Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 11


26- Making Anti – Iranian Film 300.

In March 2007, precisely as Western pressure on Iran’s nuclear case intensified, an anti-Iranian 300 film directed by Zack Snyder was screened. The controversial and all-out film is adapted from the baseless (300) comic book by Frank Miller. (409)

This film is a film full of lies and full of distortions, manipulations and manipulations. In this film, many historical facts are reversed, including the character of King Xerxes of Iran, the figures of Iranian soldiers, the behavior and character of Iranians, and so on. The historical lies of the film are so profound that they need a full article to be reviewed and we will not address them in this article for the sake of avoiding the word.

But the film, with its artistic and historical appearances, contains dangerous political messages and goals. In this part of the article, we will try to explore the political as well as the sinister goals of the 300 film so that the hidden layers of the film become more apparent to our dear readers.

Issues that have made the 300 film a political film and instrumental in Masonic states include:

1) At present (2007), when the Western world, on the pretext of a nuclear case, has targeted Iran with the most intense propaganda attacks (410) and attempts to undermine Iran by leveraging the Security Council, making the “300” film was the biggest aid, That the Hollywood Masonic and Zionist cinema industry could give to Western governments. Because this film, by presenting a violent and warlike image of the Iranians, sets the stage for the hatred of Europeans and Americans against Iran, and this hatred creates a consensus within Western countries against Iran. Thus, the ground is set for any political and economic sanctions against Iran, and even in the event of Western military action against Iran, the people of these countries will be more supportive of war because they regard Iranians as essentially warlike people, based on the 300 film. This great service of film 300 to Western Masonic politicians on the one hand, and its production by a wholly-owned Hollywood Masonic Company (411) on the other, strongly reinforces the notion that the film was intended solely for the purposes of Freemasonry. (It should be noted that some of the Warner Bros., who own the filmmaking company 300, are Masonic definitizes.) (412)

2) The 300 film is full of scenes and dialogues that deal directly or indirectly with today’s political disputes between Iran (and even Islam) with the West, giving the West the right. The most important scenes and dialogues to mention here are the following scenes and dialogues

  1. A) In most scenes of the film, Iranians are dressed in Arabic-like costumes and with Arab-like faces. This was certainly deliberate because there was intense propaganda against Islam, especially the Arabs, after the fabricated 9/11 event. In particular, many propaganda attacks were launched against the Arabs, especially with the introduction of al-Qaeda’s Takfiri group. (413)

Film 300, in the light of these ads, has brought the image of Iranians and Arabs to life in the minds of the Saudis who have been portrayed by the media as the culprits of the fabricated 9/11 incident. With this trick, and because of the mentality Americans have of the 9/11 events, they consider Iranians dangerous and place fear of Iran in their hearts. Thus, the American people will be more supportive of America’s hostile policies towards Iran

  1. B) In movie 300, Queen Spartan has an impressive presence in many parts of the film. Certainly, the presence of Queen Spartan in these parts is no coincidence; especially in the early scenes of the film, there are dialogues from the language of the first Xerxes messenger in which women are represented at political meetings. (414)

Xerxes’ first envoy protests the presence of women in political meetings

The Spartan queen’s numerous appearances in various film scenes, and the Iranian ambassador’s disrespect for women, appear to be a vicious act by filmmakers seeking to Accuse and exploit Iranian human rights abuses and restrict women. In particular, in recent years, Western colonial countries have tried to pressure Iran with tools such as Western democracy, women’s liberation, and so on. (415)

It should be noted, however, that in Frank Miller’s Illustrated 300, which is adapted from the film 300, there is no mention of the Queen of Sparta in the conversation between the first representative of Xerxes and Leonidas (King of Sparta), and the entire book is a lie. This issue has not been mentioned. Thus, it seems that the makers of the 300 film have deliberately participated in the aforementioned scene for political purposes. (416)

In addition, the role of the queen in Frank Miller’s Book 300 is much less diminished than her role in the movie 300, which is a confirmation of the conspiracy theorist’s presence in the influential scenes of the movie 300.

So, as you have seen, Queen Spartan’s presence in various parts of the film also contains subtle political points that are intended to express Western countries’ repeated claims of women’s liberation in the West and the restriction of women’s activity in Islamic countries

  1. C) The death of Leonidas, the first messenger of Xerxes, is one of the parts that contains important political messages. In the scene, the first messenger of Xerxes and his companions fall into a big well at the hands of Leonidas and are killed

In this scene, an interesting and contemplative dialogue takes place between the first messenger of Xerxes and Leonidas, as the messenger of Xerxes says, “The custom is not to kill the kings’ messenger.” But Leonidas replies, “You are my queen. You have threatened to kill my people and the people of my country…”And so, Leonidas, the first messenger of Xerxes and his companions, drives into the well. (417)

Leonidas (King of Sparta) throws the first messenger of Xerxes and his companions into the well.

Interestingly enough, in the scene in Frank Miller’s Illustrated 300, Leonidas does not at all blame the Queen for killing Xerxes’ envoy and insulting Xerxes for threatening a war with Greece. He shows the film in Book 300 and reveals their plots. (418)

As you noted, Leonidas, as a symbol of a Western king and ruler, kills Xerxes’ envoy, contrary to diplomatic principles. This scene is self-propaganda for the despotism of the leaders of Western countries, because according to the film, they are allowed to do anything.

In fact, it can be said that this part of the film covers the crimes and unilateral actions of the Israeli and American Masonic states, including the arrest of Iranian diplomats in Iraq and Lebanon, (419) the arbitrary occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and … which are contrary to diplomatic principles. And allows these countries to deal with their opponents in any way.

Thus, it can be concluded that the scene of the death of Xerxes’ first envoy and his companions at the hands of Leonidas is purely political and purposeful, justifying the non-diplomatic actions of the Masonic states in dealing with their opponents.

  1. D) The image of the second representative that Xerxes sent to the Greeks to force them to surrender is very similar to the fake “bin Laden” figure that the US government displayed in the media after the fabricated 9/11 incident. Of course, this does not mean that we endorse the activities of the al-Qaeda and Takfiri terrorist group, but that the US government has released a film attributed to bin Laden in the media in order to falsify the 9/11 events that a person like Osama bin Laden threatened America.

To compare the image of the real “bin Laden” and the fake “bin Laden”, consider the following images: (420)

The real bin Laden face (on the right) and the fake bin Laden face (on the left). (Note the differences in faces.) The US government, in a bid to duplicate the events of 9/11, had published a film attributed to bin Laden in the media in which a person similar to Osama bin Laden threatened America. The image (left) is the one depicted in the film broadcast by the US government as “bin Laden” threatening the American people. (Of course, this does not mean endorsing terrorist al-Qaeda’s Takfiri activities.)

In film 300, the image of the second messenger of Xerxes (421) arriving at them to threaten the Spartan army and invite them to surrender is very similar to the fake “bin Laden” film released by the US government. For a better comparison, consider the following images:

 Right photo: Fake bin Laden image in US government film about 9/11

Left photo: Picture of Xerxes’ second messenger in movie 300.

Note the similarities in these pictures

As you noted, there is a striking resemblance between the face of the second messenger of Xerxes in film 300 and the fake “Bin Laden” broadcast by the US media, so that even the details of such faces, such as the shape of the nose, skin color, cheekbones, etc. They are also very similar to each other.

It seems that the similarity was not unreasonable, and probably was intended to evoke the fabricated 9/11 incident in the minds of American viewers in order to connect viewers between al-Qaeda and Iran and consider al-Qaeda an ambassador and representative of Iran! (As if, in previous years, claims by Iran that al-Qaeda had taken refuge in the West were also received by the Western media.) (422)

Certainly, if this goal of the filmmakers and their supporters succeeds, American audiences will find much to hate Iran and support the US government’s actions against Iran.

So, most likely, this part of the film is also made for the evil purposes of the leaders of the US Masonic government and is intended to establish a link between Iran and al-Qaeda so that public opinion of the American people and Western countries will be hated by Iran and prepare the ground for economic, political or military confrontation with Iran.

  1. E) Xerxes and Leonidas (King of Sparta) debate, including the purely political and purposeful parts of the 300 film, designed to ridicule peace talks with Iran.

In this episode of the film, Xerxes, while taking an arrogant attitude and trying to look at King Sparta’s position of power, invites Leonidas to surrender and promises the Greek government, “We can have cultural exchanges together.” (423)

But Leonidas scoffs at Xerxes and rejects what he says.

This part of the film ridiculously ridicules the “dialogue of civilizations” raised by Iran in international assemblies (424) and dismisses “dialogue of civilizations” as the knows war only way to deal with Iran. In fact, this part of the film is exactly in line with the bellicose tendencies of the Freemasonry and tries to prepare the audience’s minds to accept the war with Iran.

