Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 7


Michel Nostradamus was a French and Jewish Jew who lived in the 16th century. (277) Nostradamus was also a master of magic and sorcery and was a Kabbalist without a doubt. (278) In books written by him and so-called Nostradamus prophecies, much has been said about the future of the world, and in particular the events of the apocalypse. These prophecies are written in the form of 10 centurions or 10 (sections) of hundred, which comprises a total of 1000 distiches. Nostradamus’ centurions are the most important and famous part of his poems.

Michel Nostradamus: Predictor, Kabbalist, and famous French Jew doctor.

“The most deceptive prophet of history” may be a fitting nickname for this crafty prophet because he has deceived many people throughout the world and throughout history. Dear readers, you may be surprised and strongly disapproved of this description, as many Islamic sites today speak of Nostradamus’ prophecies, and even occasionally refer to his prophecies, but before commenting on this, please note the following explanations and documentations:
We do not mean by “the most deceptive prophecy of history” that all Nostradamus’ prophecies were false, but that many of his prophecies were vague, many wrong, and perhaps even slightly correct, which may have been true and have been adapted from other sources.
However, there is considerable evidence that Nostradamus and his prophecies were an important part of the Kabbalah-Masonic World Wide Web conspiracy. (Of course, under Nostradamus, there were no organizations called Freemasonry yet, but very similar organizations in the form of secret associations and Kabbalah, which, in terms of both beliefs and purposes, functioned much like Freemasonry today. We mentioned at the beginning of the article that Kabbalah’s atheistic teachings form the basis of today’s Freemasonry (279) and can be called the mother of Freemasonry today.)
Among the evidence that suggests Nostradamus’ prophecies are part of the evil plan of the Kabbalah-Masonic world apparatus, the following may be mentioned:
1-Nostradamus was undoubtedly a Jew and a Kabbalist. (280) As already mentioned, Kabbalah is a purely atheist teaching and inconsistent with the essence of divine religions. (281) Nostradamus’ presence in the Kabbalah groups, as a famous and powerful member, shows how much he was esteemed in his concurrent Kabbalah. (282) Surely this honor was not unreasonable, and probably because of his prophecy to Kabbalah.

Mentioning the Nostradamus Kabbalist in two different sources. There are countless other resources in this area.

Of course, some Nostradamus supporters may say that he was a purely religious and God-fearing man, and even in his letter to his son he made it clear. (283) But that is not true because corrupt people such as George W. Bush today claim to be religious in the pursuit of legitimacy, while George W. Bush’s membership in the Masonic and Satanic group (Skull & Bones) has spread out loudly. Therefore, Nostradamus’ claim in his letter to his son is also a hoax, since his membership in Kabbalah invalidates any claim that he is religious.
On the other hand, acknowledging witchcraft and infidelity to God Almighty in the time of Nostradamus (16th century) was certainly dangerous and led to his death. So, Nostradamus, who was most likely a disbeliever, in his letter to his son, could not directly mention the heart belief in blasphemy and witchcraft. (Of course, it is not entirely clear whether the letter is a genuine letter or not.)

2-Many of Nostradamus’s prophecies have been about apocalypse, and there is a great deal of material in these prophecies that has made Muslims (especially Iranians) a violent and warlike figure and has declared the savior of Muslims (Imam Mahdi) a warlike human. In fact, many of Nostradamus’ prophecies have been warned, and they have been designed to instill fear in the hearts of Westerners as they prepare to face this Islamic tide
An example of these prophecies is as follows: (284)

Examples of Nostradamus prophecies, in which he described Muslims as violent and militant.

3-The Masonic States’ (US and Israeli) widespread use of Nostradamus prophecies against Muslims and Iranians is further evidence of the fact that Nostradamus the Kabbalist, with his deceptive prophecies, paved the way for the new Kabbalists (Freemasons). The evil goals of the apocalypse have helped, because the goals of the Freemasons and their efforts to seize world power were the same goals pursued by the Kabbalists and the Temple Knights.
It should be noted that since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, many books and films have been written about Nostradamus’ prophecies, including the famous film “The Man Who Seen the Future (Tomorrow)”. (285) In these films, Muslims and Iranians are often referred to as dangerous humans. Certainly, with this trick, Masonic leaders intend to scare the people of the West from Islam and Iran and to help them accomplish their evil goals.

