Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 1

الماسونية: دجال آخر الزمان القسم العاشر

“Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse”

Initial questions of the discussion:
1-How can events in today’s world be justified?
2-Why is the Aqsa Mosque is in the focus of divine religions today?
3-What is the reason behind the recent attempts to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque?
4-With the advanced economies of the world (such as China and Russia), why is Iran a major enemy of the Western world?
5-Why do countries like America and Israel that have religious beliefs commit the most crimes to human, but a Communist state like China does less than those countries?
6-Why today the West knows Muslims as the biggest threat?
7-What is the purpose of the West, and especially of America, to be present in the Middle East?
8-Why is Israel occupied in occupied Palestine despite oil-rich countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia?
9-Why Iraq is occupied?
10-Why do Baha’is consider Baha’u’llah’s tomb in Israel the most sacred place?
11- Why is it the duty of all Muslims in the world to fight Israel?
12- What is Armageddon and why is it considered today?
13- Why does George Bush consider his mission in the war on terror a divine mission?
14- Why does America fully support Israel?
15-Is US a toy of Israel or vice versa?
16- What is the reason for the hostility of the West and Israel to Iran and Hezbollah?
17- Why has the apocalypse clock been delayed 2 minutes recently and only 5 minutes left to the end?
God willing, we are trying to answer the above questions in this discussion. Of course, our answer to these questions will not be direct; but we’re trying, you dear readers, yourself reach the true answer using this article information.

What is Freemasonry?
It can be said that many people are not able to answer or do not have accurate information. While these organizations and their members have played an important role in history, it is essential for us Muslims to understand them.
The word mason means Architect, Freemason means free Architect. Masonry is a world-class organization that has dominated the pillars of world governments and most of the political, economic, and cultural aspects of societies and operates very freely. The person who is a member of Freemasonry is called Mason or Freemason. The building that is the center of Masonic activity is called the Lodge. One of the great goals of the Masonic groups is to prepare the ground for one of the Masons among them to rule known as the Antichrist, or as some Masonic groups call the New Pharaoh. Freemasonry is a secret population that no one can easily penetrate and if he penetrates, he’s obligated to keep the secrets; however, some could penetrate and reached important documents and succeeded to discover and reveal their secrets. All of these people are unanimous that: ” The issue is a conspiracy that began in the late eighteenth century and continues today with complete success, with the ultimate goal of creating a “Satanic” world government and waging a widespread and they have done so unequivocal struggle to enforce it throughout the world.”(1)
Dr. John-Coleman’s book, the 300th World Conspiracy Committee, says so:” What is the reason behind the existence of secret systems such as the Jerusalem Knights, St. John’s and the Round Table Men and the Milner Group and other Masonic communities? They form part of a broad chain of global domination that runs from the Club of Rome, NATO, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to the 300th Committee Conspirators. These people and groups need these secret and secretive communities, because their actions are evil and must be kept out of the sight of the world.”(2)

Excerpts from Dr. John-Coleman's 300th Committee of the World Conspiracy Committee

Excerpts from Dr. John-Coleman’s 300th Committee of the World Conspiracy Committee

An explanation: There are various secret and secretive groups in the western world, some with seductive names such as (Illuminati = enlightened, enlightened) and…. Most of the aforementioned groups are conspiratorial and evil-minded groups, and this issue became obvious to many researchers. Most of these groups share the same ideas and goals despite their differences the names that refer to these groups are: Theosophical Society (a name that is inappropriate), Occult, Secret Society, Illuminati, The Committee of 300, Masonry and Freemasonry. From now on when we speak of Masons or Freemasons, in addition to members of Freemasonry and Masonry in particular, we mean members of other groups in general, Because, these groups all have common beliefs and goals.

Origin of Freemasonry
Global Freemasonry received its teachings from the ruthless and evil rulers of ancient Egypt, though a few teachings were learned from the rest of the atheist states. In any case, the traces of the ruthless rule of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt can be found throughout Masonic teachings. The evidence supporting this claim is as follows:
1-Pyramid motifs, sphinx sculptures as well as hieroglyphic writings are found throughout Masonic lodges and publications.(3)

2-The prayers of the Freemasons are full of Egyptian phrases used during the pharaohs. For example: (Ma’at Neb Men A, Ma’at Ba A = Great is the Freemason Master, Great is the Freemasonry Spirit)(4)

3- One of the most widely used symbols in Freemasonry is the “All seeing eye” symbol that appears as a pyramid and eye on
It’s the end. This symbol is related to one of the gods of ancient Egypt.(5)

The famous Freemasonry mark Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra (Ancient God) in ancient Egypt

4-The “Hexagon Star” is a controversial symbol of Freemasons.(6)

Masonic ceremony of the lower lodge. (Note the two 6-pointed star marks at the top of the lodge entrance.)