Interestingly enough, there is no dialogue in the Frank Miller comic book (based on the film) and there is no discussion of cultural exchanges and such. This further reinforces the conspiracy theory of this part of the film. Thus, it seems that the film’s agents have incorporated this dialogue into the dialogues of Xerxes and Leonidas to use it for political purposes and to serve the interests of the global Freemasonry. (425)


Xerxes debate with Leonidas. This section of the film contains clear political messages to serve the interests of America and the evil Freemasonry.

Therefore, given the above, this piece of film can be considered as one of the most obvious political pieces of the film that tries to render negotiations with Iran useless and considers war as the only option to confront Iran.

  1. F) In film 300, in addition to individuals, symbols have also been used to serve post-Freemasonry apocalyptic purposes and to confront Iran and Islam.

In earlier sections of this article, including Nostradamus’ prophecies, we have noted that the enemies of Islam, especially the Zionists and Western countries, have many studies of Islam and Shia. For example, a few years ago, a conference on Shi’ite knowledge was held in Tel Aviv, where the Shiite revolutions and their relationship to Mahdavism and Ashura were examined. (426)

According to the studies of the enemies of Islam on Islamic history and traditions, they try to use and plan against the hadiths and traditions.

The film “300” also contains the material used in the hadiths and has been taken against them. In this film, for example, the flag of the Xerxes Division, which symbolizes evil, is black, and it is strange that the director and the film crew have a strong interest in displaying these flags and displaying them in key scenes.

In the following scenes, for example, the black flags of the army attributed to Xerxes are biased: (427)

 Repeatedly displaying the black flag as the flag of the Iranian army in film 300.

In the pictures above, it seems that using the black flag symbol as the flag of the Xerxes was a very deliberate move. Thus, in view of the many traditions that there are black flags leaving Khorasan for the help of the Imam Mahdi, (428) filmmakers have attempted to film between Xerxes flags (which may not have been originally black)!) And the black flag of Khorasan in Islamic traditions, communicate with this trick, to scare the people of western countries of any Iranian-Islamic black flag. In fact, it can be said that the scenes mentioned in the film 300 are designed only to defame the black flags of Khorasan, because in some narratives the owners of the black flags have been referred to as the companions of the Mahdi (AS). (429)

Finally, it can be said that the Western world, which has benefited from numerous Islamic studies groups, has attempted to mobilize the people of Western countries against the potential danger of the black flags of Khorasan (Iran) by making 300 film. It has tried to portray Iranian black flags as a destructive and scary flag.

Other scenes linking film 300 with apocalyptic concepts and revealing Freemason supporters’ plot are scenes of a white horse riding through the fog into the Spartan army and into a Spartan soldier. He beheads the spartan soldier from the body in a dilution.

To view this scene, take a look at the following pictures: (430)

A scene in which a white horse rides through the fog into the army of Sparta and cuts off the head of a Spartan soldier.

The interesting thing is that the camera does not show the rider’s face and gives him a mysterious state. Also, the aforementioned horse plays only in the same scene and is no longer seen in the film. These issues show that in terms of the film’s maker, this person was not an ordinary human being; rather, the filmmakers probably referred to him as the savior of the Muslims, Imam Mahdi. (431)

It should be noted that this part of the film does not even exist in the Frank Miller comic book 300 and the factors involved in making the film have added to the story. This in itself may indicate that this part of the film is plot-driven. (432)

Thus, it seems that the Zionist and Masonic agents producing the film have attempted to portray the sacred savior of Muslims and Iranians in this scene in order to pessimists the film’s audience towards Imam Mahdi (AS). May God curse those responsible for this sedition.

  1. H) Another scene in the film, which seeks to instill apocalyptic notions into the audience, is a scene that shows, vertically and from above, the dead body of Leonidas and his companions. In this scene, the body of Leonidas is depicted as a cross.

To view this scene, take a look at the following pictures: (433)

A scene in which Leonidas’s body is crucified.

In the picture above, it seems that the film’s constituents have tried to reconcile Leonidas with Jesus Christ and to sanctify him as much as Jesus Christ. On the other hand, given that in movie 300, the Iranian army is also introduced as a symbol of the Islamic army in the apocalypse, it has been attempted to promote the Iran-Spartan war as a symbol of the Islamic-Iranian war with the divine Messiah. Introduce the fierce battle of Armageddon; the battle of Armageddon, made by Zionists and Freemasons, and with their propaganda, trying to exploit the power of Zionist Christians and Zionist Jews to achieve their apocalyptic goals.

Thus, it can be concluded that the scene is designed to match the war between Iran and Sparta with the false battle of Armageddon and is intended to instill in the audience the message that in the battle of Armageddon, Iran and Islam will be at war with Jesus Christ. May God curse the liars.

  1. I) The comparison of Athens and Sparta (the names of the two great cities of ancient Greece) in different parts of the film is another corner of the film’s political metaphor; In the way that Leonidas (King of Sparta), in various parts of the film, describes Athenians as trivial philosophers and Spartans as noble and courageous people. (434)

It can be seen with some accuracy that in film 300, Athens is a symbol of European countries and Sparta is a symbol of the US, since the European Union and France, Germany and the United Kingdom use negotiation tools in opposition to Iran and the Islamic countries (though their negotiations are also It is poisonous), but the United States is confronting Iran and the Islamic countries with the tools of militarism. (435)

Film 300, using the symbol of Athens and Sparta, infuses American viewers that among the solutions to negotiation and military confrontation, military strikes are a better means of confronting Iran and the Islamic world; Humiliation is shown, but the death of Leonidas and his companions is displayed with dignity and pride; in the end, the Spartans’ 30,000th army are shown, while commemorating the memory of Leonidas and his companions, is determined and firm toward the Iranians (436)

This scene also implicitly supports and praises the Spartan positions (which symbolize today’s Americans).

The resolute movement of the Spartan division of 30,000 towards the Iranian division at the end of the 300 film.

The filmmakers thus appear to have attempted to propagate American militarism and militarism by symbolic use of Sparta and Athens, thereby gaining the support of American public opinion, paving the way for US military confrontation with Iran and Islamic countries.

As you have noted, the film has historically sought 300 to symbolize, express political irony, and expand Masonic goals. In this film, Iran is depicted as a symbol of today’s Iran and even of the Muslim world in the time of Xerxes, and Sparta is also portrayed as a supposedly Christian West in the apocalypse. Iran’s adaptation to the Muslim world can be easily seen in film 300, with many Iranian soldiers and even representatives of Xerxes dressed in Arab costumes and faces. In fact, it can be said that film 300 is a film that confronts Islam and Iran with the Western world and completely supports the Western world.

But the final point to note about the movie 300 is that the making of the movie 300, like the movie “The Lost Tomb of Christ” and the movie “Da Vinci Code”, shows that Freemasons are probably playing their last apocalyptic programs, because in film 300, like the other two films, we see Masons discard some of their old tools and no longer need to use them. Among these tools is the claim of a strong bond between the ancient Iranians and the Jews.

In this quest, the Zionists were trying to make themselves seemingly old friends of Iran (437), such as the release of Jewish captives captured in Babylon by Cyrus the Achaemenid, (438) the marriage of the Jewish Esther and the Xerxes of the Achaemenid and the Ministry of Mordecai. Introduced (Uncle Esther) to the court of Xerxes (439) as a symbol of the bond between the ancient Iranians and the Jews, and thus attempted to use Iran before the revolution as a partner in the region.

To do this, in the pre-Islamic era, nationalist and non-religious thought was reinforced in Iran and efforts were made to present ancient Iran as the sole Iranian identity and to abandon the Islamic identity of the Iranians. (The 2,500-year-old royal ceremony was part of the program.) (440)

Alongside these developments, other ideas, including the discussion of the friendship of the ancient Iranians and the Jews, were also widely propagated by the Zionists, implying that the ancient Iranians and the Jews were closest friends and that the Islamic religion had split between the two friends. (441)

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Zionist policy was mentioned, continued by the Masonic governments of America and Israel, and was advertised in satellite programs, and so on.

But the interesting point is that in movie 300 even the ancient Iran is not merciful and the ancient Iranians are introduced as wild creatures! Interestingly, the Iranian king in question (Xerxes) is the one the Jews had previously honored in his marriage to Esther (442), whom he referred to as a powerful and good-natured king!

This shift in the Zionists in film 300 shows that they no longer consider themselves close to achieving their apocalyptic goals and no longer need to use the tool.

Of course, at the end we should note that we do not mean the above expressions to be hostile to our Jewish compatriots as well as to other Jews; rather, we are talking about Jewish and Christian Masonic and Zionist apparatuses that use the above arguments. In other words, the Muslim people of Iran, relying on their original Islamic-Iranian culture, regard friendship with all heavenly religions as their duty, and after the Islamic Revolution, they continue their good relations with their Jewish, Zoroastrian, and Christian compatriots.