Now that we have understood the evil purposes of Nostradamus’ prophecies, let us also discuss the validity of these prophecies. As to the accuracy of these prophecies, it can be said that:
1-Many of Nostradamus’s prophecies are vague and can be deduced from different and even contradictory meanings. Most Nostradamus prophecies are of this category and are vague and thus unreliable. (286)

2-Despite the many ambiguous prophecies among Nostradamus’ prophecies, in some of the passages he has spoken explicitly, gross errors are evident in his prophecies. Consider, for example, the following prophecy: (287)

In this prophecy, Nostradamus predicts that the Celtic River (Rhine) will change course until a particular astronomy (which exactly matches 2006) will no longer pass through the city of Agrippina (Cologne). (288) But this prophecy is completely false, and now that it is 2007, the Rhine passes right through the city of Cologne and is still on its former track. The following satellite image taken from the Google Earth app clearly shows this:

As you can see, contrary to Nostradamus’ prophecy, even now that we are in 2007 and having passed 2006, the river has still not changed its course and still passes through Cologne, Germany.
3-There are many prophecies in books and websites and attributed to Nostradamus, but none of them are found among Nostradamus prophecies! Many of these items are either completely fake or part of their phrase is fake. There are, of course, few such prophecies that have been deliberately misinterpreted and interpreted. The following are some important examples of such prophecies:
A) The following prophecy is one of the famous Nostradamus prophecies that Nostradamus fans associate with the fabricated 9/11 event: (289)

This piece of Nostradamus prophecies has made a lot of noise, and many writers regard it as a Nostradamus masterpiece, claiming that it is entirely related to the 9/11 incident and that Nostradamus could have foretold it. These people say that Nostradamus was able to guess the orbit of the accident (New York City orbit)! Unfortunately, in Persian articles this is inadvertently misleading. (290)
But we must say that the above is completely wrong. In rejecting the above claim, the following may be noted:
(a) The first important point to note is that the 45-degree circuit is not New York City at all, but the New York City circuit is about 41 degrees. thus, the mentioned circuit in Nostradamus’s century does not match at all.
The following satellite image, taken from the Google Earth app, clearly shows the real circuit of New York City:

New York City’s geographic location in satellite imagery. As shown at the bottom left of the image (arrow), the city’s geographic location is approximately 41 degrees north latitude.

Of course, the evil Freemasonry apparatus that exploits Nostradamus’ prophecies for its own benefit was intended to justify this blatant error in that, after identifying the mistake, proponents of Nostradamus’s prophecies stated that it meant (45) Degree in Nostradamus Centurion is 40 and 0.05 (40.05) degrees or 40 and 0.5 (40.5) degrees, and this number is approximately New York coordinates! (291) Others also stated that Nostradamus means (45) degrees, a region between (40) and (45) degrees! (292) As you can see, these justifications are completely irrational and easily dismissed. Some of the reasons for rejecting these justifications are:
1-New York is a big city, and the coordinates of a big city don’t fall in the range of one hundred (0.01) and tenth (0.1) because they have a wide range. For example, the New York City range is between (40.48) degrees to (40.88) degrees north latitude, and the city scale on the 100th scale is not just a dot. Interestingly, even the site of the World Trade Organization building in New York (which was destroyed in the 9/11 incident) is in orbit (40.70) degrees north and does not match the numbers (40.5) and (40.05) degrees. So, the claim of those who say (45) degrees in Nostradamus Century is 40 and 0.05 (40.05) degrees or 40 and 0.5 (40.5) degrees is incorrect because the range of cities (especially big cities like New York) is false because the city range with scale of 100th (0.01) and 10th (0.1) degrees does not fall into them.

2-In Nostradamus’ prophecies, the orbits of other cities are also mentioned, none of which have decimal numbers. So, here’s not expecting the decimal point for the “new city” to be a decimal number. Thus, the claim of those who say (45) degrees in the Nostradamus centrum is 40 and 0.05 (40.05) degrees or 40 and 0.5 (40.5) is incorrect.

3-How to mention the number (45) in this piece of the aforementioned censorship is so clear that it leaves no doubt that the number (40.05) or (40.5) does not comes to mind. (293) On the other hand, the manner of expressing the number (45) in this censor is so illustrative that it is never possible to infer the regional expression
between the (40) and (45) degrees
Thus, both those who claim to mean (45) degrees in Nostradamus centrifuge are 40 and 0.05 (40.05) degrees or 40 and 0.5 (40.5), and those who claim to mean Nostradamus mean (45) degrees, regional Between (40) and (45) degrees are wrong.

