Hypothesis of Evolution- Forbidden Area!!! _ Part 2


In the name of God


Hypothesis of Evolution, Forbidden Zone!!!-2

Documentary (Expelled); Pit or Well?!

Going along questions, ambiguities, and objections to the “evolution hypothesis” Over the past few years, numerous scholars and authors have criticized the “evolution hypothesis”; Unfortunately, many of these criticisms have not been strong enough to substantiate the unfavorable consequences of the belief in the ‘evolution hypothesis’ and have not taken a position on the ambiguities, inconsistencies and deficiencies in the ‘hypothesis’ itself.

In the meantime, only the Turkish Scientific Research Group, led by Aaron Yahya (Adnan Oktar), has succeeded to some extent and has produced remarkable and impressive works, work of the group, of course, does not cover all the scientific aspects of the problem and much of the ambiguity and objection to the “evolution hypothesis”.

But in the meantime, one of the documentaries that drew the attention of many audiences and attracted many people inside and outside the country was the documentary film “Expelled”: No Intelligence Allowed” that won awards such as the 2008 Freedom of Expression Award(1) and also participated in the 28th Fajr Film Festival (2009).(2)

Documentary film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”.  

The film was particularly popular with religious and cultural activists in the country, and many “cultural” and “religious” blogs and websites started publishing and uploading the film.

The movie “Expelled” though to some important points, such as the existence of a mafia within universities and large academic communities (which is a staunch supporter of the “evolution hypothesis” and strongly opposed to the “evolution hypothesis”), But there are important points at the heart of the film that raise doubts about the intentions of the film and the intentions of its creators!

Yes dears! The author of this article argues that “Expelled”, rather than seeking to harm the Masonic and Zionist communities in support of the “theory of evolution”, has acted in a completely insidious and highly calculated fashion, in favor of these communities and deceiving audiences, Works to achieve the goals of the Masonic and Zionist communities.

In this series of articles, due to the potential and probable dangers that “Expelled” film can have for the society in the country, especially with the widespread criticism of the “hypothesis of evolution”, the incorrect use of some websites and the accompanying blogs to this film can cause new troubles. before the scientific critique of the “evolution hypothesis”, the critique of the “Expelled” documentary, and the possible intentions of its creators seems to be necessary!

The documentary film “Expelled” has helped these communities more than it wants to harm the secret, Masonic and Zionist communities!!! While this may sound a bit strange at first, it does happen more clearly in different parts of the film:

1- “Expelled” film is written and performed by «Ben Stein», author, actor, comedian, politician and republican lawyer and American «Jew». (3) Although making this film, people such as Nathan Frankowski (director), Kevin Miller (writer) and Walt Ruloff (writer) have assisted Ben Stein;(4) but it seems that due to the given prominent role to Stein in performance and writing, the foundation of this work is based on his activities.

1-Ben Stein is “Jewish” as he himself points out in “Expelled”.(5) He has also been a “text writer” at Presidents Richard Nixon and former US Presidents Gerard Ford during the presidency!(6)

Parts of the documentary film “Expelled” in which Ben Stein acknowledges his Jewishness

Click here to watch this part of the movie!


Ben Stein’s “Text Writing” Speech for US Presidents.


The combination of “being Jewish”, “writing the speech” of US presidents, and “attending the White House” is all the more questionable because in the whole Masonic government of the United States that members of the administration and those close to the White House are being carefully elected under supervision of secret Masonic assemblies, the continued presence of Ben Stein and his involvement in government agencies, and specially the critical job of writing the presidents text, suggests that he was most likely endorsed by Masonic institutions ruling the United States has allowed him to work in such an important position!

As such, the presence of someone like Ben Stein within the film seems very suspect.

2-The film Expelled in a subtle way, praises the demonic and Masonic Government of the “United States of America”, which traces of this kind service can be found especially in the three elementary, middle, and end of the film sequences. In these three sections, Ben Stein extensively praises freedom in America, recognizing America’s pride in the world for its freedom of expression!!! Particularly in one of these sequences, he mentions Martin Luther King, saying, “America is truly a dream! America is a dream of freedom and equality”!!!

Unfortunately, such extreme praising of freedom in the US is found in film, and few films had served the United States and its politicians alike.

But it is becoming more and more suspicious when we find that in most of the sequences praising freedom in America, there are deliberate and varied views of the George Washington Masonic Monuments in Washington!!!

With this mischief, the subconscious mind of the audience establishes a close connection between the existence of freedom in America and the leadership of Freemasonry in this country and commends the Freemasons in this country. To view the sequences related to American Liberty Praise, please see the links below:

Excerpts from the beginning of the documentary film “Expelled”, in which Ben Stein praises “American Freedom”. (Note the George Washington Masonic Monument.)