This symbol is known in public opinion as the symbol of the “Jews” and is also referred to as the “Star of David” or the “Seal of Solomon”, but in fact it is also a symbol of atheism built on ancient Egyptian thought. And symbolizes the balance of nature between man and woman, the hot and cold nature, the gods of the moon and the sun…. The term is also used in other atheistic schools, such as Hinduism and other Eastern schools. There is also a concept of balance in Islam, but in the Islamic view, this balance is the creation of God. But in the aforementioned idolatrous schools, this equilibrium has been brought together by different gods.(7) In ancient Egyptian thought, for example, the mingling of the gods Isis and Osiris created a balance in the creation world.(8)

6 Corner Star: Symbol of Creation Balance from the perspective of polytheism schools.
The strange thing is that Satanists also see the sign as their strongest sign and use it in their evil ritual. The book “Web of Darkness: The Net of Darkness” by Sean Sellars:

This is the strongest sign of Satanism. The hexagon star is made up of hexagons, and six small triangles, which denotes the number 666. “This number is a special number among Christians and Satanists, indicating the Antichrist. The main purpose of Satanists and Freemasons is to rule Antichrist, which is why the hexagon star is their best and strongest symbol.
The book further states that even the word “hex”, which in English means cursing and trying to harm, is derived from the word “HEXAGRAM: Hexagonal Star.”(9)

5-The legend of Isis, or widow, has also been adapted from ancient Egypt. Freemasons believe that all Freemasons are the children of a widow.(10) As mentioned in the ancient Egyptian belief, Isis and Osiris were the gods of ancient Egypt whose marriage resulted in a balance of nature. After sometime Osiris died and became the god of the cities of the dead. So, Isis became a widow.

Isis                                                                             Isis

6- Ankh symbol, symbolizing Isis and used in Masonic lodges.(11) This mark is also used today as a symbol of the female sex and a sign of the Feminists.(12) The prevalence of feminist thinking in the world is also suspicious and is probably a conspiracy by the Masons. (Feminism does not accept the legal equality of men and women of Islam and other divine religions and goes for colonial purposes under the pretext of women’s rights.)

Today’s Ankh , Ancient Egypt Ankh , Mason Ankh, Feminism Ankh todays woman symbol

7- Obelisk: A symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt, it has been used in numerous Masonic buildings.(13)

Obelisk Central Park Masonic Monument, Obelisk Tom, New York George Washington One of the Pharaohs
Notice that the Obelisk are exactly the same as above and are prismatic stone columns with a square cross-section and at the end there is always a pyramid.
Therefore, buildings that do not have the above features are not considered Obelisk. For a better understanding of this, consider the following forms:

Compare Obelisk (right image) with a non-Obelisk (left image) building. Note that the Obelisk are exactly like a prismatic stone pillar with a square cross-section, and there is always a pyramid at the bottom. So buildings that don’t have those features,
They are not Obelisk.