27- World gay festival in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Homosexual groups are deviant groups whose members do not adhere to any religion and only care about satisfying their sexual and animal desires. Many members of these groups also belong to Satanist groups. (443) In Western countries, members of homosexual groups in each city celebrate mass and parade in their city streets one day a year. In addition to the celebration, there is a big celebration every year where all the gay people in the world come together in one big city to celebrate and parade to honor their homosexuality and recklessly declare this to others! (444)

An international community called Inter Pride is responsible for organizing the annual gay celebration. (445) In a strange and unprecedented way, the Assembly decided to establish one of its most important international branches, the “World Pride” in the Holy City of Jerusalem (446), and to celebrate the 2006 annual celebration in this beloved city. (447) It was so shameful that in addition to Jerusalem’s Muslims, traditional and ultra-Orthodox Jews also protested the demonic festival; as a result of these protests, a very intense clash took place between Israeli police and Muslims and Jews. (448)

The protests, of course, made homosexuals afraid to parade and hold their rotten celebrations in a sports stadium. (449)

In the following pictures, you can see scenes from the aforementioned gathering: (450)

Pictures of the annual international gay celebration, held in 2006 in Jerusalem.


Bold presence of reformist and non-Orthodox Jews (pictured right), supporters of the Israeli government (middle image) and even Israeli soldiers! (Pictured left) at the annual International Gay Celebration in Jerusalem demonstrates Israel’s Masonic government’s good relations with corrupt groups.

Arrest of ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting international gay celebration in Jerusalem.

Corrupt homosexual groups, which had the full support of the Israeli government in celebration of 2006, decided to re-organize their international celebration in Jerusalem in 2007, but in 2007, The streets of the city, and even near the walls of the al-Aqsa mosque, marched to climax. (451)

The shameful move of gay men in 2007 led to the re-protest of Muslims and ultra-Orthodox Jews but not only did the protests lead to violent police treatment of the protesters, (452) but the Israeli Supreme Court (formerly referred to as the Masonic structure) also rejected the protesters’ legal suit and ruled in favor of homosexuals. (453)

Thus, it can be concluded that the corrupt celebration of homosexuals was formed with the efforts of the Israeli Masonic government and aimed at insulting the divine religions and promoting Masonic anti-religious teachings and Satanism.

But the question is, why was Jerusalem chosen for the International Gay Festival?

Before answering this question, one important point to note is that there are other major cities besides (Jerusalem) in Israel; The question of why such a corrupt celebration took place in Jerusalem, despite the presence of large cities and tourist destinations in Israel, reveals the hidden plots in the story.

But the reasons that led homosexuals to hold their corrupt international festival in Jerusalem are as follows:

1) According to the Mehr News Agency and the Mo’ud website, one of the branches of the World Gay Pride Association in the city of Jerusalem stated in its statement: The purpose of the festival in Jerusalem is the authenticity of religion in the city. (454)

With a little bit attention, we can see that the homosexuals of the world have chosen one of the most important religious cities in the world for holding their international festival in order to ridicule religions and to show their bravery and dare to oppose all three major heavenly religions ( Islam, Christianity and Judaism) because as we know, the city of Jerusalem is sacred in all the three great heavenly religions. Because the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to heaven and the propaganda activities of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) took place in this city and the Qibla of Prophet Moses (PBUH) and the altar of many prophets of the Bani Israel. (455)

Thus, one of the purposes of holding such a festival in the holy city of Jerusalem is the simultaneous ridicule of the three great divine religions. This is also stated in the statement of the World Gay Association.

2) Another important reason that has probably led the World Gay Association to hold its festival in Jerusalem is near the home of the people of Lot (Sodom), to Jerusalem.

The corrupt and sinful people of Lot lived in the city of Sodom near the Dead Sea and the Jordan River. The people of Lot were the first to promote the heinous act of homosexuality, and the Almighty punished and destroyed them by punishing this great sin. (456)

In modern times, the people of Lot are known as a symbol of sin, and especially sexual unreliability; it is so well known that there are even words in the English language such as (Sodomitic), (Sodomy), and so on. (457) In addition, some evil bands, including a metal band in Germany, have named themselves (Sodom). (458)

In the following pictures, you can see the ads of this group: (459)

Promotional images of the music albums of a metal band called Sodom.

As you have noted, Satanist and gay groups see Sodom as their ideal city. This corrupt city is adjacent to the Dead Sea, which is just a short distance from Jerusalem. (460) The distance from the city of Sodom to Jerusalem was thus approximately 75 km.

In addition, the Quran and the Torah also mention the angels who came to torment the people of Lot, who had also met with Abraham before leaving for the city of Sodom. (461) This also shows that the city of Sodom was not far from Jerusalem (where Abraham lived) at that time.

In the following pictures, you can see the approximate location of the city of Sodom: (462)


Possible location of the city of Sodom near the Dead Sea.

Very short distance (approx. 17.5 km) from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. (Note the scale shown in the corner of the image.)

In the above pictures, we can see that the city of Sodom is a short distance from the holy city of Jerusalem.

Thus, it can be concluded that the proximity of Jerusalem to the site of the destroyed city of Sodom was another incentive for homosexuals and their Freemasonry groups to hold an annual international celebration of homosexuals in Jerusalem, in addition to insulting religions, Resurrect the evil of the people of Lot and promote the dirty deeds of this people.

  1. 3) In addition to the motives and goals mentioned above for gay celebrations in Jerusalem, there seems to be another important motivation.

We have already mentioned that the global Freemasonry organization is making the latest efforts to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque and build Solomon’s magnificent temple.

This is so that in 2007, Israel publicly began demolishing the “Bab al-Mogarbi” adjacent to the al-Aqsa mosque to manipulate the walls

of the al-Aqsa mosque itself. (463) Given that Satanist groups, and consequently homosexual groups, regard Solomon’s false temple as a symbol of infidelity, atheism, and sin, they appear to be happy to begin planning this temple.

An international gay celebration of 2007 in the city of Jerusalem, and in particular a gay parade near the al-Aqsa mosque, as recent efforts to demolish the al-Aqsa mosque and build Solomon’s false temple show the link to the ceremony with Temple of Solomon.

In fact, one can conclude that one of the motives of the 2007 international celebration of homosexuals was to blatantly insult the mosque and celebrate the beginning of the construction of Solomon’s false temple. On the one hand, the Aqsa Mosque as a symbol of godliness and in the minds of the enemies of religion, its destruction means the destruction of divine religions, and on the other, the Freemasonry, Zionist, Satanist, and homosexual groups that know  Solomon (AS) as liar, infidel and idolater, (464)  consider the construction of Solomon’s false temple as the beginning of an age of sin and boundless despair.

Thus, it seems that the international gay celebration in Jerusalem and their parade near the Al-Aqsa Mosque was also a celebration of the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the construction of the Solomon Temple.

According to the above, it can be concluded that the international celebration of homosexuals in 2006 and 2007 in Jerusalem was a conspiracy organized by the Masons, carried out by their frontline soldiers, homosexuals and Satanists, a conspiracy that Its purpose was to insult divine religions and to celebrate blasphemous customs and traditions.

As you have noted, Freemasonry has used various measures throughout history to form an evil devilish government, some of which we have mentioned. Certainly, this evil organization will use different arrangements in the future to achieve its evil goals. So, it is imperative for us to know and plan against these tools, and seek God’s help in this way

One important point to note: At the end of the discussion on “Freemasonry Measures for the Formation of Evil World Government”, we point out that Freemasonry’s evil leaders, in order to counter the secrecy of the organization, have provided much evidence that these groups are subversive, For no credible reason, and researchers who reveal the organization’s secrets are called pessimists.

The Masonic trick has gone so far that their leaders have incorporated terms such as (Conspiracy Hallucination), (Conspiracy Delusion), (Conspiracy Theory) and … into political and cultural dialect (465 ) To ridicule the evidence presented by scholars about Freemasonry’s demons, making them pessimistic, delusional, and fanatical humans and presenting their words as merely theory (not reality).

Obviously, if we Muslims are to be naive and dreamy and to interpret the events of the Masonic events based on coincidence and chance, it will not be long before the Masons and their Zionist friends have conquered the world and established, they will lay the foundation their evil world empire in Jerusalem.

We therefore urge Muslim brothers and sisters not to ignore the baseless Freemasons’ words and not to hesitate to discover and expose their conspiracies and to be sure that all the seditions committed by Freemasons are a dangerous and complicated fact; Because the bitter events and dangerous activities carried out by the Masons are so abundant that they are by no means accidental and simply dismissed.

One question

Carefully in the material that has been raised so far about Freemasonry, there is certainly a crucial question in the minds of the honorable readers:

Why have the Masonic groups that are trying to establish the Antichrist government (466), instead of opposing the Vatican and other institutions and Christian countries, have fought against the Muslims, especially the Iranians?

