Imam Mahdi’s Longevity and youth: A science-based reality, not a myth.



In the name of God

In the present age, which many scholars say is the epoch of the apocalypse, wickedness is pervasive throughout the universe, so that inappropriate acts are encouraged instead of righteous acts and ugly rather than beautiful, considered acceptable. Enemies of Islam who have historically fought against this sacred and heavenly religion are now carrying out the most vicious attacks against this beloved religion. In the meantime, the Shiite righteous sect has been offended more than any other Islamic sects by the enemies of Islam and especially the enemies of the Shiites.

The enemies of Islam call this religion a religion of war, violence, and superstition, and defame this sacred religion and prophet by making films and presenting offensive cartoons and paintings and articles and derogatory books insult our sacred religion and our dearest prophet. Unfortunately, in Islamic lands, followers of a number of sects, whether willingly or unwillingly, help achieve the sinister goals of colonialists and enemies of Islam and, instead of seriously confronting all enemies of Islam, engage in conflict with other Islamic sects. In the meantime, the sect that is most offended by the insults and daring of the sacred Muslim views and corrupt scholars is the Shiite Jafari sect.

Given the slander of the enemies of Islam to Islam, and the enemies of the Shiites, to Shiites, the need for a serious, rational, comprehensive and effective defense of the Shiite Muslims against their tricks is increasingly felt.

For this reason, we decided to post some of the most important scientific facts of Islam and Shi’ism, which correspond to the most accurate and rational discoveries of modern science, to the blog “Islam-e-Haqiqi”, while rational and rational defense of Islam and Shiite beliefs, Let the world hear a great deal of the great knowledge

of this heavenly religion and its righteous sect

Of course, doing so does not mean changing the blog of “Islam-e-Haqiqi”, but because of current world conditions, it seems that rational and scientific defense of Islam and Shi’ism, and countering the rumor spread by enemies, is one of the most important pillars for the emergence of the Imam Mahdi.

For this reason, from now on, Islam-e-Haqiqi blog, in addition to analyzing the signs of the emergence, offers a glimpse of the scientific and logical miracles of the Qur’an, is at the service of noble brothers and sisters, and strives to provide a rational and scientific approach. There will be scholarly debate and criticism on theories such as the theory of evolution used by enemies of Islam to counter religious thinking, but new articles will all be presented using credible sources and references.

In the remainder of this introduction, I would remind you of the service of noble brothers and sisters in the present era, between Islam (and especially Shiism) on the one hand, and global arrogance (World Freemasonry or the Antichrist) on the other, are at war in several fronts.

In the meantime, in addition to the military, political, economic, cultural, and social fronts, there seems to be a scientific front in which the global arrogance, quite cleverly, with the glaze of scientific theories striving to destroy mind of Muslim youth especially Shiite youth.

Unfortunately, this front has been ignored by Muslims, and while every day Freemasonry has been trying to promote materialist thinking in the form of deceptive theories such as evolutionary and scientific theory such as psychiatry and neuroscience, these theories and these sciences , Without any criticism or resistance, is given to Muslim and Shiite scholars, while many of these imported theories and sciences have serious scientific and fragile fundamental drawbacks, so that even in Western countries, such as the theory of evolution, by Numerous scientific studies have been called into question and have serious inconsistencies (in the next month I will present some of these evidence questioning the evolution theory.).

But the weird thing is that in our Islamic country of Iran, the pre-university biology book has been very thoroughly explaining the theory of evolution and the claims of its proponents, and more surprisingly, the respected authors of this book have not even bothered to provide scientific evidence against Evolution has been incorporated into this book, which also questions the scientific competence of the authors of this book (the evidence is strong enough to seriously challenge the claims of evolutionists that, if given the opportunity, In the near future, we will provide some of this documentary evidence).

Nevertheless, it seems necessary to open a new front, called the Muslim Front, by Muslims. Of course, it is very easy and economical to open this front for Muslims, especially Shiites, because there are numerous and precise scientific facts in Quranic verses and Islamic traditions and they are so strong that no enemy can confront them. The enemy will be defeated on this front soon enough. God willing.