Note: It is important to note that the difference between (41) degrees and (45) degrees latitude is not low and is about 480 kilometers. Thus, the new city mentioned in the 97:6 Nostradamus Circuit located at 45 degrees is not the same as New York City, because New York, located at 41 degrees, is (45) degrees and approximately has distance 480 kilometers.

(b) Another important thing to show that Nostradamus’s 97:6 is not similar to the 9/11 event is that the new city that Nostradamus calls is not New York; The town (Villeneuve-sur-Lot) is in France or the town (Villanova d’Asti) in Italy. Because the town (Villeneuve-sur-Lot) is in orbit (44.5) degrees, and the town (Villanova d’Asti) is precisely in orbit (45) degrees. (294) The cities, of course, are relatively small, and can be found in a small latitude range, such as New York. That’s why we didn’t mention a wide latitude for them. The important point is that these cities existed in Nostradamus’ time and were not far from his native France. So, Nostradamus probably meant the new city, one of these two cities.
It is also interesting to note that the term (Ville neuve) in French means new city, and (Villa nova) also means that; this also raises the possibility of Nostradamus referring to these two cities. (295)
In the following satellite image taken from the Google earth program, you can see images of the two cities and their geographical location: (Villeneuve-sur-Lot), the first in the French city, and the second in the city (Villanova d’Asti) is in Italy.)

Satellite image of City (Villeneuve-sur-Lot) in orbit (44.5) North latitude

Satellite image of City (Villanova d’Asti) in orbit (45) North latitude

(c) The third point that rejects the connection of 97:6 with the 9/11 event is that Nostradamus said that “fire is approaching the new city” but that 9/11 did not come close to the twin towers, but two planes approached the towers and set the towers on fire. This is also a confirmation of the relevance of this fragment to Nostradamus’ prophecies.
Thus, as we have seen, the fictitious 9/11 incident is in no way compatible with Nostradamus’ prophecy. In fact, this misinterpretation of (Century 6 – piece 97) is deliberately presented and the purpose of promoting it in various books and sites is to introduce Nostradamus as a great prophecy and to use it for the rest of Nostradamus’ prophecies and to show that portray Muslims as militant and bloodthirsty men.

B) Among other exaggerations about the false 9/11 incident is the deliberate translation and interpretation of the following passage: (296)

The evil Freemasonry apparatus and Nostradamus supporters have claimed to advance their evil intentions that this Nostradamus prophecy is about the 9/11 event! They have even said that the word “Tour” in the passage is “Tower” in English. According to their claims, the passage states that the tower was set on fire during an attack, meaning the New York WTO tower!
This ridiculous claim is easily dismissed. Because the two buildings mentioned in this piece (Tour D’Aigues and Ansouis) are well known old castles located near the city of Peritus in France and are 8 kilometers from each other. Nostradamus’ prophecy is about these castles. The interesting thing is that Nostradamus’ prophecy about these castles still stands still. Thus, the prediction of the passage not only has nothing to do with the 9/11 incident, but also with the French castles! (297) You can see the picture of the two castles below:

Location of the castles of Tour D’Aigues, Ansouis and the city of Pertius

One important point to note: The above prophecy does not exist in the ten Nostradamus centaurs; it is found in the Nostradamus annexes. Some books and sites call these distiches the 11th and 12th centurions.

C) Another Nostradamus prophecy, which relates to 9/11, is the following prophecy: (298)

On many websites, the passage has been cited as one of the 9/11 prophecies. The interesting thing is that the sites mentioned above, the second line of the above passage, have been deliberately misinterpreted. So, these sites have translated the French phrase (Fera trembler autour de Cité neufue.) into English (Will cause the towers around the New City to shake) which means: ((earthquake) Will shake the towers around the new city.). But as we have seen above, the French phrase (cause tremler autour de Cité neufue) is translated into English (cause tremors around the New City.) The interesting thing is that in the Nostradamus Century fragment and its correct translation, there is no word on the Tower at all, and it seems that the Masonic websites have been used deliberately and biased the word Tower in their translation. (299)
Another point is that the new city in the Nostradamus centurions’ segment is not New York City, but rather one of the two (Villeneuve-sur-Lot) in France or the town of Villanova d’Asti in Italy. (300)
One the other hand, in the first verse of this passage, it is mentioned that the fire from center of the earth, cause the city shakes; However, on September 11, planes from the sky destroyed the World Trade Organization’s towers, which also proves the claims of the sites to be false.

