Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 3

الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

(George W. Bush and John Kerry, two rivals in the same group); this caused a lot of buzz in the newspapers, and it didn’t mean that the two election rivals were in the same group, because in this case, the competition between the two Was nonsense. (From here you can see that opposition and faction parties in the US make no sense and all American, parties are part of Masonic networks.) Skull & Bones is a place for nurturing American political elites so that Masonic groups can The, elites pursue their evil goals
The group (Skull & Bones) is a venue for evil acts and decisions for the future of America and the entire world. There are many documents on the evil nature of this group, some of which are presented below:

A. A short, silent film from the band (Skull & Bones).
To view the movie, click on the following link:
(Part 1)

Clip from an undercover Masonic band (Skull & Bones)

B: Picture of the group’s evil ceremony (Skull & Bones) next to the cemetery.

(The ceremony is essential to join the group. George Bush is said to have been well-known and dubbed Magog among the members.)(77)

Picture of the evil ritual of the secret and Masonic group (Skull & Bones)

In addition to the numerous articles on George Bush and John Kerry’s membership in the Masonic group (Skull & Bones), there is also visual evidence that reveals the presence of these two prominent politicians in the group. The evidence is:
A: George Bush Image in Group (Skull & Bones):

George Bush is a member of the Bones & Skull group at Yale University

B: George Bush and John Kerry appeared on television for two days and answered questions. In the wake of these questions, a question was asked about group membership (Skull & Bone) that both did not reject group membership (Skull & Bones), but declined to comment.

In the program, the show’s host asks George Bush, “You both (Bush and Kerry) are members of the secret group (Skull & Bones); tell us what is the secret in that group?”
“It’s so, secret that we can’t talk about it,” George Bush replies.

The presenter asks: “What does this mean for America (the American people)? “The conspiracy theories (about the Skull & Bones group’s conspiracy) are getting more and more popular.”
George W. Bush laughs and replies, “Yes, of course, there are (conspiracy theories). I do not know. I still haven’t read the web pages.”
The host says: 322 (Skull & Bones Group Code) …?
George Bush continues to laugh and the subject of discussion changes.
As mentioned, George Bush does not conceal his membership in the secret group (Skull & Bones) when asked by the presenter; rather, he says that the subject is secret. This raises our suspicion that the activities of this group are evil.
In another film, which features an interview with John Kerry, the presenter asks similar questions, and John Kerry answers questions very similar to George W. Bush. In a way, he also doesn’t deny being a member of the band (Skull & Bones), but insists he has nothing to say, because it’s a very secret topic. John Kerry then laughs and changes the argument.(78)
To watch the video of George Bush’s interview, click on the following link: (Part 2)

To watch the video of John Kerry’s interview, click on the following link:
(Part 3)

10-The speech of Donald Rumsfeld (former Secretary of War).
” Man is never closer to God than when he kneels, spiritually naked, at the altar of Freemasonry. (M.S.A. Magazine)(79)
Rumsfeld’s direct and explicit reference to Freemasonry, and its praise, shows that he himself is a member of and support for these groups. (We note, of course, that his reference to “God” is no more than a lie. Because at the beginning of the article we also refer to the Masonic and Satanist materialism and say that they do not believe in God and no extraterrestrial beings. There is a lot of evidence on this issue.)
Man is never closer to God than when he kneels, spiritually naked, at the altar of Freemasonry.

Masonic Services Association
M.S.A. Magazine
Volume 19, page 14

Donald Rumsfeld (Former US Secretary of War)

11-George W. Bush’s Antichrist to the former Pope (Pope John Paul II).
To the former Pope, the nature of George Bush’s actions is evil and he has the characteristics of the Antichrist. Pope’s reasons for this claim include: 666 George Bush’s name, Bush’s religious justification for evil deeds, Bush’s membership in the Masonic group, Bush’s relationship with Satanism, and Bush’s interest in war and bloodshed. (80) Of course, this does not mean that we accept that George W. Bush himself is the Antichrist; rather, we think it is probably the Freemasonry itself, the Antichrist of the Apocalypse that we will address at the end of this article.

Pope John Paul II (previous Pope)

Part of the news that Pope John Paul II calls George Bush the Antichrist.

