Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 2

الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

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Throughout history Freemasonry has taken full advantage of all the power and possibilities available to accomplish its sinister ends. After the overthrow of ancient Egyptian rule, this evil doctrine has crept through societies for centuries and centuries in a mysterious but active and dynamic way. By the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and at the same time American independence (which is a fully Masonic state), Freemasonry slowly withdrew itself from the lower layers of society without fear, thinking that it was in a position of power. It has introduced its symbols; in recent years, because of its great power, it has made its actions more public in order to attract some people into its own hands, fearing its power, and to strengthen its foundations.
Throughout history, Freemasonry has worked on two major fronts to advance its goals and fight divine religions:
1-The economic, political, military, and technological fronts (which succeeded in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and have influenced the world ever since) have played a major role in this front, with Israel and the United States. The United States and Israel, in addition to their prominent role in the political, economic, and military spheres, are indirectly promoting corruption, prostitution, and evil acts, with the support of Satanist groups. The interesting thing is that the chiefs and masters of Masonry and those who run the network have a chic and elegant look, but the lower classes and the ordinary people who are drawn to the devilish groups are out of appearance and have devilish looks.
2-The intellectual, ideological, and cultural front (influenced by religions seeking to destroy them both internally and externally). In the ideological front, Freemasonry has infiltrated various denominations in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism:
Islam: Through the prevalence of the Baha’is, some nascent mystical sects and Freemasons of the Shriner spectrum have sought to undermine Islam
Christianity: Freemasonry has promoted groups called evangelicals whose goals and practices are in line with Freemasons’ beliefs, and these groups have been largely successful. Freemasons have also infiltrated the Vatican and some Protestant denominations. From this it can be concluded that the Vatican’s recent problems with Islam and the Islamic countries are also the result.
Judaism: Most Jews, especially Israelis, are affiliated with the Masonic establishment. Jewish-Freemasonry is a two-way communication, the Jew promotes Masonic or Kabbalah teachings, and Freemasonry supports the Jews.

In the picture below, you see the various fronts of Freemasonry in the face of divine religions:

Following the preliminary information on Freemasonry, we examine the evidence of the association of Freemasonry with different countries and groups.

Evidence of American Relations with Freemasonry
1-The most prominent people who signed the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 were Freemasons.(56) These are:
Benjamin Franklin-Thomas Jefferson-George Washington-John Adams

(Of course, there are opinions about John Adams, but there is no doubt about the other three being Masons. The other point here is John Adams is a father, not John Quincy Adams or John Adams Junior)

The most prominent signatories of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. (All of them were Masons.)

George Washington, who was the first American president, was nicknamed the Supreme Master of Freemasonry (the highest rank in Freemasonry, and almost the same bishop in Christianity and the Rabbi in Judaism). In the picture, George Washington is seen in a Freemasonry Lodge, in this photo Square’s sign and compass are displayed on her apron and a G sign (Goat) is displayed above his head.(57)

George Washington at Freemasonry Lodge

Statue of George Washington in Washington.(58) Many American people who visit this statue
They are surprised to see the half-naked statue of their first president. But if we compare this statue with the image Satanists think of Satan (Baphomet), we will find something important, especially if we look at the hands. (Another point to be seen in the figure is the cane in the skirt (Baphomet) and twisted around it. Today, it is a trademark, called Caduceus. It originally existed in ancient Egypt, with Considering the presence of big businessmen in Freemasonry, it seems that they have deliberately used this mark as a symbol of trade, and unfortunately it is still used as a trade mark around the world.)


2- Early designs for the American flag clearly had Freemasonry signs and symbols.(60) Including the eyes of the world, or the light of day, which seems to have been risked by the American Founders at that time, because of the religious atmosphere in the people at that time, clear symptoms might have been present. Masonry alerted the public to the evil intentions of the politicians and thus overthrew the nascent American Masonic government.

Draft proposals for the American flag (pay attention to the world.