How to Freemasonry soar
As we have seen, the origin of Freemasonry goes back to ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs. The question that arises is how did these teachings reach America and Europe at this time, and how did it rise?
By looking at Freemasonry, we will see that the they were the cause of expansion of the Israelites. The sequence of events that led to the rise of Freemasonry are:
1-The decline of Egyptian power and the destruction of Pharaoh by the will of God Almighty, following the mission of Prophet Moses (pbuh).(14)
2-Exile of the Israelites from Egypt at the command of God with Prophet Moses (PBUH) and their settlement in Sinai.(15)
3-Caliphate of the Children of Israel and then Return to the Religion of God: Following the several-day delay of Prophet Moses (pbuh) who went to the mountain to receive God’s message, the Israelites began worshiping the Samaritan calf and when Prophet Moses returned after this he destroyed The calf and the Israelites again began to worship God.(16)
4-After the death of Prophet Moses (PBUH), other prophets were sent to the people of Israel who had no power of Prophet Moses (PBUH), so the Israelites gradually began to promote Egyptian Masonic teachings. In fact, some of them had already learned these teachings in Egypt.(17)
5-Promoting Masonic teachings among the Israelites and incorporating the mixed teachings of the ancient Palestinians (not the Palestinian Arabs) into Egyptian teachings and the formation of mixed teachings called Kabbalah (Kabbalah = Qabalah)(18)
6-The reign of Prophet David (PBUH) and Prophet Suleiman (PBUH) at the height of the Israeli power and the abolition of Suleiman (PBUH) witchcraft.(19)
7-Death of Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the seizure of witchcraft by the wizards and slander to Prophet Solomon by the people of Israel.(20)
8-Continue to promote the Kabballah by magicians and priests.(21)
9Conquest of Jerusalem by the Romans: Thus, the Israelites lost their ability to rule and became under yoke of Romans.
10-The rise of Jesus and the persecution of the Jews.
11-The advent of Prophet Muhammad, who was not spared the persecution of the children of Israel.
12-Conquest of Jerusalem by the Iranians during the mission of Prophet Muhammad.
13-Recapture of Jerusalem by the Romans.
14- Conquest of Jerusalem by Muslims. The city was then renamed Beit Al-Moqadas.
15-Crusades and Jerusalem’s exchange between Muslims and Crusaders.
Following the Crusaders’ occupation of Quds, many knights and soldiers settled in Quds. Some of these knights were assigned to guard the temples, especially the Temple of Solomon, which they called the Temple Knights. As a result of the proximity of the Knights to the Jewish priests of the Temple called Solomon’s Temple, they gradually learned Masonic teachings from the Jews.(22)
17-The recapture of Jerusalem by the Muslims and the escape of the Crusaders and the Knights of Temple to Europe.(23)
18-As the Knights of the Temple fled, Masonic teachings of Kabbalah came to Europe by these knights.(24)
19-Because of the evil nature of the Kabbalah teachings and their opposition to the teachings of the Church, the Vatican sought to punish and oppose the Temple Knights and executed many of them.(25)
20-Migration of the Knights to Scotland (at that time the King of Scotland did not follow the Vatican) and the beginning of the construction of the first secret Freemasonry Lodge in Europe called the Wall Builders Lodge or the Old Lodge of Scotland, which continues to operate today, It is also one of the most important lodges in Europe today.(26)
21-Masonic official activity began in Europe by building numerous lodges in the 18th century. With the diminishing role and power of religion in the 18th century, Freemasons began their official activity. As the Vatican hardened and Protestantism developed in Europe, the Freemasons gradually increased their activity and built many lodges throughout Europe; Because the minds of most people in Europe were religious at the time and the life of these lodges would be in jeopardy if Freemasonry was publicized.
22-With American independence in 1789, the first state was formed with the Masonic pillars.
23-The United Nations was founded in 1945 with Masonic aspirations.
24-The formation of Israel in 1948 as the last executive arm of Freemasonry.
In the historical course of Freemasonry and the process of advancing goals, we reach 2006.
25-The war with Hezbollah was accomplished in 2006 to achieve several important goals: the formation of the Nile to Euphrates Solomon and Start for projects (Apocalypse, and Armageddon = the Zionist claim that the war of Apocalypse). Fortunately, these projects were temporarily unfinished.
26-And the latest move, the verbal conflict with Iran. Because Iran is the biggest enemy of Freemasonry in the world. Currently in all countries of the world, either the power is in the hands of the Masons or it is under the influence of the Masons. In neighboring countries, for example, Turkey has Masonic lodges, and Saudi Arabia, which is free of lodges, is influenced by the US and Israel (governments with Masonic pillars).
27- And only God knows…

Freemasonry Beliefs
Different Masonic groups sometimes have a different doctrinal philosophy, but there are many commonalities in their beliefs. The important point is that the existential philosophy of many Masonic doctrines is not fully understood, but that does not mean that these beliefs do not exist. For example, there is ample evidence that most Masonic groups sanctify Satan. Including: their own acknowledgment of Lucifer (one of the devil’s names) or the use of innumerable other symbols, most of which are also used by Satanist groups. But we still do not know what led them to this thinking. (Of course, it has been almost proved that Masons and Satanists do not believe in a creature called Iblis or Satan, but rather they worship Satan as a symbol of opposing religions. And their extreme insistence on celebrating Satan as an anti-religious symbol is not quite clear. Another point is that many Satanist Masonic groups also honor the gods of the ancient nations. Including: Isis, Osiris, etc. This is well proven. But we do not know why they abandon the One God and bring up both Satan and many gods?!
However, some of Mason’s beliefs that have been well-established are:
1-Giver of light’s claim to be Lucifer.
2-Commemoration of Satan and Satanism.
3-Believing that the primordial woman and man, who are semi-godly, are the creator of the earth’s generation, not the one God.
4-Commemorate the gods of the ancient nations, such as Isos, Lot, etc. and respect for the ignorant beliefs of the ancient nations (Paganism).
5-A strong belief in the customs of ancient Egypt, which demonstrates both their beliefs at the same time.
6-Strong believe in humanism
7- A great belief in materialism and a lack of belief in the soul and metamaterial issues.
8-Solomon’s firm conviction, not as a prophet, but as a king, magician, and supreme Mason. The interesting thing is that most Jews do. Verse 102 of Surat al-Baqarah also refers to this.
“God also says in verse 102 of Surah Baqarah about the children of Israel: And they followed what the devils read in the kingdom of Solomon, and Solomon never disbelieved in God, but the devils disbelieved and taught the people magic…”