Another benefit of scientifically studying the Qur’anic truths is the creation of confidence and self-esteem among Shiite Muslims and scholars, because at present Muslim scholars have low self-esteem, even as successful Muslim scholars. Confirmation of their success was subject to the approval of strangers, and they themselves dared not produce their theories as they should and perhaps did not. If the Muslim and Shiite scholars find out the scientific facts stated in the verses of the Qur’an and Islamic traditions and know that Allah is the Wise in the Qur’an and the Supreme Prophet and the Imams (as) in the narrations, the very accurate scientific facts in 1400 years They have already stated that some of these facts have been substantially proven by modern science today, will no longer suffer from a lack of self-confidence and will know that if they follow the Quranic and narrative guidelines to scientific discovery, their definitive success Will be guaranteed.

Muslim scholars, if they believe in the greatness of Islam, will no longer feel a lack of confidence in the face of foreign scientists.

Now, after mentioning this long introduction, let’s examine the scientific study of one of the most important Shiite beliefs that has been ridiculed by enemies of Islam and Shia for centuries and compared to the discoveries of modern science.

Imam Mahdi’s longevity and youth: a science-based reality, not a myth.

One of the most prominent Muslim beliefs is the belief in the emergence of a savior from the family of the Prophet, peace be upon him, in the apocalypse. There are disputes between the Shiites and the Sunnis; one of the most important is that the Shiites believe that Imam Mahdi (PBUH) was born in 255 AH and was hidden from view thanks to God’s will and until then to demand God’s livelihood will be in absentia. (1) According to this belief, the Prophet has a long-life span and, at the time of his emergence, healed at a young age. However, Sunnis, on the other hand, believe that the Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) would be born in the apocalypse and would grow and begin their global movement. (2) Sunnis, however, strongly disagree with the Shi’ite view of the life of the Prophet (PBUH), stating that the Mahdi (peace be upon him) could not have such a long life and at the same time appear young.

Of course, non-Muslims and enemies of Islam do not even accept the religion of Islam, which is to accept the Mahdism. The enemies of Islam, therefore, question the principle of Mahdism, especially know the Shi’ite view of the Imam’s life and youth as myth and fantasy. But are the Shiites’ beliefs about the life of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and his youth is nothing but their illusion?

After considering the different belief groups about Imam Mahdi’s life and youth, we now turn to the scientific study of Shiite beliefs about Imam Mahdi’s life and youth.

As mentioned, the Shiites believe that Imam Mahdi (AS) was concealed after his birth in 255 AH and was in absentia by the will of God and would remain hidden until God willing. And then when the Almighty knows that the Imam will appear to the people. According to this belief, Imam Mahdi (AS) has a long life and is young when he emerges. In this regard, many traditions have been quoted by the Imams (as). Below is one of them:

Imam Reza (AS) in response to the Heravi who asked him: What are your Imam’s signs when he emerges? “His sign is that he is old, but his vision is young; the viewer thinks he is 40 years or younger. Another sign is that he will not grow old day and night until his fulfillment. “(3)

In the above narration, strange things about Imam Mahdi (AS) are mentioned. Imam Reza (as) is said to be young and physically and outwardly, while Imam Mahdi (AS) is said to be long-lived, so that he will not grow old with the passing of time. Now the question is how can Imam Mahdi (as) be so different from the rest of human beings and even the Imams (as) and the Prophet (pbuh)? Is this belief about Imam Mahdi merely an illusion, or is it scientifically possible to prove it?

So far, Shiite scholars and writers have provided evidence to prove Imam Mahdi’s life. The most important evidence ever given by Shiite scholars regarding the possibility of proving the life of Imam Mahdi (AS). They are as follows:

1-Examples of the Elderly: According to the theory, since some people have long lived by the testimony of history (including Prophet Noah, Prophet Adam, Bakht al-Nasr, etc.), this possibility exists Imam Mahdi (as) has a long life like them. (4)

2-Examples of medical science efforts to increase life expectancy: In this theory, it is stated that nowadays due to medical efforts to increase life expectancy, it is possible that Imam Mahdi (AS) also due to observance of medical principles and knowing the rules of longevity, has a long life. (5)

The evidence you have mentioned, though somewhat helpful, is itself problematic, for example in the case of scholars, although this example may be more meaningful to Sunnis or to some followers of religions, such as Christians, but It is not an appropriate response for the claims of the secular and the irreligious, because they do not accept Prophet Noah, etc., as we know and accept.

With the advances in medical science and the efforts of scientists to produce results of their research on extending human life span, there is still the problem that scientists’ research has not yet yielded a good and effective result, and the ability of scientists to enhance human lifespan is still poor.

