Imam Mahdi’s Longevity and youth: A science-based reality, not a myth.

Given the slander of the enemies of Islam to Islam, and the enemies of the Shiites, to Shiites, the need for a serious, rational, comprehensive and effective defense of the Shiite Muslims against their tricks is increasingly felt.

The activities of Sufyani’s uncles in the end time

From now on, before reviewing any signs of reappearance, we will write an introduction about them which are very important. So we ask you if you would like to publish these articles, be sure to mention their introductions in the beginning of the articles.

Warning to Resistance in the Region

Although there is little difference between the scholars regarding the exact year of the establishment of the Solomon Temple, they all agree that the present period is a special period for the Masons. In fact, the present era is in many ways the golden age of the Masons, and according to their calendars, the evil Masonic world government must be formed in Jerusalem.

A man from Qom (Ruhollah)

 Before reading this article, we seriously recommend you to read the introduction which is in the beginning of the article "The activities of Sufyani's uncles in the end time" and pay special attention to its mentioned points.

Hypothesis of Evolution- Forbidden Area!!!

Hypothesis of Evolution- Forbidden Area!!! _ Part 1 Hypothesis of Evolution- Forbidden Area!!! _ Part 2 Hypothesis of Evolution- Forbidden Area!!! _ Part 3 Hypothesis of Evolution-...

Zandaqa’s emersion from Qazvin

Among the predictions and signs of the end time and the time near reappearance, we find some traditions which tell about the seditions of the end time.

Quran, the Eternal Miracle: “Al-Baqarah” and “Luqman” Surahhs and “Mother’s milk” miracle

At first glance it seems that the above verse only deals with divine commandments and expresses purely moral and educational issues, but a deeper look at this verse can reveal great miracles in the natural sciences. The verse 233 of Surah al-Baqarah states:
العالم تحت سیطرة الدجال

(The World under the Dominion of Dajjal (Freemasonry

The dear readers of the “Righteous Promise” website have already received a lot of information about the possible Dajjal (Antichrist) of the Apocalypse (Global Freemasonry) by reading the articles “Freemasonry: the Dajjal (Antichrist) of the Apocalypse”(1) and “Which of its Agents will the Global Freemasonry (the Dajjal (Antichrist) of the Apocalypse) Put in Power in the United States”(2) and watching the film series “the Arrivals”(3). In the article “Freemasonry: the Dajjal (Antichrist) of the Apocalypse”, the link between Freemasonry and the United States, Israel, the United Nations, Evangelicals, Baháʼís, and many Jewish people was discussed at length,(4) but from 2006-2007, when this article was written, until now, some shortcomings could be clearly observed in it. Some of these shortcomings include addressing some of the Mason countries and not the others. Unfortunately, other articles and films on the subject have had the same fate and have failed to address Freemasonry in other countries and organizations. In this article, we intend to uncover the link between some of the other countries with Freemasonry and emphasize on the global dominion of the Dajjal (Antichrist) of the Apocalypse (Global Freemasonry) and the excellent role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in confronting this movement

Which one of the global Freemasonary`s members would be in the power of America?

By ending the presidential period of George W. Bush, which was actually the political leader of the global freemasonary during his presidency, and achieved great successfulness in pushing the global Freemasonary, it seems that the Freemasonary, misleadingly, wants to deceit the world under democracy`s cover to dictate its dictatorial power to the US and the world.

Yoga: Devil Worship

Yoga: Devil WorshipIn the articles "Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse" and "The World Under the Antichrist: Iran, the Island of Hope", we briefly discussed "Yoga" and many theosophical sports, and emerging mystics with "Evil Freemasonry" or " The possible antichrist of the apocalypse was mentioned. This article attempts to summarize, in a very brief and concise way, some evidence of the relationship between "yoga" and "world Freemasonry" and on the role of "evil Freemasonry" in the dissemination of theosophical sports such as Yoga. Emphasizes around the world.It is unfortunate to say that this seemingly obscene and inappropriate mystical sport has become increasingly popular in recent years in Iran and many books have been written about the benefits and benefits of yoga, while our religious and Islamic books In our country are scarce and scarce!