12-Continuous intrigue by the United States in the orbit of 33 degrees latitude.(81)
As mentioned, 33 in Freemasonry is a good-natured figure, and the 33rd possesses the most power. Freemasons seem to have generalized this to all of their activities and have been trying to do specific activities around the 33-degree orbit. (About 33 degrees, the area between the circuits is 32.5 and 33.5 degrees.)
Some of these activities include:
1- Build the first Scottish Freemasonry upper house (Scottish Rite spectrum) of parliament and the most famous Scottish lodgings in America in Charleston at 33-degrees.(88)

The Lodge is the most famous and important American Lodge. The question is why the Masons did not make these important lodgings in the major American cities, and chose the small town of Charleston (in 33-degree orbit) as its location?!

2-Killing John. F. Kennedy (American Catholic and Anti-Masonic President) in Dallas at orbit 33-degrees.(83)
Freemasons have a law called (King Kill 33); they believe King 33 should be killed and we see John. F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas at orbit at 33 degrees; the question is why and why at 33 degrees. Couldn’t they do it in another city?!

Location of the cities of Charleston (red circle) and Dallas (red ellipse) near the 33 ° orbit (red line).

3-The first atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the 33-degree orbit in the magical year from Mason’s perspective (1945).
It should be noted, however, that Hiroshima is at 34 degrees and Nagasaki is exactly 33 degrees. 1945 is therefore a magical year for the Masons, if we reduce the year 1776, which is the year of America’s declaration of independence and the first Masonic state to be formed, from 1945 we get 169 (169 = 1945-1776). The number 169 is the product of 13 by 13 and as we know it is 13 favorable for Masons (13 * 13 = 169)(84)

Nagasaki City (inside red ellipse) near 33 ° orbit (red line).

4-Damascus constant threat near 33 ° orbit

Damascus city (inside red ellipse) near orbit 33 degrees (red line).

5-The Tabas incident (the landing site of American planes for the release of its hostages) at orbit of 33 degrees.
The US goal in the offensive was to attack Tehran, the question being asked, why instead of landing in the Semnan Desert (where the desert is still inhabited, but near Tehran), for example, They landed in Tabas, which is a short distance from Tehran but located at an orbit of 33 degrees.

American landing zone in the Tabas Desert (inside the red circle) near the 33-degree orbit (red line).

6-Occupation of Babylon (near Baghdad in Iraq) at an orbit of 33 degrees.(85)
Babylon is known as the evil city. So that the Babylonian region has been cursed in Islamic traditions.(86) There are also scientific and historical hypotheses that suggest that the ancient Egyptians may have learned their Masonic teachings from the immigrant Babylonians. It is also one of the most famous cities of the apocalypse. Because the Freemasons believe that Babylon must be conquered before the advent of the Antichrist (the great leader of the Masons) and his coming to rule. In addition, Babylon’s presence in the 33-degree orbit is another factor that drives the Masons to conquer it. On the other hand, deviant evangelical groups (whose relationship with Freemasonry will be explored in the remainder of the article) also claim that Babylon must be conquered before the advent of Christ! The same groups strongly supported the occupation of Iraq by the Bush administration because they considered the move to be the basis for the rise of Christ!(87)

From the foregoing, it may be understood that the Masons and their allies may not have been motivated by the occupation of Iraq’s oil resources merely is occupied because of their importance to Babylon in the apocalypse and to Israel’s achievement of the Nile to Euphrates, (The foreground of the construction of the Temple of Solomon)

Babel province (inside red ellipse) near orbit 33 degrees (red line).

But the interesting thing to note in this regard is that in April 2006, very important news was posted in the media and on internet sites, which confirms our analysis of the occupation of Iraq.
It was reported that the Russian spy satellite sent strange satellite images of a religious ceremony in the ancient region of Babel in Iraq, where a large number of American soldiers and senior commanders stationed in Iraq rode a kilometer-long circle. They formed a digging ancient site and, with customs such as those of ignorant and idolatrous people, reverently removed the statue of an evil Babylonian creature named “Winged Snake” and with the utmost respect. They were put in an air cargo to transport to the United States.(88)
The news sparked widespread protests by Iraqi Muslims, followers of the Orthodox faith in Russia, and a number of Christians. Because they considered the move to be a living source of idolatry. The bravery of this American move has made the author of one article regret the widespread veneration and worship of evil symbols and idols of the ancient nations in the Western world. (89) It should be noted, however, that the author of this article, from a sympathetic view of the Western world and hostile to Iran, discusses what happened in Babylon for a country that wants to deal with the Iranians and their angels (Harut and Marut Fighting at Armageddon, he described it as shameful, in fact, with this article he intended to keep Americans away from evil practices and thus to prepare for Armageddon and Christ’s return
In the picture below, you can see some of the inserted news:

7-Israel’s 33-day war with Lebanon (with US intervention) near the 33-degree orbit.
What has emerged from the news of the war is that the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom have repeatedly opposed the ceasefire during the war(90) until US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. , Likened the suffering of the war to the pain of mother at birth, and called on the people of the Middle East to bear the pain and hardship of this war for the birth of the new Middle East, thereby refusing to accept any ceasefire.(91)
On the other hand, with the defeat of Israel in the final days of the war, there were cease-fire talks between the parties involved. Here, even though the cease-fire agreement had been reached a day or two before the end of the war, Israel continued for 33 days, for unknown reasons, launching a cruel war that it had imposed on Lebanon and continued to 33 days and Delayed the ceasefire?!
This delay in the cease-fire by Israel and its supporter (US) and the continuation of the war by the Israeli government for 33 days is a sign of Masonic dominance of the Israeli and American governments. Because these countries deliberately continued the war for 33 days even in the face of widespread opposition from the world’s people and ended the war just after 33 days.

8-The propaganda of the fake nuclear war “Armageddon” in a plain of the same name, located about 33 degrees orbit.
Armageddon” is the name of a war that, according to the apocalyptic section of the distorted Gospel of John, occurs in the apocalypse in a plain called “Armageddon” or “Armageddon” between the good and evil forces and returns Christ to earth. (In the final sections of the article, “Armageddon” is discussed more fully.)
In recent years, widespread propaganda has been carried out around Armageddon, and every US and Israeli military move has been justified by the slogan of the return of Christ.
According to Zionists, the battle site is 30 kilometers from the city of Haifa and in the Armageddon Plain near the orbit of 33 degrees.

The location of the Israeli-Lebanese war (yellow circle) and the Hermitage (blue oval) plain near the 33 ° orbit.

Proximity to the Armageddon False War of 33 degrees, the US and Israel’s over-reliance on this war to gain Zionist support, as well as the overwhelming evidence of Masonic support for the Armageddon supporters, Approves, plotted this war and the mischief of its supporters.

Very important point: What is said about the 33-degree orbit does not mean that the 33-degree orbit of the Earth is cruel and evil (because all the regions on the Earth and the sky and … are the creature of the Great God). What we mean by this is that the Masons, with their ignorant, blasphemous and superstitious beliefs, are trying to push the events of the world to their liking and, in this way, have a great deal of attention to their symbols; Because of the sanctification of the number 33 in Freemasonry, they carry out their important conspiracies in the cities and countries of the orbit of 33 degrees, thus imposing a great deal of suffering on the people of these areas.

Evidence of Israel’s relationship with Freemasonry
1-The flag of Israel.
In the Israeli flag, Masonic symbols are publicly and completely shamelessly displayed. These symptoms include:
Hexagram: We have already mentioned that most Jews, like Freemasons, regard Solomon as a king and a magician, not a prophet.(92) Thus, the sign “hexagon star” or “Seal of Solomon” is not a sign of faith among the Jews and has nothing to do with the law of Prophet Moses (pbuh). Rather, it shows their devotion to Solomon (who, in their view, was a king and a magician). However, Prophet Solomon (as) is believed to have been one of the pious prophets of God Almighty
Nile to Euphrates sign: This sign, which appears as two blue stripes on either side of the hexagon star, shows the extent of King Solomon’s Jewish land.
Interestingly, Freemasons also believe that before the advent of the Antichrist, the territory of King Solomon’s rule must be occupied, and then the worldwide antichrist must begin to rule
The many commonalities that exist between the symbols and thoughts of Zionist Jews and Freemasons (including the above examples) show that there is very likely a strong relationship between these groups.

The Israeli flag, which clearly has Masonic signs.

2-The presence of the Star of David (Hexagram) flag of Israel, on the Masonic seal and the US dollar note (the American Masonic seal was made 2 centuries before Israel was founded).
This could confirm Israel’s relationship with Freemasonry, since the US Masonic Seal, which is full of all sorts of Masonic symbols, also has the hexagonal star sign. From this we can see that the hexagonal mark is also one of the clear Masonic symbols used in the symbols of important Masonic organizations. Meanwhile, the presence of the Hexagram star sign on the Masonic seal and the US dollar bills indicate that the plan for the establishment of Israel had been laid down by Freemasons for centuries and that the Holocaust was no more than an excuse. In fact, it can be concluded that the State of Israel must have been formed by the Masons in every way possible, and that the myth of the Holocaust was only an excuse to justify Israel’s existential philosophy.

