Freemasonry: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse _ Part 5


Freemasonry of the Shriner Spectrum

Freemasonry tried to infiltrate Islam in various ways, but God willing it could not interfere with Islam. One of the Freemasonry groups formed to infiltrate Islam is the Freemasonry of the Shriner spectrum in America. This spectrum, also called the “Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine” or “AAONMS”(140), revives Arab atheism and paganism of Ignorance is established. Members of the Masonic Shriner Group must join other Masonic groups and obtain high Masonic degrees before joining this group, so that only 32-degree Masons can enter the Shriner spectrum. (It can be deduced from this that the Shriner’s spectral Masons adhere to the laws of the other Masonic groups, in addition to believing in the rules of this spectrum.)

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Freemasons magnify the gods of the ancient nations. In this regard, Freemasonry of the Shriner spectrum, like the ignorant Arabs in the pre-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), sanctified idols such as Lot and Oza. Members of this spectrum use the word “Allah” in their prayers. Because they refer to God as the male name of God (the idol of the great idol of ignorance) and use the word Allah in their prayers as “goddess of the moon”, not the only God.(141)

Other symbols used by Freemasons in this spectrum are “Moon and Star” and “Ottoman Hat”.(142)

In addition, the symbols of the Shriner spectrum include the statue of Pharaoh.(143) (The presence of the statue of Pharaoh in the symbol of the Shriner spectrum indicates that the members of this spectrum, in addition to believing in the goddesses of the ignorant Arabs, Also still use adhere to other Masonic symbols and traditions.

Masonic marks of the Shriner spectrum. Notice the “moon and star” symbols, the Arab sword and the Ottoman hat. Also consider the statue of Pharaoh, which is an integral part of all Masonic groups.

The Shriner spectrum Freemasons seem to use these plots to defame Islam. Their move, for example, has led some Christians to misuse the position and to accuse Islam and introduce Islam in connection with Freemasonry. Some Christian sites, for example, have suggested that Freemasonry may be associated with Islam, because the word “God” and “moon and star” are used in the Shriner spectrum. But what is most unfortunate is that why we Muslims have not yet responded to these absurd claims?!

The answer to these ridiculous claims is:

1-One of the issues that has led offending Christians to accuse Islamists and associate Islam with Freemasonry is the use of the Shriner spectrum from the word “Allah” in their prayers.

But what is our response to these claims?

As for the word “Allah”, it was not only used by Muslims; it existed before the time of the Prophet (PBUH) and was used by the Arabian Peninsula as well. In fact, they too believed in the Great God, calling it “Allah”(144), but in their divergent beliefs, “Allah” also shared, and other gods were worshiped alongside “Allah”(145). That sentence can be referenced to Lat and Oza and so on. In other words, the polytheists of Saudi Arabia did not deny the existence of “Allah” but were partners with God Almighty.(146) To better understand this, let’s take a brief look at the history and beliefs of the ignorant Arabs:

According to solid evidence, most of the Hejaz Arabs and northern Arabia (Adnan Arabs) are the descendants of Prophet Ishmael (PBUH) and the descendants of Prophet Abraham (PBUH).(147) It is easy to see from this background that the Adnan Arab religion was originally monotheistic and was inherited by Abraham. But throughout history, in close proximity to pagan neighbors and other Arab tribes, they have deviated from the monotheism.(148) Of course, the ancestors of the great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) were all Hanafi and followers of the monotheism of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and never worshiped idolatry. The Prophet (PBUH) was also a Hanafi in the pre-Baptist era, so the Prophet’s family has always been pure and holy.(149)

As mentioned, the Arabs of Arabia (except the Prophet’s family) were polytheists in the time of ignorance, and worshiped other gods such as Lot and Hubble, besides the great God “Allah”. Evidence that they worshiped Allah among their many gods include:

A- God says in the Holy Qur’an: The polytheists were considered partners with Allah.(150)

B – The name of the father of the Prophet (PBUH) was “Abdullah”.

As we know, the Prophet’s father died in the pre-Islamic era. Thus, the word “Allah” in their name indicates that in the pre-Islamic period the word “Allah” was also used, although the polytheists’ perception of the word “Allah” was misguided.

The important point to be explained here is that although Abdullah(PBUH) was Hanafi, the word “Allah” in their name indicates that this word has the same meaning among other people in the community who were mostly polytheists; Otherwise they did not understand the meaning of the word ‘Abdullah’. It can be seen from this that the Meccan polytheists also knew the word “Allah” well before Islam, and this sacred word was used in the pre-Islamic period in addition to the Islamic period (although the polytheists’ view of this have been a divergent one).

C – There was the word “Allah” in a treaty that was concluded between the Meccan polytheists and the result of the economic siege of Muslims in the Abi Talib Branches.

In the last years of Prophet Abu Talib’s life, a treaty was signed between the Meccan polytheists that led to the economic siege of Muslims in the Abi Talib branch. After three years, with a miracle performed by God Almighty, the covenant was devoured by the termites, leaving only the phrase “Basmak Allahoma”, thus ending the siege. (151) An important point that can be deduced from this event is that the Meccan polytheists also believed in “Allah” and used the word in their writings, but their beliefs were diverting and they considered partner with the Almighty God

In light of the above evidence, we find that the word “Allah” was also used in the pre-Islamic period by the ignorant Arabs, but their perception of it was misguided.

According to the above, we find that the use of the Masonic group of Shriners by the word “Allah” and their simultaneous belief in other ignorant gods such as Lat and Oza, etc. were exactly in line with the beliefs of the pre-Islamic ignorant Arabs. It has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. Thus, some Christian sites claim that the use of the Shriner spectrum by the word “Allah” is a sign of their association with Islam. Because their use of the word “Allah” along with other goddesses of ignorant Saudi Arabia reflects their belief in the traditions of ignorant Arabia, nothing else.

Also, the fact that the Masons of the Shriner spectrum regard God as “Goddess of the Moon” shows that their view of God is a perverse and blasphemous view. While in Islam, the word “glorification of Allah” is exalted, and this sacred term is the only one worthy of God in Islam. In addition, Allah Almighty is explicitly mentioned in the Holy Quran in the Bible, the moon, the sun, the sky, and

 Earth has been named as the creatures of God (precisely unlike the Shriner Masons who call “Allah” the “Goddess of the Moon”). This is another document refuting Christian sites’ claim to the Shriner spectrum of Islam.