In response, it should be said that the only heavenly religion that currently exists in the world, and with all its mighty strength against Freemasonry and other atheistic ideas, is the religion of Islam. Because the present distorted Christianity (not the true law of the Prophet Jesus) and the present distorted Judaism (not the true law of the Prophet Moses) only worship the superficial.

On the other hand, because of the weakness of Jihadist doctrines in Christianity and Judaism, these religions are unable to cope with the enemies of religion and are easily defeated.

In addition, Christianity and Judaism, and their leaders, are mired in corruption and inadequacy, as exemplified in the current Vatican and Israeli synagogues; Religion today cannot deal with the evil activities of Freemasonry and similar organizations.

But another important point to answer in this question is that even if we consider Freemasonry’s antagonism solely with Christ and justify the attempt to form a government (Antichrist) in this regard, the fact that Freemasonry’s greatest antagonism to Islam and to the Muslim nations shows that Freemasons view Jesus as more like the sacred religion of Islam than the current perverted Christianity. Thus, the Freemasons, who have distorted their predecessors (Kabbalists), including the Bible, fight against Islam more than any other religion, as they are more like the main religion and They see the undistorted prophet of the majesty.

On the other hand, Freemasons may have read in Islamic books that if one day the Prophet (pbuh) rises, his resurrection will be a subset of the main uprising of the Muslim savior, the Imam Mahdi (pbuh), and thus the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself, He will be one of the companions of Imam Zaman. So, the Masons know that in order to fight the Prophet (pbuh), they must first confront their commander, Imam Mahdi (PBUH). For this reason, they have mostly been fighting Islam. (It should be noted, of course, that the Masons do not believe in God, the Prophet and the supernatural. (467) We mean that the Masons are prepared to confront the presence of the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh), that these groups are thinking In the apocalypse, ordinary people may use the Islamic traditions to introduce themselves as Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and thus use their popular support to assassinate Masons and their allies! Thus, their thinking about the Imam Mahdi and Jesus (as) is also void and they are considered ordinary humans living in the apocalypse, and with this false thought they prepare themselves to confront ordinary (not miraculous) persons. May God invalidate their evil deeds.

Islam’s Measures to Fight Freemasonry

The religion of Islam, which is the most comprehensive plan for human life, has always provided guidelines to confront the enemies of religion and to safeguard beliefs. Even in many cases, prophecies and guidelines have been provided in the form of Quranic verses and the narrations of the infallibles (as) to overcome the difficult circumstances of the time (especially the absence of Imam Mahdi.)

One of the surprising things is that Allah, the All-Knowing, the Almighty, whose knowledge encompasses everything, expresses prophecies and guidelines directly in the verses of the Quran and indirectly in the language of the infallible He said, to help them fight the greatest enemy of religion in history, Freemasonry. Especially if we look at Freemasonry from the perspective of the Antichrist. (It should be noted, of course, that Freemasonry is a name and a name that refers to a broad organization. So, when we refer to Freemasonry, we mean not only the lodges that exist in different countries, but the meanings of Masonic states such as the US and Israel, and There are also sects like evangelism, etc. So, the term Freemasonry is a broad term.)

Islam has made many preparations to counter the highly destructive Freemasonry movement to help Muslims counter this potential antichrist of the apocalypse. Here are some of the most important measures taken by Islam:

1- The repeated introduction of Pharaoh as one of the greatest non-divine governments.

As you have seen in various sections of this article, the atheistic and demonic teachings of Kabbalah and Freemasonry have their origins in the ruthless culture and civilization of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. (468) These Egyptian foundations are so important in Freemasonry that even Freemasonry groups such as the Shriner, which are interested in the atheistic customs of the ignorant Arabs, continue to follow Egyptian principles. In fact, it can be said that the foundations of Kabbalah and Freemasonry also consist of the teachings and symbols of ancient Egypt. Here are some of the icons below:


A number of similar symbols of Freemasonry and Ancient Egypt.


A number of similar symbols of Freemasonry and Ancient Egypt.

As you have noted, many of the Freemasonry symbols are similar to those of ancient Egypt, and this confirms Freemasonry’s adaptation of the atheistic culture of ancient Egypt. (469)

The Almighty God, who knows all things, has expressed a great deal in the Holy Quran in the blasphemy of Pharaoh and his minister Haman, so that the name of Pharaoh has been mentioned and condemned more than any other non-divine governments in the Quran. The following are some of these verses: (470)

Excerpts from the verses of the Quran that criticize Pharaoh and his companions.

The fact that despite the presence of other ruthless rulers such as Ashurbanibal and Bakht al-Nasr throughout history (471), God does not refer to them, but repeatedly refers to Pharaoh, shows that for Almighty God, Pharaohs were the most dangerous enemy of religions. They are divine and their understanding is essential for Muslims.

Certainly, God Almighty, who knows the past, present, and future, given that the divine governments of the future of the world as a continuation of the way of the Pharaoh, repeatedly introduced the Pharaoh in the Quran to alert the Muslims to the danger of the Pharaohs. Prevents from falling into the clutches of the Pharaohs of time (Freemasons).

This marvelous and miraculous reference to the Pharaohs and Pharaohs and their dangers, shows that God Almighty has informed the Muslims of the danger posed by the Pharaohs (Freemasons) in the apocalypse and thus encouraged them to confront this atheist group.

2- Expressing the repeated atrocities of the Jews and the Israelites in the Quran and their condemnation

The people of Israel are one of the most treacherous and cruel tribes to be found in history. In the major plots and conspiracies that have occurred throughout history, the traces of the Israeli people can be largely traced. For this reason, after the dispersal of the Bani Israel among other tribes, other tribes have always sought to distance themselves from this people.

The people of Israel have played a crucial role in transmitting the ancient Egyptian Masonic concepts to Europe and today’s America, thereby consolidating the dispersed Egyptian teachings by creating Kabbalah teachings. To get a better grasp of this, let’s take a look at the flow of Masonic concepts from ancient Egypt to Europe: (472)

The descendants of the Israelites who had been freed by the command of Moses (as) by the command of God from the clutches of the Pharaohs, after relieving the Pharaohs of danger, sacrificed the blessings of God and worshiped calves. But again, by the grace of God, they were included and returned to the law of Prophet Moses (pbuh). After the death of Prophet Moses (as), the Israelites began to spread Egyptian deviant teachings that they had previously learned in Egypt rather than following the divine religion. They combined the Egyptian atheism and the atheism of the neighboring nations, establishing the Kabbalah divergent and atheistic teachings from their mergers, calling them devious teachings of Jewish mysticism. They did not even have mercy on the Divine Prophets and called Prophet Solomon (infallible) as infidel and polytheist in order to create a crime partner for themselves.

Subsequently, the Israelite priests trained the Kabbalah atheist teachings on some of the crusaders called the Temple Knights and spread them throughout Europe and then the United States. Finally, in recent centuries, the teachings of the Kabbalah have been transmitted to Freemasons and they have taken charge of spreading these teachings. Thus, it can be said that the Israelites were the main communication bridge between ancient Egypt and the present age, and in their hands the Masonic teachings of Kabbalah came into the hands of Freemasons. It should be noted, however, that the Israeli relationship with the Freemasonry is two-way and Freemasonry supports the Israeli ideals.

One of the groups and enemies that God has repeatedly mentioned in the Quran are the Israelites. The people of Israel have been repeatedly described in the Quran as a people of covenant, jealousy, excuse, ungrateful and lazy, in a way that even the people of this nation have ignored divine blessings and engaged in inferiority.

In many verses of the Quran, God has spoken of the disobedience of the people of Israel, and has prevented Muslims from practicing their actions. The Almighty God has also, in many verses, condemned the Israelites and made the Muslims aware of the danger of the Israelites.

Here are some passages from the verses of the Holy Quran that criticize the Israelites:

Excerpts from the verses of the Holy Quran that have been used to rebuke the Israelites.

The repeated blasphemy of the Israelites in the Holy Quran, while apparently the Meccan polytheists were the main enemy of the Muslims, shows that wise God in the Quran has made the Muslims aware of the greater danger which is the Israelites. In fact, God the Wise, with repeated references to the Bani Israel in the Quran, has warned Muslims that the greatest enemy of Islam in history and especially in the apocalypse are the Bani Israel.

This divine prophecy in the Quran is also an obvious miracle, because today we see that the potential antichrist of the apocalypse, Freemasonry, is the result of the devious teachings of the Kabbalah of Israel and on the other hand Freemasonry fully supports the devious ideals of the Israelites.

Thus, the repeated references of God the Almighty to the Israelites in the Quran for the sake of convincing Muslims can be regarded as one of Islam’s measures to counter the possible antichrist of the apocalypse, Freemasonry.