Presence of the Hexagram star of the Israeli flag on the Masonic seal and the US dollar banner (the American Masonic seal was made two centuries before Israel was founded).

3-Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem(93)
Many of the rulings and decrees on the assassination of Palestinians and Muslims in other Islamic countries come from the Israeli Supreme Court or the Israeli Supreme Court. The court has used Masonic symptoms publicly and without fear. The overwhelming presence of Masonic marks in this court made us so skeptical that we had to use the Google Earth app to test the accuracy of the photographs used to ensure the accuracy of the articles used. As you can see in the following pictures, the pictures are quite real and there is no doubt about them:

Israeli Supreme Court Photo Retrieved from website. Israel in the Google Earth program.

The design of this court uses numerous Masonic signs, which we will mention here:
. In the design of the court building, it is built on the roof of one of the portions, “Pyramid and Eye of the World”. This view is better seen in the image below.

Eye of the World on the roof of the Israeli Supreme Court. This image was taken remotely

Eye of the World on the roof of the Israeli Supreme Court. This picture was taken near and below the pyramid.
.Another courthouse is an Obelisk, which is exactly like the George Washington Masonic Memorial in America (albeit smaller in size). (Obelisk is a famous Egyptian and Masonic mark.)

Obelisk in the Israeli Supreme Court. Obelisk himself is, of course, in the Israeli Supreme Court outside of the photo frame shown by the arrow.

Obelisk George Washington Masonic Monument, Obelisk Ancient Egypt

.The court library has 30 stairs, and after these 30 stairs, there are 3 categories of books that make up a total of 33.
In addition, the rules governing the court library are similar to those of Masonic law. One of the Masonic laws is that Masonry of any rank or degree cannot have access to the authority and rank of the other Lodge

Israel’s Supreme Court library also has Masonic laws, meaning every member has the right to use only his own class books.
The ranks of the Library of the Supreme Court of Israel are: the first one for defense lawyers, the second one for active and working judges, and the third one for retired judges. The highest rank is for retired judges, but they also cannot use lower tier books.
However, in no other library do these bans exist, at least for those with a high degree of science.

Israeli High Court Masonic Library with 30 stairs and 3 book categories. (33 = 3 + 30)

Very important point: It is clear from the structure of the “High Court of Israel” that the state structure of the State of Israel (apparently formed by religious claims) practically and publicly displays atheistic, evil and Masonic characteristics. The fact is that the Israelites who claim the law of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and must be repulsive to Pharaoh clearly use Masonic signs of Egyptian origin in their government buildings. Including: Pyramid and Eye of the World Between, Obelisk and…

4-Masonic monuments of Eilat in Israel.(94)
Eilat is located in southern Israel and adjacent to the Red Sea. In this city, the Masonic signs are boldly displayed, so that it can be said, in no part of the world are Masonic signs so openly public.
There are many Masonic monuments in this city:
The monument to one of the city’s squares is the “Pyramid and the Eye of the World Between” and on the monument there is a sign of “compass and Square”.

One of the squares of the Israeli city of Eilat, where symbols of the pyramid and eye of the world are seen between, Compasses and Square and other Masonic signs.

Sign of the Pyramid and the Eye of the World at one of the squares Eilat City of  Israel.(larger image before).

Compasses and Squares at one of the squares of Eilat City of  Israel (larger image before).

One of the buildings in Eilat, built as a pyramid.

One of the monuments of Eilat, built in the shape of a pyramid.

5-Israeli spy logo (Mossad).
Under the logo of the Israeli intelligence (Mossad), one of the world’s most feared security agencies, Masonic signs are clearly displayed. These symptoms include:
1-wo branches of olive, each having 13 olive leaves. (13 are favorable Masons and Jews.)
A 7-leg-tall by 3 stairs candlestick, both sacred to the Jews and to the Masons. This 7-leg candlestick is a special mark of the “Royal Master” degree in the York Rite Masonic lodges (one of the most popular types of lodges).(96)
Note: Because of the sacredness of the 7-foot candlestick among the Jews, it may also be justified as a Mossad Jewish belief. So, this evidence that Israel is a Freemason is not strong evidence.