2-The Shriner spectrum Freemasons consider the sign “Moon and Star” to be a sign of the ignorant “Goddess of the Moon” and (as a matter of fact) attribute the word “God” to the “Moon Goddess” and the “Moon and Star” sign. These Freemasons also think that the Ottoman government was trying to disseminate these ignorant thoughts! (The use of the Shriner spectrum Freemasons in the Ottoman hat also confirms this explanation.) This is another issue that Christian sites use as a pretext to link Islam and the Shriner spectrum.

But our response to these sites claims is:

As for the “moon and star” sign, it has nothing to do with Islam. Even this sign has little to do with the ignorant Arabs, but it belongs to the Ottoman Empire and they have received it from the Christians of Constantinople (Istanbul)!(152)

The origin of the incorrect attribution of the symbol “moon and star” to Islam goes back to the Ottoman era, and this is one of the biggest fools of the ignorant Ottoman government.

Until the Ottoman era, Islamic flags were asymptomatic. The flag of the Prophet (pbuh) was uniformly black,(153) the flags of the caliphs of Rashidin and Imam Ali (pbuh) were all asymptomatic.(154) When the Ottoman government conquered the Christian city of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul), it incorporated the symbol “moon and star” associated with the city.(155) Thus, it can be seen that the principle of the sign “moon and star” refers to Christian lands and has nothing to do with Islam. Therefore, the use of the Shriner spectrum of this sign, if it is to harm anyone, is to the detriment of Christians, not Muslims! (It should be noted, however, that for us Muslims, the law of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is also devoid of any mark and sign, and the “moon and star” sign of the Christians in Constantinople is also related to the irreligion of Christians, not the law of the Prophet Jesus.

Unfortunately, today the countries of Turkey, Pakistan, Tunisia and … without even knowing the danger that threatens Islam, only to claim the Shock and power of the Ottoman government in their own flags, bearing the sign “moon and star” in their flags by doing so, fueling the baseless claims of the enemies of Islam

3-The presence of the statue of Pharaoh in the symbol of the Shriner spectrum is another evidence that there is no connection between Islam and the Freemasons of this spectrum.

In many verses of the Holy Quran, God Almighty has condemned history. In the meantime, the Pharaohs have been cursed more than other masters. Here are some examples of these verses:

But on the other hand, the Masons of the Shriner spectrum not only denounce Pharaoh but also sanctify him, insofar as they use the statue of Pharaoh in their symbols.

We also find that the Shriner spectrum is fundamentally different from Islam. In other words, the religion of Islam is one of the greatest enemies of this spectrum, and it has significant differences and contradictions with the Shriner spectrum. Thus, contrary to the claims of the sites mentioned, there is no connection between Islam and the Shriner spectrum Freemasons.

Shriner spectrum symbol. Notice the statue of Pharaoh, which is common to all Masonic groups.

4-Another point that rejects these sites’ claims about the relationship between Islam and the Shriner spectrum is that some reputable sites have distinguished between the Freemasonry of the Shriner spectrum and Islam and have denied any relationship between the Shriner spectrum and Islam.(156)

In the picture below, you can see the post on one of these sites:

5-Another thing to note about offensive Christian sites on Islam is that these sites have forgotten that today’s distorted Christianity offers similar teachings to Freemasons in the world. Indeed, how does a Christian who persecutes and associates with the Almighty God and His Great Prophet Jesus Christ, declares Jesus as the Son of God, insulting the monotheistic religion of Islam? In fact, if a group deserves criticism for idolatry, it is the group of Christians and Jews of today, not Muslims.

Therefore, the claim of the Christian sites that attempt to link the Shamanic and denominational teachings of Freemasonry to Islam is false and, above all, these groups themselves are accused.

As mentioned in the Shriner spectrum Freemasonry, it seems that the purpose of establishing this spectrum was to influence Freemasonry in Islam and to cast doubt on this sacred heavenly religion, which, thanks to Allah Almighty, eliminated this danger in the way That the Shriner spectrum in America today is a weak, unfamed minority and has failed to cast doubt on Islam

One important point to note: After examining the evidence of various groups’ association with Freemasonry, it is necessary to explain that we do not mean to express Freemasonry’s relationship with evangelicals, the Vatican, and most Jews, not that all Christians and Jews is also with Freemasonry. They are accomplices. Rather, our goal of introducing these groups is to make a difference between those groups and other Christians and Jews, in fact, among Christians, with the exception of evangelicals and Vatican leaders, most Christians have no connection with, or even opposition to, Freemasonry. Among the Jews, although most Jewish groups support Zionism and Freemasonry, a number of Jews, including Iranian Jews, have consistently opposed Zionism. Other anti-Masonic and anti-Zionist Jews may also be mentioned as rabbis who took part in the Tehran Holocaust conference to oppose Zionism and courageously oppose the Zionists.

That is why it is our duty to point out in the year of national unity and Islamic cohesion that we, the Muslims of Iran, salute the healthy and anti-Zionist positions of the Christians and Jews of Iran, as well as of the other Christians and Jews of the world, salute and We announce our friendship with them.

The Similarity of Freemasonry and the Antichrist in Islamic Traditions

In Islamic traditions, many hadiths have been said about the Antichrist and the Antichrist’s donkey, and the infallibles (as) have considered the sedition of the Antichrist to be the most severe sedition in history. (157) The i (AS) have always warned Muslims about the Antichrist and warned Muslims against being deceived by the Antichrist. Traditions have stated that there will be many Antichrists throughout history, (158) but the Antichrist of the apocalypse will be the most dangerous of all. The descriptions given in the narrations about the Antichrist and the Antichrist’s donkey are related to the apocalypse Antichrist. However, the need for accurate knowledge of this evil creature is hidden to no one, for if the Antichrist is not recognized, human beings may be helped and deceived by the Antichrist and thus buy eternal suffering.

In order to free the believer from the clutches of the Antichrist, the infallibles have cited the signs and descriptions of the Antichrist in many traditions so that the believers by studying these descriptions can identify the Antichrist and avoid falling into the Antichrist trap. The important thing about the Antichrist narratives is that the traditions about the Antichrist are very broad and varied, many of which are obscure in terms of content or document; however, there are also many documented narratives that can be helpful to Muslims.

