similar names! This number is not a small number for 100 years, though longer periods can be considered.
This calculation shows that even if one considers the 1/600 probability of having a family of similar tombs discovered, within a 100-year period of ancient Jerusalem, there would still be 30 families of the same tombs discovered. So how does one know that the tomb discovered does not belong to one of these families?
This shows that, contrary to the claims of the film-makers, the possibility that the tomb was discovered belongs to a family other than the family of Jesus is higher.
It should be noted, however, that we have considered the above calculations with the assumption of random births, whereas marriage among humans is not a coincidence.
Because people are married to one another and choose names for their children. For example, in Iran and the Shiite countries, the Shiites believe that they mostly marry each other and adopt the name of their children from the name of the infallibles. That is why there are many families in Iran where two faithful named Ali and Fatima marry and choose their children Hassan and Hussein. Thus, in Iran, the numbers of families with the above names are higher than those obtained solely by statistics and probabilities. Because the faithful families choose names similar to the families of the infallibles (AS).
The same thing can be said for believing Christians. They may also have chosen their family members by contacting the family of Jesus (as). So, the tomb discovered in Jerusalem (if true!) May belong to one of the faithful Christian families, not the family of Jesus Christ.

9-The DNA test carried out by the research team is also not without its drawbacks; the drawbacks of this DNA test are that only the DNA of two people (the body attributed to “Jesus” and the body attributed to “Mary Magdalene”) Tested and DNA of others not examined. According to the filmmakers, it was only proved during the experiment that the two bodies were not genetically and blood-related, which is why the research team concluded that the two bodies were not brothers and sisters, and that In family tombs, only one family member can be buried, (Mariamene e Mara) must be the wife (Yeshua bar Yehosef) who, despite lacking the common gene, has been able to fit into the family tomb! (401)
The result of the research group is quite naive because they have not examined the DNA of other bodies, perhaps if the DNA of other men in the tomb was found, including “(Yose) or Joseph (Brother of Jesus)” or “(Matya) ) Or Matthew (a relative of Mary the mother of Jesus) “, and their DNA was also different from that of the body attributed to Mary Magdalene. It was thus hypothesized that perhaps Joseph or Matthew were the wife of the body attributed to Mary Magdalene. (402) Their research in this area is therefore incomplete. (Of course, filmmakers may have deliberately refrained from further DNA testing.)

10)Another point to be made about DNA testing and rejecting the claims of filmmakers is that even if we accept that the mitochondrial DNA of the body attributed to “Jesus” and the body attributed to “Mary Magdalene” are different. Again, we cannot deny that they are siblings because, as mentioned earlier, mitochondrial DNA only examines maternal inheritance and can only show whether the bodies studied have the same mother or not. So, it does not reveal anything about the father of the bodies.
It is possible that the bodies (the body of Jesus Christ and the body of Mary Magdalene) may be half siblings and have different fathers and mothers, so no longer, it would be need to assume that the bodies They’ve been married. (403)

11-The strange thing about mitochondrial DNA research is that the researchers have not examined the most important body that should have been examined for DNA. In other words, the correction of the body attributed to “Yehuda bar Yeshua” or “Judas the Son of Jesus” may have been somewhat of a key to the puzzle, but unbelievably, no DNA test was performed on the corpse.
In fact, the researchers could examine the mitochondrial DNA of the body attributed to “Yehuda bar Yeshua” and compare it with the mitochondrial DNA of the body attributed to Mary Magdalene. If, in this comparison, the mitochondrial DNA attributed to “Yehuda bar Yeshua or Jude the Son of Jesus” is similar to the mitochondrial DNA attributed to “Mary Magdalene”, then it may be inferred that they may be mother and son (Although in this case there may also be two brothers, a sister and a brother). (404)
If such a conclusion were reached (the possibility of being a mother and son), since the boy’s coffin reads “Yehuda bar Yeshua” or “Judas the son of Jesus”, it can be concluded that the boy’s father, a body attributed to “(Yeshua bar Yehosef) or Jesus the son of Joseph” and his mother was the body attributed to Mary Magdalene. This can indirectly lead to the marriage of the body attributed to “Yeshua bar Yehosef” and the body attributed to “Mary Magdalene”. (405)
But the interesting point is that despite the availability of this test, this valuable test has not been conducted that can make us aware of the false claims made by the filmmakers.

12-The last point to note is that even if all the corpses were tested and proved to have genetic kinship with each other, it would still be unclear whether this discovered family was the real family of Jesus. Are they or not? Because DNA testing only reveals the familial and genetic relationship of the corpses to each other, it does not provide exactly who these individuals are. (406)
In order to accurately identify individuals, one must first identify with the help of other evidence. If this is done, the identities of other people can be determined by their DNA and by comparing their DNA with that of a person previously identified. But as we have seen, there is no one found in the family tomb whose identity is definitively identified, so no one can be identified at all.

As you can see, the accuracy of the film and its content, as well as the honesty of the filmmakers, are completely questionable and cannot be ignored.
“The lost tomb of Jesus” has caused much controversy in Western countries, and in particular in the US, to the extent that news channels have covered the film. Many of these Zionist and Freemason-influenced news channels have apparently tried to criticize the film, but these news channels have provided little evidence to refute the film. For example, in Fox News, being poor of Jesus’s family and the abundance of names such as Mary, Jesus, etc. were presented as reasons to doubt the content of the film (407) and the main reasons for rejecting the film (407). Like the 12 reasons we mentioned above), they were not mentioned. In fact, the Zionist News Network (Fox NEWS), with this weak and superficial criticism, further promoted the film and led the viewer to believe that the content of the film was probably correct because of the weakness of the reasons given for rejecting it!
To watch the video clip of the film The Lost Tomb of Jesus on Zionist News (Fox NEWS), click on the following link: (408) 9)

In the end, we are reminded that this seemingly documentary and intrinsically fake film is one of the last Freemasons to form an evil world government. The Freemasons, over the last centuries, have been trying to bring the public opinion of their countries along with expanding evangelical thinking and abusing the return of the Prophet, but during the last decade they have been taken the step of forming an evil world government, have begun to destroy the image of Jesus Christ, so that they can easily get out of their shell and use their divine religions after the abuse of evangelical Christianity and the formation of their evil government and in their naïve thoughts to destroy divine religions. In other words, the Freemasons, who, through the slogans of the return of Christ (AS) and propaganda of the war of Armageddon during the 20th and 21st centuries, were able to bring together some Christians and Jews, deceiving the supposedly Jewish and backward Founded Masonic state of Israel. as they consider the construction of the Temple of Solomon and the formation of the Devil’s world government, they no longer see the need to use the slogan of the return of Christ and have abandoned it.
It may be said that the scenario mentioned is part of the original scenario, which also includes films such as “Da Vinci Code” that have a similar theme. The anti-Iranian 300 film, which was also produced in 2007 to serve Freemasonry, is also likely to be part of the original scenario. The short interval between the films “Da Vinci Code” released in 2006, “The Lost Tomb of Christ” released in 2007, and the anti-Iranian film “300” released in 2007 confirms this claim. These films are intended to serve the Freemasonry’s apocalyptic purposes.


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