3- Exact scientific miracles in the Quran to counter the Freemasonic scientific claims.

In various sections of this article, it has been mentioned that the universal organization of Freemasonry has many scientific claims, so that many of its honors and claims are based on science, especially empirical science.

Membership of many Nobel Peace Prize laureates in Freemasonry, (473) Freemasonry’s reliance on Darwin’s theory of natural selection, (474) Frequent use of Kabbalists and Freemasons in geometry and mathematics, the use of the mark of Compass and Square as an important Freemasonry symbol, (475) The scientific evidence above the members of the Lodge (476) and … are all the cases where Freemasons try to introduce themselves as trustees and scholars, and on the other hand, ridicule religions and make religionists, ignorant people and Introduce them an illiterate, away from science, and illusionist. It could be said with much courage that one of the tools that Freemasonry uses very effectively and by using it attracts scholars and students to lodges, is the Scientism claim of Freemasonry.

But contrary to the absurd claims of Freemasonry, divine religions, and especially the sacred religion of Islam, are rich in rigorous scientific content and have even encouraged believers to learn science. In the meantime, the Holy Quran, which contains the words of God the Almighty without any hesitation, speaks of pen and reading and teaching in the first minutes and the first night of the revelation to Prophet Muhammad:

The presence of pen words, reading and teaching in the first verses revealed to the beloved Prophet of Islam. (Verses 5-1 of Surah Alaq).

The beloved book of the Quran, besides encouraging believers to study science many times, also contains very detailed scientific points which are particularly surprising in the field of empirical sciences.

To make this point clearer, let’s give you an example of these scientific points that illustrate the miraculous aspects of the Quran:

In the earliest verses of Surah Rome, God the Wise has two examples of his precious miracles. One of these miracles relates to historical prophecy and the other to geological sciences. Before explaining further, let’s take a look at these verses:

Verses 4-1 Surah Rome and their miracles.

In most of the suras beginning with the cross-sections, God speaks immediately of the greatness of the Quran; (477) But in Surah Rome, God deals immediately with the Iran-Rome war; There are some miracles and signs in Iran and Rome that illustrate the greatness of the Quran and its creator (478) so with this introduction, we can further study the miracles of the Quran in these verses.

In verses 1 to 4 of Surah Rome, there are two great miracles of God:

1) The first miracle relates to God’s prophecy about a historical event. Thus, in these verses, God announces the victory of Rome in the war against the Iranians.

The earliest verses of the Roman Surah were revealed in the time of the presence of the beloved Prophet of Islam in Mecca around 620 AD (6 years after the first great Iran-Roman War in the Jerusalem region). The war between Iran and Eastern Rome (Byzantium) took place in 614 AD, which resulted in the fall of the Sassanian Iranian government of Jerusalem (Jerusalem) and many territories of the Shamata and Palestine. (479) The war of 614 is one of the most famous wars in history because after the conquest of Jerusalem by the Iranians, the Holy Cross was also taken by the Iranians and they took this cross with them as a booty. (480) (They do not believe The Holy Cross is the crucifixion according to the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was crucified and ascended to heaven after his death., but they believe that God has raised up Jesus (AS) alive.)

After the war of 614 AD, most countries considered the destruction of the Byzantine state as one of the superpowers of the time, because before the conquest of Jerusalem the Byzantine Romans had suffered numerous and repeated defeats by the Iranians and many lands of Rome was in the hands of the Iranians. (482)

But God Almighty made a prophecy to give hope to the Muslims who were going through a difficult time.

The Almighty God, in the late presence of the Prophet in Mecca (d. 620 AD), revealed the earliest verses of Surah Rome to the beloved Prophet of Islam (483), promising that Rome, in spite of the defeat they had from Iran, in less than 10 years (3 to 9 years) will triumph over Iran. (484) The Almighty God further states that believers will be happy with this promise and prophesy and hope for a bright future for Islam.

After the revelation of these verses, the polytheists of Mecca ridiculed the Prophet and the Muslims and considered the prophecy of the Quran to be false. But history after seven years has shown that the prophecy of the Quran is completely correct and that the wise God himself knows better than anyone else the future.

Thus, in 627 AD (7 years after the early revelation of the sura Rome), the Romans imposed a severe defeat on the Iranians in the Ninawa region. So that the Iranians, for fear of further defeats, made a peace with the Eastern Rome that, by its terms, forced the Iranians to withdraw from their former dominions and return the Holy Cross to Jerusalem. (485) Thus, believers became happy with the fulfillment of God’s promise, hoping for other promises of God Almighty, including the victory of Islam in the future.

2) The second miracle found in the earliest verses of Surah Rome was discovered after 14 centuries of the revelation of the Quran, following the invention of advanced instruments such as satellites

This miracle is a miracle of the natural sciences, expressed in the field of geology, where God reveals an important scientific fact that had been hidden for 14 centuries by Muslims and other humans, but God In the Holy Quran, he had declared to his noble servant Prophet Muhammad in the arid, dry land of the Arabian Peninsula.

To better understand this miracle, let’s first look at verses 1 and 3 of Surah Rome and its translation:

God says in verses 2 and 3 of Surah Rome:

In most translations of the above verses, we find:

“The Romans were defeated (2) in the nearest land but soon after their defeat they would soon win (3)” (486), (487)

As you have noted, in most translations of the Quran, the term “Adenni Al_Ardh” is translated as the nearest land. That is, the sub-common sense of the word Aden is used in translations. (488) However, if we use the secondary and subordinate meanings of the word Adenni or the Nearest, we may encounter ambiguities.

For a better understanding of this, see the following image:

In the image above, you can see that all the areas on the big red circle are the same distance from Mecca (small blue circle). One of these areas, shown in yellow, is the site of the Iran-Rome War of 614 AD.

In the picture above, it turns out that the phrase Aden al-Ardh, which came from the earliest verses of Surah Rome, probably does not mean the nearest land, since many lands, including southern Iraq, northern Egypt, and so on are located on the big red circle. Their distance from Mecca is equal to the distance between the site of the Iran-Rome war and Mecca. Therefore, the term “nearest land to Mecca” cannot be considered the site of the Iran-Rome war, as there are many other places whose distance from Mecca is equal to the distance between Mecca and the site of the battle between Iran and Rome.

In addition, other lands, such as Yemen, which were the site of other disputes between Iran and Rome, are closer to Mecca than Jerusalem and Palestine (the site of the 614 war). So, the phrase nearest land is more adapted to (Yemen) than Jerusalem.

For the above reasons, it does not appear that the Adenni Al-Ardh means the nearest land is meant to be located.

Now, what can Adenni Al-Ardh mean?

The most basic and common sense of the word Adenni is the word lowest, just as words like Denny mean in the sense of low, and Dennatt in the sense of lowery. Interestingly, these words are used in the same sense in Persian.

Thus, the term Adenni Al-Ardh can be understood as the lowest land.

The important point is that the word Adenni in the dictionary and computer and internet translators also translate mainly to the lowest, inferior, and especially the lowest, which also indicates that the Adenni word is also the lowest meaning in the dictionary

But more interestingly, when translating Adenni Al-Ardh into Arabic-English online and online translators, its translation appears as Lower Land or Lowest Land. So, these translators also know the word Lower or Lowest about the word Adenni. (489) (It should be noted that the word Adenni is an eloquent noun (490) in the Arabic language, which, according to its position in the sentence, can be understood as Lower or Lowest. The sentence is literally the lowest meaning.)

For a better understanding of what is said, consider the following pictures:

Thus, as you have noted, for translators such as Google Translate it means the lowest land.

But does the lowest land, in verse 3 of Surah Rome, have any particular meaning?

Before the invention of satellites and their use in geosciences and geography, measuring the altitude of different parts of the earth and comparing them with each other was a very difficult task, but with the invention of satellites and their use in geosciences and geography, it was easy to compare the height of different regions of the Earth. During these studies, it was found that the lowest area on Earth’s land was the Dead Sea, and the sub-territories surrounding the West Bank were the lowest in the Jordan River and east of the Jordan River. (491)

To better understand this, take a look at the following images taken from reputable sites: (492)

Articles about the lowest point on Earth in the Dead Sea.

The lowest point in the world on the border between Jordan and the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

As you have seen, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth.

Now if we look at the geographical maps, we will find that one of the nearest major historic cities to the Dead Sea is the city of Jerusalem. The minimum distance from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is 17.40 km and the maximum distance from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is 21.47 km.

In the pictures below, you can see the position of the city of Jerusalem in relation to Dead sea:

Very short distance from Jerusalem (small ellipse) to the dead sea (large ellipse).

Very short distance from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea in the Google satellite image. Note that the yellow lines indicate the distance from the city to Dead sea and the blue lines indicate the distance from the Al-Aqsa Mosque to Dead sea. The distance from Jerusalem to Dead sea is 10.80 miles or 17.38 kilometers.