Scientists today have focused their efforts mainly on research into cancer cells to find out why they prolong the life span of cancer cells so they can find out why they last longer and then extend them to other cells in the body if possible. For example, telomerase, an active cellular protein whose function is to add telomeres at the end of chromosomes, is one of the scientists’ favorite subjects. (6)

Note: Those who are not interested in biology or do not have enough information are careless to read between *** and ***. (*** Telomeres are the units at the bottom of the chromosomes that act as cell clocks. In normal cells, with time and cell division, telomeric fragments are cut off at the ends of the chromosomes and continue until the last The telomeres are also cut off and the telomeres are no longer left at the ends of the chromosomes, but their normal cells are terminated and die, but in cancer cells with increased telomerase activity, when telomeres are removed from the ends of the chromosome, the protein telomerase removes other telomeres. It adds to the end of the chromosome, and it doesn’t Allow cancer cells to die. ***) (7)

Nowadays, it is hoped that by investigating telomerases and using them in healthy cells of the human body, they can extend life span. Of course, there is a very long way to go before the results of this research, and especially until their results are realized, let alone on humans. So, the example of medical science advances in the life of Imam Mahdi (AS) is not very helpful. Another important point regarding the evidence hitherto cited by Shiite scholars is that the example of the architects and the example of medical advances, though they may partially justify the life of Imam Mahdi (AS), But they don’t necessarily justify his youth over time.

But the new evidence that your dear brothers and sisters are being served for the first time today is the science of new physics. We strongly recommend that you do not worry at first and do not think that the following explanations are complicated and difficult. Rather, we have tried, as far as possible, to present things in a very simple way, far from the complex formulas and new equations of physics. Of course, if you have problems or questions about some of these issues, you can get help from a physician or electrical or civil engineer who is also credible.

In this new hypothesis that I am presenting, we try to examine the possibility of proving the long life of Imam Mahdi (AS) and his youth using the theory of “Special Relativity”. Again, do not be afraid of the name Einstein’s theory of relativity, because the following are very simple and understandable.

According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which is supported by empirical evidence, when things are extremely fast, special things happen to them, so that the distances for the objects become shorter, the mass of the objects increases, and even the time for fast objects goes on shorter. In other words, according to the law, the person sitting on a very fast spacecraft is much slower than the observer on Earth, and this is a slower passage of real time than just an idea. (8) Although this may sound strange and seem to contradict what is said in classical physics (which we read in high school), Einstein’s theory of relativity in particular is surprising and strange, it is true and has been substantiated by empirical evidence.

Part of Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which we discuss in this article, is the discussion of “relativity of time” and not the rest of it. The relativity of time says that objects and people traveling at very high speeds, such as near the speed of light, are far too slow for the Earth observer. In other words, if there were two people, one sitting on the ground and the other sitting on a high-speed spacecraft, the hour in the hands of the astronaut would be slower than the observer sitting on the ground. The astronaut himself does not feel this slowing down, of course, but when compared to the terrestrial one, this discrepancy over time shows itself. (9) For example, while one person spent one hour on Earth, one astronaut spent only one minute. So, the person on Earth is 1 hour older, but the astronaut is only 1 minute older. The astronaut thus remained younger than anyone during this period.

Of course, this is not just a fictional debate, but a scientific fact in physics that has been studied in many formulas.

Note: Those who are not interested in physics or do not have enough information are free to read between *** and ***.

*** The following formula, one of the easiest formulas in Einstein’s theory of relativity, deals with the relationship between speed and relativistic time: (10)

In the above formula, t is the time elapsed for the person standing idle, but t’ is the time elapsed for the person sitting on a very fast spacecraft and whose spacecraft has a V velocity.

It follows from the formula that if a person sits on a spacecraft at a very high speed, time will be much slower for him to spend hours on earth, and his life will be longer and younger than humans. To make this more understandable, let’s give the above formula with a numerical example:

Suppose one person is sitting on a chair on a static, motionless plane, and another is traveling at a very high speed inside a spacecraft. Assume that the second-party spacecraft has a velocity of 0.99999999C (C is the speed of light); the time spent on the ground and the time spent on the spacecraft will differ substantially.