On the other hand, there are different opinions among the scholars about the content of the Antichrist narratives. For example, some scholars believe that the Antichrist and his donkey are real characters and that the Antichrist is a human being, and that his donkey is a real donkey. But some scholars, including many, believe that the Antichrist and the Antichrist’s donkey are symbolic descriptions of particular intellectual, political, cultural, and economic thoughts that deceive Muslims and other humans and constitute the most dangerous sedition in history. (159)

To the humble servant of the Imam Mahdi, it is more likely that the speech of the second group of scholars (who claim to be symbolic of the narrations about the Antichrist and the Antichrist’s donkey) seems more correct because the first group of scholars It is less acceptable for some reason

For example, if we admit that the human antichrist is really an eye-catcher and has extraordinary characteristics, and that the donkey is an exceptional one and that he gets a song of every hair, how can one admit that many people come around and support him? For if a man with these strange features appear with a stranger donkey than himself, men would be suspicious of him and easily recognize him. In this case, due to the strange nature of this man (the Antichrist), people would easily recognize him and no longer can deceive them. For a man who is one eye, in the middle of his forehead, is easily identifiable. So, the Antichrist may not really be a human being, but probably symbolizes a particular thought, group, or process in the apocalypse that performs its evil deeds very deceptively, without being noticed by others.

From the descriptions in the traditions and hadiths of the Antichrist, it can be concluded that the Antichrist is not a single person, but a process and a thought. Most of the descriptions of the Antichrist are symbolic, and the attributes told about the Antichrist are generally not human. However, in the case of Sufyani (another of the enemies of Imam Zaman), the characteristics of a human being are fully expressed. For this reason, most scholars agree that Sufyani is probably a human being.

Many great scholars, including Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, view the Dajjal as a symbol of the evil movements of the “oppressive rulers of the material world.” (160) The supreme leader, too, though not explicitly mentioned by the Antichrist, has repeatedly been in danger of “

The system of domination.” (161) Imam Khomeini, on the other hand, has repeatedly called America the “Great Satan.” (162) These denominations suggest that beyond the literal rhetoric, one should also pay attention to the hidden layers of the narrative meanings

To the humble servant, the universal organization of Freemasonry is the Antichrist of the apocalypse. Because it has many similarities with the symbolic descriptions of the Antichrist in the narratives. Also, the sedition that this world organization has launched is by far the biggest sedition of history, so long as the greatest seditionists in history, including Israel, America, Jews, Baha’is, etc. are all part of this evil organization.

Of course, our view of the being of Freemasonry the antichrist is not inconsistent with the views of great scholars such as Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi and the supreme leader, since the Freemasonry organizations are strictly in line with the “global arrogance” and “system of domination.” In fact, in this article, we are trying to substantiate this claim and examine the compatibility of the traditions about the Antichrist with Freemasonry

In any case, man is an error-probable, and error is a part of human nature, so we are no exception. As for the matching of the Antichrist with Freemasonry, we should mention this as a very probable one, but we do not claim that this is 100% certain. If this match is not correct, then we would have failed and there is no problem with the narrations.

Of course, the fear of wrong should not prevent us from studying the signs of the emergence, because we may not recognize the symptoms and these symptoms may occur and we will be unknowingly caught in the intrigue of the apocalypse. But during these studies, we need to be careful not to match the signs of emergence without studying and without thinking about the events around us, but instead to make sure that the symptoms correspond exactly to the events and that we do not relate them to one another! On the other hand, even if we adapted the signs to the events around us, we should take responsibility for ourselves and refrain from distorting the narratives, because these were not the ones that made us adapt, but we did it ourselves! With these issues in mind, we can both study the signs of the emergence well and, God willing, not to fall into the traps of apocalyptic seduction, and not to fall into the mistake that some of our predecessors have made (and due to incorrect matching of signs to The events around them were in a hurry and disappointed with the emergence).

After mentioning this long introduction, we will point out the similarities of Freemasonry with the Antichrist in Islamic narratives. It should be noted here that we have attempted to cite some of the signs that have been common in most traditions. Important signs that have been cited in most of the narratives about the Antichrist and are similar to Freemasonry include:

1-Being antichrist one-eyed and having the aforementioned eye in the middle of the forehead.

One of the most important features of the Antichrist, which has been mentioned in many traditions, is the being one-eyed of the Antichrist:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said about the Antichrist:

“… There is no prophet except he warned. But I say unto you, that no prophet hath said unto his people: Ye know that he is one eye.”(163)

Also, in response to the question of one of their companions about the Antichrist, Ali (AS) says:

“… He has no right eye and the other eye is in his forehead and shines like a morning star. There’s something in his eye that looks like it’s mixed with blood…”(164)

Thus, one can say that being one-eyed is an important sign that one can identify with the Antichrist.

But the amazing thing is that one of the most famous and most important symbols of Freemasonry is the one-eyed symbol, “Pyramid and Eye of the World”, which is exactly like the infallible descriptions of the Antichrist.

The famous symbol of Freemasonry’s “Pyramid and the Eye of the World” is one eye that is in the middle of the top of the pyramid; As in the description of the traditions that say: “… he is one eye …” and “… he has no right eye and the other eye is in his forehead …”, the symbol of Freemasonry’s “Pyramid and Eye of the World” It has one eye that is in the middle of the bottom of the pyramid (vertex: secret). Therefore, this famous Freemasonry mark is in complete accordance with the narrations of the Antichrist.

The important thing is that the “eye of the world” sign is considered as one of the most important Freemasonry signs that this evil organization is neither an imaging group nor a television channel! And their use of the “one eye” sign has nothing to do with television and video activities. As such, the use of the sign “Eye of the World” in this group is unprofessional and strongly conspiratorial.

Similar to the description of the traditions of the Antichrist, the symbol of the Freemasonry’s “Pyramid and Eye of the World” also has an eye that is in the middle of the end of the pyramid.

2-His (antichrist’s) eye in the middle of his forehead shines like a star.

As mentioned above, Imam Ali (pbuh) replied to one of his companions’ questions about the Antichrist

“… He has no right eye and the other eye is in his forehead and shines like a morning star. There’s something in his eye that looks like it’s mixed with blood…”(165)

As you have noted, in the hadith mentioned, one important feature of the “single eye” of the Antichrist is the ” Luminosity” of the Antichrist’s eye.

This feature mentioned in the narrations also miraculously corresponds with the famous Freemasonry’s “Pyramid and Eye of the World” symbol. Because:

The other name of the symbol of the “eye of the universe”, is the “illuminator triangle”, so that the symbol images are drawn around the “eye of the universe” in the image. Because the symbol “Eye of the Universe” is derived from the eye (Ra) or the Sun of the Egyptian God (166) and is therefore “glowing”. The important thing to note is that in the Masonic “eye of the world” symbols, the luminosity is very important. Important evidence in this regard is that not only is the name of another symbol of the “Universal Eye”, the “illuminated triangle”, but there is also radius around it. Even in the Masonic seal of America, there are luminous radii only around the “eye of the universe” and the bottom triangle of the pyramid, and around the other pyramid there are no luminous radii.