Click here to watch this part of the movie!


Excerpts from the beginning of the documentary film “Expelled”, in which Ben Stein praises “American Freedom”. (Note the George Washington Masonic Monument.)

Click here to watch this part of the movie!


Excerpts from the beginning of the documentary film “Expelled”, in which Ben Stein praises “American Freedom”. (Note the George Washington Masonic Monument.)

Click here to watch this part of the movie!


Thus, as you have noted, American praise is one of the most prominent features of the film “Expelled”, and in parts of the film that criticize the violation of freedom of expression in American universities, the violation of academic freedom of expression is not a problem of past and present (And for all ages) in the US, but also as a potential problem for the future of American freedom. However, this suspicious mobility of “Expelled” and its creators is to be considered mischievous.

3-The overwhelming emphasis on the obscure and legendary “Holocaust” in the Expelled documentary is another case that further reinforces the suspicion of the film. In several episodes of “Expelled” film, Ben Stein is reminded by audiences of the obscure event of the massacre of Jews in World War II.

One of these sequences is a sequence already mentioned, during which Ben Stein acknowledges his “Jewishness”, “World War II” and “Nazism”.

Another sequel to the Holocaust, more explicitly part of the film, is where Ben Stein goes to the memorial to the Jews killed in World War II lit a candle and the so-called “Holocaust victims”.

Promoting a vague and legendary Holocaust-fueled event in the movie Expelled; in this sequence, Ben Stein lights a candle in the so-called “Holocaust Victims” memorial.

Click here to watch this part of the movie!


So, as you have seen, another of the exponents of the creators of the documentary “Expelled” to the secret and Masonic assemblies is the propaganda of the mythical event of the Holocaust.

Interestingly, Ben Stein and the creators of “Expelled” documentaries, all of which shout drums of freedom in the United States and fear of the possibility of endangering freedom of expression in the United States (given the difficulties for anti-Darwinist scientists), Why not say that in the United States and other Western countries, research into the Holocaust and questioning some of its dimensions is a crime, and people like Roger Garrodie and Robert Forison are questioning the Holocaust, have they been subjected to harassment, imprisonment and humiliation?!!(7) Isn’t this an obvious example of a violation of freedom of expression?!

Yes dears! seems the creators of the “Expelled” documentary insidiously and subtly in the form of a seemingly critically-acclaimed film that endorsed by the West and appeals to audiences’ concepts like the Holocaust, thereby targeting to accompany audiences with Western cultural policies.

4-In one of the most important sequences of the film, Richard Dawkins, the “irreligious” and “Anti-God” scientist, expresses his descriptions of “God” in the book “The Illusion of God”, a point that draws more attention, is the contrast between «Richard Dawkins» with the God of the book of the Jews in the Old Testament, “Yahweh”! This is clearly evident in this part of the film:

 Richard Dawkins’ Controversy with The God of Jewish Old Testament book, “Yahweh” in “The Illusion of God” and the documentary film “Expelled”

                  Click here to watch this part of the movie!


This contrast of “Darwinism” and ” adultery ” with the “Yahweh” of the Jews and the Lord of the Old Testament is a dangerous conspiracy on the part of “Jews”, “Zionism”, and “World Freemasonry” to win the field in all cases!!! How?!!!!

It’s quite obvious! People who are not convinced enough to see this documentary will continue to be a “believer in Darwinism” and mostly remain “irreligious” with this description, in fact, remain in the embrace of “Judaism”, “Zionism” and “Freemasonry”!

Many who are “convinced” of the film and tend to “God” are unconsciously observing the “Darwinist” scholars’ encounter with the “Jewish God” or “Yahweh,” if they are separated from “irreligious”, They tend to “the Yahweh”, which, according to the materialistic and irrational descriptions, of the Torah of “God”(8) ,has practically fallen into materialism and still triumphs, “Jews,” “Zionism,” and Freemasonry!

Some who have not been convinced enough to approve or reject the contents of the film are leaning towards “agnosticism” and “skepticism”(9). It is, in fact, a victory with “Zionism” and “World Freemasonry”!!!

So, it seems that the creators of the “Expelled” documentary are quite cleverly launching the “win-win” game, which in the end, will be the “Zionist-Masonic” forum in many ways!

5-In another episode of the film, we encounter a scientist named Dr. Gerald Schroeder, who runs a Kippah-style Jewish palace alongside Ben Stein and another scientist named Dr. David Berlinsky walking along the Berlin Wall And reminds the need of media for the “Darwinist Mafia” to “Ben Stein”.