The book of Tafsir Al-Nemunah on verse 102 of Surat al-Baqarah writes:
It comes from the Hadiths that during the time of Solomon the Prophet, a group in his country practiced magic, Solomon ordered to collect all their writings and papers and keep them in a special place.

After Solomon’s death, a group of them were brought out and began spreading the doctrine; some took this opportunity and said: Solomon was not a prophet at all; There they also abandoned the Torah.

When the Prophet (PBUH) appeared and declared in the Qur’anic verses that Solomon was one of God’s prophets, some Jewish scholars said: “Do you not marvel at Muhammad saying that Solomon is a prophet?” This Jewish discourse, in addition to being a great slander and defamation of this divine prophet, required the excommunication of Solomon. However, this verse introduces another chapter of the Jewish atrocities that accused the great prophet of God of witchcraft and sorcery, “They followed what the devils used to say to the people in Solomon era.” The Qur’an then adds, “Solomon never disbelieved.” He never resorted to magic, and did not use magic to advance his goals, “but the devils disbelieved, and taught the people magic.”(27)

8-Extreme interest in the natural sciences. Many of the Nobel Prize winners and natural scientists were Masons. Such as: Alexander Fleming discoverer of penicillin, and Edward Jenner discoverer of smallpox vaccine.(28) In the meantime, Masons’ extreme interest in science appears to be filling the void left by spirituality. It should be noted, however, that in Islamic religion there has also been a great emphasis on the acquisition of science, but Muslims have been called upon to use moderation (not extremes) in science and to use it as a mean of attaining God.
So, in Islam, science is not a goal but a means, but in Freemasonry itself is a goal.

9-Believe in superior power in Mason owning 33 degrees. Masonic groups have 33 degrees. The person who reaches the 33rd degree has great power and is called the Great Mason. This person holds the highest office in the Lodge
10- Belief in the construction of Solomon’s Temple as the doctrinal capital in Beit Al-Moqadas (Jerusalem) before the advent of Antichrist or the New Pharaoh, the evil savior of the Masons.(29)
11- Belief in the emergence of the Antichrist or the new Pharaoh in the early (first decade) of the 21st century and the beginning of his evil world rule.(30) (Of course, the Antichrist desired by the Masons themselves may not necessarily be a specific person; but the Antichrist desired by the Masons may be the Freemasonry itself.)
However, it is worth noting here that groups such as Freemasons and Satanists use Satanism as a symbol of their fight against religions. The members of these groups have no real belief in extraterrestrial matters, such as God, angels, Satan, etc., and believe that there is only matter (Belief in materialism). Members of these groups use the symbol (Baphomet) of the ancient Satanists to show their hostility to religion and use it to show their disbelief in the other world. It should be noted, of course, that the Freemasons and Satanists themselves have confessed this, to the extent that in some of the Satanist books the following may appear:

The Church of Satan’s site confesses not to believe in Satan

The Church of Satan’s site confesses not to believe in Satan

It thus turns out that the true beliefs and practices of the Masons and Satanists are religious, and they use the gods of ancient nations, idols, and the devil as a symbol of hostility to religions.
One important point to note: Freemasonry groups, in order to reduce the sensitivity of religious groups to themselves, claim that they, like the heavenly religions, believe in a superior existence. They call this superior being “the Great Architect of the Universe” or “the Supreme Being”.