Thus, we find that the narrative descriptions of the “glittering” eye of the Antichrist are perfectly in line with the features of the “World Eye” symbol of Freemasonry.

 Icon “World Eye” or “Light Triangle” Icon on US Masonic stamp and $ 1 banknote. Note that the luminous radii exist only around the eye and the bottom triangle of the pyramid, and around the other pyramid there are no luminous radii.

3-In the middle of the Antichrist’s eyes is written: Disbelieve in God and the Messenger of God.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said in his description of the Antichrist:

“… In the middle of his eyes it is written: Disbelieve in God and His Apostle…”(167)

According to the above narrative and similar narratives, we find that in the eyes of the Antichrist, the symbol of infidelity is found.

This description of the traditions about the Antichrist is very much in line with Freemasonry, because as the description of the traditions which have regarded the Antichrist’s eye as a symbol of infidelity, the Freemasonry’s “Eye of the World” is also a blasphemous symbol attributed to the Egyptian sun goddess (168) that the Eye shows off on the group’s buildings, clothes, books, scarves, etc.

In view of the above, we find that the description of the above-mentioned traditions about the Antichrist corresponds to the Freemasons.

Islamic traditions say about the Antichrist: “… it is written in the middle of his eyes: disbelieve in God and the Messenger of God …”. The symbol of the “eye of the world” Freemasonry is an Egyptian blasphemous symbol that stands out as an “eye” on the group’s buildings, clothes, books, scarves, and so forth. This is also one of the evidences showing the conformity of Freemasonry with the Antichrist of Islamic traditions.

4-The place of ” Appearance” of the Antichrist is “Sajistan” or “Khorasan”.

In various traditions, different places are mentioned as the place of the “Exodus” of the Antichrist. For example, in some hadiths, “Sajistan” is mentioned as the place of appearance of the Antichrist (169) and in some hadiths, “Khorasan” has been mentioned as the place of appearance of the Antichrist; Isfahan is mentioned as the place of d appearance of the Antichrist. (171)

What is striking is that the place mentioned in the traditions surrounding the “Exodus” of the Antichrist coincides with the beginning of the Freemasonry apocalyptic onslaught, which further confirms the hypothesis of Freemasonry’s Antichrist. To better understand this, it is better to look at the Freemasonry apocalyptic onslaught more precisely:

In 2001, the 9/11 event happened. As you are aware, this was no more than a conspiracy, and it was just an excuse for aggressive Western movements, especially Freemasonry leaders (America and Britain), towards Muslims. This conspiratorial event has affected such a Western world that in a very short time apocalyptic beliefs have spread among American Evangelical Christians. Western media and the American cinema industry have also produced countless products that promote apocalyptic views, including books such as “The September Apocalypse” and the like, and numerous films on the subject. Accessible to the audience.

At the same time, the Western invasion of the Muslims took on a new form, in the wake of the long-running cultural invasion of the West led by serious US-led military offensives. As you may be aware, the first Freemasonry offensive in the apocalypse was the invasion of Afghanistan. The offensive was initiated by the Masonic States of America and Britain, with the support of the NATO Masonic Organization. (NATO, a partner of the US Masonic government in invading Afghanistan, is also a Masonic organization referred to in Dr. John Coleman’s book the 300th World Conspiracy Committee.) (172) It can be concluded that the invasion of Afghanistan, the West’s first offensive move towards the Muslim world in the apocalypse, was entirely shaped by the evil Freemasonry.

As you know, Afghanistan has a relatively large area. Of the areas in Afghanistan, the Sistan area is the exact border with Iran’s Sistan. In fact, Sistan was a vast area that was divided between Iran and Afghanistan after the separation of Afghanistan from Iran and a large part of it settled in Afghanistan. (173)

Other areas in Afghanistan include the Khorasan region; Khorasan is a large area that, after separating from neighboring countries, part of it in Iran, a large part in Afghanistan and a small part in Turkmenistan, Tajikistan. And Uzbekistan settled. (174)

According to the above, it is concluded that Afghanistan today is the heir of parts of ancient Sistan and Khorasan.

Now, if we look at Freemasonry’s first offensive move in the apocalypse, we will find that it corresponds to the descriptions given by Islamic narratives of the place of the “departure” of the Antichrist. This is how the US-led Freemasonry’s sudden military outburst (which exactly corresponds to the word out in the narratives) began in Afghanistan, and as we have said, Afghanistan includes Khorasan and Sistan (Sistan). In other words, the Freemasonry military offensive against Islam, originally launched from Afghanistan, is exactly in line with the predictions that the Dajjal had left Khorasan and Sistan-Baluchistan.

Interestingly enough, there is a narration from Imam Baqir that confirms the above analysis:

“Muawawi ibn Hakim, from Muhammad ibn Shu’ib ibn Ghazwan, from a man from Abi Ja’far (Imam Muhammad Baqir), quotes: A man from Balkh (from the provinces of Afghanistan today) came to Imam Baqir (AS). Then (Imam) said to him: O Khorasani, do you know such a valley? (The person) said: Yes; the Imam said to him: Do you know the gorge with such and such characteristics in that valley? (That person) said, “Yes (Imam said) The Antichrist is going out.”

As mentioned in the above hadith, Imam Baqir (AS) considered the departure of the Antichrist as a part of Khorasan, which is located near Balkh and in present-day Afghanistan, which we presented in our analysis of the Freemasonry invasion of Afghanistan, Correspond.

In view of the above, it can be concluded that the place of the “Exodus” of Freemasonry in the apocalypse corresponds to the place of the “Antichrist” in the Islamic traditions.

One important point to note: What is said in the hadiths about the apocalyptic movement of the Antichrist is mainly about the “exit” of the Antichrist, not his “appearance”. The difference between the two is that “emergence” means disclosure, but “exit” means aggression.

One important point to note: Based on what is said in this section of the article, we conclude that assuming the Freemasons are antichrist, the “Exit” movement like this one in Afghanistan shows that we have become much closer to the time of the emergence of Imam (as). This does not mean, however, that the emergence of Imam (as) will occur in one or two more years or thirty or forty more years, because in Islamic narratives, there is a certain distance between the emergence of the Antichrist and the emergence of Imam Mahdi (AS).) And the times mentioned in the narratives in this regard are mostly cynical. For example, in a narration that describes the antichrist in ‘forty days’, the first day of this forty day is equal to one year, the second day equals one month, etc. (176), which indicates ‘forty days. The “day” mentioned in this narrative is the “forty days” of slander, not the true “forty days”.