3-Most US presidents have been members of secret and Masonic groups, including Masonry, Freemasonry, Occult, Illuminati, Secret Society, and so on, 14 of which were only Freemasonry members, and nearly as many as Illuminati and … have joined. It can be said that over 90-95% of them were members of these groups and there was a lot of documentation in this area.(61) In this case, there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats; sometimes even the Democrats have been more powerful than Republicans in their relationship with American Zionist lobbies.

Only a few US presidents have been definitely non-Masonic or anti-Masonic, the most notable of which are:(62)
1-Abraham Lincoln (assassinated)
2-Ulysses S. Grant
3-John F. Kennedy (assassinated) “Kennedy was the only Catholic American president.”

Some examples of Masonic presidents:

Republicans: George W. Bush, George W. Bush, Democrat: Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton
(Both were members of the skeleton and skull groups.)

Former US Republican President Ronald Reagan attends White House Freemason Masonic Testimony

Anti-Masonic Presidents:

Abraham Lincoln Ulysses Grant John. F. Kennedy

The important and controversial point to draw attention to is why between the three
Anti-Mason presidents, 2 were assassinated while no one was assassinated among Masonic Presidents?!(63)

4-The way of constructing buildings and Washington DC (US Capital)

The city has been nicknamed the Devil City among non-evangelical Christians, such as Catholics and other Protestant denominations
The first building under discussion is the Pentagon. The Pentagon is made of a 5-sided shape, which, if attached to it, creates a pentagon in the middle of it, which is inverted to the White House and forms the Baphomet.(64)

Different views of the Pentagon and its position relative to the White House. As you can see, the diameters of the pentagon are opposite to the White House’s five-cornered star or Baphomet.
The image above is the adjacent image that has been rotated to better define the Baphomet mode of Pentagon diameters than the White House.

The way of locating of important government and Masonic buildings to each other including White House and the Capitol:

If we connect the White House and its surrounding squares Reverse 5-pointed star or Baphomet will be obtained.(65) The image below illustrates the above, provided by the Google Earth application.

How the Fields Around the White House (Baphomet Formation)

Here is a basic map of Washington. On this map, we will see that the design of the streets and squares is such that the Baphomet symbol is visible in one corner.(66)

An early map of the city of Washington. Inside the red circle, you can clearly see Baphomet, only half of which is defective with the defect shown in the blue ellipse. Washington’s Masonic designers seem to have not designed a small piece of Baphomet to diminish its clarity in order to avoid the opposition of then-American society (which was highly religious).

In this figure, we can see three major US buildings; if we draw a line from the Capitol to the White House (this line is along a street that connects the two buildings), and a line. Connecting Congress to the Jefferson Memorial (Jefferson also Mason) is a compassionate sign. Also, if we connect two perpendicular lines from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House and the Jefferson Memorial, the Square mark will be obtained. (It should be noted that Lincoln was not Mason, but he did not erect a monument himself, but rather a Mason President erected the monument.) The image below illustrates the above, provided by the Google Earth program.

The state of government and Masonic buildings of Washington DC

Also, the angle between the two hypothetical lines crossing the Jefferson Memorial and the White House and the Pentagon to the White House is 33 degrees. It should be noted, of course, that we only see the 33-degree angle when the image of the city of Washington is actually scaled. And if we don’t follow the scale, we won’t see the angle. The image below, which illustrates the above and provides a realistic view of the city, was provided by the Google Earth app.

The state of government and Masonic buildings of Washington DC
All of the above points are conspiracy of the Freemasons. So that they have even used their symbols to design cities.

5-The first cornerstone of the congress (Capitol), which was laid out about 200 years ago, had a Freemasonry Square and Compasses shape.
It can be said that even the US Congress was founded on Masonic goals. In the pictures below, you can see the symbolic ceremony held on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Congress. It was exactly like the actual congressional establishment 200 years ago. (Note the mark of the compass and the Square on the stone.)

A symbolic ceremony to mark the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Congress. (Note the mark on the stone.)

A symbolic ceremony to mark the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Congress. (Note the mark on the stone.)