Suppose, for example, that if a person’s hour of sitting on a chair (t) on the Earth showed 20 hours elapsed, according to the formula, the person sitting on the spacecraft would only show a few seconds elapsed. The formula calculation above is as follows:

As you have seen, when a spacecraft speeds very close to the speed of light, the time is so slow that the clock on the Earth shows a time of 20 hours, the time within the spacecraft from the observer point to time Does not show (0 = t ‘). Of course, because we have calculated 0.99999999C in the formula for the convenience of calculating approximately C, the value obtained in the end result (t = 0) is not a real zero, but the original end result Is (0.00000001= t’)

Thus, it can be said that while traveling on Earth for 20 hours, a person traveling on a very high-speed spacecraft experiences only 1 second from the ground observer.

So, the person sitting on the high-speed spacecraft is nearly 1,000 times younger than the person sitting on the ground and has spent less time.

Albert Einstein used an example called Photon Clock to make his formula more understandable. Before explaining the photon clock, see the following image: (11)

Photon clock and explain the slow passage of time at very high speeds.

A photon clock is an hour consisting of two mirror surfaces. The way this clock works is that when a particle of light (photon) hits the surface of the first mirror to the surface of the second mirror and returns to the first mirror again, it shows a time shift of 1 second. When this clock (the photon clock) is stationary (for example, in the hands of a man sitting on the Earth), a very ordinary and explained photon clock records seconds (which we illustrate in the figure above with a green arrow). But when the photon clock is placed in a very high-speed spacecraft, a light particle (photon) moving across the surface of the first mirror and moving toward the second mirror must travel a very long distance to reach the surface of the opposite mirror, and again It has to travel a very, very long distance to return from the second mirror to the first mirror again (we’ve shown this in the red arrow above). In fact, in the spacecraft, a light or photon particle will have to travel much longer in space as soon as it detaches from the first mirror to reach the second mirror, instead of traveling like a photon clock on Earth. It will travel to the mirror in front of it because the spacecraft carrying the said photon clock has traveled thousands of kilometers in the space of a very short period of time and is no longer in its prime. Therefore, a light or photon particle has to travel to the spacecraft’s foot in space to reach the mirror of the opposite surface in order to hit the opposite mirror. This causes the photon, which by its rotation, to show us the photon clock of time, to return to its prime position later and to show seconds slower.

In fact, in spacecraft, a photon is a photon clock that has to travel a long way to indicate elapsed time, so it slows us down.

Note: Einstein used the photon clock example to make relativistic time more understandable. But this does not mean that the slow down time at high speeds is necessarily due to what happens to the photon clock, but that slow down time at high speeds may have more complex mechanisms. But whatever it is, relativistic time is a scientific fact in physics that has also been proven in experimental experiments. ***

The Twin Paradox: (12) A very simple example used by modern physicists to make the problem of relativistic time more understandable is the problem of the twin paradox. In this example, it is stated that if two twins celebrate their twentieth birthday exactly, and after this celebration, one of the twins, an astronaut, will be sent to space by a very high-speed spaceship, but the twin brother Staying on Earth, strange things happen after so many years, such that the astronaut, looking at his spacecraft’s clock, says that I will see my brother on Earth for another 10 years, both celebrating our 30th birthday. According to the spacecraft’s clock, 10 years have passed and the astronaut’s heart returns to earth with joy. But when he gets off the ship, he sees a 70-year-old man with a bouquet of flowers on the floor. The spacecraft wonders, “Who are you, old man, and why did you get so close to the spacecraft?” Aren’t you afraid of hurting you? But the old man replies: I am your twin brother!

The Twin Paradox. An amazing but real theory in modern physics.

The Twin Paradox. An amazing but real theory in modern physics.

At this time, the astronaut’s stunned surprise is reminded of the paradoxical law of the relativistic twins and finds that because the spacecraft with which he traveled was very fast, the hours inside the spacecraft were much slower than the hours on Earth, it shows the passage of time, meaning that for astronauts only 10 years have elapsed since the spacecraft clock, but hours on Earth have spent 50 years.

As a result, the astronaut’s twin brother realizes that his time on the spacecraft is slower than the hours on Earth.