D) There are also fake prophecies about 9/11 that Nostradamus did not even mention in his books at all. An example of these prophecies is shown below: (301)

The above prophecy is completely fake and Nostradamus didn’t even mention it. The prophecy is mentioned in many e-mails and sites, but it is not found in centurions or in other Nostradamus books. What is more interesting is that the year of the song is mentioned in 1645, while Nostradamus lived a century before that date and in 1654, he was about 150 years old! (302)

E) You will also find another fake prophecy attributed to Nostradamus: (303)

This prophecy was completely false and even there’s no similar prophecy between Nostradamus’ prophecies! (304)

F:In addition to the above predictions related to September 11 , there are other predictionsThere are some that are famous. Among these predictions, we can mention the prediction that according to Nostradamus supporters claim that Hitler has arrived. It’s best to take a look at this prediction first:(305)

The above piece is one of the most important pieces advertised by Nostradamus supporters, and their reasoning for the accuracy of Nostradamus’ prophecy is that there is also a word (Hister) that is similar to Hitler and refers to Germany!
But there are strong reasons to disprove these claims:
a) This centurion has termed Hister as being imprisoned in an iron cage, while we all know that Hitler and his mistress Eva Brown committed suicide on the day of the Allied victory; (306) So this prophecy has nothing to do with Hitler.
b) The word “Hister” has been mentioned in various ways in various versions of Nostradamus’s prophecies, for example in the book The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus by Henry C. Roberts. It is mentioned that the Latin name is the Danube River (307) and incidentally the primary part of the river is located in Germany (308), on the other hand in some books, including in the book The Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham. The Nostradamus centurions are mentioned by the word Hister. (309) Another point is that at the beginning of the second book, the author has claimed that Nostradamus himself is most likely from the word (For this reason, in the book, along with the word (Hister), the word (Hitler) is used. (310) It can be concluded that the book of Nostradamus prophecies has been manipulated throughout history. European and American countries have changed the text and interpreted it to their advantage wherever necessary, for example, the author of the second book (Erika Cheetham), which is English, in favor of British interest and the loss of the Germans is written and written by (Hitler) instead of (Hister).
Of course, there are many predictions about Hitler that we will not mention in terms of volume, but almost all of them are similarly rejected.

G) The last prophecy we are considering here is a very well-known prophecy that Nostradamus’ supporters claim refer to Imam Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution.
This prophecy has been repeatedly voiced by the Western media, thereby threatening Iran’s growth for the West, thereby justifying its colonial goals. By claiming that the prophecy is one of several correct Nostradamus prophecies about Iran and Islam, these news agencies are trying to sabotage the rest of Nostradamus’ prophecies about Iran and Islam to support their Western audiences and to have their support in their fight against Islam and Iran.
Unfortunately inside Islamic lands and even in our beloved country of Iran, some dear Muslim brothers, deceived and with good intentions but in the wrong way, are trying to make this prophecy a reason for the legitimacy of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution of Iran; That confirming this false prophecy is only for the benefit of the Western enemies, not the Islamic Revolution, because by making these prophecies true, we are actually legitimizing the goals of the Freemasons and inadvertently paving way to their evil purposes (which is to scare the people of the world of Islam and Iran).
After the introductory commentary, it is best to explain this prediction. The text of this prophecy is as follows: (311)

Despite the deceptive appearance of the passage above, there is a great difference between its description and the facts of the Islamic Revolution in Iran:
a) In the above passage from Nostradamus’ prophecies, it is mentioned that the King’s scandal is accomplished by the end which began in France. This is certainly wrong, because the revolutionary and Islamic movement of the Iranian nation, which won in February 1979, was the beginning of Qom and the year 1342 AH. (312) In fact, the revolutionary-Islamic movement of the Iranian people began following Imam Khomeini’s enlightened speeches in the city of Qom and then his arrest in 1342. The zealous Iranian people revolted in protest against the arrest of Imam Khomeini on June 15, 1942, when the uprising was dragged to the ground by the bloody former regime. (313)
According to most historians, the events of 1342, especially the speeches of the Imam in 1342 and the uprising of 15 June of the same year, marked the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (314) because earlier that year, movements against the oppressive system, They were done either purely national or Todehee as agents of the foreigners. Therefore, the movement of the Iranian nation in the year 1342 following the speeches of Imam, which had more religious and less national aspects, can hardly be called the beginning of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Thus, the beginning of the Iranian Revolution was in Qom, not France; and Nostradamus’ prophecy cannot be linked to Imam Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution.
Of course, some Muslim loved ones and nobles are mistaken and have mistakenly translated the passage of Nostradamus Centurion. You will find one of the translations below, taken from the Persian book “An Analysis of Nostradamus Prophecy”: (315)

