Quran, the Eternal Miracle: Surah “Al-Noor” and Miracle in Epidemiology

Suarh Al-Noor is the 24th surah in is Medinan or Madani. Although there are numerous Ahkam (rules), moral and ethical issues, it is possible to find marvelous and amazing subjects within its verses. According to our infallibles, God has shown his power and one of his miracle in verses 2 t o5.

Quran, the Eternal Miracle: Al-Hadid (Iron) and its chemical

As we mentioned at the beginning of “Imam Mahdi’s Age: A Scientific fact, not a mythology” in the old weblog named “Genuine Islam”, given the full-fledged attacks from the west on Islamic countries, the need to protect Islam, Quran and Shia religion is felt more than ever and it could be said that true defense of Islam paves the way for Imam Mahdi’s reappearance.