Experimental evidence confirming the validity of the relativistic time problem:

Years after Einstein introduced the special law of relativity and the problem of relativistic time, scientists came up with empirical evidence that corroborated the problem of relativistic time very precisely; we cite three examples here:

1-Mu mesons are volatile particles created by the collision of cosmic rays with the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. These particles have a very short life span, so short that even if they are close to the speed of light, they should not reach the surface of the earth, as they are much shorter than one would expect; But surprisingly, we find these particles reaching the surface of the Earth. The reason for this is that because of the high velocity of these particles, the internal clocks of these particles are also slower. That is to say, if we assume that each of these particles is wrapped around the clock, these clocks are much slower than time on Earth. In fact, the same paradox of twins happens to these particles. (13)

2- Satellite clocks used in the Global Positioning System (GPS) show a much slower time lapse, due to the high speed of satellites traveling around the Earth due to the high speed of satellites. (14)

This slowing down of time in satellite clocks is very minor, however, but should be kept in mind in computation, as this slight discrepancy between the satellite clock and the Earth clock may lead to computational errors on position of objects on Earth. An example of the importance of this problem was the errors in the “Robotic World Championships” that were caused by the inconsistency between the clocks on the ground and the clocks inside the GPS satellites. (15)

3- A person named Carol Alley from Richmond insisted on conducting a very straightforward experiment on the difference of clocks at high speeds, thereby testing the validity of the twin paradox theory.

So, he opted for two atomic clocks, which are very accurate clocks with only one second of error per million years, for research.

In this experiment, he left one of the clocks on the ground and took the other with him into the high-speed aircraft, taking long distances several times. Then, at the conclusion of the experiment, when he put the atomic nuclei together every two hours, he observed that the hour he was traveling with in the air and in the jet was much slower than the hour on Earth. In fact, the clock on the high-speed plane was slightly younger than the clock on the ground because of the high speed of the aircraft. (16)

The above examples are a small part of the empirical examples of the validity of Einstein’s theory of special relativity and the paradox of twins. However, other empirical experiments have been carried out to prove the theory that we will not address in this article.

A few empirical examples of the relevance of Time Relativity and the Twin Paradox.

One very important point: In addition to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which relates to time, length, and mass variations at high speeds, there is another theory called Einstein’s theory of general relativity that changes with time, length, and mass. It deals with very large objects. In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, it has been argued that objects and people in the vicinity of very large objects, such as giant stars or black holes, will spend time shorter than those living on Earth. (17)

Thus, according to the theory that the person who lives next to a giant star time passes by it slower than his twin brother experiences on Earth; in fact, time passes by the giant star next to him, He lives younger than his brother.

It should be noted that the theory of general relativity has been proven by experimental experiments, but it is less emphasized by scientists than in special relativity, so although general relativity can also be used in our discussion, Because of the complexity of this theory and its less importance than the theory of special relativity, we do not refer to it in this article.

Concluding the Discussion and its Relation to the Life Issue of Imam Mahdi (AS)

Following Einstein’s relatively detailed explanation of Einstein’s theory of special relativity, we will now serve you the final summary that can be summarized and can be used by all dear readers of the blog.

The end result of Einstein’s special relativity about time, the paradox of the twins, and Einstein’s theory of relativity is that in the world we live in, reality, time, length and mass are relative, and may vary in size, in different conditions. On the question of the relative time that is discussed in this article, it should also be said that according to the new and surprising findings of modern physics, time is a relative matter, and at that point different individuals may be practically identical over a seemingly constant period of time practically Experience different times.

For example, according to these laws of physics, if there were two twin brothers of the same age, one astronaut and the other a resident of the Earth, the two brothers might differ in the course of time, so if When both are in their 20s, one of the brothers goes on a very fast spaceship and returns to Earth after 10 years, after landing on the ground while the astronaut’s brother thinks With his twin brother on earth like he is 30, you will be surprised to find that his twin brother is 70 years old. Because of the extremely high speed of the spaceship, the clocks inside the spacecraft, which astronauts routinely display as time, have been slower to record than time on Earth; Have shown faster time over time.

Of course, this is an exaggerated example, and we have not yet reached such a spacecraft, but it is certainly not a dream, as new physics and Einstein’s theory of special relativity have shown and through Experimental experiments have been confirmed, so the problem stated is purely scientific, not dreaming.

But what do the above issues have to do with Imam Mahdi’s lifetime debate?

As you have seen in the preceding sections of this article, and especially in the discussion of the twin paradox, in our world today, it is possible for two different individuals to live in different conditions, the time being different, for example, if someone Pass on 300 years, for the other person the same amount of time as 3 years perceive that these differences quickly depend on the path of these people so on.