In addition, different traditions have mentioned different times for the Antichrist sedition; for example, in some traditions, the term of the Antichrist sedition is mentioned as “forty years” (177) and in others “forty days” (178). Therefore, it is not possible to guess the distance between the departure of the Antichrist and the advent of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

On the other hand, the Antichrist is not one of the five “inevitable” signs. For this reason, it is not possible to estimate the distance of the departure of the Antichrist until the advent of the Imam Mahdi (pbuh). Because the mere occurrence of “certain” signs of revelation can be regarded as the basis for the imminent coming of the Imam Mahdi (PBUH), otherwise, the waiting (time) for emergence is not permitted. (180)

5-Behind the Antichrist is what people see as bread.

In response to the question of one of their companions about the Antichrist, Ali (AS) states:

“… And behind him (the Antichrist) is a white mountain that people regard as food…”(181)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) has also described the Antichrist in a hadith:

“… with him (the Antichrist), heaven and hell, and a mountain of bread, and a stream of water…”(182)

These descriptions may seem strange, but if we look at its implications (as in many of the hadiths about the Antichrist), we will find that they have much in common with Freemasonry.

To examine this, we need to take a look at the US dollar bills (which is the US currency and practically the world currency) at the beginning of the discussion:

US dollar bills.

In the picture above, you see the US dollar bill, which is the US currency, and practically the world currency. (Even today with the presence of competitors such as the euro, the US $ 1 remains the international currency.) The US dollar is thus a symbol of money, wealth and prosperity; Economics is a symbol of wealth and power. So, it can be said that the US dollar is something that most people see as bringing wealth, prosperity and so many people make a lot of efforts to get it and sometimes even in this way, sometimes Inappropriate too. In other words, the note is what people see as bread. (It’s interesting to note, though, that money is so important to people around the world that in many languages  (including Farsi and English), the word (bread) also means “money”)

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this article, behind the US dollar banner, there is the sign “Pyramid and the Eye of the World”. If, as discussed above, we accept the Masonic and one-eyed “Pyramid and Eye of the World” symbols as the Antichrist, we will find that the prophecy of the Antichrist has a great deal to do with Freemasonry, thus symbolizing the “Pyramid”. And the eye of the world “or” (the symbol of the Antichrist in our opinion) is behind the dollar. In fact, its what people think of bread. In addition, as mentioned, the word (Bread) also means money in many languages, including English and Persian. The narrations of the Antichrist can thus be reconciled with Freemasonry: “Behind the Antichrist (the symbol of the pyramid and the eye of the world between Freemasons) is what people see as bread (money and food)

Sign “Pyramid and Eye of the World Between” behind US $ 1 bills. If we consider Freemasonry as the Antichrist and consider the famous moniker “Pyramid and Eye of the Universe” as the Antichrist,

We will see that behind the mark there is the US dollar bill, which is the US currency and the world currency. People watch it every day on television and on economic programs, and many may wish to earn it. In fact, its what people call bread. They think and sometimes do inappropriate actions to get it.

It should be noted, however, that even if we disregard the above analysis in relation to the dollar, there is further evidence to support Freemasonry’s adaptation to the narrative mentioned in relation to the Antichrist. For example, as we know, much of the world’s wealth is at the disposal of Western countries, especially the United States and Britain. The Israeli government is also in a good position economically. The economic situation and material prosperity of the Masonic countries have led many immigrants to other countries (especially Third World countries) to emigrate to the West, and most of them to the United States. The overwhelming propaganda of the Masonic countries and, above all, the United States, has led many in the world to view America as a symbol of material and economic prosperity, recognizing Masonic nation as a worldly utopia and a home for happiness, and even, to suffer a lot for living in that country. This problem can be compared to the description of the traditions about the Antichrist:

“… And behind him (the Antichrist) is a white mountain that people regard as food…”

Thus, as you have seen, the Freemasonry is very much in line with the above-mentioned Islamic traditions about the Antichrist.

6-The Antichrist is born of a Jewish mother.

The narrations of the Antichrist indicate that he was born of a Jewish mother and of Jewish origin. (183) This also shows the conformity of the Antichrist to Freemasonry.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Freemasonry foundation was founded on Kabbalah Jewish teachings, and the Israelite people were the first to expand Kabbalah teachings. In fact, the relationship between Judaism and Freemasonry has always been.

Thus, it can be said that this description mentioned in the hadiths of the Antichrist has a great deal to do with Freemasonry.

7-Adulterers, wine drinkers, singers, devils and Jews are followers of the Antichrist. (184)

This does not seem to require explanation! Because it has been pointed out in various sections of the article that Freemasonry is the most important and strongest supporter of the evil, corrupt, and … groups and the strongest supporter of Zionist Jews. These groups also mutually support Freemasonry and are frontline soldiers. It follows that the above description of the Antichrist corresponds to the Freemasonic characteristics.

8-The sun walks with him.

In response to the question of one of his companions about the Antichrist, Ali (AS) states:

“…And the sun walks with him…”(185)

As the text of the hadith indicates, this narrative cannot imply a human being or a living being. Because on the one hand, there is no living thing that can ever walk without the sun. On the other hand, one who is constantly in the sun cannot deceive the people and perform his deeds. (Like the Antichrist)

Such an interpretation is probably used to denote the extent of the Antichrist’s function, which means that the Antichrist is active throughout the world. For a better understanding of this, consider a popular English proverb:

“In the British Empire, the sun never sets.” (186)

The implication of this saying is that the British Empire is so vast that if the sun sets in England (the center of Britain), the sun will rise in one of its colonies!

Today, America and Britain (Masonic countries) have colonies or military bases in most parts of the world. However, the sun does not imply sunsets in them! So, it can be said that these countries always walk with the sun and will always see the sun.

In view of the above, it can be said that the descriptions mentioned in the above account of the Antichrist have a great deal to do with Freemasonry.

9-Claiming the prophecy and finally claiming to be God.

In Islamic hadiths and traditions about the Antichrist it is stated that he claims to be a prophet; moreover, it is stated in the traditions that the Antichrist even transcends this impudence and (God blesses) the divine claim.

Among the hadiths referring to the claim of the Prophet (pbuh) is the following hadith from the beloved Prophet of Islam:

“The Resurrection will not occur until Mahdi (AS) emerges from my children and Mahdi (AS) does not rise until the sixty liars come out, each saying: I am a Prophet.”(187)

There are also other hadiths in which the Antichrist claims to be a god. These hadiths include the following hadith of Imam Ali (pbuh):

“… (the Antichrist) shouts with a loud voice that from the east to the west, the jinn and the humans and the devils hear his voice; he says, ‘Come unto me, my friends; Moderate and proportionate, and one day he commended everyone and guided everyone to find it; I am your high Lord…”(188)

Thus, you noted that one of the important characteristics of the Antichrist is that he first claims to prophesy and then claims to be God. An important point to note in this respect is that the description given about the Antichrist is very much in line with the Freemasonic features.