Dr. Schroder” on the left, “Ben Stein” in the middle, and “Dr. Berlinsky” on the right; note the “Kippah Jew” on Dr. Schroeder’s head.

Click here to watch this part of the movie!


It is not bad, of course, to know that Dr. Gerald Schroeder was an Orthodox Jew and a “citizen” and a “resident” of the illegitimate state of Israel (10) and his wife, Barbara Schroeder, a prominent Zionist writer active in the Jerusalem Post newspaper(11) has published numerous books and articles on serving the illegitimate rulers of the Israeli occupation regime, and her latest book “Keeping Israel Safe: Serving the Israeli Defense Forces”!!!(12)

Barbara Schroeder’s latest book, “Dr. Schroeder’s Wife” Keeping Israel Safe: Serving the Israel Defense Forces”

The interesting thing is that besides the issue of Dr. Schroeder’s presence with the “Jewish Kippa” (Kippa), In the film, the Jewish symbols and traces of Jews are visible, and even the traces of Christian symbols are not visible!!! This trick of documentary “Expelled” makers seems to be a suspicious move towards the goals of Zionist and Masonic organizations to falsely highlight the “Jewish role” in countering Darwinism, and thereby trick people whom are leaving “Darwinism” behind and again will be trapped by the “Jews”!!! And in fact, with this trick, people who distance themselves from “Darwinism” are again caught in the trap of “Judaism” and “Zionism”!

This way of spreading the trap has been a long time in Jewish, Freemasonry and Zionism, and these streams, with an artistic layout, have presented their audiences with a variety of alternatives that appear to be different, but inwardly, to By selecting any of the options mentioned by the audience, the main benefit of the aforementioned streams, and the audience of these streams, is to fall into one of their subsets. (Previously and for example in the article “The Antichrist Freemasonry of the Apocalypse” it was also mentioned that it is a global Freemasonry trick that in the US election, presents its backbone to the People in the form of two seemingly rival parties, “Democratic” and “Republican” but in the backdrop friends, no difference whom to choose, regardless of the name of the candidate, practically Freemasonry will be the winner!!!)(13) in the movie “Expelled” also seems to use the same trick!

6-But one of the most important issues in the film is the film’s defense of “Intelligent Design”, which, although positive, defends this theory, but with more careful attention to the issues, there are issues that still question the intentions of the filmmakers!

In the various sections of the documentary film “Expelled ” addresses the problem of “Intelligent Design”. You can see the part of the film dedicated to the issue at the link below:

Defend Documentary film “Expelled ” from “Intelligent Design”.   

Click here to watch this part of the movie!


The belief in the problem of “Intelligent Design”, while far superior to the idea of “spontaneous” and “accidental” creation and is closer to “theism”, but this belief is not sufficient to reach the goal “Theism”!

In fact, the belief in “Intelligent Design” is a “necessary condition” for “theism”, not a “sufficient condition”!!! In other words, anyone who believes in “intelligent design” does not necessarily believe in “theism”, the creatures of this “earth” are not created by the “unmatched God Almighty” but may believe in another kind of “Creator”!!!

There are numerous examples in this area, but to illustrate, let us mention just one example:

The Raelians are an emerging cult who believe in the creation of man and the living things of the earth by the “space creatures”! This cult, also known as moral unreliability, believe that the creators of the Earth “humans” and “living things” are intelligent space creatures!(14)

The cult is closely associated with the Masonic and secret societies(15) and its members believe in the construction of the “Third Temple of Solomon” in Jerusalem (Jerusalem) to enhance their connection with the “space creatures”(16), and the most famous symbol used by them, Also are “Hexagon Star” and “Swastika”:

Two sacred symbols of the Raelians. The star on the left is the “old” version and the star on the right is the “new” version.


Claude Vandineja, nicknamed “Rael”, leader of the cult of “Raelism” at a young, middle-aged and old age



The Raelians’ attempt to build Solomon’s Third Temple to better connect with the “space creatures”.

The book “Rael the Messiah (Mason) Mason” by Daniel Vandineja.

But the important point to note is that the Raelyn cult too strongly believe in and maneuver on “Intelligent Design “, and even a book of the same name (“Intelligent Design”)!:(18)

The book “Intelligent Design” by Rael the leader of evil cult Rael

The book “Intelligent Design” by Rael the leader of evil cult Rael

Of course, it is clear that the “Raelians” do not mean, “intelligent design” of life of “living things” and “humans”, “intelligent design” of these creatures is by “unmatched God Almighty”, Rather, the Raelians mean “intelligent design,” “intelligent design” by “intelligent space creatures”!!! Interestingly, under the heading “Intelligent Design” of Rael’s book is the phrase “Message from Designers “(19) which indicates that Rael himself carries the message of “extraterrestrial gods” Knows and tries to convey their message to humans!