As for the issue of Imam Mahdi’s (AS) longevity, it has been stated in the traditions that while humans on earth have spent more than a few hundred years (up to 1200 years) since the beginning of the Imam’s (AS) absence, Mehdi (as) is not only alive at the time of his emergence, but is about 40 years old. This shows that the long time spent for the rest of the people of the earth has been a short time for Imam Mahdi (AS) and that he has spent only a short time of his blessed life. In fact, there is a difference between the time spent for Imam Mahdi and the time spent for the rest of humanity.

Enemies now respond to how Einstein’s theory of special relativity, the paradox of twins, and so on, which admit that two different individuals can spend different times in the same world at the same time, but they ridicule the Shiites believe in longevity of Imam Mahdi and his youth at his appearance! Doesn’t the twin paradox say that time is relative?

In fact, it should be said that our Shi’ite narratives about 1300 to 1400 years ago reported an important scientific principle that western scientists are proud of today. Our narrations have all stated that while for most people a few hundred years elapses, the same amount of time for the Imam Mahdi (AS) who is absent but living in the same world, takes a little time and that means the same problem of relativity of time. But one should ask the Sunnis: How don’t you believe in the longevity of Imam Mahdi (AS), you who believe in the power of God Almighty? Are Western scientists capable of the Almighty who can raise the question of the relativity of time and even test it in their empirical experiments, but the Almighty cannot keep his authority alive and young throughout history? Do Sunni physicists who read the laws of new physics every year accept these laws, but consider the traditions of Imam Mahdi’s (AS) long life and their staying young throughout history, Shiite myths and fantasies far from the facts? Do they know science? How is it that we ordinary humans are able to understand this, but the ascension of the Almighty God and the Prophet and the Imams do not know anything about it?

But what is the response of Western scientists and European and American thinkers in this regard? How did they discover and boast about the issue of relative time, but mock the Shiite view of Imam Mahdi’s (AS) life and his youth at the time of his emergence? Isn’t the mockery of this idea meant to call into question their own discoveries? Do they not at least suspect that there may be other laws in nature in addition to the laws that can explain the issue of young people’s survival over time?

But why did the Shia scholars not respond to the ridicule of the enemies of Islam and why they did not argue with the Sunni brothers through science? Certainly, when we, the weak and mortal, are able to discover the laws in which we find them, it is possible that time may be spent on different people in different ways, that God Almighty, who is billions of times more powerful and knowledgeable than us, has made laws in nature, that allows them time to move differently for different people. Woe to those who ignore the power of God and even his power less than Western scientists who are able to manipulate time for objects.

One very important point to be made: Our purpose in writing this article is not to say that we have discovered the mechanism of extending the life of Imam Mahdi and his youth at the time of his emergence; The issue is beyond our human ability. But we’ve edited this article to say that in this material world we live in, there are amazing laws that say different people can experience different times and that time may be slower for some people in certain situations. In fact, it is similar to what happened to Imam (PBUH) over time.

Thus, we say how we can ignore the power of God while we ourselves have discovered weak humans, laws such as Einstein’s special theory of relativity, the paradox of twins, and so on.

In fact, by saying this article, we intend to state that there may be in the nature of the discovered laws, such as the relativity of time, as well as other undiscovered laws created by God to extend his lifespan and Keep him young

upon his emergence.

The article you serve is trying to remind the idiots who consider the words of the Shiite Imams about the life of Imam Mahdi (AS) to be myths and fantasies, that their words are myths, not Shiites, because the discoveries of modern science like modern physics. , Confirms the correctness of the Shi’ite view of the life of Imam Mahdi (AS) and his youth at the time of his emergence.

At the end of the article, we reiterate that we do not claim that the mechanism of Imam Mahdi’s (as) lifetime is the same Einstein’s theory of special relativity; rather, we state that there are laws of this kind in our nature that relate to Shiite traditions of life. Imam Mahdi (as) and his youth at the time of his appearance. Therefore, the Shiite viewpoint in this regard is perfectly rational and scientific, and the Shiite enemies are saying non-sense.

Hopefully, this article will take a small step towards preparing for the emergence of Imam Mahdi (AS).

Hoping for the coming of our promised savior Imam Mahdi Saheb al-Zaman (AS).

Work by: Khadim Al-Imam

With the help of: Khadimat Al-Zahra



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