Notice the scale in the lower left corner of the image.

As you can see, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on land, and Jerusalem is the lowest land in the world, which is the West Bank of the Jordan River.

However, we find that God meant Adenni Al-Ardh in the earliest verses of Surah Rome, the Lowest Land, not the nearest land, which corresponds to the original Adenni meaning Lowest. In fact, Almighty God, in the earliest verses of Surah Roman, expressed one of the miracles of the Holy Quran in the field of geology and geography and in these verses, the West Bank land of the Jordan River which Jerusalem (the site of Roman defeat of Iran in 614 AD). It is located in what is known as the lowest land. (493)

This miraculous scientific miracle was announced by the Quran as it was not possible to measure the difference between the levels of land on the sea and the levels of different parts of the earth. Only with the invention of satellites and advanced facilities did man realize the lowest land on earth that was possible after 1400 years of the Quran’s descent.

The important point is that God Almighty has used cross-sectional letters in the first verse of sura Rome and this can also guide us to the obvious miracles in sura Rome verses because in the holy Quran, in most the cases that used the cross-sections immediately afterwards revealed verses about the greatness of the Quran. Now that the issue of Roman defeat by Iran has been raised shortly after the sectional letters in Surah Rome shows that behind the appearance of the verses concerning the defeat of Iran by Rome, there are great miracles which show the greatness of the Quran. Thus, it can be said that God Almighty has also informed us of the miracles in the early verses of Surah Rome, but we humans have been unable to understand some of these miracles until the last century due to scientific deficiencies and lack of facilities.

But in the meantime, the enemies of Islam have not been idle either, and have made a sneaky attempt to reject these blatant divine miracles. These divine miracles are so eloquent and indisputable that they arouse the jealousy and anger of the enemies of Islam, and they seek to impose somehow on these miracles.

For example, several Evangelical (Christian Zionist) sites have stated that since the lowest point in the world is next to Christianity and the Roman defeat of Iran happened in Jerusalem, what is stated in the Quran and the is not true. Quran is mistaken about the lowest point of the earth, because Jerusalem (Jerusalem), which was the site of Iran’s defeat by Rome, is a little further from the lowest point in the world, and slightly higher. So, the Quran is wrong and it is not a scripture

In rejecting the baseless allegations of the aforementioned sites and similar sites, it must be said that, for some solid reason, these sites are completely false:

  1. A) The Almighty God in the Holy Quran has spoken of the lowest land in the world, not the lowest point in the world. Thus, the Great God has used the precise phrase of the lower or the lowest land in the early verses of the sura of Rome and has never mentioned the phrase the lowest city or the lowest point

Geographically, the West Bank of the Jordan River (of which Jerusalem and the northern and western parts of the Dead Sea and the surrounding territories are part of it) is the lowest land in the world, which corresponds to the Quranic verse concerning the site of Roman defeat; The Quran also considered the land where Roman defeat occurred (the West Bank of the Jordan River) to be the lowest land, not the city of Jerusalem.

Therefore, it turns out that the speech of the enemies of Islam in rejecting this great miracle is a lie. Because the great God in Surah Rome did not regard Jerusalem as the lowest city or the lowest point, but rather the land where Jerusalem (the Roman defeat of Iran) is located as the lowest land and this corresponds to the facts of geological science.

  1. B) Enemies of Islam who exaggerate about the miracles of the Quran have not paid attention to the fact that the battlefield of the two armies can never be the lowest point of the earth, because the lowest point of the earth is a small area less than one meter in diameter that One can hardly stand it.

Therefore, it is never possible to identify the battlefield between the two armies at the lowest point of the earth, since the lowest point of the earth is small. But the word of God Almighty, who called the land of the war between Iran and Rome the lowest land, is quite true, for a low land can easily accommodate two divisions. For a better understanding of this problem, consider the following:

Comparison of the miracle of the Holy Quran in the early verses of Surah Rome with the exaggeration of the enemies of Islam: The enemies of Islam say that the lowest point on earth is dead sea and the Roman defeat of Iran occurred in Jerusalem; is wrong! This stupidity and boldness of the enemies of Islam is due to the fact that they do not even use logic in their statements, in that they have failed to heed that the earliest verses of Surah Rome refer to the lowest land, not the lowest ground. For in addition to the literal meaning of the verse, it is not logical to imagine that the place of war of the two armies was at a low point, but that the place of war could be at a low land. In the schematic form on the right, you can see that the lowest point of the earth has only one human capacity, not one division, but the lowest territory (left figure) has the ability to accommodate two divisions. This proves that the words of God the Almighty in the Quran are perfectly logical and that the enemies of Islam are far from logical.

Thus, the word of the Great God in the Quran, in addition to conformity with science, is quite consistent with logic, but the words of the exaggerated enemies who speak of the battlefield of the two armies at the lowest point of the earth do not correspond to logic.

  1. C) In addition to the solid reasons outlined above, there are important questions that refute the claims of the enemies of Islam:

How can the Quran, in a war-related verse, address the issue of the land of war and speak so boldly about the lowery of war? People who are ignorant of God, who attribute the words of the Quran to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and do not regard it as the word of God, do not ask themselves how the Prophet (peace be upon him) could get into trouble and talk about lowery and height of land Has the earth spoken while war? However, if the Prophet (peace be upon him) really made the Quran, it would not bother him, and he would not talk about such serious issues as the earth’s lowery.

Finally, one has to ask how in one of its rare verses could the Quran speak of the lowest land and the same land at random in the same geographical location as in all parts of the world? Here, even if we exclude the discussion of the land and the land mentioned above, it would still be surprising that in one of the cities closest to Dead sea, the Roman defeat had taken place of Iran, and also Quran mentioned to the lowest land to be the location of the Roman defeat.

As you have seen, the basic verses of the sura of Rome contain the most precise and amazing miracles of God in various sciences, especially the empirical sciences, and these miracles and other great miracles in the natural sciences are the answers to the Masons. Who regard Freemasonry as the source and origin of science and present divine religions as purely theoretical and fictional schools.

With these obvious scientific miracles, one can direct educated youth to the Quran and Islam and avoid falling into the seductive trap of the Masons. For this reason, the scientific miracles of the Quran can also be regarded as one of Islam’s measures against Freemasonry, as they contradict the scientific claims of the Masons.

Finally, we should note that the scientific miracles of the Quran are not limited to the above example, but that there are innumerable scientific miracles between the verses of the Holy Quran and even the hadiths of the infallible ones which we, due to avoiding the Word, we don’t mention.

4- It is stated in the Quran that the people of Israel corrupt the earth twice and in the second place, God will destroy them forever.

In the Holy Quran, the Almighty God has repeatedly referred to the plots of the Bani Israel and expressed their ridicule; and in numerous verses, the Almighty has condemned their actions so that Muslims can learn from their mistakes and transgressions and refrain from sin and disobedience.

The Lord God has foretold in several verses the future of the Israelites and warned them not to imagine that the Israelites could continue their ugliness forever.

An example of important verses concerning the fate of the Israelites is the verses 4 to 8 of the Sura Israa:

As you can see, the Almighty God in the Quran has foretold two great corruption for the Israelites, which, according to the Quran, has come in the Torah.

In this prophecy, God Almighty declares to the Israelites that they are committing great corruption twice in the world.

For the first time, God-fearing servants severely punish the Israelites and even search for house-to-house; then the Israelite possesses a wealth and power and a large population, and over the godly servants (as we mentioned earlier), It prevails.

But when it comes to the second promise of God Almighty, the same chosen servants of God who defeated the Israelites in the first place will defeat the Israelites in the second degree, which is far more severe than the first defeat and rest the case of the Israelites forever. The second defeat involves a number of stages in which, first, the Bani Israel are blackened (for fear or disgrace), then the servants of God come into the al-Aqsa mosque and eventually, whatever they control, are intertwined and destroy them.

But the question that arises is, have these two times that God has mentioned ever happened?

In this regard, there are various opinions among the religious scholars:

1) Some people say that both of God’s promises to the Bani Israel have come true many years ago. These highly esteemed scholars claim that individuals such as Bakht al-Nasr Babylon and Titus Roman made severe attacks against the Israelites and defeated them twice. (494)

2)Some scholars believe that two of the Israelites’ penalties have not yet occurred and are likely to occur in the future. (495)

3) Other scholars believe that we are the first in Israel’s corruption, and today’s events in occupied Palestine are in the first place of the corruption of the Israeli.

4) Another group of scholars believe that the first punishment of the Israelites has been committed by Muslims in history, but the second punishment of the Israelites has not yet occurred. (496)

According to the author, the speech of the fourth group of scholars is correct based on historical documents and other evidence.