Notwithstanding the deceptive appearance of the above statements, none of them have anything to do with God Almighty, but in the Masons’ perverse view, this “superior being” or “great architect of the universe”, the “equilibrium in the creation” or the “generating energy” It is the equilibrium of the creation world, “which is very similar to the thinking of atheistic schools like the Egyptian school of thought.(32) Evidence of this Masonic blasphemous thinking is found in Masonic journals related to some of the legions:
“You can read God in the names of nature, magnitude, power, or law, “according to your will, your spirit, or your understanding, or your faith.”(33)

“It is proven that the God who created everything and surrounds the universe is the same energy.”(34)
Freemasonry has defined the concept of the great architect of the universe, relying on modern science and with the utmost perfection, as follows: all beings in the universe, which are made up of certain particles and atoms, together produce absolute energy. Taking into account the Stability principle of matter and energy, it is proved that nothing is lost due to the interactions and the changes due to the displacement of the atoms are apparent in nature. Freemasonry has accepted this principle as a doctrine, a thesis, a belief and a faith.(35)
“Throughout history humans that could not explain powers, in the name of nature, great Architect, called God. Depending on the level of culture and social knowledge, and with regard to political circumstances, the definition of the word God has varied. The limits of the power of God, miraculous natural events, have withdrew with the emergence of logical answers.”(36)
In addition to the above, there are other issues in Masonic journals that show that Masons deny any truth that comes from religion (such as God, the survival of the soul, etc.). For example, in some Masonic magazines some religious truths are as follows:
“The thought of the survival of the spirits is as old and outdated as a belief in the existence of God.”(37)
(38)””Believing in the survival of the soul is a reflection of fantasy.
“It is not possible to accept the issue of life after death by Mason way which is a rationalist and positivist way.”(39)
“The sound of Azan rising from the mosques is nothing but the sound of Salat saying, ‘I am alive, I am not dead and I will not die?’ For us, this scandal of the intellectuals’ minds is a scream that reminds us of our enlightenment duty.”(40)
Thus, as you have seen, Freemasonry has an open enmity with divine religions, and especially Islam, and opposes facts such as God, the Hereafter, Heaven, Hell, Revelation, the Prophets, and so forth. In order to guarantee its survival, these corrupt entities derogate their beliefs about the superior power of energy and matter expresses in the form of deceptive words such as the Supreme Being or the Great Architect of the Universe.
Thus, it can be concluded that when a Mason speaks of his belief in the “Supreme Being” or “Great Architect of the Universe”, his purpose is to
God is not Almighty; he means the belief in the supremacy of matter and energy in the world. Therefore, we should not deceive the Masons in this regard.

Signs and numbers in Freemasonry
In addition to the symbols mentioned in the preceding sections, other symbols and numbers are of interest to Freemasons and other Satanist groups, most of which are of Egyptian origin, although there are signs of other atheistic beliefs, including ancient Aryans (not Zoroastrian religion), far East and so forth.

The most important ones are:
(1) Square and Compasses (one of the most important and famous symbols
In the middle of these two marks is the letter G.(41) According to Freemasons, “Goat” is the symbol of the devil
Another interesting point is that in some of the lodges there is also a mark on the compass and square, the sign of the Universal Eye, which shows the extraordinary importance of the Universal Eye sign to the Masons

Symbol of Compass and Masonic Square (Watch the world between compasses).

2) 5-Star Reverse Corner or Baphomet.
It indicates goat. Among Satanists, goats are symbols of Satan.(42) At the bottom of the screenshots below are some quotes from a site dedicated to Satanism to provide you with the documentation(43)

The Goat of the Devil Symbol in the Devilish Groups
(Satanist Reference Book)

3) Devil’s Hand or Horned Hand

In the thinking of the Masons and the Satanists, the devil is the horned cornuto, and with the movement of their hands, they portray the devil.(44) The documentation is just quoted.(45)

Important Note: The Cornuto mark is a sign that must be very cautious in its interpretation. Because it has other meanings besides the meaning of the devil’s hand known in the West. For deaf people, for example, this sign means I love you. In the Azeri regions of Iran, Turkey, and so on, this symbol is a symbol of bosquort (gray wolf), which is recognized among Azeris. So Cornuto means the devil’s hand when a European or American hearing person uses the mark in multiple places, and on the other hand it is associated with secret and suspicious groups.(46) To apply the word Satan’s hand to the sign of Cornuto, one must also consider the individual’s whereabouts, location, physical condition, their relationship with suspicious groups, and their reason for using the sign. In the meantime, it is important to use Cornuto along with other evil symptoms. In fact, this is a sign of confirmation, not proof.