The leaders of Freemasonry in the world today have a lot of exaggerated claims. Some see themselves as the savior of mankind, implicitly claiming to be a prophet. Many of them have gone beyond this and are trying to present themselves as the Divine Atonement. By doing so, they intend to ridicule God in their own way, thus taking a step towards one of the important goals of Freemasonry (which is to eliminate the religious beliefs of men). To better understand this, here are some examples:

One of the most prominent and most prominent people serving the purposes of these evil organizations in today’s Freemasonry is President George W. Bush. Known as Magog (189) for his extensive service and skill in the secret and evil group (Skull & Bones) (189), he now embraces Freemasonry’s political leadership.

The interesting point is that George Bush has repeatedly used a phrase in which he has implicitly “claimed to be a prophet”. The following example is an example of these claims:

An Indonesian author wrote in an article entitled “The President of the United States and the Voice of Heaven”:

Bush said in a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas: “God has been elected President of the United States, God has given him orders to attack al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, and he has been asked by God to Help to resolve the Middle East crisis.” (190)

He has also gone further and claimed to be godly through his propaganda machine. This has gone so far that his ignorant fans regard him as the manifestation of God! (In distorted Christianity, there are three divine attributes: Father (God), Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit). (191)

The following examples can be found in George Bush’s “Divine Claim”:

1-One of George Bush’s supporters (who has always voted Republican) in the 2004 election (late in the first Bush presidency) and when he was re-elected for the second time, says of George Bush:

“(192). This is the very first time I felt God was in the White House”

 (August 11, 2004, The New York Times)

New York Times article on the extremist ideas of George W. Bush supporters

2-George Bush is worshiped as a “manifestation of God” among a group of evangelicals.

The following film, adapted from an evangelical camp called “Jesus Camp”, shows a number of children falling into George Bush’s picture and shouting: “One Nation Under God” Of course, they mean God, the Messiah, because they see Christ as the son of God, and George Bush as the manifestation of Christ. Because they believe that George W. Bush has set the stage for Christ’s return by invading Iraq and backing Israel. (193)

To view the movie, click on the following link: (Video translation is provided on page 74) (Part 4)

The examples mentioned are a small part of the exaggerations and claims of Freemasonry leaders. Due to the length of the discussion, we will refrain from providing further examples.

It should be noted, however, that even if we ignore the above examples of Freemasonry, there is further evidence that Freemasonry today claims to be prophetic and divine. Freemasonry leaders, for example, have always spoken of democracy and freedom and used this word as a tool for conquest and occupation. They claim that the countries of the world must adhere to the New World Order and Western democracy in order to live in peace and prosperity, and accept the two ominous phenomena as the messenger of peace and the prophet of the new age.

In addition to claiming prophecy, Freemasonry also claims to be God. As such, it is capable of doing everything in the eyes of the people of the world and claims to have the capability to achieve whatever it wants, with its scientific centers and technological power. On the other hand, this evil organization considers itself the standard of righteousness (not God the Almighty), and measures the actions of the nation’s according to its will. An example of these claims can be found in the words of George W. Bush (one of the Freemasons’ leaders) about the war on terrorism! He said, “Countries are either with us or against us in the war on terrorism” (194)

Thus, according to the foregoing, we find that the Freemasonry, like the Antichrist mentioned in the Islamic traditions, claims to prophesy and claim to God. This is also another evidence that the Freemasonry corresponds to the Antichrist.

10-The Antichrist enters the seas and lands beneath him.

In response to a question from one of his companions about the Antichrist, Ali (AS) states:

“… enters the seas and the sun walks with him … … the earth goes under his feet…”(195)

In the context of the above narrative, we find that the descriptions of the Antichrist do not correspond much to the characteristics of a human being, but rather to the technological means of an organization.

In fact, with regard to the above narrative, we can conclude that the above descriptions are very much in line with the Freemasonic features and its technological tools. In other words, aircraft, tanks, submarines and various warships are tools that the World Freemasonry Organization uses to expand its dominance, and these tools are very much in line with the narrative descriptions mentioned:

“… enters the seas (submarines and ships) and the sun travels with him … … the earth passes beneath his feet (tanks and planes) …”

The Antichrist enters the seas and lands beneath him.

Thus, as you have noted, Freemasonry has much in common with the Islamic narrative of the Antichrist.

11-The Antichrist is alive and well before the time of the Prophet (PBUH) or before them (the time of Prophet Noah).

Among the hadiths mentioned about the Antichrist, there are hadiths that indicate his long life. (196)

In addition, there are traditions that indirectly indicate the long life of the Antichrist. Examples of these hadiths are as follows:

1-Dear Prophet of Islam (PBUH), said about the Antichrist:

“Shall I tell you about the Antichrist of the hadith that no prophet has said to his people: He is one-eyed, and carries with it something like Paradise and Hell, and what he calls Paradise, but (in fact) ) Hell, I fear you, as the Prophet Noah feared his people…”(197)

2-Dear Prophet of Islam (PBUH), said about the Antichrist:

“No prophet came after Noah except that he had abhorred his people from the Antichrist, and I beseech you from him…”(198)

Carefully, in the above hadiths, we find that the issue of the Antichrist is not just about Islam and Muslims; it has also been raised in the pre-Islamic times and even in the days of Prophet Noah. This indicates that the Antichrist also existed at that time, because if there were no then, there would be no reason for Prophet Noah to fear his people. However, we know that the prophets of God (especially the prophets of Ululazim) did not make any vain move and this warning of Noah (AS) also indicates that the Antichrist was alive in his time.

By studying the above hadiths, it can be concluded that such a long life is impossible for a human being, especially if he is also an enemy of God. Few people have lived long enough, all of whom, like Prophet Noah, were believers. Among the special servants of God who has lived a long time are Imam Mahdi (AS) who remained miraculously alive and young by the will of God.

The narration about the longevity of the Antichrist weakens the hypothesis that the Antichrist is human, and reinforces the hypothesis that the Antichrist is an intellectual, cultural, and political movement. Because, as mentioned, it is impossible for an infidel to conceive of such a long life, if a thought, cultural, and political movement can survive for many years.