As you can see, the third sentence of the above passage is translated as (ending in French). This mistake in translation has made the translator and author of the book and readers more likely to mistake it. However, this incorrect translation is easily dismissed. Because:
1-The phrase (ending in French) is not grammatically correct because the end of everything happens in an instant and it does not take long to finish. For this reason, in English, the verb (Finish) never gets (ing) and it cannot be used permanently (Finishing). Because (Finish) means ending and ending in an instant and cannot be extended. Thus, the phrase (ending in French) which is stated in the translation of the book is not correct.
2-Even if we ignore the laws of grammar, it is not correct to say that the end of Iran’s revolutionary movement from France has begun. Because Imam Khomeini emigrated to Paris in October 1979, but the successive uprisings of the Iranian people in 1977 had begun before September. For example, the uprising of September 17, 1979, when Imam Khomeini was still in Iraq, served as the starting point for the successive uprisings of 1979 that eventually led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. (316) Thus, began the last uprisings leading up to the revolution, also in 1977, when Imam Khomeini was still in Iraq. So, France has no stake in this either.
On the other hand, if we look more closely at the events of the revolution, the final movement of the Islamic Revolution of Iran began in 1976, when in January that year, people across Iran united in protest against the insulting article in the Intelligence Newspaper. This uprising in Qom was dragged to the ground. The uprising marked the beginning of a series of chain uprisings in the country, each of which took place in commemoration of forty martyrs of the previous uprising. The scope of these uprisings was extended to 1979, when the Islamic Revolution of Iran succeeded. (317) Thus, if we look at the Islamic Revolution from this angle as well, we will see again that the final movement of the Islamic Revolution started in Qom at the time of Imam in Iraq (Najaf), not France.
According to the above explanation, we can see that the final movements of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 occurred before October 57, when Imam Khomeini was still in Najaf; he emigrated to France after these events and in October. Therefore, France has not even initiated the final movements of the revolution. Thus, it can be said that Nostradamus’s 70:1 is very different from the realities of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and cannot be related to the revolution.

b) In the Persian book, An Analysis of Nostradamus Prophecy, the translation of the fourth verse (and by a priest sitting at a distance) is also quite wrong. Because the word (Augure), coined in Nostradamus’ prophecy in French, has many meanings, including priesthood, prophecy, omen, sign, and so on. Unfortunately, the translator of the Persian book “An Analysis of Nostradamus’ Prophecy” (Augure) means priest, (318) while this is a misconception, because the meaning of the phrase “Secret Augure” in the original text of the centurion (sign Is nothing else. In fact, if we translate it as a (secret priest), it would be an unnamed phrase and, in the meantime, it would have no resemblance to Imam Khomeini, who was clearly the leader of the Iranian nation. The interesting thing is that the respected translator of this Persian book, in translating the fourth passage of 70:1, has left the word “secret” and forgotten. The correct translation of the passages in question, however, is ((this) is a secret sign to the one who wants (to save himself)), which is in the translations There is also the word “secret” in all of them.
The following are some English translations of 70 Century 1 and its correct Persian translation to reveal the translation error of the Persian book An Analysis of Nostradamus Prophecy, and similar translations: (319)

Two English translations of piece 70:1 and its correct Persian translation. (Note the word “secret: secret” in French, English, and Persian.)

Wrong translation of the Persian book “An analysis of Nostradamus’ prophecies”. (The word “secret” has been deleted without any translation)

Therefore, as you have noted, Nostradamus’s 70:1 piece is fundamentally different from the characteristics of Imam Khomeini and the realities of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Unfortunately, one of the reasons for the prevalence of Nostradamus prophecies among Muslims is that a number of Muslim brothers intend to use Nostradamus prophecies to prove the legitimacy of the revolution and Imam Khomeini. Although the intention of these brothers is good, the way they went is wrong because they were made by a famous Kabbalist, and as we know, Kabbalah is full of atheism and the beginning of Freemasonry. So how can one trust a Kabbalist’s prophecy?
Another point that suggests Nostradamus’ prophecies are a conspiracy is that many Western governments and enemies of Islam use these prophecies to destroy the image of Islam and Iran, and always present Islam and Iran as the greatest threat to the modern world. So, it is at our own expense to uphold these prophecies.
Many of Nostradamus’s prophecies, however, are false or ambiguous in themselves and are easily dismissed. But it is surprising why some Muslim brothers in any way link Nostradamus prophecies to the events of the Muslim world and even justify Nostradamus’ mistakes!

First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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