4) Broken Cross (Swastika): A well-known sign of Hitler and the Nazis.
Interestingly, this sign also applies to Masonic groups. (47) In the left-hand figure of the Masons, there is a drawing above which is the sign of a broken cross, and in the middle of it a hexagonal star, indicating the connection between Nazism and Zionism. (Contrary to Western world claims). Because both the hexagon star and the broken cross are sanctified by the Masons. In fact, the roots of Nazism and Zionism are the same, and not only are these two ominous movements at odds, they are also at the service of one another. This is itself evidence of Holocaust rejection.
It should be noted, however, that after Hitler’s crimes most Masonic groups;(48) abandoned the use of the broken crucifix in order to avoid defamation; It is necessary to note that Hitler was also a Mason,(49) but his military actions were contrary to Freemasonry and led to the opposition of the rest of the Masons.

Swastika sign next to Composes and Square on a Swastika, Swastika next to the star

Hexagonal Masonic Carpet (Masonic Mark)

5) Skull and Bone(50)

( Bones &Skull ) Bones &Skull

6) The number 666 represents the Antichrist or the Devil.(51)
Sometimes this number is shown as FFF. Because the letter F is the sixth letter in English.

7) Number 13(52)
The sacred number of Masons and Jews.(53) Christians, however, regard it as unfortunate. Freemasons, in many of their symbols, number 13 components. For example, in the right image, the hexagon star is drawn by 13 small stars. In the middle, 13 hands have the corners of a 13-tooth shape. In the image on the left, which belongs to an ancient goddess, belonging to a Masonic group, the number of cords is 13.

Hexagon star consisting of 13 hands and 13 teeth 13 threads of ancient goddess
Of the 13 little stars

8) Number 33(54)
As we said in Freemasonry, the 33rd possesses the highest power. Many of the Masonic groups include the number 33, including the symbol of a US Masonic group of Memphis (Memphis, which names the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis).

(Symbol of the Masonic Group of the City of Memphis, USA, number 33 in various Masonic symbols
(Note the number 33 above the crown.

One Important Note: After mentioning the symbols and numbers used in Freemasonry, it is imperative to be cautious when matching these signs to groups and individuals. Because in some cases, the logos of some companies and organizations around the world are similar to Freemasonry, but these organizations cannot always be labeled Masonic. For example, many television and satellite companies and channels use the eye symbol on their logo, which is a symbol of the viewer and audience of the television, which is perfectly logical and understandable. So, in this case, the eyes in these logos do not indicate that these channels are Masonic. Also, ophthalmologists and optometrists who use eye markers in their advertising are not Masons because their profession is in contact with eye. On the other hand, in some artistic and architectural images, the overlapping lines may produce numerous images similar to the hexagonal star and the five-angle inverted star, which are also unintentional and do not reflect the Freemasonry of these monuments. For a better understanding, see the following pictures:

Two artistic images that have the hexagonal star and the reverse five-pointed star due to overlapping lines. The presence of these symbols in the above pictures does not mean their designers are Masonic.

Thus, as you have noted, simply by observing a similar sign of Masonic marks, one cannot immediately label the individuals and companies associated with that sign as being Masonic. Rather, research should be done in this area and more robust evidence should be used to confirm or deny that the groups are Masonic.
Of course, there are some signs that are exclusively Masonic and can largely indicate the Masonic affiliation of individuals, companies and organizations. For example, the mark of the Masonic compass and Square (not the only compass or the only Square) is a very specific sign of the Masons. Also, the pyramid and eye mark (not the lone pyramid or the single eye) is a very
specific sign for Masonic groups
On the other hand, if a group uses many and many Freemasonic signs, it is also likely a Masonic group. Likewise, a group that uses Masonic symptoms without any logical reason is also likely a Masonic group. For example, the symbol of the Universal Eye used in leggings is also a purely Masonic one, since there are no ophthalmic and imaging operations that can be associated with the Universal Eye symbol.
However, it should always be remembered that just seeing a sign similar to Masonic symptoms should not prompt the individuals and organizations associated with the symptom to be labeled Masonic, and further research needs to be done to refute or confirm this.

Freemasonry Goals
1-The destruction of all manifestations of monotheism and monotheism in the world.
2-Seize power and authority in all countries of the world through the broad Masonic network in all the countries of the world.
3-Destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and discovery and rebuilding Solomon Temple at the Beginning of the 21st Century.(55)

Masonic souvenir photo next to the replica of Solomon’s Third Temple. The Masons wish
They build such a temple and have taken great strides to make it happen
4- Fill the Temple of Solomon with Masonic idols and symbols as the main Masonic temple.
5- Establishing Satanic world government in the capital of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem
6- Ruling the most powerful Freemason, the symbol of the Antichrist at the beginning of the 21st century.


First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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