In order to prove the fourth group’s theory, first of all, it is best to deal with the military confrontation between Muslims and the Israelites throughout history in the Jerusalem area, and to reconcile these approaches with the verses of the Quran:

Most likely, the first punishment of the Jews occurred in the beginning of Islam in the year 17 AH, during which the Muslims were able to conquer Jerusalem and take control of the city. (497)

From that time until the mid-twentieth century, Muslims have always dominated the city and its Jews. (498) (Of course, from the beginning of Islam to the twentieth century, at times during the Crusades, the city of Jerusalem was seized between the Crusaders and the Muslims; The Muslims were recaptured, so it can be said that Jerusalem was practically Muslim-dominated from the early days of Islam until the mid-twentieth century. (499)

But in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Jews gradually became powerful and possessed a great deal of influence over the European systems of government. The population of Jews around the world also increased. With the efforts of the wealthy Jewish Rothschild family in Europe and the support of Freemasonry and Zionist circles in Europe and the United States, the project of establishing Israel began, and Theodore Hertzel introduced the project as a theoretical-political idea. (500)

With these movements and the support of Western governments, Zionist Jewish immigrants came to Israel from all over the world and gradually occupied Palestine through terror, suppression and barbarism. (501)

The abovementioned events are in line with God’s prophecy that the Bani Israel possessed a great deal of power and dominated over the tribes that they previously controlled (the Bani Israel) because the Bani Israel had been under Muslim control for centuries. Eventually, they came to dominate the Muslims. For this reason, some Muslim scholars believe that we are at a time when the Israelis dominate Muslims and therefore, we must look forward to Muslim domination over Israelis in the future.

After the victory of Hezbollah over Israel in the 2006 war, of course, some scholars believe that we are going through a phase of Israeli domination over Muslims because Hezbollah with its resistance was able to blacken the faces of Israelis. Their countless atrocities against Lebanese and Palestinian civilians have shown their evil face to the world. For this reason, we are most likely at a time when the Quran recalls “when the second promise arrives, the effects of sadness appear on your faces.”

From this we can conclude that God willing, we are within a few steps of the freedom of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the promise of a second punishment for Bani Israel, because God says:

“”And they enter the al-Aqsa mosque, as they first entered

This is a promise that will surely come true.

In view of the above historical evidence, the theory of the fourth group of scholars can be more correct.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, there is further evidence to support the fourth group theory. The evidence is:

  1. A) The Almighty has used the term “his servants who are strong in power” in these verses, which is a positive term, indicating that these servants of God who punish the Jews are good people, because if the servants mentioned, were bloodthirsty (such as the army of Bakht al-Nasr or Titus), God used the term “bloodthirsty slaves”, not “his servants”. It thus turns out that only Muslims can match the phrase “his servants”
  1. B) In the above verses, it is mentioned that the first and second Jewish punishments are carried out by a group of God’s servants, which applies only to Muslims, while other Jewish oppressors such as Bakht al-Nasr, Titus and so on. Each of them has only once tried to oppress the Jews living in Jerusalem, and this is not in line with the verses of the Quran, because Bakht al-Nasr attacked Jerusalem only once and Titus once. Thus, the hypothesis of the first, second and third groups is rejected here.
  1. C) The Quran states that after the first punishment, the Israelites overcame the punishers temporarily and this conquest of the Israelites continues until the second punishment. This is also true of Muslims, not the Bakht al-Nasr of Babylon and Titus of Rome, because the Israelites could not control the two kings (although they were able to recapture their land) after the defeat of Bakht al-Nasr and Titus.

In the meantime, it has been the only Muslims who have historically dominated the Jews for 14 centuries, and the Jews have been able to dominate the Muslims in the last century. This defeat of the Bani Israel by one group and then the Bani Israel’s dominance over the same group can also be applied to Muslims only. (502)

  1. A) One of the other reasons to support the fourth group’s view is that God in this verse mentions two of the great corruption of the Israelites throughout history, and has not set limits on the length of time that such corruption occurs.

Now if you look at the groups that say that both the corruption of the Israelites have happened before or the groups that say the corruption of the Israelis have not yet happened, the important question arises that finally this great corruption of the Israelites in our time (20th and 21st centuries) ) What is corruption? Could God mention the two-great corruption of the Israelites, but not the corruption of the present age, the greatest corruption of the Israelites throughout history, to be part of the corruption? Certainly, the answer is no, and the present-day corruption of the Bani Israel is the great corruption of the Bani Israel in the second degree that will be suppressed by the Muslims.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the evidence mentioned above, some of the traditions of the infallibles (as) also endorse the theory of the fourth group of scholars and regard the Muslims as the punishment of the Israelites. Surprisingly, according to the context of these narratives, the punishers of the Israelis of the second and last rank are Imam Mahdi (AS) and their precious companions.

In this section of the article, we quote the narrations of the infallibles (as) concerning the basic verses of the Surah Israa:

In the commentary of Ayashi Imam Baqir (AS) is narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said after he had read the verse of the Sharif, “We exalt our strong and warlike servants”:

“The meaning of this verse is Imam Mahdi and his companions who are strong.” (503).

And also in the commentary of Noor al-Thaqalain of Rodhe Kafi’s book, it is quoted from Imam Sadiq (pbuh) that the Prophet (pbuh) said in the interpretation of the above verse:

“Before the departure of Imam Mahdi, God will stir up a people who have not left an enemy of the enemies of Muhammad family unless they are destroyed.” (504)

And in the book Bihar al-Anwar, we have narrated from Imam Sadiq (AS) when he recited this verse: Who are they?

The Imam said three times:

“They swear by God of Qom; they swear by God of Qom; they swear by God of Qom” (505).

Thus, mentioning above, we are in a critical period of history that more and more promises our closeness to the emergence of Imam Mahdi; Because, according to the Quran, after the Israeli domination of the Muslims, it is the Muslims who, with the help of their sacred leader, Mahdi (AS), are the last to punish the Israelites and permanently isolate them. Our era, which is the age of the Israeli domination of the Muslims and even the world, is impatiently waiting for the savior of the world to reduce the evil of the corrupt people of Israel to the world

One Important Note: In addition to the above, it should be noted that the word Wade al-Akhara in the early verses of the Sura of Israa means the second punishment of the Bani Israel by God and does not mean the Day of Judgment or the Hereafter. Because in this verse God addresses the issue of attacking a group of His servants on the Bani Israel, but we all know very well that such a thing will never happen on the Day of Judgment. It is important to know this because the Holy Quran’ درn uses the term Wade al-Akhara in other verses as well. As Wade al-Akhara means in the last sentence of the Israelites, in verse 7 of the Surah of Asr, it seems that in other verses concerning the fate of the Israelites, it also appears (Wade al-Akhara). It means punishing the Israelites, not the Day of Judgment.

Finally, it can be concluded that God Almighty in the Holy Quran has foretold the future of the people of Israel and has thus warned this corrupt people not to think that they can continue their corruption and viciousness forever, because According to the Quran, the end of the Israelites will be the destruction of the special servants of God (Muslims).

Of course, the Bani Israel here is not just the Bani Israel, but also Freemasonry and Zionism, who are descendants of the Bani Israel, because the plans and goals of these corrupt groups are in harmony with the Bani Israeli interests.

It is clear from verses 1 through 8 of the Surah Israa that Muslims who have been in the Israeli-dominated period will eventually suppress the Israeli forever with the uprising of Mahdi and his companions; this great divine promise, a frightening threat To the cruel people of Israel, it is a sweet promise to the weak Muslims.

5-It is stated in the Quran that the people of Israel are coming together for the last time, and according to traditions, this is a gathering in Palestine.

As we mentioned in the previous section, Allah Almighty has revealed in the Quran the future of the people of Israel.

This people in various parts of the Quran has been described as a conspiratorial people who has always opposed God’s will and the teachings of the prophets. In the Quran, the end of the Israelites is stated in a few verses so that the Bani Israel will know the consequences of their evil deeds and have blessing over them.

One of the verses related to the end of the Israelites is verse 104 of the Surah of Israa:

Before analyzing the above verse, it should be noted that in most translations of the verse from the Quran, the word Wade al-Akhara means the Hereafter and the Resurrection. (506) According to a number of humble commentators and writers, wade al-Akhara in this verse is most likely a time apart from the Hereafter and the Resurrection. (507)

In fact, it seems that Wade al-Akhara is referring to this time when God was the last to punish the people of Israel in this world. For if we remember verse 7 of the surah al-Israa, we will find that the word Wade al-Akhara is also correctly translated to mean the time of the last punishment of the Israelites, not the resurrection. (508) (Verse 7 of Surat al-Israa, there is talk of a group of God’s servants attacking the Bani Israel in Wade al-Akhara, which cannot happen at the resurrection; Resurrection, and most likely in the apocalypse. For a better understanding of this issue, see the previous article on the punishment of the Israelites.)