Israeli spy logo (Mossad). Symptoms of Masonic Lodge Degrees.
Pay attention to the 13 olive leaves in each branch, and the 7-leg candlestick to the 3-stair 7-leg candlestick. Grade 15 is a lodge, take note. (Red arrow)

6-being many of the Israeli prime ministers a Mason
The presence of a large number of Israeli prime ministers is evidence of Israel’s connection to Freemasonry. In Israel, as in the United States, most of the prime ministers were Masons. In the picture below, we have two examples of these Masonic Prime Ministers.(97)

Former Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Robin (right), American Jewish politician Henry Kissinger (center) and another former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres (left). Isaac Robin killed by extremist Zionist for violating certain Zionist and Masonic ideals Was.

Interestingly, in a letter sent by an Israeli Freemasonry to former Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Robin, he was accompanied by former US President Bill Clinton and former Jordanian King Malik Hussein as Mason. Peacemakers have been praised and dubbed the Peace Masons! In the picture below, see the text of the letter:(98)

A letter sent by an Israeli Freemasonry to former Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Robin, in which he, along with former US President Bill Clinton and former Jordanian King Malik Hussein, were identified as Masons. Peacemakers have been honored and have been nicknamed the Peace Masons!

As you noted in the letter, Isaac Robin was a Mason like Bill Clinton. On the other hand, the text of the letter indicates that most enemies of the Muslim nation of Iran and other free Muslims of the world are members of the evil Freemasonry. For example, Bill Clinton, who, with his hostile policies, imposed widespread economic sanctions on Iran, Isaac Robin, who had sword-struck in the face of hostility to Iran, and Jordan’s King Hussein, who backed In the imposed war, Saddam played an important role in witnessing a large crowd of Iranian arrogant people, and even symbolically fired a cannonball of the Ba’athist army into Iranian border towns.(99) They were Freemasons. It can be concluded, therefore, that the great Islamic Ummah must join hands as soon as possible to prevent each other from seeking more Freemasonry power

7-Attempt to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and build Solomon Temple.
In the early parts of this article, it was mentioned that most Jews (especially Zionists) as well as Freemasons call him king Solomon and believe in his magic as far as using king Solomon instead of Prophet Solomon.(100)
One of the most important plans devised by the deviant groups is to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the Solomon Temple. The point is, of course, that the purpose of building the Temple of Solomon is not to build a temple as a place of worship for God, and not as a temple to the law of Prophet Moses (PBUH), but to build a temple as a symbol of atheism and a place for the show off of Devil’s tools and reminders. How can the Zionists really claim that the Temple of Solomon is a place of worship for God, while in the distorted Torah (not the Torah revealed by God), talks about idolatry of Solomon (pbuh)?(101) On the other hand, given that Islamic traditions have spoken of the mosques of Prophet Adam (PBUH) and Prophet Abraham (PBUH), how can one accept that Prophet Suleiman (PBUH) Have built a temple instead of a mosque?(102) (It should be noted, however, that we do not intend here to merely distinguish between the term mosque and the temple, but rather trying to differentiate between the concepts that these names follow.)
Thus, it can be seen that the Zionist claims that Solomon’s temple is a place of worship of God are false, and they, together with their close allies (Freemasons), are seeking to build a local place to fight divine symbols.

As you can see in the pictures above, it is Solomon’s magnificent temple replica that the Zionists and Masons intend to build after destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque. It should be noted that the Zionists and Masons use King Solomon’s phrase instead of Prophet Solomon’s word, which indicates that the Zionists and Masons view of Solomon is blasphemous.

8-The role of the Jew (especially the Jews in Jerusalem) as the cultivator of the Masonic teachings of Kabbalah.
The role of the Jew (especially the Jews in Jerusalem) as the developer of Masonic teachings of Kabbalah and its main publisher throughout history is another document of Israel’s relationship with Freemasonry.(103)

9-Americas Masonic State comprehensive support for Israel.
Overwhelming support for Israeli Masonry by Israel since its inception, and many state and official signs in common (including the presence of the hexagon star on the Israeli flag and the same mark on the American Masonic Seal and behind the dollar). It shows that, like the United States, Israel is a completely Masonic state.

America and Israel: Two Masonic states that support each other unconditionally.


First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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