The cornerstone used in 1932 on the occasion of the hundred and thirty-ninth anniversary of the founding of the Congress at a similar ceremony. The stone is currently kept in the museum.

View from the US Capitol. Notice the two thick axes on both sides of the American flag. This thick ax (Fasces) was named after the legion of the Roman army. Mussolini, who was empowered by World War II to claim Roman revival, also carried the Italian flag (Fasces). The word fascism is also derived from the word (Fasces). The capitol is also named after the wolf of the Capitol, which was Roman symbol.

One comment: According to the US Congress, we find that predictions of some Islamic traditions about apocalypse have come true. Because in the traditions it is mentioned that in the apocalypse, Rome is a trick in Iraq. Many scholars also consider America to be the Roman tradition.(68) As you can see in the pictures, the name of the US Congress (Capitol) is derived from the name of the Capitol wolf symbolizing ancient Rome. In addition, the thick axes of the US Congress (Fasces) also symbolized the legions of the Roman army. These, along with many other indications, show that the American political structure was adapted from ancient Rome. Thus, the prediction of the traditions has come true. It is important to note that the intellectual structure and philosophy of the American state originated in ancient Egyptian Masonic teachings, but the American political structure is very similar to ancient Rome.

6-The official seal of the United States of America, which is also found on the back of the US $ 1 bills, is another important piece of evidence that shows the American connection to Freemasonry.(69)
Signs and evidence on the dollar that indicate Freemasonry’s relationship with the United States are:

US dollar bills

Masonic Symbols on the Dollar: The face of George Washington, the great Freemason and the first US president. In the US Treasury seal on the dollar, there are also 13 white circles in the shape of ^. (13 are sacred Jewish and benevolent Masons, and America originally had 13 states.)

George Washington photo on US Treasury seal

Masonic Symbols Behind the Dollar: The official US emblem images behind the dollar are the most important Masonic signs. There are 2 main designs in the US Seal. In the first drawing, above the eagle, there is the star of David or the hexagon star, designed with 13 small stars. Also, on one end of the eagle are 13 arrows or arrows, and on the other there are 13 olive leaves and 13 olive grains; also, in the middle of seal, united states flag has been designed with 7 white and 6 black lines total of 13 lines. (figure below)

One of the two official US stamp designs on the back of $ 1 bills

The hexagon star on the official US seal and behind the dollar

Important: The official US seal was made about two centuries ago. The presence of the hexagonal mark on the official seal of the United States of America (which is a Christian nation) more than 200 years before Israel was founded indicates that the plan to create Israel was centuries old and the Holocaust is nothing more than an excuse and a myth.
In the second design of the official US seal, there is a pyramid at the top of which the image of the triangle of light or the eyes of the universe is painted. The number of stairs in the pyramid is 13. The word “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (in Latin), or New World Order (equivalent in English) is also written at the bottom of the seal. What is seen today is the frequent use of American leaders, including George W. Bush, for the slogan “New World Order”, which is Mason’s most important plan to form an evil world government. Another point is that the insistence on the use of the number 13 and symbols of ancient Egypt in the US dollar indicates the US relationship with Freemasonry, and this is the only rational justification for this.

Another of the two official US stamp designs on the back of $ 1 bills

In the image below, if we match the Masonic compass and Square on the pyramid and the eye of the universe, the compass head intersects the two letters M and N, and Square’s intersection of letters will be 3 letters S, O and A, next to Putting these letters together becomes the word MASON.

Creating the word (MASON) from putting the Masonic mark of Pegasus and Square on the official US seal

One comment on the US dollar: Since 1957, the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” has been behind all US dollar bills. Of course, in the previous years, the phrase coincided with American coins from time to time, and then disappeared. But the 1957 US banknotes have had that phrase behind them.

The phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” behind US dollars

According to many scholars, the US move in 1957 (only 12 years after the end of World War II and the US entered the Cold War era) was only to counter the communist movement that openly promoted atheism. In fact, America’s goal was to win the support of the American people and the rest of the Christian world. In the years that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, whispers of removing this phrase from the back of the banknotes formed that supporters of the plan failed to approve in Congress. The following figure shows one analysis in this regard.(70)

Analyze the reason behind the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” behind US dollars

Another thing that confirms this analysis is the removal of the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” from the margin of the $ 1 coin in the March 2007 Washington memorial. (71) Of course, the US Treasury has apologized for the issue and has deemed it inadvertent, but the presence of at least 50,000 denominations in the United States makes it very difficult to accept it. Because it is unlikely to mintage this number of coins. It should be noted that commemorative coins are generally scarce and 50,000 coins lacking the phrase are significant numbers among these rare coins.

Article from YAHOO about removing “IN GOD WE TRUST” from George Washington’s $ 1 memorial coins in March 2007.

George Washington’s $ 1 commemorative coin in 2007 (before March). Notice the phrase IN GOD WE TRUST on the periphery.

So, it is easy to see that the insertion of the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” on American banknotes since 1957 has not been because of the belief of the American rulers in the God Almighty; They were used to fight the Soviet Communist government (which also publicly promoted atheism). For this reason, the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” can be seen as a means of deceiving American public opinion.

7-Another evidence of being Masonic of the American government is the current flag of the country, which consists of 13 white and red lines. (13 are favorable Masons.)

13 white and red lines on the American flag

8-The mark of the devil’s hand on the hands of the American Presidents and their allies.

In many pictures, George Bush is seen with the mark of the devil’s hand.(72) He has repeatedly used this mark in various places

Symbol of the Devil’s Hand by George Bush, Bill Clinton and Silvio Berlusconi

This, of course, was a problem for George W. Bush and his family, as it was widely criticized in newspapers and magazines. George Bush’s family justified the issue by saying, “The reason we used the mark is because we support the Texas Longhorns and that is their mark.”
Of course, this justification is certainly a lie Subjects who reject this justification include:
1-The Texas Longhorns team’s sign is mostly shown with both hands and backs, but the devil’s hand (used by the Bush family) is shown with one hand and the palm of its hand.(73) (Of course, the Texas Longhorns mark may occasionally be shown with one hand.)

George Bush and Texas Longhorns fan (note the difference in marks).

2-George Bush studied at Yale University and never studied at Texas Longhorns, so his support for the Texas Longhorns, the same sports team, seems weird.
3-Bush’s repeated use of the mark at various venues and meetings indicates that the mark used by him may not be the hallmark of a sports team. Because Bush has used the Cornuto mark even in meetings that have nothing to do with sports. For example, he has used the sign in political meetings, meetings with other countries’ heads (especially Western leaders) and so on. While other countries ‘leaders do not know the Texas Longhorns’ rugby team, it does not make sense for them. Unless we consider the sign the same as Cornuto or the “devil’s hand”, then we can say that George Bush’s hand sign is also meaningful to those who are predominantly Masons, meaning “Masonic and Satanic”.
4-George Bush’s membership in the Masonic group “Skull & Bones” and its use of Cornuto as a “demon’s hand” is another reason that the sign means exactly “the devil’s hand”, not anything else
So, as you have noted, the Bush family’s justification for using Cornuto is unfounded, and this sign has no meaning other than “the devil’s hand.”

Important: The Cornuto mark is a sign that must be very cautious in its interpretation. Because it has other meanings besides the meaning of the “devil’s hand” known in the West. For the deaf, for example, this sign is synonymous with I Love You. In the Azeri regions of Iran and Turkey, this symbol is the symbol of Bozkurt (gray wolf), which is recognized among Azeris. So Cornuto means the hand of the devil when a European or American hearing person uses the mark in multiple places, and on the other hand, this person is associated with secret and suspicious groups.(75) To apply the word Satan’s hand to the sign of Cornuto, one must also consider the individual’s whereabouts, location, physical condition, their relationship with suspicious groups, and their reason for using the sign. In the meantime, it is important to use Cornuto along with other evil symptoms. In fact, this mark is affirmative, not proving.

9-Membership of both electoral rivals in the 2004 US presidential election in the Skull & Bones group.(76)


First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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