As for Freemasonry, we mentioned at the beginning of this article that this evil move came directly from the atheistic and evil teachings of Kabbalah. As mentioned earlier, the teachings of the Kabbalah are very long lived, and existed in the time of David and Solomon. So that the two nobles fought against these atheistic teachings. In fact, the most prominent and most important of the Kabbalah teachings goes back to earlier times and dates back to ancient Egypt. Interestingly, according to historical documents, the Egyptians also learned some of their divine teachings from the Babylonian and Mesopotamian immigrants who had migrated to Egypt. (199) (Of course, Egyptian teachings today are known as the main source of Kabbalah Masonic teachings, since they were the most formulated atheism law of the ancient times, and Masons still use Egyptian signs today.)

Thus, Freemasonry here also corresponds to this narrative description. Because, as in the traditions, there is talk of the Antichrist being alive in the days before the birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him), there were Freemasonry teachings from the same time, so that the Kabbalah (the main Freemasonry teachings) came from the death of Prophet Moses (pbuh). There have been, and before that, similar teachings of Kabbalah in Egypt and even Babylon, Sumer, and Mesopotamia; (200) This shows that the life of Kabbalah-like teachings dates back to the time of Prophet Abraham and Prophet Noah returns as well, because the two nobles lived in the land of Mesopotamia, during the Babylonian and Sumerian rule, and the people who They were present in that land, believed to be ignorant and semi-Kabbalahic. We find, however, that, like the narrations describing the Antichrist being alive since the time of Prophet Noah, Freemasonry teachings have been alive since then, and this also applies Freemasonry to the Antichrist.

12-The Antichrist is a man.

In a number of hadiths, it is mentioned that the Antichrist is “man”. Examples of these hadiths include:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said in his description of the Antichrist:

(201)””The Antichrist is a fat man; his right eye is defective…

According to the above hadith and many other hadiths, we find that the Antichrist is “man”. But could this link between Freemasonry and the Antichrist?

The fact is that more than 90% of the people in the Masonic groups are male. In fact, the secret and Masonic communities are predominantly male. (202) It is so common that in most groups that espouse Freemasonry and Masonry, no woman is eligible for membership, and the male population is 100 percent. (203) Of course, very few lodges in the world also accept women. (204)

What is important is that, despite the male Freemasonry population, the organization also uses women and women’s groups as a powerful tool. For example, the Hollywood cinema industry (built and supported by Zionist Jews), (205) uses women’s beauty to promote corruption and prostitution. Feminist groups, too, which have deceptive appearances claiming freedom and democracy, have strong links with Freemasonry groups and work precisely to serve evil Freemasonic purposes. (206)

In any case, Freemasonry is essentially a population of men, and this corresponds to the narration of the “Antichrist” being “male.” This, in turn, is another confirmation of the Antichrist’s compliance with Freemasonry.

13-Another nickname for the Antichrist is “al-Masih al-Dajjal“.

Another nickname for the Antichrist is “al-Masih al-Dajjal”. This nickname is a well-known nickname for the Antichrist, and is even mentioned in the hadith books, so that even the phrase appears in the name of a number of hadith books, including the books of the story of al-Masih al-Dajjal And the descent of Jesus against al-Salaam and al-Qaylah Ayah Ali Sayyed Abi narrative of Imam al-Rasul al-‘Allah in addition to ours etc. My al-Sahab al-Rasallah al-‘Allamah ‘by’ Muhammad Nasser al-Din al-Albani ‘and the book’ Al-Masih al-Dajjal ‘ Saeed Ayoub’s work is cited. (207)

As you have noted in the previous sections of the article, according to the traditions, the Antichrist is an infidel, but what is the reason for referring to Al-Masih al-Dajjal as “the Antichrist”?

Most likely, the reason for the aforementioned nickname is the Antichrist, that he performs his deceptive acts in a religious way and even claims that he himself is the Christ!

The word “al-Masih al-Dajjal” refers to “the Antichrist”, another evidence that Freemasonry corresponds to the Antichrist of Islamic traditions. Because despite Freemasonry’s efforts to build the Temple of Solomon and to build this iconic temple, to revive atheistic teachings and to organize an anti-religious world government in Jerusalem, this evil purpose is in the form of a deceptive slogan. The “Return of Christ” is in place and guides its practitioners (i.e. Christian evangelicals and Zionists) according to this slogan. (208)

As we have seen in the preceding sections, the connection between evangelical and Zionist Jewish teachings with Freemasonry is quite clear. But the same groups have been working under the slogan “Return of Christ” to the extent that they even link the project of demolishing the Al-Aqsa Mosque and building the Temple of Solomon to the “Return of Christ”. (209)

These groups justify the current occupation of occupied Palestine by the “return of Christ” and even consider these events as the beginning of the Armageddon war. (210) This fierce war promoted by the Evangelicals (Christian Zionism) and Jewish Zionism is a war claimed by these groups between Christ and the Antichrist (Antichrist). According to this view, the Zionists are supporters of Christ (AS) and Muslims are fighting against Christ (211), while they (the Zionists) are practically in the Antichrist.

Thus, it can be concluded that Freemasonry deceives by claiming the “Return of Christ” and has brought together the believers of the two Freemason-influenced sects, Christian Zionism (Jewish Evangelism) and Jewish Zionism, to use their power to achieve their goal. Take advantage. This is in line with the traditions that use the word “al-Masih al-Dajjal” for “the Antichrist” because the Antichrist, like Freemasonry, misuses the issue of the “return of Christ” and considers himself the real Messiah.

This is also another evidence that the Freemasonry corresponds to the Antichrist.

14-Under the foot of the Antichrist is a gray-white (dark-white) donkey, every step of his donkey is a mile … From every hair of the Antichrist a song is heard and it attracts hypocrites and infidels.

In response to the question of one of his companions about the Antichrist, Ali (AS) states:

“… Under his feet (the Antichrist) is a donkey of gray or silver (white to dark), every step of his donkey is a path to mile…”(212)

Also, in other narrations, the Antichrist donkey is described as follows:

“…from every hair of the Antichrist’s donkey is heard a song, and it attracts hypocrites and infidels …” (213)

From the study of the above hadiths we find that the material mentioned about the “Antichrist’s donkey” is mainly metaphorical and ironic. Certainly, no donkey is found to have the above attributes, and in fact the donkey in this hadith points to something else.

It may be said that the “antichrist’s donkey ” in the above narratives is the means of mass communication around the world working towards American and Israeli goals, and by disseminating all kinds of vulgar music and shows, gathering hypocrites and infidels. Like the donkey who serves his master, these media always strive to serve their masters (America, Israel, and the rest of the Masonic countries).