According to the above, supporting “Expelled” documentary from “Intelligent Design” does not mean serving this documentary to divine religions; also, many deviant schools and cults, such as Raelism which believe Non-divine “intelligent design” by material beings like “space creatures” also use this blessing!

As for the issue of “intelligent design”, it should also be noted that “Expelled” is about defending “intelligent design”, not “divine design”, and it Is also seemed to have been designed in a malicious way.

7-Finally, it should be noted that the poorly documented presentation of “Expelled” in the scientific critique of the “evolution hypothesis” actually weighs the scales in favor of Darwinist proponents! Because in this film, it does not actually mention any important scientific point that violates the “evolution hypothesis”, and only suffices to express the disadvantages of the “evolution” dissenters and to mention vague and general terms about the rejection of the “evolution hypothesis”.

With this poor performance, this film has virtually nothing to say in the academic community, and with its poor performance, not only does it not convince the educated, but it may further the proponents of the “evolution hypothesis” over their views.

Thus, given the poor performance of “Expelled” in the scientific critique of “Theory of Evolution”, this film does not contribute much to the anti-Darwinian front.

In the light of the points mentioned in this article, we find that the documentary film “Expelled” is, in spite of its glamorous, deceptive appearance, an insidious film and, moreover, the interests of “America”, “Zionism” and Freemasonry has provided.

Throughout the film, there are symbols of “Jewish” and “Masonic” and, most of all, defends the ideas of “Judaism” and “Zionism”! Even if one departs from the “evolutionary hypothesis” and “complete atheism based on Darwinism” by watching the film, one will still be caught up in “agnosticism”, “raelism” and, at best, “Judaism” because The film witnessed the battle of “Yahweh” of Jewish and “intelligent design” with the “hypothesis of evolution”, not another unmatched capable god of Muslims like “Allah” or even Christian God!

It thus appears that at the beginning of the 21st century, with the onset of “anti-evolutionary” scientific movements, the film was made preventively and before the rise of anti-Darwinist movements, so that it may be able to completely mislead audiences again and diversion of public opinion has led the opposition to the “theory of evolution” and again traps them into “Zionism” and “Freemasonry”! Interestingly, this film, with an intellectual gesture, ultimately only endorses “intelligent design” and does not lead the audience to ” Almighty Unmatched God”!

Perhaps the only positive thing about the film is that it lets the audience know about the existence of the academic mafia and the scientific dictatorship in American universities, though there are numerous other documents that can help to understand drown out and violate freedom of expression in the scientific, cultural, and political space of America.

In any case, it can be concluded that Expelled is most likely a vicious film made mainly to divert public opinion and serve the “Jewish”, “Masonic” and “Zionist” communities so that it may be able to prevent Catch up on new questions, ambiguities, and criticisms against the “evolution hypothesis”.

As such, the “Vade Sadeq” website advises all beloved audiences to be cautious when watching the movie “Expelled ” and to avoid over-reliance on it and inadvertently relying on its content for good so that not to get caught up in the conspiracies of this movie.

In conclusion, this article was written due to some unfortunate events in the cultural environment of the country during the last few years, in order to prevent some of the sad experiences of recent years of happening, as it has been repeatedly observed that with the rise of a particular cultural theme, Many blogs and websites have tend to the subject, citing all kinds of documentation, whether true or false, fake or true, and etc. have been cited, and occasionally trapped by the use of fake documents made by the enemy itself, occasionally being overtaken by the enemy, the most prominent examples being the Freemasonry issue!

Now, and considering this potential danger, the “Vade Sadeq” website before entering the mainstream of a series of articles entitled “The Evolutionary Hypothesis – Forbidden Zone!”, Already reminds respectable audiences of the dangers of some of the weak and suspicious sources, such as the documentary film “Expelled”, with the rise of the ‘Critique of Evolution Hypothesis’, respected website audiences and respected scholars, not to fall into the trap of these suspicious documents and to watch such documentaries with wide open eyes!

God willing, in the coming weeks, with the completion of the introductory sections of the series of papers entitled “The Evolution Hypothesis – Forbidden Zone!”, We will publish the main sections of these articles. God willing, the third part of this article will be the beginning of the main part of this article.

Hoping for the coming of the promised savior, Mahdi Saheb al-Zaman.

End of Part II


Work by: Khadim Al-Imam , March 2011


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Thanks, Khadim Al-Imam



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