It should be noted, however, that even if the word Wade al-Akhara means the Day of Judgment, it can still be referred to as the apocalypse and the last time the Israelites were punished in this world. Because in Islamic traditions, sometimes the signs of the emergence of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH) are also interpreted as signs of resurrection, indicating that the subject of the resurrection and the apocalypse are linked. Because the emergence of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH) himself is a minor resurrection. So even if we take the word Wade al-Akhara to mean resurrection, it can still be interpreted as an apocalypse. (509)

Thus, it seems that the Quran uses the word Wade al-Akhara in the verses that speak of the fate of the Israelites (including verses 7 and 104), meaning the time of the last punishment of the Israelites, nothing else.

But about verse 104 of the surah Israa it is said that God in this verse speaks of the fate of the Bani Israel in the apocalypse. The amazing thing is that in this verse God Almighty has incorporated yet another of his miracles and foresaw the unity and community of the Israelites in the apocalypse.

As the Great God says in this verse:

“When the last promise day (the last punishment of the Israelites in this world or the Day of Judgment) comes, we will bring you together.”

In the hadiths narrated by the infallibles (as), there are important points in the interpretation of this verse (verse 104 of Surah Israa).

For example, it is mentioned in the commentary of Nur al-Thaqalain that the meaning of “Heana Bikom Lafifa” in verse 104 of the Surah Israa is: “We bring you together from every region” (510)

In addition to the mention of the Holy Quran, some of the narrations of the infallibles (AS) have spoken of the last community of the Israelites in the apocalypse, and even details of this are mentioned:

The Prophet (PBUH) considered the site of the last congregation of the Bani Israel in occupied Palestine and the city of Akko:

“Have you heard the name of the city that is part of the sea? They said: Yes; He said: The Resurrection will not occur unless seventy thousands of Isaac’s children storm the city. “(511)

As you have noted, the Prophet of Islam, in his fruitful tradition, referred to the term “Heana Bikom Lafifan” in verse 104 of the Sura of Israa, the apocalyptic community of the Bani Isaac (Bani Israel) in a city part of it is in the sea. But which city really is?

Properties described by the Prophet (PBUH) about the city of the Bani Israeli community are fully in line with the characteristics of the city of Akko in occupied Palestine. Because the port city of Akko has penetrated into the sea and part of it is surrounded by seawater on three sides. Interestingly, much of the old part of the city, which existed during the time of the Prophet (PBUH), is in the water, but the new parts of the city do not have this feature.

To view the status of the city of Akko, please take a look at the following satellite images taken from the Google Earth app:

The satellite image of the city of Akko in occupied Palestine; it consists of two old sections (lower left corner) and a new one (upper right corner). The old part of the city has narrow and irregular streets and the new part of the city has wide and regular streets. In the picture, you can see that a significant part of the city (especially the old part) has penetrated the sea and is surrounded by seawater on three sides. Thus, the characteristics of this city are fully in line with the characteristics of the city that the Prophet refers to as the community of the Israelites in the apocalypse

Satellite image of the old part of the city of Akko, which shows that this part of the city has been infiltrated by sea water. This shows that the characteristics of this city are in full accordance with the characteristics of the city that the Prophet refers to as the community of the Israelites in the apocalypse.

As you have noted, the Almighty God in the Quran and the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) have stated in their hadith that the Israelites would gather for the last time in the apocalypse Akko and occupied Palestine. This shows that the Almighty God and His Majesty Prophet have warned the Israelites to know that the last torment of God will come when they occupy Palestine.

Also, verse 104 of the Surah Israa and the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) promises Muslims that the great corruption of the Bani Israel and its illegitimate son, Freemasonry in Occupied Palestine, has taken place in the apocalypse, and that Muslims can expect emerge of Imam Mahdi and expect the destruction of the Bani Israel.

Certainly, this joyous promise plays an important role in the persistence and stability of Islamic countries, and promises them to buy hardships and protect al-Quds until the advent of the Imam Mahdi (pbuh). They will inflict a final blow on the body of Israel’s Masonic and Zionist apparatus.

6-Referring to the Antichrist in Islamic traditions and expressing his characteristics

Dear Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and the infallible Imams (AS), in their hadiths, they have spoken many words about the Antichrist and his attributes. The infallibles (as) have always referred to the antichrist as one of the greatest seditions in history and have warned Muslims against falling into his trap and have described the characteristics and characteristics of the antichrist in their narrations for the recognition of the Antichrist.

Since the characteristics of Freemasonry are very much in line with the Antichrist, it can be concluded that the infallibles (as) in their narrations have prevented people from falling into the trap of great Freemasonry sedition; But unfortunately, many Islamic countries have ignored these narratives and become trapped in the great sedition of the US, Israel and other Masonic states.

Fortunately, however, it is stated in the hadiths of the Antichrist that the Antichrist is being killed by Imam Mahdi (AS) or on behalf of them by the Messiah (AS) in the apocalypse, and the hope is restored in the hearts of Muslims that God willing the great Freemasonry seduction, The Antichrist of the Apocalypse, will soon be abolished and Muslims can enjoy a good life afterwards.

In addition, the introduction of the characteristics of the Antichrist in the Islamic traditions makes the Muslims recognize this evil (which is probably Freemasonry), and does not fear and despair of his great seduction, and observes his departure (Antichrist) in the apocalypse.  Stand in front of him and prepare themselves faithfully, militarily, and so for the advent of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH) to help them with the final strike to the Antichrist (Freemasonry). God willing, the faster that day comes.

7-Prophecy of the Quran about the future of the world and the good news to the righteous and the oppressed about taking over its rule.

The Almighty God has stated in the verses of the Holy Quran and in other scriptures that the righteous and the weak of the world will have the rule of the future of the world.

The following are some of these promising verses:

In contrast, Freemasons, who have envisioned a dark, dark future, far from the spiritual beauty of the world, and in their doctrines such as Fukuyama’s theory, have introduced the present world as the ideal human world, and disappointed humans with a brighter future, God in the Quran , Gives the hope to his righteous and weak servants that a bright future awaits them, a future in which there will be no evil and justice will rule over human beings. A world in which human beings will move towards beauty, dynamism, happiness, and goodness.

It is a time when God’s Imam rules the earth, and man is pleased with his God and God Almighty with man. This is a promise that will surely come true

Last word

At the end of this article, first of all, I thank God Almighty for providing this humble servant with the opportunity to take a small step towards serving Imam Mahdi (pbuh) and explaining the antichrist’s antagonisms with the Imam of Muslims And the Islamic Ummah.

The article presented to you is the result of several months of research aimed at identifying the potential face of the apocalypse antichrist. This article attempts to present material about Freemasonry and its similarity to the Antichrist by using credible and even available sources;

It should be noted that dear readers’ access to the sources was one of the most important goals that were attempted to cover; because some of the material in the article is so strange and unbelievable that it is impossible to believe, except through viewing its sources.

In order to achieve this goal, we tried to select most of our sources from news and articles from reputable sites and from free e-books available online, so that our dear readers will be able to Have access to these resources.

But the important point to note is that not all of the material in these sources is verifiable to us because many of these sources have been selected from the sites and books of the enemies of Islam. In fact, with this move, it has been attempted to further clarify the contradictions and confessions of these books and sites, the legitimacy of Islam and to show devilish the Freemasonry and its allies, so except for these sections, the rest of the sites and books, mostly full of false and irrational content, They are, in our opinion they are not meaningful.

Another point to note is that comparison made by us expresses our view of being Freemasonry the Antichrist of apocalypse, so, if this comparison won’t be true, the mistake is on our side and there’s no problem with the traditions of infallibles (AS). (It is important to note, however, that Freemasonry’s adaptation to the Antichrist does not pose a problem over time, and it does not bother with other forms of conformity because, as mentioned in the article, Freemasonry is a few thousand years old and not a human being Die over few years and negate the comparison.)

The important point to note is that although we have applied Freemasonry to the Antichrist in this article, and according to the hadiths, we consider his death by Imam Mahdi (pbuh) as a matter of Hadith, but this does not mean that we, Muslims, must give up and do nothing until his emergence; on the contrary, we must take advantage of all our scientific, political, economic, and military capabilities to fight Freemasonry. We do not hesitate to break the Freemasonry grandeur and reduce its power; this will cause with the emergence of the Imam Mahdi (AS), We are faced with a weaker and weaker enemy; in fact, this is the true expectation of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), and this expectation has no meaning other than effort.

In the end, we would like to point out that the present article was the result of a great deal of effort in a tight, time-bound program; Therefore, we urge all the honorable brothers and sisters who study the article to help us with comments to resolve these shortcomings and even add topics and headings to the present article, hoping that with the help of each other and with the help of God. Almighty, we can take firm steps in the fight and Jihad against Freemasonry.

Hoping for the coming of our savior, Imam Mahdi

Work by: Khadim al-Imam

First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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