An important point to note is that the electromagnetic waves that reach radio and television and cause music to play are very small waves that propagate like hair from their transmitter in different directions. These waves, in addition to moving along a line as a particle, also oscillate around that line and form a wave along the path (Louis de Broglie’s Wave-Particle Theory). (214) The waves are several kilometers in wavelength and travel several kilometers in space as they travel through each wavelength (step). (215) In fact, these waves travel several kilometers in space (wavelengths) and behave exactly the same as the phrase (every step of his donkey is a mile away).

Thus, you noted that there is a great deal of overlap between the characteristics of the “Antichrist’s donkey” in Islamic narratives and the “audio and video media” of the West, so that even the manner of broadcasting “radio-television” is similar to the long steps of the “Antichrist’s donkey” in the Islamic traditions.

The narrations about the Antichrist’s donkey, along with modern equivalents of these descriptions: Under his feet is a donkey (mass media of Western societies and “Masonic”) gray or silver (most radio and television color), every step (wavelength of radio waves) donkey. He would be a mile (a very long-distance radio wave). From every hair (radio wave) the antichrist’s donkey is heard (vulgar music and shows) causing it Attracts the hypocrites and infidels.

In view of the foregoing, we find that “audio and video media”, which is one of the most important Freemasonry tools today to promote domination, have a great deal to do with the descriptions of the “Antichrist’s donkey” in Islamic narratives, and it can be deduced from this that The “Freemasonry” and “Mass Media” of the Western countries, respectively, correspond to the “Antichrist” and the “Antichrist’s donkey” in Islamic traditions, respectively.

15-The Antichrist is killed in Palestine and near the Led Gate near Jerusalem.

According to a well-known narrative, the Antichrist is killed in Palestine and next to the Led Gate near Jerusalem. (216) This is also one of the issues that aligns Freemasonry with the “Antichrist”. Before explaining how this is done, let us first of all explain some:

As mentioned in earlier sections of this article, the greatest aspiration of Freemasons and Zionists is the construction of Solomon’s false temple in the holy city of Jerusalem. The cause is so important to them that they are willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. To accomplish this, for example, they founded the Masonic state of Israel and committed any crime against the Palestinian oppressors to protect it. They have chosen occupied Palestine as the site of their battle with Islam and, in their view, intend to destroy Islam and other heavenly religions forever by destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque and building the Temple of Solomon.

Freemasons and Zionists also in their propaganda identify occupied Palestine as the site of Armageddon’s false battle in the apocalypse and label Muslims as the opposite side of the war.

In view of the above, we find that the evil Freemasonry and its permanent ally, the global Zionism, have opened a special account of the occupied Palestinian land, and especially of Mubarak city of Jerusalem, and are working to achieve their ultimate goals in these areas

But on the other hand, Muslims are also working hard to counter Zionism. Today, militant groups in Palestine, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are the most important opponents of Zionism. On the other hand, the liberation of the “Al-Aqsa Mosque”, the first Muslim Qibla, is also one of the most important aspirations of Muslims in the world, which has led to the formation of an international consensus among Muslims to remove the Zionist sedition from occupied Palestine.

In addition to these facts, there are numerous narrations that report on the release of Quds to the companions of the Mahdi (PBUH), including the following narrative:

The Prophet (PBUH) said about the founders of the emergence of Imam Mahdi (AS) near that or at the time of his emergence:

“Black flags leave Khorasan, where nothing can be restored until they are blighted in Elijah (Jerusalem)…”(217),(218)

Of course, given the above narrative, it is easy to see that the black flags of the above narrative do not refer to the flag of Abu Kraasani (the pro-Bani Abbas commander), as the Abu-Muslim flag did not land in Jerusalem and did not groundwork for emergence. (219)

The flag mentioned in the above narrative is the flag of the companions of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), raised near Islamic Republic of Iran, joining the Prophet’s resurrection and descending upon his leadership in Jerusalem. (It should be noted, however, that contrary to the narration of the departure of the Antichrist, the Khorasan in the above narrative and related themes is Khorasan of Iran, not Khorasan of Afghanistan or Tajikistan, because there are numerous and similar narratives that the Imam Mahdi (AS) are People from Taleghan, Ray, Qom, etc. know that they are all areas of Islamic Iran, so it is reasonable that we also consider these believers as Khorasan residents of Iran, not Khorasan countries)

However, since it is said that the site of the death of the Antichrist is in the Palestinian Territory, it is likely that the military’s move to Jerusalem and the case of the Antichrist’s assassination by Imam Mahdi (PBUH) or his Prophet Jesus (as). In the same region, they are closely related to one another, so that the Khorasani (Iranian) flags, apparently led by Imam Mahdi (AS), are engaged in a war with the Dajjal and his companions, defeating that accursed one near Jerusalem. And Imam Mahdi (as) destroys the Antichrist forever.

The scenario outlined above about the end of the Antichrist is very similar to Freemasonry’s features. Because, as is well known in Islamic narratives, the main place of al-Dajjal’s sedition in occupied Palestine and around Jerusalem, and the place of his death there, the Freemasonry network also established its largest sedition in occupied Palestine and in the city of Jerusalem. This sedition has been an attempt to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque, build Solomon’s false temple, and carry out bloodshed to achieve these goals. On the other hand, like the Antichrist of Islamic traditions, it seems that the end of Freemasonry will occur in the occupied Palestinian land and the city of Jerusalem. Because the mosque in today’s world has become a battleground between the Muslim world and Freemasonry, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, in pursuit of its divine revolution, is seeking the emergence of Qaem al-Muhammad, with the help of the rest of the Muslim fighters. Prepare and, under its leadership, to eradicate the roots of Freemasonry and Zionism, which is the main leader of infidelity and rage, and interpret the prophecy of the Prophet (PBUH) about the conquest of Quds by the Khorasan rulers

Thus, as you have seen, the above evidence is another piece of evidence that matches Freemasonry with the Antichrist of Islamic traditions.

Based on the evidence presented, we find that Freemasonry is very similar to the “antichrist” of Islamic traditions, though we cannot be 100% sure. Given the similarities mentioned above, it seems that the Muslims of the world need to act more expeditiously, with a stronger and more effective consensus against Freemasonry and Zionism, and to prepare the ground for the emergence of the savior of humanity as soon as possible in order to help them get rid of it. To eliminate the possible antichrist from history and to thwart the seditions created by this organization, which are rightfully the greatest seditions of history.


First release In the Persian section of the website : May 2007



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